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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 16385

Chapter 16385 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Sambergs, A., 1977:
Milk and swine producers leisure time in 1977

Martin, I. C. A., 1969:
Milk and synthetic diluents for ram semen

Orfila-Reynal, Arnaldo, 1944:
Milk and the dairy farm

Howaniec, G., 1976:
Milk and the media: the facts behind the headlines

Eck, Andre, 1975:
Milk and the milk industry

Wrenn, T.R.; Bitman, J.; Weyant, J.R.; Wood, D.L.; Wiggers, K.D.; Edmondson, L.F., 1977:
Milk and tissue lipid composition after feeding cows protected polyunsaturated fat for two years

Scott, F.; Norris, J.; Kolb, H., 1996:
Milk and type I diabetes: examining the evidence and broadening the focus

Anonymous, 1976:
Milk and us

Havlova, J.V.jtisek, V.T.ply, M.C.lik, K., 1983:
Milk and whey delactozation by means of immobilized cells with beta-D-galacosidase activity

Riedel, C.; Hansen, R., 1979:
Milk and whey products as an ingredient of sugar and cacao products. III

Riedel, C.; Hansen, R., 1979:
Milk and whey products as an ingredient of sugar products and cacao products. II

Riedel, C.; Hansen, R., 1979:
Milk and whey products as components of candies and cocoa products. I

Mainardi, B., 1970:
Milk anomaly

Cullor, Js, 1995:
Milk antibiotic residue tests and veterinary practice

Alderson, N.; Condon, R.; Von-Bredow, J., 1997:
Milk antibiotic screening tests: evaluation, characteristics and use

Pritchard, G., 2001:
Milk antibody testing in cattle

Calvet, L., 1974:
Milk as a basic food

Peres,. Jr.;, 1972:
Milk as a byproduct from meat

Heiber, J., 1976:
Milk as a contrast program

Sommer, H., 1976:
Milk as a mark

Matallana-Ventura, Santiago, 1947:
Milk as a natural product

Prokop, L., 1974:
Milk as a performance food and in fitness training

Anonymous, 1978:
Milk as a raw material for industry; papers of a scientific session organized by the Section for Cattle Raising and Breeding of the Polish Animal Husbandry Society, Warsaw, September 23-24, 1976

Hillerton, Je, 1997:
Milk as a risk factor for BSE

Mechor, Gd, 1997:
Milk as a risk factor for Crohns disease

Atherton, Hv, 1981:
Milk as a soil

Michon, G., 1969:
Milk as a vector of radioactive nuclides predicting the consequences of an accidental pollution of pastures

Molano-Campuzano, Joaquain, 1950:
Milk as a vehicle of life or death

Shirreffs, S.M.; Watson, P.; Maughan, R.J., 2007:
Milk as an effective post-exercise rehydration drink

Zavalia, E.De, 1973:
Milk as it leaves the cow

Mergl, M., 1976:
Milk as raw material for the dairy industry

Manz, D., 1981:
Milk as substrate for the diagnosis of enzootic bovine leukosis of cattle

Whitted, S.-F.L.sley, F.-Alvin, 1965:
Milk assembly in southwest Missouri

Flynn, J., 1974:
Milk assembly--time of change

Urup, K., 1971:
Milk at production point

Halden, W., 1973:
Milk at work: a great danger?

Carlisle, R.-M.H.cks, J., W., 1951:
Milk bargaining associations serving Indiana

Mann, Ej, 1970:
Milk base spread with low fat content

Kube, Jmu, 1978:
Milk based materials for the candy industry

Dalvi, G.W.; Ingle, V.C.; Kalorey, D.R.; Kothekar, M.D.; Kurkure, N.V.; Godbole, S.M., 2005:
Milk based prevalence of brucellosis in bovine in Vidarbha region

Anonymous, 1962:
Milk beverage consumption patterns

Rajmony, L.G.rg, S.; Bhale, P.Y.dava, R., 1983:
Milk borne staphylococcal intoxication

Heidenreich, K., 1978:
Milk bottles of polycarbonate for various uses

Treherne, R., 1970:
Milk bottling news, including a thought-provoking study of the changing face of the dairy business in Great Britain

Fellows, T., 1974:
Milk brings you back more in following these hints from over the Channel

