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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16068

Chapter 16068 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Manning, T.S.eeney, C., 1986:
Immune-mediated equine skin diseases

Giger, U., 2006:
Immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia

Robbins, R.L.; Wallace, S.S.; Brunner, C.J.; Gardner, T.R.; DiFranco, B.J.; Speirs, V.C., 1993:
Immune-mediated haemolytic disease after penicillin therapy in a horse

Ford, Rb, 1984:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia

Ford, Rb, 1980:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia a clinical review

Sockett, D.C.; Traub-Dargatz, J.; Weiser, M.G., 1987:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia in a foal

Messer, N.T.; Arnold, K., 1991:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia in a horse

Chabanne, L., 2006:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia in the dog

Stewart, Af, 1993:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. I. An overview

Stewart, A.; Feldman, B., 1993:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. II. Clinical entity, diagnosis, and treatment theory

Couto, Cg, 1995:
Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia: whats new in diagnosis and treatment?

Halliwell, R.; Gorman, N., 1988:
Immune-mediated joint diseases

Walser, T.C.; Ma, X.; Kundu, N.; Dorsey, R.; Goloubeva, O.; Fulton, A.M., 2007:
Immune-mediated modulation of breast cancer growth and metastasis by the chemokine Mig (CXCL9) in a murine model

Lewis, R.M., 1994:
Immune-mediated muscle disease

McManus, P.M.; Litwin, C.; Barber, L., 1999:
Immune-mediated neutropenia in 2 dogs

Schwartz, Ml, 1983:
Immune-mediated skin disease in a domestic cat

Feldman, B.F.; Thomason, K.J.; Jain, N.C., 1988:
Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia in a dog

Thomason, K.; Feldman, B., 1985:
Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia: diagnosis and treatment

Couto, Cg, 1995:
Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia: whats new in diagnosis and treatment?

Hardy, I.J.; Hardy, G., 2007 :
Immune-modulating effects of sulfur-containing nutraceuticals

Goldacre, M.J.; Wotton, C.J.; Seagroatt, V.; Yeates, D., 2007:
Immune-related disease before and after vasectomy: an epidemiological database study

Balogh, G.A.; Russo, I.H.; Spittle, C.; Heulings, R.; Russo, J., 2007:
Immune-surveillance and programmed cell death-related genes are significantly overexpressed in the normal breast epithelium of postmenopausal parous women

Bauer, K., H.D.-Med; Molinari, E., 1989:

Krieg, R.H.rtmann, W1; Hage, D.1; Loliger, H., 1982:
Immunglobulin levels after experimental exposure of Leghorn strains with different genotypes for resistance to leukosis virus infection Chickens.1

Abe, Y., 1994:
Immunglobulin treatment

Kreymann, Georg, 2006:
Immunglobuline bei Antikorpermangelsyndrom - auch bei sepsis?

Ross, Henrik, 1997:
Immunhistochemical and ultrastructural findings in the eyes of rhesus monkeys after experimental SIV infection

Marquart, Ulrike-Katharina, 1995:
Immunhistochemical study of canine mycosis fungoides (epidermotropic lymphosarcoma)

Gutberlet, K.R.dolph, R., 1994:
Immuninohistochemical identification of vessels in cancer cell invasion in canine mammary tumours

Kaupper, T.; Walter, M.; Ziegler, A. , G., 2006:
Immunintervention bei neu diagnostiziertem Typ-1-Diabetes

Karunasagar, I.K.runasagar, I., 1994:
Immunisation of cultivable fishes against aeromonas hydrophila infection

Clark, B.L.; Dufty, J.H.; Monsbourgh, M.J., 1972:
Immunisation against bovine vibriosis. 1. Comparison of the protective properties of bacterins prepared by two methods

Clark, B.L.; Dufty, J.H.; Monsbourgh, M.J., 1972:
Immunisation against bovine vibriosis. 2. Studies on immunisation of yearlings and calves

Dean, R.; Kuc, J., 1987:
Immunisation against disease: the plant fights back

Jaeger, O.B.rth, R., 1969:
Immunisation experiments on horses with rabies vaccine

Baba, A.; Zainur, A.; Shafit, H.S.mbiring, M., 2000:
Immunisation of cattle against somatostatin: effects on carcass composition and the responsiveness of viable fat explants to digestive tract hormones

Haldar, S.; Mitra, P.; Sinha, A.M.tra, J.S.n, G., 1983:
Immunisation of cross-bred cattle against rinderpest

Soulebot, J.; Precausta, P.B.un, A.B.ancou, J.; Pepin, M.C.appuis, G.P.termann, H., 1985:
Immunisation of herbivores against rabies using an inactivated cell culture vaccine

Herbert, L., 1979:
Immunisation of horses against tetanus and strangles

Rickard, M.; Rajasekariah, G.; Mitchell, G., 1981:
Immunisation of mice against Taenia taeniaeformis using antigens prepared from Taenia pisiformis and Taenia hydatigena eggs or oncospheres

Precausta, P.K.to, F.B.un, A., 1983:
Immunisation of piglets

Wittmann, W.U.baneck, D.T.smer, S.B.rgmann, H.B.yer, J., 1972:
Immunisation of pigs after inoculation of Riems swine fever live virus vaccine

