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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 16000

Chapter 16000 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Couto, Cg, 1985:
Hematologic abnormalities in small animal cancer patients. II. White blood cell, platelet, and combined abnormalities

Schiele, Rainer, 1982:
Hematologic and bacteriological studies in cattle suffering from endocarditis with regard to clinical examination, laboratory tests and dissection findings

Rovira, S.; Muñoz, A.; Benito, M., 2007:
Hematologic and biochemical changes during canine agility competitions

Vorob'-Ev, Nn, 1981:
Hematologic and biochemical indicators of blood in cows at different periods of reproductive function

Nikitin, V.; Nezhdanov, G.; Chukhlebov, V.; Nezhdanova, L., 1976:
Hematologic and biochemical indicators of blood in sheep of Grozny breed at reproduction

Hidalgo-Vila, J.; Díaz-Paniagua, C.; Pérez-Santigosa, N.; Laza, Aín.; Camacho, Iés.; Recio, F., 2007:
Hematologic and biochemical reference intervals of free-living Mediterranean pond turtles (Mauremys leprosa)

Wigal, S.B.; Wilens, T.E.; Wolraich, M.; Lerner, M., 2007:
Hematologic and blood biochemistry monitoring during methylphenidate treatment in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: 2-year, open-label study results

Felton, S.C.; Hoffmann, C.C.; Kreier, J.P.; Glaser, R., 1984:
Hematologic and immunologic responses in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) infected with Plasmodium knowlesi and Epstein-Barr virus

Donev, A., 1975:
Hematologic and morphologic inve

Johnston, R.V.; Pinkerton, M.N.; Mensik, D.C.; Swaim, L.D.; Linscombe, V.A.; Benge, M.C.; Barna-Lloyd, G.; Kilian, D.J., 1979:
Hematologic and myelogenous effects of inhaled benzene in the pig and the rat

Porter, Wp, 1982:
Hematologic and other effects of ketamine and ketamine-acepromazine in Rhesus monkeys Macaca mulatta) Immobilization, drugs

Polikhronov, D.P.pov, A.S.efanov, S., 1981:
Hematologic and pathohistologica

Innis, C.J.; Tlusty, M.; Wunn, D., 2007:
Hematologic and plasma biochemical analysis of juvenile head-started northern red-bellied cooters (Pseudemys rubriventris)

Mauel, M.J.; Miller, D.L.; Merrill, A.L., 2007:
Hematologic and plasma biochemical values of healthy hybrid tilapia (Oreochromis aureus x Oreochromis nilotica) maintained in a recirculating system

Kuz'-Michev, Vs, 1981:
Hematologic and serologic studies of leukosis Cattle.1

Steiss, J.; Brewer, W.J.; Welles, E.W.ight, J., 2000:
Hematologic and serum biochemical reference values in retired greyhounds

Niblett, S.H.; King, K.E.; Dunstan, R.Hugh.; Clifton-Bligh, P.; Hoskin, L.A.; Roberts, T.K.; Fulcher, G.R.; McGregor, N.R.; Dunsmore, J.C.; Butt, H.L.; Klineberg, I.; Rothkirch, T.B., 2007:
Hematologic and urinary excretion anomalies in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

Avram, N., 1978:
Hematologic aspects of some mycotoxicoses in industrially reared piglets

Meyer, D.J.; Harvey, J.W., 1994:
Hematologic changes associated with serum and hepatic iron alterations in dogs with congenital portosystemic vascular anomalies

Medinskii, Bl, 1977:
Hematologic changes in sheep with Melophagus infestation

Aminzhanov, M., 1977:
Hematologic changes in sheep with echinococcosis

Bulgin, M.; Munn, S.; Gee, W., 1970:
Hematologic changes to 4 1

Jain, Nc, 1979:
Hematologic characteristics of anemia pathophysiologic features of the erythrocyte

Kudriasheva, Iuv, 1982:
Hematologic characteristics of the progeny of carp fingerlings from spawners reared at different levels of feeding

Donovan, J.; Stokes, W.; Montrey, R.; Rozmiarek, H., 1983:
Hematologic characterizatation of naturally occurring malaria (Plasmodium unui) in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

