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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 16153

Chapter 16153 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Reznik, V.; Sobol'-, G.; Baidachnaia, G., 1975:
Insecticides with good prospects for controlling beet aphids

Ishaaya, I.D.gheele, D., 1998:
Insecticides with novel modes of action

Ishaaya, I.; Barazani, A.; Kontsedalov, S.; Horowitz, A.R.mi, 2007:
Insecticides with novel modes of action: Mechanism, selectivity and cross-resistance

Campos, A.; Gravena, S., 1984:
Insecticides, Bacillus thuringiensis and arthropod predators in the integrated control of the bollworm and tobacco budworm

Anonymous, 1973:
Insecticides, Patent 2 403 429

Randall, Ap, 1976:
Insecticides, formulations, and aerial applications technology for spruce budworm control

Leiby, Rowland-Willis, 1948:
Insecticides, fungicides, soil fumigants, weed killers

Cherkasova, A.; Istratov, I., 1974:
Insecticides, honeybees and bee products

Anonymous, 1989:
Insecticides, mechanisms of action and resistance

Sellianakes, Gb, 1975:
Insecticides, poisons that des

Greichus, Y.A.; Greichus, A.; Ammann, B.D.; Hopcraft, J., 1978:
Insecticides, polychlorinated biphenyls and metals in African lake ecosystems. III. Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Anonymous, 1976:
Insecticides, sterile males combat Medflies

Sifuentes, Ja, 1972:
Insecticides, their handling and correct use

Wiese, I.; Bot, J., 1973:
Insecticides, their hazard and control

Pennell, J.; Retan, A., 1974:

Sharma, Hc, 1975:
Insecticides--their uses and abuses

Konashevich, Ag, 1980:

Gunther, Fa, 1971:
Insecticides-past, present and future: a university viewpoint

Hurtig, H., 1971:
Insecticides-past, present and future: the government viewpoint

Smith, R.; Bennett, M., 1977:
Insecticides. I. The crystal structure and absolute configuration of ( )1 (o chlorophenyl) 1 (p chlorophenyl) 2,2,2 trichloroethane,( ) o,p DDT

Knopf, Klaus-Heinrich, 1963:
Insecticides. Research on the residue on fresh fruits and vegetables

Smith, G.K.nnard, C.; White, A., 1976:
Insecticides. V. Crystal structures of beta-(eeeeee)-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane and gamma-(aaaeee)-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane (lindane) (redeterminations)

Smith, G.K.nnard, C., 1977:
Insecticides. XIII. Crystal structure of isobenzan (exo 1,exo 3,4,5,6,7,8,8 octachloro 1,3,3a,4,7,7a hexahydro endo 4,7 methanoisobenzofuran)

Otake, A., 1974:
Insecticides: Fruit trees

Iwata, T., 1974:
Insecticides: Rice

Nomura, K., 1974:
Insecticides: Upland crops

Chen, A.; Mayer, R., 1985:
Insecticides: effects on the cuticle

Baillie, Ac, 1987:
Insecticides: how they act and why they may fail

Kamano, S., 1981:
Insecticides: rice and other cereals

James, Y., 1978:
Insecticides: useful poisons to use with care

Koshihara, T., 1979 :
Insecticides: vegetable and ornamental crop

Koshihara, T., 1980:
Insecticides: vegetable and ornamental crops

Koshihara, T., 1978:
Insecticides: vegetables & ornamental crops

Koshihara, T., 1981:
Insecticides: vegetables and ornamental crops

Andaloro, Jt, 1989:
Insecticides: what does the future hold?