Nitschke, C.; Flechsig, E.; van den Brandt, J.; Lindner, N.; Lührs, T.; Dittmer, U.; Klein, M.A., 2007:
Immunisation strategies against prion diseases: prime-boost immunisation with a PrP DNA vaccine containing foreign helper T-cell epitopes does not prevent mouse scrapie

Beveridge, N.E.R.; Price, D.A.; Casazza, J.P.; Pathan, A.A.; Sander, C.R.; Asher, T.E.; Ambrozak, D.R.; Precopio, M.L.; Scheinberg, P.; Alder, N.C.; Roederer, M.; Koup, R.A.; Douek, D.C.; Hill, A.V.S.; McShane, H., 2007:
Immunisation with BCG and recombinant MVA85A induces long-lasting, polyfunctional Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific CD4+ memory T lymphocyte populations

Guiñazú, N.; Pellegrini, A.; Carrera-Silva, E.Antonio.; Aoki, M.Pilar.; Cabanillas, A.Maria.; Gìronés, N.; Fresno, M.; Cano, R.; Gea, S., 2007:
Immunisation with a major Trypanosoma cruzi antigen promotes pro-inflammatory cytokines, nitric oxide production and increases TLR2 expression

Cowan, G.J.M.; Atkins, H.S.; Johnson, L.K.; Titball, R.W.; Mitchell, T.J., 2007:
Immunisation with anthrolysin O or a genetic toxoid protects against challenge with the toxin but not against Bacillus anthracis

Weis, Artur, 1955:
Immunisierungsversuche mit Shigella pseudotuberculosis

Redaelli, G., 1970:
Immunising effect of Prevacun against equine influenza viruses

Sasmal, N.; Senapati, P.; Sinha, P., 1983:
Immunising potency of oocysts of coccidia against Eimeria tenella infection in chicken

Zuffa, A.S.laj, J.Z.ffa, T.P.tlik, F.Z.jac, J., 1984:
Immunising properties of three vaccines against Aujeszkys disease

Krivchenko, V.I., 1985:
Immunitet kulturnykh rasteniaei k bolezneiiam i vrediteleiiam

Verderevskiaei, D.D., 1959:
Immunitet rasteniaei k parazitarnym bolezneiiam

Gorlenko, Mikhail-Vladimirovich, 1956:
Immunitet rasteniaei k zabolevanieiiam i vrediteleiiam

Gorlenko, Mikhail-Vladimirovich, 1961:
Immunitet rastenii k bolezniam i vrediteliam

Khokhreiiakov, M.K., 1976:
Immunitet selskokhozeiiaaeistvennykh rasteniaei k bolezneiiam

Fedotova, T.I., 1966:
Immunitet selskokhozeiiaaeistvennykh rasteniaei k bolezneiiam i vrediteleiiam

Tokin, B.P., 1955:
Immunitet zarodyshei

Riabchenko, N.A.O.endarchuk, P.M.D.mashneva, E.V., 1997:
Immunitet zernovykh kultur k shvedskim mukham

Skoda, R., 1980:
Immunity against Aujeskys disease serologically detectable in sows after natural infection

Voigt, H.; Wienhold, D.; Marquardt, C.; Muschko, K.; Pfaff, E.; Buettner, M., 2007:
Immunity against NS3 protein of classical swine fever virus does not protect against lethal challenge infection

Maestrini, N., 1987:
Immunity against Newcastle disease in chicks vaccinated intramuscularly with the live LaSota strain

Lombardi, D.C.aro, R.B.zzaccarro, E.M.gnan, L.S.apin, F., 1981:
Immunity against Newcastle disease, egg drop syndrome 76 and Gumboro disease, after vaccination with an inactivated emulsified trivalent vaccine

Davydov, N.N., 1980:
Immunity against brucellosis in reindeer and its pratical importance

Davydov, N.N., 1981:
Immunity against brucellosis in reindeer inoculation with strain 19 vaccine

Dalsgaard, K.O.erby, E., 1977:
Immunity against challenge with swine fever virus induced by a virus specified glycopeptide isolated from infected cells

Terpstra, C., 1977:
Immunity against infection from swine fever virus of piglets from sows vaccinated with C strain virus

Trevisan, A.; Frasson, C.; Morandin, M.; Beggio, M.; Bruno, A.; Davanzo, E.; Di Marco, L.; Simioni, L.; Amato, G., 2007:
Immunity against infectious diseases: predictive value of self-reported history of vaccination and disease

Arnold, R.; Peritz, J.; Sureau, P.S.ouraitis, P.V.rgas, V., 1973:
Immunity against paralytic rabies in cattle following vaccination with ERA vaccine under ranch conditions in Bolivia. II. Duration of immunity

Arnold, R.; Stouraitis, P.S.lvatierra, J., 1973:
Immunity against paralytic rabies in cattle following vaccination with ERA vaccine under ranch conditions in Bolivia. III. The influence of maternal antibody on the success of vaccination of calves of different ages

