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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 16003

Chapter 16003 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sin, L.M.hd-Alif, A.-Bin, 1982:
Herbicide application by ultra-low-volume sprayer for controlling common weeds in rubber

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Herbicide application control using GIS weed maps

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Herbicide application during direct sowing of alfalfa

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Herbicide application during fall in commercial horticulture

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Herbicide application for weed control in intensive poplar cultures in river Tamis region

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Herbicide application in Barvarian mountain areas from the biological, technical and ecological view

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Herbicide application in carrot seed production

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Herbicide application in horticulture

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Herbicide application in liquid nitrogen application

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Herbicide application in scorzonera (Scorzonera hispanica L.) for food and seed production

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Herbicide application in soybe

Aliudin, 1979:
Herbicide application in vineyard

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Herbicide application of rice fields and environmental protection

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Herbicide application on rice cultures in lowlands without irrigation

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Herbicide application on underground crops of carrots and beets

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Herbicide application relative to improving alpine meadows

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Herbicide application techniques for aquatic weed control

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Herbicide application technology in aquatic weed control

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Herbicide application to cereals during fall

Kampe, W., 1973:
Herbicide application to early potato cultured under foil

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Herbicide application to heartleaf philodendron stock beds Alachlor, napropamide, oxadiazon, simazine, Florida

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Herbicide application to stands of Valeriana officinalis

Kampe, W., 1973:
Herbicide application under flat foil

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Herbicide application with controlled droplet applicators

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Herbicide application with sprinkler irrigation

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Herbicide applications at three growth stages for control of rush skeletonweed (Condrilla juncea L.)

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Herbicide applications for weed control in sugar beets

Miller, Jh, 1988:
Herbicide applications with ground machines

Cannon, M.; Arle, H., 1970:
Herbicide applications with the bedshaper-planter in 1969

Johnson, Bj, 1979:
Herbicide approach for weeds

Anonymous, 1974:
Herbicide background information: vegetative management environmental statement

Anonymous, 1981:
Herbicide background statements

Anonymous, 1984:
Herbicide ban on public lands

Lewis, A., 1991:
Herbicide ban: do costs outweigh benefits?

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Herbicide banding for row crops

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Herbicide benefit assessment in sugarbeets

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Herbicide bioassays as teaching diagnostic tools

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Herbicide can destroy tree bark

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Herbicide carryover assay techniques

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Herbicide carryover for tree planting

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Herbicide carryover problems in cotton

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Herbicide carryover to potatoes

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Herbicide carryover--How many PPM can you stand?

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Herbicide characteristics of N-alkylhydroxylamin derivatives of simm-triazine

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Herbicide chemical products

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Herbicide classes in development

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Herbicide classifications, descriptions, and representative trade names

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Herbicide coated seed will it work?

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Herbicide combinations and time of application for weed control in red clover grown for seed

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Herbicide combinations applied over the top of cotton

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Herbicide combinations for broadleaf weed control in green beans

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Herbicide combinations for cotton weed control?

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Herbicide combinations for effective grass control in pecan orchards

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Herbicide combinations for no-till chemical fallow in the Central Great Plains

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Herbicide combinations for no-till winter wheat

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Herbicide combinations for ornamentals

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Herbicide combinations for residual weed control in Roundup Ready corn

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Herbicide combinations for soybean weed management

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Herbicide combinations for soybeans planted in state seedbed

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Herbicide combinations for the control of weeds in cotton Gossypium hirsutum, Colombia.1

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Herbicide combinations for weed control in field nursery stock

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Herbicide combinations: benefits and problems

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Herbicide comparisons in roundup ready systems in soybean

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Herbicide concentration patterns in rivers draining intensively cultivated farmlands of northwestern Ohio

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Herbicide concentrations in and loads transported by the Conestoga River and Pequea Creek, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1992-95

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Herbicide concentrations in live oak treated with mixtures of picloram and 2,4,5-T

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Herbicide consideration in renovation

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Herbicide contaminated soils may become a major problem

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Herbicide contamination in municipal water supplies of northwestern Ohio

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Herbicide control evaluations on Dalmation toadflax

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Herbicide control evaluations on Great Plains yucca

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Herbicide control evaluations on plains pricklypear (Opuntia polyacantha Haw)

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Herbicide control evaluations on tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)