Bird, L., 1992:
Milk brouhaha could spill over to ads

Anonymous, 1946:
Milk bulletin

Shulkamy, M.; Abdel-Salam, F., 1976:
Milk by products as a source of high protein quality in chick diet

Cox, Dg, 1970:
Milk cans--your most important utensil

Komatsu,m; Abe, T., 1980:
Milk casein haplotypes in nine

Schiffrin, E.J.; E.Y.usfi, M.; Faure, M.; Combaret, L.; Donnet, A.; Blum, S.; Obled, C.; Breuillé, D., 2005:
Milk casein-based diet containing TGF-beta controls the inflammatory reaction in the HLA-B27 transgenic rat model

Kivikkokangas, R., 1975:
Milk cattle as an innovation problem in East Africa

Battiston, Walter-Cazellato, 1980:
Milk cattle: management, feeding, and treatment

Krider, Jn, 1981:
Milk center waste treatment lagoons in the northeastern United States

Platonova, N.; Guolikhandanova, N.; Tsymbalenko, N.; Zhiguleva, E.; Zhivulko, T.; Vasin, A.; Evsukova, I.; Puchkova, L., 2007:
Milk ceruloplasmin is a valuable source of nutrient copper ions for mammalian newborns

Cantausio, Beatriz-Ferreira-Jorge, 1986:
Milk cheese, butter

Anonymous, 1956:
Milk chilling on the farm

Lipatov, Nikolaaei-Nikitovich, 1963:
Milk clarification machines

Fonseca, M.; Cabral, J.; Fevereiro, P.P.is, M.; Novais, J., 1987:
Milk clotting with free and immobilized plant cells of Silybum marianum

Reps, A.P.znanski, S.K.szycka, A.W.silewski, R., 1974:
Milk coagualation by microbiological enzymatic rennet substitute preparation

Babel, Fj, 1973:
Milk coagulants. changes that have influenced their activity and enzyme composition

Babel, Fl, 1973:
Milk coagulants: The charges which affect their action, activity, enzyme composition

Babel, Fj, 1973:
Milk coagulants: changes have influenced their activity and enzyme composition

Babel, Fj, 1973:
Milk coagulants: chantes

Yoshino, U.C.ang, J.; Miwa, K.Y.mauchi, K., 1972:
Milk coagulating activity of pr

Alais, C., 1971:
Milk coagulating enzymes

Brule, G.L.noir, J., 1987:
Milk coagulation

Parry, R.Jr, 1974:
Milk coagulation and protein denaturation

Hardy, J.S.her, J., 1988:
Milk coagulation controlled by optical sensors

Wen, Y.Y., L.L.u, J.G.nasekaran, S., 1993:
Milk coagulation end-point detection by ultrasonic resonance

Thomasow, J., 1971:
Milk coagulation enzymes for cheese production

Holland, Rf, 1970:
Milk coagulation--friend and foe

Green, Ml, 1974:
Milk coagulation: Studies on the mechanism of coagulation

Anonymous, 1972:
Milk code of practice: food-and-mouth disease

Kumar, B.A.ap, G., 1981:
Milk collecting and chilling practices in Kerala

Muhr, L., 1969:
Milk collecting vehicles and electronic data processing

Oehring, J., 1970:
Milk collecting--calculation factor beyond year

Jensen, K., 1974:
Milk collecting--planning, organizing, and directing

Eskelund, E., 1971:
Milk collection

Anonymous, 1955:
Milk collection by tanker

Schulze-Schleithoff, A., 1973:
Milk collection in the East Bavarian dairies in Passau during 1973

Nielsen, Ps, 1970:
Milk collection truck with can washer and basis tank truck

Bertrand, F., 1988:
Milk collection: optimization to retain quality at minimum cost

Anonymous, 1973:
Milk collection: planning, reationalization, control

Bailey, J.; Hoban, J., 2000:
Milk comes from a store of course

Igarashi, Y.S.ito, Z., 1972:
Milk components affecting the s

Harper, Wj, 1976:
Milk components and their characteristics

Mal, G.; Sena, D.S.chitra, 2007:
Milk composition among different breeds of camel

Shaker, An, 1980:
Milk composition and butter quality with cows fed silage prepared with carbon dioxide

