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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16332

Chapter 16332 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zarikian, An, 1993:
Mass flow meters and the citrus industry

Hsiao, T.; Fischer, R., 1975:
Mass flow porometers

Anitha, K.; Prasad, S.N., 2007:
Mass flowering and pollinators of Strobilanthes consanguinea in the Western Ghats, South India

Wille, H., 1974:
Mass fluctuation of bee colonies

Farhat, S.K.; Newell, C.J.; Nichols, E.M., 2006:
Mass flux toolkit to evaluate groundwater impacts, attenuation, and remediation alternatives

Watson, J.Y.tayew, M., 1988:
Mass flux versus concentration: a regulatory dilemma

Zhou JianZhong; L.B.ng, 2005:
Mass fraction of borneol in 4 traditional Chinese medicines measured by gas chromatography

Björkhem, I.; Holmberg, I., 1980:
Mass fragmentographic assay of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3

Bjorkhem, I.H.lmberg, I., 1975:
Mass fragmentographic determination of 25 hydroxy vitamin D3 using deuterium labeled internal standard

Sato, K.M.tano, O.G.to, S., 1977:
Mass fragmentographic determination of DCIP in rat tissues

Nishio, M.Z.shi, S.I.hii, T.F.ruya, T.S.ono, K., 1976:
Mass fragmentographic determination of indole 3 acetic acid in callus tissues of Panax ginseng and Nicotiana tabacum

Adachi, K., 1981:
Mass fragmentographic determination of polymethylbiphenyl in foods contaminated with petroleum products

Adachi, K., 1980:
Mass fragmentographic determination of polymethylnaphthalene and polymethylphenanthrene in a crude oil and in marine organisms

Bonelli, E.; Taylor, P.; Morris, W., 1975:
Mass fragmentography GC

Rosen, J.; Pareles, S., 1974:
Mass fragmentography as applied to some organophosphate insecticides

Okuda, T.H.yashi, M., 1977:
Mass fragmentography of coriose in Coriaria species

Thomas, Ea, 1978:
Mass growth of algae and macrophytes in streams; method, cause and prevention

Takamizawa, K., 1981:
Mass hibernation of Polistes sne

Proctor, Ns, 1976:
Mass hibernation site for Nymphalis vau-album (Nymphalidae)

Potting, O., 1978:
Mass illness among soldiers with symptoms suggesting transmission of foot-and-mouth disease

Beauman, H., 1969:
Mass in dogs pericardium suggests pericardial diaphragmatic hernia

Halik, J.Z.vodsky, I., 1978:
Mass incidence of goiter in breeding rams

Urzgula, L.B.rtko, P.M.jstrik, M.P.chova, D.M.klusicak, R.C.yla, M.L.hocky, J.K.nrad, V.S.kol, J., 1971:
Mass incidence of goiter in brood rams

Mraz, A., 1975:
Mass incidence of perosis in chickens

Balascak, J.L.puchovsky, J.F.ied, K.S.lata, J.R.sival, F.W.lner, L.B.ndas, A., 1971:
Mass incidence of rachitis in broilers in Eastern Slovakia

Sesevicka, L.V.sil, M.G.oth, J.S.ok, M., 1978:
Mass incidence of rachitis in fattening houses for steers under new technological conditions

Mraz, A.H.lasa, M.K.uspan, J.O.ukany, L.L.dzianska, K.G.jdosik, D.B.seda, M.M.cenauer, Z.Z.rek, A., 1978:
Mass incidence of stachybotryotoxicosis in large scale sheep husbandry

Simon, F.M.sley, A., 1976:
Mass incidence of streptomycin allergy in a cattle stock

Templin, E., 1984:
Mass increase of Lymantria monacha L. and control

Maksymov, Jk, 1978:
Mass increase of the poplar bombyx Stilpnotia salicis L. (Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae) in the Orbe plain

Rudnicki, F.K.wilsza, L., 1980:
Mass increment dynamics and changes of qualitative features of fodder cabbage in the period of its growth

Makogon, V.; Boldyrev, D.; Povorozniuk, V., 1974:
Mass infection of gosings with enteritis

Doman, I., 1969:
Mass infection with otitis follo

Simic, Bs, 1979:
Mass information media and the fight against diseases accompanying obesity

Golovkina, L.; Zvereva, Y., 1989:
Mass interrupted selection as a means of breeding pesticide resistance in Phytoseiulus

Martynowicz, T.W.rtenberg, L.O.siany, K., 1976:
Mass invasion of Necrobia rufipes (De Geer, 1775) in a warehouse with slaughter byproducts

Borg, A., 1975:
Mass invasion of cabbage leaf lice (Brevicoryne brassicae -L.) 1974

Chomczynski, K.C.rol, M.T.usiak, T., 1971:
Mass invasion of gnats in Bielsk Podlaski County

