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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16018

Chapter 16018 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Histopathology of chicks with cl
, Obshta i sravnitelna patologiia(7): 94-101 (1979)

Histopathology of citron (Citrus medica) infected with Sphaeropsis tumefaciens
, Journal of agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 69(3): 397-400 (1985)

Histopathology of cutaneous mucosal lesions caused by an exemplary proxvirus: the myxomatous virus. inflammation, immunology, tumors
, Unknown (1975)

Histopathology of cystic degeneration of ovary
, Cheiron 10(5): 231-232 (1981)

Histopathology of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis
, Aruga Hisao The Cytoplasmic Polyhedrosis Virus of thesilkworm: 9-101 (1971)

Histopathology of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (Reoviridae) infection in corn earworm, Helicaverpa zea (Boddie), larvae (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
, Canadian journal of zoology 69(8): 2121-2127 (1991)

Histopathology of different host plants infected by three isolates of Heterodera trifolii
, Unknown (1969)

Histopathology of experimental intestinal anastomoses using single layer sutures in calves
, Indian veterinary medical journal 4(3): 108-114 (1980)

Histopathology of experimental nasal schistosomiasis in laboratory animals, kids & lambs
, Indian journal of animal health 15(2): 93-95 (1976)

Histopathology of experimental scuticociliatosis in turbot Scophthalmus maximus
, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 76(2): 131-140 (2007)

Histopathology of fennel infected by -Ramularia foeniculi
, Indian journal of mycology and plant pathology: (Pub 1975), 4 (2) 166-170 (1975)

Histopathology of gills, kidney and liver of a Neotropical fish caged in an urban stream
, Neotropical Ichthyology 5(3): 327-336 (2007)

Histopathology of groundnut hypocotyls inoculated with an isolate of Rhizoctonia solani
, Indian phytopathology 37(4): 617-619 (1984)

Histopathology of guinea pigs exposed for 12 months to cotton dust
, Cotton dust: proceedings of the Tenth Cotton Dust Research Conference beltwide cotton research conferences Las Vegas Nevada January 8-9-1986 RR Jacobs and PJ Wakelyn editors: 139 (1986)

Histopathology of irradiated yellow mealworm adult and larval midguts
, Annals ent Soc Am 654: 950-954 (1972)

Histopathology of leaf galls of Mangifera indica Linn. induced by Alassomyia tenuispatha Kieff
, Advancing frontiers plant sciences 1983: symposium proceedings National Symposium on Advancing Frontiers of Plant Sciences Jodhpur November 26-30-1983 edited by HC Arya et al (1983)

Histopathology of mixed viral infection in Galleria mellonella L
, Biulletin' Vsesoiuzngo nauchno issledovatel'skogo instituta Zashchity rastenii: 2) 14-20 (1978)

Histopathology of mosaic viral complex affected chilli
, Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences 18(3): 830-832 (2005)

Histopathology of nuclear polyhedrosis of Malacosoma neustria L
, Unknown (1971)

Histopathology of plant leaf injury caused by simulated acid rain
, Proceedings of the Microscopical Society of Canada: th) 64-65 (1982)

Histopathology of pulmonary adenomatosis of sheep
, Unknown (1986)

Histopathology of ratios of Neostrongylus linearis (Marotel, 1913, Gebauer, 1932), Cernuella (Xeromagna) cespitum arigonis (Rossmassler, 1854) and Cernuella) virgata (Da Costa, 1778) in experimental infestation
, Unknown (1977)

Histopathology of renal and adrenal gland lesions in SHR
, New models of genetically obese rats for studies in diabetes heart disease and complications of obesity: NIH workshop June 18-19-1987 summaries of workshop papers and current bibliography: 2 (1988)

Histopathology of resistant sugarbeet to race C2 of Cercospora beticola
, Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society: 103 (1977)

Histopathology of respiratory organs of certain air-breathing fishes of India
, Fish physiology and biochemistry 33(4): 441-454 (2007)

Histopathology of rice (Oryza sativa L.) roots infected with Pratylenchus indicus Das. Root lesion nematode, India
, Rivista di parassitologia 42(3): 475-481 (1981)

