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Impact of floodwater spreading on the physico chemical characteristics of topsoil case study: floodwater spreading site on aquifer of Sohrain Qarecharian plain of Zanjan

Khalafi, J.; Movahhed, F.B.; Rezaei, A.; Mojtahedi, G.

Iranian Journal of Soil and Water Sciences 20(2): 319-327


Accession: 016072493

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Floodwater spreading stations have been established with different goals. that enhance our understanding of some unknowns and suitable programming for reaching them, can present clear resplendence for future. For these purposes, this study was done to evaluate of some of physical-chemical characteristics change of topsoil in Zanjan floodwater spreading station. A plot in 100x80 m in control site and 3 plots in 500x80 m in spreading site were selected.

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