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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 16217

Chapter 16217 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Kresge, N.; Simoni, R., D.; Hill, R., L., 2007:
JBC centennial - 1905-2005 - 100 years of biochemistry and molecular biology

Kieft, R.; Brand, V.; Ekanayake, D.K.; Sweeney, K.; DiPaolo, C.; Reznikoff, W.S.; Sabatini, R., 2007:
JBP2, a SWI2/SNF2-like protein, regulates de novo telomeric DNA glycosylation in bloodstream form Trypanosoma brucei

Shackelton, L.A.; Rambaut, A.; Pybus, O.G.; Holmes, E.C., 2006:
JC virus evolution and its association with human populations

Alvarez-Lafuente, R.; García-Montojo, M.; D.L.s Heras, V.; Bartolomé, M.; Arroyo, R., 2007:
JC virus in cerebrospinal fluid samples of multiple sclerosis patients at the first demyelinating event

Anonymous, 2002:
JCM catalogue of strains

Anonymous, 1958:
JCRR successful program of rural improvement in Free China

Anonymous, 1949:
JCRRs land reform program in West Fukien, China

Anonymous, 2004:
JCT coatingstech

Anonymous, 2004:
JCT research

Anonymous, 1976:
JCT: Journal of coatings technology

Hu-Zeng-Yao; Yang-Sheng; Zhou-Wen-Xia; Zhang-Yong-Xiang; Shang-Wei-Wei; Qiao-Shan-Yi, 2007:
JD-30, an active constituent extracted from Danggui Shaoyao San, ameliorates amyloid beta-protein fragment 25-35 induced inhibition of long-term potentiation of CA1 area in rat hippocampal slices

Chambers, T.J.; Droll, D.A.; Jiang, X.; Wold, W.S.M.; Nickells, J.A., 2007:
JE Nakayama/JE SA14-14-2 virus structural region intertypic viruses: biological properties in the mouse model of neuroinvasive disease

Willmot, Rf, 1984:
JEFFCO Interagency Aviation and Fire Service Center

Nielsen, Bs, 1978:
JF mower

Ikeda, Yonosuke, 1979:
JFCC catalogue of cultures

Anonymous, 1978:
JGR. Journal of geophysical research

Leary, Rh, 1987:
JIAM 87 survey 1: sewing machines

Anonymous, 1983:
JICAs technical cooperation project. Agricultural research cooperation project in Brazil

Anonymous, 1983:
JICAs technical cooperation projects. 1. Irrigation and agricultural development project in Thailand

Anonymous, 1992:
JICST shiryo shozo mokuroku

Anonymous, 1974:
JIPA, Journal of the Indian Potato Association

Anonymous, 1994:
JIRCAS international symposium series

Anonymous, 1994:
JIRCAS journal for scientific papers

Anonymous, 2001:
JIRCAS research highlights

Anonymous, 1996:
JIRCAS working report

Nataraajan, R.S.rsland, D., 1993:
JIT in the baking sector: implications for baking firms, suppliers and carriers

Kork, John, O., 1986:
JKDIGIT, a program to control a digitizing board for geologists, written in BASIC for an IBM Personal Computer

de Jong, J.; Stoop, H.; Gillis, A.J.M.; van Gurp, R.J.H.L.M.; van Drunen, E.; Beverloo, H.Berna.; Lau, Y-Fai.Chris.; Schneider, D.T.; Sherlock, J.K.; Baeten, J.; Hatakeyama, S.; Ohyama, C.; Oosterhuis, J.Wolter.; Looijenga, L.H.J., 2007:
JKT-1 is not a human seminoma cell line

Verrill, S.P.K.etschmann, D.-E.H.rian, V., L., 2006:
JMFA 2--a graphically interactive Java program that fits microfibril angle x-ray diffraction data

Chang, B.; Chen, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Bruick, R.K. , 2007:
JMJD6 is a histone arginine demethylase

Anonymous, 2005:
JN--Accepting the Best

Anonymous, 2007:
JNK inhibitory kinase is up-regulated in retinal ganglion cells after axotomy and enhances BimEL expression level in neuronal cells (vol 95, pg 526, 2005)

Altiok, N.; Koyuturk, M.; Altiok, S., 2006:
JNK pathway regulates estradiol-induced apoptosis in hormone-dependent human breast cancer cells

Noselli, S., 1998:
JNK signaling and morphogenesis in Drosophila

Erol, A., 2006:
JNK/FOXO may be key mechanistic pathway for the hormetic anti-aging

Song, Z.; Tong, C.; Liang, J.; Dockendorff, A.; Huang, C.; Augenlicht, L.H.; Yang, W., 2007:
JNK1 is required for sulindac-mediated inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis in vitro and in vivo

Zhang, D.; Li, J.; Wu, K.; Ouyang, W.; Ding, J.; Liu, Z-gang.; Costa, M.; Huang, C., 2006:
JNK1, but not JNK2, is required for COX-2 induction by nickel compounds

Yu, J.; Novgorodov, S.A.; Chudakova, D.; Zhu, H.; Bielawska, A.; Bielawski, J.; Obeid, L.M.; Kindy, M.S.; Gudz, T.I., 2007:
JNK3 signaling pathway activates ceramide synthase leading to mitochondrial dysfunction

Anonymous, 1969:
JOLA technical communications

Fechter, L.D.; Gearhart, C.; Fulton, S.; Campbell, J.; Fisher, J.; Na, K.; Cocker, D.; Nelson-Miller, A.; Moon, P.; Pouyatos, B., 2007:
JP-8 jet fuel can promote auditory impairment resulting from subsequent noise exposure in rats