Christopher, M.M., 1995:
Hematologic complications of diabetes mellitus

Valenzuela, A.A.una, H., 1978:
Hematologic constants, ratio of right ventricular mass to total ventricular mass, and type of hemoglobin in guinea, White Leghorn and Criollo hens at high altitude

Wittwer, M.-F.B.hmwald, H., 1975:
Hematologic diagnosis of enzootic bovine leukosis; study of a new diagnostic key on a severely affected farm

Mit, K.B.ier, D.G.rke, E., 1977:
Hematologic diagnosis of leukosis in the German Democratic Republic

Ungaro, Peter-Curt, 1979:
Hematologic diseases

Wegmann, E.H.rrera, P.W.ttwer, F.B.hmwald, H., 1987:
Hematologic effects of exercise in horses during a military endurance ride

Allen, Ta, 1985:
Hematologic emergencies

Van-Pelt, Dr, 1996:
Hematologic emergencies. 1

Sellers, T.; Bloom, J., 1982:
Hematologic evaluation of laboratory animals

Alencar-Filho, Ra-De, 1974:
Hematologic examinations in the study of animal diseases. 5. Serum electrophoresis; clinical indications

Alencar-Filho, Ra-De, 1974:
Hematologic examinations in the study of animal diseases: the ganglionic cytogram (lymphadenogram); use and limits

Morin, D.E.; Garry, F.B.; Weiser, M.G.; Fettman, M.J.; Johnson, L.W., 1992:
Hematologic features of iron deficiency anemia in llamas

Heinritzi, K., 1985 :
Hematologic findings in acute eperythrozoonosis of pigs

Ridgway, S.H.; Simpson, J.G.; Patton, G.S.; Gilmartin, 1970:
Hematologic findings in certain small cetaceans

Goriaev, Gd, 1980:
Hematologic indicators and the productivity of cows Correlation, breeding and selection for milk productivity, Simmental breed.1

Serpunin, Gg, 1980:
Hematologic indicators of carp third-years in rearing in the Kaliningrad Region

Lobanova, A.; Dergach, V., 1980:
Hematologic indicators of the Ukrainian Grey cattle and its hybrids with banteng at the age of six months

Popescu, C.C.reu, A.D.brescu, O., 1973:
Hematologic indices n the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Guzeeva, La, 1977:
Hematologic indices of German Mutton Merino sheep in Belorussia as affected by the season of the year

Adams, W.; Graves, I.; Pyakural, S., 1975:
Hematologic observatons on the yak

Shappell, K.; Lock, T., 1986:
Hematologic parameters after neonatal isoerythrolysis in a foal

Oyedipe, E.; Saror, D.O.ori, D.; Akerejola, O., 1984:
Hematologic parameters of Zebu cattle on different protein levels and their relation to rate of gain

Terekhina, M.; Bobyleva, Z.; Kotenko, N.; Ziborova, V., 1975:
Hematologic profile for young Merino sheep

Simonian, G.; Kondrakhina, K.; Agasian, A., 1974:
Hematologic profile of different breeds of cows in healthy stages

Aulerich, R.; Ploucha, J.; Stoffs, W., 1991:
Hematologic profiles of normal mink and mink with wet belly

Robins, E.B.; Blum, S., 2006:
Hematologic reference values for African American children and adolescents

Eder,, A., 1977:
Hematologic regulatory mechanisms

Medway, W.; Geraci, J.R.; Klein, L.V., 1970:
Hematologic response to administration of a corticosteroid in the bottle-nosed dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Carlson, Gp, 1986:
Hematologic response to exercise and training

Rose, R.J.; Allen, J.R., 1985:
Hematologic responses to exercise and training

Adamesteanu, I.S.lantiu, V.G.ergariu, S.M.ldovan, N., 1969:
Hematologic study of sheep innoculated with sulfamidated blood

Jain, N.C., 1977:
Hematologic techniques

Anonymous, 1987:
Hematologic testing: improving your technicians technique

Wolf, H.G.; Shifrine, M.; Klein, A.K.; Foin, A.T., 1971:
Hematologic values for laboratory reared Marmosa mitis

