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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16095

Chapter 16095 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zenkteler, M., 1984:
In vitro pollination and fertilization

Havel, L.N.vak, F., 1982:
In vitro pollination of maize (Zea mays L.)--proof of double fertilization

Guzowska, I., 1971:
In vitro pollination of ovules and stigmas in several species

Gengenbach, Bg, 1984:
In vitro pollination, fertilization, and development of maize kernels

Dupuis, I., 1992:
In vitro pollination: a new tool for analyzing environmental stress

Yen, L.; Liu, X.L.u, G., 1992:
In vitro polymerization of F-actin and assembly of microfilament cytoskeleton of pollen actin

Miller, Gl, 1991:
In vitro post-dispersal burrow sharing among spiderling Geolycosa turricola (Araneae, Lycosidae)

Skliarova, Np, 1980:
In vitro potato culture in the International Center of Potatoes Peru, reproduction of collection material.1

Terrazas-Aranda, K.; Van Herrewege, Y.; Lewi, P.J.; Van Roey, J.; Vanham, G., 2007:
In vitro pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis using HIV inhibitors as microbicides against cell-free or cell-associated HIV-1 infection

Virat, M.P.loille, M., 1975:
In vitro predatory activity of Arthrobotrys oligospora Fres. against the larvae of Haemonchus contortus, an animal nematode parasite

Cameron, M.D.; Wright, J.; Black, C.B.; Ye, N., 2007:
In vitro prediction and in vivo verification of enantioselective human tofisopam metabolite profiles

Anonymous, 1993:
In vitro prediction of the maximum tolerated dose

Lompo, M.; Dubois, J.; Guissou, I.P., 2007:
In vitro preliminary study of free radical scavenging activity of extracts from Khaya senegalensis A. Juss. (Meliaceae)

Yamakura, F.; Kobayashi, K.; Furukawa, S.; Suzuki, Y., 2007:
In vitro preparation of iron-substituted human manganese superoxide dismutase: possible toxic properties for mitochondria

Le-Goff, L.M.nigault, P., 1973:
In vitro presence between attenuated and virulent bacteria for the expression of the oncogenic power of Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Smith et Town) Conn

Zapartan, M., 2004:
In vitro preservation of Syringa josikaea J.Jack. ex Rchb

Poole, H.; Taber, S., 1970:
In vitro preservation of honey bee semen enhanced by storage at 13--15 degree C

Wang, J.F.; Wang, Z.Q.; Liu, Y.X.; Lin, S.Q., 2007:
In vitro preservation of loquat germplasm

Halmagyi, A.; Deliu, C.; Cachita, D.; Coste, A., 2003:
In vitro preservation of potato shoot cultures

Langade, D.G.; Rao, G.; Girme, R.C.; Patki, P.S.; Bulakh, P.M., 2006:
In vitro prevention by ACE inhibitors of cataract induced by glucose

Mclaughlin, R.; Bell, M.; Mcreynolds, G., 1971:
In vitro primary culture of embryonic cells from the boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis

Burr, F.A.; Burr, B., 1983:
In vitro processing of plant preproteins

Yin, X.-Jun; Lee, Y.; Lee, H.; Kim, N.; Kim, L.; Shin, H.; Kong, I., 2007:
In vitro production and initiation of pregnancies in inter-genus nuclear transfer embryos derived from leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) nuclei fused with domestic cat (Felis silverstris catus) enucleated oocytes (vol 66, pg 275, 2006)

Tao, G.; Yin, W.; Gong, G.; Cui, C., 1987:
In vitro production and release of potato varieties in China

Stumptner, C.; Fuchsbichler, A.; Zatloukal, K.; Denk, H., 2007:
In vitro production of Mallory bodies and intracellular hyaline bodies: the central role of sequestosome 1/p62

Martin, D.O.ivier, J.1; Lespinasse, Y., 1981:
In vitro production of Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint. perithecia applied to the study of benomyl resistance Malus pumila, apples.1

Redmer, D.A.; Kirsch, J.D.; Grazul, A.T., 1987:
In vitro production of angiotropic factor by bovine corpus luteum: partial characterization of activities that are chemotactic and mitogenic for endometrial cells

Chopra, Rn, 1988:
In vitro production of apogamy and apospory in bryophytes and their significance

