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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16241

Chapter 16241 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Laboratory diagnosis of avian influenza
, Proceedings Western Poultry Disease Conference: 3rd) 3-4 (1984)

Laboratory diagnosis of bacterial infections
, Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases of the dog and cat Craig E Greene: 128 (1984)

Laboratory diagnosis of bee fetus calcification
, Veterinarstvi 1(9): 406-407 (1981)

Laboratory diagnosis of bovine abortion caused by barious species of bacteria
, Theriogenology 5 (3) 139-149 (1976)

Laboratory diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in Canada for calendar year 2005
, Canadian Veterinary Journal 47(9): 871-873 (2006)

Laboratory diagnosis of bovine viral diarrhea virus infections
, Veterinary Clinics of North America. Food Animal Practice 20(1): 69-83 (2004)

Laboratory diagnosis of bovine virus diseases
, Unknown (1976)

Laboratory diagnosis of chlamydial diseases: Committee on Histopahtologic Diagnostic Procedures
, Proceedings of annual meeting American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians: 8th) 421-436 (1985)

Laboratory diagnosis of chronic weight loss or diarrhea in the horse: recommendations for proper specimen selection and testing
, Equine practice 12(2): 17-23 ( 1990)

Laboratory diagnosis of classical swine fever in Spain
, Hog Cholera: sical Swine Fever and African Swine Fever, 278-282 (1977)

Laboratory diagnosis of coccidiosis of carnivores
, Recueil de medecine veterinaire 151(4): 237-239 (1975)

Laboratory diagnosis of colics
, Praktische Tierarzt: 65111-114 (1984)

Laboratory diagnosis of cryptosporidia invasion in calves
, Veterinarstvi 4(12): 536-538 (1984)

Laboratory diagnosis of dictyocaulosis of cattle
, Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 9(2): 219-222 (1973)

Laboratory diagnosis of diseases of calves caused by adenoviruses
, Veterinariia 5 106-108 (1972)

Laboratory diagnosis of early pregnancy in ewes
, Western veterinarian 11(3): 35-37 (1979)

Laboratory diagnosis of endocrine diseases
, Scientific proceedings of the annual meeting American Animal Hospital Association: 8th) 181-186 (1981)

Laboratory Diagnosis of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in Calves
, Canadian Veterinary Journal 23(10): 307 (1982)

Laboratory diagnosis of enzootic pneumonia of pigs caused by Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma organisms
, Bulletin 2 261-269 (1974)

Laboratory diagnosis of epidemic hepatitis and physiological indices of a healthy rabbit
, Unknown (1965)

Laboratory diagnosis of equine adenoviral infections
, Unknown (1975)

Laboratory diagnosis of equine infectious anemia
, Practicing veterinarian 47(4): 10-11 (1975)

Laboratory diagnosis of equine piroplasmosis
, Proceedings International Conference on Equine Infectious Diseases: ub 1973), 3d 467-475 (1973)

Laboratory diagnosis of filovirus infections in nonhuman primates
, Lab animal 20(7): 34-46 (1991)

Laboratory diagnosis of fish disease
, In practice 16(5): 252-255 (1994)

Laboratory diagnosis of food intolerance
, Food allergy and intolerance edited by Jonathan Brostoff Stephen J Challacombe: 897 (1987)

Laboratory diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, in the 1974-1977 period
, Biologico 45(1-2): 25-42 (1979)

Laboratory diagnosis of fungal and achloric algal infections
, Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases of the dog and cat Craig E Greene: 136 (1984)

Laboratory diagnosis of hog cholera
, Foreign animal disease report United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Veterinary Services Emergency Programs: (15-3) 3-4 (1987)

Laboratory diagnosis of immunologic disorders
, Current veterinary therapy small animal practice(7): 390-403 (1980)

Laboratory diagnosis of immunologic disorders in the dog and cat
, Cornell Veterinarian 68(Suppl. 7): 235-254 (1978)

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious anemia by the application of the in agar gel immunodiffusion test
, Lucrarile Institutului de Cercetari Veterinare si Biopreparate "Pasteur" 3 141-147 (1977)

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious bovine abortion
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 155(12): 1913-1922 (1969)

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious bronchitis in chickens
, Veterinariia 3: 112-115 (1970)