Weidner, H., 1970:
Mass invasion of the scale insect Rhizoecus halophilus (Hardy, 1860) in a dwelling on Sylt

Tautvydas, K.J., 1971:
Mass isolation of pea nuclei

Hadlaczky, G.; Bisztray, G.1; Praznovszky, T1; Dudits, D., 1983:
Mass isolation of plant chromosomes and nuclei Triticum monococum, wheat, Papaver somniferum, poppies

Picard, I.F.lcato-Ribeiro, A.; Freitas-Azevedo, O.-De; Mirande, M., 1971:
Mass isolation of salivary glands of Rhynchosciara angelae larvae

Doman, I., 1972:
Mass lameness leading to impotentia coeundi in breeding boars kept on hard floor

Quesada, H.; Gazo, R., 2006:
Mass layoffs and plant closures in the U.S. wood products and furniture manufacturing industries

Caplin, A.; Leahy, J.-Vincent, 1994:
Mass layoffs and unemployment

Nemeth, A., 1978:
Mass lead poisoning in a cattle stock

Cheng, W.; Su, T., 1978:
Mass liberation Trichogramma australicum Girault for the control of sugarcane moth borers in Taiwan

Cheng, W.; Su, T.; Chiang, P.; Yang, W.; Yu, T.; Hung, H.; Hung, J., 1978:
Mass liberation of Trichogramm

Gurtner, O., 1978:
Mass livestock rearing a chance for few, a danger for many?

Haugane, Erik, 1985:
Mass loss and karst in samples of inlet soils, Gildeskeal, Norway

Farrish, K.; Grigal, D., 1985:
Mass loss in a forested bog: relation to hummock and hollow microrelief

Clinton, W.; Manni, P.; Ferry, J., 1980:
Mass loss on drying for instant coffee: Collaborative study

Halloran, J., 1976:
Mass market green plant sales--opportunity or disappointmentk

Miller, M.; Oesterle, E., 1977:
Mass market studies provide information for traditional retailers

Sullivan, Mn, 1993:
Mass marketers move in

Hunt, G.Jr, 1984:
Mass marketing Hawaii agricultural products

Schurke, Ro, 1975:
Mass marketing concepts favored by wholesaler and glad growers

Laubinger, K., 1979:
Mass marketing of flowers

Weiss, E.B., 1950:
Mass marketing to the 400 mass retailers

Dhaliwal, H.; Sharma, P., 1973:
Mass marking honey bees for behaviour studies

Boxrucker, Jc, 1982:
Mass marking of fingerling largemouth bass by fin-clipping followed by freeze-cauterization of the wound Micropterus salmoides

Zehnder, H.; Remund, U.B.ller, E., 1975:
Mass marking technique for European cherry fruit fly. II. Indicator activation analysis

Remund, U.B.ller, E., 1975:
Mass marking techniques for European cherry fruit fly, Rhagoletis cerasi L. I. Application and identification of topical fluorescent aerosol marker

Wall, J.H.infeld, J., 1980:
Mass measurement with the stem-biological applications

Freeman, R.H.fmann, W.B.rriman, J., 1982:
Mass measurements of lobster muscle thick filaments by scanning transmission electron microscopy

Patil, Jaya, 1994:
Mass media

Anonymous, 1979:
Mass media - who me

Kubey, Rw, 1981:
Mass media and aging

Levine, Mp, 2000:
Mass media and body image: a brief review of the research

Tichenor, P.; Olien, C.; Donohue, G., 1970:
Mass media and community issues

Munger, Sara, J., 1978:
Mass media and nonformal nutrition education

Golovin, Vs, 1975:
Mass media and problems of improving socio-political activity of rural workers

Sinha, Arbind, K., 1985:
Mass media and rural development

Hornig, Susanna, 1993:
Mass media and the ultimate technological fix

Ward, Deborah-Leah-King, 1992:
Mass media as a catalyst for adolescent learning

Siddharamaiah, B.; Venkatramaiah, P.S.thurao, M., 1976:
Mass media consumption in a rural community

Hatch, Jc, 1971:
Mass media gatekeepers for colleges of agriculture

Makowiecki, M., 1972:
Mass media of communication as a source of agricultural information

Domeier, Sally, M., 1991:
Mass media usage of Arabian horse breeders

Mullenax, Foster, G., 1968:
Mass media use patterns and interests among West Virginia rural non-farm families of low socio-economic status

Valenti, Jm, 1987:
Mass medias effect on public perceptions of pesticide risk: understanding media and improving science sources

Van-Koevering, M.; King, M.; Ball, R., 1991:
Mass medication of newly arrived stocker cattle to improve health and performance

Drew-Bear, Robert, 1970:
Mass merchandising

Myers, L.; Taha, F., 1976:
Mass merchandising of floral and foliage crops in southeast cities