Okada, H.; Abe, T.; Etoh, Y.; Yoshino, S.; Kato, I.; Iwaki, T.; Okubo, K.; Yasuda, S.; Kawada, K.; Kusaka, T.; Namba, M.; Nishida, T.; Imai, T.; Isobe, K.; Itoh, S., 2007:
In vitro production of bilirubin photoisomers by light irradiation using neoBLUE

Moore, K.; Rodríguez-Sallaberry, C.J.; Kramer, J.M.; Johnson, S.; Wroclawska, E.; Goicoa, S.; Niasari-Naslaji, A., 2007:
In vitro production of bovine embryos in medium supplemented with a serum replacer: effects on blastocyst development, cryotolerance and survival to term

Janick, Jules, 1981:
In vitro production of cocoa lipids

Groza, I.; Ciupercescu, D.D.; Pall, E.; Gocza, E., 2006:
In vitro production of embryoid bodies from a mouse embryonic stem cell line and differentiation protocols towards cardiomycete and neuron lineages

Bhojwani, Ss, 1969:
In vitro production of embryos

Grondahl, C.H.st, T.B.uck, I.V.uff, D.B.zard, J.F.ir, T.G.eve, T.H.ttel, P., 1995:
In vitro production of equine embryos

Abo-El-Dahab, M.; El-Goorani, M.; El-Kazazz, S., 1987:
In vitro production of extracellular polysaccharides by Erwinia carotovora var. carotovora and Erwinia carotovora var. atroseptica

Chu, C.; Wu, H., 1979:
In vitro production of haploid plantlets from the unpollinated ovaries of Triticum aestivum and Nicotiana tabacum

Handro, W., 1975:
In vitro production of haploid plants from anthers of nicotiana tabacum cultivar Goiano-IAC-70

Bajaj, Yps, 1983:
In vitro production of haploids

Zhou, C.Y.ng, H., 1991:
In vitro production of haploids in rice through ovary culture

Kartel'-, N.; Zabenkova, K.; Romashchenko, A., 1982:
In vitro production of highly labelled plant DNA

Govindarajalu, T.R.gunatha, V., 1975:
In vitro production of indole acetic acid by Cercospora citrullina Cke

Hasija, S.; Batra, S., 1984:
In vitro production of pectic enzymes by Phoma destructiva

Bonnet, P.V.nard, P., 1975:
In vitro production of pectin methyl esterase (PME) by different pectinolytic Erwinia strains

Agarwal, G.; Kulhara, D.B.sen, P., 1977:
In vitro production of pectolytic enzymes by Pleospora infectoria (group) and Nigrospora sphaerica (Sacc.) causing pod spots of pea (Pisum sativum) and bean (Dolichos lablab)

Dehorter, B.P.rrin, R., 1983:
In vitro production of perithecia of Nectria ditissima, the beech canker agent. I. Effect of culture medium and temperature. Application to the realization of artificial infections of beech

Dehorter, B.P.rrin, R., 1983:
In vitro production of perithecia of Nectria ditissima, the beech canker agent. II. Effects of the carbon-nitrogen composition of the nutritive medium and effect of light

Matern, U.S.robel, G., 1987:
In vitro production of potatoes bearing resistance to fungal diseases

Schulz, T.; Kluytmans, J.; Zandee, D., 1982:
In vitro production of propionate by mantle mitochondria of the sea mussel Mytilus edulis L.: overall mechanism

Sharma, O.; Sharma, K., 1980:
In vitro production of proteolytic enzymes by Aspergillus sydowii var. agraii Sharma et Sharma

Favre, J.; Grenan, S., 1979:
In vitro production of tendrils, flowers and berries of grapes

Sahni, S.; Chahal, D.; Singh, N., 1975:
In vitro production of toxic metabolite by different species of Colletotrichum

Ghewande, M.; Deshpande, K., 1976:
In vitro production of transelimanses by Helminthosporium apattarnae Desh. & Desh

Maia, E.B.ttachini, B.M.ia, N., 1975:
In vitro production of virus-free plantlets from tobacco anthers infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Jeantet, M.; Knight, J., 1985:
In vitro progesterone and estrone synthesis by the porcine placenta and endometrium at 30, 60 and 90 days of gestation

Spilman, C.H.; Seidel, G.E.; Larson, L.L.; Foote, R.H., 1972:
In vitro progesterone synthesis by corpora lutea induced in prepuberal cattle