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious nematode grubs in the digestive tract of the horned cattle
, Veterinarstvi 2 (3) 117-120 (1972)

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious pustular dermatitis in sheep
, Veterinariia 5 114-115 (1971)

Laboratory diagnosis of influenza in poultry
, Unknown (1976)

Laboratory diagnosis of kidney diseases in cats, with special regard to para amino hippuric acid clearance
, Kleintier Praxis 21(5): 189-196 (1976)

Laboratory diagnosis of leptospiroses in Portugal
, Anais 6 (1 4) 89-94 (1972)

Laboratory diagnosis of malassimilation
, Veterinary Clinics of North America. Small Animal Practice 19(5): 951-977 (1989)

Laboratory diagnosis of mastitis
, Veterinariia 1979(9): 74-75 (1979)

Laboratory diagnosis of ovine abortion
, Proceedings of annual meeting American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians: 3rd) 183-185 (1980)

Laboratory diagnosis of paravaccinia
, Archives Roumaines de Pathologie Experimentales et de Microbiologie 33(1): 69-78 (1974)

Laboratory diagnosis of patients with exanthematic or febrile syndromes occurring in the Zulia State, Venezuela, during 1998
, Revista Medica de Chile 132(9): 1078-1084 (2004)

Laboratory diagnosis of piglet diseases
, Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 38(19): 746-747 (1983)

Laboratory diagnosis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus infection
, Swine health and production: the official journal of the American Association of Swine Practitioners 4(1): 33-35 (1996)

Laboratory diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in TB and HIV endemic settings and the contribution of real time PCR for M. tuberculosis in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid
, Tropical Medicine and International Health 12(10): 1210-1217 (2007)

Laboratory diagnosis of rabies by the flourescent antibody technique
, Unknown (1969)

Laboratory diagnosis of rabies in Tanzania in 1967-1968
, Veterinarstvi 3 (7) 310-311 (1973)

Laboratory diagnosis of renal disease
, Southwestern veterinarian: er, Ie Spring 27 (2) 147-150 (1974)

Laboratory diagnosis of skin disease
, In practice 13(4): 149-156 (1991 )

Laboratory diagnosis of skin disorders
, Unknown (1971)

Laboratory diagnosis of swine diseases
, Veterinary Clinics of North America. Large Animal Practice 4(2): 201-223 (1982)

Laboratory diagnosis of swine dysentery
, Proceedings of the Second International Symposium of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians June 24-25-26-1980 Lucerne Switzerland: 120 (1980)

Laboratory diagnosis of swine gastric enterocolitis of a viral etiology
, Unknown (1976)

Laboratory diagnosis of swine rotavirus infection
, Biulleten' Vsesoiuznogo instituta eksperimental'noi veterinarii: 6) 30-32 (1982)

Laboratory diagnosis of swine vesicular disease by complement fixation and fluorescent antibody labelling procedures
, Bulletin 83 (1 2) 109-116 (1975)

Laboratory diagnosis of toluene-based inhalants abuse
, Clinical Toxicology 45(5): 557-562 (2007)

Laboratory diagnosis of viral and rickettsial diseases
, Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases of the dog and cat Craig E Greene: 120 (1984)

Laboratory diagnosis of viral pneumoenteritis in calves
, Veterinariia: 90-93 (1978)

Laboratory diagnosis of virus infections
, Tierarztliche Umschau 31(2): 51-55 (1976)

Laboratory diagnosis of virus infections in the feedlot
, Proceedings of the annual convention American Association of Bovine Practitioners: (24) 128-130 (1992)

Laboratory diagnosis of virus infections of freshwater fish with special reference to viral haemorrhagic septicaemia, infectious pancreatic necrosis and spring viraemia of carp. III
, Tierarztliche Umschau 38(3): 197-200 (1983)

Laboratory diagnosis of virus infections of freshwater fish with special reference to viral hemorrhagic septicemia, infectious pancreatic necrosis and spring viremia of carp. II
, Tierarztliche Umschau 38(2): 129-131 (1983)

Laboratory diagnostic assistance for pet and aviary birds Veterinary medicine
, Southwestern veterinarian 5(2): 131-134 (1982)