Cook, N., 1992:
Mass meters in the reactor process

Klimes, B., 1970:
Mass method in therapy and prevention of poultry disease

Thomson, E., 1972:
Mass migration of Inachis io (LPidoptera, Nymphalidae)

Kumerloeve, H., 1970:
Mass migration of Odonata on the Montenegrin coast in late summer 1969

Herrnkind, Wf, 1983:
Mass migrations of the spiny lobster Panulirus argus

Bogatko, W., 1975:
Mass mixed invasion of Peramphistomum cervi and Fasciola gigantica in cattle in northern Nigeria

Khoshnam, F.T.batabaeefar, A.V.rnamkhasti, M.; Borghei, A., 2007:
Mass modeling of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruit with some physical characteristics

Sawabe, T.; Inoue, S.; Fukui, Y.; Yoshie, K.; Nishihara, Y.; Miura, H., 2007:
Mass mortality of Japanese abalone Haliotis discus hannai caused by Vibrio harveyi infection

Anonymous, 1989 :
Mass mortality of bottlenose dolphins in 1987-88

Stevens, B.; Armstrong, D., 1981:
Mass mortality of female Dungeness crab, Cancer magister, on the southern Washington coast

Nammalwar, P.N.rayanan, K., 1979:
Mass mortality of fishes due to the bloom of Trichodesmium thiebauttii Gomont on the Gulf of Mannar Coast

Tallis, Jh, 1985:
Mass movement and erosion of a southern Pennine blanket peat

Beatty, Sw, 1988:
Mass movement effects on grassland vegetation and soils on Santa Cruz Island, California

Pomeroy, John, S., 1982:
Mass movement in two selected areas of western Washington County, Pennsylvania

Opler, P.A., 1971:
Mass movement of Tarnetrum corruptum (Odonata: Libellulidae)

Gresswell, S.H.ller, D.S.anston, D., 1979:
Mass movement response to forest management in the central Oregon coast ranges

Dykes, A.P., 2007:
Mass movements in cave sediments: investigation of a 40 000-year-old guano mudflow inside the entrance of the Great Cave of Niah, Sarawak, Borneo

Powell, JA., 1972:
Mass movements of Nymphalis californica (Boisduval) in the San Francisco Bay area during 1971 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

Maksimov, A.; Barbash, L.; Leonov, I., 1976:
Mass movements of the water vole in the northern part of the Baraba Steppe in the summer of 1973, age and sexual composition of migrating animals

Karg, W.M.ck, S., 1986:
Mass multiplication and introduction of the oligophagous predator Amblyseius mckenziei Schuster et Pritchard in greenhouse crops

Bhagat, S.; Pan, S., 2007:
Mass multiplication of Trichoderma harzianum on agricultural byproducts and their evaluation against seedling blight (Rhizoctonia solani) of mungbean and collar rot (Sclerotium rolfsii) of groundnut

Klausner, Sd, 1993:
Mass nutrient balances on dairy farms

Surikov, I.; Tsilosani, G., 1980:
Mass obtaining of potato regenerants from the primary callus in vitro

Al-Shehri, A., M.; Mohamed, Z., A., 2007:
Mass occurrence and toxicity of the cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula under phosphorus-limited conditions in the Red Sea

Brestansky, I.K.ss, M.R.ncz, K.K.valcik, M.Z.c, I., 1980:
Mass occurrence in dairy cows of a disease following enormous ingestion in a single dose of easily-digestible carbohydrates ration

Jaenson, Tgt, 1986:
Mass occurrence of Aedes rossicus and other mosquitoes in central Sweden during the autumn of 1985

Takai, R.Y.maguchi, T.K.rihara, T., 1975:
Mass occurrence of Aethus indic

Bothmer, U.V.n; Graf, A.K.ingler, J., 1971:
Mass occurrence of Noctuidae in the summer of 1970

Weidner, H., 1974:
Mass occurrence of Polyxenus lagurus (Linnaeus, 1758) in a straw covered summer house

Gierling, R., 1978:
Mass occurrence of Quercusia quercus in the summer of 1976 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

Hayakawa, H.M.tsumura, T.H.segawa, T., 1978:
Mass occurrence of Tabanus iyoe

Manga, M., 1972:
Mass occurrence of artificially produced udder affection on a dairy-farm

Mraz, A., 1971:
Mass occurrence of cage paralysis in laying hens

Dorovic, D., 1975:
Mass occurrence of certain species of caterpillar in oak forests of Kosovo during 1963-1973

Czerniakowski, Z., 1973:
Mass occurrence of downy mildew on roses in Rzeszow province

Simko, S.S.acha, T., 1982:
Mass occurrence of foreign odors in cows milk

Simko, S.S.acha, T.I.ak, S., 1982:
Mass occurrence of foreign smells in cow milk

Vrzgula, L.B.rtko, P.K.vac, G.M.chna, A.P.osbova, M.B.azovsky, L.P.ulikova, I.K.ntsek, I., 1980:
Mass occurrence of manifest deficiency of pantothenic acid in swine

