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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16078

Chapter 16078 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gunther, E., 1983:
Import prohibition for Danish potatoes goes on

Adee, Rl, 1975:
Import protection for honey

Parker, R.L., 1975:
Import quarantine regulations: do they meet our needs?

Anonymous, 1946:
Import quota on short harsh cotton

Anonymous, 1946:
Import quota plan for the wool raising and wool manufacturing industries

Anonymous, 1967:
Import quotas legislation

Anonymous, 1942:
Import quotas on long-staple cotton

Anonymous, 1982:
Import regulations in Australia

Brugger, A., 1977:
Import regulations of agricultural products, focal point of agricultural policy

Anonymous, 1998:
Import reinspection between USDA and Agriculture Canada

Anonymous, 1977:
Import relief to the domestic sugar industry

Buchanan, G.M.rray, E., 1995:
Import replacement: the Lloydminster, Alberta, experience

Anonymous, 1998:
Import requirements and restrictions for tobacco products in foreign markets

Anonymous, 1976:
Import restrictions for canned mushrooms are tempting

Wehrwein, Carl, F., 1960:
Import restrictions on feed grains in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany, and Italy

Kahn, S.A., 1999:
Import risk analysis on non-viable salmonids and non-salmonid marine finfish

Pharo, Howard, J., 1998:
Import risk analysis, unprocessed fibre of sheep and goats

Selly, C., 1969:
Import saving--food bill still rising

Lehner, H., 1975:
Import squeeze and export difficulties of Austrian foreign trade of agricultural products

Yamamoto, K., 1974:
Import stabilization of raw mat

Taerum, R., 1976 :
Import statistics--decorative plants and ornamental plants

Vichaidist, S., 1972:
Import substitution and Thailand

Leela, Pillalamarri, 1984:
Import substitution and economic efficiency

Chase, Ra, 1983:
Import substitution and local economic development

Pillai, Vs, 1975:
Import substitution in fertiliser industry

Bartlett, Ray, 1989:
Import substitution program evaluation

Grabowski, R., 1994:
Import substitution, export promotion, and the state in economic development

Carter, C.S.hmitz, A., 1980:
Import tariffs and price formation in the world wheat market: reply

Smolinski, P., 2007:
Import to European Union of products covered by the Common organization of sugar market

Anonymous, 1974:

Ho, Cc, 1973:
Import-export animal quarantine in Taiwan

El-Attal, Ha, 1981:
Import-export maneuver can improve economy

Anonymous, 1981:
Import-export operations in veterinary services

Vidal, Adhemar, 1945:
Importaancia do a* eth *caucar

Calheiros, E.Meneses, Josae-Luiz, 1959:
Importaancia econaomica da floresta portuguesa

Riggs, W.-W.C.rtis, K.-R.H.rris, T., R., 2005:
Importance & use of enterprise budgets in agricultural operations

Treitz, W., 1974:
Importance and accomplishment of farm help in the German Federal Republic

Ndiaye, M.; Akakpo, J.A.; Pangui, J.L.; Ndiaye, I., 2000:
Importance and aetiologic particularities of diarrhoeas in mortality of young small ruminants in Senegal

Kneifel, W., 1983:
Importance and analytical comprehension of heat stability of milk and milk-powder

Wirth, F., 1980:
Importance and application of sensory tests

Saure, M., 1978:
Importance and application of the variety protection law in horticulture

Vollmers, M., 1979:
Importance and application of tolerances in feed manufacture, sampling and analysis from the view of the feed manufacturer

Friedrich, W., 1979:
Importance and application of tolerances in feed maufacture, sampling and analysis, from the view of production technique

Saila, S.B., 1983:
Importance and assessment of discards in commercial fisheries

Sieberhein, K., 1981:
Importance and biology of large-leaved species of Rumex sp. in grasslands Rumex obtusifolius, Rumex crispus.1

Landolt, E., 1971:
Importance and care of biotopes

Becerra-Martinez, J., 1976:
Importance and care of the teeth of band saws

Keller, C.; Schleapfer, E.; Ossent, P., 1987:
Importance and causes of damaged glutaeobireps muscles in pickled dried meat production

Poretschkin, P., 1976:
Importance and chances of exports by the German Food Industry

Smolej, I., 1981:
Importance and characteristics of forest reserves in Slovenia

Agostini, R., 1972:
Importance and characteristics of the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) of the Apennines-Emilia region

Bolling, H.Z.ingelberg, H., 1975:
Importance and classification of milling by-products

Kaemmerer, K., 1974 :
Importance and coimpatibility of alkane yeasts as feed protein. I

Vyas, S.; Patel, V., 1968:
Importance and compositional study on Kutchhi goat milk of Gujarat

Leroy, P.L.vy, G., 1973:
Importance and conditions of addition of Sphagnum peat in nursery before transplanting Norway spruce and Douglas fir

Tiews, J., 1970:
Importance and consequence of antibiotic supplementary feeding in animal production

Kuntze, H., 1981:
Importance and conservation of swamps and wet areas Groundwater, natural resources, West Germany.1

Stanciu, I.M.nteanu, P., 1983:
Importance and content of the design for the arrangement of drainage systems

Ponte, Jj-Da, 1980:
Importance and control of Meloidogyne infestations in northeastern Brazil

Barreto, B.; Teixeira, M.D., C., 1977:
Importance and control of bean pests in Rio Grande do Sul

Zehr, Ei, 1985:
Importance and control of blossom blight in the southeastern United States

Butendieck, B.-N.B.nilla, E., W., 1974:
Importance and control of parasitism in beef production

Valdebenito, S.-Rm, 1975:
Importance and control of postharvest apple and pear rots

Valdebenito, S.-Rm, 1975:
Importance and control of postharvest rotting in apples and pears

Rolli, K., 1977:
Importance and control of seed transmitted diseases of barley in Morocco

Maude, R.; Humpherson-Jones, F., 1984:
Importance and control of seed-borne diseases of oilseed rape

Chermette, R., 1982:
Importance and current status of hydatid disease (immature echinococcosis) in France. I. practical considerations in veterinary medicine

Binder, E., 1976:
Importance and detection of nitrate in dairy products

Jabbar, A.Y.qub, M.K.an, M., 1975:
Importance and determination of fluorine in water

Bergfeld, J.R.inhardt, G.K.nig, I., 1978:
Importance and determination of follicle stimulating and luteinising components in PMSG preparations

Kuhn, N., 1975:
Importance and determination of sulfur species in hydromorph soils

Rothe, M., 1980:
Importance and development of aroma research

Bollinger, M., 1971:
Importance and development of crops protected by plastics for the truck gardening in Algeria

Buggel, H., 1975:
Importance and development of forestry and timber industry in the Kingdom of Nepal

Anusic, J.E.gotic, E., 1975:
Importance and development of industrial production of food for babies in Yugoslavia

Gunkel, G., 1982:
Importance and development of pork production in the European member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance Consumption, trends.1

Nkhungulu, I.; Msikita, W., 1985:
Importance and development of rape (Brassica napus L.) as a vegetable in Zambia

Truksa, J., 1979:
Importance and dispensability of N, P, and K in the fertilization of grain maize

Perez, Camacho, F., 1981:
Importance and distribution of hypothetical viral diseases in vines of Montilla-Moriles denomination of origin

Berger, G.E.gendorf, B., 1976:
Importance and establishment of herds with sound legs and hoofs in industrial dairy units

Waldo, Dr, 1977:
Importance and estimation of ruminally undegraded but digestible protein

Sharma, Js, 1978:
Importance and evaluation of dairy bulls

Wesche, T.; Goertler, C.; Frye, C., 1985:
Importance and evaluation of instream and riparian cover in smaller trout streams

Thiede, G., 1980:
Importance and extent of feeds from foreign countries in the European Economic Community

Stoenescu, F., 1977:
Importance and features of Carthamus tinctorius cultivation

Berger, G.E.gendorf, B., 1976:
Importance and formation of herds with healthy limbs and claws in industrial producing dairy cattle units

Refatti, E.G.anata, G.B.mbara, G.P.cciolo, F.Z.ppala, A.G.asso, S., 1979:
Importance and frequence of virus diseases in some Sicilian vine districts

Maaren, A.Van, 1979:
Importance and function of forests

Haiden, G., 1976:
Importance and function of the hill farming area

Stolle, G.S.hmidt, G., 1975:
Importance and fundamentals of forecasting the expected fruit size of apples

Bloc, D., 1970:
Importance and future of corn, forage plant

Arato, J., 1969:
Importance and future of the cooling industry in the upto-date town catering

Rangaswamy, P.C.innadurai, K.P.laniswamy, S., 1972:
Importance and future prospects of soybean in Tamil Nadu

Zhechev, P., 1970 :
Importance and future studies of

Martini, I., 1978:
Importance and historical development of La Clinica Veterinaria in the first century of its existence

Anonymous, 1984:
Importance and impact of federal alcohol fuel tax incentives

Naumann, K., 1971:
Importance and incidence of grain ear diseases

Makowski, N.M.nklei, W.K.ster, D.G.orge, W., 1981:
Importance and information from several years of use of punched cards for grain production in the northern counties

Gajic, I.R.divojevic, R., 1980:
Importance and intensity of genetic changes resulting from direct and indirect swine selection

Weidig, E.H.chelberger, H., 1979:
Importance and introduction of quality certificates in young cattle rearing

Frontali, C., 1979:
Importance and limitations in taxonomic trials

Tuttobello, L.P.lliola, E., 1979:
Importance and limitations of trials on the pathogenicity of Candida

Sauvant, D.B.s, P., 1979:
Importance and limits of biochemical profiles in dairy goats

Meissonnier, E., 1980:
Importance and limits of metabolic profiles in cattle

Burth, U.G.edicke, H., 1985:
Importance and limits of using plant protection products and biological control products

Delpech, P., 1981:
Importance and measurement of color in eggs and poultry

Connolly, J., 1986:
Importance and measurement of mixture effects in grazing systems

Nagy, A., 1975:
Importance and method of noise tests in sawmill workshops

Svab, J.L.rincz, J.S.mits, K., 1981:
Importance and methods of the biometrical analysis of observations out of large-scale commercial plant production

Biszkup, F.H.rn, P., 1972:
Importance and modalities of crossings in pigeon-breeding

Narziss, L., 1979:
Importance and modification of hydrogen-ion concentration during mashing

Stuhrmann, K., 1978:
Importance and necessity in the use of wood reserves in connection with the development of consumer goods production, especially in the production of building elements in forestry

Stuhrmann, K., 1978:
Importance and necessity of using the wood reserves in connection with the development of consumer goods production especially the production of construction materials

Vogel, G.F.ohlich, H., 1973:
Importance and need for production control in stepwise transition to industrialised field vegetable production

Bonhomme-Florentin, A., 1975:
Importance and nutritive value of rumen ciliate and bacteria populations for their host

Fuller, H.; Kneitz, G.B.ttner, K., 1975:
Importance and occurrence of rabies with the example of current epidemics in Lower Franconia

Kivistik, J., 1974:
Importance and organization of interfarm transportation in agriculture

