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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16407

Chapter 16407 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bell, To, 1972:
Molasses: sprayfeeding improves palatabiltiy of roughage

Tsuchiya, H.-; Blom, R., 1950:
Mold Agents in Conversion of Starch

Chew, G.L.; Wilson, J.; Rabito, F.A.; Grimsley, F.; Iqbal, S.; Reponen, T.; Muilenberg, M.L.; Thorne, P.S.; Dearborn, D.G.; Morley, R.L., 2006:
Mold and endotoxin levels in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: a pilot project of homes in New Orleans undergoing renovation

Rose, Gw, 1979:
Mold and mycotoxin control

Josefsson, E.N.lsson, G., 1976:
Mold and mycotoxins in food

Leistner, L.E.kardt, C., 1981:
Mold and mycotoxins in meat and meat products

Wilson, S.C.; Palmatier, R.N.; Andriychuk, L.A.; Martin, J.M.; Jumper, C.A.; Holder, H.W.; Straus, D.C., 2007:
Mold contamination and air handling units

Delimont, Duane, C., 1992:
Mold content of corn stored above and below ground and the effects of iprodione on selected aflatoxigenic isolates

Jonsson, G., 1974:
Mold damaged hay

Hoogstrate, J., 1984:
Mold diseases in summer plants: descriptions of symptoms and reccommendations for control

Durant, A.J., 1944:
Mold diseases of chickens and turkeys

Turkkila, K., 1980:
Mold dust in chip stores

Stantschew, W., 1976:
Mold fungi in cacao beans

Grigorov, I.; Duserova, A.A.eksieva, P., 1979:
Mold fungi, inductors of the for

Grigorov, I.D.hserova, A.A.eksieva, P., 1979:
Mold fungi, producers of celluly

Ahlswede, L.H.intzelmann-Grongroft, B., 1977:
Mold fungus poisoning in a horse (short report)

Nilsson, G.A.erstrand, K.M.lander, A., 1976:
Mold in wheat flour

Kavanagh, T.E.; Reineccius, G.A.; Keeney, P.G.; Weisserber, W., 1970:
Mold induced changes in cacao lipids

Orlita, A., 1978:
Mold infection of wetblue --technological and hygienic aspects

Spicher, G., 1974:
Mold infections in cooling, slicing and packaging of bread

Angermann, A., 1973:
Mold infestation in bread: A situation analysis

Malkki, Y.R.uha, O., 1981:
Mold inhibition by aerosol in the baking industry

Raspor, P.A.amic, J., 1983:
Mold inhibition in packed and not-packed bread by means of preservatives

Serverian, M., 1976:
Mold inhibitor prevents cottonseed quality loss

Deshmukh, P.; Pendse, G., 1978:
Mold metabolites as potential drugs a brief review with special reference to cytochalasins

Morrell, J., 2004:
Mold on treated wood

Winterfield, Rw, 1970:
Mold or fungus problems--how can we prevent and control them?

Matossian, M.K., 1984:
Mold poisoning and population growth in England and France, 1750-1850

Ludewig, Hg, 1974:
Mold prevention in apple cakes

Schulter, K., 1974:
Mold prevention in distribution and storage

Wassermann, L., 1974:
Mold prevention in sponge cakes and cake pans

Birbir, M.O.yaral, O.J.hansson, C.I.gaz, A., 1994:
Mold strains isolated from unfinished and finished leather goods and shoes

Strasburger, Lv, 1973:
Mold that indicates plant insanitation--a new potent enforcement aid for regulatory officials

Hayakawa, T., 1973:
Mold toxin in feedstuff: toxici

Ernst, Ra, 1980:
Mold toxins

Chrzanowska, H., 1978:
Mold toxins may be a cause of poisoning Aflatoxin cereal grain

Kobbe, B., 1979:
Mold toxins: hazard to animal and human health

Forshey, Cg, 1971:
Mold-and-hold pruning--its possibilities for eastern growers

Wright, V.; Burroughs, R., 1983:
Mold-damaged grain sorghum as a diet for three stored-grain beetles (Coleoptera) Tribolium castaneum, Cynaeus angustus, Cryptolestes pusillus

Pierce, R., 1986:
Mold-eating mold might save corn

Seifert, E.B.rnholdt, A., 1970:
Mold-making of hydrophilic colloidal systems as a technical restoration of porous areas of sandy soils

Matsumoto, A.; Ohtsuka, K.; Kimura, H.; Adachi, S.-Ich; Takenaka, M., 2007:
Moldability and properties of phenolic

Anonymous, 1975:
Moldavian S.S.R. Administrative and territorial divisions - October 1, 1974

Man'-Kovskii, A., 1980:
Moldavian SSR

Kaniveetis, I.I.N.kiteiiuk, M.I., 1955:
Moldavian SSR soil zones and their agricultural features