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Herbicide control evaluations on western snowberry

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Herbicide control of annual bromes, broadleaf weeds, and volunteer wheat in chemical fallow in no-till and conventional tillage

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Herbicide control of noxious weeds, 1995

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Herbicide control of spring milletgrass

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Herbicide control of weeds in

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Herbicide control of weeds in sugarbeets in the Kosovo area of Yugoslavia

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Herbicide controls volunteer corn

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Herbicide countdown for 1970

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Herbicide damage and related problems on woody ornamentals

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Herbicide damage on potatoes in Central Oregon

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Herbicide deactivated by dry phosphoric acid

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Herbicide detoxication in plants

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Herbicide developments in Christmas tree culture

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Herbicide distribution through rangeland vegetation from application with ground sprayer

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Herbicide drift and channel catfish ponds

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Herbicide drift and fall application at herbicide rates to potatoes

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Herbicide drift injury to high value ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables

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Herbicide drift management and efficacy with drift reducing nozzles and additives

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Herbicide drift symptoms in sunflowers

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Herbicide drift: avoiding the damage

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Herbicide dynamics of a small hydrologic system in the Mississippi Delta

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Herbicide effect and after-effect on strawberry

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Herbicide effect of six herbicides in growing onions from small bulbs and their influence on yields

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Herbicide effect of the Caragard (A 3 587, A 3 775) type formulations on relatively resistant weeds in vineyards

Ovsischer, B.; Satarov, V., 1968:
Herbicide effect on chemical composition and biological value of grain under conditions of various mineral fertilition

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Herbicide effect on the electron transfer at the level of the plastoquinones QA and QB of photosystem. II. A study by flash absorption spectroscopy in the UV

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Herbicide effect on uptake and transport of phosphate

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Herbicide effect on yield quality of agricultural crops

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Herbicide effectiveness and weed populations in no-tillage corn

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Herbicide effectiveness in response to season of application and shrub physiology in Tahoe National Forest, California, photosynthesis, xylem potential, moisture stress, phenology

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Herbicide effectiveness on transplanted tomato Trifluralin, metribuzin, Cuba.1

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Herbicide effects in crop plants

Talbert, D.;, 1983:
Herbicide effects on AIBA alpha-aminoisobutyric acid uptake and efflux in tobacco cell suspension cultures Nicotiana tabacum

Wehr, N.; Klein, D., 1971:
Herbicide effects on Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus parasitism of a soil pseudomonad

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Herbicide effects on bermudagrass turf

Malpassi, R.N., 2006:
Herbicide effects on cuticle ultrastructure in Eleusine indica and Portulaca oleracea

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Herbicide effects on ecosystem nitrogen loss

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Herbicide effects on growth and yield of Hawaiian sugarcane

Sucoff, E.; Nichols, T.-J.L., E.-Yang, 2001:
Herbicide effects on host plants of Karner blue butterfly and on butterfly development from egg to adult

Balke, Ne, 1985:
Herbicide effects on membrane functions

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Herbicide effects on rooting and root growth

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Herbicide effects on sod development and of rooting after transplant

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Herbicide effects on tree growth and weed populations in citrus

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Herbicide effects on weed seed in winter and spring crops

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Herbicide efficacy and drop size

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Herbicide efficacy and phytotoxicity on thirteen selections from Euonymus, Juniperus, Taxus, Thuja, Viburnum magnolia, and Ilex

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Herbicide efficacy in peanuts grown under reduced tillage systems

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Herbicide enhancers: fact or fiction?

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Herbicide entry into plants

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Herbicide evaluation for alfalfa production

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Herbicide evaluation for alfalfa production (1987) and three year summary (1985-1987)

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Herbicide evaluation for black oak (Quercus kelloggii) control: first-year evaluations of Arsenal, Arsenal

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Herbicide evaluation for crabgrass control--1976

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Herbicide evaluation for crabgrass control: 1974-1975

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Herbicide evaluation for effi

Daugovish, O.; Fennimore, S., A.; Smith, R., F., 2007:
Herbicide evaluation for fresh market celery

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Herbicide evaluation for rice

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Herbicide evaluation for rice grown on high organic matter soils

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Herbicide evaluation for sweet potatoes Ipomoea batatas, Alachor, Metribuzin, Puerto Rico

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Herbicide evaluation in black cottonwood grown for biomass production