Laboratory diagnostic methods for virus diseases of the respiratory system
, Turk Hijiyen Ve Tecrubi Biyoloji Dergisi 3(1): 70-80 (1973)

Laboratory diagnostic possibilities in connection with virus infections in dogs
, Unknown (1972)

Laboratory diagnostic procedures for detecting avian leukosis virus infections
, Developments in veterinary virology(4): 213-240 (1987)

Laboratory diagnostics for bovine infectious diseases
, Bulletin de la Societe des sciences veterinaries et de medicine comparee de Lyon 4(3): 173-187 (1982)

Laboratory diagnostics of anaerobic diseases of agricultural animals
, Unknown (1951)

Laboratory diagnostics of clostridial toxi-infections in domestic animals
, Veterinarski Glasnik 0(1): 37-44 (1976)

Laboratory diagnostics of dermatophytoses in dogs and cats
, Veterinarstvi 57(9): 554-557 (2007)

Laboratory diagnostics of fish diseases
, Unknown (1973)

Laboratory diagnostics of foot-and-mouth disease
, Veterinarski Glasnik 4(7): 495-501 (1970)

Laboratory diagnostics of honey bees poisoning with methylparathion and fenitrothion
, Unknown (1971)

Laboratory diagnostics of nephrotuberculosis and preventive measures used by animal breeders
, Unknown (1983)

Laboratory diagnostics of urinary tract diseases in dogs
, Veterinarstvi 1 (4) 182-184 (1971)

Laboratory dielectric cleaner
, Unknown (1989)

Laboratory dielectrical separator
, Tekhnika v sel'skom khoziaistve: (10) 47-49 (1978)

Laboratory directions in general zoeology
, Unknown (1948)

Laboratory distillation of malt whisky
, New scientist 80(1134): 942-944 (1978)

Laboratory earth
, Unknown (1997)

Laboratory eating behavior in obesity
, Appetite 49(2): 399-404 (2007)

Laboratory efficacy of 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) as a lampricide
, U S Fish and Wildlife Service Investigations in Fish Control 63: 3-11 (1975)

Laboratory efficacy study with a warfarin bait to control the black-tailed prairie dog
, Proceedings Vertebrate Pest Conference: 8th) 184-190 (1998)

Laboratory embryology of the chick
, Unknown (1963)

Laboratory endurance test of a sunflower oil blend in a diesel engine Biomass fuel in engine trials
, Vegetable oil fuels: proceedings of the International Conference on Plant and Vegetable Oils as Fuels August 2-4-1982 Holiday Inn Fargo North Dakota: 363 (1982)

Laboratory engineering and manipulations
, Unknown (1979)

Laboratory equipment and method for making nep tests on cotton samples
, Unknown (1954)

Laboratory equipment for lyophilization
, Biokhimicheskie Metody v Fiziologii Rastenii: 21-223 (1971)

Laboratory equipment for outpatient clinical diagnostic laboratories. Deliveries at the expense of Federal budgetary funds
, Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika (12): 25-32 (2006)

Laboratory equipment for pelleting pre-inoculated seed legumes with Rhizobium
, Proceedings of the 8th North American Rhizobium Conference: held Aug 3 to 7-1981 University of Manitoba Winnipeg Canada editors: KW Clark and JHG Stephens: 504 (1981)

Laboratory equipment for the colorimetric determination of milk proteins
, Przeglad mleczarski 27(2): 17-18 (1978)

Laboratory errors of soil analysis
, Journal 4 (1) 39-44 (1974)

Laboratory estimate of wood consumption rates by Reticulitermes sp. (Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae) in Chile
, Sociobiology 9(2): 285-290 (2002)

Laboratory estimates of fish response to a heated discharge into Lake Erie
, Unknown (1973)

Laboratory estimates of fish response to the heated discharge from the Davis-Besse nuclear power station, Lake Erie, Ohio
, Unknown (1973)

Laboratory estimates of fish response to the heated discharge from the Davis-Besse reactor, Lake Erie, Ohio
, Unknown (1975)

Laboratory estimates of fish response to the heated discharge from the Davis-Besse reactor, Lake Erie, Ohio-1976
, Unknown (1976)