Prasad, D.C.and, P., 1981:
Insecticidial control of Bihar hairy caterpillar Diacrisia obliqua Walker Legume and plant pests, India

Smith, G.K.nnard, C.; Shields, K., 1977:
Insecticies. XI. Crystal structure of endosulfan, beta 6,7,8,9,10,10 hexachloro 1,5,5a,6,9,9a hexahydro endo 6,9 methano 2,4,3 benzodioxathiepin 3 oxide

Ku, T.; Wang, S., 1981:
Insectidal resistance of the ma

Larson, Wh, 1969:
Insectide evaluation meeting

Jacobson, M., 1983:
Insectides, insect repellants and attractants from arid

Parameswaran, S.T.angavel, P.S.bramaniam, T., 1975:
Insectidical control of cotton stem weevil Pempherulus affinis Fst. (Curculionidae: Coleoptera)

Ianin, Vv, 1976:
Insectidices for the control of Coccidae on coniferous trees

Makhnovskii, I.; Guzeev, G.; Khalilov, S., 1972:
Insectin for controlling the gypsy moth

Kosemund, K.G.iger, I.P.ulsen, H., 2000:
Insection of light-harvesting chlorophyll a

Levinson, H.; Levinson, A., 1973:
Insectistatic action of the lipid antagonist ethyl-p-chlorophenoxyisobutyrate

Vriends, Thijs, 1977:
Insectivorous and frugivorous tropical birds

Atanasov, L.; Mateva, M.; Kostova, V., 1982:
Insectivorous animals and rodent

Komiya, T., 1974:
Insectivorous aquatic plants.

Donchev, S., 1977:
Insectivorous birds are our assistants

Peswani, Km, 1972:
Insectivorous birds control Plusia larvae infesting lucerne crop

Penev, D., 1975:
Insectivorous birds in the fores

Khristov, L., 1974:
Insectivorous mammals and rodent

Wolkinger, F., 1973:
Insectivorous plants

Tim, Skm, 1974:
Insectivorous plants and terrariums

Joseph, J.J.seph, K.M., 1986:
Insectivorous plants of Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, India

Srivastava, Rc, 1983:
Insectivorous plants of Madhya Pradesh--a taxonomic study

Dulgherov, T., 1980:
Insectivorous rodents and mammals in apiaries and their control

Abramova, G.; Amosov, G.; Mandel'-Baum, I., 1973:
Insecto-acaricidal and fungicidal properties of ester amides of dithiophosphoric acid (ratio of activity and structure)

Butani, Dk, 1969:
Insectorium for biological control at Valbonne, France

Deler-Hernandez, A.; Megna, Y., S.; Lazo, D.-Daniel-Gonzalez; Torres, C., N.C.rcases, 2007:
Insectos acuaticos y areas prioritarias para la conservacon en la cuenca alta del rio cauto (Santiago de cuba, Cuba)

Maes, Jean-Michael, 2000:
Insectos asociados a cultivos tropicales

Maldonado-Capriles, J.; Medina-Gaud, S., 1987:
Insectos daninos y beneficiosos de Puerto Rico

Andrade, C., M.G.nzalo; Amat-Garcia, G.; Fernandez, F., 1996:
Insectos de Colombia

Cibrian-Tovar, David, 1995:
Insectos forestales de Mexico

Mendez, Eustorgio, 1999:
Insectos y otros artropodos de importancia medica y veterinaria

Ivashchenko, I.; Adamenko, E., 1980:
Insectostatic action of diflubenzurone on preimaginal phases of Colorado potato beetle

Longenecker, Wh, 1984:
Insectovorous plants, 1970-1983

Turnipseed, Sg, 1973:

Caron, Dm, 1978:
Insects & human nutrition

Haack, R.; Byler, J., 1993:
Insects & pathogens: regulators of forest ecosystems

Neary, John, 1977:
Insects & spiders

Marchiori, C.H., 2003:
Insects (Arthropoda: Insecta) collected on bovine feces after different times of field exposure in Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil

Gleim, Kh, 1977:
Insects (Lachnidae and Lecanium spp.) producing honeydew

Turaev, N.S., 1977 :
Insects - pests of pulse plants in the Urals

Anonymous, 1988:
Insects Affecting Man and Animals Research Laboratory

Porter, Ba, 1952:
Insects Are Harder to Kill

Knezevic, S., 2007:
Insects Can Influence the Timing of Weed Management in Soybeans