Labana, K.S.; Gupta, M.L., 1993:
Importance and origin

Hadenfeldt, Hp, 1982:
Importance and performance of meadows in Schleswig-Holstein

Hegedus, J., 1977:
Importance and perspectives of rabbit rearing

Cavalloro, R.N.yae, G., 1990:
Importance and perspectives on herbicide-resistant weeds

Pivar, G., 1971:
Importance and place of plant protection in mode

Vivier, B., 1983:
Importance and position of sunflowers Rotation, optimum use of soil reserves, cultivation, weeding, germination.1

Vass, J., 1978:
Importance and possibilities of by-product utilization in ruminants feeding

Glodek, P., 1977:
Importance and possibilities of control of hereditary defects in swine breeding

Becker, G., 1977:
Importance and possibilities of forestry to the labor market

Dordevic, V., 1983:
Importance and possibilities of instrumental recording of production quality in meat industry

Kulich, J.M.rhac, P., 1979:
Importance and possibilities of long-term exploitation of meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.) and its clover-grass mixtures

Papocsi, L., 1988:
Importance and possibilities of processing vegetable growing in Hungary

Baier, A.D.utrich, K.G.osse, H.S.hafer, M., 1980:
Importance and possibilities of the protection against corrosion, shown by example of the meat industry

Schubert, R., 1979:
Importance and possible organization of calculations in vineyard management

Kraszner-Berndorfer, E.K.vats, L., 1972:
Importance and presence of several bio quinones in foods

Jordao, Lp, 1980:
Importance and preservation of colostrum for the protection and rearing of calves

Libich, V., 1977:
Importance and principles in elaboration of planned calculations of hop production costs

Petrovic, D., 1971:
Importance and problems in the production of processed cheese

Basoccu, L., 1975:
Importance and problems of Piedmont strawberry culture in the national surroundings

Pellinen, P., 1984:
Importance and problems of biomass studies

Nerlich, H.L.upolt, B., 1977:
Importance and problems of determining the city fringe areas in unagglomerated, predominately agriculturally structured districts of the German Democratic Republic

Molnar, B., 1971:
Importance and problems of flower growing in Hungary

Weissbach, F., 1980:
Importance and problems of increased use of dried feed in ruminant feeding

Schrader, J.P.ossl, J., 1984:
Importance and problems of the exporter for the wood trade of German Federal Republic

Ehwald, E., 1977:
Importance and problems of water conductivity of the soil

Gutsche, H.; Possart, W., 1980:
Importance and procedures for rearing motherless lambs to increase rearing results

Zureck, F., 1976:
Importance and production of fish protein as a supplement for protein deficiency for the nutrition of the world population. 5. importance of fish protein for the nutrition of the populations of the African states

Zureck, F., 1976:
Importance and production of fish protein as a supplement of the protein deficiency for world human nutrition. 3. fish protein in the USSR, German Democratic Republic, Japan, Chile and Peru

Zureck, F., 1976:
Importance and production of fish protein as a supplement of the protein deficiency for world human nutrition. 4. overfishing of seas and problems on closing the world protein gap

Zureck, F., 1975:
Importance and production of fish protein as supplementing the protein deficiency for world human nutrition. 2. increasing fish production for supplying the world population with fish protein

Zureck, F., 1974:
Importance and production of fish protein as supplementing the protein deficiency for world population nutrition

Zureck, F., 1976:
Importance and production of fish protein to complement protein deficiency in world-wide human nutrition. 5. importance of fish protein for the nutrition of people of the African nations

Laktis, J., 1974:
Importance and prospects for treating cattle hooves in large-scale cattle raising

Kurzweg, W., 1982:
Importance and prospects of aerosol disinfection for livestock production in the German Democratic Republic

Olivares, J.B.dmar, E.; Casadesus, J., 1979:
Importance and prospects of biological nitrogen fixation

Schley, P.T.iel, N., 1973:
Importance and prospects of deeping meat rabbits (1)

Toplak, J., 1978:
Importance and prospects of farming in Somalia

Preto, G., 1983:
Importance and prospects of tropical agriculture and silviculture

Korosec, J., 1981:
Importance and purpose of improvement of forage plants

Stachelberger, H.S.honwald, E., 1982:
Importance and quality of lipoproteins from wheat flour

Andrews, W.; Ray, B., 1989:
Importance and regulatory implications of the recovery of injured microorganisms from foods and water

Hein, W., 1974:
Importance and requirement of raw materials for wooden packing materials and pallets in the Federal Republic of Germany

Richter, W., 1978:
Importance and results of irrigation for raising cereal yield on light soils

Facsar, I., 1984:
Importance and results of microbiological examinatin of milk cooling storage tanks

Pschichholz, W., 1979:
Importance and results of timber preservation in the past 15 years in the German Democratic Republic and the next tasks

Boudier, B., 1982:
Importance and risks of using triadimefon in forest and ornamental tree nurseries Fungicides.1

Ivosevic, M.U.osevic, B., 1980:
Importance and role of Ljubicevo horse games in the development of horse breeding

Castiaux, J., 1973:
Importance and role of agrometeorological studies in an agricultural development project

Supekar, Pg, 1973:
Importance and role of dairy owners associations in augmenting milk production in India

Geoffroy, R., 1974:
Importance and role of enzymes in the bread industry

Ruszczyc, Z., 1984:
Importance and role of microelements in animal nutrition

Pant, Nc, 1976:
Importance and role of pest control in agricultural production technology

Banerjee, Sn, 1976:
Importance and role of pest control: an integrated approach

Goussault, B., 1983:
Importance and role of the microbiological control

Sinkovics, G.; Medgyes, I., 1979:
Importance and role of the predisposing factors caused by deficient feeding in the development of the diseases of the digestive organs in large-scale populations of young rabbits

Mihokovic, V., 1978:
Importance and role of veterinary-sanitary control over the processing of bovine proventriculi in view of infestation of the rumen with Paramphistomum cervi

Popov, D., 1977:
Importance and role of waterpower engineering in the development of the Yugoslavian economy and society

Montard, F.-De; Laissus, R.P.anquaert, P.P.antureux, S., 1983:
Importance and role of white clover in permanent meadows in relation with environmental conditions and farming practices and nitrogen fertilization

Siddiqui, Mr, 1985:
Importance and scope of seed pathology in seed crop management

Fornaroli, D., 1972:
Importance and significance of plant estrogens in forages

Gordon, R., 1994:
Importance and silvicultural treatment of stone pine in the Upper Engadine (Grisons)

Busch, W.B.ch, S.W.tt, W.A.erswald, H., 1977:
Importance and situation of development of heat synchronization in cows

Tegge, I., 1976:
Importance and some special problems of reciprocal recurrent selection in breeding laying hens

Cupic, I., 1972:
Importance and specificity of agrarian credit

Rhodes, L., 1972:
Importance and systematics of research in food industry

Schon, H.O.fe, G., 1982:
Importance and tasks of agricultural technique in the past and in the future West Germany.1

Schonmuth, G., 1970:
Importance and tasks of animal breeding

Zobel, M., 1974:
Importance and tasks of community food supply in the German Democratic Republic

Illes, J., 1980:
Importance and tasks of genetic prevention of health disorders in farm animals under intensified large-scale production conditions

Boronkai, L., 1975:
Importance and tasks of maintenance of equipment in sawmills

Koriath, H.A.mus, F.G.rlitz, H.E.ch, D., 1977:
Importance and tasks of organic fertilization and the supply of soils with organic matter

Eberhardt, M., 1975:
Importance and tasks of scientific work organization for the development of industrial plant production

Eberhardt, M., 1976:
Importance and tasks of the Scientific Working Organization in the crop production of the Cooperative Crop Production Section and the Agricultural Producers Cooperative

Bavdek, S.B.tis, J.B.hm, O.G.osel, K.G.egorovic, V., 1982:
Importance and tasks of veterinary medicine in food production

Czike, I., 1978:
Importance and technical conditions of silo storage of materials difficult to pour in bulk

Bisping, Wolfgang, 1981:
Importance and technique of microbiological examinations in artificial insemination problems

Gignoux, J., 1976:
Importance and the role of advising on food legislation

Schlegel, W.L.ebel, J., 1971:
Importance and use of artificial insemination in pig breeding

Schirrmeier, H., 1983:
Importance and use of immunofluoresence technique for virus diagnosis in respiratory diseases of calves

Karg, W.M.ck, S., 1986:
Importance and use of oligophagous predators of the cohort Gamasina Leach

Baskin, S., 1988:
Importance and use of seed quality measurements

Kovacik, A.B.res, I., 1981:
Importance and utilization of plant resources in world agriculture Breeding and introduction material.1

Perrot, M., 1977:
Importance and utilization of the forced molt in layers

Vetter, K., 1974:
Importance and utilization possibilities of low calorie foods

Vrbacky, O., 1982:
Importance and value of common feed wastes and residues in farm animal nutrition

Jelinowski, S., 1979:
Importance and value of oats as a forecrop in crop rotations with high percentage of cereals

Popoff, Mr, 1982:
Importance and variety of anaerobic bacteria in animal diseases

Doireau, P., 1976:
Importance and various aspects of alcoholic fermentation during germination in different types of seeds

Bertoni, G., 1981:
Importance and way of proper energy utilization of the dairy cow

Rubin, Ss, 1981:
Importance and ways of regulatio

Harms, F., 1973:
Importance and weight of dip coating for sausage

Nichols, C.; Thrift, F.; Absher, C.; Aaron, D., 1985:
Importance assessed to certain performance characters by purchasers of yearling bulls of four breeds

Chadelas, Robert, 1949:
Importance de lallaitement maternel dans laelevage du poulain

Papadakis, Stylianos, E., 1954:
Importance de la culture des plantes medicinales et aromatiques et de lindustrie des huiles essentielles pour laeconomie nationale de la Graece

Royer, Claude, 1951:
Importance du magnaesium dans laeconomie animale

Buendia, Ao, 1982:
Importance for West Andalusia of pod legumes as an element in rotation of crops and a source of energetic proteic foods

Ostrowska, A.T.oszkiewicz, J., 1977:
Importance for apiculture of the Central Station for Animal Breeding

Morse, Gd, 1981:
Importance for bees of a water supply--its vital function in the life of the hive

Piatkowski, B., 1980:
Importance for feeding for the fertility in dairy cows

Deuse, Jpl, 1978:
Importance in the tropics of the formulation of pesticides for their distribution in rural areas

Beauchesne, G., 1980:
Importance of in vitro culture for vegetative propagation

Bortitz, S., 1974:
Importance of invisible influences of industrial air pollutions to vegetation

Samoggia, G., 1979:
Importance of nest in rabbit rearing

Banerjee, U.; Barghoorn, E., 1971:
Importance of rootlessness in maize

Garcia-Baudin, Jm, 1982:
Importance of ryegrasses in Spanish winter cereals

Andersson, H., 1986:
Importance of small and large characters in phylogenetic taxonomy

Buttery, R.G.; Ling, L.C., 1994:
Importance of 2-aminoacetophenone to the flavor of masa corn flour products

Nauialis, Ii, 1980:
Importance of A. S. Watts studies in Pteridium aquilinum for working out the problems in structure and dynamics of phytocoenoses

