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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16336

Chapter 16336 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Svirezhev, I.-M.P.sekov, V.P., 1981:
Mathematical models in ecology and genetics

Petrosian, L.A.Z.kharov, V.V., 1997:
Mathematical models in environmental policy analysis

Lovachev, L.; Khomutov, B., 1974:
Mathematical models in forecasting butter stability in storage

Li, Ch*-Degrees-*ua-Chung, 1988:
Mathematical models in forest resource management planning

Gordeev, A.S., 1990:
Mathematical models in horticulture

Witten, Matthew, 1988:
Mathematical models in medicine, volume 2

Kharin, Ng, 1976:
Mathematical models in phenology

Kurtener, D.; Trubacheva, G.1; Tomilov, L., 1982:
Mathematical models in the problem of using low-potential heat for warming protected ground Greenhouses

Obled, C.R.sse, B., 1977:
Mathematical models of a melting snowpack at an index plot

Elkina, V.N.Z.goruiko, N.-Grigor'-Evich; Novoselov, I.-Anatol'-Evich, 1987:
Mathematical models of agricultural information

Kuleshis, A.; Kenstavichius, I., 1976:
Mathematical models of artificial form factors

Ozolins, R., 1974:
Mathematical models of assortment structure of fir trunks of average form

Park, K.; Chung, D., 1984:
Mathematical models of capital requirment for feed mills

Flaherty, B.; McGarry, J.P.; McHugh, P.E., 2007:
Mathematical models of cell motility

Przybysz, T., 1982:
Mathematical models of crop rotation experiments

Fain, Am, 1981:
Mathematical models of grain mass self-heating for the regulation of the storage process

Chawla, A.; Hazarika, S., 1980:
Mathematical models of groundwater basins using Tyson Weber polygonal grid system in the Sarda Sahayak Command in Uttar Pradesh, India

Nedava, V.; Vlasov, V.; Shvidenko, M., 1984:
Mathematical models of heifer selection for milk production

Law, L.A.Frey.; Shields, R.K., 2007:
Mathematical models of human paralyzed muscle after long-term training

Ogil'-Vi, N.; Cherniak, G.; Sharapanov, N., 1975:
Mathematical models of hydrogeological conditions on irrigated areas based on geophysical information

Anonymous, 1979:
Mathematical models of hydrological confluence

Modina, T.N.; Mamayeva, Y.V., 2007:
Mathematical models of interference of vegetative and parodontological status in adolescents

Nepomniashchii, V.; Chumakov, V., 1978:
Mathematical models of optimizing dates of harvesting and productivity formation of irrigated alfalfa

Ding, Y.; Lan, Z.; Chen, Y., 1984:
Mathematical models of pest-natural enemy systems with searching effect and composite interactions

Poluektov, Ra, 1977:
Mathematical models of plant productivity

Kurchenko, Ts, 1979:
Mathematical models of processes of initial producing in a reservoir (Review)

Nakao, M.; Karashima, A.; Katayama, N., 2007:
Mathematical models of regulatory mechanisms of sleep-wake rhythms

Chen, Q.; Zhao, S.; Yang, F., 1981:
Mathematical models of retrogr

Prihoda, J., 1976:
Mathematical models of rheological properties of wheat doughs

Ciazyńska-Halarewicz, K.; Helbin, M.; Korzenecki, Pł.; Kowalska, T., 2007:
Mathematical models of solute retention in gas chromatography as sources of thermodynamic data. Part IV. Aliphatic alcohols as the test analytes

Nei, M., 1976:
Mathematical models of speciation and genetic distance

Svanidze, Gg, 1975:
Mathematical models of streamflow for water power (water management) calculations

Antanaitis, Vv, 1971:
Mathematical models of the current annual increment of several forest tree species

Bacescu, M., 1971:
Mathematical models of the phenomena and economic processes in food industry

Schuring, D., 1969:
Mathematical models of the rigid wheel on soft soil

Costello, W.; Taylor, H., 1975:
Mathematical models of the sterile male technique of insect control