Pennebaker, W.-B.M.tchell, J., L., 1992:
JPEG still image data compression standard

Anonymous, 1977:
JPEN, Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition

Kahle, A.-B.S.hieldge, J.; Paley, H., N., 1977:
JPL field measurements at the Finney County, Kansas, test site, October 1976

Anonymous, 1987:
JPRS report

Bartoaes, Miloaes, 1964:
JRD and SM operators manual

Kiziltepe, T.; Hideshima, T.; Ishitsuka, K.; Ocio, E.M.; Raje, N.; Catley, L.; Li, C-Qi.; Trudel, L.J.; Yasui, H.; Vallet, S.; Kutok, J.L.; Chauhan, D.; Mitsiades, C.S.; Saavedra, J.E.; Wogan, G.N.; Keefer, L.K.; Shami, P.J.; Anderson, K.C., 2007:
JS-K, a GST-activated nitric oxide generator, induces DNA double-strand breaks, activates DNA damage response pathways, and induces apoptosis in vitro and in vivo in human multiple myeloma cells

Anonymous, 1992:
JSA report to UNCED

Anonymous, 1989:
JSAM abstracts

Hayashi, T., 2010:
JSCTR-CTR Commentary

Shults, G., 1998:
JSDORF approvals

Anonymous, 1993:
JSME international journal

Lenz, Robert, W., 1995:
JTEC monograph on biodegradable polymers and plastics in Japan

Carbonell, Jaime, G., 1992:
JTEC panel on machine translation in Japan

Oxender, Dale, L., 1986:
JTECH panel report on biotechnology in Japan

Anonymous, 1995:
JTI 50 ar

Anonymous, 1995:
JTN monthly

Anonymous, 2001:
JTN monthly, Asian textile business

Brady, E.-M.B.lfe, K., 1987:
JTPA operations at the local level

Shien, T., 1981:
JTS sales hurt by tax hike; leaf poor, imports from North America up

Hassett, D.-J.H.ebink, L., V., 2001:
JV task 13

Sands, Jd, 1997:
JVP scores big with Japanese Wagyu: offers premium guarantee to qualified cattlepeople

Bettegowda, A.; Yao, J.; Sen, A.; Li, Q.; Lee, K-Bon.; Kobayashi, Y.; Patel, O.V.; Coussens, P.M.; Ireland, J.J.; Smith, G.W., 2007:
JY-1, an oocyte-specific gene, regulates granulosa cell function and early embryonic development in cattle

Hill, S.H.ll, J., 1979:
JZs BZs Honey Company, South Dakota. II

Hill, S.H.ll, J., 1979:
JZs, BZs Honey Company--east Texas operation

Baaena, Josef, 1953:
JZD Vaiteeznay aunor

Chalupnay, Vladimair, 1961:
JZD soil resource and its usage

Neecesanay, Vladimair, 1958:
Jaadro buku

Romboli, B., 1986:
Jaagsiekte in sheep in Italy

Anonymous, 1989:
Jaagsiekte, a contagious pulmonary disease in sheep

Sharma, D.; Rajya, B., 1974:
Jaagziekte & maedi of sheep & goats transmitted in laboratory animals

Dwivedi, J.N., 1982:
Jaagziekte and Maedi in sheep and goats with special reference to their epidemiology, etiopathogenecity, diagnosis and control

Anonymous, 1974:
Jaakko 70 grain elevator; year of manufacture 1973

Anonymous, 1989:
Jaarstatistiek van de buitenlandse handel

Anonymous, 1996:
Jaarstatistiek van de internationale handel

Anonymous, 1982:
Jaarverslag van die Oliesaderaad vir die jaar

Neale, M., 1976:
Jab in the arm for beef profits

Huang, J.; Yuan, H.; Lu, C.; Liu, X.; Cao, X.; Wan, M., 2007:
Jab1 mediates protein degradation of the Rad9-Rad1-Hus1 checkpoint complex

Vejrychovaa-Solarovaa, Boezena, 1949:

Shellard, E.J., 1979:
Jaborandi: a note on the contribution of E. M. Holmes to the identification of commercially available Pilocarpus and species

Menzel, C., 1990:
Jaboticaba: rare fruit, bright future

Botkin, D.-B.W.odby, D.-A.B.rgengren, J., C., 1989:
Jabowa ii

Tadic, Milorad, 1950:
Jabucni smotavac (Carpocapsa pomonella L.)

Mulinari, F.; Stanisçuaski, F.; Bertholdo-Vargas, L.R.; Postal, M.; Oliveira-Neto, O.B.; Rigden, D.J.; Grossi-de-Sá, M.F.; Carlini, C.R., 2007 :
Jaburetox-2Ec: an insecticidal peptide derived from an isoform of urease from the plant Canavalia ensiformis

Anonymous, 1992:
Jac. Th. de Vroomen B.V

Voisine, C.C.eng, Y.; Ohlson, M.S.hilke, B.H.ff, K.B.inert, H.M.rszalek, J.C.aig, E., 2001:
Jac1, a mitochondrial J-type chaperone, is involved in the biogenesis of Fe

Thakur, S.S., 2006:
Jacaranda - an excellent source of nectar for African honey bees in Ethiopia

Sappington, N., 1997:
Jacaranda mimosifolia--green ebony

Loizzo, M.Rosa.; Tundis, R.; Statti, G.Antonio.; Menichini, F., 2007:
Jacaranone: a cytotoxic constituent from Senecio ambiguus subsp. ambiguus (biv.) DC. against renal adenocarcinoma ACHN and prostate carcinoma LNCaP cells