Arnold, R.; Salvatierra, J., 1974:
Immunity against paralytic rabies in cattle following vaccination with ERA vaccine under ranch conditions in Bolivia. IV. Five-year post-vaccination studies

Bohl, Eh, 1977:
Immunity against porcine enteric viral infections

Zadina, J., 1976:
Immunity against potato A virus and the possibilities of its use in breeding

Shokeir, A.; El-Rehewy, M., 1972:
Immunity against rabies. III. Interferon

Bachmann, P.; Hess, R., 1980:
Immunity against rotaviral infections in calves

Bussiaeras, J., 1981:
Immunity against swine strongylosis

Wagener, K., 1980:
Immunity and allergy in the course of the infection and the control of brucellosis

Tengerdy, R.P., 1990:
Immunity and disease resistance in farm animals fed vitamin E supplement

Wittmann, G., 1972:
Immunity and immunization against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) virus

Bessonov, As, 1976:
Immunity and immunodiagnosis of trichinosis

Wakelin, D., 1995:
Immunity and immunogenetics--new approaches to controlling worm infections in sheep

Li-Xin-Hua; Shen-Jin-Yu; Yin-Wen-Lin; Pan-Xiao-Yi; Shen-Zhi-Hua, 2007:
Immunity and immunohistochemistry by oral vaccination of Carassius auratus gibelio using Aeromonas hydrophila vaccine

Vior, C., 1980:
Immunity and immunology of animals

Yabiki, T., 1978:
Immunity and infectious disorde

Shekhovtsev, V.; Pinchuk, V., 1973:
Immunity and life span of Cysticercus species in cases of cysticercosis in festation of cattle

Adler, H.E.; Bryant, B.J.; Cordy, D.R.; Shifrine, M.; DaMassa, A.J., 1973:
Immunity and mortality in chickens infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum: influence of the bursa of Fabricius

Li, Pn, 1973:
Immunity and parasite hosts in cases of piroplasmosis and francaiellosis of cattle

Li, P.N., 1984:
Immunity and parasite hosts in cases of piroplasmosis and franciaellosis of cattle

Durner, K.W.rner, B., 1983:
Immunity and pathogenicity factors of Corynebacterium pyogenes. 1. Studies of a mouse model for buildup of immunity against Corynebacterium pyogenes infections

Arevalo Herrera, M.; Perlaza, B.; Bonelo, A.; Valderrama, A.; Herrera, S., 2002:
Immunity and physio-pathogenesis of human malaria

Darbyshire, Jh, 1987:
Immunity and resistance in respiratory tract diseases

Sarkisov, Akh, 1973:
Immunity and specific prophylaxis against ringworm infestations in cattle

Sarkisov, Akh, 1984:
Immunity and specific prophylaxis of animal dermotomycoses

Petkov, P.V.silev, V., 1979:
Immunity and susceptibility to h

Greco, D.S.; Harpold, L.M., 1994:
Immunity and the endocrine system

Kassai, T., 1970:
Immunity and tolerance

Pletsityi, Kd, 1978:
Immunity and vitamin A

Ohr, Lm, 2005:
Immunity boosters

Taran, I.F., 1985:
Immunity characteristics in skin vaccination and revaccination with Brucella abortus vaccine strain 104-M

Fedida, M.D.nnacher, G.T.omas, J.; Peillon, M.C.udert, M., 1971:
Immunity characteristics of the hoof-and-mouth disease sheep vaccine

Papparella, V., 1985:
Immunity conferred by a combined vaccine against Newcastle disease and the Egg Drop Syndrome 76

Prosperi, S.G.ovannini, A., 1982:
Immunity development

Oechtering, Helene-Antonia, 1986:
Immunity development against a Babesia microti infection by hamsters (Mesocricetus Auraus)

Khamiev, Skh, 1984:
Immunity development in camel Trichophyton disease after natural and experimental recovery

Tanyi, J.S.ri, I.S.alay, G.; Szilagyi, M., 1977:
Immunity evaluation of guinea pigs against Newcastle disease

Codina, R., R., 1972:
Immunity fo virus with Suipestfil vaccine

Macdonald, J.W.; Randall, C.J.; McMartin, D.A.; Dagless, M.D., 1983:
Immunity following inoculation of the H120 and H52 vaccine strains of infectious bronchitis virus into the crop of the domestic fowl

Burney, Lucy, 2004:
Immunity foods for healthy kids

Rezvykh, Ag, 1975:
Immunity formation in poultry relative to dosage of La-Sota vaccine

Aguilar-Setien, A.P.storet, P.; Schoenaers, F., 1980:
Immunity from infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus (bovid herpesvirus 1)

Bateman, Hn, 1964:
Immunity from s.19 vaccine

Liess, B., 1969:
Immunity from virus infection

Wittmann, G.B.rtenbach, G.J.kubik, J., 1975:
Immunity given to the cell in infection by Aujeszkys disease virus in swine

Schat, Ka, 1987:
Immunity in Mareks disease and other tumors

Wawrzkiewicz, K.W.wrzkiewicz, J., 1975:
Immunity in animals in their earliest period of development

