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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 16183

Chapter 16183 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Mullison, Wr, 1976:
Introductory remarks for the panel discussion: registration and use of pesticides

Hays, V.W., 1977:
Introductory remarks for the symposium on evaluating mineral concentrations in animal tissues

Ammerman, C.B., 1980:
Introductory remarks for the symposium on fluoride toxicosis in cattle

Hoffmann, B., 1988:
Introductory remarks in relation to beta-agonists and their effects on growth and carcass quality in farm animals

Becker, Hg, 1976:
Introductory remarks on assuring plant protection in industrialized crop production

Mammerickx, M.B.uck, C.B.rny, A.K.ttmann, R.P.rtetelle, D.L.unen, J., 1984:
Introductory remarks on natural and experimental transmissions of enzootic bovine leukosis

Verona, O.L.pidi, A., 1971:
Introductory remarks on nematode predaceous nicrofungi parasitizing nematodes in the agricultural soil

Tracy, M., 1977:
Introductory remarks on the common agricultural policy

Shuster, C.Jr, 1985:
Introductory remarks on the distribution and abundance of the American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus, spawning in the Chesapeake Bay area

Bergland, B., 1979:
Introductory remarks prepared for delivery by Secretary of Agriculture before the National Agricultural Research and Extension Users Advisory Board Lucheon at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C

Stoltenberg, Ch, 1970:
Introductory remarks the political and economic environment for regeneration

Favre-Duchartre, M., 1969:
Introductory remarks to the Colloquium on Cytological Aspects of Sexual Reproduction of Ovulating Plants (held November 15-16, 1968 under the auspices of the Botanical Society of France)

Schmidt, Fw, 1976:
Introductory remarks to the session on transmission

Schaub, M.; Paoletti, E., 2007:
Introductory remarks to the special issue - XXII IUFRO World Congress, 2005 Brisbane - Air pollution and climate change: A global overview of the effects on forest vegetation

Manning, T., 1980:
Introductory remarks to the workshop on improving the Canadian grain handling system

Heilman, Eg, 1985:
Introductory remarks--fire management policy and programs

Torgerson, Re, 2001:
Introductory remarks--new value-added livestock and poultry initiatives

Philpot, C., 1985:
Introductory remarks--park and wilderness fire management issues

Leben, C., 1985:
Introductory remarks: Biological control strategies in the phylloplane

Keil, T.; Steinbrecht, R., 1997:
Introductory remarks: Series on sensilla

Maple, Tl, 1996:
Introductory remarks: The Art and Science of Enrichment

Barry, Rd, 1992:
Introductory remarks: U.S. sugar proram

Fredrick, Jf, 1970:
Introductory remarks: algae are pertinent

Abs, M., 1991:
Introductory remarks: pain and stress in birds

Grubinger, H., 1975:
Introductory report on the theme technical and economic aspects of soil use in limited yield areas

Kondratyuk, E.; Yurchenko, I.; Glukhov, A.; Azarkh, L., 1985:
Introductory research into the development of fodder production in the droughty steppe zone of the USSR

Nawrot, J., 1975:
Introductory research on the food attractants and repellents for the beetles of the granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.)

Janicki, M.; Rozyczka, J.K.rtz, J., 1970:
Introductory research on the heritability of pale, soft and exudative (PSE) meat in swine

Pietkiewicz, J., 1974 :
Introductory researches on the resistance of potato varieties to early blight of potato, Alternaria porri (Ell.) Neerg. f. sp. solani E et M

Boryczko, Z., 1969:
Introductory results of milk investigation in the direction of the sicknesses of lactiferous gland in cows in the Katowice voivodship

Lazenby, A., 1982:
Introductory review Farm systems management, Dairy Computer Workshop, England

Franz, Jm, 1973:
Introductory review of the need for evaluation studies in relation to integrated control

Johnson, Leon, J., 1979:
Introductory soil science

Berger, Kermit-Carl, 1965:
Introductory soils

Prpic, B., 1979:
Introductory speech in celebration of the centenary founding of the Inspectorate for Karst Afforestation in Senj

Nordskog, Aw, 1977:
Introductory statement: poultry

Goos, M.D.ptuch, S.F.ligowska, K., 1976:
Introductory studies on collecting insects using colour traps in the field experiments

