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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16215

Chapter 16215 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mascarenhas, A., 1989:
Issues in African rehabilitation

Gray, S.S.; Nybell, L.M., 1990:
Issues in African-American family preservation

Miller, Wp, 1990:
Issues in Arkansas economic development

Clay, J.; Thompson, B., 2007:
Issues in Australian contaminated land risk assessment toxicology

Moore, Cv, 1981:
Issues in California water resource management Demand, supply, prices

Purvis, Douglas, D., 1978:
Issues in Canadian public policy (I)

Novak, A.G., 1959:
Issues in Far East farming

Gupta, Kulwant-Rai, 1980:
Issues in Indian agriculture

Hisao, A., 1984:
Issues in Japanese agricultural trade policy: the perspective of a trading partner with a comparative disadvantage in agriculture

Black, Stanley, W., 1996:
Issues in Korean exchange rate policy

Bell, W.S., 1983:
Issues in Latin American agrarian reform

Hamzah, M.; Awang, K.R.sli-Mohd, 1983:
Issues in Malayasian forestry

Anonymous, 1992:
Issues in U.S. dairy trade

Sedjo, Roger, A., 1981:
Issues in U.S. international forest products trade

Barraclough, W., 1976:
Issues in U.S. international trade

Osei-Hwedie, K.; Ndulo, M., 1985:
Issues in Zambian development

Ignatowicz, Stanis+or-Aw, 1990:
Issues in acarology

Lee, Sul, H., 1984:
Issues in acquisitions

Hein, Karen, 1988:
Issues in adolescent health

Collender, Robert, N., 1998:
Issues in agricultural and rural finance

Herlihy, M.Y.ung, C.E.win, 1996:
Issues in agricultural commodity policy

Bellamy, M.-A.G.eenshields, B., L., 1992:
Issues in agricultural development

Acharya, S.S., 1981:
Issues in agricultural price policy

Hess, Ce, 1989:
Issues in agricultural research

Williams, Sherman-Dexter-Vernanson, 1988:
Issues in agricultural restructuring for food security in developing island economies, with special reference to the Caribbean community

Breimyer, Hf, 1982:
Issues in agricultural transportation in years ahead

Hadwiger, Df, 1984:
Issues in agriculture

Durenberger, D., 1987:
Issues in agriculture: senate concerns

Montada, L.S.hmitt, M., 1982:
Issues in applied developmental psychology: a life-span perspective

Rubino, M.-C.W.lson, C., A., 1993:
Issues in aquaculture regulation

Adams, Rm, 1983:
Issues in assessing the economic benefits of ambient ozone control: some examples from agriculture

Heap, A.C., 1979:
Issues in beef marketing for the Northern Territory cattle industry

Capdevila-Argeeulles, L.; Zilletti, B., 2005:
Issues in bioinvasion science

Heaney, R.; Recker, R., 1987:
Issues in calcium nutrition and adult bone health

Kondrat'-Ev, V.N., 1979:
Issues in chemical kinetics

Kalandadze, A.M., 1961:
Issues in collective farm laws

Western, David, 1993:
Issues in community based conservation

Breimyer, H.; Barr, W., 1972:
Issues in concentration versus dispersion

Yergey, A.L., 1994:
Issues in constant tracer infusion and mineral metabolism

Ricardo-Campbell, R.; Lazear, E., P., 1988:
Issues in contemporary retirement

Apps, Jw, 1981:
Issues in continuing education in the eighties

Polianskii, Iurii-Ivanovich, 1960:
Issues in cytology and general physiology

Perali, C.F.derico; Cox, T., L., 1995:
Issues in data management of expenditure surveys

Simms, Ra, 1980:
Issues in determining Indian water rights

Marshall, Jp, 1984:
Issues in developing agricultural policy: what can interested parties do to influence policy for agriculture?

Anonymous, 1981:
Issues in developing and implementing a farming systems research program

Aimers-Halliday, J.S.elbourne, C.; Hong, S., 1997:
Issues in developing clonal forestry with pinus radiata

Beauman, J.T.omson, E., 1997:
Issues in developing effective measures for decisions of use

Marlett, J.A., 1990:
Issues in dietary fiber analysis

Walker, Fl, 1989:
Issues in document conversion

Haug, M.R.; Ory, M.G., 1987:
Issues in elderly patient-provider interactions

Anonymous, 1979:
Issues in engineering

Pleshkov, I.-Fedorovich; Mukhopad, V.-Iosifovich, 1979:
Issues in engineering hydrochemistry and water conservation

Anonymous, 1992:
Issues in environmental science

Friedlaender, Af, 1977:
Issues in evaluating transportation regulation

Hayward, Ja, 1987:
Issues in extension and research

Kristjanson, Baldur, H., 1953:
Issues in family farm policy

Fisher, K.; Baatz, C., 1987:
Issues in feeding infants, focus

Moore, R.J.; Cole, S.J.; Bell, V.A.; Jones, D.A., 2006:
Issues in flood forecasting: ungauged basins, extreme floods and uncertainty

Mills, Susan, 1987:
Issues in food irradiation

Wadleigh, C.; Britt, C., 1970:
Issues in food production and clean water

Anonymous, 2001:
Issues in food security

Norris, Ag, 1987:
Issues in forest products trade

Frisbie, Da, 1977:
Issues in formulating course grading policies

Astaurov, Boris-L'-Vovich, 1979:
Issues in general biology and genetics

Anonymous, 1994:
Issues in genetic resources

Fano, E.B.ewster, M., 1988:
Issues in groundwater economics

Smerdon, E.-T.J.rdan, W., R., 1985:
Issues in groundwater management

Eisenberg, L., 1986:
Issues in health and social policy for an aging society a general policy perspective

Aaron, Hj, 1986:
Issues in health and social policy for an aging society a national policy perspective

Haughton, Jg, 1986:
Issues in health and social policy for an aging society a regional policy perspective

Ball, Rm, 1986:
Issues in health and social policy for an aging society position paper

Hill, C., 1979:
Issues in health care delivery to a rural population

Turakulov, Ia-Kh, 1966:
Issues in herpetology and toxicology of snake venom

Anonymous, 1986:
Issues in higher education and economic development

Werner, L.A., 2007:
Issues in human auditory development

Leveille, G.A., 1975:
Issues in human nutrition and their probable impact on foods of animal origin

Golovnykh, Filipp-Ivanovich, 1972:
Issues in increasing the economic effectiveness of agricultural production in Yakutia

Penteiiuk, M.V., 1962:
Issues in increasing the number of sheep and the production of mutton

Watkins, Kp, 1986:
Issues in infant-family interaction

Ierland, E.V.n; Gupta, J.; Kok, M., 2003:
Issues in international climate policy

Heiner, H., 1995:
Issues in international forestry: how they effect the United States

Malloch, Theodore, R., 1987:
Issues in international trade and development policy

Peart, B., 1990:
Issues in international transportation in Canada

Freeman, Eb, 1990:
Issues in kindergarten policy and practice

Joshi, Nc, 1979:
Issues in land development banking

Timmons, Jf, 1973:
Issues in land use planning and control

Anonymous, 1984:
Issues in library management

Breimyer, H.; Ervin, D.1; Bevins, R., 1982:
Issues in local-state-federal policy for soil and water conservation United States

Popov, Nikolai-Ivanovich, 1978:
Issues in measuring the quality of work in agriculture

Vershinina, S.F.; Stukov, A.N., 2007:
Issues in modern antitumor and complementary therapy of liver tumors

Howes, Jb, 1976:
Issues in national and state development policy

Anonymous, 1983:
Issues in negotiating international loan agreements with transnational banks

Walsh, R.; Johnson, D.; Mckean,. Jr.;, 1989:
Issues in nonmarket valuation and policy application: a retrospective glance

Heinz, Agnes, 1991:
Issues in nutrition

Tobias, A.-L.T.ompson, P., J., 1980:
Issues in nutrition for the 1980s

Chang, M.Joseph, 1984:
Issues in organization and management of research with a farming systems perspective aimed at technology generation

Chapman, C.R.chard; Loeser, J., D., 1989:
Issues in pain measurement

Taylor, Db, 1984:
Issues in peanut policy--two-tier price supports, import and poundage quotas, contracts and additionals: policy options to increase Virginia farm income

Vasilev, Cveiiatko, 1960:
Issues in pig-farming profitability

Anonymous, 1996:
Issues in plant biotechnology

Roberts, T.W.iss, M.S.uthard, L., 1993:
Issues in pork safety: costs, controls, & incentives

Anonymous, 1998:
Issues in potable reuse

Milligan, J.; Wilcke, H., 1981:
Issues in poultry production

Koz+or-Owski, Stefan, 1986:
Issues in protection and shaping of natural environment in spatial planning