Karmanova, I.V., 1976:
Mathematical models of the study of the growth and the productivity of plants

Asrodulski, Tadeusz, 1980:
Mathematical models of underground water wells

Montero-Gonzaalez, G., 1988:
Mathematical models to estimate the cork yield in cork oak (Quercus suber L.) stands in relation to the stand quality and the quality and the silvicultural treatments

Obst, A., 1979:
Mathematical models used in the description of disease and pest epidemics

Hansen, E., 1976:
Mathematical models used in water planning

Kirsis, J.C.une, A., 1976:
Mathematical modulation and optimization of the process of wood preservation

Gil'-Manov, Tagir-Gabdulnurovich, 1978:
Mathematical moelling of biogeochemical cycles in grassland ecosystems

Maragos, P.-A.S.hafer, R.-W.B.tt, M.-Akmal, 1996:
Mathematical morphology and its applications to image and signal processing

Ansoult, M.; Soille, P., 1990:
Mathematical morphology: a tool for automated GIS data acquisition from scanned thematic maps

Johnson, Gl, 1972:
Mathematical notes on the neoclassical and modified neoclassical theory of the firm

Badewitz, Siegfried, 1978:
Mathematical optimum in socialistic agriculture from economic and technological point of view

Marokhon'-Ko, P.T.rkova, M.M.nskii, V., 1970:
Mathematical parameters of yield capacity

Skrypka, Ah, 1982:
Mathematical peculiarities of ma

Kharin, N.; Kiril'-Tseva, A., 1975:
Mathematical phenology and prospects of its development

Fleischer, Lg, 1978:
Mathematical physical models for drying very dry products

Skurchinskaia, Z.; Glukhovskii, D.; Kapranov, V.; Petrenko, I.; Khakalo, E., 1972:
Mathematical planning of experiment in study of materials for a water-regulating system

Arino, O.; Axelrod, D.-E.K.mmel, M., 1991:
Mathematical population dynamics

Fekete, F., 1973:
Mathematical presentation of main economic characteristics related to structural changes in the agriculture of Hungary

Rashevsky, Nicolas, 1961:
Mathematical principles in biology and their applications

Goncharov, Es, 1975:
Mathematical probability model of the process of separating grain by means of vibro-centrifugal screens

Gliem, J.; Warmbrod,. Jr.;, 1985:
Mathematical problem--solving skills of high school vocational agriculture students

Gliem, J.; Warmbrod,. Jr.;, 1986:
Mathematical problem-solving skills of high school vocational agriculture students and undergraduate students in agricultural education

Anonymous, 1995:
Mathematical problems in engineering

Rubinow, S.I., 1973:
Mathematical problems in the biological sciences

Holdsworth, S.D., 1968:
Mathematical procedures for calculating freezing times for foodstuffs and methods of determining temperature distributions in frozen products

Anonymous, 1975:
Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Drboglav, Es, 1974:
Mathematical processing of experimental data of enochemical analyses

Zviagintsev, Am, 1984:
Mathematical processing of the results of the comparison of different methods of agrochemical analysis

Podol'-Skii, A.; Shatunova, L.; Tokareva, V., 1974:
Mathematical prognosis of the development period of medicina l plants for the purpose of a rationalization of their procu rement (Convallaria majalis as an example)

Nam, Bkh, 1975:
Mathematical programing without the use of expensive equipment

Boussard, J., 1970:
Mathematical programming and behaviour of growers: previsionary models

Craven, B.D., 1978:
Mathematical programming and control theory

Spreen, T.-H.M.carl, B., A., 1978:
Mathematical programming as a tool for sector analysis

Jonasson, Lars, 1996:
Mathematical programming for sector analysis

Sylwestrzak, Jw, 1971:
Mathematical programming in designing and construction of forest roads

Petriccione, S.; Piccioni, L., 1976:
Mathematical programming in planning for a large-scale project: the case of the Puglia-Brasilicata water system

Balinski, M.L.L.marechal, C., 1978:
Mathematical programming in use

Sylwestrazak, J., 1972:
Mathematical programming methods in desingning and building forest roads