Vrzgula, L.S.kol, J.K.vac, G.K.nrad, V.P.vlik, M., 1976 :
Mass occurrence of myofibrilar hypoplasia in newborn piglets from one herd

Suveges, T.N.gy, G.M.szaros, J., 1974:
Mass occurrence of parakeratosis of swine on big farms

Vitovec, J.V.adik, P.F.agner, P., 1976:
Mass occurrence of paraventricular and ventricular mucormycosis in fattened bulls

Lopuchovsky, F.F.ied, J.B.lascak, J., 1971:
Mass occurrence of rachitis in broilers of Eastern Slovakia. II

Schremmer, F., 1972:
Mass occurrence of soil insect Rhipipteryx forceps (Tridactyloidea) in the Columbian Andes

Kuhne, H., 1972:
Mass occurrence of the European earwig, Forficula auricularia L on the Danish coast of the North Sea

Brander, T., 1976:
Mass occurrence of the deer louse fly Lipoptena cervi 1971 in southern Finland

Maul, F.G.se, K., 1977:
Mass occurrence of the leek borer, Dyspessa sp. (Lepidoptera, Cossidae) on imported garlic

Thal, J., 1977:
Mass occurrence of the potato moth in Morocco

Wiktelius, S., 1981:
Mass occurrence of the rhinocera beetle in greenhouses

Koehler, W.K.lk, A., 1971:
Mass occurrence of two species of Hyponomeuta sp. (Lepidoptera, Hyponomeutidae) in afforestations and forests

Popovic, M., 1970:
Mass occurrence of vulva oedema and bagina prolapsus in sexually ammature swine

Wegner, E., 2006:
Mass occurrences of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and control actions against them in Poland

Cizmar, O., 1984:
Mass of wood as the measuring quantity

Srot, M., 1977:
Mass outbreak of Zeiraphera diniana in the Jizera Mountains

Patocka, J., 1973:
Mass outbreak of the gypsy moth in the Levice Forest District

Hluchy, M., 1985:
Mass outbreak of tortricid moth Cnephasia virgaureana on Caraway

Schmutzenhofer, H., 1988:
Mass outbreaks of Ips bark beetles in Bhutan and the revision of the genus Ips de Geer for the Himalayan Region

Musil, V., 1977:
Mass pasteurization is fully established

Kolomoets, T.; Vorob'-Ev, N., 1981:
Mass pests of willow in landscaping plantations in Donetsk and measures of their control

Grigor'-Ev, Ag, 1972:
Mass planting of seeds and individual matching of frost-resistant forms in relation to plant introduction

Bubien, Z.E.-Herrawie, M., 1973:
Mass poisoning in bees and carrier pigeons by organo-phosphorus insecticide dimetoate

Stassel, E.K.vac, J.K.alik, L., 1981:
Mass poisoning of pigs with Sedonal

Naidenov, N.P.dchlova, S.T.palova, E., 1970:
Mass poisoning of sheep with amm

Glowacki, P., 1976:
Mass produced elements for green spaces

Anonymous, 1997:
Mass produced seeds selection manual

Klepac, J., 1981:
Mass product merchandising Florist industry

Chiu, J.; Chien, C.; Chou, K.; Chang, L.; Chiu, S., 1974:
Mass production and field rele

Hassan, Sa, 1981:
Mass production and utilization of Trichogramma. 1. Production of the host Sitotroga cerealella Stored cereal pest, biological control.1

Hassan, Sa, 1984:
Mass production and utilization of Trichogramma. 4. Determining the appropriate time of treatments to control the European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner

Grossbechler, F., 1982:
Mass production of Eucalyptus seedlings by direct sowing method

Santillan, C., 1982 :
Mass production of Spirulina

Yasodha, P.; Natarajan, N., 2007:
Mass production of Trathala flavo-orbitalis Cameroon (Ichneumonidae: Hymenoptera), the predominant parasitoid of shoot and fruit borer of brinjal, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)

Solayappan, Ar, 1980:
Mass production of Trichogramma for release in factory areas Parasite breeding, biological control of sugarcane pests in India

Lapshin, Vn, 1980:
Mass production of a house from wood concrete

Metzner, H.A.ann, M.; Binder, K.J.ttner, F., 1983:
Mass production of algae in closed cultivation plants

Goldman, J.; Ryther, J., 1977:
Mass production of algae: bioengineering aspects

Rajendiran, A.S.bramanian, P., 2007:
Mass production of freshwater rotifer, Brachionus calyciflorus, under different diets and regimes