Meyer, R.; Larson, D., 1997:
Issues in providing agricultural services in developing countries

Klindt, Th, 1972:
Issues in providing public services

Spielman, A.P.llack, R.; Kiszewski, A.; Telford, S.I.i, 2001:
Issues in public health entomology

Lynch, R.M.sweeney, K., 1982:
Issues in pursuing a postsecondary education

Sunness, J.S.; Ziegler, M.D.; Applegate, C.A., 2006:
Issues in quantifying atrophic macular disease using retinal autofluorescence

Anonymous, 1987:
Issues in recreation and tourism

Clancy-Hepburn, M.; Capretz, N.; Halfon, J., 1998:
Issues in resource conservation

Reed-Scott, J.; Gregor, D.; Payne, C., 1984:
Issues in retrospective conversion

King, V.-T.N.zaruddin-Mohd-Jali, 1992:
Issues in rural development in Malaysia

Hosokawa, Mc, 1986:
Issues in rural health care

Mcgranahan, D.-A.G.le, H.F.ederick, 1997:
Issues in rural manufacturing

Anonymous, 1984:
Issues in science and technology

Civille, Gv, 1980:
Issues in sensory evaluation and food preferences

Palley, H.; Oktay, J., 1989 :
Issues in setting the agenda for a long-term care policy for the frail elderly

Mcbean, Ea, 1979:
Issues in simulation model design--a case study

Rajive-Kumar, 1993:
Issues in social forestry

Wenner, Lambert, N., 1984:
Issues in social impact analysis

Anonymous, 1946:
Issues in social security

Spike, Pl, 1982:
Issues in software sharing

Adrian, J.J.nes, G., 1985:
Issues in soil conservation

Glazovskaia, M.A., 1978:
Issues in soil science

Rasmussen, Wd, 1984:
Issues in stablizing farm income: the historic role of the federal government in policy for agriculture

Maki, Wr, 1984:
Issues in state economic analysis

Ishee, S., 1974:
Issues in supplements to Zoning

Miller, Cheryl, 1992:
Issues in sustainable agriculture

Breimyer, Hf, 1975:
Issues in taxation of property

Vaupshas, Vivian, 1994:
Issues in the Canadian marketplace

Renshaw, D., 1984:
Issues in the European Economic Communitys agricultural trade policy

Ellig, Nr, 1985:
Issues in the analysis of contemporary farm protest

Anonymous, 1993:
Issues in the commercialization of biotechnology

Wyatt, G.E.; Peters, S.D., 1986:
Issues in the definition of child sexual abuse in prevalence research

Mccallum, Bennett, T., 1997:
Issues in the design of monetary policy rules

Murphy, C.; Willett, L.-Schertz, 1991:
Issues in the development and marketing of reduced chemical agricultural products

Kramer, Ra, 1984:
Issues in the distribution of direct-cash payments to farmers

Ledebur, Larry, C., 1977:
Issues in the economic development of nonmetropolitan United States

Nabi, I.A.med, M., 1984:
Issues in the economics of industrialization in developing countries: a case study from Pakistans light engineering sector

Avdonin, N.S.D.brovol'-Skii, G.-Vsevolodovich; Zevin, F.-Ivanovich, 1978:
Issues in the efficient use of soils of the Non-chernozem zone of the Russian Republic

Sabry, Zi, 1982:
Issues in the evaluation of nutrition interventions Malnutrition in developing countries

Anonymous, 1986:
Issues in the federal regulation of biotechnology

Gaynor, Martin, 1994:
Issues in the industrial organization of the market for physician services

Golladay, F.; Liese, B., 1980:
Issues in the institutionalization and management of rural health care: making technology appropriate

Pigram, J.J.J., 1986:
Issues in the management of Australias water resources

Anonymous, 2001:
Issues in the management of agricultural resources

Boskin, Michael, J., 1988:
Issues in the measurement and interpretation of saving and wealth

Gunderson, G., 1969:
Issues in the measurement of efficiency of American dairy farming, 1850--1910: a comment

Bateman, F., 1969:
Issues in the measurement of efficiency of American dairy farming, 1850--1910: a reply

Wimberley, Rc, 1980:
Issues in the measurement of food and nutrition attitudes

Mitchell, Ma, 2001:
Issues in the medical management of raccoons (Procyon lotor)

Solntsev, K.M., 1977:
Issues in the organization and technology of beef production

Sumithra Muthayya; Kurpad, A.V., 2007:
Issues in the prevalence of low birth weight in South India

Anonymous, 2004:
Issues in the regulation of genetically engineered plants and animals

Keith-Lucas, A., 1980:
Issues in the residential group care of young people

Garrett, P., 1988:
Issues in the social organization of farming: the view from Chicago

Acker, J., 1978:
Issues in the sociological study of womens work

Lyson, T., 1983:
Issues in the study of rural labor in the south

Otto, Dm, 1988:
Issues in the supply of public infrastructure

Bruns, B.; Atmanto, S.-Dwi; Soelaiman, I., 1992:
Issues in the turnover programme in Indonesia

Blum, L., 1989:
Issues in timber products trade

Jol, S.K.ssianenko, A.W.zol, K.O.gel, J., 2005:
Issues in time and temperature abuse of refrigerated foods

Anonymous, 1978:
Issues in tropical deforestation

Boving, T.B.; Mccray, J.E., 2007:
Issues in urban hydrology: The emerging field of urban contaminant hydrology

Rothwell, R., 1994:
Issues in user-producer relations in the innovation process: the role of government

Shishkov, Vladimir-Petrovich, 1979:
Issues in veterinary medicine connected with animal husbandry in the Nonchernozem zone of RSFSR

Carriker, Rr, 1984:
Issues in water allocation: who gets to use how much for what?

Crowder, Bm, 1987:
Issues in water quality modeling of agricultural management practices: an economic perspective

Bergstrom, J.-C.R.ady, R., C., 1991:
Issues in water resource and outdoor recreation economics

Bingham, Gail, 1990:
Issues in wetlands protection

Stoeckel, A., 1983:
Issues in world agricultural trade

Johnson, Pr, 1988:
Issues in world agriculture--a U.S. perspective: a discussion

De-Janvry, A., 1988:
Issues in world agriculture--a third world perspective: a discussion

Witt, L., 1979:
Issues in world food policy: USSR, China and the LDCs

Witt, L., 1979:
Issues in world food policy: USSR, China and the LDSs.2

Langham, Mr, 1978:
Issues in world food production

Snape, Roberat-Hugh, 1986:
Issues in world trade policy

Leach, La, 1993:
Issues influencing animal health product availability

Anonymous, 1949:
Issues involved in a unified and coordinated Federal program for transportation

Anonymous, 1991:
Issues involved in the liberalization of world sweeteners trade

Shaner, Ww, 1980:
Issues of FSR evaluation

Zaaeichikov, V.T., 1959:
Issues of agricultural geography of the Peoples Republic of China

Obigbesan, Go, 1994:
Issues of cassava cyanide: Nigerias experience

Rajotte, Eg, 1984:
Issues of chemicals as factors in food production, marketing, and water pollution: the perspective of the agricultural sector

Johnson, Jm, 1984:
Issues of chemicals as factors in food, nutrition, and health: the perspective of consumers

Heroux, Rg, 1981:
Issues of computer conferencing

Thessalou-Legaki, M., 2006:
Issues of decapod crustacean biology

Hutchins, M.; Dilks, C.D.vies, H.; Deflandre, A., 2007:
Issues of diffuse pollution model complexity arising from performance benchmarking

Vaughn, S.; Hoffsis, G., F., 1990:
Issues of drug use in bovine practice

Pershin, P.N.P.rshin, P.N., 1957:
Issues of economic utilization of first irrigated soils in the southern Ukraine

Middlekauff, Rd, 1986:
Issues of food safety and quality relating to food ingredients

Chan, K., 2007:
Issues of good agriculture practice in market access - perspectives of the traders in the development of the papaya industry

Krupnov, V.A., 1993:
Issues of grain crop genetics and selection in Southeastern Russia

Reverdatto, V.V., 1950:
Issues of grass rotation farming in the northern Siberia

Balasubramaniam, K., 1989:
Issues of health services for the consumer in Third World Countries

Osterkamp, Lynn, 1982:
Issues of independence

Ahmed, R.; Donovan, C., 1992:
Issues of infrastructural development

Wang, F.; Gosselink, L., 1982:
Issues of levee extension and wetland flooding

Cook, Victoria, 2000:
Issues of liability and regulation aerial applicators, municipal airports legislative report

Wolfram, W., 1983:
Issues of linguistic development in rural subcultures in the United States