Mitich, Lw, 1993:
Jack Catlin--hybridizer, premier collector and grower

Musgrave, W.; Pyatt, G.; Watson, A., 2006:
Jack Duloy, 1932-2005

Hetherington, E., 1994:
Jack Fowlie, M.D.--a tribute 1929-1993

Thompson, P.; Mckenzie, H.1; Vickery, J.1; Christian, J.1; Edwards, R.1; Maier, V.1; Korallis, B1; Cope, H1; Hawthorn, J1; Hulse, J., 1982:
Jack Frederick Kefford Food scientists, Australia, history, biography

Anonymous, 1999:
Jack Frosts nip can be serious

Katzenellenbogen, Benita, S., 2006:
Jack Gorski (1931-2006) - In memoriam

Norman, La, 1992:
Jack Grays motorized roll-out

Hanna, J.; Mundis, H., 1996:
Jack Hannas ultimate guide to pets

Skerman, Pj, 1980:
Jack Keith Murray, 1889-1980

Anonymous, 1997:
Jack Kent Cooke Stadium blends boxes & buffets

Anonymous, 1990:
Jack L. Beal: 1989 distinguished economic botanist

Bomback, A.S.; Klemmer, P.J.; London, J., 2007:
Jack London's "mysterious malady"

Cumo, Christopher, 2006:
Jack Louis Gottschang (1923-2005)

Thampi, Cj, 1970:
Jack Method--an effective stream bank erosion control measure

Davis, K., L.; Charney, D., S., 2007:
Jack Peter Green, 1925-2007 - Obituary

Carter, Kk, 1985:
Jack Pine provenance tests in Maine

Anonymous, 1977:
Jack R Harlan: International Service in Agronomy Award

Rudkin, Gt, 1971:
Jack Schultz, 7 May 1904--29 April 1971

Hausman, Patricia, 1981:
Jack Sprats legacy, the science and politics of fat and cholesterol

Johnston, Judy, 1992:
Jack Sprats table

Ubaldi, J.; Crossman, E., 1987:
Jack Ubaldis meat book

Anonymous, 1979:
Jack V. Baird

Thomas, J.-Ward; Steen, H., K., 2004:
Jack Ward Thomas

Bierzychudek, P., 1982:
Jack and Jill in the pulpit

Bronster, Barbara, 1970:
Jack and the Four H clover

Hoover, W.; Melton,. Jr.;, 1981:
Jack bean meal as source of urease in determination of urea

Blakeley, R.L.; Webb, E.C.; Zerner, B., 1969:
Jack bean urease (EC A new purification and reliable rate assay

Blakeley, R.L.; Hinds, J.A.; Kunze, H.E.; Webb, E.C.; Zerner, B., 1969:
Jack bean urease (EC Demonstration of a carbamoyl-transfer reaction and inhibition by hydroxamic acids

Krajewska, B.; Zaborska, Wława., 2007:
Jack bean urease: the effect of active-site binding inhibitors on the reactivity of enzyme thiol groups

Inayat, S.R.zvi, A.B.loch, A., 1983:
Jack fruit--cultivate yourself

Chesick, E.; Bergmann, B., 1991:
Jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.)

Carroll, S.; Bliss, L., 1982:
Jack pine - lichen woodland on sandy soils in northern Saskatchewan and northeastern Alberta Pinus banksiana, Cladonia, Cladina, Canada

Dixon, Jc, 1985:
Jack pine budworm surveys

Klein, Ji, 1976:
Jack pine family tests and provenance experiments with conifer species in the Prairie Provinces, 1973-75

Yeatman, Cw, 1976:
Jack pine genetics, Petawawa Forest Experiment Station, 1974-75

Skilling, Dd, 1975:
Jack pine rusts, Cronartium sp., Peridermium sp

Carpenter, Eugene, M., 1973:
Jack pine, an American wood

Ashton, J.; Dailey, D.; Bradley, M.; Ashton, J., 1987:
Jack stock and mules in Missouri

Rosenthal, F.; Espindola, L.O.iveira, M.-De, 1970:
Jack-bean starch. 1. properties of the granules and of the pastes

Rogers, Rj, 1985:
Jack-in-the-box planting

Hillstrom, J., 1986:

Webb, F.; Bean, J., 1973:
Jack-pine budworm on grayleaf pine, Choristoneura pinus Freeman

Bingham, J.; Foggin, C.M., 1993:
Jackal rabies in Zimbabwe

Meshkov, S., 1980:
Jackal, final host of swine sarc

Meshkov, S., 1978:
Jackal, the final host of Sarcoc

Herre, W., 1971:
Jackals, Poodle, and puschas

Dwenger, Rolf, 1989:

Chatham, Ak, 1985:
Jacket and swivel tethering systems

Samaddar, Hn, 1985:

Acedo, A.L., 1992:
Jackfruit biology, production, use, and Philippine research

Wasielewski, J.C.mpbell, R., 2000:
Jackfruit breeding at Fairchild tropical garden, Miami, FL, USA

Pena, J.; Mannion, C.; Ulmer, B.; Halbert, S., 2006:
Jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophylus, is not a host of Diaphorina citri (Homoptera: Psyllidae) in Florida

Sorensen, Jacki, 1972:
Jackis aerobic dancing

French, Jackie, 1991:
Jackie Frenchs guide to companion planting in Australia and New Zealand