Valencia, G.; Perna, E., 1980:
Hematologic values in cattle from the Sinu Valley Colombia.1

Tyler, R.D.; Cowell, R.L.; Clinkenbeard, K.D.; MacAllister, C.G., 1987:
Hematologic values in horses and interpretation of hematologic data

Porter, J.A.; Canaday, W.R., 1971:
Hematologic values in mongrel and greyhound dogs being screened for research use

Popa, V.; Persu, I., 1978:
Hematologic values in piglets after weaning in boxes

Shiel, R.E.; Brennan, S.F.; O'Rourke, L.G.; McCullough, M.; Mooney, C.T., 2007:
Hematologic values in young pretraining healthy Greyhounds

Brown, D.G.; Cross, F.H., 1969:
Hematologic values of burros from birth to maturity: cellular elements of peripheral blood

Ewing, G.O.; Schalm, O.W.; Smith, R.S., 1972:
Hematologic values of normal Basenji dogs

Varma, B.P.akash, M., 1980:
Hematologic values of the Indian patola, Notopterus notopterus Pallas

Parsons, A.; Wells, R., 1989:
Hematologic values of the Yucatan miniature pig

Porter, J.A., 1971:
Hematologic values of the black spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps), red spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi), white face monkey (Cebus capucinus), and black howler monkey (Alouatta villosa)

Manoiu, I.P.stea, Z.C.stea, V.S.nchievici, B.V.or, E., 1973:
Hematologic, biochemical and histologic changes in swine exudative metabolic myopathy

Goldstein, 2006:
Hematologic, biochemistry and cytologic findings from apparently healthy Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) inhabiting the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA (vol 42, pg 447, 2006)

Matanović, K.; Severin, K.; Martinković, F.; Simpraga, M.; Janicki, Z.; Barisić, J., 2007:
Hematological and biochemical changes in organically farmed sheep naturally infected with Fasciola hepatica

Yousef, M.; Ibrahim, H.; Salem, M.; Hassan, G.; Helmi, S.B.rtheussen, K., 1999:
Hematological and biochemical changes induced by carbofuran and glyphosate in rabbits

Jaeger, J.J.; McGrath, J.J., 1975:
Hematological and biochemical effects of chronic CO exposure on the Japanese quail

Gladenko, I.; Shevtsova, G.; Zaitseva, L., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical indicators at feeding of synthetic nitrogen substances to animals

Tutov, I.; Vakulenko, A.; Solov'-Eva, S., 1982:
Hematological and biochemical indicators in cattle sick with pseudo-actinomycosis (actinobacillosis)

Belugin, N.; Nezhdanov, G., 1982:
Hematological and biochemical indicators in the progeny obtained from young ewes and yearlings of the Grozny breed

Sabourin, S.S.anley, P.C.artrand, C., 1975:
Hematological and biochemical normogram and daily variations of basic parameters in normal dogs

Wahbi, A.A.I.ris, O.F., 1977:
Hematological and biochemical studies in the blood of desert sheep in the Sudan

Gregor, G., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical studies of Mini-Lewe miniature swine. 2. Electrolytes and enzymes

Gregor, G., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical studies of the Mini-Lewe miniature swine. 1. Blood picture and serum proteins

Sato, T.; Oda, K.; Kubo, M., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical values of thoroughbred foals in the first six months of life

Zeissler, R.W.nzel, U.; Schicketanz, W.S.chse, M., 1981:
Hematological and biochemical-clinical values in polecat-ferrets with changing physiological or pathological conditions. 1. Comparative studies of the hemogram processes of pregnant, lactating and non pregnant females

Kim NamJoong; Kim MyungCheol, 2005:
Hematological and blood chemical findings in hypophysectomized rats

Miniats, O.; Valli, V., 1979:
Hematological and blood serum biochemical values in gnotobiotic pigs

Alarcon, F.L., 1984:
Hematological and clinical alterations caused by Babesia bigemina on the bovine babesiosis (holstein-freisian calves