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Herbicide evaluation in blackgram

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Herbicide evaluation in cotton

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Herbicide evaluation in fall planted sugarbeets

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Herbicide evaluation in grain sorghum

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Herbicide evaluation in rain-fed transplanted lowland rice

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Herbicide evaluation in three cucurbits

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Herbicide evaluation in tomatoes direct seeded for transplants

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Herbicide evaluation of snapbean

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Herbicide evaluation on watermelon crops in Oregons Columbia Basin Citrullus lanatus, weed control, phytotoxicity

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Herbicide evaluation studies with sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) and peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) in Hawaii

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Herbicide evaluation trial

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Herbicide evaluations 1989

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Herbicide evaluations and combinations for orchard use

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Herbicide evaluations for control of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata Nutt.)

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Herbicide evaluations for control of velvetleaf in sugarbeets

Moomaw, R.; Martin, A., 1985:
Herbicide evaluations for no-till soybean (Glycine max) production in corn (Zea mays) residue

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Herbicide evaluations for woody ornamentals in containers

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Herbicide evaluations in carrots

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Herbicide evaluations in field corn

Arnold, R.; Gregory, E.; Price, W., 1986:
Herbicide evaluations in field potatoes

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Herbicide evaluations in ground cover plantings

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Herbicide evaluations in pinto beans

Eastin E.F.; Helpert C.W., 1973:
Herbicide evaluations in row crops for the Brazos bottom, 1971 and 1972

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Herbicide evaluations--1990--Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria, LA

Vidrine, P.; Girlinghouse, J., 1991:
Herbicide evaluations--1991: Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria, Louisiana

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Herbicide experimental sprayer

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Herbicide experiments on nursery stock in containers

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Herbicide factsheet: glufosinate

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Herbicide field evaluation trials in field crops, 1966

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Herbicide field evaluation trials on field crops and turf, 1964

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Herbicide field evaluation trials on field crops and turf, 1965

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Herbicide field evaluation trials on field crops, 1967

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Herbicide field evaluation trials on field crops, 1968

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Herbicide field evaluation trials on field crops, 1975

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Herbicide field evaluation trials on field crops, 1976

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Herbicide flexibility and package mixes Weed control

Anonymous, 1984:
Herbicide for sugarbeets

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Herbicide formulations and mobility

Anonymous, 1991:
Herbicide guide

Anonymous, 1984:
Herbicide guide 1984

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Herbicide guide for commercial vegetable growers, 1965

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Herbicide guide for commercial vegetable growers, 1981

Anonymous, 1985:
Herbicide handgun applicator for foliar, soil spot, and thinline basal bark applications

Bingham, Sw, 1986:
Herbicide impact on root growth

Fretz, Thomas, A., 1971:
Herbicide impregnated mulches

Fretz, Ta, 1971:
Herbicide impregnated mulches. i-II

Anonymous, 1980:
Herbicide impregnation on dry fertilizer--weed and feed attracts bulk users

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Herbicide in soil of the vine row 21 months following 9 succ essive annual applications

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Herbicide in soil, effect on cultivated soil

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Herbicide incompatibility

Anonymous, 1981:
Herbicide incorporation and reduced tillage

Hahn, Rr, 1994:
Herbicide incorporation improves yellow nutsedge control

Anonymous, 1980:
Herbicide index

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Herbicide induced changes in wheat chloroplast ultrastructure and chlorophyll a

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Herbicide induced haematological changes and their recovery in a freshwater fish, Puntius ticto (Ham.)

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Herbicide influence on microsporogenesis and gametogenesis in sugarbeets

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Herbicide informantion and guide

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Herbicide information and guide

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Herbicide injuries that resemble virus diseases

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Herbicide injury and action in vegetables

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Herbicide injury as mimicking symptoms

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Herbicide injury evaluation in alfalfa

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Herbicide injury in ornamental plants

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Herbicide injury in the nursery and landscape

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Herbicide injury symptoms in sugar beets

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Herbicide injury symptoms on cherry grape alfalfa & rose

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Herbicide injury to cotton

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Herbicide injury to poinsettias

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Herbicide interaction with alyceclover

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Herbicide interactions with Rhizoctonia root and crown rot in sugarbeets

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Herbicide interactions with fungal root pathogens, with special reference to glyphosate