Nansen, P., 1974:
Immunity in bovine fascioliasis

Hellmann, E., 1979:
Immunity in brucellosis with special reference to immunization with dead vaccines

Davydov, N.; Lyskov, A., 1973:
Immunity in cases of brucellosis in reindeer and its practical importance

Kravets, I.K., 1980:
Immunity in cattle, vaccinated with anti-foot and mouth disease vaccines from cultural virus

Obst, J., 1988:
Immunity in chicken and turkeys boosted by research

Nochevnyi, V.; Osidze, D., 1973:
Immunity in connection with the use of live and inactivated vaccine against pseudorabies

Provost, A., 1987:
Immunity in contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

Henson, J.B.; Gorham, J.R.; Kobayashi, K.; McGuire, T.C., 1969:
Immunity in equine infectious anemia

Germanier, R., 1972:
Immunity in experimental Salmonellosis. III. Comparative immunization with viable and heat-inactivated cells of Salmonella typhimurium

Nowakowski, J.M.tz, J., 1983:
Immunity in foxes vaccinated with Leptospira interrogans serovar. icterohaemorrhagiae

Ovsianov, N.; Ovladeeva, M.; Kolmogorova, V., 1975:
Immunity in guinea pigs as a result of vaccination against blackleg with neomycin

Ovsianov, N.; Ovladeeva, M.; Kolmogorova, B., 1977:
Immunity in guinea pigs immunized by concentrated aluminium hydroxide formalinized vaccine for the control of Clostridium chauvoei infection on the background of chlorotetracycline administration

Knyaseva, E.N., 1981:
Immunity in guinea pigs simultaneously vaccinated with live Brucellosis and Q-fever vaccine

Leikina, Es, 1976:
Immunity in helminth diseases

Gheorghiu, I., 1985:
Immunity in hog cholera

Artemenko, L.; Skrypnik, E., 1984:
Immunity in honeybees

Alekseyev, An, 1971:
Immunity in insects

Wawrzkiewicz, J., 1972:
Immunity in neoplasms of viral etiology

Drachovskaa-Esimanovaa, Miroslava, 1955:
Immunity in plant protection

Patil-Kulkarni, Vg, 1980:
Immunity in poultry

Baradiev, Bv, 1984:
Immunity in reindeer Trichophyton disease

Leikina, E.; Abuladze, K.; Sokolovskaia, O.; Gil'-Denblat, A.; Krasovskaia, N., 1973:
Immunity in relation to cases of cysticercosis in cattle

Timofeev, Ba, 1973:
Immunity in relation to toxoplasmosis in rabbits

Cara, Henri-Hugues-Fran*-Eth-*cois-De, 1983:
Immunity in sheep haemonchosis

Pankatrov, A.Y., 1981:
Immunity in sheep vaccinated simultaneously against anthrax, brucellosis and pox

Trubitskii, A.; Luchko, M.; Nikonorov, V.; Solov'-Ev, A.; Shishov, V., 1983:
Immunity in sheep vaccinated with inactivated emulgated vaccine against campylobacteriosis

Nikiforov, L.; Kuznetsova, O.; Chimakadze, G., 1976:
Immunity in spontaneous and experimental trichophytosis of rabbits caused by Trichophyton gypseum

Amaral, L., 1977:
Immunity in swine

Wilson, Mr, 1981:
Immunity in the sow herd

Iablochnik, Lm, 1972:
Immunity in trichophytosis of cattle

Gong Hui; Lin TianLong; W.Z.ngFu; Song TieYing, 2006:
Immunity level of the eel after oral immunized with beta -hemA-ISCOMs

van der Heide, L.; Kalvaitis, A.; Rossignol, N., 1975:
Immunity levels against avian encephalomyelitis in vaccinated poultry breeder flocks in Maine

Pery, F., 1983:
Immunity mechanisms

Deileman-Van-Zaayen, A., 1976:
Immunity of Agaricus bitorquis varieties to mushroom virus

Lan, S.J.; Yen, Y.Y.; Lan, J.L.; Chen, E.R.; Ko, Y.C., 1990:
Immunity of PCB transplacental Yu-Cheng children in Taiwan

Allard, C., 1972:
Immunity of bean Colletotrichum lindemuthianum

Olkonen, E.P.rre, I., 1976:
Immunity of chickens to Eimeria tenella, Eimeria praecex, Eimeria mitis and Eimeria maxima in commercial flocks

Eastwell, K.; Kiefer, M.; Bruening, G., 1983:
Immunity of cowpeas to cowpea mosaic virus

Shapiro, I.; Vilkova, N., 1977:
Immunity of crops to pests

Voronkova, Aa, 1980:
Immunity of different wheat species and their wild relatives to rust and its use in breeding

Nikiforov, Li, 1978:
Immunity of furbearing animals to trichophytosis

Mohrig, W.S.orz, R.M.ssner, B., 1970:
Immunity of insects. III. Reactions of hemocytes and the changes of lysozyme by Galleria mellonella L

Messner, B.M.hrig, W., 1970:
Immunity of invertebrate animals; survey, problems and outlook

Campean, C., 1971:
Immunity of mammary glands

Haller, Oa, 1974:
Immunity of mice to myxovirus infection with congenital resistance