Krovosheina, Np, 1984:
Importance of Aeolesthes sarta in fruit tree plantations in the Turkmen SSR

Krausslich, H., 1979 :
Importance of American dairy cattle breeds in Europe

Kunzi, N., 1979:
Importance of American dairy cattle breeds in the Swiss cattle population

Hafiz, A., 1975:
Importance of Australian technology for North African and Middle East countries

Wipking, W., 1982:
Importance of Bausenberg (Eifel) for the distribution of Zygaenidae in Rhineland (Insecta, Lepidoptera)

Horvath, J., 1973:
Importance of Bryonia alba L. and Bryonia dioica Jacq. hemicryptophyton plants in virus differentiation

Laessig, D.; Nagel, D.; Heinemann, V.; Untch, M.; Kahlert, S.; Bauerfeind, I.; Stieber, P., 2007:
Importance of CEA and CA 15-3 during disease progression in metastatic breast cancer patients

Korner, D.K.K.R., 1981:
Importance of CO2 carbon dioxide and O2 oxygen for germination and protease production by Thermoactinomyces vulgaris Industrial microbiology.10 Z

Chadderton, Ra, 1981:
Importance of CO2 loss in lake quality predictions

Koch, W.V.lf, F., 1982:
Importance of Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) in Europe Weed control.1

Karavianskii, N.; Blinova, V., 1978:
Importance of Carabidae beetles in the regulation of the population of harmful insects in forage crop rotations

Abgrall, Jf, 1982 :
Importance of Chermes (Adelgidae) in forest populations Damages, chemical control and prevention.1

Spahr, Hj, 1981:
Importance of Collembola for soil biology and their suitability as test organisms for ecotoxicoloy

Bockheim, Jg, 2007:
Importance of Cryoturbation in Redistributing Organic Carbon in Permafrost-Affected Soils

Rozsnyay, Zd, 1980:
Importance of Cytospora canker and dieback of apricots

Halter, R.; Hansen, T.; Seidel, A.; Ziemann, C.; Borlak, J., 2007:
Importance of DNA-adduct formation and gene expression profiling of disease candidate genes in rats exposed to bitumen fumes

Nakonechnyi, Vi, 1973:
Importance of Diptera entomophages at different phases of gradation of dendrophilic Lepidoptera

Behle, R.W., 2006:
Importance of direct spray and spray residue contact for infection of Trichoplusia ni larvae by field applications of Beauveria bassiana

Bouchon, J., 1984:
Importance of Douglas fir and spruce plantations in France

Louis, C.L.pez-Ferber, M.K.hl, G.A.noux, M., 1989:
Importance of Drosophila as fruit flies

Piglionica, V.B.ttalico, A.S.niscalco, A., 1976:
Importance of Fusarium moniliforme Sheld. within kernels of maize (Zea mays L.) in Italy

Lasselain, M.; Pareyre, C.D.ysson, G., 1977 :
Importance of G2 for the cytokinesis of plant cells: specific blocking by deoxyguanosine

Hoflich, G., 1979:
Importance of Gaeumannomyces graminis in specialized cereal crop rotations and possibilities of phytosanitary control

Kielstein, P.M.thling, W.S.yfarth, D.K.ller, A., 1986:
Importance of Glassers disease in swine stock

Mallick, Bb, 1978:
Importance of Gumboro disease in poultry and role in the development of immunity towards other mortal diseases such as Newcastle disease

Severium, F.B.ssino, J.; Blanc, M.B.ny, D.G.ndrier, J., 1984:
Importance of Heteroptera predators of pear psylla in southeastern France

Cleaver, R.; Baitinger, W., 1995:
Importance of INDURA fabrics in the protective clothing market

Mayberry, Ks, 2002:
Importance of Imperial Valley winter vegetables

Barush, V.R.shavi, B., 1985:
Importance of K.M. Ryzhikovs works for the development of ornithohelminthology in Czechoslovakia

Arora, Cl, 1980:
Importance of Karakul sheep in the world fur industry and trade

Hrdlicka, J., 1976:
Importance of L cysteine and L cystine during food processing

Capek, M., 1982:
Importance of Mediterranean insects as forest pests in Slovakia

Cardoso, M.V.; Vasconcellos, S.A., 2004:
Importance of Mycoplasma bovis, M. bovigenitalium and Ureaplasma diversum in the fertility of bulls

Ito, K.; Ishimaru, T.; Kimura, F.; Matsudomi, N., 2007:
Importance of N-glycosylation positioning for secretion and folding of ovalbumin

Jiang-Yong; Ma-Tonghui, 2007:
Importance of NPA motifs in the expression and function of water channel aquaporin-1

Tighe, M.L.ckwood, P., 2007:
Importance of Noncrystalline Hydroxide Phases in Sequential Extractions to Fractionate Antimony in Acid Soils

Mirleau, P.; Wogelius, R.; Smith, A.; Kertesz, M.A., 2005:
Importance of organosulfur utilization for survival of Pseudomonas putida in soil and rhizosphere

Ferreira, Ldbb, 1982:
Importance of Oribatoidea in the monieziosis of ruminants

Chor*-Eth-*azyna, Hanna, 1956:
Importance of Pavlovs achievement for animal husbandry

Lacob, N., 1972:
Importance of Phytoseiulus persimilis as a predator used in the biological control of greenhouse mites

Kielwein, G., 1975:
Importance of Pseudomonas fluorescens and other gram negative bacteria for the development of odors in Emmental cheese (aerobic rot)

Holmes, Aw, 1979:
Importance of R & D

Perraton, B.L.cas, P., 1983:
Importance of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in some parasitic lodging symptoms in maize

Noshiro, S.; Suzuki, M.; Sasaki, Y., 2007:
Importance of Rhus verniciflua Stokes (lacquer tree) in prehistoric periods in Japan, deduced from identification of its fossil woods

Karczmarz, Km, 1980:
Importance of S. S. Ganeshins works in the study of the flora of the flowering plants in Central and Eastern Poland

Bittencourt, H.M.; Chaimovich, H., 1976:
Importance of SH groups in catalysis by bovine brain acid phosphatase

Fehlhaber, K., 1981:
Importance of Shigella from the aspect of veterinary food hygiene

Mckenzie, A., J.; Petty, S., J.; Toms, M., P.; Furness, R., W., 2007:
Importance of Sitka Spruce Picea sitchensis seed and garden bird-feeders for Siskins Carduelis spinus and Coal Tits Periparus ater

McKenzie, A.J.; Petty, S.J.; Toms, M.P.; Furness, R.W., 2007:
Importance of Sitka Spruce Picea sitchensis seed and garden bird-feeders for Siskins Carduelis spinus and Coal Tits Periparus ater: Siskins and Coal Tits were present in gardens more often in years of poor Sitka Spruce cone crops, with synchrony across the UK

Raeuber, Hj, 1976:
Importance of Soviet Investigations of the structural and mechanical properties of sausage meats

Ebert, D., 1973:
Importance of Soviet wheat breeds to further intensification of cereal production in the GDR

Anonymous, 1977:
Importance of Spanish export of fruits and vegetables in the European Economic Community

Mishchenko, Aa, 1974:
Importance of Staphylinidae beetles in pine forests

Ozcan, H., 1977:
Importance of Texel breed on the improvement of native sheep breeds in the world and in Turkey

Barkoukis, H., 2007:
Importance of understanding food consumption patterns

Lakshman, H.C., 2007:
Importance of VAM fungal diversity on forest tree species in a deciduous forest

Duviard, D., 1969:
Importance of Vernonia quineensis Benth. in the nutrition of some ants of the savannah

Kadilakova, A.V.sil, M.K.chta, P., 1977:
Importance of X ray diagnosis of porcine atrophic rhinitis

Cronau, Pf, 1974:
Importance of X-ray examinations when buying a horse

Le-Gall-Reculcb, G.C.erbonnel, M.P.lotte, N.B.anchard, P.M.rin, Y.J.stin, V., 2007:
Importance of a Prime-Boost DNA

Rodriguez, H., 1983:
Importance of a Puerto Rican yam variety in the Ivory Coast: Flordio

Urban, E., 1970 :
Importance of a correct poultry feeding program for rearing young animals for later performance

Zalman, M., 1981:
Importance of a dynamic follow-up of various serological and allergic reactions in chronic and latent forms of brucellosis

Cottereau, P.F.rrando, R.T.urnut, J.F.ugere, J., 1978:
Importance of a feed additive made from an association of natural polysaccharides extracted from swine Escherichia coli

Kutyuzov, G.; Kameneva, E., 1978:
Importance of a forage crop rotation in the control of weeds

Abdalah-R.G., 1978:
Importance of a good cutting

Patri, G., 1984:
Importance of a good knowledge of plants used in cosmetics

Eklund, B.I.; Mannervik, B., 2007:
Importance of a hypervariable active-site residue in human Mu class glutathione transferases catalyzing the bioactivation of chemotherapeutic thiopurine prodrugs

Peeters, P., 1973:
Importance of a interior market of white sugar in Paris

Popovic, M., 1979:
Importance of a knowledge of structure and production for forest typology

Brunig, Ef, 1976:
Importance of a modern silvicultural system in order to preserve the peasant forest

Chanet, J.; Denoly, R.; Garrault, J.; Lefevre, M., 1975:
Importance of a partial epididymectomy in young slaughter bulls

Quesnel, M., 1981:
Importance of a rational farming of grassland substituted for grapes in the rear grape production coastal area of Burgundy France.1

Quesnel, B., 1980:
Importance of a rational use of grass substituted for grapes in the grape growing coastal region of Burgandy

Hanset, R.B.enfait, J.; Jandrain, M.N.cks, B.L.roy, P., 1978:
Importance of a single rib cut in the evaluation of young bull carcasses

Buttner, K., 1974:
Importance of abiotic factos for the capture of insects by f orest ants (Formica polyctena Foerster). I. Effect of temp erture, air moisture and light intensity

Buttner, K., 1974:
Importance of abiotic factos for the the capture of insects by forest ants (Formica polyctena Foerster). II. Effect o f capture variety

Kiesgen, Kh, 1974:
Importance of absolute tolerance limits of section 17, part 2 prepackaging ordinance

Meurier, C., 1974:
Importance of accelerated aging tests for freeze dried vaccines against Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis

Teebrugge, F., 1974:
Importance of accessory intervals in various transport metho ds and procedures

Mitchell, H.; Bagshawe, K.D.; Newlands, E.S.; Savage, P.; Seckl, M.J., 2006:
Importance of accurate human chorionic gonadotropin measurement in the treatment of gestational trophoblast disease and testicular cancer

Piracci, A., 1982:
Importance of acetaldehyde and other ketonic acids in reducing the efficacy of sulfur dioxide in white wines from Lazio Italy.1

Gierschner, K., 1979:
Importance of acids and their reaction during production, concentration and storage of fruit juices

Multon, Jl, 1984:
Importance of additives for improving food preservation

Beeson, Wm, 1979:
Importance of adequate protein for growing and finishing cattle

Lampila, S.; Orell, M.; Belda, E.; Koivula, K., 2006:
Importance of adult survival, local recruitment and immigration in a declining boreal forest passerine, the willow tit Parus montanus