Fielding, Jm, 1970:
Mass production of improved material

Martignoni, Me, 1964:
Mass production of insect pathogens

Aaronson, S.; Dubinsky, Z., 1982:
Mass production of microalgae

Scopes, N.; Pickford, R., 1985:
Mass production of natural enemies

Quiot, J.; Vago, C.P.radis, S., 1970:
Mass production of nuclear polyedrosis virus on tissues of Lepidoptera maintained in survival in vitro

Nolan, Ra, 1981:
Mass production of pathogens

Baksheev, P.-Dmitrievich; Naimitenko, E.-Petrovich, 1980:
Mass production of rabbit meat

Sobczykiewicz, D., 1987:
Mass production of raspberry plants by meristem culture

Jin Hua; Piao XuanChun; Sun Dan; Xiu JingRun; Lian MeiLan, 2007:
Mass production of rhizome and shoot in Cymbidum niveo-marginatum using simple bioreactor

Brown, He, 1984:
Mass production of screwworm flies, Cochliomyia hominivorax

Kim, J.; Shim, S.1; Noh, E.1; Park, J., 1982:
Mass production of selected po

Morgan, Pb, 1981:
Mass production of spalangia endius Walker for augmentative and

Phadke, C.; Rao, V., 1977:
Mass production of spores by Nomuraea rileyi for biological control of insect pests

Jansen, L.; Stadhouders, J.H.p, G., 1969:
Mass production of starter b

Gasser, A.V.n; Zeh, H., 1982 :
Mass production of the insect egg parasite Trichogramma and its use against field crop pests

Freire, R.A.P.; Moraes, G.J. de, 2007:
Mass production of the predatory mite Stratiolaelaps scimitus (Womersley) (Acari: Laelapidae)

Korsh, Y., 1975:
Mass production of useful insects

Yang, Hj, 1979:
Mass production of virus-free Asparagus officinalis L. plants by tissue culture

Anderson, Jr; Washburn, Jo, 1988:
Mass production, field release, and persistence of Lambornella clarki, a parasite of Aedes sierrensis

Anderson, Jr; Washburn, Jo; Gross, Me, 1987:
Mass production, storage, and field release of Lambornella clarki (Ciliophora: Tetrahymenidae), a pathogen of Aedes sierrensis

Anderson, Jr; Washburn, Jo; Gross, Me, 1986:
Mass production, storage, and field release of Lambornella clarki, a pathogen of Aedes sierrensis

Chaturvedi, H.C.S.nha, M., 1979:
Mass propagation of Dioscorea floribunda by tissue culture

Debergh, P.W.el, J.D., 1977:
Mass propagation of Ficus lyrata

Boxus, P.D.uart, P., 1985:
Mass propagation of fruit trees

Venketeswaran, S.G.ndhi, V.R.mano, E.; Nagmani, R., 1983:
Mass propagation of selected trees for biomass by tissue culture

Merkle, S.; Schlarbaum, S.; Cox, R.; Schwarz, O., 1991:
Mass propagation of somatic embryo-derived plantlets of yellow-poplar for field testing

Boxus, P., 1992:
Mass propagation of strawberry and new alternatives for some horticultural crops

Kim, J.; Lee, S.; Chun, Y., 1981:
Mass propagation of tree spec

Mizokami, A.; Tanimoto, S., 2007:
Mass propagation of virus-free Japanese yam plantlets

Spugnoli, P.Z.li, M., 1980:
Mass properties of tomatoes and mechanical sorting

Powell, S.A.; Nguyen, C.T.; Gaziano, J.; Lewis, V.; Lockey, R.F.; Padhya, T.A., 2007:
Mass psychogenic illness presenting as acute stridor in an adolescent female cohort

Stefancik, L., 1976:
Mass quality of a beech stand and its changes by natural development and thinnings

Bouchard, D.; Ouedraogo, A.; Boivin, G.; Amadou, K., 1992:
Mass rearing and life cycle of the African rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzivora H. & G., in Burkina Faso

Gosswald, K., 1978:
Mass rearing and management of queens

Adashkevich, B.; Adashkevich, A.; Shiiko, E., 1975:
Mass rearing and storing of Diaeretiella rapae--parasite ofsphids

Wang, Ly, 1986:
Mass rearing and utilization in biological control of the lady beetle Leis axyridis (Palla)

Bell, R.; Owens, C.; Shapiro, M.T.rdif,. Jr.;, 1981:
Mass rearing and virus production

Akutsu, K.H.nda, K.A.ai, S., 1979:
Mass rearing method of the Udo

Olszak, R.B.kowski, G., 1976:
Mass rearing of Angoumois grain moth,Sitrotroga cerealella Oliv. (Lepidoptera, Gelechidae)

Singh, C.P., 2007:
Mass rearing of Anopheles culicifacies

Delucchi, V.T.dic, M.B.gavac, M., 1950:
Mass rearing of Apanteles plutellae Kurdj. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) and Angitia tibialis Grav. (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), endophagous parasites of Plutella maculipennis Curt. and biological observations on these parasites