Hostage, Jacqueline, E., 1981:
Jackies Indoor outdoor gardening charts

Susemihl, Enrique-Alfonso, 1972:
Jacknifing of tractor-semitrailer trucks

Roth, G.A.; Whitford, W.G.; Steinberger, Y., 2007:
Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) herbivory changes dominance in desertified Chihuahuan - Desert ecosystems

Boyd, Rs, 1983:
Jackrabbit herbivory and cresote bush (Larrea) reproduction

Anonymous, 1989:
Jacks Creek wilderness

Welsh, Peter, C., 1995:
Jacks, jobbers and kings

Dunn, T.; Studebaker, R., 2003:
Jackson & Perkins beautiful roses made easy

Scanniello, Stephen, 2004:
Jackson & Perkins rose companions

Dunn, T.; Studebaker, R., 2003:
Jackson & Perkins selecting, growing and combining outstanding perennials

Anonymous, 1982:
Jackson County

Fulgham, R.-E.V.nderford, H., B., 1961:
Jackson County soils

Hubbell, Mr, 1972:
Jackson County weed control supervisor

Anonymous, 1980:
Jackson County, Florida

Anonymous, 1980:
Jackson County, Illinois

Anonymous, 1993:
Jackson County, Indiana

Follett, C.R.C.mley, J.C., 1943:
Jackson County, Texas

Jenkins, D.; Kennedy, A., 1987:
Jackson Square: looking through the publics eye

Anonymous, 1979:
Jackson and Klamath Sustained Yield Units ten-year timber management plan final environmental statement

Anonymous, 1970:
Jackson and Klamath sustained yield units ten-year timber management plan, draft environmental statement

Wills, Wj, 1981:
Jackson county grain marketing study

Mccloskey, E.; Coppedge, R., 1975:
Jackson county, Florida: Information for rural development; population, housing, economy, labor force, public sector

Anonymous, 1947:
Jackson parish resource and facilities

Jackson, T.-Chalice; Aggs, W.H., 1949:
Jacksons Agricultural holdings

Trowell, C.; Izlar, R., 1984:
Jacksons Folloy: The Suwanee Canal Company in the Okefenokee Swamp

Anonymous, 1940:
Jacksons Mill, farm electrification building

Burnette, L., 1993:
Jackson, Mississippi: nationally-known designer Matt Wood talks about permanent botanicals

Motz, L.-H.S.razimiri, D., L., 1997:
Jacksonville Beach subregional flow and transport model

Anonymous, 1992:
Jacksonville Urban Pond Project (project title)

Anonymous, 1995:
Jacksonville Urban Pond Project completion report, 1992-95

Stephens, J.; Delvalle, T.; Daniels, B.O.hler, M., 1996:
Jacksonvilles urban gardening program: 1977-1996

Foster, S., 2004:
Jacob Bigelows American Medical Botany: digital reissue illuminates access to rare work

Bowers, Je, 1983:
Jacob Corwin Blumer, Arizona botanist 1872-1947, botanical career from 1906 to 1917, collection of specimens

Anonymous, 1989:
Jacob Levitt: vitae

Anonymous, 1977:
Jacob Richard Schramm

Canright, Je, 1977:
Jacob Richard Schramm (1885-1976)--I remember him well

Anonymous, 2000:
Jacob Sheep Conservancy flock book

Painter, I., 1983:
Jacob sheep Characteristics of the breed

Ashton, P.D.vies, A.; Slive, S., 1982:
Jacob van Ruisdaels trees

Moore, P., 1976:
Jacobs choice on a firm footing: a sheep success story

Fernandez, E., 1996:
Jacobo Cardenas--1940-1996

Anonymous, 1995:

Anonymous, 1994:
Jacobs Creek Job Corps Center

Carr, M.J.rvis, H.J.rvis, G., 1986:
Jacquard pattern reconstructions with computer spreadsheets

Robertson, Kr, 1974:
Jacquemontia ovalifolia (Convolvulaceae) in Africa, North America, and the Hawaiian Islands

Cartier, Jacques, 1953:
Jacques Cartier et La grosse maladie. Reproduction photographique de son Brief recit et succincte narration

Anonymous, 1994:
Jacques Miege (1914-1993)

Paepin, Jacques, 1994:
Jacques Paepins simple and healthy cooking

Pomerleau, R., 1971:
Jacques Rousseau, 1905--1970

Love, A., 1971:
Jacques Rousseau--in memoriam

Anonymous, 2007:
Jacques Vidal - 06.12.1926-22.09.2006

Moran, M.E.; de Vaucanson, J., 2007:
Jacques de Vaucanson: the father of simulation

Lelievre, J.F., 2001:
Jacques-Felix Lelievres New Louisiana gardener

Silva, M.; Graham, A., 1980:
Jacqueshuberia Ducke (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae), an exclusively neotropical genus

Dressler, R.; Williams, N., 1975:
Jacquin names again

D'-Arcy, Wg, 1970:
Jacquin names; some notes on their typification

Dewolf, G., 1976:
Jade makes a great houseplant

Dreyzin, Ws, 1975:
Jade parade

Legg, D.; Cook, J., 1991:
Jade plants

Sharma, R.; Mathur, J., 1983:
Jadia, a promising cultivar of mothbean Phaseolus aconitifolius, India

Neupane, Phanindraprasada, 2000:
Jadibutidvara kira niyantrana

Anonymous, 1969:
Jadwiga Zimecka (obituary)

Allen, B.; Crosby, M.; Magill, R., 1986:
Jaegerina retrosquarrosa species nova (Pterobryaceae: Musci), with comments on the species of Jaegerina from Mauritius