Histopathology of rotting fruits of orange and guava
, Proceedings Plant sciences Indian Academy of Sciences 89(6): 491-496 (1980)

Histopathology of some seed-borne infections: a review of recent investigations
, Seed Science and technology 1(3): 651-663 (1983)

Histopathology of the allergic skin reaction in experimental erysipelas in the pig
, Zentralblatt fur Veterinarmedizin: Reihe B 19(7): 555-566 (1972)

Histopathology of the bovine teat end
, Dairy research report Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station: 37-252 (1983)

Histopathology of the cestode Amoebotaenia indiana (Cohn, 1900) from Gallus domesticus at Aurangabad, India
, Current science 49(5): 206-207 (1980)

Histopathology of the gills of Channa Gachua exposed to sublethal concentrations of malathion and chlordane
, Effects of pesticides on aquatic fauna: proceedings of the seminar held at Government Postgraduate College Mhow 453-441 in June 1983: technical papers edited by SK Kulshrestha V Kumar MC Bhatnagar: 4 (1984)

Histopathology of the hypersensitive reaction t (tumefaction) induced on Coffea spp. by Hemileia vastatrix Berk. & Br
, Agronomia lusitana: ub 1973), 33 (1 4) 427-431 (1973)

Histopathology of the infection of Trichiurus savala Cuvier by Caligus uruguayensis Thomsen (Copepoda: Caligidae) Ribbon fish parasite, India
, Beitrage zur Fischtoxikologie und parasitologie = Contributions to fish toxicology and fish parasitology: 152 (1981)

Histopathology of the interrelations of Sphacelotheca reiliana (Kuhn) Clint. and Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench
, Unknown (1970)

Histopathology of the midgut ep
, Unknown (1976)

Histopathology of the muscular tissue in the experimental and spontaneous metabolic exudative myodystrophy in swine
, Unknown (1974)

Histopathology of the mycoses
, Med. Cirurg. Farm 246: 443-484 (1956)

Histopathology of tumors of sto
, Unknown (1975)

Histopathology of uterine horns in pseudo-pregnancy in a bitch
, Indian Veterinary Journal 48(4): 426-429 (1971)

Histopathology studies of the yam tuber (Dioscorea rotundata) Poir infected with Scutellonema bradys (Steiner & Le Hew)
, International biodeterioration bulletin: er 11 (2) 48-55 (1975)

Histopathologycal study of the experimental enteque seco in rats and bibliographic revision of calcinosis
, Analecta veterinaria 10(1): 55-93 (1978)

Histopathomorphological changes in the organs and tissues of laboratory animals having received an artificial ration with a low selenium and vitamin E content
, Voprosy pitaniia: 33-41 (1977)

Histopatological alterations in lung and bronchial lymph nodes in cases of enzootic pneumonia in hogs
, Unknown (1972)

Histopatological effects of Biotrol BTB Process 183, on the third instar larvae of Anagasta kuhniella Zeller
, Zeitschrift fur angewandte Entomologie 65(1): 38-48 (1970)

Histopatological study of apricot apoplexy
, Unknown (1976)

Histophathology of the heart of white mice inoculated with rabies virus
, Unknown (1973)

Histophilus somni - unique features, pathogenesis and lesions update
, Proceedings of the Thirty Eighth Annual Convention, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 24-24 September 2005: 68-71 (2005)

Histophilus somni myocarditis in a beef rearing calf in the United Kingdom
, Veterinary Record 157(14): 420-421 (2005)

Histophotometric DNA measurements on procambium nuclei in elongated, wounded and crown gall infected seedlings of Pisum sativum L
, Unknown (1976)

Histophsiologic and experimental study of the neuro-endocrin function on the level of the ventral nervous chain of Carausius morosus (Phasmides)
, Unknown (1970)

Histophysiologic characteristics of the subcommissural organ of the ewe throughout the annual cycle
, Veterinaria zbornik radova iz oblasti animalne proizvodnje = periodical on the animal production 8(1): 53-63 (1979)

Histophysiological and immunocytochemical study on the nature of the thyrotrops in the pituitary of immature rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri
, Cell and Tissue Research 231(1): 185-198 (1983)