Alarcon, F.; Adams, L., 1981:
Hematological and clinical alterations caused by Babesia bigemina on the bovine babesiosis Holstein-Freisian calves.1

Stampfli, G.B.hler, J.; Tschudi, P., 1980:
Hematological and clinical-chemical blood values of reared cattle

Elahee, K.B.; Bhagwant, S., 2006:
Hematological and gill histopathological parameters of three tropical fish species from a polluted lagoon on the west coast of Mauritius

Ikeda, Y.M.nami, T., 1982:
Hematological and hemochemical a

Mazur, O.E.; Pronin, N.M.; Tolochko, L.V., 2007:
Hematological and immunological properties of herring gull (Larus argentatus) nestlings experimentally infected with Diphyllobothrium dendriticum (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidae)

Shimada, Y.S.ito, T.M.zouchi, T.Y.mazaki, M.K.sunoki, T., 1976:
Hematological and liver functio

Jacobs, R.; Smith, H.; Whetstone, C.; Suarez, D.; Jefferson, B., 1995:
Hematological and lymphocyte subset analyses in sheep inoculated with bovine immunodeficiency-like virus

Fulwood, Robinson, 1983:
Hematological and nutritional biochemistry reference data of persons 6 months-74 years of age

Zhang, X.; Xie, P.; Li, D.; Shi, Z., 2007:
Hematological and plasma biochemical responses of crucian carp (Carassius auratus) to intraperitoneal injection of extracted microcystins with the possible mechanisms of anemia

Demetriades, I.S.itarides, K.P.padopoulos, E., 1980:
Hematological and serological diagnosis of en

Will, Rainer, 1977:
Hematological and serological studies in Lacertidae

Rave, V.-G.M.rales, G., G., 1972:
Hematological and thermic response to inoculation of Venezuelan type encephalomyelitis virus in horses and asses

Chevrier, L.D.ennin, L., 1975:
Hematological aspect of a vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease

Chevrier, L., 1975:
Hematological aspect of bovine leukosis; application to hematological case finding

Tomczynski, R., 1980:
Hematological blood indices in horses and their inter-correlations

Ishii, S., 1986:
Hematological change of so-called Bovine Influenza

Stino, F.K.; Washburn, K.W., 1972:
Hematological changes associated with divergent selection for packed erythrocyte volume in Japanese quail

Burdziak, E., 1969:
Hematological changes during the pregnancy period in cows tuberculous and free from tuberculosis

Janecek, J.P.ouza, Z.M.serova, J.K.lousova, V., 1973:
Hematological changes in bone marrow in model non-contact burns in rats

Sommer, Blanka, 1993:
Hematological changes in cat blood caused by storage, and the results of its use in transfusions

Kumar, S.S.arma, M.; Agarwal, S.; Dwivedi, S., 1985:
Hematological changes in normal cyclic, anoestrous and repeat breeding cattle

Janecek, J.P.ouza, Z.M.serova, J.K.lousova, V., 1973:
Hematological changes in peripheral blood in model non-contact burns in rats

May, I., 1985:
Hematological changes in pigs with Aujeszkys disease

Tigin, Y.B.ysu, N.G.ralp, N., 1971:
Hematological changes in sheep experimentally infested with Fasciola gigantica

Netto, D.P.; Chiacchio, S.B.; Bicudo, P.L.; Alfieri, A.A.; Balarim, M.R.S.; Nascimento, N., 2004:
Hematological changes in sheep inoculated with natural and cobalt(60)-irradiated Crotalus durissus terrificus VENOM (Laurenti, 1768)

Blaski, M.S.liman, P., 1981:
Hematological changes in the picture of blood rats immunized by larvae nippostrongylus brasiliensis (travassos, 1914)

Gupta, M.B.gchi, G1; Bandyopadhyay, S1; Sasmal, D1; Chatterjee, T1; Dey, S., 1982:
Hematological changes produced in mice by Nuvacron or Furadan Organophosphorus insecticides, carbamate insecticides

Gupta, M.S.smal, D1; Bandyopadhyay, S1; Bagchi, G1; Chatterjee, T., 1983:
Hematological changes produced in mice by ochratoxin A and citrinin Mycotoxins