Filer, Lj, 1989:
Issues of microbiological safety in meat and meat products

Anonymous, 1948:
Issues of oleomargarine tax repeal

Schmedemann, Iw, 1981:
Issues of ownership and control of agricultural land in the Great Plains

Osterkamp, Lynn, 1982:
Issues of power in the family

Mcguffin, M., 2001:
Issues of quality: Analyzing herbal materials and the current status of methods validation

Osterkamp, Lynn, 1982:
Issues of respect

Neumark-Sztainer, D.S.ory, M.F.ibisch, L.O.lson, J.A.amiak, M., 1999:
Issues of self-image among overweight African-American and Caucasian adolescent girls: a qualitative study

Glendenning, P., 2003:
Issues of standardization and assay-specific clinical decision limits for the measurement of 25-hydroxyvitamin D

Portier, K.M.; Corstanje, R., 2007:
Issues of study design and statistical analysis for environmental microbiology

Graham, Steve, 1996:
Issues of surplus animals

Marciano, Td, 1993:
Issues of technologys possible futures

Molenda, T., 1972:
Issues of the XVIth session of the European Forest Commission of the Food and Agriculture Organization

Ferenc, Kajdi, 2007:
Issues of the oat management programme

Lewis, S., 1987 :
Issues of validity and reliability

Jinendradasa, Sithara, S., 2002:
Issues of water management in agriculture

Griffin, R.-C.B.ker, M., E., 1985:
Issues of water use in the Great Plains

Tinker, I., 1981:
Issues of women, energy, and appropriate technologies in developing countries

Anonymous, 1983:
Issues of working parents

Ku, Huan-Chang, 1980:
Issues on agricultural modernization

Prokhorov, A.A., 1992:
Issues on forestry, forest amelioration, ecology, and nature preservation

Jiang QingWu; W.X.aoHua; X.J.ng (), 2007:
Issues on the accomplishment of schistosomiasis control and elimination criteria in China

Kovda, Viktor-Abramovich, 1978:
Issues on the hydrology and genesis of soils

Pankova, Klara-Ivanovna, 1973:
Issues on the intensification and economic stimulation of production on collective farms

Savost'-Ianova, G.G., 1976:
Issues on the intensification of pond fish-culture

Trofimov, Sergei-Sergeevich, 1974:
Issues on the recultivation of land in the USSR

Hannah, H.W., 1995:
Issues pertaining to professional service corporations

Taylor-Powell, E.R.chardson, B., 1990:
Issues programming changes extension: new staff roles, challenges, and concerns

Dalgaard, Kathleen-Albrecht, 1988:
Issues programming in extension

Fanning, David, W., 1988:
Issues raised by biotechnology

Anonymous, 2001:
Issues raised by human cloning research

Kuchler, F.; Mcclelland, J., 1989:
Issues raised by new agricultural technologies

Breimyer, Hf, 1979:
Issues raised by the Tax Reform Act of 1976: a summary

Lauderdale, Janet, 2000:
Issues regarding targeting and adoption of quality protein maize (QPM)

Anonymous, 1992:
Issues related to copyrighting federal software

Nettles, Mary-Frances, 1996:
Issues related to equipment and the dietary guidelines for Americans

Anonymous, 1994:
Issues related to federal wetlands protection program under the Clean Water Act

Rainville, A.-Jo; Cater, J.-B.B.own, D., M., 2001:
Issues related to implementation of the afterschool snack service

Rainville, A.-Jo; Cater, J., B., 2002:
Issues related to implementation of the reimbursable afterschool snack service

Gebhardt, Se, 1993:
Issues related to increasing brand names in the survey nutrient data base

Erickson, F.; Lemaux, P., 2000:
Issues related to the development and use of engineered herbicide-tolerant crops in California

Anonymous, 1990:
Issues related to the reauthorization of food for peace and agricultural export promotion programs

Anonymous, 1991:
Issues related to the use and application of lawn care chemicals

Loria, Cm, 1992:
Issues related to the use of nutrient data for Hispanic foods

Anonymous, 1991:
Issues relating to a bilateral free trade agreement with Mexico

Anonymous, 2003:
Issues relating to ephedra-containing dietary supplements

Anonymous, 1989:
Issues relating to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

Underhill, Bl, 1986:
Issues relevant to aftercare programs for women

Apisarnthanarak, A.; Warren, D.K.; Fraser, V.J., 2007:
Issues relevant to the adoption and modification of hospital infection-control recommendations for avian influenza (H5N1 infection) in developing countries

Hamilton, Nd, 1993:
Issues shaping the future

Martin, Lj, 1989:
Issues surrounding liberalized trade

Anonymous, 1977:
Issues surrounding the management of agricultural exports

Harman, John, W., 1990:
Issues surrounding the role and mission of the Farmers Home Administrations farm loan programs

Schutz, Michael, M., 2006:
Issues surrounding the use of distillers grains by the Indiana dairy industry

Munro, I.C., 1990:
Issues to be considered in the safety evaluation of fat substitutes

Ball, R.Scipioni., 2006:
Issues to consider for preparing ferrets as research subjects in the laboratory

Deboer, L., 1990:
Issues to consider in the solid waste management district decision

List, L.M.; McVey, S.G., 2003:
Issues to consider when adding a specialty to your practice

Matthew, B., 1995:
Issues to consider when buying or selling a veterinary practice

Anonymous, 1986:
Issues to raise in a forest plan appeal

Weigel, R.; Fetsch, R.; Jenson, G.; Yang, R.; Rogers, D., 1992:
Issues validation: a new environmental scanning technique for family life educators

Anonymous, 1992:
Issues within the jurisdiction of the Subcommittee on Water Resources contained in the Comprehensive National Energy Policy Act

House, Vw, 1992:
Issues, alternatives and consequences

Schramm, H.L.J.; Hunt, K.M., 2007:
Issues, benefits, and problems associated with fishing tournaments in inland waters of the United States: a survey of fishery agency administrators

Mosley, Wh, 1978:
Issues, definitions, and an analytic framework

Lubov, Andrea, 1979:
Issuing municipal bonds

Anonymous, 1993:
Issuing ski area permits on National Forest System lands

Shnitnikov, Arsenii-Vladimirovich, 1979 :
Issyk-Kul nature, protection, and perspective uses of the lake

Zipfel, Stephan, 2006:
Ist Adipositas eine Essstorung?

Peters, U.H., 2007:
Ist Deutsch als Sprache der Psychiatrie noch up to date?

Heilemann, Hubert, 2007:
Ist Deutsch als Sprache der Psychiatrie noch up to date? Fortschr Neurol Psychiat 2007; 75: 55-58

Hausleiter, L.-Friedrich; Brech, J., 1940:
Ist England stark genug?

Frota, J.Jr, 1974:
Ist National Convention of the Mangalarga Trotter Horse

Cuenca, Cl-De, 1974:
Ist World Congress of Genetics Applied to Cattle Production, Madrid, October 7-11, 1974; inaugural session

Schmidt, P.; Kuefner, H.; Hasemann, S.; Loehnert, B.; Kolb, W.; Zemlin, U.; Soyka, M., 2007:
Ist der European Addiction Severity Index ein sinnvolles Diagnoseinstrument bei Alkoholabhangigkeit?

Eissner, Gerhard, 1951:
Ist die Bewertung von Rotlauf-Adsorbat-Impfstoffen in der staatlichen Preufung von der Virulenz des Preufungsstammes abheangig?

Macario, 1978:
Ist international demonstration of mechanized work with large equipment (giant machines), Cordova, Spain, December 2, 1978

Burggasser, Egon, 1946:
Ist mein boden gesund?

Czaja, A.Th, 1952:
Ist schwammischeres Bauen meoglich?

