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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16329

Chapter 16329 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gal, I., 1982:
Marketing and consumption of vegetables and fruits abroad

Boisvert, J., 1981:
Marketing and cooperatives: product and price fixing

Jones, P.C.mfort, D.H.llier, D., 2007:
Marketing and corporate social responsibility within food stores

Clow, A.-D.F.askerud, G., 2001:
Marketing and crop insurance combined to manage risk on a Cass County representative farm

Madaule, Staephane, 1990:
Marketing and development

Warner, Daniel, S., 1969:
Marketing and distribution

Mcevoy, R.; Mayman, P., 1974:
Marketing and distribution costs for Australian wool: sheep s back to mill

Hansen, Br, 1975:
Marketing and distribution of Australian wool

Ochs, Jd, 1980:
Marketing and distribution of Camdens compost

Hankins, A.-G.C.ale, C., W., 1990:
Marketing and distribution of Shiitake mushrooms

Chandrasekharan, V., 1976:
Marketing and distribution of fertilisers

Hiremath, Cr, 1983:
Marketing and distribution of fertilisers through cooperative

Hirasawa, Y., 1977:
Marketing and distribution of fish and fish products in Japan organisation and problems

Papathanasiou, Ch, 1980:
Marketing and distribution of horticultural p

Solanky,. Jr.;, 1971:
Marketing and distribution of seeds

Brown, Lyndon, O., 1949:
Marketing and distribution research

Johnstone, Wf, 1969:
Marketing and economic issues in dairy promotion programs

Johnson, Dw, 1976:
Marketing and economic production --summing up

Anonymous, 1983:
Marketing and economics

Kydonieus, A.B.roza, M., 1982:
Marketing and economics in use of pheromones for suppression of insect populations

Goodman, P., 1973:
Marketing and exportation of Scotch whiskey

Kiser, H.; Orazem, F., 1987:
Marketing and exporting of Kansas agricultural products

Dean, W.-T.D.vis, B.; Laity, R.-Jean, 1956:
Marketing and family use of dairy products

Dean, W.-T.D.vis, B., C., 1958:
Marketing and family use of dairy products in selected areas of the Shenandoah Valley and southwest Virginia

Wilkins, Paul, C., 1984:
Marketing and farm supply cooperatives

Wilkins, Pc, 1983:
Marketing and farm supply cooperatives--membership and use, 1980 United States

Wilkins, Pc, 1984:
Marketing and farm supply cooperatives: Livestock producer membership and use, 1980

Wilczynski, E.-J.W.tson, D., M., 1980:
Marketing and financing aspects of resource recovery

Schmidt, J.; Acock, M., 1988:
Marketing and fruit and vegetables

Hedlund, Ff, 1977:
Marketing and government regulation: what does the future hold?

Siddiqi, Ka, 1983:
Marketing and grading of wool in Pakistan

Spinks, G.; Abbott, J., 1975:
Marketing and handling practices in the tropics. 1. Southeast Asia: an analysis of general marketing practices

Bhantumnavin, K., 1975:
Marketing and handling practices in the tropics. 2. Thailand: postharvest handling practices

Sills, V.; Long, P., 1975:
Marketing and handling practices in the tropics. 3. Fiji Islands and western Samoa: banana handling for export

Akamine, Ek, 1975:
Marketing and handling practices in the tropics. 4. Hawaii:papaya and pineapple handling for local and export markets

Thompson, Ak, 1975:
Marketing and handling practices in the tropics. 5. West Indies: handling of some tropical crops

Harris, J., 1979:
Marketing and handling systems and their effects on U. S. bale reputaton: a growers viewpoint

Kenyon, De, 1988:
Marketing and hedging strategies--producer workbook

Kingsley, K.Q.inn, M., 1988:
Marketing and home economics: its time they got together

Henneberry, S.; Willoughby, C., 1989:
Marketing and inefficiencies in Oklahomas produce industry: grower and buyer perceptions

Urbain, R.; Urbain, W., 1985:
Marketing and labelling of radiation insect-disinfested food and agricultural products

Reydon, B.; Ramos, P.; Herrera, A., 1996:
Marketing and land policies

Jensen, K.P.mpelli, G., 2000:
Marketing and logistics assistance needs of food processors

