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Hydrolysis of cellulosic materials by immobilized enzymes. I. Preparation and characterization of the immobilized cellulase

Cellulose chemistry and technology 15(1): 3-10

Hydrolysis of cellulosic materials by immobilized enzymes. I. Preparation and characterization of the immobilized cellulase

Accession: 016049504

Related references

Kumakura, M., 1997: Preparation of immobilized cellulase beads and their application to hydrolysis of cellulosic materials. Cellulase was immobilized on aluminium oxide beads with a polymer matrix by radiation polymerization at low temperature using various monomers. The optimum conditions for the preparation of the immobilized enzyme beads were obtained, and the chara...

Simon, L.M.; Kotorman, M.; Szajani, B., 1992: Coenzyme production using immobilized enzymes: I. Preparation, characterization, and laboratory-scale application of an immobilized NAD kinase. NAD+ kinase (ATP:NAD+ 2-phosphotransferase, EC isolated from chicken liver was immobilized on a silica-based support possessing aldehyde functional groups. The highest catalytic activity achieved was 16 U g-1 solid. The optimal pH for th...

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Yoshimoto, M.; Li, C.; Matsunaga, T.; Nakagawa, H.; Fukunaga, K.; Nakao, K., 2006: Optimal preparation of immobilized liposome-bound cellulase for hydrolysis of insoluble cellulose in an external loop airlift bioreactor. Immobilized liposome-bound cellulase (ILC) was optimally prepared for the ILC-catalyzed hydrolysis of insoluble cellulose in an external loop airlift bioreactor. The liposomes with mean diameters of 200, 100, and 50 nm were used to prepare three k...

Kawashima, K.; Fujino, S.; Kim, S.K.; Hayashi, T., 1982: The preparation of immobilized enzymes by radio polymerization 9. preparation of immobilized glucose oxidase ec Glucose oxidase (GOD, EC was immobilized in the form of the beads by the radiation polymerization method under low temperature and the enzymatic characteristics were investigated. Polyethyleneglycol dimethacrylate and acrylamide were favo...

Vlasenko, E.Y.; Kastel'yanos, O.; Sinitsyn, A.P., 1993: Reactivity of different cellulosic materials in hydrolysis with cellulase. The reactivity of 33 cellulosic materials in hydrolysis with the enzymatic preparations of Penicillium verruculosum, Trichoderma viride (celloviridin 63x) Aspergillus foetidus (pectofoetidin 63x), and the culture liquids of Tr. reesei, Asp. foetid...

Shimizu, S.Y.; Lenhoff, H.M., 1979: Efficiency of 2 enzymes immobilized to the same surface and acting in sequence 1. preparation and properties of phospho gluco mutase ec and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec immobilized to s triazine tri chloride activated cellulose. Phosphoglucomutase [rabbit muscle] and G-6-P dehydrogenase [G-6-PD; Leuconostoc mesenteroides] were immobilized to s-triazine trichloride activated cellulose. The optimal conditions for binding the immobilized enzymes were determined and the kinet...

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Castellanos, O.F.; Sinitsyn, A.P.; Vlasenko, E.Y., 1995: Evaluation of hydrolysis conditions of cellulosic materials by Penicillium cellulase. The conditions of hydrolysis of 'skop' (short fiber waste material from the paper industry) and cellolignin (waste of industrial furfural production) by the cellulase system from Penicillium sp. in a batch reactor have been evaluated. Th...

Chen, J.P.; Chiu, S.H., 1999: Preparation and characterization of urease immobilized onto porous chitosan beads for urea hydrolysis. Urease was covalently immobilized onto porous chitosan beads via primary amine groups connected to the backbone via a six-carbon linear alkyl spacer. The optimum conditions for enzyme immobilization are activating the beads with 1%(w/w) glutaralde...