Leemput, L.V.n; Flaas, M.V.n-Der; Swysen, E.H.ndrickx, T.M.eldermans, W.H.ykants, T., 1986:
Introductory studies on the environmental fate of azaconazole, a new fungicide for wood preservation

Brickey, P.M.; Gecan, J.S., 1974:
Introductory study of scanning electron microscopy of elytral fragments of stored product beetles

Goynes, W.; Ingber, B.; Thibodeaux, D., 1995:
Introductory study of structures of cotton motes and mote fibers

Trivedi, B.S.S.arma, B.B., 1974:
Introductory taxonomy

Stenseth, C., 1980:
Introductory technique for use of Phytoseiulus persimilis for control of Tetranychus urticae on cucumbers

Joseph, Marjory, L., 1981:
Introductory textile science

Lund, Rea-Dorette, 1989:
Introductory training series for new service technicians

Konova, L., 1975:
Introductory work with soybeans

Todorov, T., 1986:
Introductory works on agriculture

Schmeller, D., S.; Pagano, A.; Plenet, A.; Veith, M., 2007:
Introduire des grenouilles vertes - Y a-t-il un risque pour les especes indigenes en France ?

Stratonovich, I.M., 1954:
Introduketisieiia bereskleta borodavchatogo v uslovieiiakh severa

Kormilietisyn, A.M., 1980:
Introduketisieiia dekorativnykh derevev i kustarnikov na eiiuge SSSR

Kasach, A.E.G.aeishun, V.V., 1988:
Introduketisieiia dikorastushchikh vidov leiiuetiserny v Belorussii

Girgidov, D.Eiia, 1955:
Introduketisieiia drevesnykh porod na severozapade SSSR

Shlykov, Grigoraei, N., 1963:
Introduketisieiia i akklimatizaetisieiia rasteniaei

Skarlato, O.-Aleksandrovich; Vinogradova, E.B., 1989:
Introduketisieiia i primenenie poleznykh chlenistonogikh v zashchite rasteniaei

Eiiadrov, A.A., 1980:
Introduketisieiia i seleketisieiia subtropicheskikh i orekhoplodnykh kultur

Novozhilov, K.V., 1987:
Introduketisieiia, akklimatizaetisieiia, i seleketisieiia centomofagov

Soboleva, L.E., 1981:
Introduketisieiia, biologieiia i seleketisieiia etisvetochnykh rasteniaei

Liubimov, V.B.Z.nov'-Ev, V.G., 2002:
Introduktsii derevev i kustarnikov v zasushlivye regiony

Tkachenko, V.I., 1987:
Introduktsiia derevev, kustarnikov i plodovykh rastenii v Kirgizii

Senkevich, N.G.O.oviannikova, I.N., 1996:
Introduktsiia drevesnykh rastenii v polupustyne Severnogo Prikaspiia

Severtoka, I.-Iosifovich; Slavkina, T.-Il'-Inichna, 1994:
Introduktsiia golosemennykh v Turkmenistan

Tkachenko, V.I., 1989:
Introduktsiia i akklimatizatsiia derevev, kustarnikov i plodovykh rastenii v Severnoi Kirgizii

Akhmatov, K.A., 1995:
Introduktsiia i akklimatizatsiia rastenii v Kyrgyzstane

Bakulin, V.T.K.ropachinskii, I.I., 1990:
Introduktsiia i selektsiia topolia v Sibiri

Mishurov, V.P.V.lkova, G.A.P.rtniagina, N.V., 1999:
Introduktsiia poleznykh rastenii v podzone srednei taigi Respubliki Komi

Mishurov, V.P., 1997:
Introduktsiia rastenii na Evropeiskom Severo-Vostoke

Korovin, S.E.K.z'-Min, Z.E.A.dreev, L.N., 1995:
Introduktsiia rastenii v Glavnom botanicheskom sadu im. N.V. TSitsina

Matveeva, R.N.B.torova, O.F.R.manova, A.B., 2000:
Introduktsiia rastenii v dendrarii SibGTU

Semenova, G.P.S.del'-Nikov, V.P., 2001:
Introduktsiia redkikh i ischezaiushchikh rastenii Sibiri