Martinez-Martin, Manuel, 1995:
Jaen Province, Spain, a model of agrarian growth and land reform (1752-1875)

Fang, K'-Un, 1958:
Jaen shaen chi chi shang pin hseueh

Khare, Kb, 1977:
Jafneadelphus calosporus from India

Hori, Masaakira, 1964:
Jagatara-imo ekibyo no densen kan ni kansuru kenkyu

Vogel, C.-Adolf; Kalmar, J., 1974:
Jagdschatze im Schloss Fuschl

Forster, Paul, I., 2006:
Jagera madida P.I.Forst. (Sapindaceae), a new name and change of rank for J javanica subsp australiana Leenh

Leong, K.G.; Niessen, K.; Kulic, I.; Raouf, A.; Eaves, C.; Pollet, I.; Karsan, A., 2007:
Jagged1-mediated Notch activation induces epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition through Slug-induced repression of E-cadherin

Sears, R.; Martin, T.; Shroyer, J., 1995:
Jagger wheat

Popov, Gb, 1980:
Jagoa, a new genus for Amphiprosopia gwynni Uvarov 1941 (Eyprepocnemidinae), and a new species Spathosternum beninense (Hemiacridinae)

Laursen, Karsten, 1985:
Jagt pea vandfugle i Vadehavet samt det superscript 2vrige Sydjylland

Hjorth, C.; Meltofte, H., 2006:
Jagten og ornitologerne: fra dokumentation til lovaendringer

Rabinowitz, Ar, 1986:
Jaguar predation on domestic livestock in Belize

Subandi; Ismail, I.-G.H.rmanto, 1998:

Anonymous, 1979:
Jahmar Kotra phosphate rock: consumers experiences during the first decade

Raja, H.A.; Shearer, C.A., 2006:
Jahnula species from North and Central America, including three new species

Hoering, U.; Feldbrugge, T., 2000:
Jahrbuch Welternahrung

Anonymous, 1981:
Jahrbuch der Internationalen Gartenbaustatistik

Anonymous, 1968:
Jahrbuch der naturwissen schaftlichen abbeilungen am steiermarkisch en landesmuseum joanneun in graz

Anonymous, 1974:
Jahresbericht des Zurcher Landwirtschaftlicher Kantonalvereins und des Zurcher Bauernsekretariates

Rose, Hermann, 1961:
Jahresbericht 1959

Anonymous, 1991:
Jahresbericht der Hessischen Landesforstverwaltung

Rexer, H., 2007:
Jahresbericht zur studie AB 25/02 -LEA

Anonymous, 1995:

Fickel, Siegfried, 1961:
Jahreseubersicht 1959

Heisinger, Bruno, 1961:
Jahreseubersicht 1960

Anonymous, 1998:
Jahrtausendwende und Tiergesundheit

Cuaen-Ojeda, Haector, M., 2004:

Deb, D.; Rout, R., 1991:
Jainia, a new synonym of Coptophyllum (Rubiaceae)

Teltscherova, Lola, 1954:
Jak Clovek pretvari hospodarske plodiny

Forchtsam, Vlastimil, 1960:
Jak dobere hospodaerit od jara do zimy

Madalski, Jozef, 1955:
Jak nalezy zbierac i konserwowac rosliny do celow naukowych

Pieni*-Eth-*aazek, Szczepan-Antoni, 1956:
Jak podnieasac wydajnoasac naszych sadaow

Grochowski, W.+or-Aw; Su+or-Kowski, M.+or-Aw, 1951:
Jak pozyskiwaac kore garbarska

Soczek, Zygmunt, 1959:
Jak regulowaac owocowanie jab+or-oni

Trojanovaa, Jierina, 1953:
Jak rozvaijai svae hospodaaerstvai JZD Bednaareecek

Kubas, Stanislaw, 1953:
Jak uprawiaac buraki cukrowe

Goasiorowski, St, 1961:
Jak uprawiaac sadzeniaki dla przemys+or-u

Goasiorowski, St, 1956:
Jak uprawiaac ziemniaki dla przemys+or-u

Anonymous, 1956:
Jak uzyskaac wysokie plony buraka cukrowego

Brzaosko, Stanis+or-Aw, 1950:
Jak za+or-oczyac i prowadziac pasieke

Smetaaecka, Jana, 1954:
Jak zaklaadat a oeseterovat ovocnee sady

Misiura, H.; Prandota, W., 1953:
Jak zastosowac metodoe Kowalowa w rolnictwie

Batalin, Micha+or, 1955:
Jak zwioekszyac plony na glebach lekkich

Sluga, T., 1978:
Jaka, a new Slovenian potato variety

Rubaik, Imrich, 1962:
Jakaa bude naese vesnice?

Anonymous, 1981:
Jakarta kita

Poinar, G.Jr, 2003:
Jake Brodzinsky (1918-2003); Dominican amber dealer

Sharma, D.; Rajya, B., 1974:
Jakiekte & Maedi of sheep & goats transmitted in laboratory animals

Anonymous, 1997:
Jakmul boho yongu nonmumjip

Wahlen, H., 1980:
Jakob Bosshart.