Tamashauskas, M.; Domkus, V., 1975:
Hematological characteristics of breeding bulls in Lithuania

Sikura, Lv, 1976:
Hematological characteristics of hibernating beetles

Kadar, M.-Dm; Fancsi, M., 1979:
Hematological classification of the leucosis of lowland cattle on the basis of leucocyte counts

Pletneva, M.M., 1985:
Hematological differentiation between radiation sickness and newcastle disease in fowls and the pathological changes

Sorensen, E.M.; Bauer, T.L., 1983:
Hematological dyscrasia in teleosts chronically exposed to selenium-laden effluent

Allen, William-Sherrill, 1968:
Hematological effects in the chick produced by internal radiation with different isotopes of strontium

Johansson-Sjobeck, M.; Dave, G.L.dman, U., 1975:
Hematological effects of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) in the European eel, Anguilla anguilla L. and the rainbow trout, Salmo gairdnerii Rich

Tone, J.N.; Jensen, D.R., 1974:
Hematological effects of injected gossypol and iron in rats

Woo JeonHwa; Choi InYoung; Choue RyoWon, 2007:
Hematological effects of water extracts of Cham-Dang-Gui on dietary induced iron deficient anemia rat

Sekun, NP., 1978:
Hematological estimate of the physiological state of Pyrausta sticticalis under different population density

Alencar-Filho, Ra-De, 1974:
Hematological examinations in the study of animal diseases

Halsband, E.R.mestand, B., 1983 :
Hematological examinations of fishes of the Weser River within the frame of safety due to the neighborhood of nuclear reactor installation Grohnde

Takahashi, K.H.ratsuka, H.S.noda, M.K.rosawa, T.U.da, S., 1982:
Hematological findings in the n

Chen, H-I.; Liou, S-Hsing.; Hsieh, M-Hong.; Shih, T-Sheng.; Sun, C-Wen.; Wu, T-Neng.; Chang, H-Yuan.; Loh, C-Hui., 2007:
Hematological follow-up of an intervention program adding rubber glove-wearing to local ventilation for 2-ethoxyethanol acetate-exposed workers

Petit, J., 1981:
Hematological histological and serological reactions of white rats innoculated with anti-brucellosis vaccines; comparative study of live B19 and killed and adjuvant 45

Derkach, Na, 1971:
Hematological indicators and their connection with the age and fast gain of weight of Mirgorod swine breed

Zakhidova, Lt, 1986:
Hematological indicators of minks reared under conditions of hot climate

Valiushkin, K.; Kondrat'-Ev, I., 1972:
Hematological indices and reproductive function in cows before and after the administration of certain vitamins and micronutrients

Pavlenko, Oi, 1974:
Hematological indices of cattle

Zinevich, La, 1979:
Hematological indices of cattle with different forms of hemoblastoses

Skrypnik, Tt, 1974:
Hematological indices of healthy cattle

Dorosz, J., 1981:
Hematological indices of laboratory animals with natural infestations

Bzhanabekov,'-Dinov, R., 1972:
Hematological indices of lamb blood obtained in interbreed transfer of zygotes in sheep

van der Meer, W.; Pickkers, P.; Scott, C.S.; van der Hoeven, J.G.; Gunnewiek, J.Klein., 2007:
Hematological indices, inflammatory markers and neutrophil CD64 expression: comparative trends during experimental human endotoxemia

Negrutiu, T.S.rbu, Z., 1971:
Hematological investigations in bovine leucosis in Roumania and its practical application for diagnosis of the disease

Dobrev, V.M.tovski, A.B.goslovov, K.P.rshev, S., 1980:
Hematological investigations of

Gyula, Regos, 1980:
Hematological investigations on rabbits vaccinated with lapinized swine fever virus

Kwon YoungWook; Kim Doo; Pak SonIl, 2006:
Hematological manifestations in dogs progressing to the iron deficiency anemia by repeated phlebotomy

Finsterer, J., 2007:
Hematological manifestations of primary mitochondrial disorders

Secasiu, V., 1980:
Hematological modifications in infections of livestock by Welchs bacillus