Villiers, Andre, 1979:
Insects Hempiterae

Snyder, Thomas, E., 1949:
Insects In Wood Products

Caffrey, Dj, 1952:
Insects That Attack Tobacco

Holloway, J., K.; Huffaker, C., 1952:
Insects To Control a Weed

Mcbride, Kd, 1975:
Insects affecting dry beans

Galford, J.A.chmoody, L.; Smith, H.; Walters, R., 1991:
Insects affecting establishment of northern red oak seedlings in central Pennsylvania

Rethwisch, Md, 1989:
Insects affecting jojoba production in Arizona

Macfarlane, R.; Pottinger, R., 1976:
Insects affecting lucerne seed production

Anonymous, 1974:
Insects affecting man and his possessions

Genung, W.; Allen, R.J., 1977:
Insects affecting or otherwise associated with triticale (Triticum X Secale) in the Everglades

Ebel, Bernard, H., 1963:
Insects affecting seed production of slash and longleaf pines

Linsley, E.G.; Michelbacher, A.E., 1943:
Insects affecting stored food products

Hills, Orin, A., 1963:
Insects affecting sugarbeets grown for seed

Mcbride, D.; Dregseth, R.A.derson, A., 1990:
Insects affecting sugarbeets in North Dakota

Higgins, R.; Brooks, H., 1993:
Insects affecting sunflowers

Cuthbert, Frank, P., 1967:
Insects affecting sweetpotatoes

Howard, L.O., 1980:
Insects affecting the cotton plant

Reina, A., 1972:
Insects against noxious weeds

Taneja, R., 1977:
Insects agriculture insecticides

Pouzat, J., 1980:
Insects and secondary substances of plants

Wehr, E., E.; Lucker, J., T., 1952:
Insects and Helminths

May, C.-; Baker, W., L., 1952:
Insects and Spread of Forest-Tree Diseases

Antsiferova, Ta, 1979:
Insects and alfalfa

Anonymous, 1978:
Insects and animals most injurious

Danks, H.; Byers,. Jr.;, 1972:
Insects and arachnids of Bathurst Island, Canadian arctic archipelago

McGeoch, M.A., 2007:
Insects and bioindication: theory and progress

Ottosson, Jg, 1982:
Insects and birch trees

Warnke, U., 1975:
Insects and birds generate electric fields

Gruner, L.R.om, J., 1977:
Insects and butterflies of Antilles

Mcavoy, T.; Lasota, J.K.k, L., 1986:
Insects and cabbage looper control on fall broccoli, Halifax Country, Virginia

Elias, Sa, 1991:
Insects and climate change: Fossil evidence from the Rocky Mountains

Wilson, R.J.; Davies, Z.G.; Thomas, C.D., 2007:
Insects and climate change: processes, patterns and implications for conservation

Miller, Ge, 1986:
Insects and conifer seed production in the Inland Mountain West: a review

McAlpine David, K., 1972:
Insects and continental drift

Pleshanov, A.S.R.zhkov, A.S., 1982:
Insects and defoliants of larch forests in Eastern Siberia

Leatherman, D.A., 2002:
Insects and diseases associated with forest fires

Wukasch, R., 1982:
Insects and diseases in asparagus

Phelps, Wr, 1970:
Insects and diseases in nurseries and seed orchards

Schulz-Blitz, B., 1994:
Insects and diseases of Alaskan woody ornamental plants

Anonymous, 1977:
Insects and diseases of Evergreens in New Mexico

Blasingame, D.; Cochran, J., 1979:
Insects and diseases of dogwood

Jones, B.; Johnson, D.; Mcdaniel, M., 1983:
Insects and diseases of lawns

Jones, Bill-Frank, 1988:
Insects and diseases of lawns

Hoenig, Ll, 1971:
Insects and diseases of orchids

Smith, T., 1977:
Insects and diseases of pinyon-juniper

Gitton, Thomas-Jacques, 1985:
Insects and diseases of plants

Goyer, R.-A.J.nes, J., P., 1985:
Insects and diseases of southern forests

Mcgregor, M.; Bousfield, W.; James, R.; Eder, R., 1985:
Insects and diseases of the Bridger-Derby, Deer Creek, and Iron Mountain management units, Big Timber Ranger District, Gallatin National Forest, Montana