Lange, M., 1969:
Jakob E. lange and the creation of Flora Agaricina Danica

Moe, D., 1975:
Jakob Naustdal

Dorszewski, P.; Grabowicz, M.; Mikolajczak, J.; Szterk, P.; Kostrzewska, M., 2006:
Jakosc I wartosc pokarmowa kiszonek z sorgo

Lipiec, A.; Matras, J.; Ciowch, A., 2006:
Jakosc bialka w ekstrudatach zbozowych w zaleznosci od termiczno-wielgotnosciowych warunkow procesu

Korczyk, Adolf, F., 2002:
Jakosc hodowlana drzewostanow sosnowych oraz wartos

Swiatkiewicz, M.; Hanczakowska, E., 2006:
Jakosc miesa i tuszy swin zywionych kiszonym ziarnem kukurydzy

Estampach, Svatopluk, 1957:
Jakost zeleniny

Kanjilala, Tushara, 1993:
Jala jangalera katha

Vijayavargiya, Brjesa, 1999:
Jala nidhi

Williams, Lo, 1970:
Jalap or Veracruz jalap and its allies

Hochmuth, R.-C.B.eman, J.-William; Thomas, W., D., 1992:
Jalapeno pepper cultivar evaluation spring, 1992, Live Oak, Florida

Hochmuth, Robert, C., 1993:
Jalapeno pepper cultivar evaluation spring, 1993, Live Oak, Florida

Hochmuth, R.-C.H.chmuth, G., J., 1992:
Jalapeno pepper cultivar trial fall 1991

Hochmuth, G.-J.H.chmuth, R., C., 1994:
Jalapeno pepper response to N and K fertilization

Anderberg, A.; Freire, S., 1990:
Jalcophila boliviensis, a new species of South American Asteraceae (Gnaphalieae)

Dillon, M.; Sagastegui-Alva, A., 1986:
Jalcophila, a new genus of Andean inuleae (Asteraceae)

Anonymous, 1995:
Jalisco agricultural data by ejido community

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Jam manufacturing industry, 1974

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Jamaica Bay and Kennedy Airport

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Jamaica Bay studies. III. Abiotic determinants of distribution and abundance of gulls (Larus)

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Jamaica breeds fine livestock

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Jamaica technical manual

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Jamaican herbs

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Jamaican raw sugar quality and the new Amstar and Savannah quality criteria

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Jamaican school feeding program

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Jamaican small farming systems, agroforestry practices, and stock-type trials of caco (Theobroma cacao L.)

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Jamaican underdevelopment: the view from there

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Jamaican working-class women: producers and reproducers

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Jamaican youth risk and resiliency behaviour survey 2005: school-based survey on risk and resiliency behaviours of 10-15 year olds

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Jamaicolides A-D, four sesquiterpene lactones from Calea jamaicensis

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Jamba 69 also 1973 are kindly received

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James Beards theory and practice of good cooking

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James Duke named 2000 distinguished economic botanist

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James E. Knott

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James Ellison Humphrey

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James F. Shepard and Roger E. Totten

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James Fergus

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James Ferris Chaplin

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James Finlay Weir Johnston, 1796-1855, the first university advisory chemist Fertilizers, soil chemistry and geology, United Kingdom

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James G. Watt nomination

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James Pass Arboretum tree trail

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James Peak Wilderness and Protection Area Act

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James R. Watson

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James R. Wilcox

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James Tertius Jardine

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Jamesoniella and related plants

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Jamesoniella of Mt. Kinabalu (N. Borneo)

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Jamestown Canyon virus detection in human tissue specimens

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Jamforelse av tva metoder att mata borrkarnor

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Jamforelse mellan bjork av finskt och svenskt ursprung i ett forsok i sodra Sverige

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Jamica agricultural situation and prospects

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Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center service area

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Jamie Smith, 1944-2005 - Obituary

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Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center

Anonymous, 2000:
Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center, Stoneville, Mississippi

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Jammed traffic impedes parasite growth

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Jammin juice

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Jamming insect communication systems

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Jammu & Kashmirs silk development policy needs to be revitalised

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Jammu attains self sufficiency in silkworm seed

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Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh, zoological studies

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Jamon ganshitsu dojo no kagaku teki tokusei to nosakubutsu no seiri shogai no kansuru kenkyu

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Jamrosa a new geraniol rich Cymbopogon

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Jams and jellies with liquid artificial sweetener

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Jams and jellies without added sugar

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Jams, jellies and other preserves

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Jams, jellies and pickles

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Jams, jellies and preserves

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Jan Amos Komensky and grape growing

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Jan Amos Komensky was a beekeeper

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Jan Bechyne, an entomologist with a world reputation

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Jan De Veer

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Jan Dokladal 80 years old

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Jan Dzierezoan, pszezelarz o aswiatowej s+or-awie

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Jan Evangelista Purkynee, badatel, naarodnai buditel

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Jan Horel 70 years old

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Jan Hovorka is 60 years old

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Jan Johannes Barkman (1922-1990)

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Jan Kornas

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Jan Krikken - de keverdraad weer opgepakt

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Jan Lyczei and his instructions for efficient management

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Jan Ostrorog, the first kynodermatologist in Poland

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Jan Pieter van Lith, 1912-19

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Jan Radomski (18.VI.1898 27.IX.1977)

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Jan Rosocha 50 years old

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Jan Rozsypal--75 years old

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Jan Sharps trick training your horse to success

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Jan Swammerdam (12 Februari 1637-17 Februari 1680) zijn leven en zijn werken

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Jan Swammerdam, M.D. (1637--1680) and his studies on the anatomy of the honeybee

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Jan Tur (1875-1942), the first Polish teratologist

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Jan Waclaw Stach, 1877-1975

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Jan-Ostrorog, the first Polish expert on rabies

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Jananese liberalization of orange juice market creates new opportunities

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Janasankhya visphota aura paryavarana

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Jancis Robinsons guide to wine grapes

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Jane Brody on nutrition

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Jane Brodys good food gourmet