Pomsel, Thomas, 1980:
Hematological normal value of cattle in slope function according to age and pregnancy

Caprarin, A.P.rcherea, A., 1979:
Hematological observations in experimental Moniezia induced poisoning in sheep

Villafane-Lastra, T., 1985:
Hematological observations in the course of acute brucellosis

Yachiku, T.K.bayashi,, S., 1983:
Hematological observations on t

Wrieg, Hans-Henning, 1978:
Hematological parameter of Sprague-Dawley rats in relation to age and microbiological definition

Bernstein, J.; Swanson, S., 1989:
Hematological parameters and parasite load in wild fish with elevated radionuclide levels

Ishikawa, N.-Massuo; Tavares-Ranzani-Paiva, M.-Jose; Lombardi, J.-Vicente; Ferreira, C.-Maris, 2007:
Hematological parameters in Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus exposed to sub-letal concentrations of mercury

Anonymous, 2007:
Hematological parameters in sickle cell anemia patients with and without priapism (vol 26, pg 493, 2006)

Pavel, J., 1969:
Hematological parameters of ruminants during normal and semisynthetic diet

Marbach, W., 1978:
Hematological parameters on the conditions of racehorses and the effect of Coforta

Laishev, A.; Snisarenko, L., 1979:
Hematological pattern of Kholmogor cows fed a high concentrate diet under far northern conditions

Schagatay, E.; Andersson, J.P.A.; Nielsen, B., 2007:
Hematological response and diving response during apnea and apnea with face immersion

Gildersleeve, R.P.; Galvin, M.J.; Thaxton, J.P.; McRee, D.I., 1985:
Hematological response of Japanese quail to acute hemorrhagic stress

Abramochkin, V.; Tikhonov, I., 1974:
Hematological status of Landrace swine raised in Siberia

Orlandi, M.R.mboli, I., 1971:
Hematological studies in Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata domestica L.)

Rodriguez, O.; Rivas, A., 1971:
Hematological studies in bovine babesiosis and anaplasmosis

Akimaru, Meguni, 1986:
Hematological studies of calves infected with Eimeria bovis

Dobrev, V.T.palski, E.B.goslovov, K., 1983:
Hematological studies of colibacteriosis in piglets

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Hematological studies of the ro

Baumgartner, R.L.skova, R.Z.cker, H., 1972:
Hematological studies on calves fed processed milk

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Hematological studies on grazin

Kono, I.M.mori, T.S.kamoto, T.Y.suda, N., 1980:
Hematological studies on the do

Berberian, I.G.; Enan, E.E., 1989:
Hematological studies on white male rats exposed to some antimoulting compounds

Cardoso, A.L.S.P.; Tessari, E.N.C.; Castro, A.G.M., 2003:
Hematological study in broilers inoculated with Salmonella gallinarum

Murray, SA., 1984:
Hematological study of the bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus Raf

Jeon, Y., 1970:
Hematological survey on hemat

Dietert, R.; Bloom, S.1; Qureshi, M.1; Nanna, U., 1983:
Hematological toxicology following embryonic exposure to aflatoxin-B1 Mycotoxins, chick embryos

Orozco, C.A.G.; Martins, C.B.; D'Angelis, F.H. de F.; Oliveira, J.V. de; Lacerda Neto, J.C. de, 2007:
Hematological values and total protein of Brasileiro de Hipismo and Breton mares during pregnancy

Villouta,, T., 1978:
Hematological values in Holstein-Friesian calves from 3 to 180 days of age

Dobsinska, E., 1972:
Hematological values in ontogenetic development of pheasant chickens

Reichlmayr-Lais, A.K.rchgessner, M.M.thur, A., 1985:
Hematological values in rats after different Ni- and Zn-supply. 4. Interactions between Zn and Ni

Brader, J.; Freeze, T.1; Goetz, R., 1982:
Hematological values of blue and channel catfish from two Kentucky lakes Ictalurus furcatus, Ictalurus punctatus

Larsson, M.; Hagiwara, M.; Larsson, C.; Birgel, E.; Migliano, M., 1975:
Hematological values of healthy cats (Felis cati L., 1758)