Suchanek, B.B.auner, J.D.ckalova, E., 1986:
Milk composition and characteristics in relation to some factors

Galat, Bf, 1978:
Milk composition and cheese quality as a function of calving season

Leonhard-Kluz, I.W.erny, A.B.alak, F.P.sieka, E.Z.wczok, H., 1973:
Milk composition and properties of cows fed on feed from grassland fertilized with different amounts of nitrogen. 1. effect of hay from pastures fertilized with 100, 300 of 500 kg nitrogen

Leonhard-Kluz, I.W.erny, A.B.elak, F.P.sieka, E.W.erna, W.Z.wczok, H., 1973:
Milk composition and properties of cows fed on feed from grassland fertilized with different amounts of nitrogen. 2. effect of 1st and 3rd cut green forage from pastures fertilized with 100, 300 or 500 kg nitrogen

Matsulenkina, Lv, 1980:
Milk composition and technological properties and cheese quality with cows fed silage prepared with carbon dioxide gas

Radzhabov, An, 1978:
Milk composition and the properties of milk fat as affected by indoor and pasture management of cows in the summer

Macleod, G.; Grieve, D., 1986:
Milk composition as affected by feeding

Dordevic, M., 1976:
Milk composition as the basis for an economic manufacture of milk products

Hermansen, J.; Pedersen, J., 1987:
Milk composition in relation to breeding and feeding

Kennelly, J.; Glimm, D.; Ozimek, L., 1999:
Milk composition in the cow

Liotta, L.; Madonia, G.; Chiofalo, B.; Margiotta, S.; Riolo, E.B.; Chiofalo, V., 2007:
Milk composition of Nero Siciliano sow. Preliminary results

Kungurov, Iun, 1980:
Milk composition of cows fed haylage and silage prepared from perennial grasses and fodder grains

Abdoun, K.A.; Amin, A.S.A.; Abdelatif, A.M., 2007:
Milk composition of dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius): nutritional effects and correlation to corresponding blood parameters

Osthoff, G.; Hugo, A.; De-Wit, M., 2007:
Milk composition of free-ranging sable antelope (Hippotragus niger)

Grafeeva, L.; Edygenov, K.; Sokolov, F., 1972:
Milk composition of sows of the Aksai Black Spotted swine breed

Osthoff, G.; de Wit, M.; Hugo, A.; Kamara, B.I., 2007:
Milk composition of three free-ranging African elephant (Loxodonta africana africana) cows during mid lactation

Hinde, K., 2007:
Milk composition varies in relation to the presence and abundance of Balantidium coli in the mother in captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

Johnson, R.; Nicolai, J.; Troutman, E.; Lane, C.; Braund, D., 1970:
Milk composition--how it affects the dairyman how it varies

Castle, M.E.G.nn, R.G., 1984:
Milk compositional quality and its importance in future markets

Schmidt, D., 1987:
Milk concentration by reverse osmosis

Glover, F.; Chapman, H., 1973:
Milk concentration determined by means of ultrafiltering for use in the production of cheddar cheese

Shevel'-Kov, V.; Kostygov, L., 1980:
Milk condensation by freezing

Bertrand, Gabriel, 1948:
Milk conservation

Magleby, Richard, S., 1961:
Milk consumption among Pennsylvania school children

Smith, Blair, J., 1990:
Milk consumption and consumer concerns about fat, cholesterol, and calories

Moede, H.-Holms; Cropp, R.-A.G.af, T., F., 1967:
Milk consumption and food service patterns in selected eastern and midwestern institutions

Rich-Edwards, J.W.; Ganmaa, D.; Pollak, M.N.; Nakamoto, E.K.; Kleinman, K.; Tserendolgor, U.; Willett, W.C.; Frazier, A.Lindsay., 2007:
Milk consumption and the prepubertal somatotropic axis

Mitsui, T.K.sezawa, N.G.da, T., 2007:
Milk consumption does not affect body mass index but may have an unfavorable effect on serum total cholesterol in Japanese adults

Olsen, S.F.; Halldorsson, T.I.; Willett, W.C.; Knudsen, V.K.; Gillman, M.W.; Mikkelsen, T.B.; Olsen, Jørn., 2007:
Milk consumption during pregnancy is associated with increased infant size at birth: prospective cohort study