Boubacar, Kauyate, 1979:
Importance of advising on poultry pathology matters in Mali

Murthy, R.; Sita-Ram1; Pandit, A.1; Swaminathan, M1; Vikram-Singho, 1980:
Importance of aerial photo interpretation in geomorphological mapping--a case study of Rajkot district India

Petrova-Ianakieva, L., 1977:
Importance of aerobic spore forming microorganisms in pasteurized canned meat

Seth, Sm, 1979:
Importance of aerodynamic factors in the evaporation process in arid regions

Parpia, H.; Sreenivasamurthy, V., 1971:
Importance of aflatoxin in foods with reference to India

Peters, B.Robert.; Litovsky, R.; Parkinson, A.; Lake, J., 2007:
Importance of age and postimplantation experience on speech perception measures in children with sequential bilateral cochlear implants

Schmoldt, P.K.einer, W.S.honfelder, E.B.nger, U.F.ebig, U.J.ntsch, D.B.ade, W.K.phengst, P.P.nge, J., 1980:
Importance of age of calves for moving them from the dairy unit (1-14 days of age) to specialized rearing units (2-6 weeks of age)

White, W.B., 2007:
Importance of aggressive blood pressure lowering when it may matter most

Lopez-Solano, J.G.zman-Gonzalez, A., 1980:
Importance of agricultural and forestry information at the municipal level

Galvan-Lopez, R., 1980:
Importance of agricultural and forestry statistics for the elaboration of econometric models

Blau, G.Z.hal-Szabo, M., 1976:
Importance of agricultural data banks

Haman, J.B.szewski, W., 1978:
Importance of agricultural ecotechnique in crop production

Robic, T., 1978:
Importance of agricultural experts in service for the promotion of agriculture in cooperative organizations

Strahl, D., 1978:
Importance of agricultural multipurpose utilization. A contribution to the organization of farmland systems in the 19th century

Peter, J., 1978:
Importance of agricultural plants, fruit-trees and ornamental shrubs in apiculture

Michalski, Kj, 1983:
Importance of agricultural processing industries for intensifying agarian production and the socioeconomic reshaping of agriculture in the developing countries

Early, Jd, 1981:
Importance of agricultural research to productivity United States

Zeiter, Hp, 1983:
Importance of agricultural-tourism livelihood combinations in the Aletsch region

Hoffmann, W., 1974:
Importance of agriculture and

Gusenleitner, J., 1983:
Importance of agriculture and forest management for environmental protection

Haber, W., 1972:
Importance of agriculture for air- and water economy

Jha, Sn, 1972:
Importance of agriculture in Indian economy

Fournier, O.-La, 1981:
Importance of agroforestry in Costa Rica

Gotlin, J.P.caric, A., 1978:
Importance of agrotechnical measures on the quantity and quanlity of grain yield of hybrid maize in Yugoslavia

Buck, M., 1971:
Importance of air analysis in evaluating effects of air pollutants on plants

Piendl, A.W.stner, H.G.iger, E., 1981:
Importance of aldehydes as flavour compounds and a HPLC apparatus built for their measurement

Leposavic, M., 1979:
Importance of alfalfa in the agricultural production of Yugoslavia

Taneja, R., 1977:
Importance of algae

Kas'-Ianov, A.N., 1980:
Importance of allergy diagnosics in the examination of cattle for brucellosis in freshly infected herds

Kas'-Ianov, An, 1974:
Importance of allergy diagnosis in the examination of cattle for brucellosis in freshly infected herds

Bagni, N., 1983:
Importance of amines in plants

Wick, H., 1979:
Importance of amino acids

Ichhponani, Js, 1979:
Importance of amino acids in poultry nutrition

Costa, Jsp-Da, 1980:
Importance of amino acids in red blood cells (effects of pooling samples for amino acid analysis)

Bories, A.M.ugenet, J., 1979:
Importance of anaerobic fermentation applied to residual waters with a strong carbon concentration

Robert, J., 1978:
Importance of analysis during research, development and control

Guzhov, I.; Vidzhesirivardana, S.; Balashov, T., 1981:
Importance of analysis modification variability in plant selection

Groulard, B.De, 1977:
Importance of analysis of equipment for the construction and maintenance of forest roads

Barello, A.M.sson, P.R.chon, J., 1987:
Importance of analysis of farming systems for coherence of agricultural development actions: study of several cases in the Mediterranean region

Chandra, S., 1970:
Importance of analysis of feed-stuff

Kokorin, An, 1973:
Importance of anatomical and morphological peculiarities of clover stems in plant resistance to Apion virens Hbst

Lauermann, G., 1980:
Importance of and control of molds from the hygienic and health view

Leigh, Tf, 1979:
Importance of and control strategies for hemipterous pests of cotton

Maljevic, J., 2007:
Importance of and dealing with the critical points in grape vine cultivation

Popadic, S., 1978:
Importance of and need for educating and teaching reading and writing to agricultural laborers

Sansoucy, R.A.riol, P., 1986:
Importance of animal feed resources in developing countries and current constraints on their utilization

Komnenov, V.V.lhner, M.K.trinka, M., 1981:
Importance of animal feeds in the appearance of clostridial infections of poultry

Neumann, Hj, 1975:
Importance of animal health for returns in modern cattle production

Mendez-Ochoa, Ma, 1980:
Importance of animal health statistics

Gauly, Matthias, 2006:
Importance of animal husbandry and production management on food safety in livestock production systems

Sharma, Ap, 1981:
Importance of animal husbandry in rural development

Linkswiler, Hm, 1982:
Importance of animal protein in human nutrition

Detrich, Ra, 1990:
Importance of animal research to alcoholism treatment and prevention

Remmert, H., 1976:
Importance of animals in terrestrial ecosystems

Hoflich, G., 1977:
Importance of antagonistic soil microflora in the elimination of soil fungi parasites in concentrated cereal culture

Meidell, Ba, 1978:
Importance of anthropochore varieties in evaluating the extent of human influence on natural communities

Nelson, Ce, 1990 :
Importance of antioxidants in poultry feeds in the 1990s

Gowda, G.; Ramappa, B.; Hanumaiah, B., 1976:
Importance of antioxidants in poultry nutrition

Anfinnikov, M.; Kuznetsov, P., 1969:
Importance of ants as exterminators of wood moth

Gleim, Kh, 1980:
Importance of ants for the honeydew flow

Steche, W., 1976:
Importance of apiculture today

Schleiff, U., 1975:
Importance of application of potassium fertilizers for salt-sensitive cultivated plants irrigated with saline water

Sauvant, D.L.imbacher, F., 1977:
Importance of appropriate methodological means in the interpretation of epidemiological datas: example of fascioliaisis

Tiews, K., 1982:
Importance of aquaculture today and in the future

Kuratko, C.; Arterburn, L.; Hoffman, J.P.; Nelson, E.B., 2005:
Importance of arachidonic acid in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid-supplemented infant formula

Harnisch, H., 1973:
Importance of archive materials concerning decision making for land improvement

Bernhardt, H., 1974:
Importance of areas used for forestry for protecting drinking water dams and maintenance of quality of dammed up waters

Holland, J.M.; Oakley, J., 2007:
Importance of arthropod pests and their natural enemies in relation to recent farming practice changes in the UK

Korol'-, I.; Kanapatskaia, V., 1979:
Importance of artificial infection with granulesis virus of codling moth in the reduction of fruit damage

Ebenbauer, F., 1978:
Importance of artificial insemination in Austrian cattle breeding

Zlochevskii, F.; Soldatov, A., 1972:
Importance of artificial insemination in creating blood-line groups of the bull Almaz 127252 F-189 MSh 417 of the Russian Brown breed

Pingel, H.R.njan, S., 1972:
Importance of artificial insemination in poultry breeding in G.D.R

Keil, Hw, 1974:
Importance of artificial insemination to Implementation of hybrid pig breeding programme and industrialized organization of breeding in the German Democratic Republic

Loubiere, P.M.uterde, M.D.lahousse, B.B.utemy, G., 1983:
Importance of associations with a bifenox base for the control of grasses and dicotyledons in preemergence and postemergence in winter cereals

Tosheva-Tsvetkova, Ts, 1970:
Importance of atmospheric humidi

Dubinina, Mn, 1980:
Importance of attachment organs for philogeny of tapeworms

Ebbert, S.; Fagre, D., 1988:
Importance of attractant qualities for improving a new coyote delivery system

Krishnamoorthi, K.P., 1979:
Importance of autoecological studies in environmental biology

Anonymous, 1975:
Importance of aviation in agriculture

Lehle, K., 1978:
Importance of avocational farming

Bougon, M., 1978:
Importance of avoparcine in feeding poultry: the feed savings

Massfeller, D., 1977:
Importance of bacterial diseases for horticulture in the German Federal Republic

Schimmel, D.K.elstein, P., 1980:
Importance of bacterial infections in relation to the enzootic pneumonia of calves and methods for control

Wuensche, L., 1989:
Importance of bacteriophages in fermentation processes

Wadisirisuk, P.W.aver, R., 1985:
Importance of bacteroid number in nodules and effect nodule mass to dinitrogen fixation by cowpeas

Ferrando, R., 1977:
Importance of balance of laboratory animal ration in toxicological studies

Malik, Ns, 1970:
Importance of balancing energy and protein in the rations of chickens

Kiskaroly, M.D.uvic, A.C.klovica, F.I.etic, V., 1983:
Importance of balantidiosis in human and veterinary medicine and the results of coprological examinations with eventual pathologic changes on the intestinal mucosa in swine

Schildbach, R., 1980:
Importance of barley varieties for malt and beer quality

Bayon, F., 1976:
Importance of barley yellow dwarf virus and lice on cereals in Poitou Charentes: economic incidence of yellowing, study of means of controlling lice that are vectors of virosis

Stolpe, J., 1981:
Importance of barn air temperature for the performance and health of animals

Eberhardt, W., 1980:
Importance of barn climate and barn hygiene in swine fattening

Burns, Rm, 1984:
Importance of baseline information to the research natural area program

Raska, K.P.lak, L.S.andova, E.K.yz, F.K.planova, Z.R.skova, H., 1975:
Importance of basic anti-epizootic measures for prevention of calf diseases and mortality

Rohr, K., 1981:
Importance of basic feed in dairy cattle rations

Kavaleu, M.; Zibitsker, D.; Shashen'-Ka, A., 1972:
Importance of basic immunity

Fitko, R., 1971:
Importance of basic research for the increase in effectiveness of livestock breeding. i

Alberini, J.; Lollato, M., 1980 :
Importance of bean seed Parana State, Brazil.1

Loveridge, Scott, 1989:
Importance of beans and sorghum in the food crop production systems in Rwanda

Gatgens, G., 1977:
Importance of beef performance in German Red Pied breeding

Villumstad, E., 1975:
Importance of beehive insulation

Villumstad, E., 1975:
Importance of beehive insulation for winter development and honey yield in Norway

Andersson, A., 1978:
Importance of bees as pollinators

Pruns, H., 1984:
Importance of beet (Beta vulgaris) and the sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris var. saccharifera) in rotations of the 18th and 19th century

