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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15999

Chapter 15999 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Babero, B.; Cabello, C.-C.K.noed, J., 1979:
Helminth fauna of Chile. V. New parasites from the coypu Myocastor coypus (Molina, 1782)

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Helminth fauna of Gallus gallus domesticus (Lin., 1758) (Galliformes, Phasianidae) in extensive culture from Maringa, State of Parana, Brazil

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Helminth fauna of Karakul sheep in the Bukhara Region

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Helminth fauna of Neurergus strauchii (Steindachner, 1888) (spotted salamander) collected in Malatya and Bitlis

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Helminth fauna of boars of the Volga delta and their variations with regulated runoff

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Helminth fauna of fishes of the family Chaenichthyidae from the region of Kergelen Islands

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Helminth fauna of fishes of the family Chaenichthyidae from the region of Kerguelen Islands

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Helminth fauna of goats of the southwestern part of the Turkmen SSR

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Helminth fauna of iberian small mammals. VIII. Parasites of Apodemus sylvaticus Linnaeus, 1758 (Rodentia: Muridae)

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Helminth fauna of small rodents of Jodhpur--an analytic study

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Helminth fauna of the ruff Gymnocephalus cernuus (Perciformes, Percidae) form the Rybinsk reservoir: Restoration after the host abundance depression

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Helminth fauna of the sheep of northern Tajikistan

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Helminth immunity and vaccines in sheep

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Helminth incidence in the domestic goat (Capra hircus L.) from Bahia State

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Helminth infections among people using wastewater and human excreta in peri-urban agriculture and aquaculture in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Helminth infections and risk factor analysis among residents in Eryuan county, Yunnan province, China

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Helminth infections in cattle

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Helminth infections of camels

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Helminth infections of herbivorous animals on pasture: epidemiologic indicatons

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Helminth infections of some invertebrates of the Georgia Bight Sicyonia brevirostris, Loligo pealeii

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Helminth infestation evaluation of the pastures in Azerbaijan

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Helminth infestation levels in swine kept on industrial-type farms in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Helminth neurology

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Helminth occurence in venison in middle Hesse

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Helminth ova control in wastewater and sludge for advanced and conventional sanitation

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Helminth parasites and animal production Sheep, cattle, Australia, New Zealand

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Helminth parasites of American eels from brackish water

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Helminth parasites of Apodemus speciosus and Apodemus argenteus from the koshiki Islands, Japan, with a description of Subulura suzukii sp. n

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Helminth parasites of Gallus gallus domesticus (L.) from Jaboticabal County, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Helminth parasites of Gallus gallus domesticus (L.) in the south coast of Espirito Santo, Brazil

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Helminth parasites of Paraguay. II. Postorchigenes mbopi n. sp. (Trematoda: Lecithodendriidae) in Lasiurus ega argentinus (Thomas)

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Helminth parasites of bats from the genus Plecotus Geoffroy, 1818 from Kujawy Poland.1

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Helminth parasites of cattle from Calciolandia, Brazil

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Helminth parasites of cattle from the area of Tres Coracoes--Brazil

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Helminth parasites of digestive tract of some teleost fish caught in the Dardanelles at Canakkale, Turkey

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Helminth parasites of fishes of northern Colorado

Anonymous, 1961:
Helminth parasites of livestock

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Helminth parasites of reptiles (Reptilia) in Romania

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Helminth parasites of sheep and cattle

Adeoye, G.O.; Ogunbanwo, O.O., 2007:
Helminth parasites of the African lizard Agama agama (Squamata : Agamidae), in Lagos, Nigeria

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Helminth parasites of the balsas catfish Ictalurus balsanus (Siluriformes : Ictaluridae) in several localities of the Balsas River drainage, Mexico: Species composition and biogeographical affinities

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Helminth parasites of the digestive system of sheep in Mymensingh, Bangladesh

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Helminth parasites of the grass snake, Natrix natrix, and the dice snake, Natrix tessellata (Serpentes : Colubridae), from Turkey

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Helminth parasites of the sheep (Ovis aries) in Cordoba. II. Description of Stilesia vittata Raillet, 1896, first record in Spain, and second relation of helminths

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Helminth parasites of the sheep and their pathology. II. Helminth parasites outside of the alimentary tract

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Helminth parasitic load in soil of Northern Lahore

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Helminth parasitisms

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Helminth situation in goat farms in the Fergana Valley

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Helminth transmission in anaerobically digested sludge

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Helminth transmission to swine in anaerobically digested sludge

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Helminth zoonoses and other fish

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Helminth-infested meat condemmed

Andreas, K., 2006:
Helminthes of domestic frogs

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Helminthfauna of the rabbit (Lep

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Helminthiases in Senegalese cattle

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Helminthiases in domestic animals--an economic problem

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Helminthiases in swine complexes of Siberia

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Helminthiases of pigs in specialized pig farms in the forest-steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR and their prophylaxis

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Helminthiases of ruminants and swine in complexes and specialized farms

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Helminthiasis and toxoplasmosis among exotic mammals at the Santiago National Zoo

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Helminthiasis eosinophilia

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Helminthiasis in a 71-year-old man, an infrequent condition in our setting

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Helminthiasis in animals

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Helminthiasis in calves

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Helminthiasis in children institutionalized at day care centers in municipality of Botucatu/SP, Brazil

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Helminthiasis in new established large capacity herds of cattle

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Helminthiasis in swine units

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Helminthiasis in the digestive tract of trout in the Leaon rivers

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Helminthiasis of fish in dams.

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Helminthiasis of rabbits

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Helminthiasis of the goat

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Helminthiasis of the rabbit

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Helminthic contamination in foodstuffs of arid zone and methods of dehelminthisation

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Helminthic parasites

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Helminthic situation at rabbit breeding farms of industrial type

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Helminthic zoonoses and other dis

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Helminthocladia hudsonii ( J. ag. new for the Mediterranean Sea

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Helminthofauna of Gallus gallus f. dom. in two flocks of the Cuban fighting breed Chickens, helminths, intestinal worms.1

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Helminthofauna of domestic ducks from intensive farms in the C.S.R

Valkounova, J., 1983:
Helminthofauna of domestic ducks from large scale rearing farms in CSR

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Helminthofauna of domestic swine of Northern Vietnam

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Helminthofauna of pheasants from a pheasant farm in south Moravia during autumn time

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Helminthofauna of some dove birds in the school hunting ground Rozhanovce

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Helminthofauna of the jackal (Ca

Ianchev, I.; Genov, T., 1978:
Helminthofauna of the wild cat (

Scheffrahn, R.; Sims, J.; Lee, R.; Rust, M., 1986:
Helminthogermacrene, a major component in the defensive secretion of the nearctic termite, Amitermes wheeleri

Anonymous, 1959:

Anonymous, 1990:
Helminthological abstracts

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Helminthological abstracts. Series A. Animal and human helminthology

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Helminthological appraisal of water reservoirs for the purpose of preventing trematode infestations of livestock

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Helminthological evaluation of livestock maintenance systems on industrial-type dairy farms and recommendations for prophylaxis of helminth infestations on them

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Helminthological evaluation of pastures as regards fascioliasis

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Helminthological evaluation of pastures in relation to prophylaxis of fascioliasis

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Helminthological evaluation of pastures in relation to the prophylaxis of fascioliasis

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Helminthological evaluation of reservoirs of the middle course of Tobol and Ubagan rivers Includes aquatic insects as intermediate hosts.1

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Helminthological evaluation of runs on large poultry farms

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Helminthological evaluation of the group technology of swine maintenance and of the methods of liquid bed-free manure dehelminthization on Luzinskii Complex Omsk Region

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Helminthological evaluation of the usage of sewage waters on irrigation farm fields in different soil-climatic zones of the USSR

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Helminthological evaluation of the use of manure in the dairy complex

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Helminthological investigation o

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Helminthological investigations of M.M. Zavadovskii

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Helminthological research of animals and the environment

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Helminthological situation on Trichostrongylidae infestations on specialized farms with different technology of sheep maintenance

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Helminthology at the service of the fishing industry

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Helminthology in a new stage of development of the ideas of K. I. Skriabin

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Helminthology in ancient times and the Middle Ages

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Helminthology; parasitic deseases of cattle

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Helminthophagous predacious fungi isolated from soils in the Estonian S.S.R

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Helminthoses in fallow deer (Dama dama Linne 1758)

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Helminthosis in fish

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Helminthosis in the small animal - Species spectrum, occurrence, de-worming strategis in the dog