Anonymous, 1979:
Milk consumption in France

Matsuo, M., 1972:
Milk consumption in Japan and i

Allred, Wells, M., 1955:
Milk consumption in Utah schools

Anderson, K.-Eugene; Hawes, R., L., 1959:
Milk consumption in nonprofit summer camps

Richarts, E., 1973:
Milk consumption in the German Federal Republic increased again: trend to low fat sorts is continuing

Qin, L-Qiang.; Xu, J-Ying.; Wang, P-Yu.; Tong, J.; Hoshi, K., 2007:
Milk consumption is a risk factor for prostate cancer in Western countries: evidence from cohort studies

Childress, Robert, A., 1965:
Milk consumption rates and student attitudes, selected schools, Hamilton County, Tennessee, 1964

Hansen, R., 1969:
Milk container from PLM.

Yndestad, M.H.lmen, P., 1980:
Milk containing antibiotics used as food for young calves--an investigation concerning the health aspect of periodically supplying penicillin and dihydrostreptomycin

Perrot, M., 1979:
Milk containing antibiotics will be soon rejected

Manunta, G., 1969:
Milk contamination

Perry, Tw, 1980:
Milk contamination from environmental PCBs

Alps, H.G.ttschalk, A., 1984:
Milk contents taken into consideration in cattle breeding

Musi, Do, 1978:
Milk control

Engbretson, Albert-Edward, 1941:
Milk control and some of its problems

Rovaris, L., 1975:
Milk control in 1974

Ruprich, W., 1969:
Milk control in milk stands--from work economy aspect

Spencer, L.; Christensen, S.K.nt, 1954:
Milk control programs of the northeastern states

Morel, M., 1971:
Milk cooling and delayed collection

Jovanovic, V.O.tojic, M.O.radovic, D., 1972:
Milk cooling and keeping of milk quality at every other day milk collection

Oehring, J., 1969:
Milk cooling and milk handlin

Hermes, M., 1978:
Milk cooling and recycling of heat

Sessions, R., 1972:
Milk cooling and refrigeration

Stein, J.B.uckbauer, R.F.ldmann, M., 1981:
Milk cooling and use of warm water supply with the use of heat pumps

Larkin, M., 1982:
Milk cooling and water heating by heat pump Dairy equipment, Australia

Urbanska, T., 1978:
Milk cooling at the purchasing points

Hoyle, Jb, 1977:
Milk cooling equipment

Kratochvil, L.M.rgl, M., 1973:
Milk cooling methods used abroad

Gorodnianskii, I.; Rubtsov, I.; Kolesnikov, F., 1981:
Milk cooling system

Berry, S., 1977:
Milk cooling systems

Anonymous, 1977:
Milk cooling tank, types JP 1800 and JP 2500; year of manufacture 1973

Krasnokutskii, I.; Zakharov, S., 1981:
Milk cooling tanks

Stein, J.J.hn, W., 1982:
Milk cooling tray MKA 2000 L-2 with waste heat utilization

Subbaroyan, K., 1972:
Milk cooperatives add to the farmers prosperity

Mohanan, N., 1972:
Milk cooperatives in India

Hesselbarth, Lva, 1968:
Milk counselling on a new way

Moczarski, Z., 1957:
Milk cow

Ober, J., 1970:
Milk cow breeding stall with combined bays--a new stall system

Anonymous, 2004:
Milk cows and production

Cramer, C., 1994:
Milk cows faster: low-cost swing parlors help family dairies compete--without rBGH

Arzumanjan, E.; Havlickova, K., 1978:
Milk cows of record efficiency in the Netherlands

Isle, Nl, 1979:
Milk crates--their history, life, care and maintenance

Zacconi, C.B.ttazzi, V., 1980:
Milk creaming capacity during lactation

Leininger, D.; Roberson, J.; Swecker, W.J.; Hovingh, E., 2001:
Milk culturing on the farm

Drosler, G., 1969:
Milk curd production--deficie

Piatnitskii, N.; Latysheva, G.; Krishtopa, V., 1973:
Milk curdling with specific pepsins and rennin