Karasszon, D., 1980:
Importance of behavioural disturbances of domestic animals in veterinary practice of large-scale farms. I. Occurrence of major neuroses of swine on the basis of the results of a questionnaire

Wenzel, L., 1985:
Importance of belt presses as preliminary pressing stage (in juice extraction)

Lévy, F.; Gervais, R.; Kindermann, U.; Orgeur, P.; Piketty, V., 1990:
Importance of beta-noradrenergic receptors in the olfactory bulb of sheep for recognition of lambs

Suzuki, K.E.ihara, M.N.gai, T.C.arke, N.; Harrison, R., 1994:
Importance of bicarbonate

Kumar, S.; Kasseckert, S.; Kostin, S.; Abdallah, Y.; Piper, H.Michael.; Steinhoff, G.; Reusch, H.Peter.; Ladilov, Y., 2007:
Importance of bicarbonate transport for ischaemia-induced apoptosis of coronary endothelial cells

Jane#ek, ?t#pcln; Hrclzskcu, Z.; Barto?l, M.; Brom, J.; Reif, J.?c; Ho?clk, D.; Byst?ickcl, D.; Riegert, J.; Sedlcl#ek, O.?ej; Pe?lata, M., 2007:
Importance of big pollinators for the reproduction of two Hypericum species in Cameroon, West Africa

Lal, R.H.meed, S., 1969:
Importance of bioassay in insecticide residue studies

Lasztity, R., 1978:
Importance of biochemical basic researching activity from the point of view of technological development in the food industries

Dudchenko, L.; Mel'-Nychuk, H., 1973:
Importance of biochemical invest

Schmidl, M., 1979:
Importance of biochemistry for medicine

Mayer, K., 1979:
Importance of biological acid breakdown and its effect on the sulfurous acid requirement of wine

Nienhaus, F., 1975:
Importance of biological antagonisms in the soil for controlling pathogenic cryptogams in fruit culture, as for example apple collar rot

Purrini, K., 1974:
Importance of biological control of insect pests and some important aspects of the correct use of plant protection in Kosovo

Podder, A.; Habibullah, A.; Solaiman, A., 1983 :
Importance of biological nitrogen fixation by non-legumes and free-living organisms in Bangladesh

Franco, Aa, 1998:
Importance of biological nitrogen fixation in sustainable agriculture

Habibullah, A.; Podder, A., 1982:
Importance of biological nitrogen fixation studies in Bangladesh

Blagoveshchenskaia, Zk, 1970:
Importance of biological nitrogen of forage beans for the increase of yields and quality of green matter of maize

Ubrizsy, G., 1973:
Importance of biological researches connected with the chemical weed-control

Ostergaard, S.; Houe, H.; Sorensen, J.T., 2000:
Importance of biological variation in effects of milk fever for the profit in dairy herds estimated by stochastic simulation

Scott, Ml, 1981:
Importance of biotin for chickens and turkeys

Jensen, Ls, 1969:
Importance of biotin in practical turkey rations

Rathfelder, O., 1983:
Importance of biotope mapping for the landscape planning and landscape care

Kluge, K., 1977:
Importance of block size for apple yield

Hamada, T., 1984:
Importance of blood glucose and ketones in the evaluation of nutritional state of the ruminant

Poldiachouk, L.D.sormeau-Bedot, J., 1974:
Importance of blood markers in the control of the origin and identification of the horse

Streitbergova, H.H.ndschackova, M., 1983:
Importance of blossom quality for the fruiting tendency and for yields of apples

Braun, R.; Donovan, G.; Tran, T.; Mohammed, H.; Webb, D., 1987:
Importance of body condition scoring in dairy cattle

Meyer, F.S.nft, B., 1982:
Importance of body immune systems in sows and their piglets

Petersen, J.C.ima, M.; Horst, P., 1976:
Importance of body temperature as a parameter of acclimatization in the laying hen

Carvalho, E.Vasconcellos, J.De, 1969:
Importance of botany to agronomy and silviculture courses

Young, M.; Dircks, A., 1985:
Importance of boundary friction in measuring bulk compression of loose wool fibers

Fischerleitner, F., 1984:
Importance of bovine campylobacteriosis and the control of this disease in insemination

Travnicek, M.F.esar, M.B.lascak, J., 1979:
Importance of bovine rhinotracheitis, parainfluenza 3 and chlamydia in the etiology of the respiratory syndrome in calves

Ruiter, D.P.kaar, N.; Katan, M., 1981:
Importance of bread in the diet

Bruckner, G., 1976:
Importance of bread rye

Jaros, J., 1976:
Importance of break in the operation and disinfection of large-scale calf houses

Vechet, L., 1983:
Importance of break-crops as suppressors of foot rots in the continuously grown winter wheat

Krcmar-Jovanovic, Z., 1981:
Importance of breast feeding

Kazarbin, Dr, 1977:
Importance of breed and protein feeding level for the development of meat and fattening characteristics in swine

Paulin-Neto, L., 1974:
Importance of breeders

Kozak, J., 1978:
Importance of breeding and variety testing

Lohle, K., 1982:
Importance of breeding for efficient production of eggs, poultry and rabbit meat

Fisher, M.F.sher, H., 1983:
Importance of breeding fruit crops in the intensitication of commerical fruit farming in the German Democratic Republic

Ruttner, F., 1974:
Importance of breeding in modern apiculture

Ruttner, F., 1974:
Importance of breeding in modern apiculture: Breeding problems, selection, breeding technique

Ruttner, F., 1974:
Importance of breeding in modern apiculture: Breeding problems, selection, technique

Matthes, H.; Herrendorfer, G.W.ber, S.V.n, 1983:
Importance of breeding value variance for determination of the relativation period and exactness of breeding value estimation in bulls with different methods of progeny testing for fattening and slaughter performances

Liljedahl, Le, 1976:
Importance of breeding work to feed utilization within the egg production sector

Freitas, Mf-De, 1976:
Importance of brucellosis

Sandoval, L.; Georgi, W.A.aral, L., 1978:
Importance of brucellosis in animal reproduction pathology

Giertych, M.K.olikowski, Z., 1978:
Importance of bud insolation for female flower induction in pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

Paarmann, W., 1979:
Importance of bumblebees for pollination of fruit trees

Mallick, B.B., 1984:
Importance of bursal disease in poultry and its role in developing immunity to such other fatal diseases as Newcastle disease

Boyeldieu, J., 1978:
Importance of by-products of plants

Semerci, N.; Ceçen, F., 2007:
Importance of cadmium speciation in nitrification inhibition

Polidori, F., 1979:
Importance of caecum and colon in the digestive functions and their connection with the production of A.G.V

Proto, V., 1981:
Importance of caecum function in the physiological nutrition of the rabbit

Anonymous, 1976:
Importance of calcium and phosphorus in poultry feeding

Li, P.P.; Nguyen, A.P.; Qu, Q.; Jafri, Q.H.; Aungsumart, S.; Cheng, R.Holland.; Kasamatsu, H., 2007:
Importance of calcium-binding site 2 in simian virus 40 infection

Pareek, Hkb, 1978:
Importance of calf rearing in dairy industry

Froment, P.R.bert, A., 1977:
Importance of calibration in the determination of molecular weight averages of lignin by gel permeation chromatography

Touzeau, J., 1976:
Importance of captures of the apple and plum codling moth in synthetic sexual pheromone traps

Mandre, M., 1970:
Importance of carbohydrate metabolism in the resistance of rose to powdery mildew

Barrere, C., 1978:
Importance of carbon dioxide in wines

Francia, U., 1977:
Importance of carbonic fertilization in greenhouse culture

Ott, E., 1978:
Importance of caring for mountain forests

Capatina, V.C.istea, I., 1978:
Importance of caring for the hoofs of cattle

Kolb, E., 1983:
Importance of carotene, vitamin A and the D vitamins for health and performance ability of livestock

Kirchmeier, O., 1975:
Importance of casein in modern cheese making technology

Nweke, F.; Bokanga, M., 1994:
Importance of cassava processing for production in sub-Saharan Africa

Cech, Z.P.vlica, J.F.ksa, V., 1971:
Importance of castration in beef-heifers

Korschens, M., 1977:
Importance of catch crop culture for the provision of soils with organic substances

Wirsing, F., 1977:
Importance of catch crop growing for industrial potato production

Demchenko, Ip, 1982:
Importance of catch cropping for agriculture Cereals, erosion control, production, Rostov Region, USSR-in-Europe.1

Schaefer, B.K.rpal, G.P.ntel, M.M.ller-Peddinghaus, R., 1978:
Importance of catheterization for bacteriological result in urine study

Koudela, K., 1973 :
Importance of cattle leucosis for veterinary examination of fattened cattle and meat in Czechoslovkia

Just, A., 1980:
Importance of cellulose and other feed components in feed

Ritter, M., 1982:
Importance of cereal cyst nematodes Heterodera avenae.1

Becker, Hg, 1985:
Importance of cereals and bread in nutrition

Porter, M.; Long, M.J.doin, E., 2004:
Importance of cerebrospinal fluid analysis in West Nile encephalomyelitis--positive horses

Berard-Therriault, L.C.rdinal, A., 1973:
Importance of certain ecological factors to resist desiccation by Furaceae (Phaeophyceae)

Doby, J.M., 1982:
Importance of certain epidemiologic and biologic data for the diagnostic evocation of human hypodermyiasis (in light of 100 personal cases

Buric, M., 1977:
Importance of certain predilectioned points of Cysticercus findings on the occasion of veterinary inspection of beef for Cysticercus inermis

Samec, M., 1983:
Importance of chaff and tailings in the present situation of feedstuff resources

Soltero, G.S., 1985:
Importance of chamiso (Atriplex cancescens) in the diet of cattle in pasture in a desert thicket of atriplex prosopis during the dry period

Choma, L., 1976:
Importance of changes in plasma HCO-3 on regulation of CSF HCO-3 in respiratory alkalosis

Nazarae, Raimunda-Faatima-Ribeiro-De, 1980:
Importance of cheese whey improvement for nutrition enrichment

Gorbunov, N.; Shchueina, G., 1970:
Importance of chemical composition, particle size and structure of minerals for the sorption of phosphates

Witkowski, T., 1974:
Importance of chemical conditions of environment for soil nematodes. III. Study of the effect of aqueous solutions of contact herbicides on two saprobiotic nematodes

Reis, D., 1981:
Importance of chemical extractions for the subtractive localization at the ultrastructural level of growing wall polysaccharides. Possibilities of coupling with in vitro analysis Plants.1

Kapatadze, Gm, 1983:
Importance of chemical mutagens in the breeding of linear maize

Basciano, C.; Heimburger, S., 1989:
Importance of chemical pretreatment on the hydrogen peroxide brightening of mechanical pulps

Stroud, J.L.; Paton, G.I.; Semple, K.T., 2007:
Importance of chemical structure on the development of hydrocarbon catabolism in soil

Tiwari, Km, 1984:
Importance of chemistry in social forestry

Hanson, Kenneth, 2003:
Importance of child nutrition programs to agriculture

Paris, M.; Paris, R., 1973 :
Importance of chromatography for studying the chemical components of Cannabis sativa