Histophysiological aspects of the localisation of Cysticercus bovis in the heart and skeletal muscles of cattle
, Fleischwirtschaft 50 (12) 1689-1690 (1970)

Histophysiological data on mineral and puric accumulations in Thysanoures. (Insecta, Asterygota)
, Archives de zoologie experimentale et generale 13(4): 565-578 (1972)

Histophysiological data on mineral and purine accumulations during postembryonic development of Pieris brassicae L. (Lepidoptera)
, Cellule 2 (1 2) 27-54 (1977)

Histophysiological data on the postembryonic development of a caddis fly (Phryganea varia Fab.)
, Annales de limnologie: (2) 157-176 (1973)

Histophysiological properties of nucleus supraopticus during the annual sexual rhythm of the ewe
, Unknown (1973)

Histophysiological research about post-embryonic development and the annual cycle of Formica rufa (Hymenoptera). I. Evolution of adipose tissue constituents of Formica rufa polyctena Forest. queens during post-embryonic development
, Unknown (1969)

Histophysiological studies on the corpus allatum of Leucophaea maderae. V. Ultrastructure of sites of origin and release of a distinctive cellular product
, Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 120(1): 1-16 (1971)

Histophysiological studies on the corpuscles of Stannius of the teleost Ompok bimaculatus (BL.)
, Indian journal of animal sciences 52(12): 1220-1225 (1982)

Histophysiological studies on the postembryonic development and the annual cycle of Formica (Hymenoptera). II. Histochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of the midgut of Formica polyctena Foerst
, Unknown (1971)

Histophysiological study of the graft union of compatible and incompatible combinations of Prunus armeniaca, apricots, on Prunus cerasifera, myrobalan plums.1
, Agronomie: sciences des productions vegetales et de l'environnement(3): 207-212 (1983)

Histophysiological study of the neurosecretory cells of the pars intercerebralis of female larvae of Panstrongylus megistus (Heteroptera: Reduviidae)
, Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances Serie D Sciences naturelles: 2, 283 (2) 163-166 (1976)

Histophysiological tissue changes in some of the organs of anodonta cygnea under the influence of various calcium concentrations
, Hydrobiological journalub 1981) 16(1): 44-46 (1981)

Histophysiology of neurosecretions of the pars intercerebralis in Musca domestics L. (Diptera)
, International Congress of Entomology 13th Moscow 1968 Trudy: 287-288 (1971)

Histophysiology of normal stigmas and stigmatoid formations in Begonia tuberhybrida. I. Preliminary observations
, Canadian journal of botany: 5, 53 (12) 1252-1258 (1975)

Histophysiology of plants: in vitro associations of cambial tissues of some plants of the family Oleaceae
, Unknown (1981)

Histophysiology of the circulating platelet
, Advances in Anatomy Embryology and Cell Biology 120: 1-96 (1990)

Histophysiology of the corpuscles of Stannius of a teleost fish, Oxygaster bacaila (Ham)
, Revista brasileira de biologia 41(2): 447-450 (1981)

Histophysiology of the helper T cell system in rabbits
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 66: 313-318 (1976)

Histophysiology of the immune system
, Unknown (1988)

Histophysiology of the nervous system and the regulation of reproduction of Bivalria
, Unknown (1983)

Histophysiology of the skin: semeiology of elementary skin lesions
, Unknown (1976)

Histoplasma capsulatum fungemia in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: detection by lysis-centrifugation blood-culturing technique
, Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo 49(3): 135-138 (2007)

Histoplasma capsulatum infection in a group of travelers to Guatemala
, Enfermedades Infecciosas Y Microbiologia Clinica 23(5): 274-276 (2005)

Histoplasmosis and its relation to bird roosts
, Unknown (1984)

Histoplasmosis as cause of penile ulcer in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS): three case reports
, Mycopathologia 164(6): 295-299 (2007)

Histoplasmosis control
, MP University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service: 7? (268) (1987)

Histoplasmosis diagnosis using a polymerase chain reaction method. Application on human samples in French Guiana, South America
, Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 58(4): 441-444 (2007)