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Helminthosis of animals

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Helminthosporia metabolites, biology, plant diseases

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Helminthosporiose of ragi in India

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Helminthosporiosis of barley

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Helminthosporiosis of oil poppy

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Helminthosporiosis of wheat

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Helminthosporiosis of wheat caused by Helminthosporium tritici repentis, Triticum, symptoms and control.1

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Helminthosporium allii as type of a new genus

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Helminthosporium avenae in oat varieties in Finland

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Helminthosporium bicolor on three Graminaceous hosts

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Helminthosporium blight of oats in Louisiana

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Helminthosporium blister canker of pear

Vakili, N.; Booth, G., 1981:
Helminthosporium carbonum, a cause of stalk rot of corn in Iowa, 1981

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Helminthosporium coicis, a new record on Coix gigantea

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Helminthosporium disease of barley and measures for its control

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Helminthosporium diseases

Anonymous, 1975:
Helminthosporium diseases of barley

Misra, Ap, 1984:
Helminthosporium diseases of wheat and barley

Obst, A., 1978:
Helminthosporium gramineum infection of barley

Misra, A.; Mishra, B., 1971:
Helminthosporium hawaiiense incitant of a new seed rot of Sorghum vulgare

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Helminthosporium heveae (Hevea brasiliensis Mull. arg.) in Ghana

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Helminthosporium infection spreads in the United States

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Helminthosporium leaf blights of corn--the state of the art

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Helminthosporium leaf spot on cotton

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Helminthosporium maydis Race T in Iowa in 1968

Hooker, Al, 1975:
Helminthosporium maydis as a leaf blight pathogen of corn

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Helminthosporium maydis in Italy

Gasperetti, F., 1971:
Helminthosporium maydis in corn

Popov, A., 1975:
Helminthosporium maydis in maize

Grancini, P., 1971:
Helminthosporium maydis race T in Italy

Hooker, Al, 1971:
Helminthosporium maydis, a challenge for the maize breeder

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Helminthosporium maydis, race T and Kabatiella zeae, tow pathogens of corn new in France

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Helminthosporium maydis; presence of T race in Argentina

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Helminthosporium melting-out and leafspot of lawn grasses

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Helminthosporium of barley and winter barley

Hughes, Sj, 1983:
Helminthosporium oligosporum

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Helminthosporium on Panicum, Pennisetum and sugarcane in the Antilles

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Helminthosporium root rot in spring wheat and its control in the Kurganskaia oblast

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Helminthosporium rostratum causing a leaf spot of cucurbitaceous host, Muskmelon (Cucumis melo.)

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Helminthosporium sacchari-toxin affects the energy-dependent component of the membrane potential

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Helminthosporium species occuring on graminaceous hosts in India

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Helminthosporium spot blotch of

Leonard, Kj, 1972:
Helminthosporium spp. as laboratory contaminants on incubated leaf specimens

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Helminthosporium teres and brown spot disease of barley

Bagger, Po, 1972:
Helminthosporium teres of Rhynchosporium secalis

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Helminthosporium toxins

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Helminthosporium tritici-repentis (Pyrenophora trichostoma), causal agents of wheat smut prevalent in the state of Michoacan, Mexico

Anonymous, 1954:
Helminthosporium turcicum, and H. maydis leaf blight ratings on corn at Plant Industry Station, Beltsville, Md., 1954

Lucic, S., 1971:
Helminthosporium vagans Drechsler, a parasitic of Poa pratensis

Lucic, S., 1971:
Helminthosporium vagans Drechsler, parasite of Poa pratensis

Nishihara, N., 1973:
Helminthosporium vagans leaf sp

Prakash, O., 1979:
Helminthosporium yamadai on Panicum maximum and Panicum antidotale hitherto unrecorded from India

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Helminthosporium, Drechslera, and Bipolaris toxins

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Helminthosporium-induced root rot of barley in relation to crop rotations

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Helminthosporosis of corn

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Helminths acquired from finfish, shellfish and other food sources

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Helminths and blood groups

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Helminths and ectoparasites of the common snipe (Capella gallinago L.) from Southwest Texas and Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado

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Helminths and ectoparasites of the short-tailed shrew, Blarina brevicauda, in Cambria County, Pennsylvania

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Helminths and helminth infestati

Georgiev, B., 1971:
Helminths and helminthiases on l

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Helminths and helminthiasis of Armenian poultry

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Helminths and helminthiasis of domestic equines (donkeys and horses) of Chad Republic

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Helminths and helminthiasis of domestic ruminants in tropical Africa

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Helminths and helminthiasis of poultry in the Maritime Territory

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Helminths and helminthiasis of the red partridge (Alectoris rufa)

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Helminths and helminthoses of poultry in Kazakhstan

Georgiev, B., 1970:
Helminths and helminthoses on la

Stoimenov, K., 1972:
Helminths and helminthosis in he

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Helminths and helmintosis of the domestic birds of Kirghizia

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Helminths and yeast like fungi in police dogs of Kishinev

Chibichenko, Nt, 1971:
Helminths as components of biocenoses of reservoirs of the Chu River valley

Anonymous, 1980:
Helminths cause serious injuries to cattle

Anonymous, 1972:
Helminths eat the profit: helminth control of swine without chemicals

Kasai, N.R.drigues, A.; Costa, A.; Machado, R., 1979:
Helminths endoparasites of Sus scrofa domesticus Linnaeus, 1758 from the county of Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Baglioni, T.L.catelli, A.S.monic, T., 1971:
Helminths extracts and 48

Mel'-Nikova, Tg, 1971:
Helminths fauna of domestic and wild swine of Kirgizia

Toktouchikova, Mg, 1971:
Helminths fauna of the cattle of Kirgizia

Nuriev, Mi, 1970:
Helminths fauna of the small saddle animals and cattle in the Apsheron and Lenkoran zones

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Helminths from Stejnegers beaked whale Mesoplodon stejnegeri and Rissos dolphin Grampus griseus in Alaska

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Helminths in animals of southern Uzbekistan

Epe, C., 2007:
Helminths in dogs and cats in Germany - Goals and strategies of the treatment

Epe, C., 2007:
Helminths in dogs and cats in Germany - aims and strategies of therapy

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Helminths in domestic and wild ducks

Ryzhikov, K.M., 1982 :
Helminths in fresh-water biocoenosis

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Helminths in insects.

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Helminths in meat

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Helminths in small animals. Species range, occurrence, de-worming strategies in the dog

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Helminths in the fallow deer (Da

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Helminths of Cryophis hallbergi (Serpentes: Colubridae), a cloud forest-dwelling snake from Oaxaca, Mexico

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Helminths of Rana catesbeiana Shaw (Ranidae) in Cuba

Meszaros, F.M.rai, E.M.tskasi, I., 1982:
Helminths of Sorex alpinus Schinz, 1837 (Trematoda, Cestoda, Nematoda, Acanthocephala) in the West-Carpathian Mountains (Slovakia)

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Helminths of Uzbekistan horses

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Helminths of amphibians in the Soviet Union

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Helminths of birds on farms of commercial poultry in the Apsheron Peninsula

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Helminths of capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris L. 1766) in Aracatuba county, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Helminths of cattle and yaks of Tadzhikistan

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Helminths of cattle maintained in conditions of insufficient pastures

Scaini, C.J.; Teixeira, M.F.; Traversi, M. do C.; Rheingantz, M.G.T.; Signorini, V.M., 2003:
Helminths of conventionally maintained Wistar rats with different ages

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Helminths of dogs in the Shoumen

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Helminths of domestic and wild animals in Reunion Island. Inventory and pathogenic role. I. Mammals Trematode, cestodes, nematoda, acanthocephalus.1

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Helminths of domestic carnivores of Kzyl- Orda Region

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Helminths of domestic carnivorous animals in Kishinev

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Helminths of domestic carnivorous animals of Uzbekistan and adjacent republics

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Helminths of domestic equids

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Helminths of domestic swine of Hkabarovsk Territory: their distribution and dynamics

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Helminths of domesticated and wild animals in Byelorussia

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Helminths of farm animals and poultry

Barus, V.; Rysavy, B.R.ztikov, K.-Minaevich, 1978:
Helminths of fish-eating birds of the Palaearctic region

