Section 17
Chapter 16,312

Male behavior of Mischocyttarus cerberus (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) during attacks on the nest by ants

Togni, O.; Giannotti, E.

Sociobiology 8(2): 553-558


ISSN/ISBN: 0361-6525
Accession: 016311240

The objectives of the present study were to verify if the males of the wasp Mischocyttarus cerberus participate in defense of the nest as they react to attack by ants, and to observe if they use chemical defense. First, wasps were stimulated with an empty pair of tweezers and a second stimulation was done with a pair of tweezers containing an ant, Camponotus crassus. The behaviors of the wasps were recorded and analyzed. The males can participate in defense of the nest, presenting some aggressive behaviors, even so, most of the time they ignore the stimulation, hide behind the nest and stay immobile.

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