Histoplasmosis in Europe
, Mycopathologia Et Mycologia Applicata 2: 53-74 (1970)

Histoplasmosis in a child with JRA on low-dose methotrexate
, Rheumatology 46(1): 177-178 (2006)

Histoplasmosis in a dog from New Brunswick
, Canadian Veterinary Journal 48(7): 734-736 (2007)

Histoplasmosis leading to diagnosis of HIV infection
, Presse Medicale 35(12 Pt 1): 1849-1850 (2006)

Histoplasmosis--a health hazard to poultrymen?
, Canada agriculture 21(4): 7-8 (1976)

, Unknown (1961)

Historia agraria
, Unknown (1998)

Historia agraria dels Paisos Catalans
, Unknown (2004)

Historia da Escola Agronomica do Parana, 1918-1993
, Unknown (1995)

Historia da cirurgia da catarata
, Medicina (Ribeirao Preto) 39(4): 587-590 (2006)

Historia da industria acucareira no Nordeste
, Unknown (1949)

Historia de algodaao
, Unknown (1940)

Historia de dos conquistas
, Unknown (1946)

Historia de lagricultura espanyola durant els segles XIX i XX
, Unknown (2001)

Historia de la Comisiaon
, Unknown (1943)

Historia de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
, Unknown (1996)

Historia de la agricultura riojana desde 1833 a la actualidad
, Unknown (2004)

Historia de la botanica en Cuba
, Unknown (1958)

Historia de la citricultura del Uruguay
, Unknown (2001)

Historia de la coca
, Unknown (2000)

Historia de la investigacion para el desarrollo agropecuario en Bolivia
, Unknown (2001)

Historia de la ornitologia peruana e importancia de las colecciones cientificas de aves
, Revista Peruana de Biologia 14(1): 159-164 (2007)

Historia de la queseria en Uruguay
, Unknown (2001)

Historia de la salud animal en Bolivia
, Unknown (1997)

Historia de las medidas agrarias antiguas
, Unknown (1940)

Historia de los bosques
, Unknown (1999)

Historia de los estilos in jardineria
, Unknown (1982)

Historia de los parques en la pampa
, Unknown (1998)

Historia de yerbas y plantas
, Unknown (1998)

Historia de yeruas, y plantas
, Unknown (1998)

Historia del Jardin Botanico de La Habana
, Unknown (2000 )

Historia del Rey y Reina del Banano 1964-2002
, Unknown (2003)

Historia del agro argentino
, Unknown (2001)

Historia del aprovechamiento de las aguas de la Rambla de la Viuda
, Unknown (1992)

Historia del brandy de Jerez
, Unknown (1952)

Historia del pensament biologic
, Unknown (1998)

Historia del tabaco y de su industrializacion en Bolivia
, Unknown (1999)

Historia do a* eth *cucar
, Unknown (1942)

Historia economica de la ganaderia argentina
, Unknown (1961)

Historia fisica da terra
, Unknown (1943)

Historia natural de la Marina Baixa
, Unknown (2001)

Historia natural del lepidopter Graellsia isabelae, Graells, 1849
, Unknown (1997)

Historia natural y comportamiento social del crestudo (coryphistera alaudina)
, Ornitologia Neotropical 18(2): 209-222 (2007)

Historia natural y cultural del lobo (Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758) en el Principado de Asturias
, Unknown (2004)

Historia roaslinnoasci Ameryki Pao+or-nocnej w paoaznym Czwartorznedzie na podstawie badaan palynologicnych
, Unknown (1969)

Historia y economia del bosque en la Europa del Sur (siglos XVIII-XX)
, Unknown (2003)

Historia y reglamentaciaon
, Unknown (1953)

Historia, culture and utilization of Fuchsia
, Vakblad voor de bloemisterij 36(24): 34-35 (1981)

Historia-botanica y organografia del cafe
, Unknown (1983)

Historial de un herbario
, Unknown (1948)

Historian of flora, taxonomist, teacher (70th birthday of N.A. Miniaeva)
, Vestnik (21) 117-118 (1979)

Historic 4-year test shows jojoba response to water
, Jojoba happenings 17(2): 1 (1989)