Phillips, A.M.; Large, J.R.; Cole, J.R., 1960:
Insects and diseases of the pecan in Florida

Maxson, Asa-Chandler, 1948:
Insects and diseases of the sugar beet

Lavallee, A.B.noit, P.L.chance, D.B.ique, R.D.vidson, J., 1977:
Insects and diseases of trees in Quebec in 1977

Lachance, D.B.noit, P.B.nneau, G.D.saulniers, R.L.flamme, G., 1978:
Insects and diseases of trees in Quebec in 1978

Lavallee, A.B.noit, P.B.ique, R.D.vidson, J., 1977:
Insects and diseases of trees in Quebec, 1976

Anonymous, 1972:
Insects and diseases of trees in the South

Martineau, R.L.vallee, A.B.ique, R.D.vidson, J., 1975:
Insects and diseases of trees, Quebec region, 1974

Martineau, R.L.vallee, A.B.ique, R.D.vidson, J., 1976:
Insects and diseases of trees, Quebec, 1975

Anonymous, 1971:
Insects and diseases of trees. Quebec Region

Haverty, M.; Shea, P.; Gill, C., 1997:
Insects and ecosystem management

Kolach, Aj, 1977:
Insects and house plants

Adenuga, A.O., 1979:
Insects and human welfare with special reference to their role in agricultural production

Oldroyd, H., 1973:
Insects and hygiene

Semtner, Paul, J., 1982:
Insects and insecticide use on flue-cured tobacco in Virginia during 1979

Gara, Ri, 1975:
Insects and insecticides

Stoll, S., 1995:
Insects and institutions: university science and the fruit business in California

Vergnaud, A., 1978:
Insects and larvae which hide in the soil, to the detriment of sugarbeets, maize and potatoes

Ene, John-Chunwike, 1963:
Insects and man in West Africa

Lhoste, Jean, 1979:
Insects and mankind

Korner, Hk, 1976:
Insects and microorganisms in endosymbiosis

Bulla, L.J.; Kramer, K.; Speirs, R., 1978:
Insects and microorganisms in stored grain and their control

Gonzaalez, F.-Joaquain, 1983:
Insects and mite pests and their control in the cultivation of rice in Latin America

Robinson, Wh, 1976:
Insects and mite pests of lawns and turfgrass

Fleurat-Lessard, F., 1982:
Insects and mites

Lange, Wh, 1971:
Insects and mites and their control

Lindquist, O.H.S.me, P.D., 1981:
Insects and mites associated with Ontario forests

Clift, A.; Toffolon, R., 1981:
Insects and mites associated with mushroom cultivation on three commercial farms near Sydney, N.S.W., Australia

Moraes, Gilberto, J.De, 1981:
Insects and mites associated with some crops in the region of Ouricuri, Pelotas

Hammad, S.; Kadous, A.A.R.madan, M., 1982:
Insects and mites attacking date palm in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia

Diaz, R.; Belloti, A.; Schoonhoven, A.V.n, 1978:
Insects and mites attacking the cassava crop in Colombia

Tzanakakes, M.E., 2006:
Insects and mites feeding on olive

Somerfield, Kg, 1980:
Insects and mites in commercial grain and seed stores. Conditions for safe storage

Somerfield, Kg, 1980:
Insects and mites in commercial grain and seed stores. Occurrence and damage

Somerfield, Kg, 1971:
Insects and mites in stored agricultural products in New Zealand

Gabriel, Bernardo, P., 1975:
Insects and mites injurious to Philippine crop plants

Karavianskii, N.; Oliger, M., 1975:
Insects and mites living on stored forage plant seeds