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Herbicide interactions with herbicides and other agricultural chemicals

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Herbicide interactions with soil micro-organisms

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Herbicide interactions. I

Balogh, M.P.agay, I., 1981:
Herbicide interactions. II

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Herbicide investigations in coniferous tree nurseries in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Anonymous, 1981:
Herbicide is real-risk to birds and people

Ritter, W.; Scarborough, R.; Chirnside, A., 1991:
Herbicide leaching in a Coastal Plain soil

Kohl, R.; Carlson, C.; Wangemann, S., 1993:
Herbicide leaching potential in road right-of ways

Smirous, P., 1977:
Herbicide lenacil + linuron against weeds in flax

Anonymous, 1974:
Herbicide list data, 1974

Anonymous, 1976:
Herbicide list data, 1976

Anonymous, 1978:
Herbicide list data, 1978

Anonymous, 1981:
Herbicide list data, 1981 Sweden

Aamisepp, A., 1982:
Herbicide list data, 1982 Sweden

Anonymous, 1986:
Herbicide list data, 1986

Anonymous, 1987:
Herbicide list data, 1987

Anonymous, 1988:
Herbicide list data, 1988

Jordan, L.; Jordan, J., 1982:
Herbicide loss from soil

Petter, F.A.; Procopio, S.O.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Barroso, A.L.L.; Pacheco, L.P., 2007:
Herbicide management in Roundup ReadyReg. soybean crop

Harris, Dc, 1981:
Herbicide management in apple orchards and the fruit rot caused by Phytophthora syringae

Baker, J.; Melvin, S.; Lawlor, P.; Heinen, B.; Lemke, D.; Cherryholmes, K., 1993:
Herbicide management to reduce leaching losses and maintain efficient crop production

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Herbicide market in 1976

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Herbicide metabolism in plants

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Herbicide metabolism in plants. I. Purification and properties of UDP-glucose:arylamine N-glucosyl-transferase from soybean

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Herbicide mixtures

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Herbicide mixtures applied on winter wheat crops

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Herbicide mixtures for Russian knapweed control

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Herbicide mixtures in Kazakhstan Sugarbeet crops.1

Bondarenko, E.; Zhila, G., 1984:
Herbicide mixtures in forage lupine crops

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Herbicide mixtures in irrigated rice culture

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Herbicide mixtures in maize crops

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Herbicide mixtures in maize plantings

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Herbicide mixtures in sugar beets

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Herbicide mixtures in sugarbeet planting

Kolomiets, A.; Gorobets, A.; Nedashkovskii, A., 1983:
Herbicide mixtures on sugarbeet crops

Friesen, Ha, 1977:
Herbicide mixtures--bane or blessing

Weber, J.; Peeper, T., 1977:
Herbicide mobility in soils

Gunsolus, Jl, 1989:
Herbicide mode of action

Gunsolns, J.; Curran, W., 1991:
Herbicide mode of action and injury symptoms

Dexter, A.; Gunsolus, J.; Curran, W., 1994:
Herbicide mode of action and sugarbeet injury symptoms

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Herbicide mode-of-action summary

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Herbicide monitoring of tile drainage and shallow groundwater in northwestern Ohio farm fields--a case study

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Herbicide movement from application sites and effects on non-target species. A summary of regional research accomplishments in the southern United States

Simmons, W., 1991:
Herbicide movement in Illinois soils

Foy, C.; Hiranpradit, H., 1977:
Herbicide movement with water and effects of contaminant levels on non target organisms

Sanderson, Kc, 1970 :
Herbicide mulches keep down weeds in ornamentals

Alban, K., 1969:
Herbicide notes

Wickham, D., 1999:
Herbicide options in the landscape

Baur, Jr; Bovey, Rw, 1970:
Herbicide penetration into detached leaves

Wrage, Lj, 1988:
Herbicide performance

Anderson, Rl, 1984:
Herbicide performance in a chemical fallow program

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Herbicide performance in conventional and no-till small grains

Bird, Jd, 1977:
Herbicide performance on Georgia Power Company rights of way

Kavoliunaite, I.; Melamed, B., 1985:
Herbicide persistence

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Herbicide persistence and breakdown in soil in the long term

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Herbicide persistence in Australian winter cereal cropping systems

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Herbicide persistence in crop soils