Historic Agricultural Engineering Museum put into use
, Bedrijfsontwikkeling 11(11): 1017-1019 (1980)

Historic American Buildings Survey
, Unknown (1941)

Historic Chesapeake Bay submersed aquatic vegetation beds reconstructed using seed assemblages, sedimentation rates, and sediment nutrient content
, Unknown (1992)

Historic Hoosier Hills resource conservation and development plan. Supplement
, Unknown (1977)

Historic Preservation Act October 15, 1966
, Agriculture handbook United States Department of Agriculture: (453) 210-211 (1983)

Historic Route 66
, Unknown (1993)

Historic Route 66 auto tour
, Unknown (1990)

Historic Rust College fulfilling a mission
, Appalachia er 22(3): 16-21 (1989)

Historic Tryon Palace
, Unknown (1960)

Historic Virginia gardens
, Unknown (1975)

Historic Wisconsin buildings
, Unknown (1981)

Historic accounts, recent abundance, and current distribution of threatened Chinook salmon in the Russian River, California
, California Fish and Game 93(3): 130-148 (2007)

Historic and contemporary levels of genetic variation in two New Zealand passerines with different histories of decline
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20(5): 2035-2047 (2007)

Historic and current esthetic concerns involving hardwood forests
, Proceedings Annual Hardwood Symposium of the Hardwood Research Council: 1-90 (1992)

Historic and dynamic aspects of coastal dune vegetations in the netherlands
, Acta Botanica Neerlandica 20(1): 173-174 (1971)

Historic and future perspectives of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 217(12): 1821-1828 (2000)

Historic and genetic fundamentals of the Spanish merino sheep
, Unknown (1977)

Historic and present-day forest conditions: implications for bottomland hardwood forest restoration
, Ecological restoration North America ng 18(1): 21-25 (2000)

Historic and unregulated monthly streamflow for selected sites in the Red River of the North Basin in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota, 1931-99
, Unknown (2002)

Historic avalanches in the northern front range and the central and northern mountains of Colorado
, Unknown (1999)

Historic background to the natural distribution of tree species in Scandinavia
, Rapport Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet Institutionen for skoglig genetik och vaxtfysiologi = Report Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology: ) 281-287 (1986)

Historic basis relationships for wheat 1979-1981 between Kansas City wheat futures contracts and Oklahoma wheat markets, hedging, prices
, OSU extension facts Cooperative Extension Service Oklahoma State University: 83 (462) (1983)

Historic books and manuscripts 1474-1874
, Unknown (1964)

Historic books and manuscripts concerning general agriculture in the collection of the National Agricultural Library
, Unknown (1967)

Historic books and manuscripts concerning horticulture and forestry in the collection of the National Agricultural Library
, Unknown (1968)

Historic books on veterinary science and animal husbandry
, Unknown (1992)

Historic buildings in the valleys of Morzeno, Montone, Rabbi, Bidente
, Unknown (1974)

Historic buildings in wilderness
, Unknown (1990)

Historic change in natural landscapes: the experimental view USA, National Park Service as conservator
, Environmental reviewng 6(1): 14-36 (1982)

Historic changes in air pollution in Great Britain Coal and other fuels
, Proceedings 1981 International Conference on Residential Solid Fuels: environmental impacts and solutions June 1-4-1981 Portland Hilton Portland Oregon USA edited JA Cooper D Malek: 576 (1982)

Historic changes in social position and professional preparation of forest workers
, Unknown (1971)

Historic cultural land use study of lower Cape Cod
, Unknown (1998)

Historic data on the relation between Romanian beekeeping and Greek civilization
, Apicultura in Romania 54(12): 20-23 (1979)

Historic deacetylase inhibitors for epigenetic therapy of cancer (vol 18, pg 363, 2007)
, Anti Cancer Drugs 18(5): 619 (2007)

Historic development from the Institute of Birth Research to the Research Centre for Reproduction of Farm Animals
, Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 35(8): 295-298 (1980)

Historic development of chemical notations
, Journal of chemical information and computer sciences 25(3): 258-263 (1985)