Sadykov, V.M.S.reiiabin, K.-Ivanovich, 1972:
Helminths of food products

Sailov, Di, 1970:
Helminths of gulls of Azerbaijan

Polozhentsev, Pa, 1976:
Helminths of insects

Sultanov, M.; Gekhtin, V.; Azimov, D.; Dadaev, S., 1975:
Helminths of livestock in the Kashka-Darya District

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Helminths of man, animals and plants of Turkmenistan

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Helminths of man, animals and plants, and means of controlling them

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Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members develop community awareness, 2

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members develop initiative, 6

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members develop pride in work, 3

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members develop skills, 7

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members develop the ability to assume responsibility, 1

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members develop the ability to function in a group, 5

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help 4-H members learn to speak in public, 4

Martin, Josephine, 1977:
Help Johnny learn to eat

Dunn, T., 1981:
Help at calving time

Zarkin, Da, 1977:
Help at hand for home gardeners

Ruttimann, X., 1980:
Help avoid accidents

Fry, J.H.ang, B., 1999:
Help bentgrass beat the heat

Nangia, O.; Kaker, M., 1972:
Help buffaloes breed throughout the year

Karp, L.; Perloff, J., 1992:
Help by hurting: industrial policy as an alternative to trade policy

Mackin, J., 1994:
Help children be savvy consumers

Tubbs, R., 1997:
Help clients carry out a programme of artificial insemination in pigs

Pavia, A., 2000:
Help clients deal with an FIV

Anonymous, 1993:
Help clothes dryer work for you

Hoogasian, C., 1991:
Help consumers buy flowers without guilt

Alley, Mm, 1989:
Help customers make wise, efficient use of nitrogen applications on wheat

Chism, B., 1984:
Help enforce vet drug laws

Scott, T., 1991:
Help fight invasive exotics

Tumosa, J., 1985:
Help for New Hampshire wildlife

Farmer, Jean, 1976:
Help for a junk food junkie

Bubb, Fe, 1979:
Help for a soggy tree farm

Soutif, M., 1977:
Help for animals: the defense of animals is also the affair of professionals

Amann, Canuto, 1977:
Help for backwoods patients: miraculous cures from Brazilian flora

Broadway, R., 1992:
Help for cattle producers on fragile, erodible soils

Wilson, Miriam, J.Williams, 1988:
Help for children

Taube, J.; Van-Anglen, E., 1996:
Help for concrete floors in a wet environment

Fletcher, R., 1988:
Help for determining carrying capacity

Anonymous, 1980:
Help for endangered cacti

Kharitonov, V.P., 1977:
Help for engineers working in cold storage plants

Anonymous, 1974:
Help for environmental programs

Murav'-Ev, L.M., 1975:
Help for farm machinery operators in reading blueprints

Decrop, M., 1985:
Help for farmers for irrigation management

Darowski, R., 1970:
Help for feed problems in agriculture

Wentzel, K.-Friedrich; Zundel, R., 1984:
Help for forest

Roberts, Lm, 1975:
Help for homeowners

Dunphy, J., 1974:
Help for migrants who stayed behind

Anonymous, 1980:
Help for morning sickness

Trdlikat, J., 1971:
Help for mushroom growers

Lang, S.S., 1993:
Help for neighborhoods

Sturm, H., 1974:
Help for nitrogen fertilization in the spring

Eden, A.-N.H.ilman, J., R., 1977:
Help for overweight teenagers

Kengurov, A.Eiia, 1976:
Help for rural sanitary engineering

Rich, Ae, 1977 :
Help for salt injury for roadside trees

Stahl, William, J., 1962:
Help for the Forest Owner

Kolesnikov, A.S., 1960:
Help for the collective farm silviculturist

Martin-Vargas, Vincente, 1955:
Help for the farmer

Bokarev, T.I.R.denko, A.I., 1973:
Help for the fuel servicing truck driver

Gorin, D.-Iustinovich; Nodel'-Man, M.-Evseevich, 1972:
Help for the metal-worker and agricultural equipment repairman

Deinema, Jw, 1975:
Help for the most precious resource, people

Wolff, Jurgen, M., 1978:
Help for the overweight child

Dmitrieva, N.K.E.isimmerman, R.K., 1959:
Help for the rabbit breeder

Tarasov, V., 1973:
Help for the rural electrician

Anonymous, 1989:
Help for the small farmer from the United States Department of Agriculture

Bhat, P.K., 1982:
Help for the study of plants with flowers

Rogozin, G.M., 1954:
Help for the zootechnician

Lobsack, T., 1973:
Help for threatened cultivated plants

Anonymous, 1982:
Help for troubled employees USDA, Employee Assistance Program

Anonymous, 1984:
Help for using whey keeps all its value

Kohlmann, 1973:
Help for variety adaptation and new arrangement for planting

Gantz, Hr, 1971:
Help for volume feeders

Wood, D.; Aitken, A., 1999:
Help for your shy dog

Trofimov, Av, 1975:
Help from new technique

Holtz, A., 1970:
Help from pedigree breeding

Anonymous, 1950:
Help grow more food

Walter, George, H., 1965:
Help in Disaster

Nyhus, Dolores, L., 1965:
Help in Nutrition

Johnson, Lynn, F., 1975:
Help in handling potato vines

Ammerlaan, J.; Nienhuis, J., 1983:
Help in making investment decisions: method of net cash value, an efficient way

Zoldoske, D., 2001:
Help is here to get us through the summer

Cook, T., 1991:
Help keep heat where you want it

Anonymous, 1992:
Help keep the homefront pest free!

Jahn, T., 1992:
Help kids beat cabin fever with creative play

Havens, James, E., 1972:
Help learning happen

Anonymous, 1940:
Help make America strong by producing & eating health-giving strength-building foods

Nelson, C., 1989:
Help me Im growing up: understanding early adolescents

Anonymous, 2002:
Help me be healthy

Myers-Walls, Ja, 1994:
Help me make it through the day: stress and coping strategies

Anonymous, 1991:
Help me! I new: a 4-H dog new leaders guide and reference

Anonymous, 1985:
Help me, Im growing up

Clift, T., 2000:
Help needed: equipment manager

Kalnin'-Sh, A.K.lnina, V.S.ishkova, Z.A.ele, K.B.aksh, N.D.lbinia, M., 1971:
Help of forests to agriculture

Guebert, A., 1981:
Help on feeder pig decisions

Stroobants, Jan, 1944:
Help on the farm

Anonymous, 1970:
Help or hindrance

Antinoro, L., 2005:
Help prevent breast cancer: watch calories, make carbs count, exercise

Anonymous, 1945:
Help prevent fires

Duke, Ja, 1987:
Help rediscover an American vegetable: Apios

Anonymous, 2000:
Help reduce flood damage

Young, Cw, 1978:
Help sample young sires for a better tomorrow

Klober, K., 2005:
Help save family farms--start with chickens

Anonymous, 1950:
Help save our land liberty

Anonymous, 1944:
Help save productive soil

Degener, O., 1977:
Help save the dwindling endemic flora of the Hawaiian Islands, at least as herbarium specimens for museums of the world

Depaulo, B.; Leiphart, V.D.ll, W., 1984:
Help seeking and social interaction: person, situation, and process considerations

Stearns, S., 1978:
Help sell more flowers more often

Anonymous, 1995:
Help seniors help themselves

Abbott, R.; Henderson, M., 1997:
Help small communities manage their trees

Frymire, R., 1981:
Help small woodlot owners

Turner, J., 1989:
Help stamp out consumer fraud

Schultze, W.; Paape, M., 1974:
Help the cow help herself to fight mastitis

Pate, F., 1970:
Help the serviceman to help you

Cavojsky, V., 1982:
Help the spring growth of honeybee colonies Czechoslovakia.1

Anonymous, 1945:
Help the worker learn each job!

Buchner, Stefan, 1996:
Help to enter in the earnings and income combination of farm families in Hesse

Phillips, Fd, 1978:
Help to make it through the drought

Anonymous, 1950:
Help to make the best better

Rakow, Da, 1990:
Help trees and shrubs survive winter

Volmer, Pa, 2007:
Help us help you! Getting the most from a diagnostic toxicology laboratory

Rachesky, S., 1972:
Help via mass media for urban pest problems

Loveridge, C., 2005:
Help wanted!