Sikura, I.I.K.pustian, V.V., 2003:
Introduktsiia roslyn

Vasil'-Eva, O.I.; Gorbunov, A.B., 1999:
Introduktsiia roz v Zapadnoi Sibiri

Sysuev, V.A.D.din, G.P.I.zhanina, E.N., 1999:
Introduktsiia selskokhoziaistvennykh rastenii i ee znachenie dlia selskogo khoziaistva Severo-Vostoka Rossii

Laptev, A.A., 2001:
Introduktsiia ta aklimatyzatsiia roslyn z osnovamy ozelenennia

Osavliuk, S.M., 1997:
Introduktsiia ta perspektyvy kultyvuvannia zhymolosti istivnoi na pivdennomu skhodi Ukraiiny

Mishurov, V.P.Z.inullina, K.S., 1998:
Introduktsiia vidov roda kostrets na Severe

Negru, A.G., 1992:
Introduktsiia, otdalennaia gibridizatsiia rastenii i ozelenenie

Hordiienko, N.M.B.ndar, A.O.G.rdienko, M.I., 2001:
Introdutsenty v dibrovakh polissia ta lisostepu Ukrainy

Nesterovich, N.D., 1959:
Introdutsirovannye derevia i kustarniki v Belorusskoi SSR

Baldassini, Luciano, 1950:
Introduzione al laboratorio chimico

Moriondo, Francesco, 1999:
Introduzione alla patologia forestale

Grieco, Ruggero, 1949:
Introduzione alla riforma agraria

Tellarini, Stefano, 1999:
Introduzione alle colture frutticole biologiche

Goglia, Fernando, 1983:
Introduzione allo studio dellomeostasi

Ciusa, Riccardo, 1940:
Introduzione allo studio della chimica organica

Jucci, Carlo, 1944:
Introduzione allo studio della genetica

Christen, Alessandro, 1995:
Introduzione del vitigno Merlot nel cantone Ticino

Santalla, M.L.ma, M.P.rez-Barbeito, M.F.ente, M.D.-La; Singh, S.; Ron, A.-De, 2006:
Introgressed genotypes to improve common bean

Kosmala, A.; Zwierzykowski, Z.; Zwierzykowska, E.; Luczak, M.; Rapacz, M.; Gasior, D.; Humphreys, M., 2007:
Introgression mapping of genes for winter hardiness and frost tolerance transferred from Festuca arundinacea into Lolium multiflorum

Takasugi, K., 1971:
Introgression and distribution

Dongre, A.; Bhandarkar, M., 2007:
Introgression and genetic diversity analysis of Indian cotton (Gossypium sp) cultivars by ISSR and RAPD markers

Newton, L., 1970:
Introgression and the biological species concept

Hinton, Wf, 1976:
Introgression and the evolution of selfing in Calyptridium monospermum (Portulacaceae)

Dewey, Dr, 1975:
Introgression between Agropyron dasystachyum and Agropyron trachycaulum

Lim, Ki-Byung, 2000:
Introgression breeding through interspecific polyploidisation in lily

Vardi, A., 1974:
Introgression from tetraploid durum wheat to diploid Aebilops longissima and Aegilops speltoides

Webber, J.; Ball, P., 1980:
Introgression in Canadian populations of Lycopus americanus Muhl. and Lycopus europaeus L. (Labiatae)

Shah, S.; Jagathesan, D.V.nkataraman, M., 1970:
Introgression in Saccharum officinarum and Saccharum robustum

Sass, M.; German, T.N.enhuis, J., 2007:
Introgression of CMV resistance into snap bean

Alzate-Marin, A.; Arruda, K.; Souza, K.-De; Barros, E.-De; Moreira, M., 2005:
Introgression of Co-4 superscript 2(B and Co-5 anthracnose resistant genes into Carioca common bean cultivars with the aid of MAS

Robinson, A.; Bell, A.; Dighe, N.; Menz, M.; Nichols, R.; Stelly, D., 2007:
Introgression of Resistance to Nematode Rotylenchulus reniformis into Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) from Gossypium longicalyx

Sanglard, D.; Damasceno, J.; Balbi, B.; Barros, E.-De; Moreira, M., 2007:
Introgression of angular leaf spot resistance genes in common bean isolines

Banks, P.; Lamers, M.B.ettell, R.; Larkin, P., 1988:
Introgression of barley yellow dwarf virus resistance to wheat