Historic development of reclamation standards in Colorado
, Coal development: collected papers: papers presented at Coal Development Workshops in Grand Junction Colorado and Caspar Wyoming Scott Fisher project coordinator: -1341 (1983)

Historic development of rural credit
, Revista de Politica Agricola 13(4): 10-17 (2004)

Historic development of the concentrate regulations
, Desalination 78(1): 11-16 (1990)

Historic development of theories on farm organization: a contribution to the scientific relationships of Aereboe and Lambl, and to the influence of Thaer, Thunen and Aereboe on the development of agricultural economics in Bohemia
, Zeitschrift fur Agrargeschichte und Agrarsoziologie 30(1): 48-65 (1982)

Historic dogs
, Unknown (1953)

Historic evolution of planning and decision models
, Econ models and quant method decis plann agriculture: 1-54 (1971)

Historic evolution of trichinosis
, Revista iberica de parasitologia 38(3-4): 841-850 (1978)

Historic evolution of water res
, Unknown (1976)

Historic exposure to plague and present-day frequency of CCR5del32 in two isolated island communities of Dalmatia, Croatia
, Croatian Medical Journal 47(4): 579-584 (2006)

Historic farm buildings
, Unknown (1989)

Historic fire regimes along an elevational gradient on the West Slope of the Sierra Nevada, California
, General technical report INT (320) 173-179 (1995)

Historic first PFAs new timber harvesting guidelines
, Pennsylvania forestser 1980 69(4): 8-9 (1979)

Historic flood information for northern California streams from geological and botanical evidence; vegetation and hydrologic phenomena
, Unknown (1973)

Historic forest reflects wood oriented culture
, Georgia forestry 40(2): 4-5 (1987)

Historic foundations of botany in Florida (and America)
, Unknown (1945)

Historic garden tools an exhibition presented by the Museum of Garden History and sponsored by Country Gardens
, Unknown (1990)

Historic gardens
, Unknown (1985)

Historic gardens in Bergen
, Unknown (1969)

Historic gardens in Hanover Herrenhausen
, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Dendrologischen Gesellschaft: 9 185-191 (1977)

Historic gardens of Jersey. i
, Unknown (1971)

Historic geography of the plants
, Unknown (1944)

Historic glimpses of trees of the West
, Unknown (1977)

Historic goose breeds grace small farms
, Small farm today 22(2): 47-49 (2005)

Historic greens as tasks of monument and nature protection
, Unknown (1996)

Historic homesteads. 7. The Terrace Station, Hororata
, Meat and wool: 5, 193(1) 25-26 (1969)

Historic honey: a marketing concept
, American bee journal 127(5): 347-348 (1987)

Historic importance of the work of V.I. Lenin Development of capitalism in Russia
, Ekonomika Sovetskoi Ukrainy: (4) 14-25 (1979)

Historic initiatives in ecological restoration
, Restoration and management noteser 8(2): 83-90 (1990)

Historic land use and grazing patterns in northern New Mexico
, Desired future conditions for Southwestern riparian ecosystems: bringing interests and concerns together September 18-22-1995 Albuquerque New Mexico 197 (1996)

Historic landmark pricing
, Unknown (1983)

Historic landscape directory
, Unknown (1991)

Historic landscape preservation
, Unknown (1993)

Historic landscape preservation: obstacle to change?
, Public garden: the journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 11(2): 21-23 (1996)

Historic landscapes
, Unknown (1978)

Historic livestock summary, 1867-1970
, Unknown (1975)

Historic look at the dairy cooperative
, Landbouwkundig tijdschrift: 90412-415 (1978)

Historic mahogany
, Unknown (1950)

Historic materials: record of the past and edge of the present National Agricultural Library, publications, USA
, Associates NAL today: (14) 3-7 (1975)

Historic meeting to commemorate fortieth anniversary of original federal Food and drugs act
, Unknown (1946)

Historic milestones in Spanish
, Unknown (1992)

Historic ministerial conference aims to raise agricultural productivity to reduce hunger
, AgExporter 15(11): 4-9 (2003)

Historic open spaces in our time
, Garten Landschaft = Landscape architecture planning 91(3): 165-166 (1981)