Steinert, Ray, 1977:
Help wanted: Processing contract for small districts

Mallard, A., 1989:
Help wanted: more graduates needed for ag jobs

Rosenberg, Hr, 1986:
Help wanted: the job of hiring--choose the best selection approach

Rosenberg, Hr, 1986:
Help wanted: the job of hiring--get to know about applicants

Rosenberg, Hr, 1986:
Help wanted: the job of hiring--learn how to use job descriptions

Rosenberg, Hr, 1986:
Help wanted: the job of hiring--maximize tests and interviews

Robinson, D., 1987:
Help wanted: the nursery industry faces an employment crunch

Alexander, Me, 1988:
Help with making crown fire hazard assessments

Mack, M., 1979:
Help with parturition already begins with insemination

Cole, Cj, 1992:
Help with retirement planning

Kvaal, C., 1976:
Help with tax problems

Meyer, Tamara, 1984:
Help your baby build a healthy body

Anonymous, 1977:
Help your baby to a healthy start

Hartwiger, C., 1998:
Help your bunkers make the grade

Anonymous, 1986:
Help your child be heart healthy

Johnson, Ac, 1991:
Help your child get the most out of school

Anonymous, 1994:
Help your clients make the connection

Barnes, Wc, 1969:
Help your committee by using simple names

Northcutt, G., 1983:
Help your cows weather the winter Feed, Montana beef cows

Anonymous, 1978:
Help your customers conserve energy

Guspie, Ja, 1981:
Help your customers fingers do the walking

Moline, Wj, 1978 :
Help your growers plan drought strategy

Pechter, K., 1980:
Help your heart with vitamin E

Dunn, Charlotte, M., 1976:
Help your refrigerator keep food safe

Lock, J.; Le-Grange, D., 2005:
Help your teenager beat an eating disorder

Broadwell, Martin, M., 1977:
Help your trainees believe they need to learn

Mittal, Ho, 1978:
Help yourself

Martin, Gail, M., 1983:
Help yourself to a midlife career change

Heeg, Tj, 1971:
Help yourself to a soil test

Farman, Mel, 1976:
Help yourself to better health

Anonymous, 1980:
Help yourself to food

Anonymous, 1940:
Help yourself to good farm living

Anonymous, 1980:
Help yourself to health

Jerome, N.-W.M.cleery, J.-G.W.lf, I., D., 1981:
Help yourself, choices in foods and nutrition

Zeelau, G., 1976:
Help yourself: on farm technical self help

Anonymous, 1994:
Help yourself: self-help proposal dominates NMPF conference

Taylor, P.J., 1991:

Emerson, Bh, 1977:
Help! Help! Where you can find it

O'-Brien, S., 1984:
Help! How do I talk to my child about sex?

Jacobsen, Jamia-Jasper, 1988:
Help! Im parenting my parents

Bayard, R.-Thomas; Bayard, J., 1984:
Help! Ive got a teenager!

Sy, M., 1975:
Help! Pharaoh ants in the house

Bruckner, Wf, 1977:
Help, theres a fire!

Graham, Dl, 1986:
Help: a program helping the community deal with emergencies

Garbaye, J., 1994:
Helper bacteria: a new dimension to the mycorrhizal symbiosis

Zernova, Mv, 1980:
Helper of a shepherd.

Jaffe, Ed, 1992:
Helper preferences of couples from ethnically mixed and homogeneous marriages

Lamartina, S.; Cimino, M.; Roscilli, G.; Dammassa, E.; Lazzaro, D.; Rota, R.; Ciliberto, G.; Toniatti, C., 2007:
Helper-dependent adenovirus for the gene therapy of proliferative retinopathies: stable gene transfer, regulated gene expression and therapeutic efficacy

Lewis, Thallis, 1982:
Helpers of the people

Schardt, D., 2006:
Helpful bacteria: should you take probiotics?

Hoogasian, C., 1991:
Helpful design hints

Harbin, Lc, 1978:
Helpful gimmicks for package bee production

Forty, S., 1980:
Helpful herbs

Chamberlin, F., 1997:
Helpful hints

Keane, E., 1979:
Helpful hints & guidelines to help the new mother launder babys clothes

Schaefer, Gerry, 1974:
Helpful hints for 4-H talks

Mcmullen, C., 1973:
Helpful hints for down-to-earth gardeners

Bezpa, J., 1986:
Helpful hints for small flock management: egg production

Harter, C.; Grossman, L.-K.K.y, A., 1986:
Helpful hints for the nursing mother

Spaulding, Ka, 1992:
Helpful hints in identifying the caudal abdominal aorta and caudal vena cava

Anonymous, 1951:
Helpful hints in range management

Andrews, Dk, 1971:
Helpful hints on growing fryers

Kwochka, Kw, 1995:
Helpful hints on managing pseudomonas otitis externa and media

Anonymous, 1975:
Helpful hints to cut down on sodium

Anonymous, 1950:
Helpful information on Grade A milk production requirements

Bailly, R., 1984:
Helpful insects

Rhoads, A.; Brennan, E., 1979:
Helpful keys to recognizing air-pollution damage

Griffith, Ws, 1989:
Helpful literature for adult education teachers

Anonymous, 1940:
Helpful management hints from records of 47 rural homemakers

Audras, R.-Pierre; Guedes, M., 1977:
Helpful plants

Ivliev, L.; Kononov, D.; Nechaev, V., 1974:
Helpful role of Nucifraga caryocatactes in breeding groundsof trunk pests

Centilla, Sharie, 1993:
Helpful sources of sludge information

Anonymous, 1989:
Helpful teaching resources for food systems & agriculture

Anonymous, 1998:
Helpful tips for extralabel drug use: companion animals, minor and exotic species, and wildlife

Anonymous, 1998:
Helpful tips for extralabel drug use: food animals

Anonymous, 1998:
Helpful tips for extralabel drug use: general information

Anonymous, 1998:
Helpful tips for extralabel drug use: horses, on-farm dispensing, public recommendations, and clarifications

Anderson, De, 1999:
Helpful tips to manage difficult cesarean section in cattle

Alexander, M., 1979:
Helpful, harmful, and fallible microorganisms: importance in transformation of chemical pollutants

Call, K.T.; Mortimer, J.T.; Shanahan, M.J., 1995:
Helpfulness and the development of competence in adolescence

Lindsay, Charline, 1974:
Helping 4-H members evaluate their work

Barkman, S.G.ldsberry, C., 1988:
Helping 4-Hers feed good about themselves. II

Barkman,, N.G.ldsberry, C., 1987:
Helping 4-Hers feel good about themselves, a leaders guide

Barkman,, N.G.ldsberry, C., 1990:
Helping 4-Hers feel good about themselves. I. A leaders guide

Anonymous, 1990:
Helping America compete

Flores, A., 2007:
Helping Beekeepers Beat American Foulbrood

Lando, A.M.; Labiner-Wolfe, J., 2007:
Helping consumers make more healthful food choices: consumer views on modifying food labels and providing point-of-purchase nutrition information at quick-service restaurants

Pons, L., 2007:
Helping Corn Face Tomorrows Challenges

Diener, Ho, 1980:
Helping German livestock rearing and production in the 19th and 20th centuries with state measures

Anonymous, 1986:
Helping Maryland residents prosper

Niederfrank, E.J., 1972:
Helping New Jersy urban youth help themselves and contribute to building community

Anonymous, 1987:
Helping North Carolina to get growing one of the most viniculturally undeveloped states

Hansen, Lc, 1972:
Helping a city choose its trees

Holman, N.A.cus, M., 1987:
Helping adolescent mothers and their children: an integrated multi-agency approach

Scales, P., 1988:
Helping adolescents create their futures

Turner, Js, 1994:
Helping adolescents who dare: breaking the spell of perceived invulnerability

Coe, M.R.benzahl, A.S.ater, V., 1984:
Helping adults reenter college

Anonymous, 2000:
Helping agricultural producers re-grow rural America

Haiden, G., 1981:
Helping agriculture and forestry in 1981

Mcclelland, J.; Hollenbach, S., 1994:
Helping an older adult at meal time

Cope, Rb, 2004:
Helping animals exposed to the herbicide paraquat

Zemore, S.E., 2007:
Helping as healing among recovering alcoholics

Anonymous, 1986:
Helping baby grow

Fletcher, R., 1987:
Helping bald eagles keep a foothold in the southwest

Howe, Sf, 1977:
Helping beef helps dairying

Effron, D., 1980:
Helping bugs control bugs

Bleiweis, Maxine, 1997:
Helping business

Marsden, Am, 1992:
Helping caregivers confront nursing home challenges

Lyons-Johnson, D., 1997:
Helping cereals resist head scab

Furman, E., 1982:
Helping chidlren cope with death

Hughes, R.; Thomas, C., S., 1986:
Helping children adjust

Smardo, Fa, 1987:
Helping children adjust to moving

Fudin, Ce, 1986:
Helping children and adolescents cope with pet death

Aldridge, J., 1989:
Helping children build self-esteem

Anonymous, 1992:
Helping children cope

Welch, Diane, T., 1985:
Helping children cope with divorce

Drake, Ea, 1981:
Helping children cope with divorce: the role of the school

Sargent, K.L., 1985:
Helping children cope with parental mental illness through use of children's literature