Purcell, M.; Mclean, M., 1985:
Marketing and managing local enterprise zones

Howell, L.D., 1948:
Marketing and manufacturing margins for hides and skins, leather, and leather products

Howell, L.D., 1945:
Marketing and manufacturing margins for textiles

Howell, L.D.Y.ung, W., P., 1946:
Marketing and manufacturing margins for tobacco

Howell, L.D., 1952:
Marketing and manufacturing services and margins for textiles

Nambiar, Kk, 1974:
Marketing and market intelligence of areca nut

Clark, F.T., 1948:
Marketing and market research

Palaniswamy, A.K.ndaswamy, A., 1978:
Marketing and market structure for grapes in Dindigul Division--Madurai district

Lintu, L., 1986:
Marketing and marketing management

Sendak, Pe, 1976:
Marketing and marketing research in the maple products industry

Ballantyne, W.; Macyk, D., 1982:
Marketing and merchandsing Food system

Lien, Marianne, E., 1997:
Marketing and modernity

Pezatti, B., 1980:
Marketing and motivation research for dessert apples

Zeillinger, F., 1971:
Marketing and new products

Krogmann, U., 1977:
Marketing and packaging of highbush blueberries in the Federal Republic of Germany

Prince, T.; Robertson, J., 1982:
Marketing and postharvest management characteristics of the North American rose industry

Drummond, J.; Bassett, J.-Wilbur; Coleman, K., L., 1958:
Marketing and preparing Montana wool

Gutierrez, N.; De-Boer, J., 1982:
Marketing and price formation for meat goats, hair sheep and their products in Ceara State, northeast Brazil

Singh, Rd, 1975:
Marketing and price formation of Virginia tobacco

Anonymous, 1955:
Marketing and price supports in agriculture

Rivera, Mn, 1983:
Marketing and price-structure of Leucaena and Albizia end-products

Roberts, Jb, 1942:
Marketing and pricing chickens in Kentucky

Roberts, Jb, 1943:
Marketing and pricing eggs in Kentucky

Beck, Rl, 1993:
Marketing and pricing milk in 94

Geier, B.V.gtmann, H., 1984:
Marketing and pricing of biological products in West Germany: a comparative study

Kasdi, S., 1987:
Marketing and pricing of cereal seeds

Bailey, Kenneth, W., 1997:
Marketing and pricing of milk and dairy products in the United States

Anonymous, 1956:
Marketing and processing facilities for consideration in low-income farm areas under the rural development program

Anonymous, 1983:
Marketing and processing of coffee

Napitupulu, T.B.ttema, J.W.T.S.oltz, D.R., 1994:
Marketing and processing of food legumes and coarse grains

Singh, A.K.mbhar, B.; Kakkar, R., 1984:
Marketing and processing of paddy in Punjab

Mahmood, Khalid, 1991:
Marketing and processing of small ruminants in highland Balochistan

Molnar, J.; El-Ghamrini, S., 1988:
Marketing and processing viewed as major constraints to catfish farming

Woodbridge, P., 1988:
Marketing and production issues in the pulp and paper industry of the future

Kajikawa, S., 1972:
Marketing and production of Sac

Kitagawa, H., 1981:
Marketing and production of cit

Williams, C.; Deer, T., 1989:
Marketing and production of yellow and white fleshed potatoes for Asian and Australian markets

Speers, P., 1981:
Marketing and production--a beef producers re-orientation

Scanlan, D., 1971:
Marketing and profit concepts in the dairying industry

Riggins, S.; Trimble, R.; Shurley, W., 1992:
Marketing and profitability considerations

Impey, Bridget, 2000:
Marketing and promoting agricultural and rural development publications

Anonymous, 1992 :
Marketing and promoting floral products

Pau, Wh, 1977:
Marketing and promoting horticultural seeds

Anonymous, 1978:
Marketing and promotion of infant formula in the developing nations, 1978

Cummings, S., 1994:
Marketing and promotion of information products

Anonymous, 1995:
Marketing and promotion of land-grant research and extension

Reddy, C.; Reddy, V., 1977:
Marketing and promotion vital for successful poultry production