Kaantee, E., 1977:
Hematological values of the Finnish warmblood trotters in racing condition

Dobsinska, E.K.lal, L.K.alova, D., 1980:
Hematological values of the trout (Salmo gairdnerii) fed with added technical L-lysin

Chevrier, L.L.uzis, C., 1980:
Hematological values taken from two samples of European hares (Lepus capensis europaeus) imported from Argentina and Uruguay

Jerez, M.R.dolph, W., 1979:
Hematological values, total plasma proteins and fibrinogen in Thorougfhbred horses in training

Nicpon, J.; Slawuta, P.; Nicpon, J.; Noszczyk-Nowak, A., 2007:
Hematological, biochemical and acid-base equilibrium parameters of the European Brown Hare

Zhilvknskii, Ad, 1979:
Hematological, serological and bacteriological results of a study of enzootic experimental pneumonia in calves

Goran, G.V.; Codreanu, M.D.; Crivineanu, V., 2006:
Hematological, serum biochemical and histopathological changes induced by copper sulphate in sheep

Birkert, Walter, 1984:
Hematological-metabolic examinations of blood in weaned piglets at abrupt change of feed and extreme feeding conditions

Stolz, Beate, 1987:
Hematological-metabolic investigations in healthy piglets and in piglets with enteric colibacillosis

Koyama, J.O.aki, H., 1984:
Hematologival changes of fish e

Williams, William, J., 1983:

Weingand, K.; Odioso, L.; Dameron, G.; Laytart, M.; Stitzel, K., 1992:
Hematology analyzer comparison: Otho ELT-8

Carlson, Gp, 1987:
Hematology and body fluids in the equine athlete: a review

Tumbleson, M.; Scholl, E., 1981:
Hematology and clinical chemistry

Anthony, E.S.rois, M., 2002:
Hematology and cytology--avoiding pitfalls and artifacts

Eikmeier, H., 1984:
Hematology and decrease of performance

Lassen, E.D.; Swardson, C.J., 1995:
Hematology and hemostasis in the horse: normal functions and common abnormalities

Mohri, M.; Sharifi, K.; Eidi, S., 2006:
Hematology and serum biochemistry of Holstein dairy calves: age related changes and comparison with blood composition in adults

Aroch, I.; King, R.; Baneth, G., 2007:
Hematology and serum biochemistry values of trapped, healthy, free-ranging rock hyraxes (Procavia capensis) and their association with age, sex, and gestational status

Solis, M., E.; Bandeff, J., M.; Huang, Y.-Wern, 2007:
Hematology and serum chemistry of Ozark and eastern hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis)

Rubino,, A.; Lacinio, R.B.amante, G.C.roli, A.P.eragostini, E.P.tazzi, F., 2006:
Hematology and some blood chemical parameters as a function of tick-borne disease (TBD) signs in horses

Duffield, D.; Ridgway, S.; Cornell, L., 1983:
Hematology distinguishes coastal and offshore forms of dolphins (Tursiops)

Harvey, Jw, 2000:
Hematology indices: what they mean

Garcia, F.P.larski, F.O.aka, E.; Moraes, F.-De; Martins, M., 2007:
Hematology of Piaractus mesopotamicus fed diets supplemented with vitamins C and E, challenged by Aeromonas hydrophila

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Hemoglobin level and hematocrit value in calves

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Hemoglobin-binding ability of the sheep haptoglobin molecule and its subunits

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Hemogram and bone marrow differential of the chinchilla

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Hemograms and bone marrow assay to monitor the effect of coritcosteroids

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Hemolymph DNA concentration during the moulting cycle of the freshwater prawn, Caridina rajadhari

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Hemolymph analysis of irradiated and dimilin-treated boll weevils, Anthonomus grandis Cotton pest control research

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Hemolymph carbohydrate and lipid mobilization in Locusta migratoria in relation to the progress of poisoning following bioresmethrin treatment

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Hemolymph carbohydrate measurements

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Hemolymph clotting in insects

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Hemolymph ecdysteroid titers in the 5th instar of the oleander hawk moth, Deilephila nerii: relationship to melanization and pupation Pest of oleander and closely related plants