Rines, H.W.; Porter, H.L.; Carson, M.L.; Ochocki, G.E., 2007:
Introgression of crown rust resistance from diploid oat Avena strigosa into hexaploid cultivated oat A sativa by two methods: direct crosses and through an initial 2x center dot 4x synthetic hexaploid

Rines, H.W.; Porter, H.L.; Carson, M.L.; Ochocki, G.E., 2007:
Introgression of crown rust resistance from diploid oat Avena strigosa into hexaploid cultivated oat A. sativa by two methods: direct crosses and through an initial 2x.4x synthetic hexaploid

Rines, H.W.; Porter, H.L.; Carson, M.L.; Ochocki, G.E., 2007:
Introgression of crown rust resistance from diploid oat Avena strigosa into hexaploid cultivated oat A. sativa by two methods: direct crosses and through an initial 2xp4x synthetic hexaploid

Fritz, S.; Sorrels, M., 1986:
Introgression of diploid wild Avena species into Avena sativa

Kedrov-Zikhman, Oo, 1980:
Introgression of dwarf gene H1 from diploid into tetraploid population of winter rye

Kumar, P.; Walton, P., 1990:
Introgression of genes from bluebunch wheatgrass to slender wheatgrass through genome and ploidy manipulations

Skurygina, Na, 1979:
Introgression of genes of resistance to diseases of Triticum timopheevi Zhuk. in the genom of soft wheat during backcrosses

Sodkiewicz, W., 1992:
Introgression of genetic information from Triticum monococcum L. into hexaploid triticale by hybridization with a T. monococcum X S. cereale amphiploid. I. Development of introgressive hexaploid lines by increasing the chromosome numbers of hypoploid BC1-plants

Erygina, E.; Shcherbak, V., 1986:
Introgression of individual Tripsacum character into maize genome through distant hybridization

Vos, Dj, 1983:
Introgression of material from Agropyron elongatuim (2n=14) into triticale

Ogg, B.B.ick, M.; Pearson, C., 1998:
Introgression of popping ability into dry beans adapted to Colorado

Demon, I.; Haccou, P.; van den Bosch, F., 2007:
Introgression of resistance genes between populations: a model study of insecticide resistance in Bemisia tabaci

Juvik, J.A., 1992:
Introgression of resistance to northern leaf blight into sweet corn with the sugary enhancer gene

Scott, J.W.; Stevens, M.R.; Barten, J.H.M.; Thome, C.R.; Polston, J.E.; Schuster, D.J.; Serra, C.A., 1996:
Introgression of resistance to whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses from Lycopersicon chilense to tomato

Chamba, E.; Mueller, J.; May, O., 1998:
Introgression of root-knot nematode resistance into PD germplasm

Zhou, A.X.a, G., 2005:
Introgression of the Haynaldia villosa genome into (Sd(B-ray-induced asymmetric somatic hybrids of wheat

Kurkiev, K.U., 2007:
Introgression of the reduced height gene Rht10 from the wheat cultivar Ai-bian 1 into the triticale genotype

Caldere, Francesc-Garriga, 1998:
Introgression of tomato chromosomes into the potato genome

Schoenenberger, N.; Felber, F.; Savova-Bianchi, D.; Guadagnuolo, R., 2005:
Introgression of wheat DNA markers from A, B and D genomes in early generation progeny of Aegilops cylindrica Host x Triticum aestivum L. hybrids

Harper, F.M.; Addison, J.A.; Hart, M.W., 2007:
Introgression versus immigration in hybridizing high-dispersal echinoderms

Bowley, S.; Taylor, N., 1987:
Introgressive hybridization

Andrus, M.; Stuckey, R., 1981:
Introgressive hybridization and habitat separation in Lycopus americanus and Lycopus europaeus at the southwestern shores of Lake Erie

Matho, G., 1974:
Introgressive hybridization and tribe differentiation

Tanaka, Yoshinari, 2007:
Introgressive hybridization as the breakdown of postzygotic isolation: a theoretical perspective

Fabiankova, K., 1978:
Introgressive hybridization between the species Pulsatilla grandis Wender. and Pulsatilla slavica Reuss at the locality Slovenska Lupica