Bockenhoff, E., 1969:
Marketing and prospects in the processing industry

Carrani, C., 1973:
Marketing and quality of agricultural products

Grillenzoni, M., 1980:
Marketing and returns of good land in the United States

Keown, Cf, 1986:
Marketing and sales management practices of a South Asian fertiliser organization

Woodroof, J.; Phillips, G., 1981:
Marketing and shelf life of beverages

Paust, B.-C.R.ce, A., A., 2001 :
Marketing and shipping live aquatic products

Lundberg, George-Andrew, 1945:
Marketing and social organization

Dunne, W., 1977:
Marketing and storage facilities for grain

Krishnamurthy, K., 1970:
Marketing and storage of foodgrains in Kenya

Krishnamurthy, K., 1970:
Marketing and storage of grain in Cyprus

Krishnamurthy, K., 1969:
Marketing and storage of grain in Turkey

Heeger, D., 1977:
Marketing and structural problems of the retail foods business from the viewpoint of the Rewe Trade Group

West, C.; Cooper,. Jr.;, 1996:
Marketing and technology--do they pay?

Burgman, Rj, 1974:
Marketing and the green paper: an alternative view

Bliss, Perry, 1963:
Marketing and the behavioral sciences

Marosi, E., 1977:
Marketing and the greenhouse vegetable market

Ford, Gary, T., 1984:
Marketing and the library

Thompson, Allen, R., 1980:
Marketing and the small farmer

Standen, B.; Richardson, R., 1983:
Marketing and trade policy

Schon, L., 1969:
Marketing and trade types in pork meat

Malphrus, L.; North, R., 1966:
Marketing and transport grain and soybeans in South Carolina

Yager, F.; Hunley, C., 1984:
Marketing and transportation of grain by local cooperatives

Hunley, Cl, 1985:
Marketing and transportation of grains by local cooperatives

Anonymous, 1973:
Marketing and transportation situation

Hurst, Jr; Mcguire, Rl, 1985:
Marketing and utilization

Holder, Shelby-Herbert, 1967:
Marketing and utilization of cotton mill waste

Flodin, J., 1977:
Marketing and utilization of interior forests in Alaska

Ostermeier, David, 1978:
Marketing and utilization of yellow poplar

Sierra-Pereiro, M.; Namesny-Vallespir, A.; Papasseit-Totosaus, P., 2002:
Marketing aplicado a frutas y hortalizas

Park, J.W., 1981:
Marketing apples

Duquette, C., 1976:
Marketing apples and peaches

Swinson, Carl, R., 1981:
Marketing apples grown in the Cumberland-Shenandoah region of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia

Di-Antonio, A.T.ensmeyer, U., 1984:
Marketing applications of computers in the produce broker industry

Coale, Charles, W., 1993:
Marketing aquaculture products

Anonymous, 1963:
Marketing area of Bonneville Power Administration

Mante, W.B.rr, H., 1970:
Marketing arrangements for the German fruit crops--1930 and 1966

Nahra, Je, 1985:
Marketing aseptic products in Third World countries

Brooks, Ac, 1970:
Marketing aspects

Mittendorf, Hj, 1978:
Marketing aspects in planning agricultural processing enterprises in developing countries

Radnic, R.A., 2003:
Marketing aspects in the development of a tourist destination

Anonymous, 1969:
Marketing aspects of citrus and citrus products in Britain

Furman, J., 1978:
Marketing aspects of dry sausage

Davis, Lynn, H., 1957:
Marketing aspects of fattening lambs

Baratta, G., 1972:
Marketing aspects of greenhouse culture products with particular reference to exports

Hampton, G.-M.G.nt, A., P., 1984:
Marketing aspects of international business

Oesert, K., 1973:
Marketing aspects of potato culture

Lengyel, Z., 1979:
Marketing aspects of slaughter animals during 1980

Koller, J., 1979:
Marketing aspects of swine production

Ruckes, E., 1980:
Marketing aspects of the development of small-scale fisheries

Strecker, O.E.selmann, W., 1970:
Marketing aspects of the future development of the cattle market

Neitzke, A., 1972:
Marketing aspects, economic aspects

Eisele, Klaus, 1978:
Marketing associations and competition in agriculture

Horska, E.; Sparke, K., 2007:
Marketing attitudes towards the functional food and implications for market segmentation

Mater, Jean, 1968:
Marketing bark agricultural and horticultural products

Mcglothlin, R.-Seldon; Barlow, R., 1958:
Marketing barley and grain sorghum in Arizona

Burutcu, L., 1975:
Marketing based on relationship of growers, ginners

Kuhn, R., 1982:
Marketing based on the food sector

Carlson, W., 1982:
Marketing bedding plants

Kaiser, R., 1973:
Marketing bedding plants to the garden centers

Willard, C.J.rgensen, D.H.mernik, S.C.ammond, A., 1976:
Marketing bedding plants--the womans point of view

Veselinov, N., 1972:
Marketing bee products.