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Jane Goodall

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Jane Grigsons Fruit book

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Jane Loudon: first lady of gardening

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Jane Pepper

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Jane de Peyster Webster--benefactress of horticulture

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Janes major companies of Europe

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Janet Caprile Contra Costa County

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Janetia mangiferae n.sp., and the Johncouchia n.gen. anamorph of Septobasidium pilosum from Brasil

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Janey Junkfoods fresh adventure

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Jangal ke basi

Anonymous, 1999:

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Jania rubens (L.) Lamour. (Rhodophyta, Cryptonemiales) in Norway

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Janice Carson Beatley (1919-1987): taxonomist and ecologist

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Janice VanCleaves food and nutrition for every kid

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Janice VanCleaves plants

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Janieae and Lithotricheae: two new tribes of articulated Corallinaceae (Rhodophyta)

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Janina Wengris (1907-1978).

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Janka hardness using nonstandard specimens

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Janless motoring: coping with cash or crash crises on the road

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Jannaschia donghaensis sp. nov., isolated from seawater of the East Sea, Korea

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Janos Di Gleria (1899-1976)

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Janos Koves, 1882-1977

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Janos Mocsy, 1895-1976

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Janssensellus , a new genus of Onitini (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

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Janta Party

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Janua (Dexiospira) brasilliensis (Grube) (Polychaeta: Spirorbidae)

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January 1, 1975: The total reform of the food law moves with energy

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January 1949 Economic report of the President. Hearings Eighty-first Congress, first session, pursuant to sec. 5(A) of Public law 304, 79th Congress

Anonymous, 1950:
January 1950 Economic report of the President

Anonymous, 1954:
January 1954 economic report of the President. Hearings Eighty-third Congress, second session, pursuant to sec. 5(a) of Public law 304 (79th Congress) February 1 - 18, 1954

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January 1955 Economic Report of the President

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January 1977 cold damage to loblolly seedlings at New Kent nursery

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January 1980 supporting research task managers report

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January 1981 visit in the USSR

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January audit-survey 1940

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January cuttings

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January in the North

Russ, Rv, 1999:
January in the South

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January initiation of suburban great horned owl nests in Manitoba

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January sugar beet deliveries

James, R., 2001:
January--in the South

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January: think spring

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Janus kinase 3 regulates interleukin 2-induced mucosal wound repair through tyrosine phosphorylation of villin

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Janus compresus, a pest of young apical shoots

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Janus faces day care: perspectives on quality and cost

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Janus kinase 3-deficient T lymphocytes have an intrinsic defect in CCR7-mediated homing to peripheral lymphoid organs

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Janus-faced ornamentals

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Janzens dandelions: a criticism

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Janzenella, an enigmatic new genus of scelionid wasp from Costa Rica (Hymenoptera : Platygastroidea, Scelionidae)

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Jaozef Paczoski on the hundreth anniversary of his birth

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Jap and Czechoslovak hops

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Japan - Like a National Park

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Japan 1994

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Japan 21st

Anonymous, 1975:
Japan American agricultures most consistent market

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Japan Grain legumes, supply and consumption, production, statistics

Anonymous, 1996:
Japan Prize 1993

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Japan Rice production, storage, government and commercial warehouses, price support

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Japan Weeds, geographic distribution

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Japan agrees to increased beef, citrus quotas

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Japan agricultural machinery and land internal combustion engines

Anonymous, 1980:
Japan agricultural water supply

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Japan agriculture; its present state and farmers consciousness

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Japan agrinfo newsletter

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Japan almanac

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Japan and America must work together!

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Japan and China--How big a market?

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Japan and East China Seas study

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Japan and agro-food and agro-industrial development

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Japan and pollution

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Japan and the Asian Pacific region

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Japan and the Pacific Region

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Japan and the U.S.: trading shots over beef and oranges

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Japan and the new ocean regime

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Japan and the world cotton goods trade

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Japan and the world economy

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Japan as a citrus producer and exporter

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Japan as a market for citrus

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Japan as a scientific and technological superpower

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Japan as an economic power and its implications for Southeast Asia

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Japan assessment of pitavastatin and atorvastatin in acute coronary syndrome (JAPAN-ACS) - Rationale and design (vol 70, pg 1624, 2006)

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Japan attempting to solve problem of too much rice

Mcneill, Jn, 1989:
Japan beckons exporters: watch these trends, follow these tips

Anonymous, 1984:
Japan bioindustry letters

Anonymous, 1990:
Japan biotech 1990-1991

Johnstone, B., 1984:
Japan blocks patent for hybrid seed

Anonymous, 1976:
Japan boosts tobacco output, imports

Anonymous, 1987:
Japan business atlas

Anonymous, 1965:
Japan buys American in all fifty states

Jenni, Jk, 1996:
Japan buys into organics

Pike, Ce, 1970:
Japan continues to seek new sources of farm product imports

Sawyers, S., 1969:
Japan could buy 80 million bushels this year

Greenschields, Bl, 1973:
Japan develops new protein sources for feed rations

Anonymous, 1984:
Japan directory of professional associations, 1984-1987

Anonymous, 1985:
Japan economic almanac

Blabey, R.R.sendahl, D., 1984:
Japan expands market for U.S. agricultural products

Miyazaki, M., 1972:
Japan experiments with cooperative foreign trade

Anonymous, 1995:
Japan external trade organization: how its U.S. offices can help you