Laboratory estimates of the seasonal final temperature preferenda of some Lake Erie fish
, Proceedings Conf Gt Lakes Res 171: 59-67 (1974)

Laboratory estimation of degree-day developmental requirements of Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae)
, Journal of vector ecology: journal of the Society for Vector Ecology 30(2): 328-333 (2005)

Laboratory estimation of effectiveness of three seed dressers in the control of Botrytis fabae Sard., seed-borne pathogen of field bean (Vicia faba L. var. minor Harz.)
, Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin 5(150): 149-154 (1983)

Laboratory estimation of frost resistance of winter barley by the method of artificial freezing of seedlings
, Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin: 55) 51-55 (1984)

Laboratory estimation of toxicity of pyrethroid insecticides to honeybees: relevance to hazard in the field Apis mellifera, Great Britain
, Bee world 3(4): 150-152 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation and estimation of nutritive value of some Ethiopian feedstuffs and formula feeds plus animal evaluation of noug seed cake (Guizotia abyssinica)
, Unknown (1977)

Laboratory evaluation of 0.025% warfarin against Rattus argentiventer
, Tropical pest management 26(2): 162-166 (1980)

Laboratory evaluation of Abate effectiveness in constant volume of polluted water
, WHO VBC 511 (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of Doryphorophaga doryphorae (Diptera: Tachinidae), a parasite of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Biological control of insect pests
, Environmental entomology 12(2): 390-392 (1983)

Laboratory evaluation of Heterothalamus alienus essential oil against different pests of Apis mellifera
, Journal of essential oil research: JEOR 18(6): 704-707 (2006)

Laboratory evaluation of IGRs and toxicants against the larvae of the oriental rat flea, 1977-1980 Xenopsylla cheopis
, Insecticide and acaricide tests(7): 256 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of WBA 8119 (Brodifacoum) against Gerbillus gleadowi Murray
, Pestology 5(9): 23-24 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of a water-treatment sequence using Moringa oleifera seed coagulant
, International Journal of Water 3(3): 299-315 (2007)

Laboratory evaluation of adrenocortical function in dogs
, Unknown (1971)

Laboratory evaluation of anaemias in dogs and cats
, Veterinary annual 7(27): 270-292 (1987)

Laboratory evaluation of bacillus sphaericus strains and formulations
, Mosquito control research: annual report: 09-110 (1985)

Laboratory evaluation of baits, residual insecticides, and an ultrasonic device for control of white-footed ants, Technomyrmex albipes (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
, Sociobiology 5(2): 317-330 (2005)

Laboratory evaluation of blended cotton
, Proceedings (2): 1507-1510 (1996)

Laboratory evaluation of blood coagulation
, Unknown (1971)

Laboratory evaluation of brodifacoum (Talon) bait against Indian desert gerbil, Meriones hurrianae Jerdon
, Pestology 5(4): 22-23 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of brodifacoum for use against the rice field rat, Rattus argentiventer (Robinson & Kloss)
, Malaysian agricultural journal 2(4): 1-7 (1980)

Laboratory evaluation of brodifacoum, a new anticoagulant rodenticide against Rattus-rattus Pests, damaging bajra, pearlmillet, India
, Pestology 6(3) (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of certain fungicides for the control of wilt and stemburn disease of Tephrosia vogalii hook. f. caused by Pythium deliense meura
, Pesticides 6 (6) 28-29 (1972)

Laboratory evaluation of chemicals against Fusarium spp. inducing dry rot of potato tubers in storage, fungicides, antiseptics
, JIPA: Journal of the Indian Potato Association: 81-84 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of chemicals for postharvest control of Fuller rose beetle, 1986
, Insecticide and acaricide tests 3(13): 359-360 (1988)

Laboratory evaluation of chitin inhibitors against garden hairy caterpillar,
, Andhra agricultural journal 31(4): 315-318 (1984)

Laboratory evaluation of chlorpyrifos, bifenthrin, imidacloprid, thiamethoxam and flufenoxuron against Microtermes obesi (Isoptera: Termitidae)
, Pakistan Entomologist 28(2): 45-49 (2006)