Chalita, T.-Le; Barrera, I., D., 1975:
Mathematical programming models applied to water management

Okada, N.Y.shikawa, K., 1979:
Mathematical programming models applied to water resources planning

Bracken, J., 1963:
Mathematical Programming Models For Selection Of Diets To Minimize Weighted Radionuclide Intake

Reinert, Ka, 1983:
Mathematical programming models for the economic design and assessment of wind energy conversion systems

Sowell, R.; Corcoran, T.; Anderson, A., 1975:
Mathematical programming system (MPS

Fox, Glenn, 1986:
Mathematical programming with MINOS

Tzeng, Y-Huei.; Li, W-Hsiung.; Chuang, T-Juen., 2007:
Mathematical properties of some measures of evolutionary distance

Kubulinia, A.; Strauiuma, L., 1979:
Mathematical provision for the solution of optimization tasks of linear programming on ES computer

Verdc, A.-; Vclzquez-Araujo, L.-; Carbonell-Barrachina, C., A., 2007:
Mathematical quantification of almond content in Jijona turrcdn

Verdu, A.; Vazquez-Araujo, L.; Carbonell-Barrachina, A., A., 2007:
Mathematical quantification of almond content in Jijona turron

Kraitchik, Maurice, 1942:
Mathematical recreations

Ball, W.W-Rouse, 1944:
Mathematical recreations & essays

Wahl, K., 1975:
Mathematical reflections on the location of an apiary

Pichon, G., 1974:
Mathematical relations between the number of microfilaria ingested and the number of parasites in different natural or experimental vectors of filariosis

Liu, J.; Simpson, W., 1996:
Mathematical relationship between surface emission and diffusion coefficients

Vickery, P.J.; Hedges, D.A., 1972:
Mathematical relationships and computer routines for a productivity model of improved pasture grazed by merino sheep

Wiegert, Rg, 1975:
Mathematical representation of ecological interactions

Yarranton, Ga, 1971:
Mathematical representations and models in plant ecology: response to a note by R. mead

Kwun, Sk, 1983:
Mathematical simulation model

Palagin, E.G., 1981:
Mathematical simulation of agrometeorological conditions of winter crops wintering

Singh, S.-Ram, S.-Research-Engineer; Van-Genuchten, R., 1989:
Mathematical simulation of basinwide groundwater salinization

Garcia-Alvarado, M.; Herman-Lara, E., 2004:
Mathematical simulation of batch convective drying of food with sorption isotherms calculated by Ross equation

Paine, M.; Witz, J.; Butchbaker, A.; Bacon, C.; Mccroskey, J., 1974:
Mathematical simulation of energy metabolism in beef animals

Birtles, A.; Wilkinson, W., 1975:
Mathematical simulation of groundwater abstraction from confined aquifers for river regulation

Bimbenet, Jj, 1974:
Mathematical simulation of important phenomena in the food industries. 3. transfers of movement quantities: Trajectories of particles in centrifuges to discs a assiettes

Husain, A.C.en, C.; Clayton, J.; Whitney, L., 1972:
Mathematical simulation of mass and heat transfer in high moisture foods

Globus, A.; Tsipris, I., 1977:
Mathematical simulation of nonisothermal water exchange in soil

Knoblauch, Armin, 1978:
Mathematical simulation of phosphor in backwater

Shelton, G.; Stewart, D., 1974:
Mathematical simulation of plywood glueline temperatures andpress times

Onishi, Y.; Trent, D., S., 1982:
Mathematical simulation of sediment and radionuclide transport in estuaries

Husain, Ashfaq, 1973:
Mathematical simulation of simultaneous mass and heat diffusion in biological materials

Trofimov, A.; Moskovkin, V., 1983:
Mathematical simulation of stable and equilibrium river bed profiles and slopes

Castellanos-Castro, M.L.pez-Guzman, P.G.rcia-Pardo, M., 1976:
Mathematical simulation of systems for the recovery of black liquors