Gorlenko, Mv, 1981:
Immunity of plants to bacterial diseases

Shapiro, I.; Novozhilov, K.; Vilkova, N., 1976:
Immunity of plants to insect pests and problems of the strategy and tactics of plant protection

Zadina, J., 1972:
Immunity of potatoes to the X-virus and its use in breeding work

Sagardia, R.-J.H.rnandez, B.-E.G.nzalez, S.-D.F.rnandez, S.-M.P.rez, R., H., 1982:
Immunity of rabies vaccine V-319

Irsa, L.A., 1977:
Immunity of sheep, inoculated with GOA formaldehyde-killed vaccine against FMD

Trouvelot, B., 1986:
Immunity of solanaceae towards the Colorado potato beetle

Nedjalkov, St, 1980:
Immunity of suckling piglets after vaccinated with crystal violet adsorbate-vaccine against Aujeszkys disease

Zubekhin, A.V., 1981:
Immunity of swine in single and complex vaccinations

Dang, A.K.; Kapila, S.; Tomar, P.; Singh, C., 2007:
Immunity of the buffalo mammary gland during different physiological stages

Brezhnev, Dd, 1979:
Immunity of vegetable crops to diseases is the main reserve of their high yield and good quality

Kurzhin, K.; Gospodinova, E., 1979:
Immunity of wheat to diseases.

Puchkov, I.; Burdun, A.1; Guida, A.1; Borisenko, N., 1982:
Immunity of wheat to pests Breeding, harmful insects, plant varieties, USSR.1

Traub, Erich, 1964:
Immunity of white mice to EEE-virus

Alivisatos, G.P., 1981:
Immunity paralysis in brucellosis

Brun, A.D.bourget, P.S.ulebot, J., 1982:
Immunity persistence of an inactivated infectious bovine rhinotracheitis vaccine in oily adjuvant

Cihak, J.C.hak, J.L.hmann-Grube, F., 1974:
Immunity phenomena in mice infected by lymphocytic choriomen ingitis virus

Quinlan, J., 1992:
Immunity primer

Rickard, M.; Bell, K., 1971:
Immunity produced against Taenia ovis and Taenia taeniaeformis infection in lambs and rats following in vivo growth of their larvae in filtration membrane diffusion chambers

Perez, H.G.nzalez, D.F.rnandez, M.H.rnandez, E.O.os, D., 1981:
Immunity produced by the rabies vaccine strain V-319

Panijel, J.D.lpier, M.; Delaunay, M., 1971:
Immunity response in vitro in prolongated cultures of lymphoid cells

Lombardi, D., 1974:
Immunity response to Newcastle disease virus and infectionsbronchitis virus in chickens inoculated with a virulent or vaccinal strain of Gumboro disease virus

Vasil'-Ev, A.; Bogautdinov, Z.; Strel'-Nikova, I.; Stogul, N., 1975:
Immunity response to surface proteins of duck influenza virus

Poli, G., 1981:
Immunity response: antibody production, indirect cell immunity and its evaluation

Sarkisov, A.; Dzhilavian, K.-A.N.kiforov, L.; Zharkov, I., 1976:
Immunity tension of the LTF 130 vaccinated cattle against virulent cultures of Trichophyton verrucosum of different geographical origin

Vershilova, P.A., 1985:
Immunity testing of guinea pigs vaccinated with brucella abortus 19BA, challenged with virulent brucella suis 1330

Dwivedi, S.; Gautam, O., 1977:
Immunity to Babesia bigemina in calves after babesicidal treatment during acute and carrier stages

Nelson, C., 1977:
Immunity to Brucella abortus

Aitken, Id, 1981:
Immunity to Chlamydia Birds, chlamydiosis

Kapkin, V.; Tal'-Drik, A.; Krylov, M., 1970:
Immunity to Eimeria tenella and Eimeria praecox at crossover infection

Parry, S.; Porter, P., 1981:
Immunity to Escherichia coli and Salmonella Chicks

Brandenburg, A.; Wilson, M., 1973:
Immunity to Escherichia coli in pigs: IgG immunoglobulin in passive immunity to Escherichia coli enteritis

Zahner, H.; Wegerhof, P.H., 1985:
Immunity to Litomosoides carinii in Mastomys natalensis. I. Effect of immunization with microfilariae and existing primary infections on the parasitaemia after microfilariae injection and challenge infection

Powell, Pc, 1981:
Immunity to Mareks disease Chickens, viruses

Beard, C.W.; Brugh, M., 1975:
Immunity to Newcastle disease

Easterday, Bc, 1981:
Immunity to Newcastle disease and avian influenza Chickens and turkeys

Mcferran, Jb, 1981:
Immunity to adenoviruses Chicks

Tseng, J.; Komisar, J.; Chen, J.Y.; Hunt, R.; Johnson, A.J.; Pitt, L.; Ruble, D., 1995:
Immunity to aerosolized staphylococcal enterotoxin B

Gershon, Anne, A.; Arvin, Ann, M.; Calisher, Charles, H., 2001:
Immunity to and prevention of herpes zoster