Rigor, E.M.; Hansel, W., 1973:
In vitro progesterone synthesis by corpora lutea of hysterectomized ewes after in vivo stimulation with luteinizing hormone

Sieber-Blum, M.; Chokshi, H.R., 1985:
In vitro proliferation and terminal differentiation of quail neural crest cells in a defined culture medium

Druart, P.K.vers, C1; Boxus, P1; Gaspar, T., 1982:
In vitro promotion of root formation by apple shoots through darkness effect on endogenous phenols and peroxidases Malus domestica, meristem plant propagation

Rufenacht, H.L.scher, M., 1977:
In vitro proof of juvenile hormone (JH) of breakdown enzyme activity during egg maturation of the cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea

Dupont, J., 1976:
In vitro proof of solubilization of phosphate and calcium in membranes of plant mitochondria

Hussey, G., 1980:
In vitro propagation

Preil, W., 1986:
In vitro propagation and breeding of ornamental plants: advantages and disadvantages of variability

Baskaran, M.; Rathinavel, S.; Sellathurai, T.; Prema, S.; Natarajan, K.K., 2007:
In vitro propagation and conservation of Gymnema sylvestre (Retz) R. Br

Hunter, Cs, 1986:
In vitro propagation and germplasm storage of Cinchona

Ebrahim, N.; Shibli, R.; Makhadmeh, I.; Shatnawi, M.; Abu Ein, A., 2007:
In vitro propagation and in vivo acclimatization of three coffee cultivars (Coffea arabica L.) from Yemen

Ruiz, J.J.; Lentini, Z.; Buitrago, M.E.; Florez Ramos, C.P.; Cock, J.; Segovia, V., 2007 :
In vitro propagation and regeneration of Solanum quitoense (lulo) plants and their use as elite clones by resource farmers

Tognoni, F.B.rrelli, A.L.pucci-Di-Paola, M., 1979:
In vitro propagation for the production of cauliflower seeds

Rogozinska, J.K.towska, U.G.ska, M., 1979:
In vitro propagation from hypocotyl of forage beets

Mekers, O.V.n-Onsem, J., 1983:
In vitro propagation in Vriesea cultivars in comparison with other ornamental Bromeliaceae

Nagarajan, S.M.; Rajasekaran, S.; Kannan, T.M.S.thees, 2006:
In vitro propagation of Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd ex. Delile

Ujjwala Supe, 2006:
In vitro propagation of Aloe barbadensis - a medicinal plant

Yousef, H.; Sahar, B.; Abdollah, H., 2007:
In vitro propagation of Alstroemeria using rhizome explants derived in vitro and in pot plants

Chow, H.; Hsieh, W.; Chang, C., 1982:
In vitro propagation of Anoect

Trueman, S.J.; Richardson, D.M., 2007:
In vitro propagation of Corymbia torelliana x C-citriodora (Myrtaceae) via cytokinin-free node culture

L.X.angYang; Zeng BingShan; Qiu ZhenFei; Liu Ying; Fan ChunJie, 2007:
In vitro propagation of Daemonorops margaritae by sucker

Sharma, U.; Rao, V.R.ma; Mohan, J.S.S.; Reddy, A.S., 2007 :
In vitro propagation of Dendrobium microbulbon A. Rich - A rare ethnomedicinal herb

Sita, G.L.; Rani, B.S., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Eucalyptus grandis L. by tissue culture

Fen LimTsui; Rao, A.N., 2007:
In vitro propagation of Feronia limonia

Demiralay, A.Y.lcin-Medini, Y.A.a-Kacar, Y.C.tiner, S., 1998:
In vitro propagation of Ficus carica L. var. Bursa Siyahi through meristem culture

Watad, A.; Ben-Jaacov, J.T.l, E.S.lomon, H., 1992:
In vitro propagation of Grevillea species

Dhooghe, E.-; Van-Labeke, M.-Christine, 2007:
In vitro propagation of Helleborus species

Ilczuk, A.W.nkelmann, T.R.chartz, S.W.tomska, M.S.rek, M., 2005:
In vitro propagation of Hippeastrum x chmielii Chum. - influence of flurprimidol and the culture in solid or liquid medium and in temporary immersion systems