Laboratory evaluation of contact sex pheromone and bisazir for autosterilization of Glossina morsitans Tsetse fly, genetic control
, Entomologia experimentalis et applicata 1(3): 276-284 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of dichlorvos as a short-term protectant for wheat, shelled corn, and grain sorghum against stored-grain insects
, Unknown (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of difenacoum as a rodenticide
, Journal of Hygiene 74(3): 441-448 (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of different fungicides against Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica (Dastur) Waterhouse
, Pesticides 9 (4) 26-27 (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of different pesticides as contact poisons against the adults of Aphis craccivora Koch (Aphididae: Homoptera) infesting pea crop
, Indian journal of entomology: (Pub 1970), 31 (4) 311-320 (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of efficacy of chemical treatment of seed potatoes for control of black scurf
, Jipa Journal of the Indian Potato Association 5(3): 167-169 (1978)

Laboratory evaluation of ensiled poultry litter Silage fermentation and composition
, Animal production 35(1): 157-161 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of enzymatic preparations for production of glucose
, Prace Instytutow i Laboratoriow Badawczych Przemyslu Spozywczego 5(3): 335-351 (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of ethirimol activity
, Crop Protection Agents Their Biological Evaluation Proceedings Of The Int Conf On The Eval of Biol Act: ub 1977) 505-515 (1977)

Laboratory evaluation of factors influencing particle movement into drains
, Agricultural research results ARR W: (8) 19-31 (1979)

Laboratory evaluation of flocoumafen bait against R. rattus
, Pestology 11(5): 19-21 (1987)

Laboratory evaluation of fluid balance disorders in dogs and cats
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 157(11): 1703-1706 (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of four fungicides against three Botrytis cinerea isolates, 1979
, Fungicide and nematicide tests results American Phytopathological Society 5(35): 134 (1980)

Laboratory evaluation of fumarin for the control of Tatera inidica and Meriones hurrianae Rodenticide, gerbils as grain pests, India
, Bulletin of grain technology 19(1): 26-29 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of fungici
, Unknown (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of fungicides against Phytophthora palmivora Butler, a cause of citrus gummosis
, Pesticides 12 (1) 35-36 (1978)

Laboratory evaluation of fungicides for the control of Fusarium wilt of tomato
, Food Farming and Agriculture 8(10): 14-15 (1977)

Laboratory evaluation of fungicides for the control of apple tree canker
, Indian Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology 4(1): 78-79 (1974)

Laboratory evaluation of germina
, Rastenievudni nauki = Plant Science 8(1): 40-45 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of granular soil insecticides for control of sugarcane beetle in field corn, 1981 Eutheola rugiceps
, Insecticide and acaricide tests(7): 151-152 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of hair coat of nutrias reared in different systems
, Roczniki naukowe zootechniki: (2) 237-243 (1977)

Laboratory evaluation of hemorrhagic coagulopathies in small animal practice
, Veterinary Clinics of North America. Small Animal Practice 19(4): 729-742 (1989)

Laboratory evaluation of hexane: alcohol azeotrope-extracted soybean flakes as a source for bland protein isolates
, Cereal chemistry 48(6): 640-646 (1971)

Laboratory evaluation of high temperature destruction of Kepone and related pesticides
, Environmental protection technology series: 76, 600 2-76-299 (1976)

Laboratory evaluation of in-situ bio-denitrification for nitrate reduction in groundwater
, Unknown (1991)

Laboratory evaluation of indigenous insecticides as compared with other insecticides aganist the larvae of Aedes aegypti (L.)
, Unknown (1969)

Laboratory evaluation of insecticide activity regarding the migratory locust
, Unknown (1963)

Laboratory evaluation of insecticides against San Jose sca le, Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comstock
, Pesticides 8 (8) 20-21 (1974)

Laboratory evaluation of insecticides against larvae of Dia prepes abbreviatus
, Journal of economic entomology 67(5): 694-695 (1974)

Laboratory evaluation of insecticides applied as foliar sprays for brown planthopper and green leafhopper control on rice, 1980 Nilaparvata lugens, Nephoetttix virescens
, Insecticide and acaricide tests(7): 171-172 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of insecticides for the boll weevil bait-stick formulation
, Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences(2): 781-782 (1991)

Laboratory evaluation of ion exchange resins for sugar processing
, Proceedings 968 50-61 (1969)