Blake, H.-T.F.iend, L., F., 1960:
Milk dating regulations

Johnstone, Wf, 1971:
Milk dating--higher costs for no benefits

Rossi, J.T.rence-Jemmet, M., 1977:
Milk delactosation by reproductive yeast cells and its relative utilization for yogurt production

Stirling, W., 1975:
Milk deliveries in New Zealand

Zarembo, Vn, 1981:
Milk delivery by transport facilities of industry

Clarke, D.A., 1956:
Milk delivery costs and volume pricing procedures in California

Hugunin, A.; Nishikawa, R., 1978:
Milk derived ingredients lend flavor

Cerna, M., 1981:
Milk deserts

Carl, M.Dr, 1988:
Milk dictionary

Biserte, G., 1971:
Milk digestibility and tolerance

Flanders, N.; Metzger, H., 1978:
Milk dilivery route characteristics

Anonymous, 2004:
Milk disposition and income

Mortenson, W.P., 1940:
Milk distribution as a public utility

Hirsch, Donald-Everett, 1955:
Milk distribution costs of Georgia cooperatives

Anonymous, 1945:
Milk distribution costs, 1944

Ahnsen, R., 1972:
Milk distribution in Europe under a new system

Guaerault, Antoine-Marie, 1964:
Milk distribution in Hamburg, Oslo and Paris

Ackerman, J.H.ghe, G.V.n, 1982:
Milk distribution in the schools, a market exploration

Mitchell, G.-H.W.re, D.W.B.umer, E.F., 1960:
Milk distribution systems in Ohio

Babb, E., 1968:
Milk distribution--cost analysis by electronic computer

Anonymous, 1944:
Milk distributor cooperation on FDO 79

Anonymous, 1944:
Milk distributors and milk conservation

Anonymous, 1984:
Milk distributors predicting severe shortages in Georgia

Macpherson, Donavan, D., 1983:
Milk distributors operation

Macpherson, D.D., 1962:
Milk distributors operations

Macpherson, D.D.S.ith, H.-Virginia, 1957:
Milk distributors sales and costs

Blakley, Lv, 1984:
Milk diversion program

Wilson, Le, 1984:
Milk diversion program may lead to higher milk prices

Anonymous, 1944:
Milk does more for you than any other food and does it more cheaply

Yadava, R.; Rawat, R., 1972:
Milk does not cause heart disease

Wood, M., 1991:
Milk doesnt block cereals iron

Nandi, M.; Parham, E., 1972:
Milk drinking by the lactose intolerant

Becker, F., 1969:
Milk drinks and fermented milk products, experiments and installations in Austria

Thompson, P.; Pearson, R., 1983:
Milk droplet impacts during induced vacuum fluctuations: influence of claw and other characteristics Possible avenue of transmission of pathogens

Vavrouesek, Josef, Ing, 1958:
Milk drying and condensing

Baatz, W., 1978:
Milk economics in the district of Rostock

Suchanek, B.B.zovsky, A., 1982:
Milk efficiencies and culling rate in cows of different production types in large cow houses Standard lactations.1

Miksik, J.K.ejch, V.R.ha, J., 1983:
Milk efficiency and body framework in the products of crossing Czech Spotted cattle for improvement in stables for testing breeding stock primiparae

Suchanek, B.U.rych, A.G.lda, J., 1979:
Milk efficiency and life expectancy of imported herds of Ayrshire and Black Pied cattle

Suchanek, B.S.rnadel, Z.B.zovsky, A., 1985:
Milk efficiency in the first lactation after improvement crossing of the Bohemian Pied breed with Milk breeds

Miksik, J.K.decka, J., 1979:
Milk efficiency in the first lactation of inbred cows of Bohemian Spotted breed

Dvoracek, M.U.ban, F.V.lek, J., 1976:
Milk efficiency in the systems of absorptive and commercial crossing with the Black Pied Lowland breed

Kovalcikova, M.K.valcik, K., 1977:
Milk efficiency of cows of different efficiency types kept in different breeding systems

Riha, J.H.nus, O.H.avac, F.F.auner, J.G.briel, B.B.nas, P., 1986:
Milk efficiency of cows with induced superovulation and subjected to non-surgical recovery of embryos

Tomsik, P., 1982:
Milk efficiency of dairy cows of the Bohemian Spotted breed in the potato-growing region