Jewett, Claudia, L., 1982:
Helping children cope with separation and loss

Samarzija, J.M.ers-Walls, J., 1985:
Helping children cope with stress

Furman, Ra, 1995:
Helping children cope with stress and deal with feelings

Smith, Ca, 1993:
Helping children cope with the flood

Morgan, K., 1991:
Helping children cope with the war in the Persian Gulf

Wallach, Lb, 1993:
Helping children cope with violence

Fulton, Am, 1988:
Helping children cope: children and stress

Gilkerson, D., 1992:
Helping children develop cognitive skills

Anonymous, 1992:
Helping children develop physically

Gilkerson, D., 1992:
Helping children develop socially and emotionally

Cudaback, Dj, 1993:
Helping children go to bed

Bakawa-Evenson, L., 1977:
Helping children learn Who I am (birth to five)

Gifford, L., 1985:
Helping children master separation

Diamond, Susan-Arnsberg, 1985:
Helping children of divorce

Johnson, De, 2000:
Helping children succeed after divorce: building a community-based program in a rural county

Johnson, Ce, 1993:
Helping children understand death

Hahn, A.-J.C.aplewski, E., 1982:
Helping citizens participate

Eisner, Er, 1989:
Helping clients care for their pets teeth at home

Fudin, Ce, 1986:
Helping clients face the mystery of missing pets

Anonymous, 2005:
Helping clients in times of loss

Anonymous, 1998:
Helping clients organize their records

Gordon,. Jr.;, 1980:
Helping communities assess the economic impacts of growth in Florida: the view from extension

Schmude, Ko, 1985:
Helping conservation decisionmakers use 1982 NRI data

Brown, Sl, 1992:
Helping deprived youth

Talbot, Lee, M., 1985:
Helping developing countries help themselves

deYoung, M.; Corbin, B.A., 1994:
Helping early adolescents tell: a guided exercise for trauma-focused sexual abuse treatment groups

Cicirelli, Victor, G., 1981:
Helping elderly parents

Anonymous, 1991:
Helping elders avoid nursing homes

Richardson, Dw, 1993:
Helping employees cope with stress

Beasley, Sd, 2002:
Helping exports keep their cool

Matejic, Denise, M., 1979:
Helping families adjust to economic change

Anonymous, 1993:
Helping families cope with drought air date

Duncan, D., 1984:
Helping families cope with sickle cell disease

Anonymous, 1988:
Helping families grow strong

Scholz, J.-Karl; Carrilio, T.-Eisenberg; Bowman, S.-R.P.att, C.-C.W.atherspoon, J., 2001:
Helping families help themselves

Anonymous, 1984:
Helping families help themselves in food, nutrition, and health

Thayer, C.; Fox, M.K.szewski, W., 2002:
Helping families transition from welfare to work

Benedict, L., 1989:
Helping farm families live with stress

Peuse, H.; Mmbaga, W., 1987:
Helping farm groups problem-solve: a workshop macrodesign for extension workers

Nelson, Pt, 1994:
Helping farm youngsters cope with stress

Brungardt, S., 1984:
Helping farmer-feeders reduce economic risk

Chesney, Kf, 1980:
Helping farmers get more from their nitrogen investment

Israel, D.G.llis, W., 1990:
Helping farmers survive the pressures of development

Bardecki, N., 1983:
Helping farmers survive--Ontario farm adjustment assistance program

Anonymous, 1945:
Helping farmers to get equipment

Anonymous, 1990:
Helping fisherfolk to help themselves

Wood, M., 2001:
Helping flowers fight soil-dwelling foes

Dobbins, C.Jr, 1987:
Helping food animal medicine

Copeland, Ap, 1995:
Helping foreign nationals adapt to the U.S

Anonymous, 1991:
Helping foresters turn over new leaves

Trexler, C.; Haynes, C.D.vis, L., 2003:
Helping future educators learn to teach through horticulture: a case study of an experimental interdisciplinary course

Janowitz, Gayle, 1965:
Helping hands

Stelljes, Kb, 2001:
Helping heifers calve easier

Crowley, D., 1981:
Helping hog farmers stay in the black Production, marketing, management, Delaware, extension services

Lee, B.T.ibe, G., 1988:
Helping homeowners and developers understand wildland residential development problems

Senft, D., 1997:
Helping honey bees fight mites

Hilsenroth, R., 2000:
Helping horses with chronic laminitis

Williams, D.; Weber, E., 1991:
Helping implement groundwater protection policy

Filip, J.; Schene, P.; Mcdaniel, N., 1991:
Helping in child protective services

Kurtzweil, P., 1994:
Helping in preventing heart disease

Reinhardt, J., 1979:
Helping individual family members grow

Lee, Js, 1987:
Helping international students with practical experiences

Stocking, S.H.lly; Arezzo, D.; Leavitt, S., 1980:
Helping kids make friends

Szumacher, E.; Catton, P.; Jones, G., A.; Bradley, R.; Kwan, J.; Cherryman, F.; Palmer, C.; Nyhof-Young, J., 2007:
Helping learners in difficulty - The incidence and effectiveness of remedial programmes of the medical radiation sciences programme at university of Toronto and the michener institute for applied sciences, toronto, ontario, Canada

Clements, N.; Warncke, E., 1994:
Helping literacy emerge at school for less-advantaged children

Wilcox, D.B.ower, B., 1986:
Helping local governments into the computer age

Koonce, Jc, 1990:
Helping low-income elderly with money management

Hines, E., 1985:
Helping low-income families meet the increased food and nutrient needs of lactation

Harding, Margaret, 1969:
Helping low-income homemakers

Schmall, V.; Cleland, M., 1985:
Helping memory-impaired elders: a guide for caregivers

Kahn, Nb, 1983:
Helping more students become mature readers

Carter, R.Jr, 1978:
Helping mountain homes hold their yards

Squires, Rh, 1983:
Helping move U.S. cotton to markets: Cotton Council Internationals efforts aimed at overseas markets

Smith, L., 1983:
Helping move U.S. cotton to markets: a textile mill executives views on what it takes

Brockmann, He, 1983:
Helping move U.S. cotton to markets: technical services of cotton incorporated for U.S. cottons mill customers

Hamilton, Js, 1983:
Helping move U.S. cotton to markets: what the industry is doing to improve U.S. cotton bales

Anonymous, 1970:
Helping nature control insects

Anonymous, 1995:
Helping nature mend itself

Camp, N.; Altemus, J., 1994:
Helping natures bounty

Ayotte, E., 1970:
Helping newcomers adjust

Katz, Lilian, 1979:
Helping others learn to teach

Polk, S., 1987:
Helping our children

Stokes, Bruce, 1981:
Helping ourselves

Vocke, G., 1987:
Helping ourselves by helping farmers abroad

Pruyne, R., 1994:
Helping out on the home front

English, P., 1976:
Helping out the sow

Ehrhart, N., 2001:
Helping owners cope with amputation

Hunthausen, Wl, 2006:
Helping owners handle aggressive cats

Mavrogenes, Na, 1990:
Helping parents help their children become literate

Duel, Dk, 1987:
Helping parents say no

Eller, Cl, 1993:
Helping parents to understand quality care

Rogers, F.S.arapan, H., 1991:
Helping parents, teachers, and caregivers deal with childrens concerns about war

Scott, D.; Clark, V.; Reagan, S., 1990:
Helping participants complete what they start: factors affecting 4-H project completion

Dubosq, F., 1971:
Helping pastoral economic

Roback, Howard, B., 1984:
Helping patients and their families cope with medical problems

Kraje, Ac, 2002:
Helping patients that have acute renal failure

Weymiller, A.J.; Montori, V.M.; Jones, L.A.; Gafni, A.; Guyatt, G.H.; Bryant, S.C.; Christianson, T.J.H.; Mullan, R.J.; Smith, S.A., 2007:
Helping patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus make treatment decisions: statin choice randomized trial