Karpov, V.; Kheisin, D., 1981:
Mathematical simulation of the continuous method for infrared disinfection of grain

Seceleanu, I., 1975:
Mathematical simulation of the organization of forest production natural process

Meyer, L.; Wischmeier, W., 1969:
Mathematical simulation of the process of soil erosion by water

Kuznetsov, Vm, 1989:
Mathematical simulation of the selection process in a dairy herd

Zaritzky, Ne, 1983:
Mathematical simulation of the thermal behavior of frozen meat during its storage and distribution

Galanin, M.; Zaitseva, R., 1981:
Mathematical simulation of water migration during evaporation under constant ambient conditions

Rieu, M., 1980:
Mathematical simulation. A method for study of saline soils

Pei, X.; Chen, W.1; Weng, W.1; Zhang, G., 1982:
Mathematical simulations of the

Bart, A.B.eev, K.M.l'-Tseva, N., 1976:
Mathematical statistical analysis of the host pest relations of warble flies

Mosiiuk, P.; Novak, L., 1973:
Mathematical statistical methods

Orsi, F.K.chan, A., 1975:
Mathematical statistical methods in the evaluation of sensory testing results

Fries, J., 1966:
Mathematical statistical problems in the construction of yield tables

Andrei, Cn, 1981:
Mathematical statistics applied in honey microscopy

Rabinovich, L., 1973:
Mathematical statistics in the examination of collective farm production

Jahani, M.; Asghari, A.R., 2006 :
Mathematical structure of wheat cost function in arasbaran area

Li, Wen-Hsiung, 1973:
Mathematical studies on mutational damages in finite populations

Podder, C., N.; Gumel, A., B.; Bowman, C., S.; Mcleod, R., G., 2007:
Mathematical study of the impact of quarantine, isolation and vaccination in curtailing an epidemic

Fridlender, N.; Panov, V., 1986:
Mathematical substantiation of accuracy improvement in cutting of tops at machine harvesting of root crops

Farach-Colton, Martin, 1999:
Mathematical support for molecular biology

Anonymous, 1991:
Mathematical supported analysis and laboratory data systems

Faifr, V.F.ifr, V., 1976:
Mathematical taxonomy applied to the meadow typology of the Vltava Mead

Hoppensteadt, Frank-Charles, 1975:
Mathematical theories of populations

Meineke, Henning, 1978:
Mathematical theory of relative coordination and the gaits of some vertebrates

Teramoto, E.; Yamaguchi, M., 1987:
Mathematical topics in population biology, morphogenesis, and neurosciences

Malkevitch, J.; Mccarthy, D., 1990:
Mathematical vistas

Skulkin, Vs, 1979:
Mathematical-cartographic modeling of forest vegetation of the USSR and computer maps of its conditions

Simonov, A.V.S.monova, L.P.Z.ukov, V.-Tikhonovich; Serbeneiiuk, S.-Nikolaevich, 1981:
Mathematical-cartographical modelling of the agriculture of the Moldavian SSR

Hempel, G.N.be, W.C.n, T.V.n; Bosener, M., 1980:
Mathematical-cybernetic modeling of growth result and expense in fertilized spruce stands

Drion, E.F.; Mossel, D.A., 1972:
Mathematical-ecological aspects of the examination for enterobacteriaceae of foods processed for safety

Kemter, H., 1973:
Mathematical-mechanical relations in measuring rheological qualities of sirup and sirup-crystal mixtures by means of the rheometer process value transmitter

Pelka, W., 1982:
Mathematical-numeric models for the calculation of instationary ground water currents in large watersheds

Boguslavskaya, N.; Gurevich, B.; Filippov, A., 1983:
Mathematical-statistical analysis of conditions for infection of potato tubers of Phytophthora causal agent

Kubicke, J.K.alik, O.Z.manek, F., 1972:
Mathematical-statistical analysis of growth in cattle

Mannel, R.L.ndner, H., 1982:
Mathematical-statistical analysis of herbicide experiments in fruit tree plantations