Chung, J.; Chun, C.; Suh, Y.; Rhee, E., 1981:
In vitro propagation of Hyaci

Chung, J.; Chun, C.; Suh, Y.; Rhee, E., 1983:
In vitro propagation of Hyacinthus orientalis L. III. Effect of auxin concentrations and light or dark incubation on organogenesis from flower stalk tissue, and comparison of totipotency between bulbscale and flower stalk tissue

Chavan, D., K.; Shah, M., K.; Mathur, R.C., 2007:
In vitro propagation of Hybrid Tea rose varieties for commercial cultivation

Niimi, Y.W.tanabe, H., 1982:
In vitro propagation of Lilium

Hammerschlag, F., 1981:
In vitro propagation of Myrobalan plum (Prunus cerasifera)

Martin, K.P.; Shahanaz-Beegum, A.; Zhang, C.L.; Slater, A.; Madhusoodanan, P.V., 2007:
In vitro propagation of Ophiorrhiza prostrata through somatic embryogenesis

Sharad Tiwari; Kanchan Singh; Pankaj Shah, 2007:
In vitro propagation of Oroxylum indicum - an endangered medicinal tree

Nel, D.; Kotze, J.1; Snyman, C., 1982:
In vitro propagation of Persea Indica Avocado root rot, Phytophthora cinnamomi

Jusaitis, M., 1995:
In vitro propagation of Phebalium equestre and Phebalium hillebrandii (Rutaceae)

Ferreira, G.M.; Mota, M.G. da C.; Vieira, I.M. dos S.; Batista, M. do S.F.; Silva, S.P.G. da; Conceicao, C.C.C. da, 2006:
In vitro propagation of Piper aduncum L

Naujoks, G.E.ald, D.M.tschke, J., 1987:
In vitro propagation of Populus spec

Nadel, B.; Hazan, G.D.vid, R.H.ttermann, A.A.tman, A., 1992:
In vitro propagation of Populus species: response to growht regulators and media composition

Sauer, A., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Prunus avium L. and storage of in vitro derived plantlets

Vertesy, J., 1980:
In vitro propagation of Prunus persica and Prunus persico-davidiana shoot tips in order to get virus-free plants

Tricoli, Dm, 1983:
In vitro propagation of Prunus serotina

Walter, R.; Kamp, M.S.ith, R., 1979:
In vitro propagation of Rosa chinensis, Jacq. var minima Red Cascade

Chun, C.; Paek, K., 1982:
In vitro propagation of Sanse

Harris, P.; Puddephat, I., 1989:
In vitro propagation of Sesbania species

Madani, Abdalla-Khider, 1979:
In vitro propagation of Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider via shoot tip culture

Lane, Wd, 1979:
In vitro propagation of Spirea bumalda and Prunus cistena from shoot apices

Hildebrandt, V.H.rney, P., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Viburnum opulus Nanum

Messeguer, J.M.le, E., 1987:
In vitro propagation of adult material and seedlings of Corylus avellana

Airo, M.; Zizzo, G.V.; Ruffoni, B., 2007:
In vitro propagation of an Euphorbia milii hybrid

Cheema, G.; Sharma, D., 1983:
In vitro propagation of apple Cultivars

Cheema, G.; Sharma, D., 1983:
In vitro propagation of apple rootstock - EMLA 25

Chalupa, V., 1981:
In vitro propagation of birch (Betula verrucosa Ehrh.)

Van-Der-Maaten, M.; Miller, J., 1987:
In vitro propagation of bovine leukemia virus

Paek, K.; Chun, C., 1982:
In vitro propagation of bulb

Welander, T., 1978:
In vitro propagation of clones from different cultivars of Begonia X hiemalis

Akhmetova, A.S.; Baiburina, R.K.; Mironova, L.N., 2007:
In vitro propagation of clones of Tulipa L. hybrid forms

Bonga, Jm, 1991:
In vitro propagation of conifers: fidelity of the clonal offspring

Raj, A.; Ho, R.; Zsuffa, L., 1983:
In vitro propagation of forest trees by tissue culture

Cossio, F., 1981:
In vitro propagation of four sour cherry cultivars

David, A., 1982:
In vitro propagation of gymnospores Tissue culture

Lazar, M.C.hita-Cosma, D., 1984 :
In vitro propagation of hortensia plants (Hydrangea opuloides Koch.)