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Hemolymph enzymes of Calliphora erythrocephala (Insecta, Diptera), variations during metamorphosis

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Hemolymph indices in honeybees with Varroa jacobsoni mite infestation

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Hemolymph lectins of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, recognize selected serotypes of its pathogen Vibrio parahaemolyticus

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Hemolymph of Chortophila laricicola larvae infected by a fungus Paecilomyces farinosus

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Hemolymph of honeybees infested with Varroa jacobsoni mites

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Hemolymph of the larvae of cattle warble flies and its protective functions

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Hemolymph of the larvae of warble flies of cattle and its protective functions

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Hemolymph of the larvae of warble flies of cattle and its protective i ee

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Hemolymph protein changes of H

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Hemolymph proteins and body weight in newly emerged worker honey bees according to different rates of parasitation by brood mites (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Apis mellifera

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Hemolymph proteins of Acantholyda posticalis during its period of development Pest of Pinus.1

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Hemolymph proteins of the cotton stainer (Dysdercus intermedius) during development

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Hemolymph proteins of the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.). III. Comparison of protein spectra of workers of different races

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Hemolymph solutes in a spider, Cupiennius salei

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Hemolymph test. A technique for detection of rickettsiae in ticks

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Hemolymph transport of the juvenile hormones

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Hemolysate, an effective drug in cases of hypertrophy and dyspepsia in calves

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Hemolysins in a green alga Ulva pertusa

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Hemolysis associated with patent ductus arteriosus coil embolization in a dog

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Hemolysis delay in CFT for brucellosis diagnosis

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Hemolysis induced by the venom of the predaceous bug Holotrichius innesi H. (Heteroptera, Reduviidae)

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Hemolysis of erythrocytes in laminar and turbulent shear flows

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Hemolytic action of the venom of the scorpion Scorpio maurus palmatus (Scorpionidae)

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Hemolytic activity in crude polysaccharide extracted from grain sorghum

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Hemolytic activity of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

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Hemolytic activity of fractions of the ethanolic extract from faba bean cotyledons

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Hemolytic activity of solvents. 2. Effects of selected organic solvents

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Hemolytic and cytotoxic activity of dammarane-type triterpenoids

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Hemolytic anemia Horses

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Hemolytic anemia and fibrinoid change of renal vessels in a horse Etiology varies, toxins, drugs, bacteria, insufficiency

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Hemolytic anemia and induction of phase II detoxification enzymes by diprop-1-enyl sulfide in rats: dose-response study

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Hemolytic anemia due to ingestion of onions in a dog

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Hemolytic anemia induced by malignant histiocytosis

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Hemolytic anemia of owl monkeys: red blood cell lipid alterations

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Hemolytic anemia of undetermined origin

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Hemolytic capacity of some Proteus strains isolated from animals

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Hemolytic capacity of some strains of Proteus isolated from livestock

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Hemolytic colibacillic enterotoxemia in the swine. III. Ecology of the germ in the carrier pig

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Hemolytic complement titers and complement C3 levels in endotoxin-induced mastitis Escherichia coli

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Hemolytic disease of newborn calves

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Hemolytic disease of the newborn in rabbits

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Hemolytic properties of staphylococci isolated from cows milk

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Hemolytic steroid disulfates from the far eastern starfish Pteraster pulvillus

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Hemolytic toxicosis in sheep

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Hemolytic transfusion reaction after preoperative prophylactic blood transfusion for sickle cell disease in pregnancy

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Hemolytic transfusion reactions in a dog with an alloantibody to a common antigen

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Hemolytic uremic syndrome associated with invasive pneumococcal disease: the United kingdom experience

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Hemolytic uremic syndrome in dogs

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Hemolytic uremic-like syndrome in two horses

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Hemoparasite lab moved to Northwest USDA, Washington, Idaho, Anaplasma, Babesia

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Hemoparasitism, humoral immunodeficiency, and an IgG1 fragment in a cow Eperythrozoon wenyoni and Trypanosoma theileri

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Hemoperfusion and pharmacokinetic studies with parathion and paraoxon in the rat and dog Organophosphate insecticides

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