Cherepanov, A.I., 1981:
Insects and mites of Siberia

Lourencao, Andre-Luiz, 1996:
Insects and mites of castor-bean plants in Brazil

Gelosi, A.; Seuss, L., 1991:
Insects and mites of cereals in storehouses

Oliger, Mi, 1980:
Insects and mites, pests of grass and legumes seed during storage and measures of their control

Hard, Rl, 1969:
Insects and motor cars

Uki, K., 1971:
Insects and natural enemies. 27

Uga, H., 1971:
Insects and natural enemies. 30

Uga, H., 1972:
Insects and natural enemies. 37

Uga, H., 1972:
Insects and natural enemies. 39

Uga, H., 1971:
Insects and natural enemy. abat

Avigliano, M., 1981:
Insects and nematodes on tobacco

Habeck, D. H.; Perry, V. G., 1969:
Insects and nematodes-new approaches to old problems

Young, Mr, 1981:
Insects and oil platforms

Anonymous, 1942:
Insects and other agricultural parasites in Uruguay

Noetzel, Dm, 1982:
Insects and other animals Pests of wild rice

Mitchell, R.; Sartwell, C., 1974:
Insects and other arthropods

Meyer, R.W.; Osmund, J.V., 1971:
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in indiana during 1970

Meyer, Rw, 1980:
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in Indiana during 1979 Diabrotica, ostrinia, rhopalosiphum, mayetiola, hypera, empoasca

Meyer, Rw, 1981:
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in Indiana during 1981 Grains, forage legumes, ornamental and fruit trees, humans and animals

Meyer, Rw, 1986:
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in Indiana in 1985

Meyer, Rw, 1987:
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in Indiana in 1986

Pierce, C.M.; Gibb, T.J.; Waltz, R.D., 2005 :
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in Indiana in 2004

Allan, W.C., 1970:
Insects and other arthropods of importance during 1969 in households and on livestock in ontario

Allan, W.C., 1971:
Insects and other arthropods of importance during 1970 in households and on livestock in ontario

Allan, W.C., 1972:
Insects and other arthropods of importance during 1971 in households and on livestock in ontario

Allan, Wc, 1974:
Insects and other arthropods of importance during 1973 in houses, warehouses and on livestock in Ontario

Mogi, M., 2007:
Insects and other invertebrate predators

Jones, Jr; Debyle, Nv; Bowers, Dm, 1985:
Insects and other invertebrates

Chadwick, C.; Nikitin, M., 1979:
Insects and other invertebrates intercepted in quarantine in New South Wales. 3. New records for the years 1966-1969

Balciunas, Joseph, K., 1982:
Insects and other macroinvertebrates associated with Eurasian watermilfoil in the United States

Hariri, G., 1981:
Insects and other pests Lentils

Rice, M.; Baird, C.; Mccaffrey, J., 1988:
Insects and other pests in firewood

Kelsheimer, E.G., 1956:
Insects and other pests of gladiolus and their control

Smith, F.; Doucette, C., 1986:
Insects and other pests of lilies

Lizer, Y.Trelles, Carlos, A., 1941:
Insects and other pests of the country home

Barrett,. Jr.;Jr; Klllough, R.; Hartsock, J., 1974:
Insects and outdoor lighting

Dutcher, J., 1991:
Insects and pecan production

Phillips, A.-M.C.le, J.R.L.rge, J., R., 1952:
Insects and pests of the pecan in Florida

Pfeffer, A., 1975:
Insects and plants

Dutcher, J.K.ewer, G.H.rton, D., 1991:
Insects and pollination of muscadine grape in Georgia

Bastos, J.; Sales, F.; Gomes, N.; Figueiredo, R.-De, 1980:
Insects and related forms in Faveleira, Cnidosculus phyllacantus Mart, Pax et Hoff. Maranguape County, Ceara, Brazil

Bastos, J.; Sales, F.; Gomes, N.; Figueiredo, R.-De, 1980:
Insects and related forms in manicoba, Manihot glaziovii Muell, Arg