Prevot, A., 1981:
Importance of chromatography in the agro-food domaine

Stranzinger, G., 1978:
Importance of chromosome study for fertility diagnosis

Jurca, J., 1980:
Importance of classification and recreation forest models for landscaping

Stavrova, N.; Tulin, S., 1975:
Importance of clay layers for filtration properties of soddy-podzolic sandy soils

Heynitz, K.Von, 1979:
Importance of clay minerals in horticulture

Hoke, Ke, 1970:
Importance of cleanliness in meat hauling equipment

Horvat, Ao, 1978:
Importance of climate for the vegetation composition of southwestern Hungary, Alsace and the vicinity of Briancon, Alpes Maritimes

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Importance of climate in the ecology of forest trees in Senegal

Lakso, An, 1981:
Importance of climate on apple production systems

Holy, L.V.tel, M.V.natka, F., 1978:
Importance of clinical control of so called unestrous cows for increasing the reproductive performance of a herd

Gajdosik, D., 1983:
Importance of clinical examinations and evaluation of herd conditions in interpretation of the results of a metabolic profile test

Merkt, H.B.der, H.K.ug, E., 1982:
Importance of clinical-andrological examinations in stallion for horse breeding

Billard, R., 1982:
Importance of coelomic fluid protein in rainbow trout gamete fertilization and its possible substitution Salmo gairdneri, fish.1

Alaimo, K.O.son, C.; Frongillo, E., 1999:
Importance of cognitive testing for survey items: an example from food security questionnaires

Martinez-Osorio, A., 1975:
Importance of cold in the sale of meat

Petculescu, M.B.ruiana, L., 1978:
Importance of collangen in veterinary-sanitary practice

Reddy, Sazzala-Jeevananda, 1987:
Importance of collection of environmental data

Nabholz, P., 1983:
Importance of collective contracts in wood industry

Nabholz, P., 1983:
Importance of collective working contracts in wood industry

Mason, Jr; Reidinger, R.J.o, 1983:
Importance of color for methiocarb-induced food aversions in red-winged blackbirds Crop pests, Agelaius phoeniceus

Kovalenko, Iar, 1976:
Importance of colostral immunity in the prevention of infectious diseases of young ruminants

Thomas, Hs, 2001:
Importance of colostrum for newborn calves

Muir, J.; Yeow, E., 2000:
Importance of combining indigestible carbohydrate with protein sources in the diet: implications for reducing colorectal cancer risk

Melson, G.F.; Schwarz, R.L.; Beck, A.M., 1997:
Importance of companion animals in children's lives--implications for veterinary practice

Markkula, M.T.ittanen, K., 1982:
Importance of companion plants for insect pest control in vegetable crops

Duyck, P-François.; David, P.; Junod, G.; Brunel, C.; Dupont, Rël.; Quilici, S., 2006:
Importance of competition mechanisms in successive invasions by polyphagous tephritids in La Reunion

Riederer, P., 1979:
Importance of competitive reciprocal effects of serum amino acids in vivo under nutritional physiological aspects

Fagard, P., 1981:
Importance of complement fixation in serological interpretation of post-vaccinal B. 19 and post-infectional brucellosis

Cotrina, N.S.nchez, I., 1980:
Importance of complementary examinations in sanitary slaughters of animals reacting to the tuberculin test

Bianchi, G., 1975:
Importance of complete compound feeds produced by industry in early weaning of young rabbits

Solntsev, Km, 1978:
Importance of complete-ration feeding of the cow herd

Sorfa, P., 1985:
Importance of composite products in the Republic of South Africa

Kiss, Mrs, L., 1979:
Importance of condensed drying from the aspect of pollution, noise damage and power demand

Rabotnov, Ta, 1970:
Importance of consortive relationships for the interrelations of plants in phytocoenoses

Vancassel, M.F.raste, M., 1980:
Importance of contacts between female and larvae in some Dermaptera

Meisel, K., 1984:
Importance of continuing vegetation science studies for environmental planning

Tiemann, Kh, 1977:
Importance of continuing water management measures in the Lower Elbe for ascertaining fruit yields in West Germany

Gierschner, K.B.ckenhuskes, H., 1983:
Importance of control of the vitamin C cotent during manufacture of sauerkraut

Veiga, Js, 1974:
Importance of controlling weight development

Sergeeva, Kd, 1983:
Importance of convergent crossings in gooseberry breeding for resistance to American mildew

Vasarhelyi, Gy, 1979:
Importance of cooling techniques in food industry

Arnim, J.Von, 1978:
Importance of copper for growth and yield

Dayal, R., 1972:
Importance of correct interpretation of anatomical structure in the identification of fossil woods with special reference to variability

Armstrong, Wd, 1976:
Importance of correct peach varieties

Chacin-Lugo, F., 1977:
Importance of correlation and regression studies in the agricultural field

Wegrzyn, S., 1983:
Importance of correlation inplant breeding

Reinhard, Peter, 1981:
Importance of cotton cultivation for the agriculture of Chad and analysis of the money flaws that were caused by it

Dokrat, I., 1981:
Importance of cotton grading

Singh, R.; Shukla, B., 1969:
Importance of cotton in the economy of Mathura district, U. p

Braud, M., 1981:
Importance of cotton plant support in biological tests for following the evolution of soil fertility Gossypium, mineral deficiency symptoms, mineral nutrition status, foliar diagnosis.1

Stanacev, S.S.evko, J., 1970 :
Importance of cotyledon reduction for sugar beet growth at the start of vegetation and yields

Wetzstein, H.; Sparks, D.L.ng, G., 1983:
Importance of cotyledons on growth of germinating pecan seedlings

Oomen, Hapc, 1975:
Importance of cows milk for the less developed portions of the world

Peters, Kh, 1975:
Importance of cream ripening for butter spreadability

Buruiana, L.; Dema, A., 1969:
Importance of creatinophosphokynase. I. Determination of the CPK activity in tissues and biological fluids. II. isolation of various CPK mollecular fractions on sephadex gel

Hohlt, He, 1990:
Importance of crop rotation

Niewiadomski, Witold, 1988:
Importance of crop rotation in intensive agriculture

Kul'-Bida, Vv, 1979:
Importance of crop rotations and fertilizers in increasing the productivity of agricultural crops

Lepajoe, J., 1982:
Importance of crops preceding barley in the formation of brewing qualities of the grain and malt Effect of crop rotations.1

Kovac, A., 1972:
Importance of cross pollination of alfalfa (Medicato sativa L.) for seed production

Zheludkov, M.M., 1986:
Importance of cross reactions for the evaluation of serological diagnosis of brucellosis in humans

Feeney, R.; Whitaker,. Jr.;, 1987:
Importance of cross-linking reactions in proteins

Lantin, Mb, 1970:
Importance of cross-pollination in the black-currant

Haiger, A., 1979:
Importance of crossing American dairy cattle breeds for the further development of the cattle population in Austria

Vilaro, F.C.isci, C.G.lsanz, J., 1983:
Importance of cultivars of early potatoes with short dormancy for Uruguay

Pernau, W., 1981:
Importance of cultivation and foreign trade of mushrooms in the Peoples Republic of China

Espada-Carbo, Jose-Luis, 1992:
Importance of cultivation techniques on the future of cherry tree orchards

Bukhalo, A.; Vasser, S., 1981:
Importance of cultural and morph

Jain, S.; Shukla, F.; Sharma, C., 1973:
Importance of curd in diet

Drews, M., 1977:
Importance of current measures to remove and prevent milk surpluses

Tuttas, R.N.hrstedt, A., 1977:
Importance of cyanogenic glycosides for benzyl alcohol contents in cherry brandies

Schuhmacher, Peter, 1978:
Importance of cyclic nucleotides in the central regulation of blood pressure and heart rate

Koreleski, J., 1978:
Importance of cystine in poultry feeding

Franck, M.F.oget, J., 1977:
Importance of cytogenetics in animal studies

Torer, N.; Ozenirler, S.; Yucel, A.; Bukan, N.; Erdem, O., 2007:
Importance of cytokines, oxidative stress and expression of BCL-2 in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Kihara, H., 1982:
Importance of cytoplasm in plant genetics

Grosse-Westhues, R., 1976:
Importance of dairy equipment inspection within the scope of dairy counseling

Carneiro-Filho, Jj, 1973:
Importance of dairy industry research

Ganguli, Nc, 1978:
Importance of dairy research in India

Fuente, E., G.De-La, 1980:
Importance of dairy statistics (macroeconomic statistics and individual registries of production) Mexico.1

Hoye, T.S.rrist, G.A.sgaard, S., 1976:
Importance of dairying to the local community. 3. An input-output analysis for Ringebu County

Grudev, D.; Klenovitskii, P.; Smirnova, V., 1982:
Importance of dam phenotype in swine breeding for prolific capacity

Faber, W., 1977:
Importance of damages and control of the Kakothrips robustus Uzel on broadbeans

Mugniery, D., 1975:
Importance of damages caused by cyst nematodes Heterodaea rostochiensis Woll. and Heterodera pallida St. to potatoes

A.Saoud, A.H., 2007:
Importance of date fruit in red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) aggregation pheromone traps

Werf, S.Van-Der, 1983:
Importance of dead trees for vascular plants

Komdeur, J.V.stjens, J., 1983:
Importance of dead wood for birds

Barkman, J.; Jansen, A.; Vries, B.-De, 1983:
Importance of dead wood for fungal flora

Mabelis, Aa, 1983:
Importance of dead wood for invertebrates

Laulhere, J.; Berducou, J., 1970:
Importance of deferoxamine B for the iron availability in plant organs

Pis, E.P.steka, L.M.cko, J., 1969:
Importance of dehydrated feeding proteins and some practical experiences from the Trencin Torula factory

Pucaric, A.G.tlin, J.V.rga, B., 1978:
Importance of dehydration speed of maize grain in the choice of hybrids for the northwestern area of Croatia

Rozprim, J., 1978:
Importance of density of spruce stands

Albrecht, G.H.ntschel, P., 1973:
Importance of dental treatment of hunting dogs and watch dogs

Truksa, J., 1979:
Importance of depth of incorporation of solid and liquid fertilizers for grain maize

Rao, G.; Murthy, N.; Srinivasan, G., 1981:
Importance of deresination for color reversion in chlorine dioxide bleaching of bamboo pulps

Lemke, A.M.ria; Lemke, M., J.; Benke, A., C., 2007:
Importance of detrital algae, bacteria, and organic matter to littoral microcrustacean growth and reproduction

Lovrencic-Sabolovic, A.T.rk, M., 1975:
Importance of development of production of dehydrated processed and semi finished foods

Knezevic, M., 1975:
Importance of development of production of processed and semi finished fish based foods

Vystavnoi, Ai, 1975:
Importance of developmental conditions in the formation of the type of adaptive response to low environmental temperature in cattle

Istrate, N.G.roiu, M.M.drea, N.G.orgescu, I., 1981:
Importance of diagnosis of some virus infections in cattle by means of current laboratory examinations

Klein, H.H.ller, P., 1981:
Importance of diagnostic laparotomy for the diagnosis of abdominal tumors