Darbyshire, Jh, 1981:
Immunity to avian infectious bronchitis virus Chickens

Petro, T.; Watson, R.; Bhattacharjee, J., 1984:
Immunity to bacterial pathogens in the protein-malnourished host

Eisenhut, M., 2007:
Immunity to blood stages of Plasmodium falciparum is dependent on a specific pattern of immunoglobulin subclass responses to multiple blood stage antigens

Elberg, S.S., 1973:
Immunity to brucella infection

Stepanova, N.; Timofeev, B., 1972:
Immunity to certain protozoan diseases

Graham, H.A.; Stauber, L.A.; Palczuk, N.C.; Barnes, W.D., 1973 :
Immunity to exoerythrocytic forms of malaria. I. Course of infection of Plasmodium fallax in turkeys

Graham, H.A.; Palczuk, N.C.; Stauber, L.A., 1973:
Immunity to exoerythrocytic forms of malaria. II. Passive transfer of immunity to exoerythrocytic forms

Hard, G.C., 1969:
Immunity to experimental infection with Corynebacterium ovis in the mouse peritoneal cavity

Bei, R.; Mentuccia, D.; Trono, P.; Trono, P.; Masuelli, L.; Cereda, V.; Palumbo, C.; Marzocchella, L.; Mrozek, M.A.; Pallotta, P.; D.L.lla, G.; Modesti, M.; Cerilli, M.; Frajese, G.V.; Frajese, G.; Zambruno, G.; Modesti, A., 2006:
Immunity to extracellular matrix antigens is associated with ultrastructural alterations of the stroma and stratified epithelium basement membrane in the skin of Hashimotos thyroiditis patients

Goddard, L.; Gaskell, R.; Gaskell, C.; Wardley, R., 1984:
Immunity to felid herpesvirus 1. A review and report on recent work

Pronin, I.A., 1985:
Immunity to foot-and-mouth disease in pigs inoculated with an emulsified vaccine prepared from lapinized strain A22

Baxendale, W., 1981:
Immunity to fowl pox Viral disease

Tripathy, D.N.; Hanson, L.E., 1975:
Immunity to fowlpox

Duffus, Wph, 1988:
Immunity to infection

Nelson, D.S., 1974:
Immunity to infection, allograft immunity and tumour immunity: parallels and contrasts

Calnek, B.; Fabricant, J., 1981:
Immunity to infectious avian encephalomyelitis Chickens, virus diseases

Baxendale, W., 1981:
Immunity to infectious bursal disease Viral disease of poultry

Jordan, Ftw, 1981:
Immunity to infectious laryngotracheitis Chickens, pheasants, herpesvirus

Collins, F.; Campbell, S., 1982:
Immunity to intracellular bacteria

Essex, M., 1977:
Immunity to leukemia, lymphoma, and fibrosarcoma in cats: a case for immunosurveillance

Payne, Ln, 1981:
Immunity to lymphoid leukosis, Rous sarcoma and reticuloendotheliosis Chickens, turkeys, ducks, virus

Howard, C.J.; Gourlay, R.N.; Taylor, G., 1981:
Immunity to mycoplasma infections of the calf respiratory tract

Jordan, Ftw, 1981:
Immunity to mycoplasmas Chickens, turkeys

Roth, J.; Sexton, J., 1975:
Immunity to neonatal calf diarrhea

Smith, W.; Wells, P.; Burrells, C.D.wson, A., 1975:
Immunity to parainfluenza 3 virus in the ovine respiratory tract

Wells, P.W., 1981:
Immunity to parainfluenza type 3 virus and Pasteurella haemolytica in sheep

Curtis, Pe, 1981:
Immunity to pasteurellosis Pasteurella multocida, fowl cholera, poultry

Brezhnev, Dd, 1977:
Immunity to pathogens and its role in crop farming

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Immunization against LHRH as an aid in managing reproduction in grazing female beef cattle

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Immunization against Newcastle disease with virus produced in cultures of mammalian cells

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Immunization against bovine brucellosis with adsorbed vaccine

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Immunization against bovine mastitis

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Immunization against brucellosis through a strain which does not lead to formation of agglutinins

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Immunization against cecal coc

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Immunization against classical swine fever with modified viruses

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Immunization against infectious bronchitis and laryngotracheitis

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Immunization against respiratory and intestinal diseases of cattle caused by viruses

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Immunization against ringworm infection of cattle

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Immunization against somatostatin in sheep and cattle: effects upon basal and GRF-stimulated secretion of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1

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Immunization against swine erysipelas

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Immunization against swine fever by crystal-violet spleen vaccine

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Immunization against swine fever by seroinoculation

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Immunization against swine fever with modified viruses

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Immunization against the cecal

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Immunization against theileriosis in Africa

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Immunization aids disease fight

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Immunization and control of Marks disease

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Immunization and vaccination--an overview

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Immunization before birth

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Immunization before birth, a revisited hope now near reality

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Immunization by means of antigenic fractions

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Immunization discussion

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Immunization efforts on turkeys with Avarvac vaccine against fowl pox

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Immunization experiment against swine fever with Lederle Rovac-vaccine

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Immunization experiments against fowl pox with a vaccine prepared from low-pathogenicity fowl pox virus