Sales, Fm, 1979:
Insects and related forms in soybean agroecosystems in the state of Ceara, Brazil

Bickley, William-Elbert, 1950:
Insects and related pest

Manglitz, Gr, 1985:
Insects and related pests

Johnson, G.-V.S.ith, F., F., 1963:
Insects and related pests of house plants

Mcconnell, D.; Short, D., 1973:
Insects and related pests of house plants and their control

Johnson, G. V.; Smith, F. F., 1969:
Insects and related pests of house plants--how to control them

Adams, Rg, 1985:
Insects and related pests of ornamental plants: A guide for arborists

Adams, Rg, 1985:
Insects and related pests of ornamental plants: A guide for customs groundskeepers

Spackman, E.-W.L.wson, F., A., 1987:
Insects and related pests of trees, shrubs, and lawns

Spackman, Ew, 1991:
Insects and related pests of trees, shrubs, and lawns

Short, D.E., 1993:
Insects and related pests of turfgrass in Florida

Smith, Ff, 1969 :
Insects and related pests on foliage, flowers and stems

Steven, D., 1982:
Insects and shelter plants in horticulture

Gomes, Patrick, 1980:
Insects and snails found in the vicinity of Houston, Texas during High Hazard Survey from 1977 to 1980

Hamilton, Clyde, C., 1948:
Insects and spider mites attacking holly

Friedlander, C.P.P.iest, D.-Andrew, 1955:
Insects and spiders

Judd, Ww, 1975:
Insects and spiders from year-old galls caused by Eurosta solidaginis Fitch (Diptera: Trypetidae) on goldenrod, Solidago canadensis L

Ashmole, NP.; Nelson, JM.; Shaw, MR.; Garside, A., 1983:
Insects and spiders on snowfields in the Cairngorms, Scotland

Serrao, J., 1976:
Insects and spiders--how they spend the winter

Lamb, Rj, 1998:
Insects and temperature--some comments on a general theory

Schvester, D., 1985:
Insects and the French forest

Cope, Oliver, B., 1952:
Insects and the Lower Vertebrates

Christenson, L.-; Smith, F., F., 1952:
Insects and the Plant Viruses

Hyslop, James, A., 1941:
Insects and the Weather

Russell, T.; Stephenson, L.; Watson, T., 1974:
Insects and the aflatoxin problem in cotton seed

Mirzoeiian, S.A.M.maev, B.M., 1989:
Insects and the biosphere

Kochetova, N.I.K.chetov, E., V., 1985:
Insects and the harvest

Mikhailova, N.; Shurovenkov, I., 1977:
Insects and the quality of wheat grain producing flour of good baking properties

Perru, Olivier, 2007:
Insects and their endosymbiotes, their discovery from Blochmann to Buchner (1880-1930) - Second part

Ariga, H., 1972:
Insects and their enemies. 43

Chiang, Hc, 1971:
Insects and their environment

Ariga, H., 1972:
Insects and their natural enemi

Kulkarni, D.V.kram-Reddy, M.H.ssain, M.; Mahendar, M., 1976:
Insects and their role in the transmission of worms

Parker, Bertha-Morris, 1941:
Insects and their ways

Redfern, Margaret., 1995:
Insects and thistles

Matesova, G.E.ia; Miteiiaev, I.D.E.iukhnevich, L.A., 1962:
Insects and ticks pests of foods and fruits in Kazakhstan

Amsheev, R.M.K.lik, S.A., 1982:
Insects and vertebrates dwelling in sea buckthorn thickets in Buryat

Ch*-Degrees-*en, Ch*-Degrees-*i-Hu, 1989:
Insects and weeds

Masutti, L., 1979:
Insects and winter snow. Remarks upon some data obtained in the Carnic and Julian Alps

Robinson, Wh, 1973:
Insects and your compost pile

Bellas, T.E., 1982:
Insects as a cause of inhalant allergies

Schurr, K., 1972:
Insects as a major protein source in sewage lagoon biomass useable as animal food