Daget, J.M.reau, J., 1981:
Introgressive hybridization between two species of Sarotherodon (Pisces, Cichlidae) in a Madagascar

Ivanov, Ai, 1973:
Introgressive hybridization in Medicago L. in Kazakhstan and its role in evolution and selection

Delgado, P.; Salas-Lizana, R.; Vazquez-Lobo, A.; Wegier, A.; Anzidei, M.; Alvarez-Buylla, E., R.; Vendramin, G., G.; Pinero, D., 2007:
Introgressive hybridization in Pinus montezumae lamb and Pinus pseudostrobus lindl. (pinaceae): Morphological and molecular (cpSSr) evidence

Young, Da, 1974:
Introgressive hybridization in two southern California species of Rhus (Anacardiaceae)

Raudnitschka, D.; Hensen, I.; Oberprieler, C., 2007:
Introgressive hybridization of Senecio hercynicus and S-ovatus (Compositae, Senecioneae) along an altitudinal gradient in Harz National Park (Germany)

Crunkilton, Ronald, L., 1977:
Introgressive hybridization of the common carp (oCoyoporoionouos ocoaoropoioo) and the goldfish (oCoaoroaososoiouos oaouoroaotouos) in the western basin of Lake Erie

Lonberg, N.G.lbert, W., 1985:

Sayers, G.G.od, B.H.nrahan, J.; Ryan, M.S.eeney, T., 2005:
Intron 1 of the interferon c gene: Its role in nematode resistance in Suffolk and Texel sheep breeds

Teich, Ré.; Grauvogel, C.; Petersen, Jörn., 2007:
Intron distribution in Plantae: 500 million years of stasis during land plant evolution

Lin, H.; Zhu, W.; Silva, J.C.; Gu, X.; Buell, C.Robin., 2006:
Intron gain and loss in segmentally duplicated genes in rice

Roy, S.William.; Penny, D., 2007:
Intron length distributions and gene prediction

Szekely, E.; Belford, H.G.; Greer, C.L., 1988:
Intron sequence and structure requirements for tRNA splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sinibaldi, R.M.; Mettler, I.J., 1992:
Intron splicing and intron-mediated enhanced expression in monocots

Keller, E.B.; Noon, W.A., 1985:
Intron splicing: a conserved internal signal in introns of Drosophila pre-mRNAs

Burke, J.; Rajbhandary, U., 1982:
Intron within the large mRNA gene of Neurospora crassa mitochondria: a long open reading frame and a cosensus sequence possibly important in splicing Fungi

Mcclean, P.; Lee, R.; Miklas, P., 2004:
Intron-based sequence diversity studies in Phaseolus

Gubb, D., 1986:
Intron-delay and the precision of expression of homoeotic gene products in Drosophila

Fassbender, Stefanie, 1993:
Intron-encoded polypeptides of chloroplasts and mitochondrias

Bulman, S.; Ridgway, H.J.; Eady, C.; Conner, A.J., 2007:
Intron-rich gene structure in the intracellular plant parasite Plasmodiophora brassicae

Kabat, J.L.; Barberan-Soler, S.; McKenna, P.; Clawson, H.; Farrer, T.; Zahler, A.M., 2006:
Intronic alternative splicing regulators identified by comparative genomics in nematodes

McCullough, A.J.; Schuler, M.A., 1997:
Intronic and exonic sequences modulate 5' splice site selection in plant nuclei

Fujiwara, H.; Ogura, T.; Takada, N.; Miyajima, N.; Ishikawa, H.; Maekawa, H., 1984:
Introns and their flanking sequences of Bombyx mori rDNA

Hallick, R.; Gingrich, J.; Johanningmeier, U.P.ssavant, C., 1985:
Introns in Euglena and Nicotiana chloroplast protein genes

Zhao, C.; Hamilton, T., 2007:
Introns regulate the rate of unstable mRNA decay

Anonymous, 1984:
Introuction and acclimatization of plants

Jablonski, Pg, 1996:
Intruder pressure affects territory size and foraging success in asymmetric contests in the water strider Gerris lacustris

Lubke, R., 1973:
Intrusion attempts by the scolices of Echinococcus granulosus in dogs

Sankaranarayanan, V.N.; Jayaraman, R., 1972:
Intrusion of upwelled water in the Mandovi and Zuari estuaries