Starets, Va, 1976:
Mass rearing of Barathra brassicae on the artificial nutrient medium in the laboratory

Hendrickson, R.Jr, 1975:
Mass rearing of Diglyphus isaea (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) on Liriomyza trifoliearum Spencer (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Injante, Ph, 1997:
Mass rearing of Helicoverpa zeae in Peru

Brewer, M.V.ras, D., 1971:
Mass rearing of Parasierola nigrifemur (Ash.), (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae): First liberations in Calamuchita, Cordoba, Argentina

Critchfield, S.; Harvey, J.1; Kauffman, E., 1982:
Mass rearing of Romanomermis culicivorax a nematode considered for biological mosquito control

Jakab, J., 1979:
Mass rearing of Scotia segetum Schiff. on tomato plants under laboratory conditions

Sugimoto, A., 1981:
Mass rearing of green rice leaf

Pristavko, Vp, 1975:
Mass rearing of insects as an open system (the codling moth Laspeyresia pomonella L. taken as an example)

Sugimoto, A., 1978:
Mass rearing of larvae of the m

Yamaya, K.T.maki, Y., 1972:
Mass rearing of leaf roller mot

Jung, C., 1975:
Mass rearing of queen bees

Singh, R., 1980:
Mass rearing of test insects for bioassay Pesticide residues

Bakowski, G.O.szak, R., 1975:
Mass rearing of the Angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella Oliv.) in laboratory conditions

Vazquez, G.-M.C.rrillo, S.-Jl; Granados, R.-G.G.rcia, M., C., 1975:
Mass rearing of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. smith), and evaluation of artificial infestations on maize in the field

Bosque-Perez, N.; Dabrowski, Z., 1987:
Mass rearing of the maize stem borers Sesamia calamistis and Eldana saccharina at IITA

Tsitsipis, Ja, 1982:
Mass rearing of the olive fruit fly: recent improvements Dacus oleae, in the adult diet

Chiu, Ht, 1977:
Mass rearing of the oriental fruit fly in Taiwan

Chua, T.; Dyck, V.; Pena, N., 1986:
Mass rearing of the parasitoid Pseudognatopus flavifemur (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae) for field-introduction trials

Rasmy, Ah, 1975:
Mass rearing of the predatory mite, Agistemus exsertus, Gonz

Nash, T.; Jordan, A.; Trewern, M., 1971:
Mass rearing of tsetse flies (Glossina spp.)

Mihm, Ja, 1987:
Mass rearing stem borers, fall armyworms, and corn earworms at CIMMYT

Krishnamoorthy, A., 1982:
Mass rearing technique for an indigenous predatory mite, Amblyseius (Typhlordomips) tetranychivorus (Gupta) (Acarina: Phytoseiidae) in the laboratory For field application against spidermites on vegetable crops in India

Tulisalo, U., 1984:
Mass rearing techniques

Leppla, N.; Vail, P.; Rye,. Jr.;, 1984:
Mass rearing the cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni

Burton, Rl, 1969:
Mass rearing the corn earworm (Heliothis zea) in the laboratory

Lynch, J.; Johnson, M., 1991:
Mass rearing the greenhouse whitefly parasitoid Encarsia formosa for augmentative releases in fresh market tomatoes in Hawaii

Stewart, Fd, 1984:
Mass rearing the pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella

Godfray, Hcj, 1985:
Mass rearing the tachinid fly Argyrophylax basifulva, a parasitoid of the greater coconut spike moth

Comeau, A., 1976:
Mass rearing, picking and spreading in the field aphids (Ahidae) vectors of barley yellow dwarf virus

Bedding, Ra, 1986:
Mass rearing, storage and transport of entomopathogenic nematodes

MacLeod, R.; Lind, J.; Clark, J.; Cresswell, W., 2007:
Mass regulation in response to predation risk can indicate population declines

Webster, W.; Field, R., 1977:
Mass release of predatory mites in Goulburn Valley orchards

Bost, R.C.; Perry, R.G., 2006:
Mass removal as a criterion for selecting cost-effective remedies

Kartasheva, T.; Lesteva, E., 1981:
Mass reproduction and the effectiveness of application of Phytoseiulus in Kirghizia Biological control of Tetranychus urticae, pest of vegetables.1

Sinadskii, Iuv, 1976:
Mass reproduction of Agelastica alni in the Nary River floodplain (Moscow Region)

Rubtsova, Nn, 1978:
Mass reproduction of Archips crataegana in oak forests of late-leafing forms

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Mass vaccination

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Mass-spectrometrical studies of

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Mass-transfer model of a multi-component mixture in membrane contactors for optimization of the process of gas separation

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Mass-volume-are related and mechanical properties of soybean as a function of moisture and variety