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Herbicide persistence--is it a problem? in the soil, phytotoxicity, residues

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Herbicide persistence: Risks for the following crops

Crosby, Dg, 1976:
Herbicide photodecomposition

Curl, E.; Rodriguez-Kabana, R., 1977:
Herbicide plant disease relationships

Van-Gelder, Ga, 1982:
Herbicide poisoning

Leonpacher, R.J., 1976:
Herbicide poisoning in a dog

Snegaroff, J., 1981:
Herbicide pollution of water within the management of the Charantais marsh

Wrage, Lj, 1987:
Herbicide premixes

Wrage, L.; Johnson, P., 1994:
Herbicide price list--1994

Schroeder, W.; Alspach, L., 1995:
Herbicide program at the PFRA Shelterbelt Centre

Johnson, B.; Murphy, T., 1994:
Herbicide program strategies for controlling annual weed grasses

Jewell, Sn, 1989:
Herbicide programmes for broad-leaved weed control in winter oilseed rape on organic soils

Lawson, H.; Wiseman, J., 1980:
Herbicide programmes for spring-planted strawberries Poa annua, broad-leaved weeds

Jordan, D.F.ans, R.W.lliams, W.M.clelland, M., 1991:
Herbicide programs and cost effectiveness of various levels of input in peanuts

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Herbicides and modern foliage plant production

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Herbicides and nematocides in celery seedbed preparation

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Herbicides and nematode control in peach nurseries

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Herbicides and nitrate in near-surface aquifers in the Mid-Continental United States, 1991

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Herbicides and nitrate in the Iowa River alluvial aquifer prior to changing land use, Iowa County, Iowa, 1996

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Herbicides and overseeding can mix

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Herbicides and plant growth regulators

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Herbicides and pollution problem in India

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Herbicides and potato cultivation in the heavy soils of the Sub-Tatra region

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Herbicides and rose bushes

Denninger, C., 1976:
Herbicides and rose plants

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Herbicides and safety

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Herbicides and safety in their use

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Herbicides and selecting a method of planting corn

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Herbicides and soil covering with film in intensive apple orchards

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Herbicides and soil fauna

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Herbicides and soil insecticides used in Iowa corn and soybean production, 1977

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Herbicides and soil microflora

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Herbicides and soil solarization for herb production

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Herbicides and the cropping of land

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Herbicides and the environment

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Herbicides and the environment: an economic perspective of alternative methods of forest vegetation management

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Herbicides and the machinery used for their application

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Herbicides and the management of young pine

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Herbicides and the new sugarbeet technology

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Herbicides and the principal pests of cotton

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Herbicides and the quality of crop products

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Herbicides and the quality of crop yields

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Herbicides and the quality of grain

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Herbicides and the quality of green mass of maize

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Herbicides and the sensitivity of vegetable plants

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Herbicides and the technique of their application in red beets grown on peat soils

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Herbicides and the turnip moth Agrotis segetum, cotton pest, weed control, Syr-Darya Region, Uzbek SSR.1

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Herbicides and the weather

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Herbicides and their action on the soil microflora of irrigated and nonirrigated vineyards Tadzhik SSR.1

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Herbicides and their application on seradella

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Herbicides and their effect on the plant community

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Herbicides and their effects on honey bees

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Herbicides and their metabolites in the surface waters of the Mississippi River alluvial plain

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Herbicides and their methods for residues analysis

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Herbicides and their properties and application

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Herbicides and their transformation products in source-water aquifers tapped by public-supply wells in Illinois, 2001-02

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Herbicides and their use in maize crops

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Herbicides and their use in tomatoes

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Herbicides and their use on peat soils

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Herbicides and timing for control of perennial weeds in conservation reserve fields

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Herbicides and trees

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Herbicides and vole problems in intensive fruit culture

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Herbicides and weed vegetation in the nurseries of the lowlands of Slovenia

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Herbicides and wildlife in southern forests

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Herbicides and yield structure

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Herbicides application studies in corn culture

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Herbicides applied as postemergence treatments for selective weed control in peppermint and spearmint Oregon

Stranger, Ce, 1983:
Herbicides applied as postemergence treatments for weed control in sugar beets Oregon

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Herbicides applied in a crop rotation

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Herbicides applied in cabbage crops

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Herbicides applied in carrot crops