Leon, H.W.J., 2005:
Intrusive cavities in fibres and parenchyma of Gmelina arborea (Verbenaceae)

Tulik, M., 2007:
Intrusive growth in woody plants

Lev-Yadun, S., 2001:
Intrusive growth--the plant analog of dendrite and axon growth in animals

Guedes, M., 1975:
Intrusive hair sclereids in Jovetia (Rubiaceae)

Birrer, E.; Michael, T.; Munsch, S., 2007:
Intrusive images in PTSD and in traumatised and non-traumatised depressed patients: a cross-sectional clinical study

Cater, Fred, W., 1982:
Intrusive rocks of the Holden and Lucerne quadrangles, Washington

Sveardstreom, Karl-Fredrik, 1959:
Intryck frean en studieresa i Polen heosten 1959

Porokhnevich, Nv, 1976:
Intteraction of zinc and copper in cells of flax leaves

Timmermann, A.; Russo, S.G.; Rosenblatt, W.H.; Eich, C.; Barwing, J.; Roessler, M.; Graf, B.M., 2007:
Intubating laryngeal mask airway for difficult out-of-hospital airway management: a prospective evaluation

Skarda, R., 1974:
Intubation narcosis of horses with fluothane and laughing gas after premedication with vetranquil and atropin and forced lying with My 301 and pentothal

Tribole, E.; Resch, E., 1995:
Intuitive eating

Brandenburg, Rl, 1995:
Intuitive forecasting of turfgrass insect pests

Cartia, G.N.poli, M., 1982:
Intumescens on tomato leaflet in greenhouse

Ogunbiyi, A.O.; Uche, E.M., 1981:
Intussuception in a rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) associated with coccidiosis

Thanikachalam, M.S.ndararaj, A.M.halingam, P., 1979:
Intussusception and volvulus in fowls

Shakespeare, A., 2000:
Intussusception as a complication of rectal prolapse replacement in a ewe

Runyon, C.L.; Merkley, D.F.; Hagemoser, W.A., 1984:
Intussusception associated with a paracolonic enterocyst in a dog

Morris, Bj, 1983:
Intussusception associated with intestinal lymphosarcoma

Olsen, P.R.; Boserup, F.; Mikkelsen, A.M.; Rorbech, U., 1977:
Intussusception following renal transplantation in dogs

Smart, M.E.; Fretz, P.B.; Gudmundson, J.; Cymbaluk, N., 1977:
Intussusception in a Charolais bull

Mitchell, M.A., 2003:
Intussusception in a green iguana

Babu, Yh, 1985:
Intussusception in a hen (short note)

Pruksananonda, P.; Athirakul, K.; Worawattanakul, M.; Varavithya, W.; Pisithpun, A.; Kitayaporn, D.; Anuras, S., 2007:
Intussusception in a private tertiary-care hospital, Bangkok, Thailand: a case series

Ramakrishnan, R., 1968:
Intussusception in animals with special reference to a case associated with traumatic pericarditis in a cow

Mitchell, Wc, 1983:
Intussusception in goats

Sharma, U.K., 1971 :
Intussusception in poultry

Rai, Rb, 1989:
Intussusception in rabbits: a case report

Mccormack, Je, 1977:
Intussusception in the cow

Kappes, H., 1974:
Intussusception in the dog with special reference to a chronic case

Dixit, S.; Sadana, J.; Arora, R., 1975:
Intussusception in young animals. A report of five cases

Hamilton, G.F.; Tulleners, E.P., 1980:
Intussusception involving the spiral colon in a calf

Balakrishnan, V.; Vijayan, R.A.eyas, N., 1981:
Intussusception of ileum: report on clinical case in a calf

Rao, A.T.; Acharjyo, L.N., 1979:
Intussusception of proventriculus in a common pea fowl (Pavo cristatus)

Dyson, S.; Orsini, J., 1983:
Intussusception of the large colon in a horse

Wilson, D.G.; Wilson, W.D.; Reinertson, E.L., 1983:
Intussusception of the left dorsal colon in a horse

Okamoto, M.; Itoh, H.; Koiwa, M.; Inagaki, M.; Nadao, T.; Kurosawa, T.; Kawasako, K.; Komine, M.; Akihara, Y.; Shimoyama, Y.; Miyasho, T.; Hirayama, K.; Taniyama, H., 2007:
Intussusception of the spiral colon associated with fibroserous granulation in a heifer