Burg, W.J.V.n-Der; Bino, R.J., 1994:

Anonymous, 1951:
Istanbul Universitesi Orman Fakultesi dergisi

Anonymous, 1975:
Istanbul Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi

Anonymous, 1993:
Istanbul University Veterinary Faculty and Munich Ludwig-Maximilian University Veterinary Faculty

Aytug, Burhan, 1971:
Istanbul cevresi bitkilerinin polen atlasi

Ulubelen, A.A.es, N.N.shida, T., 1979:
Istanbulin C, a novel sesquiterpene lactone from Smyrnium connatum

Ulubelen, A.A.dolmaleky, H., 1982:
Istanbulin D and istanbulin E, two new sesquiterpene lactones from Smyrnium creticum

Revill, P.; Serradell, N.; Bolos, J.; Rosa, E., 2007:
Istaroxime - Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitor, SERCA2a activator, positive inotropic/lusitropic agent, heart failure therapy

Poerwadi, S.; Sudarto, T., 2001:
Istilah umum dalam pertanian dan perkebunan

Elagin, V., 1962 :
Istina ne umiraet

Anonymous, 1953:
Istituti e laboratori italiani di ricerca scientifica

Serpieri, Arrigo, 1950:
Istituzioni di economia agraria

Mironov, Nikolai-Prokof'-Evich, 1965:
Istochniki i perenoschiki chumy i tuliaremii

Boos, G.V., 1988:
Istochniki khozeiiaaeistvenno etisennykh priznakov dleiia ispolzovanieiia v seleketisii ovoshchykh i bakhchevykh Kultur

Volkov, Aleksandr-Ivanovich, 1961:
Istochniki kolkhoznogo prava

Kolpakov, Dmitriaei-Sergeevich, 1956:
Istochniki rosta proizvoditel* section *nosti truda v kolkhozakh

Reiiabko, V.M.T.rinskiaei, V.M., 2001:
Istoki, dostizhenieiia i perspektivy nauki v Askanii-Nova

Capesius, I.B.rthlott, W., 1975:
Istope labelling and scanning electron microscope studies of the velamen radicum of orchids

Timireiiazev, K.A.K.marov, V.L., 1943:
Istoricheskiaei metod v biologii

Trapeznikov, S.P., 1959:
Istoricheskiaei opyt KPSS v soetisialisticheskom preobrazovanii sel* section *skogo khozeiiaaeistva

Sidorov, A.L., 1963:
Istoricheskie zapiski

Rzhanova, Evdokiia-Ivanovna, 1962:
Istoricheskii obzor vzgliadov na ontogenez rastenii

Trapeznikov, S.P., 1959:
Istoricheskii opyt KPSS v sotsialisticheskom preobrazovanii selskogo khoziaistva

Dudanov, I.I., 1998:
Istoricheskii opyt agrarnykh reform v Rossii

Basharin, G.P., 1956:
Istorieiia agrarnykh otnosheniaei v eIiAkutii

Korets*-Section-*kyaei, V.N., 1961:
Istorieiia derezihavy i prava Ukraeins* section *koei RSR (1917-1960)

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Istorieiia estestvoznanieiia

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Istorieiia krupnykh mlekopitaeiiushchikh i ptietis severnoaei Evrazii

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Istorieiia na edno selo (kak se izmeni zhivotaeut na selo Avdotino za trideset godini)

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Istorieiia otechestvennoaei cembriologii vysshikh rasteniaei

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Istorieiia paleobotaniki v SSSR

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Istorieiia voprosa o sozdanii etisentral* section *nogo botanicheskogo uchrezhdenieiia v dorevoleiiuetisionnoaei Rossii

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Istoriia Osmolodskoi pushchi

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Istoriia embriologii rastenii v sviazi s razvitiem predstavlenii o zarozhdenii organizmov

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Istoriia i heohrafiia masovykh rozmnozhen komakh-khvoielystohryziv

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Istotne fenotypy opornosci na antybiotyki wystepujace wsrod drobnoustrojow alarmowych, izolowanych z zakazen diagnozowanych w klinikach lnstytutu Reumatologii w Warszawie

Anonymous, 1948:
Istruzioni per il Servizio della Statistica forestale

Anonymous, 1947:
Istruzioni per il capo distretto e vice capo distretto antilarvale

Anonymous, 1948:
Istruzioni per il capo segnalatore alate

Anonymous, 1947:
Istruzioni per il capo segnalatore larvale

Anonymous, 1948:
Istruzioni per il disinfestore anti-larvale

Anonymous, 1948:
Istruzioni per il segnalatore alate

Anonymous, 1947:
Istruzioni per il segnalatore larvale

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Istruzioni pratiche per la lotta contro la piralide e la nottua del granoturco

Anonymous, 1941:
Istruzioni sul funzionamento del servizio riguardante lapprovvigionamento totalitario del bestiame ovino e caprino da macello

Raulo, Jyrki, 1981:
Istutettujen mannyn, kuusen ja rauduskoivun taimien alkukehitys eri tavoin kasitellylla viljelyalalla

Valsta, Lauri, 1982:
Istutuskuusikon kasvatustiheyksien liiketaloudellinen vertailu

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Istutuskuusikon tiheys - tuotoksen ja edullisuuden tarkastelua

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Istvan Barabas, 1908-1980

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Istvan Jakobey, 1901-1971.

Szllagyi, M., 2007:
Istvan Pais (1923-2007) - In memoriam

Faludi, G., 1976:
Istvan Turr and his efforts for the economical and technical prosperity of Hungary

Grae, T., 1980:
Isulation and drainage system for construction of rooms built into hills

Mueller, J.E.; Bryk, M., 2007:
Isw1 acts independently of the Isw1a and Isw1b complexes in regulating transcriptional silencing at the ribosomal DNA locus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mueller, J.E.; Li, C.; Bryk, M., 2007:
Isw2 regulates gene silencing at the ribosomal DNA locus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bristow, Barbara, J., 1998:
It all adds up

Klippen, K.; Hughson, D., 2006:
It all began with an egg--

Dooley, D.R., 1973:
It all begins with a puppy

Sanchez-Alavez, M.; Bartfai, T., 2007:
It all happens between Toll receptors and caspase 1

Mayer, Jean, 1977:
It all started on the high seas

Csollak, Hp, 1979:
It also has to be a special tractor

Braiko, I.; Iurtsev, V., 1979:
It became easier to work

Thiesen, Erich, 1997:
It began in the green Kremlin

Harper, P., 1986:
It began with butterfly weed

Livingston, P., 1978:
It begins in the box

Odell, Ks, 1994:
It boggles the mind

Koller, Kh, 1979:
It breaks up the most difficult soil!

Blades, J., 1979:
It can be done: Fruit growing in Alberta

Anonymous, 1997:
It can be easier than it seems: blending nutrition & sweets

Anonymous, 1950:
It can happen in a fraction of a second

Mcglone, Frances, E., 1978:
It can happen in your city!

Mckeen, Wd, 1980:
It can pay to cull two-five weeks prior to sale of a flock

Sillcock, Km, 1974:
It comes down to this--extension workers need practical farm experience

Hopler, E., 1973:
It comes from amino acids!

Jacobsen, Ka, 1975:
It costs about 10 kroner per pig for a bale of straw

Moser, B.; Davis, S.; Durkin, D.F.annery, R.; Harrison, M.; Jensen, F.; Kirschling, P.; Peterson, J.; Roberts, W.; Et-Al, 1975:
It could be cheaper to buy poinsettia cuttings. iII

Emerson, D., 1978:
It could happen to you

Clark, E., 1990:
It couldve been worse

Lamie, D.M.ndy, K., 1999:
It depends

Baumgart, J., 1978:
It depends on the method. Hygiene control methods in industry

Strube, H., 1970:
It depends on the tires

Savotikov, Iuf, 1986:
It depends on us

Anonymous, 1988:
It does a body good

Windholz, H., 1971:
It does not have to be always manure

Bills, Kb, 1969:
It doesnt have to be ivy

Ortiz, Sj, 1986:
It doesnt have to happen again: reflections on the nuclear atmosphere

Gylling, Sr, 1989:
It doesnt make cents

Thomas, Rw, 1996:
It doesnt really matter!

Yarris, Lc, 1978:
It feeds orphaned lambs

Mclean, Louis, A., 1965:
It happened in America

De-Giacomi, R., 1981 :
It happened this way

Satullo, J., A.W.R.ssell, R.; Bradway, P.-A.B.okless, N., 1987:
It happens to boys too

Canell, Cm, 1972:
It has been a good year--bee-wise

Majewski, K., 1978:
It has been already twenty years

Igo, C.; White, J., 1999:
It has gone without saying too long already?