Hilton, W.M., 2007:
Marketing beef cow-calf consulting services

Smith, Gc, 1997:
Marketing beef from dairy cattle--now and in the future

Anderson, Kb, 1989:
Marketing beef in Oklahoma a home study course

Alderson, Wroe, 1957:
Marketing behavior and executive action

Forste, J., 1993:
Marketing bio solid products under U.S. EPA-503 regulation

Auer, C., 1995:
Marketing bird-friendly landscape plants

Baldwin, Kds, 1970:
Marketing boards in East and West Africa

Dunbabin, Margaret, I., 1957:
Marketing boards under provincial legislation, Canada, 1957

Roytenberg, M., 1986:
Marketing boards: a reflection of the real world

Jorgenson, L., 1976:
Marketing boards: no panacea, but boy, they help

Veeman, Mm, 1987:
Marketing boards: the Canadian experience

Alvisi, F.; Regazzi, D., 1980:
Marketing boxed pears

Anonymous, 1957:
Marketing bulletin

Flohr, Lewis, B., 1980:
Marketing butter and cheese by parcel post

Phillips, Charles-Franklin, 1946:
Marketing by manufacturers

Hannah, H.W., 1995:
Marketing by the veterinarian--some legal considerations

Leemhorst, J.G., 1982:
Marketing campaign for irradiated food in the Netherlands

Erickson, Db, 1989:
Marketing canola

Park, J.W., 1981:
Marketing cantaloups and other muskmelons

Lytle, P.; Thompson, T., 1972:
Marketing cash corn--alternative channels

Jarvis, C., 1980:
Marketing catches fire

Wright, N.G.ne; Stubblefield, T., M., 1960:
Marketing cattle and calves from small feedlots in Arizona and California

Danner, M.J.R.ssell, R.O., 1959:
Marketing cattle and calves on Alabama auction markets

Badenhop, M.B., 1956:
Marketing cattle and calves through auction markets in Tennessee

Tucker, Henry, 1950:
Marketing cattle and calves through the Spokane stockyards

Linton, D.Jr, 1982:
Marketing cattle board auction style Joint program of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service and the Alabama Cattlemens Association

Walrath, Arthur, J., 1951:
Marketing cattle in New Mexico

Davidson, S., 1984:
Marketing cattle--gently does it

Wythes, Jr; Shorthose, Wr, 1984:
Marketing cattle: its effects on liveweight, carcases and meat quality

Pratella, G., 1974:
Marketing centers for table grapes, solutions with the use of plastic materials

Deloach, D.B.S.tton, G., R., 1941:
Marketing central Oregon and Klamath basin late-crop potatoes

Barren, C.H.nneberry, S., 1990:
Marketing challenge in Oklahomas produce industry: buyer perspective

Barron, C.H.nneberry, S., 1990:
Marketing challenge in Oklahomas produce industry: grower perspective

Farrell, Kr, 1987:
Marketing challenges facing California agriculture

Mceachern, Gr, 1988:
Marketing challenges for the pecan industry

Bitting, H.W.yne; Badger, H., T., 1951:
Marketing changes for apples sold in Pittsburgh, December 1949-May 1950

Hunt, C., 1976:
Marketing changes for canned fruit

Armstrong, J.; Courtenay, H.; Judge, M., 1969:
Marketing changes in the lamb industry and what they mean to you

Sprague, Fd, 1974:
Marketing changes influence canned pear promotion

Kahlon, As, 1969:
Marketing channels and costs involved in selling eggs through different channels in Ludhiana

Howell, L.D., 1959:
Marketing channels and division of consumers dollar for cotton and wool