Hussey, G., 1983:
In vitro propagation of horticultural and agricultural crops

Chung, J.; Chun, C.; Rhee, E., 1984:
In vitro propagation of hyacinthus orientalis L. VI. Effects of sucrose concentration, pH value, bulblet age and chilling treatment of bulblet on organogenesis from the bulblet scale and leaf tissue

Engelmann, F.G.din, B.L.boeuf, J.B.got, C., 1987:
In vitro propagation of juvenile and adult clones of Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook

Al-Matar, Shatha-Matar, 1997:
In vitro propagation of longspur barrenwort (Epimedium grandiflorum Morr.) and date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Hector, E.; Torres, A.; Algoe, S.; Cabanas, M.; Lopez, A., 2007:
In vitro propagation of macho plaintain (Musa sp. AAB) clone Sobrino by some Cuban bio-stimulants, BB-6 and Biostan, as growth regulator substitutes

Mcgranahan, G.L.slie, C.; Driver, J., 1988:
In vitro propagation of mature Persian walnut cultivars

Paranjothy, K.O.hman, R., 1982:
In vitro propagation of oil palm Elaeis guineensis, callus initiation and subculture, embryo culture, embryogenesis

Harney, Pm, 1983:
In vitro propagation of ornamental plants

Parfitt, D.; Almehdi, A., 1986:
In vitro propagation of peach. II. A Medium for in vitro multiplication of 56 peach cultivars

Liu, L.; Rosa, E.L.zardi, E.A.ocho, A.D.az, N.R.driquez, J., 1989:
In vitro propagation of plantain (Musa acuminata X M. balbisiana AAB) and banana (M. acuminata AAA) in Puerto Rico

Novak, F.; Zadina, J., 1987:
In vitro propagation of potato--progress in Czechoslovakia

Bassi, D., 1984:
In vitro propagation of prunes. (Prunus domestica L. cv Prune dAgen, clone Ente 707)

Mekers, O., 1977:
In vitro propagation of some Tillandsioideae (Bromeliaceae)

Hussey, G., 1977:
In vitro propagation of some members of the Liliaceae, Iridaceae and Amaryllidaceae

Rugini, E., 1984:
In vitro propagation of some olive (Olea europaea sativa L.) cultivars with different root-ability, and medium development using analytical data from developing shoots and embryos

Read, P.; Garton, S1; Louis, K.1; Zimmermann, E.1; Farnham, R., 1982:
In vitro propagation of species for bioenergy plantations Salix, Alnus glutinosa, Alnus crispa, Alnus rubra, Typha latifolia, fuel sources

Fernandez, G.; Clark,. Jr.;, 1991:
In vitro propagation of the erect thornless Navaho blackberry

Dodds, John, H., 1991:
In vitro propagation of the potato

Velchev, V.S.oianov, S.M.lanov, E., 1983:
In vitro propagation of thornless blackberry. II. Rooting micropropagated shoots of variety Thornfree

Zilkah, S.F.ingersh, E.R.tbaum, A., 1992:
In vitro propagation of three M X M (Prunus avium X P. mahaleb) cherry rootstocks

Jones, Op, 1983:
In vitro propagation of tree crops

Boulay, M., 1986:
In vitro propagation of tree species

Escala, M.G.rcia, E.-De, 1983:
In vitro propagation of varieties of Solanum tuberosum as a method of obtaining virus-free plants

Poornima, G.N.; Ravishankar, R., V., 2007:
In vitro propagation of wild yams, Dioscorea oppositifolia (Linn) and Dioscorea pentaphylla (Linn)

Prochnow, N.; Lee, P.; Hall, W.C.; Schmidt, M., 2007:
In vitro properties of neurons in the rat pretectal nucleus of the optic tract

Raza, H.; John, A., 2007:
In vitro protection of reactive oxygen species-induced degradation of lipids, proteins and 2-deoxyribose by tea catechins

Ramachandran Venugopal; Dhanapal Sakthisekaran; Balasubramanian Rajkapoor; Nishigaki, I., 2007:
In vitro protective effect of mangiferin against glycated protein-iron chelate induced toxicity in human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Pelley, John-Walter, 1971:
In vitro protein biosynthesis using Drosphila ribosomes and transfer enzymes

Yadav, Sp, 1981:
In vitro protein digestibility of cooked and uncooked pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) cultivars

Morris, T.J.; Semancik, J.S., 1973:
In vitro protein polymerization and nucleoprotein reconstitution of tobacco rattle virus