Historic origin of denomination in France
, Vignevini 6(9): 37-42 (1979)

Historic outline of the genetic improvement of the bean in Colombia
, ICA informa Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario 14(1): 8-12 (1980)

Historic parks and gardens in Berlin. A new aspect of architectural conservation
, Garten und Landschaft 89(3): 153-161 (1979)

Historic parks and gardens of the Isle of Wight
, Unknown (1989)

Historic peasants of Nanjil Nadu
, Unknown (1978)

Historic plant use in landscape gardens
, Unknown (1990)

Historic plants in a new setting: the evolution of the Hunnewell Building landscape
, Arnoldia er 1994 53(4): 20-25 (1993)

Historic preservation
, Unknown (1980)

Historic preservation and the inner city: the perception of German Village by those just beyond
, Proceedings 110-114 (1976)

Historic preservation and urban waterfront development in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
, Small town 29(5): 4-15 (1999)

Historic preservation arrives in the Black Hills: Hot Springs, South Dakota, starts the Main Street Pilot Program
, Small town 23(1): 4-14 (1992)

Historic preservation as an additional option for small town development
, Journal of the Community Development Society 3(1): 21-42 (1982)

Historic preservation as part of downtown redevelopment
, Rural development perspectives: RDP 11(1): 16-21 (1995)

Historic preservation collection, University of Virginia Law Library
, Unknown (1990)

Historic preservation for low-income neighborhoods
, Unknown (1985)

Historic preservation in American communities
, Unknown (1987)

Historic preservation in Point Arena, California: a model for context-based planning
, Small town 21(5): 4-9 (1991)

Historic preservation in coastal communities, Bayfield
, Unknown (1978)

Historic preservation planning
, Unknown (1993)

Historic preservation resources
, Rural Information Center ication series: 91 (13) (1991)

Historic price, income and labor summary, 1908-1969
, Unknown (1975)

Historic publications of Slovak collective farms
, Agrikultura 5) 171-179 (1978)

Historic reference about the vit
, Gradinarska i lozarska nauka = Horticultural and viticultural Science 1(1): 83-92 (1984)

Historic research and information on ramie
, Unknown (1951)

Historic resource study
, Unknown (1985)

Historic resource study for Muir Woods National Monument
, Unknown (2006)

Historic service instruction for veterinary officers from the year of 1819
, Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift 5(6-7): 212-225 (1978)

Historic significance of the development of virgin and fallow lands
, Voprosy ekonomiki: (3) 52-58 (1979)

Historic sketches of the cattle trade of the West and Southwest
, Unknown (1940)

Historic structure report
, Unknown (1979)

Historic structure report & preservation manual on the Agriculture South Building, between 12th & 14th Streets, C Street & Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C
, Unknown (1988)

Historic survey on the occasion of the 60th anniversary anniversary of Spelderholt
, Bedrijfsontwikkeling 12(7-8): 673-679 (1981)

Historic synopsis of Chilean works on Acridiidae
, Revista peruana de entomologia 15(2): 267-268 (1972)

Historic textile and paper materials
, Analytical Chemistry 58(4): 590A-590A (1986)

Historic textile and paper materials II
, Analytical Chemistry 61(24): 1368A-1368A (1989)

Historic textiles, papers, and polymers in museums
, Unknown (2001)

Historic trawl data and recent information infers temporal change in the occurrence of squid in the diet of orange roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus Collett) in New Zealand
, Reviews in fish biology and fisheries 17(2-3): 493-499 (2007)

Historic tree appraised
, Grounds maintenance 13(2): 112-114 (1978)

Historic tree merits extraordinary measures
, Arbor age 16(1): 32-33 (1996)

Historic tree planted to commemorate Arbor Day 1977
, Texas agricultural progress: er 23 (3) 23-25 (1977)

Historic trees of John Muir National Historic Site
, Journal of forest history 24(1): 40-46 (1980)

Historic trees: the Nimitz oak
, American forests 98(5-6): 37 (1992)

Historic trends in the distribution and populations of estuarine marsh birds of the Connecticut River
, Connecticut Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report i-ii 83: 1-38 (1990)

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