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Massachusetts Forest and Park Association

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Massachusetts Natural Heritage Program

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Massachusetts Orchid Society

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Massachusetts Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) follow-up study

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Massachusetts University researchers to map cow chromosomes

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Massachusetts WIC Programs

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Massaria inquinans

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Massaria lantanae

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Massaria zanthoxyli

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Masse und Gewichte von Herz, Leber, Milz und Nieren des Rindes

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Massecuite boiling

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Massed training and latent habituation of the deimatic response in the mantid, Stagmatoptera biocellata

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Massentafeln zur Bestimmung des Holzgehaltes stehender Waldbeaume und Waldbesteande

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Massenvermehrungen von Forstschmetterlingen

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Masses for Vienna Bread fillings

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Masses of colour in huge variety

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Masses of the vagina and vulva

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Massey Ferguson 1020 diesel 12 speed

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Massey Ferguson 1030 diesel 12 speed

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Massey Ferguson 245 gasoline

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Massey University Poultry Research Centre

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Massey direct drill breaking new ground

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Massey education

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Massey horticultural degrees and diplomas advance with industry

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Massey moves into marketing

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Massey tractors

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Masseys Garden book for the Southern States

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Massey-Ferguson 1085 diesel

Anonymous, 1973:
Massey-Ferguson 1105 diesel

Anonymous, 1979:
Massey-Ferguson 2745 diesel, 24 speed also 8 speed

Anonymous, 1975:
Massey-Ferguson MF 255 diesel

Anonymous, 1975:
Massey-Ferguson MF 255 gasoline

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Massey-Ferguson MF 275 diesel

Anonymous, 1979:
Massey-Ferguson in Michigan

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Massey-Harris postwar guide

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Massifs of Jaua, Guanacoco and Sarisarinama

Anonymous, 1979:
Massive chicken litigation moves in final phases

Edwards, B., 1990:
Massive Atlanta tree moving sets the stage for Lenox Park

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Massive Cysticercus tenuicollis infection in a sheep

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Massive weight loss decreases corticosteroid-binding globulin levels and increases free cortisol in healthy obese patients: an adaptive phenomenon?

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Massive aerial attack on sugarcane leaf hopper (Pyrilla spp.) by ULV application of malathion

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Massive and exceptional hepatic infestation of ascaris in a lamb

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Massive application of Milko-tester-automatic and Milkotester III equipment in photometric determination of fat content in milk

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Massive attack and pathogenic agents of Simuliidae reptans group (Diptera, Nematocera) on cattle in Trento province

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Massive blood transfusion and mortality in polytrauma patients

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Massive cerebral necrosis of fetuses caused by the venezuelan equine encephalitis virus

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Massive chemical complexes battle cotton

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Massive congenital intracranial immature teratoma of the lateral ventricle with retro-orbital extension: a case report and review of the literature

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Massive cultivation of microalgae to treat used water in rural areas and specialized industrial effluents

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Massive deaths in beehives following trauma

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Massive dose application of fungicides: a new concept in apple scab control

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Massive Dracunculus insignis infection in a dog

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Massive dressing with phosphorus and potassium in a five-year crop rotation

Lopes, R., M.; Dam, H., G.; Aquino, N., A.; Monteiro-Ribas, W.; Rull, L., 2007:
Massive egg production by a salp symbiont, the poecilostomatoid copepod Sapphirina angusta Dana, 1849

Song, Y.; Li, A., 2007:
Massive elemental mercury ingestion

Godina, G.P.irone, S., 1971:
Massive extrusion of nucleoli from the nucleus in living cells cultivated in vitro

Anonymous, 1991:
Massive field tests for USDAs genetically engineered potatoes

Fagbemi, A.A.O.; Torrente, F.; Hilson, A.J.W.; Thomson, M.A.; Heuschkel, R.B.; Murch, S.H., 2006:
Massive gastrointestinal haemorrhage in isolated intestinal Henoch-Schonlein purpura with response to intravenous immunoglobulin infusion

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Massive hatching of Lepidoptera in 1976

Lloyd, Da, 1982:
Massive hepatobiliary ascariasis in childhood

McCulloch, P.C.; Bush-Joseph, C.A., 2006:
Massive heterotopic ossification complicating iliopsoas tendon lengthening: a case report

Ramos, G.; Flageat, G.; Queiroz, G.; Nacif, G.; Fiorentino, R.; Arata, A.; Capalbo, L.; Shilton, J., 2006:
Massive hospital admission of patients with respiratory failure resulting from smoke inhalation injury: the Cromagnon Republic Tragedy

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Massive ileal diverticulum: an uncommon anomaly

Fesenko, I.K., 1956:
Massive increase in the productivity of livestock production ; from the experience of workers of the collective farms of the Chernovitsky regions

Pospieszny, H.; Cajza, M., 2006:
Massive infection of zucchini plants growing in the field by viruses