Obrig, Tom-Gordon, 1969:
In vitro protein synthesis and aging in fungi

Leach, C.K.; Carr, N.G., 1974:
In vitro protein synthesis and measurement of the stability of messenger RNA in the blue-green alga, anabaena variabilis

Callow, J.; Callow, M.; Woolhouse, H., 1972:
In vitro protein systhesis, ribosomal RNA synthesis, and polyribosomes in senescing leaves of Perilla

Kay, Sa, 1991:
In vitro protein-DNA interactions in the rice phytochrome promoter

Greenleaf, A.L.; Haars, R.; Bautz, E.K., 1976:
In vitro proteolysis of a large subunit of Drosophila melanogaster RNA polymerase B

Duranti, M.G.tehouse, J.; Boulter, D.C.rletti, P., 1987:
In vitro proteolytic processing of pea and jack bean storage proteins by an endopeptidase from lupin seeds

Vermeer, C.; Soute, B.A.; Hemker, H.C., 1978:
In vitro prothrombin synthesis from a purified precursor protein. II. Partial purification of bovine carboxylase

Borkowska-Opacka, B.T.uszczynski, M., 1971:
In vitro quantitative determination of the sensitivity of Salmonella strains, isolated from animals to nitrofuran drugs

Orozco, E.J.; Hallick, R., 1982:
In vitro radioactive labeling of chloroplast RNA with 125I iodine isotope

Cancelliere, G.M.siti-Dorello, P.S.ejbal, J., 1970:
In vitro radiosensitization of Ehrlich ascites tumour cells and pure enzymes by iodine compounds

Visser, T.M.ys, Q.V.n-Der, 1986:
In vitro reaction between apple pollen and apple scab fungus (Venturia inaequalis Cke. Wint.)

Young, P.S.; Thaxton, P.; Morgan, G.W., 1975:
In vitro reactivity of chicken hemagglutinins in the presence of corticosterone

Tagariello, G.; Zanotto, D.; Radossi, P.; Sartori, R.; Belvini, D.; Salviato, R., 2007:
In vitro reactivity of factor VIII inhibitors with von Willebrand factor in different commercial factor VIII concentrates

Guerra, A.; Robacker, K.; Del-Rio, H., 1994:
In vitro rearing of Catolaccus grandis (Burks): recent advances

Awuitor, K.M.sselot, M.T.rsac, J., 1984:
In vitro rearing of Pimpla instigator (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidea). 2. Completion of development in semi-artifical conditions

Kamburov, G.M.ncheva, N., 1976:
In vitro rearing of honeybee larvae

Miller, Lk, 1977:
In vitro recombinant DNA technology for mapping animal virus mutations

Berreur, P.C.uble, P.P.udhomme, J., 1983:
In vitro recombinations and study of differentiation in insects

Malecki, M.; Jedrzejczak, R.; Stepien, P.P.; Golik, P., 2007:
In vitro reconstitution and characterization of the yeast mitochondrial degradosome complex unravels tight functional interdependence

Pramanik, S.K.; Williams, A.L.; Bewley, J.D., 2007:
In vitro reconstitution of legumin (11S) mRNA and binding proteins as related to post-transcriptional regulation of protein synthesis in developing alfalfa embryos

Mullet, J.; Chua, N., 1983:
In vitro reconstitution of synthesis, uptake, and assembly of cytoplasmically synthesized chloroplast proteins Peas, barley, maize, spinach

Kobayashi, M.M.toh, T., 1997:
In vitro reconstitution of the boron-polysaccharide complex purified from cultured tobacco BY-2 cells

Laber, B.A.rhein, N., 1989:
In vitro reconstitution of the diaminpimelate pathway

Kim, M.Young.; Kwon, J.Sook.; Kim, H.Jin.; Lee, E.K., 2007:
In vitro refolding of PEGylated lipase

He-Xiao-Qing; Gong-Zhen-Hui, 2007:
In vitro regeneration and its influential factors in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Faisal, M.A.mad, N.A.is, M., 2005:
In vitro regeneration and mass propagation of Ruta graveolens L.--a multipurpose shrub

Przybecki, Zbigniew, 1993:
In vitro regeneration and somaclonal variability of C. wrightii and C. wrightii x C. tolucana hybrids

Mirlohi, Aghafakhr, 1991:
In vitro regeneration and somaclonal variation in Arkansas-grown rice varieties