Brooker, Jr; Morgan, Lc; Yetley, Mj, 1977:
Marketing channels for Tennessee craft products

Parashar, Rk, 1969:
Marketing channels in developing economics

Robertson, J., 1981 :
Marketing channels margins and changes through the years

Robertson, J., 1981:
Marketing channels: margins and change through the years

Johnston, E.; Pelsue, N.J.; Thibodeau, R., 1974:
Marketing characteristics in shipments of Maine tablestock potatoes

Johnston, Ef, 1979:
Marketing characteristics in shipments of Maine tablestock potatoes to the export market from the 1975 and 1976 crops

Langmo, R.; Carter, C.; Bailey, R., 1975:
Marketing characteristics of Oregons fresh frozen shrimp industry

Vanossi, L., 1975:
Marketing characteristics of citrus fruits

Dudarewa, N.; Solowjewa, T., 1973:
Marketing characteristics of freeze-dryed mushrooms

Podany, Joseph, C., 1957:
Marketing charges for California long white potatoes sold in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City during the 1956 season

Badger, Henry, T., 1953:
Marketing charges for carrots sold in Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 1949-June 1950 and in Cleveland, Ohio, Feb.-June 1950

Badger, Henry, T., 1952:
Marketing charges for head lettuce sold in Pittsburgh, December 1949-June 1950

Garrott, William, N., 1952:
Marketing charges for potatoes sold in Cleveland, Ohio, February-June 1950

Garrott, William, N., 1952:
Marketing charges for potatoes sold in Pittsburgh, Pa., December 1949-June 1950

Little, Michael, W., 1988:
Marketing checklist for small retailers

Precopis, T., 1977:
Marketing cheddar cheese

Frank, M.; Caldwell, B., M., 1985:
Marketing child care programs

Williams, S.C., 1988:
Marketing chilled fish in Japan

Travnichek, R.; Prevatt, J.; Martin, N.J., 1993:
Marketing choices of Alabama cattle producers

Anonymous, 1989:
Marketing clubs

Sifferath, W.; Bigger, S., 1987:
Marketing clubs: a tool for farmers

Ward, Ce, 1988:
Marketing clubs: an educational tool

Anonymous, 1989:
Marketing co-op for organic food formed in Wis

Anonymous, 1980:
Marketing co-ops lead borrowers

Spangler, Raymond, L., 1981:
Marketing commercial cabbage

Anonymous, 1973:
Marketing commercial feed in Wyoming

Spangler, Raymond, L., 1940:
Marketing commercial lettuce

Segall, L., 1995:
Marketing compost as a pest control product

Alpert, Je, 1980:
Marketing compost: experiences in Puerto Rico, Salt Lake City and Greenwich, Connecticut

Paulin, R., 2001:
Marketing composted organics to horticulture

Hendricks, Peter, 1991:
Marketing concept for alternatively produced cattle and pig meat in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Feather, P.; Fruin, J., 1988:
Marketing concepts applied to recyclable materials

Balling, Richard, 1990:
Marketing concepts for a beef market item

Drews, M., 1978:
Marketing concepts for a differentiated butter supply, cooperative marketing as a means for sales promotion

Rich, Stuart, U., 1971:
Marketing concepts in changing times

Bonus, Holger, 1984:
Marketing concepts in environmental protection

Kolega, A., 1976:
Marketing concepts in the preparation of food products for the market

Anand, Mm, 1975:
Marketing concepts. Their relevance to fertiliser marketing

Clarfield, F.B.; Swanson, L.E.; Hannum, J.; Fendley, K., 1991:
Marketing conservation in a changing age

Meiss, A.N.; Cantor, S.M., 1971:
Marketing considerations for improved protein food products

Worth, He, 1978:
Marketing considerations for products from dead timber

Rao, Dm, 1977:
Marketing considerations in warehousing

Howland, K.; Delaney, S., 1989:
Marketing contacts and tips pave way for sales in Taiwan