Wolson, S., 1996:
It helps to train the staff: slicers-on-the-job

Brunskill, A., 1980:
It helps to weigh your sheep

Karapurkar, Hy, 1979:
It is caju in Goa

Rivkees, Scott, A., 2006:
It is (sort of) a boy and (sort of) a girl. You have (sort of) a say and you (sort of) dont? The uneasiness of genital restoration surgery

Méric, C.; Darlix, J.L.; Spahr, P.F., 1984:
It is Rous sarcoma virus protein P12 and not P19 that binds tightly to Rous sarcoma virus RNA

Mckenry, M.; Kretsch, J., 1995:
It is a long road from the finding of a new rootstock to the replacement of a soil fumigant

Kofer, H., 1977:
It is a matter of vital queens: Colonies ready to defend themselves are less susceptible to disease

Martinez-Diaz, S., 1979:
It is about time to sow beans in lower southern California

Lacefield, G.; Ball, D.; Hoveland, C., 1993:
It is advantageous for producers to include legumes in cow-calf production systems in the Southern Region

Geoffrion, R., 1978:
It is advisable not to confuse attacks of the codling moth with those of other insects

Poichotte, Jl, 1974:
It is already necessary to think of the preservation of grain

Boulard, Chantal, 1981:
It is autumn cattle grub requires concerted control =

Gavrilov, V., 1974:
It is better to consider the natural-economic conditions whe n analyzing agricultural production

Banting, A.De, L., 1979:
It is better to understand rumination in order to improve returns

Baldissera-Nordio, C., 1976:
It is convenient for the rabbit

Anonymous, 1973:
It is difficult to raise livestock and obtain meat on the Brazil-Colombia frontier

Pochitaev, A., 1977 :
It is easier to prevent diseases

Rodriquez-Chacon, J., 1970:
It is easier to slip down than to recover

Vijay, Op, 1977:
It is easy to grow greens

Foster, B.; Foster, P., 1943:
It is easy to grow herbs

Nygaard, A., 1969:
It is easy to miscalculate an in

Ballarini, G., 1977:
It is economically useful to select in order to prevent metabolic diseases

Grobelny, J., 1975:
It is far from Winnipeg

Simshauser, K., 1972:
It is five before twelve in environmental protection!

Wang, Z-gao., 2006:
It is gastroesophageal reflux disease, not asthma: a case report

Gavranic, N., 1972:
It is important and necessary to make a survey of our grape industry

Sule, S., 1969:
It is important even after harvest; spreading of mildew (Sphaerotheca mors-uvae) on black currant

Anonymous, 1981:
It is important to exterminate the weeds Effect of different methods of herbicide application on maize grain yields, Czechoslovakia.0

Rumiantsev, V.; Kolmeichenko, V.; Kozlova, N., 1981:
It is important to make a correct choice of the crop

Schake, Lm, 1972:
It is important to protect the calf between ranch and feedlot

Wasmer, O., 1977:
It is impossible without competition!

Yalcin, N.G.ne, P., 1970:
It is in this season that sheep are heavily infested with internal parasites

Cornuz, L., 1973:
It is in winter that it is necessary to prepare the soil for planting roses in spring

D'-Iakonova, E.; Paskhalidis, K., 1975:
It is more efficient to apply phosphorus fertilizers in kenaf growing

Gaytan, D., 1979:
It is necessary for people to know the benefits obtained from foods

Desvignes, P.G.y, J., 1981:
It is necessary to be prepared on time for good irrigation of maize

Cornelier, J., 1973:
It is necessary to eat well in order to live well

Rygiel-Sawa, M.S.wa, J., 1975:
It is necessary to expand maize growing

Lalumiere, C., 1982:
It is necessary to play the opening card

Hedou, J., 1980:
It is necessary to preserve the present good health condition

Toma, B., 1975:
It is necessary to prevent hog cholera since it is incurable

Pien, J., 1971:
It is necessary to raise the place of dairy products in consumption

Asylkozhaev, Ka, 1981:
It is necessary to regulate relationships Suppliers and consignees of skins and furs, farms and meat packing plants, All-Union State standards.1

Boubals, D., 1983:
It is necessary to regulate wines from noble varieties

Petrova, O.N., 2007:
It is necessary to set up marketing services of different levels

Loysel, G., 1974:
It is necessary to silage early

Boubals, D., 1978:
It is necessary to stop disorganization of French legislation on grape culture and the wine industry

Gay, J.; Aigle, N., 1981:
It is necessary to treat maize before seeding

Rouquette, M.B.ansby, D.K.nkle, B., 1993:
It is not advantageous (economically and biologically) for producers to include legumes in cow-calf production systems in the SPFCIC region

Giorgi, P., 2006:
It is not always easy to manage Aujeszky virus infection in pigs

Neto, Mp, 1973:
It is not enough to administer vermifuges to terminate livestock verminosis

Mazzotti, L., 1981:
It is not extinct the Mora Romagnola

Reby, J., 1974:
It is not finished in the Sahel

Peyraud, Jc, 1981:
It is not necessary to forget the quality of meat

Gay, Jp, 1980:
It is not necessary to treat diseases

Bedosti, A., 1983:
It is not possible to live only out of oil

Reusser, Hu, 1978:
It is not self-evident to have sufficient number of healthy seed potato

Anonymous, 1972:
It is not too late, yet

Tremolieres, J., 1973:
It is not wine which is good or bad, it is the use one makes of it

Singh, A., 1970:
It is paying to grow berseem

Kuroki, T., 1970:
It is paying to grow cabbage and cucumber in summer

Borbas, L., 1970:
It is possible to cultivate cold susceptible grapes under unfavorable climate

Ishibashi, T.K.ide, K.O.ta, Y., 2000:
It is possible to determine multiple amino acid requirements simultaneously within a two days period

Katschner, E., 1978:
It is possible to improve the fruit quality of Golden Delicious favorable to price!

Vaudelet, J.; Dagorn, J., 1980:
It is possible to improve, even in the west

Pontailler, S., 1974:
It is possible to increase pasture production

Ambolet, B., 1982:
It is possible to intensify wheat cultivation

Clanet, V., 1983:
It is possible to obtain 22 kilograms of milk with only green grass

Conklin, Howard, E., 1982:
It is possible to preserve farming

Hovadik, A.K.atochvilova, H., 1977:
It is possible to reduce the germination period of celery seed

Morel-D'-Arleux, F., 1978 :
It is possible to use maize in ensiled spikes or beets, even for producing Gruyere

Forster, P., M.D., F.; Shine, K., P.; Stuber, N., 2007:
It is premature to include non-CO2 effects of aviation in emission trading schemes (vol 40, pg 1117, 2006)

Anonymous, 1969:
It is profitable to fertilize pastures

Korobov, Ip, 1978:
It is profitable to grow durum wheat

Shavaev, M.; Iusupov, G., 1980:
It is profitable to grow potatoes Income, costs, Tatar ASSR.1

Garg, Jc, 1977:
It is summer. Save your birds

Baggett, C., 2002:
It is the best of times; it is the worst of times for career education

Collin, P.M.ki, M.K.ukinen, K., 2004:
It is the compliance, not milligrams of gluten, that is essential in the treatment of celiac disease

Passamonti, G., 1978:
It is the farmer who raises swine

Jacobs, M., 1977:
It is the genera of threatened plants that need attention

Stoeckel, R., 1975:
It is the number of lambs per ewe and per year that the system of production is oriented to

Stoeckel, R., 1978:
It is the number of lambs per sheep in a year which guides the production system

Schirilla, Gg, 1977:
It is the obilgation of pesticide manufacturers to label their products with proper instruction for use

Rocha, Gl-Da, 1975:
It is the season for legumes

Krohn, H., 1974:
It is the time to know about it!

Angelini, V., 1975:
It is time for programming

Resta, C., 1982:
It is time for pruning Fruit trees, Italy.1

Saracco, C., 1973:
It is time for taking action for agricultural production

Parisi, L., 1973:
It is time for trenches; how to excavate and remove the soil

Anonymous, 1982:
It is time to fight against Azhukal disease Phytophthora, cardamom, India

Anonymous, 1974:
It is time to get your soil tested

Perovsek-Bitenc, P., 1981:
It is time to prepare the fertilizer plan for 1982 Slovenia.1

Chibasa, Wm, 1975:
It is time to start planting onions

Marengoni, M., 1972:
It is time to think about pest and disease control

Schwart, R.J.; Richardson, J.; Knutson, R., 1981:
It is tough to turn off the milk spigot

Neimann-Sorensen, A., 1974:
It is urgent that we have consistency in the new feed legislation

Burckhardt, I., 1975:
It is valuable to mobilize reserves in fattening bulls

Berninger, Lm, 1975:
It is winning or losing that counts in the game of selling flowers and plants

Rosenberg, Max-Meyer, 1940:
It is your life

Anonymous, 1976:
It isnt always easy but its possible

Vavrek, R.Jr, 2001:
It just has to be cheaper or better

Martin, Pl, 1987:
It leaves the door open to agriculture

Walters, Lynne-Masel, 1994:
It loses something in the translation

O'-Brien, Pm, 2001:
It makes me cry!

Cudaback, Dorothea, 1986:
It matters if they read

Dills, C.D.lls, S., 1994:
It may not be Kew Gardens, but

Guither, H.F.yman, L., 1970:
It may pay to change ration when corn prices are high

Lovelidge, B., 1971:
It may soon be possible to turn waste into water at the minimum of cost

Allinson, Cp, 1973:
It must be whole wheat!

Burgess, W.; Mason, A., 1992:
It must have been something I ate

Balser, Rl, 1969:
It need not be--3 months feast--9 months famine

Leavitt, Susan, 1993:
It only takes one bite

Hewitt, Act, 1970:
It pays to be kind to calves (and why shouldnt you be?)