Topacoglu, H.; Karcioglu, O.; Ozsarac, M.; Oray, D.; Niyazi Ozucelik, D.; Tuncok, Y., 2004:
Massive intracranial hemorrhage associated with the ingestion of dimethyl sulfoxide

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Massive isolation of the virgin females of Pseudococcus calceolariae (Mask.) (Homoptera, Coccoidea) by means of a juvenile hormone

Muffly, T.; Vadlamani, I.; Weed, J.C., 2007:
Massive leiomyoma of the broad ligament

Vescovini, R.; Biasini, C.; Fagnoni, F.F.; Telera, A.Rita.; Zanlari, L.; Pedrazzoni, M.; Bucci, L.; Monti, D.; Medici, M.Cristina.; Chezzi, C.; Franceschi, C.; Sansoni, P., 2007:
Massive load of functional effector CD4+ and CD8+ T cells against cytomegalovirus in very old subjects

Canteneur, 1974:
Massive losses of bee colonies in the northeast of France d uring spring 1973

Holder, W., 1993:
Massive migration of potato blight fungus may be worst since Irish famine

Coard, K.; Plummer, J., 2007:
Massive multilocular cystic leiomyoma of the uterus: an extreme example of hydropic degeneration

Galkin, Gi, 1979:
Massive multiplication of Acautholyda posticalis in forests

Yokoo, H.; Nakazato, Y.; Harigaya, Y.; Sasaki, N.; Igeta, Y.; Itoh, H., 2007:
Massive myelinolytic leukoencephalopathy in a patient medicated with low-dose oral methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis: an autopsy report

Goralski, J.M.rcik, S., 1971:
Massive phosphorus and potassium fertilization of alfalfa different liming methods

Mantzios, G.; Tsirigotis, P.; Pappa, V.; Spirou, K.; Giannopoulou, V.; Kaitsa, I.; Girkas, K.; Papageorgiou, E.; Dervenoulas, J., 2007:
Massive pulmonary embolism after treatment with rFVIIa in a thrombocytopenic patient with acute myelogenous leukemia and intractable bleeding

Mezentsev, Av, 1981:
Massive regeneration of alfalfa plants from cells and protoplasts

Woods, C., 1973:
Massive research effort aimed at mysterious citrus disease

Campbell-Valois, F.X.; Tarassov, K.; Michnick, S.W., 2007:
Massive sequence perturbation of the Raf ras binding domain reveals relationships between sequence conservation, secondary structure propensity, hydrophobic core organization and stability (vol 362, pg 151, 2006)

Owen, D.; Svenson, B., 1974:
Massive species diversity in a sample of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) from southern Sweden

Pugliese, J.; Peterson, A.C., 2007:
Massive steinstrasse after treatment of a staghorn calculus

Reed, B.-L.E.erlein, G.D.nald, 1972:
Massive sulfide deposits near Shellabarger Pass, southern Alaska Range, Alaska

Anonymous, 1972:
Massive survey underway: NAS

Salmi, R.; Gaudenzi, P.; D.T.daro, F.; Morandi, P.; Nielsen, I.; Manfredini, R., 2007:
Massive thrombosis of brachiocephalic veins and superior vena cava syndrome in a patient with non-small cell lung cancer treated with the epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor erlotinib

Simpson, R.M.; Waters, D.J.; Gebhard, D.H.; Casey, H.W., 1992:
Massive thymoma with medullary differentiation in a dog

Goh, B.K.P.; Koong, H-Nung., 2006:
Massive traumatic extrapleural hematoma mimicking hemothorax: a potential pitfall of penetrating chest trauma

Pratella, G.; Tonini, G.C.mino, A., 1980:
Massive treatment of strawberries with carbon dioxide for transportation

Robredo, F., 1980:
Massive treatments with diflubenzuron against the pine processionary caterpillar in Spain Thaumetopoea pityocampa.1

Pavletic, Mm, 1990:
Massive trunk wound caused by thermal trauma

Vorozheĭkina, E.G.; Biriukova, L.S.; Savchenko, V.G., 2006:
Massive tumor cytolysis syndrome

Davis, J.D.; Carroccio, S., 2007:
Massive uterovaginal prolapse in a young nulligravida with ascites: a case report

Nothhelfer, Karl, 1947:
Massivholz, Sperrholz, Gussholz?

Michelsen, T.; Olsson, L., 1981:

Kruzhkov, V., 1954:
Massovaia politicheskaia rabota na sele i zadachi pechati

Anonymous, 1954:
Massovo-poditicheskaia rabota na sele

Kozlova, O., 1948:
Massovo-politicheskaeiia rabota na sele

Li, E.; Zhao, A.; Shea-Donohue, T.; Singer, S.M., 2007:
Mast cell-mediated changes in smooth muscle contractility during mouse giardiasis

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