Ivanov, Ts, 1973:
Importance of diastase activity

Moe, T.F.; Kindberg, J.; Jansson, I.; Swenson, J.E., 2007:
Importance of diel behaviour when studying habitat selection: examples from female Scandinavian brown bears (Ursus arctos)

Denis'-Evskii, A.; Bozhok, I., 1973:
Importance of diencephalon in early morphogenesis of adenohypophysis in birds

Watkins, B.A.; Seifert, M.F.; Allen, K.G., 1997:
Importance of dietary fat in modulating PGE2 responses and influence of vitamin E on bone morphometry

Frexinos, J., 1979:
Importance of dietary fibers in digestive pathology

Connor, W.; Neuringer, M., 1988:
Importance of dietary omega-3 fatty acids in retinal function and brain chemistry

Altom, E.K.; Kelley, R.L., 2007:
Importance of dietary protein to athletic dogs

Ljungars, A., 1977:
Importance of different factors on soil compaction by tract ors. measurements in 1974-1976

Robertson, Lynn, 1940:
Importance of different farm management factors under varying price conditions in north-western Indiana

Keddy, C.F.eemark, K.; Boutin, C., 1993:
Importance of different farmland habitats for plants

Taranu, N., 1971:
Importance of different forms of splintering in the mechanical processing of wood

Khokhrin, Sn, 1973:
Importance of different mixed feeds for piglets weaned early and fattened for meat

Bruckner, D., 1976:
Importance of different proboscis length of two bee races for plants: investigations on Apis mellifera carnica and Apis mellifera mellifera

Semenchenko, Vp, 1970:
Importance of different quality seeds in the formation of Soviet cotton adventitious bolls

Khliap, L.; Emel'-Ianova, L.; Sheftel'-, B., 1987:
Importance of different species of common shrews in natural foci of tickborne encephalitis

Wulff, F.; Field, J., 1983:
Importance of different trophic pathways in a nearshore benthic community under upwelling and downwelling conditions Kelp, Ecklonia maxima, Laminaria pallida, simulation model

La-Messeliere, C.De, 1985:
Importance of different types of traps in the surveillance of sugarbeet crops against aphid attacks

Cardoso, M.V.; Sforsin, A.J.; Scarcelli, E.; Teixeira, S.R.; Miyashiro, S.; Campos, F.R.; Genovez, M.E., 2002:
Importance of differential diagnosis in an outbreak of bovine enzootic pneumonia

Odintsova, I.; Krivchenko, V.; Grigor'-Eva, O., 1974:
Importance of differentiating rust causal agents for plant immunity selection

Nisen, A., 1974 :
Importance of diffusing plastics in shelter coverings

Budin, K.; Bavyko, N.; Turuleva, L., 1984:
Importance of diploid potato species for breeding

Herve, Y., 1975:
Importance of direct genealogical selection for the improvement of plants. use in the selection of market crucifers

Kuhnert, Heike, 1997:
Importance of direct marketing as an income alternative for farms in the German Federal Republic

Krisova, S.; Mezerova, J.; Zert, Z., 2007:
Importance of direct ophthalmoscopy and ultrasound in the diagnostics of equine recurrent uveitis

Menet, M.J.ste, C., 1978:
Importance of direct seeding of maize for the control of wind erosion in sandy soils of the Gascony heaths

Ohls, P.; Syrjanen, A., 1975:
Importance of disc parallelism in single disc chip refiner

Worley, Re, 1974:
Importance of disease control in pecan groves

Latch, Gcm, 1980:
Importance of diseases in herbage seed production

Drott, A.; Lambertsson, L.; Björn, E.; Skyllberg, U., 2007:
Importance of dissolved neutral mercury sulfides for methyl mercury production in contaminated sediments

Khokhrin, Av, 1984:
Importance of dissymetric variability in the introduction and breeding of woody plants

Mozafari, M.Reza.; Omri, A., 2007:
Importance of divalent cations in nanolipoplex gene delivery

Wuthe, Hh, 1972:
Importance of domestic pigeons for human salmonellosis

Hove, P., 1983:
Importance of drainage and use of finishing materials

Brulhart, A., 1983:
Importance of drainage measures in the forest practice

Schwartzkofp, C., 1974:
Importance of drainage on the golf course

Koeniger, N., 1981:
Importance of drone brood for the multiplication of the Varroa jacobsoni mite

Mongey, A-B.; Hess, E.V., 2007:
Importance of drugs and environmental agents in Lupus

Tuza, S.G.ori, M., L., 1975:
Importance of dry matter content in tomato varieties and thefactors influencing it

Albrecht, M.B.eitschuh, G., 1981:
Importance of dry substance rich slurry for storage and distribution

Dulphy, J.; Garel, J.; Andrieu, J.; Rouel, J., 1984:
Importance of drying before harvest grass silages for dairy cows

Scarascia-Mugnuzza, Gt, 1975 :
Importance of durum wheat in the world food supply

Luneva, Nn, 1983:
Importance of dwarf myrobalan plum for the north-western zone of the RSFSR

Veveris, A., 1969:
Importance of early and late bud-bursting types of spruce in forestry

Colovic, N.; Tosic, N.; Aveic, S.; Djuric, M.; Milic, N.; Bumbasirevic, V.; Colovic, M.; Pavlovic, S., 2007:
Importance of early detection and follow-up of FLT3 mutations in patients with acute myeloid leukemia

Etverk, I., 1977:
Importance of early diagnosis of cone scale shape and seed size in the breeding of Norway spruce

Snoj, N.S.limanovic, D.L.lin, M.M.tuka, S., 1981:
Importance of early diagnosis of infectious diseases of bee communities

Hollander, P.A.; Schwartz, S.L.; Gatlin, M.R.; Haas, S.J.; Zheng, H.; Foley, J.E.; Dunning, B.E., 2001:
Importance of early insulin secretion: comparison of nateglinide and glyburide in previously diet-treated patients with type 2 diabetes

Silny, P., 1980:
Importance of early requeening of honeybee colonies

Iakhtenfel', D.-Pa; Molchanov, V., 1972:
Importance of early-ripening rice varieties in the Sarpa Lowlands region

Anonymous, 1983:
Importance of eating nutritious snacks

Maire, A., 1976 :
Importance of ecological analysis of vegetation groups in an anti larval chemical war against mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Aschwanden, J.; Holzgang, O.; Jenni, L., 2007:
Importance of ecological compensation areas for small mammals in intensively farmed areas

Saglitz, J.S.hutze, M., 1978:
Importance of economically effective utilization of domestic wood resources, especially of small sized wood for the maintenance of wood industry and thereof presented tasks for forest management

Kibar, B.; Peksen, A., 2007:
Importance of ectomycorrhiza for agriculture and forestry

Clement, A.G.rbaye, J.L.-Tacon, F., 1977:
Importance of ectomycorrhizae for the resistance of the Austrian pine (Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. nigricans Host) to chlorosis

Misra, S., 1971:
Importance of education in cooperation in India

Wisehart, L., M.; Dumbauld, B., R.; Ruesink, J., L.; Hacker, S., D., 2007:
Importance of eelgrass early life history stages in response to oyster aquaculture disturbance

Nekrasova, Tp, 1983:
Importance of effective pollination for the seed yield of conifers

Mellini, E., 1987:
Importance of egg age, at the time of parasitism, for the biology of oophagous Hymenoptera

Schurig, W., 1977:
Importance of elaborating and carrying out assembly techniques

Leach, R.Jr, 1981:
Importance of electrolytes and acid-base in poultry nutrition

Austic, Re, 1981:
Importance of electrolytes in animal nutrition

Bilgin, N.Gamsiz.; Ozge, A.; Mert, E.; Yalçinkaya, D.E.; Kar, H., 2007:
Importance of electromyography and the electrophysiological severity scale in forensic reports

Schulze, D., 1976:
Importance of electronic data processing for the management, planning and organization of veterinary services in industrialized livestock farming

Sebahutu, A.Isar-Rubona, 1987:
Importance of elements of soil analysis

Oschika, E., 1982:
Importance of elite bull selection for the genetic improvement of Black Pied dairy cattle bulls

Petersen, Wh, 1979:
Importance of emergency electricity for agriculture and horticulture

Szazados, I., 1983:
Importance of emergency slaughter from the standpoint of public and animal health

Havlickova, H., 1982:
Importance of emerging lucerne morphology in breeding for resistance to pests Insects, Medicago sativa.1

Liebenow, H., 1971:
Importance of emissions to plants and livestock

Boogaard, B.K.; Oosting, S.J.; Bock, B.B., 2006:
Importance of emotional experiences for societal perception of farm animal welfare: a quantitative study in the Netherlands

Noga, Edward, J., 2003:
Importance of endobiotics in the defense against protoxoan ectoparasites of fish

Ehrenreich, Hannelore, 1982:
Importance of endogenous epiates in the process of reproduction

Edney, M.J.; Eglinton, J.K.; Collins, H.M.; Barr, A.R.; Legge, W.G.; Rossnagel, B.G., 2007:
Importance of endosperm modification for malt Wort fermentability

Mandal, Tc, 1980:
Importance of engineering research in jute and other fibre crops

Fremond, Y.O.vrier, M., 1972:
Importance of ensuring suitable mineral nutrition to the young coconut palm from the time of field planting on a beach sand

Kielwin, G., 1976:
Importance of enterococci and pseudomonads for ripening processes in Emmental cheese

Sergeeva, T.; Laishev, A.; Bakulin, I.; Zemlyanitskaya, E.; Borisova, L.; Serokurov, I.; Snisarenko, L., 1987:
Importance of enterotoxigenic strains of Clostridium perfringens of type A in etiology of bovine infectious enterotoxemia

Iglisch, I., 1981:
Importance of entomology in the region of hygiene

Salichon, Y., 1972:
Importance of environment in poultry production

Piendl, A., 1973:
Importance of enzymatic analysis in brewing technology

Chan, H.J.; Kwok, S., 1975:
Importance of enzyme inactivation prior to extraction of sugars from papaya

Jones, E., 1981:
Importance of erosion control and water quality and legislative framework

Bernhardt, H., 1976:
Importance of erosion of agricultural soils as a cause of eutrophic phosphorus load of stagnant waters

List, J.P.ikryl, A., 1979:
Importance of erucic-free rape growing for fat-and-oil industry of the CSSR

Spina, P., 1974:
Importance of essential oils in the development of lemon and bergamot culture in Italy

Oplistil, M., 1974:
Importance of establishing pure acidobasic excreta in urine for determination of nutrition-type acidosis in cattle

Dimitrovsky, K., 1979:
Importance of establishment of pioneer stands in dump forest management and methods of their conversion

Karsch, F.J.; Legan, S.J.; Ryan, K.D.; Foster, D.L., 1980:
Importance of estradiol and progesterone in regulating LH secretion and estrous behavior during the sheep estrous cycle

Ohno, I.; Hasegawa, S.; Yada, S.; Kusai, A.; Moribe, K.; Yamamoto, K., 2007:
Importance of evaluating the consolidation of granules manufactured by high shear mixer

Bele, J., 1975:
Importance of evapotranspiration for spruce stand growing in various degrees of vegetation