Anonymous, 1977:
It pays to be mean

Cicero, K., 1992:
It pays to be pokey: penetrometers expose hidden compaction

Ball, J., 1987:
It pays to care for mature trees

Williams, Jb, 1970:
It pays to control date of planting, stage of harvesting

Rao, Gv, 1976:
It pays to cull non laying

Pandey, D.; Jain, G., 1978:
It pays to cull your birds

Anonymous, 1940:
It pays to feed home raised grains now

Singh, K.P.asad, R., 1975:
It pays to fertilise arhar under rainfed conditions

Beers, Z.H., 1951:
It pays to fertilize malting barley

Kaler, D.; Madan, S.; Prihar, R., 1971:
It pays to grow early cauliflower

Jawanda, J.; Singh, S., 1979:
It pays to grow pears in Punjab

Shankar, G., 1980:
It pays to grow phalsa

Anonymous, 1972:
It pays to grow vegetables as an inter crop

Bentley, Wj, 1981:
It pays to identify your pest problem

Thatcher, L.; Rabbette, J., 1977:
It pays to increase the weaning percentage in a woolgrowing flock

Broadwell, Martin, M., 1977:
It pays to increase your support of on the job training

Charlesworth, R., 1971:
It pays to integrate

Harrison,. Jr.;, 1969:
It pays to irrigate

Adams, S., 1994:
It pays to irrigate plantains and bananas

Leitman, G.S.offman, A.S.ani, M.M.rom, D., 1979:
It pays to keep installations

Gravestocks, Dw, 1973:
It pays to keep records

Storey, Jb, 1969:
It pays to know--flowering habit of pecan trees

Byrd, T., 1970:
It pays to move

Anonymous, 1946:
It pays to plan for flax

Anonymous, 1984:
It pays to plan your garden

Koszarek, T., 1983:
It pays to raise your feed

Taylor, Jre, 1969:
It pays to sanitize water for layers

Grimes, M., 1973:
It pays to sow early

Maroske, M.; Brown, G.; Ottosen, E., 1976:
It pays to start lactation off well

Yorke, Fa, 1970:
It pays to store grain and hay with care

Parker, R., 1979:
It pays to tease your sheep

Cooke, Gw, 1973:
It pays to treat pastures well

Anonymous, 1970:
It pays to use certified seed potatoes

Hali, R., 1977:
It pays to water coconut

Anonymous, 1988:
It rains to death

Huber, Lf, 1981:
It requires a lot of hard work to get started in dairying

Young, Cw, 1980:
It requires special effort to prove young sires

Marsh, Je, 1982:
It saves energy--but you have to mow the roof Michigan 4-H Foundation, earth-sheltered home

Shafer, E.-L.M.etz, J., D., 1970:
It seems possible to quantify scenic beauty in photographs

Rogers, Om, 1976:
It should be Viburnum

Tindall, J., 1993:
It shouldnt happen to a vet

Reimund, D.; Petrulis, M., 1987:
It stands still while farm economy recovers

Jurczynski, T., 1973:
It started 10 years ago: Tenth anniversary of the quality mark use in dairy cooperatives

Dodge, Bertha-Sanford, 1979:
It started in Eden

Anonymous, 1976:
It started with one fry kettle

Anonymous, 1996:
It started with tray-line reviews: putting team solutions to work at Ala. hospital

Resnik, Hank, 1978:
It starts with people

James, Re, 1982:
It still pays to raise Replacement heifers, farm management, animal breeding, economics

Rohweder, Da, 1974:
It still will pay to fertilize your alfalfa

Mcginnis, Wc, 1978:
It takes a feeling of desperation for a crusade

Millman, J., 1992:
It takes a smart man to breed a tough chicken

Vermeulen, P., 2006:
It takes a team: Working together toward a common goal

Anonymous, 1969:
It takes a total water management service to whip this

Durham, S., 2002:
It takes a tough scientist to make a tender (and juicy) chicken

Hanash, S., 2007:
It takes a village to develop biomarkers

Rathbone, B., 1997:
It takes a village--USDA team evaluates co-op financial services in rural S. Africa

Shaffran, N., 2007:
It takes a villagepain management as a practice standard

Masko, G., 1980:
It takes crust to start a revolution

Anonymous, 1984:
It takes distribution know-how

Jennings, L.; Barrick, W., 1990:
It takes green to grow green

Thomas, Jn, 1975:
It takes management for success with A.I

Enlow, Re, 1979:
It takes merchandising to tell the science story

Marburger, R., 1972:
It takes more than food to feed city kids

Bakes, Db, 1969:
It takes more than tender, loving care to prevent blackspot

Thurman, L.S.hwien, J., 1984:
It takes tough sponsors to make a successful watershed project

Raymond, C., 2002:
It takes two

Conger, R.D.; Patterson, G.R.; Ge, X., 1995:
It takes two to replicate: a mediational model for the impact of parents' stress on adolescent adjustment

Krediet, C.T.Paul.; Ceridon, M.L., 2007:
It takes two to tango: the coherence of cardiac output and sympathetic nerve activity

Taylor, Cb, 1997:
It takes two: cuc mutations and shoot organ separation

Beale, Sh, 1976:
It took 2 1

Allenstein, Lc, 1979:
It took five months to recover from BVD outbreak

Thum, Karl, P., 1980:
It turns so grey not green

Rosano, D., 1994:
It used to be white, now its red again

Haka, C., 2004:
It was 20 years ago today

Zwatz, B., 1977:
It was a medium black rust year

Zontek, Sa, 1988:
It was a long time coming

Rowe, Dorothy-Snowden, 1972:
It was fun

Cima, M.; Merckelbach, H.; Butt, C.; Kremer, K.; Knauer, E.; Schellbach-Matties, R., 2006:
It was not me: attribution of blame for criminal acts in psychiatric offenders

Grill, B.; Kriener, M., 1984:
It was once

Jungblut, Christian, 1983:
It was once a river

Fox, Nicols, 1999:
It was probably something you ate

Hrivnak, S., 1970:
It was there but we didnt recognize it

Ortiz, Bev, 1991:
It will live forever

Black, Claudia, 1982:
It will never happen to me

Crowley, Jw, 1974:
It will pay you to feed your dairy heifers right

Chang, Sf, 1973:
It wont be long for all rice

Mcguire, Paula, 1983:
It wont happen to me

Philpot, Wn, 1975:
It works in the field so should work on your farm. 5

Fauconnet, P., 1977:
It would be necessary to govern in the countryside

Mullahy, J.; Mullahy, J., 1998:
Itll only hurt a second?

Hemken, Rw, 1973 :
Itll pay to shoot for high protein in your alfalfa crop

Berger, L., 1988:
Its bottoms up for U.S. wines in Taiwan market

Smith, K., 1996:
Its knot as easy as it looks

Mcreynolds, K., 1974:
Its (herb) tea-picking time

O'-Conner, K., 1985:
Its 10 oclock: Do you know where your dry cows are?

Wilson, J., 1978:
Its 100 tons plus from peat modules

Hewitt, A., 1977:
Its 1977, how much super should I use?

Mellichamp, T.; Matthews, J.; Smithka, P., 1988:
Its Anthriscus sylvestris, not Conioselinum chinensis, new to North Carolina-Tennessee

Kaplan, Jk, 1991:
Its Iturin

Webb, R., 1996:
Its Thanksgiving enjoy!

Lecouteur, Richard, A., 2007:
Its Time

Anonymous, 1978:
Its a hiwit!

Weiss, Steve, 1978:
Its a berry good time of year

Gettings, T.; Bowman, G., 1990:
Its a boy, its a girl--no, Its ribeye! Ultrasound reveals bulls potential before breeding

Arnold, J., 2002:
Its a bugs life: showcasing the national entomological collection

Anonymous., 1984:
Its a bug-eat-bug world

Babenko, Volodymyr, 1962:
Its a completely different tractor operator now

Shuyler, Hr, 1990:
Its a fact! Its a Phact!

Kingdon, Lb, 1992:
Its a fishy story

Raento, P., 1999:
Its a fun little town, you know? Tourism and community development in Jackpot, Nevada

Gillette, R., 1981:
Its a gift: the art and science of moving floristrys other merchandise

Summerhays, R.S., 1951:
Its a good life with horses

Benson, G., 1981:
Its a good time to check your farms financial health

Mitchell, Rv, 1983:
Its a good tool--use with caution and restraint Stimpmeter, putting green quality, golf course

Maynard, Dn, 1997:
Its a great time to be a horticulturist: presidential address

Pryor, A., 1977:
Its a great year for cotton

Williams, A., 2007:
Its a guineapigs life

Applegate, S., 1993:
Its a jungle out there!