Kabat, L.H.rniakova, E.K.vac, M., 1985:
Mathematical-statistical analysis of the results of a trial with layers SS 285

Hauck, W.R.hschuh, D., 1975:
Mathematical-statistical errors not in the 1970 HET

Roeder, A., 1972:
Mathematical-statistical evaluation methods and the number of forest visitors

Orsi, F., 1972:
Mathematical-statistical evaluation of sensory scoring

Orsi, F., 1973:
Mathematical-statistical evaluation of the results of sensoric score judging

Freier, B.W.rnstorff, K.D.rfel, H.W.tzel, T., 1986:
Mathematical-statistical examination of the horizontal dispersion dynamics of insect pests in winter wheat

Huszka, T., 1970:
Mathematical-statistical investigations on the pigment content of Szeged paprika milling products in the years 1959 to 1967

Novoselov, Iua, 1978:
Mathematical-statistical methods of making short-term forecasts of productivity of cows

Banyai, J., 1975:
Mathematical-statistical methods of the sensory assessment of fruits and wines in Hungary

Moskal, V.T.sovsky, J.N.votny, J., 1983:
Mathematical-statistical model of mating with respect to inbreeding

Klyosov, A.; Grigorash, S.; Gromov, A., 1987:
Mathematically modeling the kinetics of the multienzyme hydrolysis of insoluble cellulose

Kuno, E., 1973:
Mathematicdal model of preying

Vaskovsky, P.H.labrin, M., 1984:
Mathematico-statistical analysis of winter rape production

Svobodova, V., 1985:
Mathematico-statistical evaluation of relations between some indicators of soil capability and nutrient regime in the drained brown forest soil in relation to nitrate leaching

Berschneider, F.F.chner, G., 1972:
Mathematico-statistical randon test method to determine the inorganic substance supply status in cattle herds

Blackwell, D.; Henkin, L., 1989:

Anonymous, 2005:
Mathematics and 21st century biology

Foote, R., 2007:
Mathematics and complex systems

Biswas, A. K., 1974:
Mathematics and computers

Anonymous, 1977:
Mathematics and computers in simulation

Paolya, George, 1954:
Mathematics and plausible reasoning

Miller, George, A., 1964:
Mathematics and psychology

Tintner, Gerhard, 1953:
Mathematics and statistics for economists

Anonymous, 1999:
Mathematics applications in aquaculture

Anonymous, 1998:
Mathematics describe tendril perversion

James, R.-C.A.chian, A.-Albert; James, G., 1976:
Mathematics dictionary

James, Glenn, 1943:
Mathematics dictionary, giving the meaning of the basic mathematical words and phrases

Howley, Cb, 2003:
Mathematics education in rural communities: an essay on the parameters of respectful research

Rogers, B.-C.H.kanson, C., M., 2000:
Mathematics for agriculture

Wersan, Norman, 1975:
Mathematics for commercial foods

Takeuchi, Y.I.asa, Y.S.to, K., 2007:
Mathematics for ecology and environmental sciences

Yamane, Taro, 1962:
Mathematics for economists

Cooke, Nelson-Magor, 1942:
Mathematics for electricians and radiomen

Franklin, W.S., 1908:
Mathematics For Engineers

Whisler, B.L.uise; Whisler, L.-Lee; Whisler, D.-Dee, 1992:
Mathematics for health professionals

Mortimer, Robert, G., 2005:
Mathematics for physical chemistry

Alger, Philip-Langdon, 1957:
Mathematics for science & engineering

Spoethric, Samuel-Waldo, 1945:
Mathematics for the accountant

Kynch, G.J., 1955:
Mathematics for the chemist

Schorling, R.; Clark, J.-Roscoe; Lankford, F.-Greenfield, 1947:
Mathematics for the consumer

Hogben, L.-Thomas; Horrabin, J.-Francis, 1941:
Mathematics for the million

Mcgee, Roger-Valentine, 1942:
Mathematics in agriculture

Capasso, V.G.osso, E.P.veri-Fontana, S.L., 1985:
Mathematics in biology and medicine