Nipp, R.; Pruett, E., 1971:
Helping people buy homes

Hawkins, L., 1991:
Helping people cope with change, crisis and loss

Goetting, M.; Maifeld, M.W.prud, A., 1986:
Helping people cope with financial crisis

Caly, J.C., 1977:
Helping people eat for health: assessing adult's nutrition

Hackney, P., 1984:
Helping people help themselves

Anonymous, 1962:
Helping people to help themselves in country and in towns

Mogelgaard, Kathleen, 2003:
Helping people, saving biodiversity

Dunbar, I., 1988:
Helping pet owners help their pets

Guntzelman, J.R.egger, M., 1993:
Helping pet owners with the euthanasia decision

Hardin, B., 1999:
Helping piglets survive and thrive

Dangerfield, C.J.; Merck, H., 1990:
Helping pines earn more--with weed control

Suszkiw, J., 2003:
Helping plants defend themselves

Ray, Ja, 1979:
Helping plants survive the winter

Heier, A., 1977:
Helping potato farms

Muse, H.Jr, 1978:
Helping private landowners help themselves

O'-Brien-Wray, K., 1992:
Helping producers with conservation compliance

Stelljes, Kb, 1996:
Helping raisins make the grade

Harwood, Rr, 1981:
Helping researchers connect the pieces

Sageev, Pneena, P., 1986:
Helping researchers write-- so managers can understand

Wiedmeier, Rd, 1988:
Helping ruminants get more from low-quality forage

Robinson, J.Jr, 1994:
Helping rural communities prepare for economic development: the RURAL PARTNERS

Anonymous, 1989:
Helping rural communities through aquaculture

Redman, J.-M.S.ars, D., W., 1994:
Helping rural manufacturers adjust to new trade rules

Pope, Edward, V., 1958:
Helping rural youth choose careers

Bliss, Rm, 2005:
Helping school-children make the grade in nutrition

Stocking, Sh, 1980:
Helping scientists cope with the media: improving press coverage of the sciences

Loyd, Fg, 1971:
Helping shape the future of Chicagoland

Mathews, O., 1993:
Helping shoppers choose nutritious foods

Anonymous, 1991:
Helping small and disadvantaged businesses export food and agricultural products

Anonymous, 1995:
Helping small businesses export agricultural products

Abramson, R., 1995:
Helping small businesses from start to finish

Harris, D., 1984:
Helping small businesses tap export markets

Bradley, D., 1995:
Helping small communities supply safe drinking water

Mishra, Un, 1976:
Helping small farmers in rural development

Miller S., 1989:
Helping small farmers make big decisions

Gavitt, A.Jr, 1978:
Helping small farmers--the practical way

Ahlbrandt, Rs, 1992:
Helping small manufacturing companies become more competitive: a model and an evaluation

Price, Vj, 1974:
Helping small town Maine

Coppedge, Ro, 1982:
Helping small towns grow

Rosenblatt, Pc, 1993:
Helping someone who has lost a family member in a farm accident

Pons, L., 2003:
Helping states slow sediment movement

Wagner, Fj, 1984:
Helping stepfamilies build family strengths

Anonymous, 1995:
Helping steward Americas forests

Newcomb, Lh, 1983:
Helping students become independent learners Teaching methods, vocational agriculture, United States

Fulkrod, Je, 1986:
Helping students learn by understanding how they think

Tantia, Nl, 1979:
Helping tea workers

Howard, M.; McCabe, J.B., 1990:
Helping teenagers postpone sexual involvement

Rose, G., 1971:
Helping the green revolution in rice

Breneman, D., 1983:
Helping the Hmong in Minnesota Agricultural Extension Programs for refugees, nutritiion education, gardening

Sadlon, Np, 1994:
Helping the Osprey on the road to recovery

Mcfadden, Ej, 1986:
Helping the abused child through play

Payne, Dl, 1980:
Helping the blind opens 4-Hers eyes

Tester, L., 1973:
Helping the breeder improve his herd

Boldyreva, O., 1945:
Helping the canvasser on collective stock raising farms

Depolo, J., 1996:
Helping the chestnut fight back

Mandalakas, A.; Torjesen, K.; Olness, K., 1999:
Helping the children

Anonymous, 1992:
Helping the dairy industry gear up for the next century

Anonymous, 1985:
Helping the dairy industry help itself

Lee, Js, 1984:
Helping the disadvantaged: SOE for hard to place students

Nordquist, Pt, 1973:
Helping the dryland decision-makers

Butler, Rn, 1979:
Helping the elderly

Anonymous, 1990:
Helping the elderly in the kitchen

Jameson, Fw, 1970:
Helping the farmer of tomorrow

Train, Re, 1976:
Helping the hand that feeds us; toward an agriculture for the long-term

Anonymous, 1982:
Helping the handicapped can help you, too Dr. Louis Brocato, USDA, job training program

Saal, N.-M.D.uglas, P., D., 1993:
Helping the homeless to help themselves

Anonymous, 1940:
Helping the homemaker make the most out of the food she can get

Saraogi, Kn, 1975:
Helping the inudstry through sugarcane management

Anonymous, 1986:
Helping the little guy get ahead

Hoogasian, C., 1994:
Helping the little guys: a new association aims to bolster profits by cutting costs

Lawder, E.-A.P.ulin, J.-E.A.drews, R., G., 1984:
Helping the multi-problem family

Arkin, J., 1982:
Helping the new employee

Jacobson, B., 1985:
Helping the oysters get along with the cows

Windham, K.M.nroe, J., 1984:
Helping the past have a future

Anonymous, 1997:
Helping the pieces fit

Cooper, Js, 1984:
Helping the public weigh health threats

Scott, J.W.ckert, J., 1997:
Helping the user to understand: dynamic explanations

Ketchel, Ja, 1986:
Helping the young child cope with death

Hadwiger, Don, F., 1990:
Helping those who venture

Tontz, R., L.; Henderson, H., W., 1962:
Helping to Feed and Clothe the World

Anonymous, 1993:
Helping to assure a safe food supply

Montague, J.H.ggins, M.H.lfenbein, S., 1972:
Helping to feed the undernourished under-fives in developing countries

Sprague, M., 1980:
Helping to reduce energy consumption

Anonymous, 2001:
Helping to shape the future

Warren, Gertrude, L., 1942:
Helping to win the war

Cannon, P., 1999:
Helping tropical countries develop forest industries

Rutter, Michael, 1975:
Helping troubled children

Gerard, J., 1988:
Helping troubled youth be somebody--pre-vocational agricultural education

Cronkleton, P.; Keating, R.E.I.I.I.; Evans, K., 2007:
Helping village stakeholders monitor forest benefits in Bolivia

Murphy, P., 1978:
Helping weak little lambs

Isbell, L.S.hmall, V., 1987:
Helping when health fails

Anonymous, 1952:
Helping with supper and luncheon

Anonymous, 1977:
Helping you and them: Subsidized Youth Employment Training Program

Anonymous, 1951:
Helping you grow more food

Anonymous, 1990:
Helping you put knowledge to work--increasing agricultural profitability

Anonymous, 1982:
Helping you, the poultry breeder, prevent disease

Levis, D.; Christenson, R., 1984:
Helping young boars with mating

Del-Campo, D.; Herrera, R., 1993:
Helping young children cope with anger

Garrard, Kr, 1987:
Helping young children develop mature speech patterns

Cudaback, Dj, 1982:
Helping young children get along together

Cudaback, Dj, 1982:
Helping young children grow through play

Halpern, James, 1987:
Helping your aging parents

Anonymous, 1993:
Helping your child cope with disaster

Johnson, Ce, 1991:
Helping your child deal with stress

Silberstein, W.-P.G.lton, L., 1982:
Helping your child grow slim

Walker, R.H.thaway, I., 1991:
Helping your child learn to manage money

Levine, J.; Bine, L., 1996:
Helping your child lose weight the healthy way

Goddard, H.; White, C., 1994:
Helping your children succeed at learning

Anonymous, 1994:
Helping your customer choose the proper tree

Hodyss, L.; Teets, T., 1988:
Helping your extension agent help you

Mcnutt, K., 1994:
Helping your friends make genetic engineering choices

Allen, L.M.yer, P., 1986:
Helping your greenhouse help you

Moore, Jf, 1998:
Helping your greens make the grade

Rodale, R., 1984:
Helping your mineral-hungry plants

Schmall, V.; Nay, T., 1989:
Helping your older family member handle finances

Furman, J.; Hughes, M., 1992:
Helping your producer clients develop master plans for their operations