Frederick, Al, 1975:
Marketing contracts for grain

Jordan, Hc, 1971:
Marketing converted poultry manure

Sutton, Em, 1978:
Marketing cooperative makes small farmers bigger

Blankertz, Donald-Frederic, 1940:
Marketing cooperatives

Jesse, Edward, V., 1980:
Marketing cooperatives and undue price enhancement

Rothlisberger, P., 1978:
Marketing cooperatives for eggs and poultry

Raja, Pkm, 1972:
Marketing cooperatives salvage small rubber-growers in Kerala

Boggess, Mv, 1993:
Marketing cooperatives: a new twist on an old idea

Pisa, Mg, 1984:
Marketing cooperatives: organization, operation and management, 1979-1983

Wissman, Roger, A., 1997:
Marketing coordination in agricultural cooperatives

Stevens, Stanley, C., 2001:
Marketing corn

Hammond, Jerome, W., 1990:
Marketing costs and efficiency for agricultural products

Conlogue, Robert, M., 1957:
Marketing costs and margins for chicken fryers and fowl sold in Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul

Anonymous, 1957:
Marketing costs and margins for dairy products

Little, J.K.nneth; Halvorson, H., W., 1958:
Marketing costs and margins for processed cheese

Farah, A.-Aziz; El-Saeed, H.-El-Rasoul-Hag; Sarhan, M.E., 1987:
Marketing costs and margins for selected agricultural commodities in Sudan, 1985-1986

Anonymous, 1987:
Marketing costs and margins of major agricultural commodities in India

Good, D.K.ndinger, P., 1976:
Marketing costs and net prices of Western New York apples, 1974

Finney, E.Jr, 1981:
Marketing costs and price spreads

Gray, Leo, R., 1959:
Marketing costs and price spreads for eggs, frying chickens, and turkeys sold in San Francisco

Southard, L., 1979:
Marketing costs for farm foods

Anonymous, 1955:
Marketing costs for food

Anonymous, 1997:
Marketing costs for food rose slightly in 1996

Senti, R., 1972:
Marketing costs of foodstuffs between 1966 and 1969

Lahiff, P., 1977:
Marketing costs of fresh fruit and vegetables

Millendez, Ratelieta, T., 2002:
Marketing costs structure for corn

Ogren, Kenneth, E., 1957:
Marketing costs, farm prices, and the farmers share

Glade, Edward, H., 1967:
Marketing cotton

Cable, C.Curtis, 1966:
Marketing cotton and cotton textiles

Anderson, K.S.hs, R.F.lty, K., 1993:
Marketing cotton made easy

Sanford, Jh, 1992:
Marketing cotton through an association

Anonymous, 1987:
Marketing councils work toward unity

Reilly, R.S.out, J., 1991:
Marketing craft$

Stout, J.; Reilly, R.O.verson, C., 1992:
Marketing crafts

Gahring, S.N.emeyer, S.R.illy, R.S.out, J., 1992:
Marketing crafts and other products to tourists

Stout, J.; Nelson, D., 1990:
Marketing crafts: how and where to sell

Stout, J.N.lson, D., 1990:
Marketing crafts: how to promote your product and yourself

Blakley, Leo, V., 1950:
Marketing cream through Oklahoma cream stations

Johansson, G., 1979:
Marketing criteria related to egg quality and optimal egg volume

Schaars, M.-A.S.urt, D., W., 1955:
Marketing cull dairy cattle

Roberts, Jb, 1954:
Marketing current-receipt eggs in Kentucky

Britt, Js, 1987:
Marketing dairy herd health

Schaars, M.-A.V.lstrup, R., H., 1965:
Marketing dairy herd replacement livestock

Herrick, J.B., 1989:
Marketing dairy practice

Ostrowski, Gj, 1998:
Marketing dairy products beyond our borders

Reed, Charles, E., 1958:
Marketing dehydrated alfalfa

Seltzer, R.E., 1949:
Marketing desert grapefruit

Manchester, A.-; Shilling, E.; Feaster, G.N.ghtingale, R.G.llo, A., 1977:
Marketing developments

Hahn, Jn, 1988:
Marketing developments and new opportunities

Unten, S., 1973:
Marketing developments and trends on Oahu

Flink, L., 1973:
Marketing developments in the beef cattle industry

Strand, Stanley, 1962:
Marketing dictionary

Anonymous, 1992:
Marketing dietary guidelines and school food service

Anonymous, 1994:
Marketing directory of fruit, vegetables, and nontraditional crops

Jalovec, Z., 1977:
Marketing discloses requirements of consumers and needs of the food industry