Magro-Magro, V., 1973:
Mathematics in bread manufacture

Magro-Magro, V., 1973:
Mathematics in bread manufacture. iI

Magro-Magro, V., 1973:
Mathematics in bread manufacture: Calculation for mass weight which must be determined by piece for the minimum content of dry matter

Magro-Magro, V., 1973:
Mathematics in bread manufacture: Calculation of the excess or lack of weight by its dry matter content, according to its maximum limit of humidity

Siler, R.; Vachal, J.; Vins, J., 1967:
Mathematics in breeding practice

Jug, Karl, 1993:
Mathematics in chemistry

Sanders, Helen, N., 1988:
Mathematics in clinical dietetics

Price, Gg, 1989:
Mathematics in early childhood

Bazin, Michael, J., 1983:
Mathematics in microbiology

Adam, John, A., 2003:
Mathematics in nature

Thieme, Horst, R., 2003:
Mathematics in population biology

Le-Roy, Hl, 1981:
Mathematics in teaching and research at the Department of Agriculture of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Magro-Magro, V., 1973:
Mathematics in the manufacture of bread: the weight of the flour in relation to its moisture

Thomas, Henry, 1940:
Mathematics made easy

Spellman, Frank, R., 2004:
Mathematics manual for water and wastewater treatment plant operators

Curtis, Arthur, B., 1946:
Mathematics of accounting

Mcdonald, G.H.bble, I., 1973:
Mathematics of hygiene

Ahmed, M., 1990:
Mathematics of taste

Steen, Lynn, A., 1978:
Mathematics today

Sarukkai, Sundar, 2007:
Mathematics, nature and cryptography: Insights from philosophy of information

Magen, Von-Dieter, 1962:
Mathematik feur die Fachschulen feur Landwirtschaft

Sirk, Hugo, 1944:
Mathematik feur naturwissenschaftler und chemiker

Rochat, Jean-Claude, 1980:
Mathematis for managing the environment

Blanckmeister, Johannes, 1957:
Mathematischer und physikalischer Grundriss feur Forstwirte

Magro, Vm, 1973:
Mathemetics in bread manufacture: Weight of the flour in relation to its moisture. IV

Mukhopadhyay, T.; Nadkarni, S.R.; Bhat, R.G.; Gupte, S.V.; Ganguli, B.N.; Petry, S.; Kogler, H., 1999:
Mathemycin B, a new antifungal macrolactone from actinomycete species HIL Y-8620959

De-Mendonca, Mm, 1981:
Mathevotaenia cruzsilvai n. sp. (Cestoda, Anoplocephalidae), parasite of Macaca irus F. Cuvier, 1818

Mathews, R.H.W.ng, M.Y.C.ao, Yuen-Ren, 1950:
Mathews Chinese-English dictionary

Tuxen, Sl, 1977:
Mathias Thomsen, 9 October 1896-3 July 1976

Cercler, Renae, 1946:
Mathieu de Dombasle (1777-1843)

Pinkas, Y.A.cher, K., 1986:
Mathilda Chorin (1903-1986)--in memoriam

Nelson, P.C.ockett, L., 1990:
Mathilde (Tillie) P. Weingartner: An appreciation of a life well lived

Nikolova, N., 1978:
Mathiola incana and Mathiola annua

Gattefosse, Jean, 1943:
Matieres premieres vegetales marocaines, flore spontanee

Henrey, Robert, Mrs, 1950:
Matilda and the chickens

Anonymous, 1994:
Mating & reproduction

Okutani-Akamatsu, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Azuma, M., 2007:
Mating attraction by Stenotus rubrovittatus (Heteroptera: Miridae) females and its relationship to ovarian development

Messina, F., J.; Bloxham, A., J.; Seargent, A., J., 2007:
Mating Compatibility between Geographic Populations of the Seed Beetle Callosobruchus maculatus

Fernández-Manjarrés, J.F.; Idol, J.; Sork, V.L., 2006:
Mating patterns of black oak Quercus velutina (Fagaceae) in a Missouri oak-hickory forest