Hillyer, M., 1972:
Helping your sows into heat

Baumgardt, Jp, 1993:
Helping your trees survive a change in grade

Manz, Cc, 1991:
Helping yourself and others to master self-leadership

Duquette, D.-Marie; Boo, K., 1986:
Helping youth decide

Anonymous, 1987:
Helping youth say no

Van-Horn, J.-E.W.lliams, J., M., 1980:
Helping-the 5th H

Van-Horn, James, E., 1978:

Seligman, Martin, E.P., 1975:

Forsyth, C.J.; Thompson, C.Y., 2007:
Helpmates of the rodeo: fans, wives, and groupies

Schroeder, W.P., 1955:
Helps for evaluating programs of adult education in vocational agriculture

Elliot, E., 1976:
Helps for leaders

Zabel, Myra, 1970:
Helps for starting your first home away from home

Burroughs, R.D., 1952:
Helps for teachers, conservation compendium

Anonymous, 1950:
Helps in observing Farm Safety Sunday

Williams, Mp, 1975:
Helps, but hazards, in the home

Mills, C.; Keller, P., 1983:
Helps, but hazards, in the home Poisonous substances, household safety

Nielsen, S., 2007:
Helsinge sludge reed bed system: reduction of pathogenic microorganisms

Priha, S., 1973:
Helsinki region water supply

Granqvist, Ake, 1977:
Helstamsavverkning och central upparbetning vid sagverk?

Nakatani, T.; Minaki, Y.; Kumai, M.; Ono, Y., 2007 :
Helt determines GABAergic over glutamatergic neuronal fate by repressing Ngn genes in the developing mesencephalon

Anonymous, 1980:
Heltidslandbrugets superscript 2konomi

Nylinder, Per, 1979:
Heltradsravarans vedegenskaper och inmatning

Kofman, Pieter, D., 1991:
Heltre fra renadrift til energi

Hak, J., 1975:
Helvella elastica Bull. ex St. Am

Svrcek, M.M.ravec, J., 1972:
Helvella fastigiata Krombholz

Moravec, J., 1980:
Helvella leucopus Pers. in Czechoslovakia. (Discomycetes, Helvellaceae)

Hernandez, S.-Lr; Gomez, P.-Ld, 1975:
Helvella macropus (Fr.) Karst. in Costa Rica

Anonymous, 1985:
Helvetian Cryptogamica

Starosolszky, Eo, 1958:
Helyi nyomaasvesztesaegek szaamaitaasa cseovezetaekekben

Baeky, Laaszlao, 1962:
Helyi teljesaitmaenynormaak kidolgozaasa meziogazdasaagi termelioszeovetkezetekben

Prasad, Sk, 1970 :
Hem Singh Pruthi

Sattorov, It, 1982:
Hemadsorption properties of cattle coronavirus

Pais, R.S.ekar, M.K.runasagar, I.K.runasagar, I., 2007:
Hemagglutinating activity and electrophoretic pattern of hemolymph serum proteins of Penaeus monodon and Macrobrachium rosenbergii to white spot syndrome virus injections

Thacker, B.B.tista, L., 1985:
Hemagglutinating activity and serological response to commercial porcine parvovirus vaccines

Lindal, E.S.yth, C., 1982:
Hemagglutinating activity in Cornybacterium pyogenes Mastitis

Banerjee, P.; Ghosh, A.1; Sengupta, S., 1982:
Hemagglutinating activity in extracts of mycelia from submerged mushroom cultures Volvariella volvacea, Termitomyces clypeatus, Panafolus papillionaceus, Gymnopilus chrysimyces, Lentinus squarrosulus, Coprinus lagopus, Coprinus atramentarius

Konoplich, La, 1987:
Hemagglutinating activity in the blackberry

Shinjo, T.S.irakihara, M.I.ata, T., 1980:
Hemagglutinating activity of Fu

Sologub, V.; Shuliak, A., 1981:
Hemagglutinating activity of herpes virus 1 of cattle

Urbano-Hernandez, G.R.cha-Guzman, N.; Ibarra-Perez, F.; Gonzalez-Laredo, R.; Gallegos-Infante, J., 2003:
Hemagglutinating activity of lectins of a weedy common bean population

Romakhova, M.; Lebedev, A. , 1983:
Hemagglutinating activity of paramyxovirus of laboratory mice

Gurinovich, O.; Volodin, V.1; Izmalkov, V.1; Uvarov, V.1; Gonik, S., 1982:
Hemagglutinating activity of seed proteins of some legume crops at induced mutagenesis Vetch, peas.1

Greig, As, 1981:
Hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis

Andries, K., 1989:
Hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus

Sorensen, Kj, 1975:
Hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus (HEV) infection in swine. serological indications for infectious conditions in Denmark

Pensaert, M.; Andries, K., 1986:
Hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus infection

Makabe,, M.O.eda, S.K.mura, Y.K.maniwa, H.O.ori, T., 1986:
Hemagglutinating properties of ovine rotavirus

Faye, M.; Charton,, C.B.rnard, C.L.yec, C., 1972:
Hemagglutinating properties of the enzootic abortion virus of small ruminants (Rakeia strains of ovine and caprine origin): Preliminary note

Starodubtseva, Ue, 1977:
Hemagglutinating properties of the sacbrood of honeybees

Lima, A.; Mancini-Filho, J.D.mingues, J.; Lajolo, F., 1980:
Hemagglutinating, mitogenic and toxic properties of Brazilian bean varieties (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Anonymous, 1975:
Hemagglutination (HA)

Petkov, M.B.zhilov, B., 1979:
Hemagglutination activity of ent

Ikeda, T.H.rigome, K.K.bori, S., 1974:
Hemagglutination and hemaggluti

Ikeda, T., 1987:
Hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition tests of Newcastle disease virus using formaldehyed and glutaraldehyde treated blood cells

Carbrey, E.; Beard, C.C.oper, R.H.nsen, R.; Pomeroy, B., 1975:
Hemagglutination and hemagglutination-inhibition tests with Newcastle disease virus-microtiter technique

Maurice, Y., 1985:
Hemagglutination and hemagglutination-inhibition tests with the African horsesickness virus

Bahl, A.; Newman, J.; Pomeroy, B., 1978:
Hemagglutination and hemaggulation inhibition tests for avian infectious bronchitis virus

Shapiro, M.; Ignoffo, C.M., 1970:
Hemagglutination by a nucleopolyhedrosis virus of the cotton bollworm, Heliothis zea

Carmichael, L.E.; Joubert, J.C.; Pollock, R.V., 1980:
Hemagglutination by canine parvovirus: serologic studies and diagnostic applications

Noe-Martinez, L.; Velazquez-Echegaray, A., 1975:
Hemagglutination inhibition antibody test for the diagnosis of venezuelan equine encephalitis in some domestic animals

Cedro, V.C.F., 1984:
Hemagglutination inhibition in the diagnosis of Br. ovis gential infection in sheep

Kiprych, Vv, 1973:
Hemagglutination inhibition reac

Fujisaki, Y., 1975:
Hemagglutination inhibition tes

Yamashita, S., 1984:
Hemagglutination inhibition test of Akabane virus with fixed blood cells

Wynne-De-Martini, G.; Martin, A., 1977:
Hemagglutination test for toxoplasmosis in ther sera of different animals

Inaba, Y.; Sato, K.; Takahashi, E.; Kurogi, H.; Satoda, K., 1977:
Hemagglutination with Nebraska calf diarrhea virus

Burtonboy, G.P.storet, P.; Herman, E.S.hoenaers, F., 1978:
Hemagglutination with a strain of calf rotavirus

Kaneko,, Y.A.ashi, H.S.tou, K., 1985:
Hemagglutination with bovine ephemeral fever virus

Suto, C.K.wase, S., 1971:
Hemagglutination with flacherie

Mathys, A.; Mueller, R.; Pedersen, N.C.; Theilen, G.H., 1983:
Hemagglutination with formalin-fixed erythrocytes for detection of canine parvovirus

Gomez, M., 1984:
Hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies and resistance to challenge in fowls following aerosol vaccination against Newcastle disease

Anonymous, 1975:
Hemagglutination-inhibition (HI)

Redaktie, G., 1972:
Hemagglutinin and hemolysine antibodies in the sera of goats with Johnes disease