Scaramuzzi, F., 1974:
In vitro regeneration from Nephrolepis cordifolia Preslius prothallial segments

Bruneau, R., 1985:
In vitro regeneration from immature embryo callus in maize. Quantitative aspect and hereditary transmission through crosses

Tosca, A.P.ndolfi, R.M.cachi, A., 1992:
In vitro regeneration of Camellia hybr. cv. Debbie from leaf and stem explants

Margarita, V.S.etleva, D.P.tkova, S., 2002:
In vitro regeneration of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Saadi, A.; Hamdani, F.Z., 2007:
In vitro regeneration of Scorpiurus muricatus ssp. subvillosus via caulogenesis

Fei, Shui-Zhang, 1997:
In vitro regeneration of buffalograss

Anand, M.B.r, S., 1986:
In vitro regeneration of plantlets from seedlings explants of Albizzia procera

Mix-G.S.xin, S., 1983:
In vitro regeneration of plants from potato tuber tissue

Cruz, Gs-Da, 1984:
In vitro regeneration of plants of Aeschinanthus lobbianus Hook and Columnea schiedeana Schlecht

Gaponenko, A.; Muntyan, M.; Malikova, N.; Sozinov, A., 1985:
In vitro regeneration of plants of different wheat genotypes Triticum aestivum L

Harosi, Fi, 1984:
In vitro regeneration of visual pigment in isolated vertebrate photoreceptors

Bornman, Ch, 1981:
In vitro regeneration potential of the conifer phyllomorph Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Municio, A.; Odriozola, J.; Ramos, J., 1972:
In vitro regulation by NADPH of fatty acid biosynthesis with larval and pharate adult homogenates of the fly. Ceratitis capitata

Diez-Fraile, A.M.yer, E.D.chateau, L.P.ape, M.; Burvenich, C., 2004:
In vitro regulation of Mac-1 expression on bovine polymorphonuclear leukocytes by endotoxin and tumor necrosis factor-a at different stages of lactation

Castro, J.M.nicio, A.; Odriozola, J.; Perez-Albarsanz, M.; Ramos, J., 1974:
In vitro regulation of enzymes of the fatty acid synthesis i n liver from adult and fetal rabbits

Young, A.J.; Schmotzer, W.B.; Swanson, L.V., 1990:
In vitro regulation of mammary glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity by palmitoyl coenzyme A, acetate, and polyamines

Thomson, T.A.; Edwards, J.H.; Al-Zubaidy, T.S.; Brown, R.C.; Poole, A.; Nicholls, P.J., 1986:
In vitro release of arachidonic acid and in vivo responses to respirable fractions of cotton dust

Hellebrekers, L.; Slob, A.M.l, J., 1988:
In vitro release of arginine vasopressin from the isolated neurointermediate lobe of the canine pituitary

Khan, S.; Rauthan, B., 1985:
In vitro release of bound (nonextractable)14C residues from plants by corn leaves homogenates

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In vitro research

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In vitro response of citrus to iron stress

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In vitro screening for pest resistance

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In vitro screening of ponderosa pine for resistance to western gall rust

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In vitro selection for resistance (hypersensitivity) to Erwinia carotovora in sunflowers

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In vitro selection for tobacco cultivar resistant to Alternaria Alternata

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In vitro selection from protein and peptide libraries

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In vitro selection of mutants o

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In vitro sensitivity of an L-body of Streptococcus agalactiae to some antibiotics

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In vitro sensitivity to chemotherapeuticals of several Salmonella strains isolated from pigs

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In vitro shoot micropropagation and plant establishment of Orlando Seedless grape and Tampa rootstock

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In vitro shoot multiplication of six promising strains of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

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In vitro shoot regeneration in Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh

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In vitro shoot tip culture of Rubus. 1. Review

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In vitro shoot tip culture of Rubus. 2. Application

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In vitro silage quality and digestibility of fresh and partly dried grasses according to the level of fertilization with nitrogen

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In vitro skin penetration methodology

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In vitro specificity and mechanism of infection

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In vitro sporulation in Actinospora megalospora

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In vitro stability of the calf thymus 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptor

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In vitro stabilization and minimum active component of polygalacturonic acid synthase involved in pectin biosynthesis

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In vitro status epilepticus but not spontaneous recurrent seizures cause cell death in cultured hippocampal neurons