Yang JaeHyuk; Yang YoungJin; Kim HeeSeok; Kang TaeYoung; Pham Due Chuong; Lim YoonKyu, 2004:
Intussusception of the uterine horn associated with dystocia in a Thoroughbred broodmare

Nelson, E.A.S.; Chiu, S.S.; Lp, K.S.; Lau, D.; Lau, Y.I.; Ng, C.H.; Ng, D., K.; Poon, K.H.; Yiu, W.I.; Kwok, W.K.; Tam, P.; Yeung, C.K.; Tam, J., S.; Bock, H.; Boudville, I.; Tang, H., H.; Hong-Kong-Intussusception-Study-Gr, 2007:
Intussusception trends in Hong Kong children

Morton, Cynthia, M., 2002:
Inula britannica L

Tessier, C.L.coursiere, E., 1979:
Inula britannica L. (Compositae), a new species for Quebec

Belianina, N.; Kiseleva, K., 1980:
Inula caspia (Asteraceae)--a new species for the flora of the Crimea

Hrouda, L., 1972:
Inula germanica L. in Czechoslovakia

Savelsbergh, E., 1983:
Inula graveolens (L.) Desf. (Klebriger Alant) near Speyer

Werker, E.F.hn, A., 1982:
Inula hairs--structure, ultrastructure and secretion

Sinitsyna, Vg, 1978:
Inula helenium and Inula grandis in Kazakhstan

Hrouda, L., 1974:
Inula oculus-christi L. in Czechoslovakia

Harborne, Jb, 1977:
Inuleae chemical review

Merxmuller, H.L.ins, P.R.essler, H., 1977:
Inuleae systematic review

Kiseleva, E.; Sheichenko, V.; Rybalko, K.; Ivashenko, A., 1968:
Inulicin--a new sesquiterpene lactone from Inula japonica

Scholz-Ahrens, K.E.; Schrezenmeir, Jürgen., 2007:
Inulin and oligofructose and mineral metabolism: the evidence from animal trials

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Invasion of the pasture-snatcher

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Invasion of the tax-paying electric utility business by tax exempt government projects and cooperatives

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Invasion of the ticks Hyalomna plumbeum and Dermacentor marginatus by piroplasmas of horses

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Invasion pattern of the herb garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in high quality forests

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Invasions can be reduced.

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Invasions of vascular plants and mosses into the Netherlands

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Invasive Beatmung

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Invasive Buddleja davidii allocates more nitrogen to its photosynthetic machinery than five native woody species

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Invasive Candida species infection: the importance of adequate empirical antifungal therapy

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Invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae syndrome in North America

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Invasive Plant Research Laboratory

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Invasive Scots Pine, Pinus sylvestris, replacing Corema, Corema conradii, heathland in the Annapolis valley, Nova Scotia

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Invasive Species as Ecological Threat: Is Ecological Restoration an Alternative to Fear-based Resource Management?

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Invasive Therapiekonzepte bei chronisch-obstruktiver Lungenerkrankung und Emphysem

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Invasive alien plants species of Virginia

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Invasive alien species in Southern Africa

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Invasive alien species in the Austral-Pacific region

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Invasive american crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus (Decapoda : Astacidae) in the Morava River (Slovakia)

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Invasive and developmental processes of entomophthora muscae infecting houseflies (Musca domestica) Fungi pathogenic to insects, comparison with Conidiobolus obscurus, applications to crop pest control

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Invasive aquatic and wetland plants

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Invasive aquatic species of Europe

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Invasive aspergillosis in a tertiary-care hospital in Thailand

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Invasive aspergillosis of the skull base with orbit infiltration

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Invasive candidosis in the critically ill non-neutropenic patient

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Invasive cordgrass modifies wetland trophic function

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Invasive cytology of internal organs. Cytology of the thorax and abdomen

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Invasive diseases caused by parasites occurring in food products

Jedrzejewska, B., 1979:
Invasive diseases of man caused by parasites that occur in food

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Invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma of breast differ in response following neoadjuvant therapy with epidoxorubicin and docetaxel plus G-CSF

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