Laboratory evaluation of juvenile hormone analogues obtained from alpha-pinene
, Developments in endocrinology 5(15): 387-392 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of liver disease in small animals. 1
, Modern veterinary practice 66(7): 461-465 (1985)

Laboratory evaluation of liver disease in small animals. 2
, Modern veterinary practice 66(8): 535-538 (1985)

Laboratory evaluation of malassimilation in horses
, Veterinary Clinics of North America. Equine Practice 3(3): 507-514 (1987)

Laboratory evaluation of malathion as a protectant for the prevention of damage by pulse beetles to stored gram (Cicer arietinum). I. Biological effectiveness
, Bulletin of grain technology 11(1): 8-13 (1973)

Laboratory evaluation of malathion used as a protectant for the prevention of damage by pulse beetles to stored gram (Cicer arietinum). iI> Persistance of malathionresidue
, Bulletin of grain technology 13(3): 151-158 (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of pesticides on an Australian strain of the Chilean predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot
, Acarology VI editors DA Griffiths and CE Bowman: 654 (1984)

Laboratory evaluation of pesticides on their storage quality
, Food farming and agriculture 11(1): 17-19 (1979)

Laboratory evaluation of pesticides the changing scene
, British Crop Protection Conference Proceedings: 857-868 (1977)

Laboratory evaluation of phenthoate against Anopheles Culicifacies, Anopheles Stephensi and Culex Quinquefasciatus and its cross resistance to malathion
, Pesticide Research Journal 19(1): 79-81 (2007)

Laboratory evaluation of preference of grain of different maize hybrids varieties and lines by Sitophilus granarius for its development
, Doklady (5) 17-18 (1978)

Laboratory evaluation of products of incomplete combustion formed from burning of agricultural product bags
, ACS symposium series: 10) 63-77 (1992)

Laboratory evaluation of promising compounds as repellents to flour beetles, Tribolium spp
, Unknown (1959)

Laboratory evaluation of protein-rich mixtures
, Proceedings International Congress of Nutrition: th (v 4) 171-175 (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of pyriproxyfen and spinosad, alone and in combination, against Aedes aegypti larvae
, Journal of Medical Entomology 43(6): 1190-1194 (2006)

Laboratory evaluation of renal disease in the dog and cat
, Australian Veterinary Practitioner 7(2): 93-96 (1977)

Laboratory evaluation of rodenticidal activity of Cholecalciferol against Indian species of commensal rats
, Pestology 10(6): 22-25 (1986)

Laboratory evaluation of rotran (R-55), an organic rodent repellent, against some rodents
, Unknown (1973)

Laboratory evaluation of seed
, Unknown (1975)

Laboratory evaluation of selected dosimetry type hydrogen sulphide gas detector tubes
, Pulp and paper Canada 93(1): 24-28 (1992)

Laboratory evaluation of severa
, Unknown (1974)

Laboratory evaluation of several bait factors used in controlling the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.)
, Unknown (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of silages containing caged layer manure
, Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (272) 44-45 (1983)

Laboratory evaluation of silages containing caged layer manure and lasalocid
, Progress report Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station: (282) 38-39 (1984)

Laboratory evaluation of sodium N-methyldithiocarbamate for preserving tall oil and turpentine in stored pine chips
, Naval stores review 97(2): 3-11 (1987)

Laboratory evaluation of some cases of the disease after anti-rabies vaccination
, Unknown (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of some fungicides against Alternaria macrospora Zimm
, Madras agricultural journal 60(7): 646-647 (1973)

Laboratory evaluation of some herbicides against seven pathogenic fungi
, Pestology 10(11): 14-17 (1986)

Laboratory evaluation of some insecticides against beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua
, Tests of Agrochemicals and Cultivars 0(15): 10-11 (1994)

Laboratory evaluation of some insecticides for the control of tobacco cutworm, Spodoptera litura (Fab.) India
, Food farming and agriculture 14(3-4): 23-24 (1981)

Laboratory evaluation of some modern insecticides against hairy caterpillar, Diacrisia obliqua Walker, infesting sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris)
, Indian sugar crops journalt 7(3): 88-89 (1980)

Laboratory evaluation of sterile boll weevils (Coleoptera:Curculionidae) in the eradication trial in North Carolina
, Unknown (1983)