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In vitro steroid metabolism in cells of the bovine placenta

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In vitro studies of Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott for germplasm preservation

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In vitro studies of the mechanism of the vasodilation effect of isosorbide-5-mononitrate and tachyphylaxie development under the effect of nitrates

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In vitro studies of the pathways of fatty acid synthesis in the rabbit

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In vitro studies on Portulaca grandiflora Hook

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In vitro studies on gluten protein functionality

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In vitro study of some fungicides active against Penicillium molds of citrus fruits

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In vitro study of the carrier proteins of 3hydrogen-labelled juvenile hormone active compounds in the haemolymph of Tenebrio molitor L. larvae

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In vitro study of the effect of body weight on the deiodizing of L-di-iodotyrosine and L-thyroxin in the livers and kidneys of rats fed a standard diet

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In vitro study of the effect of prostaglandins F2alpha and E2 on uterine contractibility. i. effect of prostaglandin F2alpha on myometrics of cattle and sheep

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In vitro study of the effect of some fungicides on fungi of the genus Alternaria

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In vitro study of the effect of some ions on individual isoenzymes of pea and barley peroxidase

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In vitro study of the initial phases of degradation of the heartwood of Scots pine by the pine Trametes: Trametes pini (Thore) Fr

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In vitro suppression of T-cell mitogenic response and tumor cell proliferation by spleen macrophages from normal chickens

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In vitro synthesis of a segment of bromegrass mosaic virus ribonucleic acid

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In vitro synthesis of cytokinins in isolated roots of Lupinus albus L. treated with lectins extracted from cotyledons and leaves

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In vitro synthesis of glyceroglycolipids in the blue-green alga, Anabaena variabilis

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In vitro synthesis of lipids in relation to some hematological indexes in rats. 1. high cellulose, low fat content in feed

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In vitro synthesis of lipids in relation to some hematological indexes in rats. iI. high and low cellulose, high fat content in feed

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In vitro synthesis of precursor forms of pig heart aspartate aminotransferase isozymes

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In vitro synthesis of protease and cellulase (Cx) by the bacterial blight pathogen of rice, Xanthomonas oryzae (Uyeda et Ishiyama) Dowson

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In vitro synthesis of proteins by polysomes from germinating Petunia pollen

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In vitro synthesis of sapogenin in Asparagus racemosus Willd

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In vitro synthesis of viral proteins using viral mRNA

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In vitro synthesis of zein-like protein by maize polyribosomes

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In vitro system for applying cyclic loads to connective tissues under displacement or force control

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In vitro systems for determining dietary mineral availability

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In vitro systems for the conservation and utilisation of germplasm

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In vitro systems in the study of mechanisms of pesticide metabolism in plants

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In vitro techniques as an efficient tool in asparagus breeding

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In vitro techniques for aquatic toxicological studies

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In vitro techniques for conserving crop germplasm

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In vitro techniques for detecting botulinal toxins

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In vitro techniques for measuring nutrient supply to ruminants

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In vitro techniques for studying obligate pathogens of Vitis

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In vitro techniques for the attachment of Escherichia coli to epithelial cells

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In vitro techniques for the detection of chemicals capable of inducing mitotic chromosome aneuploidy

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In vitro techniques in clonal propagation of forest tree species

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In vitro techniques in research

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In vitro techniques in teratology

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In vitro test alternatives market faces growth obstacles as technology advances

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In vitro test of a possible simple diagnostic method to detect cholinesterase activity in organo-phosphorus poisoned blood samples

Fekete, E., 1977:
In vitro test of ecdysone analogues

Flint, Op, 1991:
In vitro test validation

Chenoweth, De, 1996:
In vitro testing alternatives for determining skin irritation potential

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In vitro testing of anthelmintic efficacy of Flemingia vestita (Fabaceae) on carbohydrate metabolism in Rallietina echinobothrida

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In vitro testing of sulphamerazine

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In vitro testing of the effect o

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In vitro tests for detecting chemicals affecting the embryo implantation process: the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 62 - a strategic workshop of the EU ReProTech project

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In vitro tests on the breakdown of chlormequat (chlorocholine chloride) in the rumen

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In vitro tests on the fungicidal effect of some organophosphorus compounds

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In vitro tests with some acaricides against cattle tick, Boophilus microplus (Canestrini) India

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In vitro thermosensibility of experimental tumors in small animals

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