Iinuma, M.Y.shida, T.N.gai, Y.M.eno, K.M.tsumoto, T.H.shino, M., 1971:
Hemagglutinin and neuraminidase subunits of Newcastle disease virus

Ramakrishnan, C.; Rao, G., 1977:
Hemagglutinin hydrolysing microorganisms

Sawata,, K1; Nakase, Y., 1982:
Hemagglutinin of Haemophilus paragallinarum serotype 2 organisms: occurrence and immunologic properties of hemagglutinin Chickens

Benton, E.H.; Morgan, G.W., 1978:
Hemagglutinin responses of chickens, Japanese quail and chukars to xenogenic red blood cell antigens

Howe, Ml, 1969:
Hemagglutinins from lichens

Kamiya, H.O.ata, K., 1982:
Hemagglutinins in the acorn barnacle Balanus (Megabalanus) roseus: purification and partial characterization Marine invertebrates

Coulet, M.M.stier, J.G.illot, J., 1970:
Hemagglutinins of mushrooms

Nikolaeva, I.; Siurin, V., 1973:
Hemagglutinins of the virus of infectious bronchitis of poultry

Aida, K.F.jita, Y.O.shi, K., 1975:
Hemagglutinins produced by microorganisms

Unal, M.O.aran, H., 1974:
Hemaglutination inhibiting test in blood sera and yolks of fowls vaccinated against Newcastle disease

Isolan, G., R.; Krayenbuhl, N.; Mahmoud, M.; Al-Mefty, O., 2007:
Hemangioblastoma in the pineal region: Case report

Wong, G.K.C.; Zhu, X.L.; Ng, H.K.; Mak, H.; Yu, S.C.H.; Wong, J.K.T.; Poon, W.S., 2007:
Hemangioblastoma of filum terminale associated with arteriovenous shunting

Dueland, R.D.hlin, D., 1972:
Hemangioendothelioma of canine bone

Reinacher, M., 1978:
Hemangioendotheliomas in the skeletal muscular system of a horse

Pollock, S.; Wagner, B.M., 1972:
Hemangioma of the liver in a dog

Peiffer, R.L.; Duncan, J.; Terrell, T., 1978:
Hemangioma of the nictitating membrane in a dog

Kirkbride, C.A.; Bicknell, E.J.; Robl, M.G., 1973:
Hemangiomas of a bovine fetus with a chorioangioma of the placenta

Matschullat, G., 1983:
Hemangiomatosis in a lamb

Morehead, J.B.rthold, S., 1997 :
Hemangiopericytoma in a rat

Morgado, A.D.waele, A., 1973:
Hemangiopericytoma: A case of mammary localization in a cow

Sutton, R.; Mclennan, M., 1982:
Hemangiosarcoma in a cow

Frye, F.L.; Knight, H.D.; Brown, S.I., 1983:
Hemangiosarcoma in a horse

Schoning, P.M.ynagh, M.; Blauch, B., 1983:
Hemangiosarcoma in the lumbar spinal cord of a dog

Stencel, E.G.otelueschen, D., 1989:
Hemangiosarcoma involving the frontal sinus of a horse

Queen, W.G.; Masterson, M.A.; Weisbrode, S.E., 1992:
Hemangiosarcoma of the external naris in a cow

Gordon, Bj, 1985:
Hemapheresis in the horse

Postiglioni, Saergio-Roberto, 1983:
Hemarthria altissima (a forage crop for the Campos Gerais region of Paranaa)

Tcacenco, Fa, 1981:
Hemarthria altissima, a forage for the tableland of Santa Catarina Brazil, crude protein, cultivars, dry matter weight.1

Bellah, J.R.; Weigel, J.P., 1983:
Hemarthrosis secondary to suspected warfarin toxicosis in a dog

Polo, Javier, 2006:
Hematic iron, the source of more bio-assimilable iron

Lorvik, S.G.rgiulo, A.; Ceccarelli, P.F.gioli, O., 1983:
Hematic nodes of cattle

Jardim, E.; Lopes, H.-Da-S.F.chtner, S.; Costa, C.D.-P.S.lva, P.-Da, 1979:
Hematic picture of cross bred cattle of Goias State

Mengozzi, G., 1980:
Hematic polymorphism in Ragusan donkey

Tamayo, M.G.mez, J.; Senas, R., 1992:
Hematic values in flocks affected with inclusion body hepatitis

Pasqualini, C., 1970:
Hematic-marrow picture during the administration of 4-methyl-2-thiouracil in normal doses to rabbits

Woodburn, K.W.; Fan, Q.; Winslow, S.; Chen, M-jia.; Mortensen, R.B.; Casadevall, N.; Stead, R.B.; Schatz, P.J., 2007:
Hematide is immunologically distinct from erythropoietin and corrects anemia induced by antierythropoietin antibodies in a rat pure red cell aplasia model

Lemberg, R.L.gge, J.W., 1949:
Hematin compounds and bile pigments

Pawluczkowycz, A.W.; Lindorfer, M.A.; Waitumbi, J.N.; Taylor, R.P., 2007:
Hematin promotes complement alternative pathway-mediated deposition of C3 activation fragments on human erythrocytes: potential implications for the pathogenesis of anemia in malaria

Sokolovskaia, Ii, 1976:
Hemato genital barriers and reproduction of animals

Avellini, G.M.rettini, B.P.dini, B., 1969:
Hemato-chemical findings in calves exclusively fed with milk substitutes. I. Behavior of the glycemia

Morettini, B.P.dini, B.A.ellini, G., 1969:
Hemato-chemical findings in calves exclusively fed with milk substitutes. II. Behavior of total cholesterolemia

Pedini, B.A.ellini, G.G.idobono-Cavalchini, L., 1969:
Hemato-chemical findings in calves exclusively fed with milk substitutes. III. Behavior of serum alkaline phosphatase

Ranucci, S.G.ol-Ranucci, H., 1978:
Hematochemical research in sheep with parasitic lesions of lthe liver

Kraft, W., 1971:
Hematocrit analysis with the micromethod in the horse, swine, dog, and cat

Dietz, J.R.; Zucker, I.H.; Bie, P.; Gilmore, J.P., 1979:
Hematocrit as an index of changes in plasma volume in conscious dogs

Toro-Benitez, M., 1987:
Hematocrit centrifuge technique in diagnosis of bovine trypanosomiasis

Hoste, C.D.slandes, P.C.oe,, A., 1983:
Hematocrit determination in NDama and baoule cattle of Ivory Coast

Coulson, K.; Cohen, R.; Coulson, W.; Jelliffe, D., 1976:
Hematocrit levels in breast fed babies

Newcomb, S.L.; Power, G.G., 1975:
Hematocrit of the fetal rabbit placenta

Moore, Susan, 1984:
Hematocrit procedure manual

Fallaw, S.A.; Jones, J.E.; Hughes, B.L., 1976:
Hematocrit, erythrocyte, and hemoglobin values for male and female guineas at various ages

Ridgway, R.L.; Heggers, J.P.; Jennings, P.B.; Hunter, W.J., 1978:
Hematogenous Bacteroides fragilis and Proteus mirabilis infection in a dog with lymphocytic lymphoma of the spleen

Hance, Sr, 1998:
Hematogenous infections of the musculoskeletal system in foals

Rudman, J.; Fessler, J.F.; Blevins, W.E.; Long, G.G., 1982:
Hematogenous osteomyelitis caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum in a calf

Firth, Ec, 1988:
Hematogenous osteomyelitis in the foal

Seybold, U.; Talati, N.J.; Kizilbash, Q.; Shah, M.; Blumberg, H.M.; Franco-Paredes, C., 2007:
Hematogenous osteomyelitis mimicking osteosarcoma due to Community Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Martens, R.; Auer, J., 1981:
Hematogenous septic arthritis and osteomyelitis in the foal

Ghiraidelli, L.; Martins, M.-Laterca; Yamashita, M.-Maia; Jeronimo, G.-Tomas, 2006:
Hematologia de Oreochromis niloticus (Cichlidae) e Cyprinus carpio (Cyprinidae) mantidos em diferentes condicoes de manejo e alimentacao no Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Harvey, J.W.; French, T.W.; Senior, D.F., 1986:
Hematologic abnormalities associated with chronic acetaminophen administration in a dog

Shelton, G.H.; Linenberger, M.L., 1995:
Hematologic abnormalities associated with retroviral infections in the cat

Couto, Cg, 1984:
Hematologic abnormalities in small animal cancer patients. I. Red blood cell abnormalities

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