Dano, J.P.esnik, J., 1982:
Milk efficiency of female crossbreds of the F10 generation of the Slovak Pinzgau and Red-Spotted Holstein-Friesian breeds Dairy cattle.1

Cibula, M.P.esnik, J., 1982:
Milk efficiency of female crossbreds with different ratios of the Slovak Spotted and Ayrshire breeds Dairy cows.1

Semjan, S.K.zimir, L., 1984:
Milk efficiency of high-production milk cows of the Slovak Spotted cattle. I. Production of milk and fat

Semjan, S.K.zimir, L., 1984:
Milk efficiency of high-yield milk cows of the Slovak Spotted breed. II. Milk proteins

Kliment, J.P.enica, J.H.rvath, A., 1979:
Milk efficiency of the F1 generation of the Slovak Spotted breed crossed with the Holstein-Friesian red and white bulls

Plesnik, J.K.valcikova, M.K.valcik, K., 1970:
Milk efficiency of the breeds of higher milk production housed in stanchionless cowhouses

Chrenek, J., 1979:
Milk efficiency of the crossbreds of Slovakian Pied cattle with different hereditary share of breeds giving higher milk yields

Suchanek, B.U.rych, A.N.jezchleba, J., 1977:
Milk efficiency of the crossbreeds between the Bohemian Spotted and Ayrshire breeds as indicated by the national milk recording reports

Svoboda, T.B.lek, J., 1976:
Milk ejection in goats as influenced by feeding

Mikus, M., 1973:
Milk ejection in machine milking of sheep during lactation

Ellendorff, F., 1981:
Milk ejection of sows with aspects of piglet rearing

Ellendorff, F., 1981:
Milk ejection of sows with piglet rearing aspects

Kitchen, B.; Taylor, G.; White, I., 1970:
Milk enzyme; their distribution and activity

Kitchen, B., 1977:
Milk enzymes and udder infection

Stanisic, S.M.dojevic, M., 1981:
Milk evaporation in falling film evaporators Hydrodynamics of milk flow.1

Anonymous, 1976:
Milk examination in key words

Anonymous, 1956:
Milk farm production, disposition, and income, 1950-54, revised estimates

Popov, A.N.M.rozov, N.F., 1983:
Milk farms of Russia

Jungehulsing, H., 1973:
Milk fat and raw milk production

Brauner, J.F.cnar, J., 1985:
Milk fat composition in first-calvers and older cows

Caboni, M.; Massari, A.L.rcker, G.L.si, G., 1982:
Milk fat composition. I. The apolar lipids

Caboni, M.; Lercker, G.L.si, G., 1983:
Milk fat composition. II. Phospholipids determination

Farries, E., 1982:
Milk fat content and fatty acid pattern in dairy cows in relation to body weight development after calving

Gaevoi, A.; Butina, V., 1979:
Milk fat content as affected by several factors

Li, B.W.ng, Z.; Li, F.; Lin, X., 2007:
Milk fat content was changed by ruminal infusion of mixed VFAs solutions with different acetate

Li, B.; Wang, Z.H.; Li, F.C.; Lin, X.Y., 2007:
Milk fat content was changed by ruminal infusion of mixed VFAs solutions with different acetate/propionate ratios in lactating goats

Markschies, D., 1973:
Milk fat determination by nephelometry

Matthes, D., 1982:
Milk fat determination in fat mixtures by means of head-space gas chromatography

Nizzola, I., 1971:
Milk fat determination with Lactronic

Hadorn, H.Z.rcher, K., 1971:
Milk fat dosage in chocolate by chromatography in gaseous stage

Krkoskova, B.P.lo, V., 1983:
Milk fat emulsions stabilized with phosphatide complex

Niehaus, A., 1973:
Milk fat in the agrarian policy of the European Economic Community

Moore, Jh, 1978:
Milk fat in the diet of man and cardiovascular disease

Blom, J., 2004:
Milk fat intake reduces cardiovascular risk

Sztajnman, S., 1971:
Milk fat oxidation

Ovcharenko, Ev, 1977:
Milk fat production and the proportion of fatty acids in it as affected by feeding cows fat depressing rations

Timmen, H.V.ss, E., 1976:
Milk fat products--quality criteria and keeping quality