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Immunization experiments by inoculation of the complex: virulent blood and colloidal silver

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Immunization experiments in breeding turkeys with the inactivated Newcastle disease vaccine

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Immunization experiments in chicks against atypical fowl plague (Newcastle disease)

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Immunization failure in poultry

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Immunization for bovine viral respiratory diseases

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Immunization for disease resistance in tobacco

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Immunization for increased reproductive efficiency

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Immunization in dog and cat

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Immunization in rodent and human malaria by the use of irradiated plasmodia

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Immunization in swine fever

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Immunization of DNA vaccine encoding C3d-VP1 fusion enhanced protective immune response against foot-and-mouth disease virus

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Immunization of Hungarian brood sows against leptospirosis

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Immunization of a Thoroughbred horse in racing practice

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Immunization of beef heifers against gonadotropin releasing hormone: effectiveness of the protein that is conjugated to GnRH

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Immunization of broiler breeder replacements against fowl cholera

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Immunization of calves with modified Aujeszkys disease virus

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Immunization of calves with the EEI

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Immunization of cattle against contagious pleuropneumonia by local people in northern Nigeria

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Immunization of cattle against rotavirus and coronavirus. A choice between vaccination of the gestating cow or of the calf

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Immunization of cattle against warbles Hypoderma lineatum, Hypoderma bovis, Canada

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Immunization of cattle, sheep, dogs and cats against Aujeszkys disease

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Immunization of chickens against Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection

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Immunization of chickens against Newcastle disease with beta-propiolactone-killed virus antigen administered in drinking water

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Immunization of chickens against chicken pox by inoculation with pigeon pox virus from the chorioallantois of hens eggs

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Immunization of chickens against coccidiosis

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Immunization of chickens with irradiated larvae of Syngamus trachea

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Immunization of chicks against infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease

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Immunization of cotton plants with metabolites of Verticillium dahliae Kleb

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Immunization of dogs and cats against rabies

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Immunization of ewe against the experimental infection with Brucella melitensis: comparison of eleven vaccines

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Immunization of exotic cats

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Immunization of farm animals against helmintiasis

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Immunization of farm animals against infectious diseases by applying antibiotics

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Immunization of foals against tetanus toxin. II. Transmission of tetanus antibodies in colostrum to newborn foals, and subsequent active immunization

Schutzler, H., 1973:
Immunization of foals against tetanus toxin. III. Active immunization of newborn and young foals born of mares specif ically treated against tetanus

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Immunization of foxes by oral

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Immunization of guinea pigs against three different types of foot-and-mouth disease virus by means of a trivalent aluminum hydroxide-absorbed vaccine

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Immunization of guinea pigs and cattle against the foot-and-mouth disease with a saponin-treated vaccine

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Immunization of guinea pigs with nonagglutinogenic brucella cultures

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Immunization of heifers against Brucella abortus infections; comparison of four vaccines

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Immunization of heifers against brucellosis by the H38 killed vaccine duration of immunity

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Immunization of heifers and cows against experimental Brucella abortus infection with one or two doses of H38 vaccine

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Immunization of heifers with a small level of vaccine from Brucella abortus strain 104-M

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Immunization of infectious burs

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Immunization of infectious mouth and foot disease

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Immunization of large livestock against Q fever

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Immunization of live vaccine a

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Immunization of man with live anti-brucellosis vaccine

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Immunization of mice and guinea-pigs against Salmonella dublin infection with live and inactivated vaccine

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Immunization of mice with DNA coding for the variable regions of anti-idiotypic antibody generates antigen-specific response

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Immunization of mice with DNA vaccines encoding PRRSV GP5 gene with optimized codon usage

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Immunization of nursing calves with Dictol

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Immunization of pheasants with the lentogenic Newcastle disease virus strains LaSota and Dabrowka

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Immunization of pig against hog plague; use in practice of the lapinized virus

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Immunization of piglets against swine pest with Suiferin

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Immunization of pigs against Aujeszkys disease with a live vaccine made from modified BUK virus

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Immunization of pigs against swine fever and erysipelas by a mixture of two vaccines

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Immunization of pigs against vesicular disease

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Immunization of pigs with the vaccines of the Aujeszkys disease virus prepared from two plague variants of the virus

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Immunization of pigs with vaccines from inactivated Aujeszky virus

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Immunization of pigs with vaccines from inactivated Aujeszkys disease virus

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Immunization of pigs with virus vaccine BUK-628 with a propolis stimulator

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Immunization of plants

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Immunization of plants with the aid of a systemically acting biogenic inductor of defense reactions

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Immunization of poultry against

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Immunization of pregnant mares with an inactivated equine herpesvirus 1 vaccine

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Immunization of rabbits with a complex of type VI specific capsular polysacharide and methylated bovine serum albumin

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Immunization of rabbits with polyhexosamine ceramide complex (cytolipin P) and the histological findings

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Immunization of rainbow trout against viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) with a thermoresistant variant of the virus

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Immunization of sheep against dictyocaulosis

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Immunization of sheep against pasteurellosis

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Immunization of sheep and goats against experimental Brucella melitensis infection