Gorski, Af, 1983:
Its a jungle out there--almost. The role of vegetation in zoo animal exhibits

Mcdonald, Ja, 1977:
Its a life afloat for dredges

Stewart, Keith, 2006:
Its a long road to a tomato

Webb, Og, 1991:
Its a long way from Toad Lane

Lynch, T., 1997:
Its a matter of context: sucessfully managing the high-tech project

Athon, K., 1995:
Its a matter of life or death: working safely near traffic

Brownlee, P., 1979:
Its a mix of patience, thrift and adventure, when you grow palms from seed

Pearson, L.; Tedford, L., 1979:
Its a natural

Knutson, Rd, 1976:
Its a new ball game for dairymen!

Chorna, C., 1978:
Its a point of PACA law

Ayers, Gs, 2001:
Its a pretty remarkable production system we have. I. Knowing the competition

Ayers, Gs, 2001:
Its a pretty remarkable production system we have. III. Us versus the competition

Ayers, Gs, 2001:
Its a pretty remarkable production system we have. IV. A possible continued development

Anonymous, 1978:
Its a salad success

Bowers, P., 1998:
Its a second shot at HACCP implementation

Anonymous, 1978:
Its a sit down job

Tiefert, R., 2005:
Its a small child nutrition world after all

Newman, R., 1977:
Its a state of mind

Anonymous, 1986:
Its a swine of a system

Smith, R.; Ash, C., 1990:
Its a tough life

Anonymous, 1956:
Its a tree country

Karst, T., 1999:
Its a whole new ballgame in the produce biz, thanks to the power of consolidation

Curtis, R., 1974:
Its a world market, how does it affect you?

Brijnath, B., 2007:
It's about TIME: engendering AIDS in Africa

Van-Scoy, I.; Fairchild, S., 1993:
Its about time! Helping preschool and primary children understand time concepts

Treitler, I.; Midgett, D., 2007:
Its about water: anthropological perspectives on water and policy

Berlekom, M., 1985:
Its actually happening in Skane

Singh, N.; Khan, A., 2007:
It's all about US: (E)US, (EB)US, and their US(age)

Mcdaniel, L., 2001:
Its all about people

Griffith, B., 2006:
Its all about the people

Cicchinelli, L.; Dean, C., 2005:
Its all about the quality of advice, guidance, and research for rural educators: a rejoinder to Howley, Theobald, and Howley

Anonymous, 1997:
Its all about you

Depolo, J., 1997:
Its all due to good breeding

Schaffer, Hg, 1976:
Its all gas and bags for Yorkshire cucumbers

Hoyle, Z., 2007:
Its all good: An Interview with Paul Hamel

Webb, R., 1999:
Its all in the bird

Bowers, P., 1998:
Its all in the formula

Webb, R., 2001:
Its all in the game

Wood, J.L.N.; Newton, J.R.; Daly, J.; Park, A.W.; Mumford, J.A., 2003:
It's all in the mix: infection transmission in populations

Pugh, Cl, 1979:
Its all on the box

Block, Zenas, 1981:
Its all on the label

Durrenberger, E.Paul, 1992:
Its all politics

Bennett, R., 1989:
Its all relative

Farmer, Ja, 1975:
Its all systems go with grass

Sargent, F.H.lt, P.H.rr, P., 1988:
Its always open house at the DHI milk testing laboratory

Otis, Ej, 1974:
Its always too wet to plow!

Burnham, Tj, 1995:
Its an apple growing gala event--tips for growing great Galas

Nolan, R., 2006:
Its an eggstravaganza!

Anonymous, 1951:
Its an idea for saving time, labor and money

Stotts, D., 1994:
Its back to the future for consumer-based profession

Stegelin, Fe, 1991 :
Its beef and pork production that counts, not cattle and swine production

Marshall, B., 1970:
Its been a century of change in Kansas City

Dougall, Dk, 2004:
Its been a great trip

Power, H.; Alleman, A.; Fortney, W., 2000:
Its beginning to look a lot like Cushings

Woelffer, Ea, 1978:
Its best to cut off hanging retained placentas

Woelffer, Ea, 1974:
Its best to provide salt in the grain ration

Niezborala, H., 1974:
Its better from wood. II

Anonymous, 1974:
Its bigger than you think

Prescott, Ann, 1994:
Its blue with five petals

Anonymous, 1940:
Its bread and butter

Pummill, W., 1982:
Its breeding time Dairy goats

Mcbride, J., 1988:
Its code named CARNA 5

Toohey, Cl, 1975:
Its cold down there

Moulton, Ks, 1973:
Its colder outside: a challenge to cooperative management

Gadd, J., 1979:
Its colder than you think

Jarman, Hg, 1970:
Its corn any way you want over there

Riell, H., 1998:
Its critical to follow label directions: safe chemicals

Durham, S., 2007:
Its curtains for mosquitoes and flies: air curtains keep pests out of airplanes

Anonymous, 1987:
Its dinner time

Vaughan, P., 1987:
Its downhill from here

Arkell, P., 1979:
Its drainage time

Barranco, F., 1991:
Its easier done than said

Meadows, Ce, 1972:
Its easier to make your choice of bulls

Anonymous, 2003 :
Its easy recipe book

Flinchbaugh, Bl, 1982:
Its easy to be ignored if you dont have your act together Agricultural system, USA

Anonymous, 1940:
Its easy to raise flock for profit

Becker, Bob, 1950:
Its easy to raise and train a puppy in your house or apartment

Cate, J.-M.R.skin, S., 1986:
Its easy to say crepidula! (krehPIDayuluh)

Beck, H.-W.J.hnson, F.-A.S.imac, J., L., 1984:
Its easy to use FAIRS

Jesiolowski, J., 1993:
Its easy, fun and rewarding grow you own chickens

Powers, M., 1996:
Its elemental!

Tiefert, R., 2005:
Its elementary!

Guerinot, M.Lou., 2007:
It's elementary: enhancing Fe3+ reduction improves rice yields

Larson, A.; Gillies, M.; Howard, P.J.; Coffin, J., 2007:
It's enough to make you sick: the impact of racism on the health of Aboriginal Australians

Anonymous, 1991 :
Its everybodys business

Caraway, Me, 1974:
Its everyones responsibility

Flynn, Tw, 1992:
Its for the birds!

Swope, J., 1979:
Its freezing: curing through cryosurgery

Drake, B.; James, R., 1990:
Its fresher from Ohio

Drake, J., 1994:
Its fresher with pressure

Rodden, G., 1981:
Its full steam ahead for Terrace Bay

Moore, Lucille, H., 1958:
Its fun to be a leader

Harre, E.; Bridges, J.; Shields, J., 1976:
Its going to be a buyers market

Phillips, Mm, 1985:
Its good food, keep it safe

Johnson, Fk, 1981:
Its good food--keep it safe

Hardy, Ng, 1977:
Its good nutrition: multiple citrus uses explored

Hollis, Dan, W., 1985:
Its great to be number one!

Brennan, Billy, 1993:
Its happening today on the Chesapeake Bay

Chougnet, C.; Hildeman, D.A., 2007:
It's hard to get downstream without a raft: a commentary on "reactive oxygen species promote raft formation in T lymphocytes"

Harlan, Tim, 1991:
Its heartly fare

Anonymous, 1972:
Its here--synthetic chicken

Criss, Ronda-Harrison, 1990:
Its hip to eat square

Mcclure, G., 1978:
Its how you play the game that counts

Lyle, Cd, 1973:
Its important to catch and treat pinkeye early

Sutter, Sr, 1977:
Its important to estimate social security benefits

Liegel, Ea, 1979:
Its important to know how much manure to apply

Hutjens, Mf, 1979:
Its important to know how much your cows eat

Anonymous, 1980:
Its in the air

Sheldrake, R., 1980:
Its in the bag

Anonymous, 1973:
Its in the cards

Baird, J.C.aft, B.M.rtch, T., 1993:
Its just a matter of degree--integrating students with disabilities

Hester, Rt, 1993:
Its just a matter of fishheads: using design as a means of building community

Dee, Jf, 1998:
Its just a sprain

Lewis, Fh, 1971:
Its just good cents to spray efficiently

Grosz, L., 1976:
Its kidding season!