Fernández-M, J.F.; Sork, V.L., 2005:
Mating patterns of a subdivided population of the andean oak (Quercus humboldtii Bonpl., Fagaceae)

Kaya, N.I.ik, K.A.ams, W., 2006:
Mating System and Pollen Contamination in a Pinus brutia Seed Orchard

?liwka, J.-; Sobkowiak, S.-; Lebecka, R.-; Avendaclo-Ccdrcoles, J.-; Zimnoch-Guzowska, E., 2006:
Mating Type, Virulence, Aggressiveness and Metalaxyl Resistance of Isolates of Phytophthora Infestans in Poland

Vergnes, D.M.rcado; Zhanarbekova, A.R.nard, M.E.D.veiller, E.M.raite, H., 2006:
Mating Types of Phaeosphaeria nodorum (anamorph Stagonospora nodorum) from Central Asia

Fowler, Dg, 1985 :
Mating activity and its relationship to reproductive performance in Merino sheep

Schroeder, W.; Chambers, D., 1977:
Mating activity and mating compatibility in melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae, populations

Economopoulos, Ap, 1970:
Mating activity and mortality in normal and chemosterilant Oncopeltus fasciatus males

Proshold, Fi, 1983:
Mating activity and movement of Cylas formicarius elegantulus (Coleoptera Curculionidae) on sweetpotato

Brady, U.; Daley, R., 1975:
Mating activity of Cadra cautella during exposure to synthetic sex pheromone and related compounds in the laboratory

Volcani, R., 1975:
Mating age of heifers.

Bandoni, R.; Johri, B.; Reid, S., 1975:
Mating among isolates of three species of Sporobolomyces

Sakaluk, SK.; Morris, GK.; Snedden, WA., 1987:
Mating and its effect on acoustic signalling behaviour in a primitive orthopteran, Cyphoderris strepitans (Haglidae): the cost of feeding females

Parks, Gl, 1976:
Mating and management systems to fully utilize different breed types

Halffter, G.H.lffter, V1; Huerta, C., 1980:
Mating and nesting behavior of Eurysternus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae Ethology, histology, morphology, Mexico

Kurczewski, FE.; Kurczewski, EJ., 1984 :
Mating and nesting behavior of Tachytes intermedius (Viereck) (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

Silva, J.-Da; Malavasi, A., 1993:
Mating and oviposition behavior of Anastrepha grandis under laboratory conditions

Treacy, Dennis, 1997:
Mating and reproduction

Doyen, Am, 1981:
Mating and reproduction of horses in Greek equestrian texts

Scheloske, Hw, 1975:
Mating and sound emission in the beetle Laccobius minutus (L.) (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae)

Okelo, O., 1975:
Mating and sperm migration in the female Schistocerca vaga Scudder. I. The structure and innervation of the spermatheca

Okelo, O., 1975:
Mating and sperm migration in the female Schistocerca vaga Scudder. II. Sexual behavior, insemination and spermatodesm migration

Jussiaux, M.T.illaud-Geyl, C., 1984:
Mating at breeding stations

Anonymous, 1977:
Mating at nine months of age

Milla, J., 1979:
Mating beehive base

Balander, R.J.; Bursian, S.J.; Van Krey, H.P.; Siegel, P.B., 1984:
Mating behavior and brain biogenic amine concentrations in chickens treated with parachlorophenylalanine (PCPA)

Klug, E.W.itze, K.; Freytag, K.W.tzmann, P.L.pel, J.N.umann-Kleinpaul, K., 1976:
Mating behavior and characteristics of genital secretions of geldings prior and after castration

Cavalloro, R.; Delrio, G., 1974:
Mating behavior and competitiveness of gamma-irradiated olive fruit flies

Meagher, R., L.; Epsky, N., D.; Cherry, R., 2007:
Mating behavior and female-produced pheromone use in tropical sod webworm (Lepidoptera : Crambidae)

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Matters to be noted in handling the registration of private farm land lease contracts

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