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Immunization of sheep with a vaccine from the strain Brucella melitensis Rev 1

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Immunization of sheep with vaccine from strain REV-1 of Br. melitensis

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Immunization of sheep, goats, cattle and pigs with Brucella suis strain 2 vaccine

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Immunization of sows and unweaned piglets

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Immunization of suckling pigs against swine fever using Suvac vaccine

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Immunization of swine after inoculation with Riems swine fever live virus vaccine

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Immunization of swine against Aujeszkys disease

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Immunization of swine against Brucella infection

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Immunization of swine against FMD in relation to the practical epidemic control

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Immunization of swine against Pasteurella multocida infections and respiratory mycoplasmosis

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Immunization of swine against colibacillosis

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Immunization of swine against foot and mouth disease

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Immunization of swine against foot-and-mouth disease

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Immunization of swine against transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE). I. Titer of specific virus neutralizing antibodies (VNA) in the blood serum of sows treated with TGE vaccine produced by Diamond Lab., Inc., Iowa, USA

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Immunization of swine against transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE). II. Colostral titer of specific virus-neutralizing antibodies in the blood serum of piglets originating from sows vaccinated during pregnancy with TGE vaccine produced by D. Laboratory, Iowa, USA

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Immunization of swine against transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE). III. Testing (by test infection) of the stability of colostral immunity in piglets originating from sows vaccinated during pregnancy with TGE vaccine produced by D. Laboratory, Iowa, USA

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Immunization of swine against vesicular disease

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Immunization of swine with Aujesky virus vaccines prepared from two plaque variants of the virus

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Immunization of swine with vaccines containing different adjuvants for the control of foot and mouth disease

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Immunization of swine with virus-vaccine BUK-628 propolisnic stimulator

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Immunization of the beef breeding herd

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Immunization of the beef cow and its influence on fetal and neonatal calf health

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Immunization of the bovine fetus against colibacillosis

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Immunization of the canine athlete

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Immunization of the primiparous goat against experimental infection of Brucella melitensis: comparison of REV. 1 and H 38 vaccines. Experiments in Fougeres. 5

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Immunization of turkeys against Newcastle disease

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Immunization of young animal against FMD

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Immunization of young bovines against foot-and-mouth disease using oil adjuvants and water

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Immunization of young broiler chickens with IBD virus vaccine

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Immunization of young cattle against foot-and-mouth disease using vaccines in oil or water adjuvants

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Immunization of young chicks against Newcastle disease (passive immunity and immune response between 10 and 30 days of age)

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Immunization potential of a monovalent foot-and-mouth-disease-calf-kidney-tissue-culture-vaccine type O in swine

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Immunization prevents DDT buildup in mouse tissues

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Immunization processes in the milk gland of cattle

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Immunization program for a broodmare farm Mares, vaccination, Kentucky

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Immunization program for dairy cows

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Immunization programmes on big poultry farms

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Immunization properties of attenuated virus strains of the contagious ecthyma of sheep

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Immunization recommendations for travel in the Mediterranean area

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Immunization scheme against poultry infectious coryza by using inactivated vaccines

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Immunization tests with guinea pigs with a Trichophyton verrucosum live antigen

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Immunization to decrease pregnancy wastage in beef cattle. I. Immunologic principles

Larson, Bl, 1996:
Immunization to decrease pregnancy wastage in beef cattle. II. Available vaccines

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Immunization trials against fowl-cholera Pasteurella multocida.1

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Immunization trials of piglets against classic hog cholera with lapinized live virus vaccine

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Immunization trials of piglets against classic swine fever with lapinized live vaccine

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Immunization trials of swine against foot-and-mouth disease by the use of iminoethylethylene

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Immunization trials with Protost

Denev, I., 1974:
Immunization trials with guinea

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Immunization value of concentrated precipitated tetanus anatoxin with addition of aluminum hydroxide

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Immunization with Leishmania receptor for macrophages protects mice against cutaneous leishmaniasis

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Immunization with PspA incorporated into a poly(ethylene oxide) matrix elicits protective immunity against Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Immunization with a Synthetic Peptide Conjugate Derived from the N-Terminal Sequence of Either the o-Chain of Haemoglobin or the Immunosuppressive Protein (reOLT 4) Reduces the Litter Size of Pregnant Rats

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Immunization with a modified live virus equine rhinopneumonitis vaccine and an aluminum hydroxide adsorbed equine influenza vaccine

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Immunization with dendritic cells loaded with alpha-galactosylceramide at priming phase, but not at boosting phase, enhances cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity against infection by intracellular bacteria

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Immunization with heat-killed Francisella tularensis LVS elicits protective antibody-mediated immunity

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Immunization with live vaccine against Aujeszkys disease

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Immunization with neurofilament light protein induces spastic paresis and axonal degeneration in Biozzi ABH mice

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Immunization with peptides derived from the idiotypic region of lupus-associated autoantibodies delays the development of lupus nephritis in the (SWR x NZB)F1 murine model

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Immunization with recombinant Sao protein confers protection against Streptococcus suis infection

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Immunization with simultaneous use of live antigens and specific antibodies. Mode of action

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