Hall, A., 1984:
Its kidding season: know what to watch for and what to do

Casner, S., 1978:
Its kosher

Mynett, D., 1977:
Its less painful in Germany

Kruse, Wd, 1983 :
Its like shooting at moving targets

Ronsen, K., 1975:
Its like that--In the potato fields at Moystad, 1974

Axelson, J.T.per, J., 1980:
Its mamas fault

Anonymous, 1952:
Its new

Broihier, K., 1998:
Its no fish story--fresh fish is hard to beat

Flinchbaugh, Bl, 1985:
Its no longer sufficient to be efficient

Moreno, J.D., 2002:
It's not about the money

Williams, Rt, 1985:
Its not all peaceful in the country

Strange, Marty, 1984:
Its not all sunshine and fresh air

Mingote-Calderon, Jose-Luis, 1995:
Its not all work

Mcalister, Jd, 1989:
Its not always happy at my house

Kelaidis, P., 2005:
Its not drought

Durham, S., 2003:
Its not easy being green

Mooney-Seus, Ml, 1996:
Its not easy being green: conservation conversations

Sadof, Cs, 1991:
Its not easy being variegated

Anonymous, 1974:
Its not good for you

Anonymous, 1986:
Its not just about vegetables

Anonymous, 1992:
Its not just for luck: 4-H for Mississippi

Rowan, Cl, 1973:
Its not nice to fool with Mother Nature

Macgregor, J., 1992:
Its not really ever over: Thurston County, Washingtons vegetation management initiative

Stephens, Wh, 1970:
Its not really footrot

Gruis, D., 2002:
Its not rocket science. Its better!

Sofranko, A.; Khan, A., 1988:
Its not that simple: improving needs assessment

Anonymous, 1978:
Its not the same old song

Tuttle, Ap, 1976:
Its not too late

Anonymous, 2007:
Its not too late for healthy changes

Johnson, R., 1985:
Its not too late to build sound farm policies

Swami, Bn, 1972:
Its not too late to sow bajra

Pieper, M.; Pieper, W., 1992:
Its not tough, its tender love: problem teens need compassion that the tough-love approach to child-rearing doesnt offer them

Greeson, Janet, 1993:
Its not what youre eating, its whats eating you

Johnston, M., 1986:
Its nuc break-up time in northern California

Friedman, M., 1993:
Its nutrition, stupid

Montoya, B., 1975:
Its off to school for Seattles elderly

Peters, Wj, 1973:
Its our environment too

Dodson, R., 1997:
Its party time: the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program reaches a milestone

Anonymous, 1956:
Its peachtime U.S.A

Braden, B., 1979:
Its performance that counts

Carlson, Gs, 1978:
Its puffed, cooked, rolled, and shot from guns

Nordenberg, T., 1997:
Its quittin time: smokers need not rely on willpower alone

Hartwiger, C., 2000:
Its raining, its pouring, the golf course is flooding

Roybal, J., 1984:
Its reproduction school time!

Seifarth, Kf, 1992:
Its show time in Asia

Anonymous, 1944:
Its smart to play safe!

Weiner, Dk, 1992:
Its soil testing time

Anonymous, 1979:
Its spring bulb planting time!

Hall, A., 1984 :
Its springtime! Flowers are budding, birds are singing and parasites are thriving!

Bartoli, M.D.micco, A., 1983:
Its still possible to die of botulism from the home preparation of preserved foods

Anonymous, 1980:
Its still your cotton!

Carhart, Arthur-Hawthorne, 1954:
Its still your land

Gadd, J., 1979:
Its stupid not to weigh sows

Temple, G., 1991:
Its that Show again

Anonymous, 1981:
Its that time again, tick season

Anonymous, 2005:
Its the GLUE in Eap45 That Binds Ubiquitin

Maloney, D., 1996:
Its the Twenty-First Century--do you know who your keepers are?

Anonymous, 1990:
Its the animals you dont see that really helped her recover

Walsh, Mb, 2000:
Its the economy

Hodges, L., 1976:
Its the flowers that make the arrangements in Colonial Williamsburg

Anonymous, 1989:
Its the law!

Lloyd, A., 1976:
Its the next fifty years that will be the most challenging

Anonymous, 1992:
Its the right way to go

Rumsey, G., 1976:
Its the seed in the soil that matters

Needles, C.E.enson, C., 1977:
Its the time of your life

Schmidt, M., 1980:
Its thyme for an adaptable herb

Teller, Cj, 1974:
Its time agriculture went public

Myers, J.R., 2004:
It's time for a change, one way or another

Low, B., 1979:
Its time for a good look at New Forest Disease

Lane, Dm, 1982:
Its time for a new fee structure Veterinary practice

Forester, Darlene, 1981:
Its time for breakfast

Ibrahim, S., 1982:
Its time for drastic action

Burrier, Sue, 1979:
Its time for lunch

Anderson, K., 1974:
Its time for new direction in rural protection

Avery, Dennis, T., 1998:
It's time for the world to get realistic about meat

Anonymous, 1944:
Its time for total war on food waste!

Northdurft, We, 1993:
Its time the U.S. got serious about exporting

Herrick, C.; Murphy, P., 1988:
Its time the best kept secret was revealed

Sherwood, S.; Cole, D.; Murray, D., 2007:
Its time to ban highly hazardous pesticides

Anonymous, 1994:
Its time to be heard

Anonymous, 1974:
Its time to build a bigger starter fertilizer market

Taber, S., 1988:
Its time to change bee import restrictions

Anonymous, 1980:
Its time to check for fungus inspect the fields; fungus diseases obvious at mid-year

Staby, G.; Erwin, T., 1977:
Its time to clean the files on floral preservatives

Kiss, R., 1983:
Its time to consider

Faber, B., 1998:
Its time to consider chemigation

Vogelsang, Dl, 1976:
Its time to consider integrated pest management

Richards, Ge, 1972:
Its time to consider urea

Berg, Gl, 1971:
Its time to create a new farm agency!

Rehfeld, L., 1978:
Its time to define requirements for milk inspectors

Fridgen, C., 1988:
Its time to educate public on waste management options

Anonymous, 1990:
Its time to get REAL

Hannay, J.; Lewis, A., 1974:
Its time to get your boomspray ready

Maginn, Michael, 1977:
Its time to jump off the individualized instruction bandwagon

Bender, G., 1993:
Its time to leach

Betschart, J.; Songer, N., 1991:
Its time to learn about diabetes

Riley, B., 1993:
Its time to phase out carcinogens in our food

Poncavage, J., 1992:
Its time to put up & pickle!

Huber, D., 1983:
Its time to rebuild market-oriented farm policies

Smith, M., 1986:
Its time to resolve the rail-deregulation debate

Anonymous, 1940:
Its time to sharpen your pencil

Swanson, B., 1982:
Its time to specialize in member-service programs Farmer cooperatives, USA

Hobe, Hc, 1982:
Its time to tackle cottons real problems

Vikla, Sw, 1984:
Its time to take a closer look at your feeding

Bull, Ls, 1981:
Its time to take another look at NPN for milking cows

Wildermuth,. Jr.;, 1970:
Its time we modernize our agricultural thinking

Oatis, Da, 1990:
Its time we put the green back in green speed

Spencer, S., 1980:
Its time we redefine vcacuum pump sizing

Hutchinson, Sir, J., 1970:
Its time we stopped thinking like pioneers

Kulsar, Ea, 1969:
Its time you learned grafting

Walker, C.; Bull, L., 1980:
Its tough to feed so cows milk and test well

Woelffer, Ea, 1976:
Its truly amazing that any calves are born

Reynolds, Bj, 1995:
Its unanimous: why co-op boards strive for norm of unanimity

Gorham, Jr; Henson, Jb, 1971:
Its unwise to gamble with distemper as virus holds all aces

Anonymous, 1984:
Its up to me

Scheil, B.L.ndberg, J., 1994:
Its up to us

Barkas, J., 1976:
Its versatile! Its nutritious! Its yogurt!

Ingraham, Ch, 1971:
Its what ahead that counts

Anonymous, 1956:
Its what is in the bag that counts

Anonymous, 1975:
Its what you eat

Brusko, M., 1986:
Its what you spend that counts

Shewach, D.S.; Lawrence, T.S., 2003:
It's what's inside that counts

Ward, J., 1980:
Its wine, its British and its good!

Thatcher, L., 1977:
Its worth increasing the weaning percentage in a prime lamb flock

Bane, G., 1991:
Its worth paying more: The benefits of alternative agriculture

Perkins, D., 1981:
Its your beef industry

Larosa, J.-H.H.ines, C., M., 1986:
Its your business

Danco, La, 1978:
Its your business perpetuate or liquidate. 3

Miller, Gordon-Porter, 1981:
Its your business to decide

Gryder, Sd, 2006:
Its your business: One-stop shopping

Fitzgerald, Pl, 2006:
Its your business: Success by degrees

Lind, Rw, 1990:
Its your choice: decision making and goal setting

Anonymous, 1946:
Its your coop

Anonymous, 1999:
Its your drinking water

Bear, Wf, 1981:
Its your fault!

Anonymous, 1951:
Its your federation