Ahmedian, As, 1974:
Marketing distribution of chemical fertilizers: factors restricting consumption of chemical fertilizers in Iran

Stallings, Dale, G., 1959:
Marketing domestic dates

Sumardi, J.; Purnomo, H.S.santo, W.; Putiati; Darius; Suryo, I., 1982:
Marketing dried fish in East Java, Indonesia

Dudek, Ja, 1985:
Marketing dry bean product through nutrition

Phillips, R.-A.D.loach, D.B., 1951:
Marketing dry edible beans and peas

Anonymous, 1993:
Marketing during tough economic times

Nelsen, J., 1991:
Marketing dynamics many in number

Byrne, Af, 1989:
Marketing earth coupled heat pumps: a utilities experience, developments & vision

Strother, Ev, 1994:
Marketing easy-care perennials and herbs

Terekhov, A.; Savkina, A., 1977:
Marketing economic advantages of buckwheat in an overall comparative evaluation

Shurtleff, W.; Aoyagi, A., 2006:
Marketing edamame and green vegetable soybeans

Stack, Lb, 1994:
Marketing edible native plants

Anonymous, 1956:
Marketing education work with New England retailers, 1951-1956

Russell, M., 2005:
Marketing education: a review of service quality perceptions among international students

Galbraith, J.-Kenneth; Holton, R.-Henry, 1955:
Marketing efficiency in Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1955:
Marketing efficiency in a changing economy

Prabhakara-Rao, J.V., 1985:
Marketing efficiency in agricultural products

Unnevehr, L.; Zain, D., 1986:
Marketing efficiency, informal credit, and the role of government loan programs: cassava trade in Indonesia

Anonymous, 1985:
Marketing efforts build stronger bargaining cooperatives for growers

Risher, F.W., 1945:
Marketing eggs and poultry in Florida

Flohr, Lewis, B., 1980:
Marketing eggs by parcel post

Meredith, Alan, A., 1957:
Marketing eggs in New Jersey

Aplin, R.D., 1955:
Marketing eggs in Vermont

Kantner, Arthur, H., 1953:
Marketing eggs in retail stores

Nybroten, Norman, 1952:
Marketing eggs in retail stores of the Northeast, 1949

Mortenson, W.P.G.af, T., F., 1950:
Marketing eggs in the Lake States

Smith, Eldon, D., 1957:
Marketing eggs through a purchasing cooperative

Buck, John-Thomas, 1962:
Marketing eggs through retail food stores in Lynchburg, Virginia 1958

Slocum, Rob, R., 1980:
Marketing eggs through the creamery

Jones, Rp, 1975:
Marketing environmental management

Gemsa, Peter, 1988:
Marketing equipment for horticulture

Tuller, R.M.dder, R., 1977:
Marketing establishments and packaging for the self marketeer

Wierenga, B., 1980:
Marketing estimate in guidance

Belleau, B.; Summers, T.; Von-Hoven, T., 2002:
Marketing exotic leather: American alligator, ostrich, and emu

Payne, W., 1985:
Marketing expands to promote Blue Diamond sales

Van-Der-Linde, Hj, 1983:
Marketing experience with radurised products in South Africa

Poppe, A., 1976:
Marketing experiences: only quality alfalfa pays

Fritz, M.; Bell, S., 1997:
Marketing extension gardening publications in Boise nurseries and garden centers in 1994 and 1995

Anonymous, 1987:
Marketing extension services for small farmers

Anonymous, 1945:
Marketing facilities branch memorandum

Otten, C.-J.S.rra, G.; Morell, B., M., 1951:
Marketing facilities for farm and related products at San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1957:
Marketing facilities for perishables

Anonymous, 1941:
Marketing farm commodities

Jain, Bks, 1974:
Marketing farm equipment

Ramsbacher, Harold, 1960:
Marketing farm flock sheep and lambs in six western states

Fergerson, Walter, M., 1944:
Marketing farm forest products and farm timber management in Clackamas county, Oregon

Johndrew, O.F.L.rkin, R.C.P.nd, T.H., 1951:
Marketing farm poultry

Flohr, Lewis, B., 1980:
Marketing farm produce by parcel post

Anonymous, 1957:
Marketing farm products abroad; a 17-minute color film

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