Hasegawa, T., 2005:
Importance of evolutionary and adaptive approach to animal behavior

Petisca, Jln, 1973:
Importance of examining the kidney in meat inspection

Petisca, Jln, 1973:
Importance of examining the spleen in meat inspection

Moreau, J.; Gahukar, R., 1975:
Importance of experimental methods in the studies on plant-insect relationships

Kutter, H., 1976:
Importance of exports for the German dairy industry from the viewpoint of the producers

Beaucournu, J.; Deunff, J., 1975:
Importance of extemporaneous examination of Siphonaptera for the study of their parasites

Filippova, N.; Panova, I., 1983:
Importance of external ultrastructures for the systemaitcs of ixodid ticks of the genus Rhipicephalus Koch (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae)

Von Arnold, S.; Egertsdotter, U.; Mo, L.H., 1995:
Importance of extracellular proteins for somatic embryogenesis in Picea abies

Litvinenko, V.; Glebov, F., 1970:
Importance of factors of silvicultural effectiveness of drainage of forest plots

Vrana, J., 1976:
Importance of fall inspection of honeybee colonies

Bachmann, L., 1975:
Importance of fall soil tillage for sugarbeet yield and measures for its execution

Dymarski, I.J.nicki, C., 1974:
Importance of families and lines in selection of dairy cows

Bosis, A., 1973:
Importance of farm accounting for farm management

Banegas, M., 1976:
Importance of farm personnel in applying vaccines for Newcastle disease

Nejez, M., 1977:
Importance of farm women in farms and homes

Jackson, A.M.; Poulton, P.R.; Ball, A.S., 1997:
Importance of farming practice on the isolation frequency of Thermoactinomyces species

Wyder, J., 1983:
Importance of farms with multiple activities in Europe

Haber, J., 1977:
Importance of fast growing tree species for the future supply of the wood industry

Scheffler, Ml, 1977:
Importance of fast growing tree species from the viewpoint of tree nurseries

Markovic, V.N.kolic, Z.V.aisavljevic, M., 1978:
Importance of fat tissue and fat in the meat industry

Markovic, V., 1977:
Importance of fats in human nutrition

Feldheim, W., 1972:
Importance of fats in nutrition

Hornicke, H.M.ckiewicz, A., 1975:
Importance of fecal nutrition for degradation of starch and formation of D and L lactates in the stomachs of rabbits

Vera, A.V.lkovsky, G., 1980:
Importance of feces as a secondary source of infection in bovine tuberculosis

Pflug, R., 1979:
Importance of feed additives in the finishing period of swine production

Milosevic, Z.P.trovic, B., 1978:
Importance of feed composition in the radio-hygienic protection of animal products

Laube, Walter, 1977:
Importance of feed evaluation and planning for the further intensification of the feed industry as a mutual task of plant and animal production

Liepins, E.Z.harova, A.P.vlovska, R., 1983:
Importance of feeding 10% eleu

Behar, M., 1975:
Importance of feeding and nutrition in the pathogenesis and prevention of diarrhea

Velloso, L., 1977:
Importance of feeding in the rearing of beef cattle

Westby, A., 1994:
Importance of fermentation in cassava processing

Roy, Rn, 1980:
Importance of fertilisers and their efficient use in exploiting agricultural production potential in India

Antonelli, M., 1979:
Importance of fertility in fruit trees

Birnkammer, H., 1976:
Importance of fertility performance in sheep rearing. An evaluation from the view of farm management

Miro-Granada-Gelabert, L., 1974:
Importance of fertilization

Vetter, H.F.uchtenicht, K., 1977:
Importance of fertilization for agriculture in Weser Ems during the last 100 years and for the future

Billick, I.B.own, R.R.ithel, J., 2005:
Importance of fertilization of host plants to ant tending and growth rates in Glaucopysche lygdamus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

Muller, K., 1977:
Importance of fertilizers for yield and quality in potato cultivation

Zglobica, A., 1975:
Importance of fiber in poultry feeding

Kapustin, A.L.skutow, N., 1977:
Importance of field cultivation for cereal production

Berutti, P., 1977 :
Importance of fiscal incentive to the Brazilian reforestation policy

Scholl-Poensgen, A., 1981:
Importance of fish as food in Germany

Szczygiel, A., 1978:
Importance of fish in human nutrition

Jaubert, P., 1973:
Importance of fish meal in compound feeds of livestock

Geerds, F., 1976:
Importance of fixing a changed extraction limit for manufacturing coffee extract

Gabor, Mrs, M., 1976:
Importance of flavonoid compounds in food industries

Tabaka, L.K.avina, G., 1981:
Importance of floristic studies in the preservation of the gene pool of reservation territories

Kormilitsyn, A.; Kalustkii, K., 1980:
Importance of florogenetic connections at introduction of woody plants into the arid subtropic areas of the USSR

Brand, C., 1983:
Importance of flour bulk handling for bakers

Martin-Vargas, V., 1977:
Importance of flours in bread processing

San-Pedro-Areste, M.De, 1971:
Importance of flower culture in El Maresme, its modernization and cultural techniques

Horellou, A.M.ssenot, F.D.wson, M.R.ques, J., 1983:
Importance of fluazifop-butyl in weeding grapes, pome fruit trees, vegetable and market crops

Beeton, Am, 1975:
Importance of flushing rate calculations for estimating productivity of tropical reservoirs

James, Wc, 1971:
Importance of foliage diseases of winter wheat in Ontario in 1969 and 1970

Douville, Y., 1990:
Importance of foliar diseases of alfalfa in some regions of Quebec and Ontario in 1989

Jansen, Aaj, 1978:
Importance of food for socioeconomic development

Akhmedov, Rm, 1973:
Importance of food in the activity of the cabbage moth Mamestra brassicae L

Lichtenberger, L.M., 1982:
Importance of food in the regulation of gastrin release and formation

Bellmon, H., 1987:
Importance of food processing as a part of economic development efforts in Oklahoma

Thalmann, G.F.lfe, P.N.ckler, A., 1988:
Importance of foot-and-mouth disease at present--prophylaxis and effective control

Rossi, A., 1979:
Importance of forage and soil analysis

Kalimbetov, K., 1978 :
Importance of forage crops in the development of Solonchak soils

Hodgson, H.J., 1976:
Importance of forages in food production

Journet, M., 1985:
Importance of forages in meeting the nitrogen needs of ruminants and economies of proteins

Leimbacher, F., 1978:
Importance of forecasting risk of fluke infection. Factor of progress in the control of fascioliasis

Crete, M., 1977:
Importance of forest cutting on the winter habitat of moose in southwestern Quebec

Bialkiewicz, F.B.binski, S., 1981:
Importance of forest for the course of water retention of soils and precipitation outflow

Sollberger, M., 1974:
Importance of forest history for forestry practice illustrat ed with the example of the citizen forest of Burgdorf

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Importance of forest history for the forest practice as exem plified in the bourgeois forests of Burgdorf

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Importance of forest in a mountain Canton and in a highly populated industrial Canton Switzerland.1

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Importance of forest inventory information from a regional perspective

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Importance of forest protection in the Adriatic region and its inclusion in the program man and biosphere for the Mediterranean Region

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Importance of forest research in the conservation of resources in the basin of the Gulf of California

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Importance of forest resources in the conservation and management of hydrographic basins

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Importance of forest resources in the prevention and control of erosion

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Importance of forest stands in Karst maritime area

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Importance of forest stands in agricultural areas

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Importance of forest structure for the conservation of the hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia L.)

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Importance of forest typology for silviculture

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Importance of forest way of management for the deer

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Importance of forestation in the Sahel zone

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Importance of forestry associations as market partners

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Importance of forestry for our society

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Importance of forestry in the rural area

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Importance of forestry measures with the Integrated Rural Development project type, with the example of the Dhauladhar project in India

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Importance of forests

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Importance of forests and forestry in the carbon budget

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Importance of forests for land maintenance in Rhineland-Palatinate

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Importance of forests in Entlebuch in the last century

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Importance of forests in the Rhon. Results of functional forest planning

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Importance of forests to the private owners on territory of forest enterprise Cerknica

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Importance of form, structure and size of pollen in determining the family Melastomataceae

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Importance of four productive

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Importance of free air exchange for the aerosol concentration level in livestock buildings Disinfection, ventilation.1

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Importance of fresh green feeds as poultry ration

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Importance of friendship and fraternal cooperation with the Soviet Union to progress of agriculture in the German Democratic Republic

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Importance of fruit and vegetables

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Importance of fruit culture in agriculture

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Importance of fruit growing and needs for its culture

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Importance of fruits in human nutrition including fruits growing in the wild

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Importance of gadflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) and the existing methods of their control

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Importance of game birds and eggs for propagation

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Importance of game enclosures in forests

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Importance of gastrointestinal helminths to the livestock industry in Kenya

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Importance of general hygiene systems and the use of hygienic parameters in stepwise production

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Importance of genetic and ecological factors in the display of diapause in codling moth

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Importance of genetic resources

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Importance of genetic results for the intensification of agriculture

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Importance of genetical monogerm seed in the present beet culture

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Importance of genetics for raising the resistance of livestock

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Importance of genotype in achieving quality indices of kernels at winter barley and two-row barley

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Importance of glycobiology in biomembrane research - Foreword

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Importance of glycosidases in the odour and aroma of wine

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Importance of glyphosate application material in grape culture

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Importance of good management in processing cooperatives

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Importance of good nutrition

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Importance of good organization

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Importance of grading at the sheller level

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Importance of grape wines Food value.1

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Importance of grass coverings in the creation and protection of the agricultural landscape

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Importance of grasslands in areas other than production

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Importance of gravel pits for the conservation of waterbirds in the Garonne river floodplain (southwest France)

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Importance of grinding diagram for the flour mill

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Importance of grit in the avian diet Digestion

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Importance of grits in broiler feeding

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Importance of grits in the feeding of chicken

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Importance of groundwater for the water supply

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Importance of growth promoters as additives to mixed feeds

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Importance of growth regulat

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Importance of growth vigor of on

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Importance of gypsum in mushroom compost

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Importance of habitus, differential character and injury symptoms on the distinction of economically relevant Acarina

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Importance of hand-stripped milk in Churro ewes: relation between the production level and the quality of milk obtained by stripping

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Importance of hardwood forestry in Lower Saxony

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Importance of harmonious brood development in spring

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Importance of harvest date in onion seed production

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Importance of harvesting corn cobs in maize-grain silages for slaughter swine

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Importance of health in calf rearing

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Importance of heat for grain drying

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Importance of heat screens and hydroponic culture in reducing energy consumption on spring greenhouse tomatoes

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Importance of heating the honeyb

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Importance of herbicides in modern culture of sugar beets

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Importance of high environmental temperature for the occurrence of genotype x environment interactions concerning litter size, litter weight, and individual body weight in mice. I. Effect of high temperature on the traits studied

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Importance of high quality timber to Maines economy

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Importance of high value clay minerals

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Importance of high-stem trained stands with broad interrow space in the reduction of damage level from diseases and pests of grapevine

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Importance of historical gardens for the life of contemporary man

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Importance of historical maps for mapping flora in Central Europe