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Herbicides applied in seed crops of forage lupine

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Herbicides applied in tomato seedling stands

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Herbicides applied on garden pea

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Herbicides applied on seed crops of Poa pratensis

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Herbicides applied to Eucalyptus saligna Sm. stands

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Herbicides applied to garlic during different stages of growth

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Herbicides applied together with fertilizers in winter crops

Anonymous, 1973:
Herbicides are also efficacious in citrus

Milbocker, Dc, 1978:
Herbicides are not always killers

James, Bl, 1983:
Herbicides are safe if nurserymen use them properly

King, Rd, 1970:
Herbicides are vital to success of minimum tillage and sod planting systems

Vurbanov, Ts, 1975:
Herbicides as a factor in increa

Namdeo, Kn, 1970:
Herbicides as a tool for better herbage production

Anonymous, 1978:
Herbicides as a weed control approach

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Herbicides as an element in the simplification of cultivation technology for sugarbeets

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Herbicides as potential tobacco sucker control agents

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Herbicides as substitutes for unnecessary tillage

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Herbicides available in Rhodesia

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Herbicides beneficial without injuring plants

Anonymous, 1976:
Herbicides can control johnsongrass in corn

Anonymous, 1975:
Herbicides check weeds in largest citrus tract

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Herbicides clean the fields

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Herbicides combined with agrotechnical methods Crop rotations, field crops, yields, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Herbicides control plant diseases also

Calvet, L., 1971:
Herbicides cost

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Herbicides cultural practices, weed identity, control

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Herbicides des cereales, des proteagineux et non selectifs

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Herbicides ease the mechanical harvest in field vegetable cultivation

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Herbicides effect on soil fauna

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Herbicides effective against Barbaraea vulgaris and Matricaria inodora

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Herbicides effective for rice fields

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Herbicides effects on afforestation

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Herbicides evaluated on Iowa soybeans

Baker, R.; Roberts, G., 1974:
Herbicides evaluated preemergence on cotton at branch stations

Anonymous, 1973:
Herbicides find a helper--antidotes

Anonymous, 1987:
Herbicides find new uses on turfs

Mckibben, Ge, 1979:
Herbicides for 0 -till corn in sod, 1978

Mckibben, Ge, 1979:
Herbicides for 0 -till corn in soybean stubble, 1978

Mckibben, Ge, 1980:
Herbicides for 0-till corn in sod, 1979

Mckibben, Ge, 1980:
Herbicides for 0-till corn in soybean stubble, 1979

Turner, Nv, 1977:
Herbicides for 1978 points to bear in mind

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Herbicides for Johnsongrass control in corn

Ritter, Rl, 1986:
Herbicides for Maryland tobacco

Stelzer, H., 2007:
Herbicides for Weed Control in Tree Plantings

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Herbicides for alfalfa

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Herbicides for annual weed control in eastern Oregon wheat

Rydrych, D.; Burr, R., 1974:
Herbicides for annual weed control in wheat in eastern Oregon

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Herbicides for beginners

Cianciara, T., 1975:
Herbicides for berry plantings

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Herbicides for better harvests

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Herbicides for brush management on rangeland: present status and future

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Herbicides for cereal crops

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Herbicides for cereal weed control

Anonymous, 1991:
Herbicides for cereals and oilseed crops, 1991-1992

Anonymous, 1993:
Herbicides for cereals and oilseed crops, and non selectives

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Herbicides for cereals, maize, sorgho, flax and rape: what is Lontrel?

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Herbicides for coffee growing

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Herbicides for commercial sod: how do they influence the crop

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Herbicides for commercial technology and ways of increasing their effectiveness Maize cultivation, Moldavian SSR.1

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Herbicides for conifer seedbeds

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Herbicides for conifer transplants Weed control, injury

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Herbicides for conifers: whats new

Milbocker, Dc, 1980:
Herbicides for container grown azaleas

Ahrens, Jf, 1987:
Herbicides for control of oriental bittersweet

Stahlman, Pw, 1987:
Herbicides for control of tansymustard in winter wheat

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Herbicides for control of western juniper

Arnold, B.L.H.rst, H., R., 1982:
Herbicides for controlling a mixed population of johnsongrass and common cocklebur in soybeans