Ingr, I.P.vlasova, M.C.loupkova, V.R.jholec, J., 1978:
Milk fat quality after feeding fat from rendering plants to dairy cows

Sadler, A.; Wong, N., 1970:
Milk fat utilization in foods

Storry, Je, 1972:
Milk fat: its synthesis and composition in relation to the nutrition of the dairy cow

Pak, Dn, 1973:
Milk fats and yield during purebred breeding of dairy cattle in relation to heterosis

Glasser, F.; Doreau, M.; Ferlay, A.; Loor, J.-J.C.illiard, Y., 2007:
Milk fatty acids: Mammary synthesis could limit transfer from duodenum in cows

Zadrazil, K.K.atochvil, L.V.ris, J.D.dek, M., 1980:
Milk feed mixtures in the Czech Socialist Republic

Lebas, F., 1969:
Milk feeding and ponderal weight of the rabbit before weaning

Norman, E., 1971 :
Milk feeding of calves can vary

Anonymous, 1980:
Milk fermentations and their relations to dairying

Kapoor, Pd, 1982:
Milk fever (parturient paresis). 1

Ménard, L.; Thompson, A., 2007:
Milk fever and alert downer cows: does hypophosphatemia affect the treatment response?

Allen, W.M.; Sansom, B.F., 1985:
Milk fever and calcium metabolism

Horst, R.; Goff, J., 1997:
Milk fever and dietary potassium

Harris, B., 1971:
Milk fever and its relation to calcium-phosphorus ratio discussed

Lev, B., 1977:
Milk fever and ketosis

Ringarp, N., 1973:
Milk fever can be prevented

Smith, Rd, 1985:
Milk fever can lead to breeding problems

Fiez, E.; Sasser, R.; Ross, R., 1970:
Milk fever in Idaho dairy herds

Belonje, P.; Van-Der-Walt, K., 1971:
Milk fever in a large Jersey herd. 1

Chawla, R.; Singh, J.K.atra, M., 1972:
Milk fever in cattle and buffaloes

Hoen, B., 1974:
Milk fever in cows

Misra, Sk, 1978:
Milk fever in cows and buffaloes

Tirumala-Rao, Ds, 1983:
Milk fever in cows and its control

Goings, Rl, 1976:
Milk fever in cows as influenced by dietary calcium and vitamin D

Khan, B.; Balaraman, N.S.bramanian, R., 1973:
Milk fever in dairy cattle

Gallina, L., 1973:
Milk fever in the cow

Lloyd, Lc, 1975:
Milk fever is a constant threat

Kooner, D.; Takkar, O., 1970:
Milk fever is not a fever

Olson, Wg, 1984:
Milk fever prevention update and vitamin D3 toxicity

Block, E., 1983:
Milk fever--a continuing problem Hypocalcemic parturient paresis

Williams, Gf, 1970:
Milk fever: More cases than there ever has been

Jorgensen, N.; Bringe, A., 1973:
Milk fever: can wer prevent it?

Lecouturier, Marcel, 1948:
Milk filaments

Delforno, G., 1980:
Milk filtration

Bodkhe, U.C., 1969:
Milk fistula in goats and an easy method for its treatment

Barnard, Se, 1981:
Milk flavor and quality--as I find it

Nelson, J.-A.H.drick, R.R.B.ence, J.L., 1961:
Milk flavor defects and how to control them

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Milk policy. The EU Commission initiatives are disturbing

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Milk price supports

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Milk prices no longer in conformity with the market

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Milk prices only a bad compromise

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Milk prices paid at creameries and cheese factories

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Milk prices paid at creameries and cheese plants

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Milk prices will be lowered if stocks increase

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Milk prices--how far will they fall?

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Milk pricing

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Milk pricing according to the quality. II. Fat content

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Milk pricing alternatives for Maine

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Milk pricing in the future?

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Milk pricing newsletter

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Milk pricing policy in the United Kingdom

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Milk pricing should affect bull selection

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Milk pricing should be based on protein content

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Milk pricing--future

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Milk problem

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Milk processing

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Milk processing on the way in the processing industry

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Milk processing physiology

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Milk producer

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Milk producers have both volition and ability to intensify the demand for quality

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Milk producing basin

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Milk product consumption protects against metabolic syndrome

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Milk production 1984-85

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