Wellman, G., 1980:
Insects as brucellosis carriers - results of new experiments

Zumpt, Fritz, 1956:
Insects as causes and carriers of diseases

Davletshina, A.; Avanesova, G., 1980:
Insects as components of the main biocenoses in Dzhizak Region

Rzoska, J.L.wis, D., 1976:
Insects as factor in general and human ecology in the Sudan

Kevan, P.; Baker, H., 1983:
Insects as flower vectors and pollinators Foraging behavior, nectar secretion, pollination ecology

Nixon, C.M., 1970:
Insects as food for juvenile gray squirrels

Geelen, J.; Gelder, J.-Van; Sax, H., 1970:
Insects as food for the green frog (Rana esculenta L.)

Pfeffer, A., 1976:
Insects as indicators of changes in the composition of stands in the southern Bohemian heath

Walton, Bt, 1989:
Insects as indicators of toxicity, bioaccumulation and bioavailability of environmental contaminants

Kabilov, Tk, 1979:
Insects as intermediate hosts of the pathogens of some natural nidality helminthoses

Jervis, Mark, 2005:
Insects as natural enemies

Daum, Josef, 1977:
Insects as pests in libraries

Sorum, O., 1977:
Insects as pests of apples and pears

Ersultanov, A., 1978:
Insects as pests of introduced plants

Weidner, H., 1977:
Insects as pests of stored products. I

Weidner, H., 1977:
Insects as pests of stored products. II

Ricciardelli-D'-Albore, G., 1983:
Insects as pollinators of some Labiatae of herbal interest (Origanum majorana L., Origanum vulgare L., Rosmarinus officinalis L., Salvia officinalis L. and Salvia sclarea L.) in a specialized area

D'-Albore, Gr, 1983:
Insects as pollinators of some forage legumes (Melilotus italica Lam., Melilotus alba Medicus, Melilotus officinalis Pallas, Trifolium rubens L., Trifolium repens L.) in a specialized area

Shen, David-Ta-Wei, 1973:
Insects as possibl vectors of Aleutian disease virus of mink

Kremen, C.; Chaplin Kramer, R., 2007:
Insects as providers of ecosystem services: crop pollination and pest control

Miller, We, 1973:
Insects as related to wood and nut production

Cherry, R.; Kritsky, G., 1985:
Insects as sacred symbols in ancient Egypt

Williams, K.S.; Gilbert, L.E., 1981:
Insects as selective agents on plant vegetative morphology: egg mimicry reduces egg laying by butterflies

Adisoemarto, S., 1975:
Insects as source of food for human: consideration of its development

Sorum, O.T.ksdal, G., 1970:
Insects as the cause of nodules in strawberries

Stein, Jd, 1983:
Insects associated with Acacia koa seed in Hawaii Tropical timber tree for the production of hardwood

Clark, Ew, 1974:
Insects associated with Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmerman in the Honduras

Baker, C., 1985:
Insects associated with Mirabilis macfarlanei (Nyctaginaceae) with emphasis on the life cycle of Lithariepteryx n.sp. (Lepidoptera: Heliodinidae)

Chacon, P.R.jas, M., 1984:
Insects associated with Passiflora mollissima, Passiflora edulic f. favicarpa and Passiflora quadrangularis in Cauca Valley, Colombia

Ohmart, C.P., 1982:
Insects associated with Pinus radiata throughout the world

Neece, KC.; Bartell, DP., 1981:
Insects associated with Solenopsis spp. in southeastern Texas

Brown, M.; Adler, C.; Weires, R., 1988:
Insects associated with apple in the Mid-Atlantic States

Blume, Rr, 1970:
Insects associated with bovine droppings in Kerr and Bexar counties, Texas

Foster, D.; Ueckert, D.; Deloach, C., 1981:
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Insects diseases & other problems of Iowas

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Insects have defoliated my tree now whats going to happen?

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Insects likely survived cold quite nicely

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Insects make the forest, too

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Insects may obtain sex attractants from plants

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Insects must be controlled

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