Laboratory evaluation of sterile bool weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the eradication trial in North Carolina Anthonomus grandis, cotton pests, control
, Technical bulletin Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station: 83 (115) (1983)

Laboratory evaluation of subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) response to thermal shadows in an environment of homogenous temperature
, Sociobiology 5(3): 811-828 (2005)

Laboratory evaluation of sulfurized jojoba oil as a gas turbine lubricant
, Proceedings: Seventh International Conference on Jojoba and Its Uses edited by AR Baldwin: 284 (1988)

Laboratory evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids, dimilin and their combinations on mortality and biotic potential of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)
, Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt Economic series: 81 (pub 1984) (12) 153-163 (1984)

Laboratory evaluation of tablets and strips of juvenile hormone analogue Altozar for the control of Trogoderma granarium Everts
, Journal of food science and technology 13(3): 159-161 (1976)

Laboratory evaluation of the Adams-Evans lime requirement method for Floridas sandy soils
, Proceedings Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida 5(45): 29-33 (1986)

Laboratory evaluation of the USDA rapid nondestructive stored products insect detector
, Unknown (1980)

Laboratory evaluation of the dipole flow test
, Unknown (2001)

Laboratory evaluation of the fungitoxicity of six chemical products used to control Colletotrichum lindemuthianum (Sacc. & Magn.) Scribner on kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
, Agronomia sulriograndense 4(2): 269-284 (1978)

Laboratory evaluation of the hazard to wood mice, Apodemus sylvaticus, from the agricultural use of methiocarb molluscicide pellets
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 40(1): 147-152 (1988)

Laboratory evaluation of the lethal allele salmon for genetic control of the tsetse fly, Glossina morsitans morsitans
, Sterile insect technique and radiation in insect control: proceedings International Symposium on the Sterile Insect Technique and the Use of Radiation in Genetic Insect Control held in Neuherberg 29 June 3 July 1981: 278 (1982 )

Laboratory evaluation of the preferability of the grain of various corn hybrids, varieties, and strains for development of the granary weevil Sitophilus granarius L
, Soviet agriculture sciences: ) 17-18 (1978)

Laboratory evaluation of the recently fresh cow
, Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 62-664 (1994)

Laboratory evaluation of the street rabies virus, strain Blonie 22
, Unknown (1972)

Laboratory evaluation of the toxicity of a number of insecticides for Sitophilus granarius and Tribolium castaneum
, Agrokhimiia ) 90-95 (1986)

Laboratory evaluation of the use of surfactants for ground water remediation and the potential for recycling them
, Ground water monitoring and remediationnter 21(1): 49-57 (2001)

Laboratory evaluation of three protein sources for use in chapati flours
, Journal of food science 37(1): 100-102 (1972)

Laboratory evaluation of toxicity of clove oil to Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) on greengram seeds
, Madras agricultural journal 65(7): 487-488 (1978)

Laboratory evaluation of toxicity of insecticides to the Egyptian termites. I. A suitable method for the biological assay of termiticides and their alternative compounds under laboratory conditions Anacanthotermes ochraceus
, Assiut journal of agricultural sciences 13(3): 189-202 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of toxicity of insecticides to the Egyptian termites. III. Relative toxicity of certain insecticide formulations against Psammotermes sp. of the New Valley natural strain in Egypt
, Assiut journal of agricultural sciences 13(3): 215-222 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of traps for the detection of beetle pests in bulk grain
, Journal of stored products research 3(4): 546-549 (2007)

Laboratory evaluation of two anti-feedants against the larval stages of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)
, Bull. ent. Soc. Egypt (Econ. Ser.): 4: 53-64 (1970)

Laboratory evaluation of two exotic tachinid parasites for the control of sugarcane borers
, Pestology 4(1): 10-12 (1980)

Laboratory evaluation of two new synthetic pyrethroids against larvae of five vector mosquitoes
, Journal of Communicable Diseases 14(1): 52-56 (1982)

Laboratory evaluation of two optical instruments for real-time particulate monitoring of smoke
, Unknown (1999)

Laboratory evaluation of various cyclone designs
, Proceedings (2): 1657-1661 (1996)

Laboratory evaluation of wheats included in 1961 quality testing program
, Unknown (1962)

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