Anonymous, 1968:
Japan fact sheet

Anonymous, 1941:
Japan forges ahead, 1940-1941

Oshima, Masanori, 1940:
Japan from within

Huber, M., 1989:
Japan gains lead in development assistance

Anonymous, 1975:
Japan gets very tough about pollution

Doi, T.; Ito, S.; Sawada, M., 1995:
Japan governments agricultural price policy and dry farming in Hokkaido

Anonymous, 1995:
Japan has big appetite for U.S. high-value food products

Hemming, T., 1973:
Japan has purchased 10,000 tons of Swedish pork

Jones, C., 1991:
Japan hopes US Summit will patch up trade rift

Anonymous, 1974:
Japan imports less cotton in 1973-74--U.S. share up

Anonymous, 1988:
Japan in the pink over California wines

Posniak, Edward, G., 1964:
Japan in the world economy

Dower, John, W., 1993:
Japan in war and peace

Anonymous, 1977:
Japan increases tobacco output

Anonymous, 1985:
Japan information resources in the United States, 1985

Cook, Ac, 1973:
Japan is growing market for U.S. fruits and vegetables

Somers, J.T.ompson, M., 1992:
Japan is no. 1 and growing market for U.S. horticulture

Greenshields, Bl, 1974:
Japan launches three-pronged agricultural policy program

Iso, Jy, 1977:
Japan looks to the U.S. for more food quality soybeans

Anonymous, 1960:
Japan lumber journal

Anonymous, 1986:
Japan lumber reports

Coyle, Wt, 1978:
Japan market demand and competition for 1977

Groves, G., 1979:
Japan modifies system of controls for chilled beef imports

Anonymous, 1969:
Japan pesticide information

Stevens, J.E., 1994:
Japan picks a winner in the rice genome project

Anonymous, 1988:
Japan pressured to open markets

Nakamura, S.T.kuda, K.O.ato, A., 1990:
Japan prize fragrance competition

Anonymous, 1963:
Japan pulp & paper

Anonymous, 1985:
Japan ranks as the largest market for U.S. farm products

Anonymous, 1969:
Japan rebuilds to compete

Crea, V., 1972:
Japan reduces the culture of rice because of international trade competition

Thomasson, Lf, 1976:
Japan releases white paper on trade

Jones, C., 1990:
Japan reluctant to put rice on trade table

Perg, Cj, 1970:
Japan removes more trade restrictions

Price, W.; Price, W., 1942:
Japan rides the tiger

Anonymous, 1983:
Japan science & technology outlook

Anonymous, 1978:
Japan seen importing more feedgrains and wheat

Borton, Hugh, 1940:
Japan since 1931

Anonymous, 1978:
Japan spells out makeup of beef quotas

Long, Me, 1970:
Japan steps up efforts to control rice surplus

Martinez, D., 1992:
Japan still the top customer for U.S. farm products

Yoshida, K.; Midzuma, Y., 1977:
Japan stock raising and feeds

Barse,. Jr.;, 1971:
Japan struggles with heavy surpluses of rice

Odrich, B., 1986:
Japan survives on specialities

Anonymous, 1954:
Japan textile news

Williams, Dg, 1979:
Japan to boost cotton imports, U.S. may provide one-third

Anonymous, 1977:
Japan to import more soybeans in 1977

Greenshields, Bl, 1975:
Japan to retain top spot as U.S. farm export market

Greenshields, Bl, 1975:
Japan to subsidize feed costs and encourage rice expansion

Anonymous, 1976:
Japan to take 300 Ontario hogs per week

Anonymous, 1976:
Japan to up tobacco area

Shirasaki, Kyaoichi, 1948:
Japan today

Anonymous, 1992:
Japan trade concessions

Anonymous, 1982:
Japan trade directory

Dirks, Hj, 1974:
Japan ups investment overseas to diversify food sources

Bluestein, P., 1991:
Japan warming up to rice imports

Tanaka, Yoshihiro, 1990:
Japan will be ruined unless rice prices increase tenfold

Anonymous, 1990:
Japan yellow pages

Anonymous, 1977:
Japans 1977 soybean imports may rise slightly

Groves, G., 1978:
Japans LIPC stabilizes beef prices, maintains import controls

Anonymous, 2005:
Japans Official Development Assistance

Anonymous, 1981:
Japans Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation

Mccarthy, S., 1992 :
Japans Rice Genome Program

Mears, Lg, 1970:
Japans affluent trading companies move strongly into domestic enterprises

Weaver, Ned-Wayne, 1957:
Japans agricultural imports from the United States; from other countries

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Japans imports of U.S. cotton still high

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Japans pork safeguard

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Japans poultry meat use to slacken, but imports from United States to stay high

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Japans problems in agriculture

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Japans status on importing breeding cattle and semen, present and future

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Japans surplus and U.S. orange juice sales

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Japans surplus of mikan oranges may aid sales of U.S. juice

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Japans sweet tooth helps boost U.S. chocolate exports

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Japans textile labor

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Japans tractor makes its bow

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Japans trade barriers pose problems for U.S. citrus exporters

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Japans tuna fishing industry

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Japans wandering beekeepers

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Japan--a very important U.S. market

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Japan--forests second to none

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Japan-Brazil agricultural development cooperation programs in the Cerrado region of Brazil

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Japan-Russia Workshop Sapporo on Low Temperature Physiology and Breeding of Northern Crops

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Japan-U. s. seminar on the dist

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Japan. 1

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Japan. 2

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Japan: cheese output rising in response to popularity of western foods

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Japanese Chin

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Japanese agricultural high schools

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Japanese agricultural policies

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Japanese agricultural session

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Japanese agricultural standardi

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Japanese agricultural structure

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Japanese agriculture and California opportunities