Anonymous, 1982:
Herbicides for controlling a mixed population of johnsongrass and common cocklebur in soybeans Sorghum halepense, Xanthium pennsylvanicum, Mississippi

Talbert, R.; Grooms, S., 1969:
Herbicides for controlling cockleburs in soybeans

Narayana-Rao, K.R.o, A., 1985:
Herbicides for controlling water hyacinth

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Herbicides for corn; use and consumer protection

Anonymous, 1978:
Herbicides for cotton: researchers investigate practicality of tank mixes

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Herbicides for dicotyledenous weeds in potatoes and their influence on the technology of potato production and yield stabilization

Jagschitz, Ja, 1981:
Herbicides for difficult weeds in cool season turfgrasses

Campeglia, Og, 1983:
Herbicides for direct seeded tomatoes

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Herbicides for establishing legumes in the Southern Corn Belt

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Herbicides for flowers & shrubs

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Herbicides for forest management 1998

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Herbicides for forest weed control in the inland Northwest

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Herbicides for fruit trees

Johnson, Jr; Arnold, Bl; Hurst, Hr, 1985:
Herbicides for grass control in no-till planted soybeans

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Herbicides for grass seed crops. I. Seedling browntop, phalaris and tall fescue

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Herbicides for grass weed control

Cantrell, R.; Metcalfe, C., 1985 :
Herbicides for herbaceous weed control in eastern cottonwood plantations: 1984 primary screening trial

Mckibben, Ge, 1978:
Herbicides for johnsongrass control in corn, 1977

Psarski, Paul, 1989:
Herbicides for large-scale growing

Callihan, R.; Northam, F.; Bell, S.; Kidder, D., 1991:
Herbicides for lawn weed control

Anonymous, 1976:
Herbicides for lawns

Kampe, W., 1971:
Herbicides for lettuce and modern production techniques

Ruiz-Jaen, A., 1980:
Herbicides for maize on the market at present in Spain

Muir, R.L., 1998:
Herbicides for midseason herbaceous weed control in hardwood plantations

Hewetson F.N., 1970:
Herbicides for newly planted fruit trees

Ahrens, Jf, 1984:
Herbicides for newly seeded confiers

Parkerson, Ch, 1977:
Herbicides for non crop areas

Devoy, J., 1978:
Herbicides for one year liners

Novakova, V., 1973:
Herbicides for ornamental plants

Williams, Dj, 1981:
Herbicides for ornamentals--selection and use

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Herbicides for peach orchards

Knott, Cm, 1985:
Herbicides for peas--principles and practices in the UK

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Herbicides for peppermint crops

Askerov, Ad, 1984:
Herbicides for perennial plantings

Yeiser, J.; Boyd, J., 1987:
Herbicides for pine seedling release

Washbourne, J., 1979:
Herbicides for pome and stone fruit orchards

Bajpai, R.; Tomar, S.1; Bisen, C., 1982:
Herbicides for post emergence control of weeds in wheat Phalaris minor, triticum, India

Wilson, Hp, 1979:
Herbicides for postemergence control of weeds in corn

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Herbicides for potato plantings

Hojden, B.K.stowska, B., 1975:
Herbicides for potato weed control and their residues

Wilson, Hp, 1978:
Herbicides for potatoes

Rola, H., 1975:
Herbicides for rape

Dan'-Kov, Vv, 1975:
Herbicides for raspberry plantat

Lawrence, R.J.; Harger, T.; Habetz, R.R.ynolds, B., 1977:
Herbicides for red rice control in soybeans

Minko, G., 1985:
Herbicides for removal of natural regeneration of radiata pine in second-rotation plantations

Smith, R.Jr, 1978:
Herbicides for residual weed control in rice

Artacho, E., 1974:
Herbicides for rice

Anderson, Le, 1975:
Herbicides for row crops

Rohrig, E., 1975:
Herbicides for site preparation with stand establishment

Leroux, G.; Harvey-Rg, 1985:
Herbicides for sod-seeding establishment of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in quackgrass (Agropyron repens)-infested alfalfa swards

Pywell, N.-A.N.ary, D.-G.L.w, B., E., 1985:
Herbicides for southern forestry

Mckibben, Ge, 1980:
Herbicides for soybeans planted in conventional seedbeds, 1979

Stadelbacher, Gj, 1975:
Herbicides for strawberries, raspberries and blackberries

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