Konotop, A.; Kobyl'-Niak, P., 1980:
Moldavian Scientific-Research Tobacco Institute and problems of tobacco production in Moldavia

Kirilovich, Nm, 1980:
Moldavian aged calvados Zolotaia osen

Anonymous, 1966:
Moldavian agriculture

Komarov, Ba, 1977:
Moldavian associations

Gavrilov, Gp, 1974:
Moldavian bole formation of the grape bush with freely hanging shoots

Guzun, Ni, 1973:
Moldavian grape varieties and breeding problems

Kozuo, G.; Averdukh, B., 1979:
Moldavian sherry and methods of improving its quality

Shokh, Na, 1983:
Moldavians interested in crop yields

Anonymous, 1947:
Moldavskaeiia SSR

Cattabriga, D., 1972:
Moldboard or disc plow?

Anonymous, 1945:
Moldboard plow terraces by the island method

Zinchenko, Ig, 1974:
Moldboard plowing in the system of flat-cutting tillage

Reed, I.F., 1961:
Moldboard plows

Silveira, Gm-Da, 1979:
Moldboard plows: well aerated soils

Reshetnikov, Vn, 1985:
Moldboardless cultivation of soil planted to spring rape

Mal'-Tsev, Ts, 1976:
Moldboardless soil tillage in the eastern areas of the country--a guarantee of high and stable yields

Dalleinne, E., 1974:
Moldboards for rapid tillage

Gans, U.V.snapuu, T., 1974:
Molded epoxide floors for farm buildings

Oroszlan, T., 1978:
Molded parts made from wood fiber

Anonymous, 1988:
Molded pulp egg filler flats from Canada

Willems, J., 1983:
Molding and improvement of young agricultural women in Luxembourg

Miller, Dj, 1972:
Molding characteristics of some mixtures of Douglas-fir bark and phenolic resin. vPseudotsuga menziesii

Galston, Aw, 1974:
Molding new plants

Machikhin, I.; Berman, G.; Chuvakhin, S.; Karpin, B., 1978:
Molding of creamy candy mass by rolling

Anonymous, 1974:
Molding, an important assortment of the trade

Harman, A.C.le, B., 2001:

Anonymous, 1990:
Moldova agriculture

Talda, N.E.R.manov, I.I., 1990:
Moldova viticulture

Brodenko, Aa, 1977:
Moldova, a new grape variety resistant to downy mildew

Zhao ShengJian; Guo ZiJuan; M.A.Hong, 2006:
Moldowa, a disease-resistant and long-storage grape cultivar

Splittstoesser, D.F.; Prest, D.B., 1986:

Wogan, Gn, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--a direst threat to public health

Christensen, C.K.ufmann, H., 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--conditions favoring fungi growth

Michell, Re, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--how EPA looks at organic acids as grain preservatives

Shotwell, Ol, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--how good are our assay methods?

Sauer, Db, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--how to use organic acids for best results

Perry, Tw, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--improving feed efficiency with organic acids

Lane, Gt, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--preventing mold growth in high moisture grain

Carlton, W.; Tuite, J., 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--resulting animal diseases & disorders

Hill, Ld, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--the systems approach to preventing spoilage losses

Stoloff, L., 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--what FDA is doing about the mycotoxin problem

Wilson, Ll, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--what is the nutritional value of organic acids?

Hamilton, Pb, 1972:
Molds & mycotoxins--why they are a serious farm problem

Phelps, A., 1970:
Molds also endanger poultrymans health

Sigsgaard, T.J.nsen, L.; Overgaard, E.N.elsen, B.; Nielsen, E., 1995:
Molds and endotoxins isolated from the air of a Danish paper mill and the relation to diffusion capacity and lung-function

Sigsgaard, T.G.avesen, S., 1991:
Molds and endotoxins isolated from the air of two Danish cotton mills, a wool mill, and a MMF mill, and the relation to serum IgG

Tindall, W., 1983:
Molds and feeding livestock

Eeckhoutte, M., 1979:
Molds and foods of animal origin

Reiss, J., 1977:
Molds and mycotoxin formation in bread and bakery products

Pell, A.; Chase, L., 1993:
Molds and mycotoxins

Spicher, G., 1981 :
Molds and mycotoxins in grains

Reiss, J., 1981:
Molds and mycotoxins in milling and bakery products

Frank, Hk, 1981:
Molds and mycotoxins in nuts and their products

Frank, Hk, 1981:
Molds and mycotoxins in other foods and table luxuries

Ozegovic, L.H.ubna, D., 1977:
Molds and their toxins in food and feeds; some parameters of infestation and diagnosis. i. number of mold spores per gram. iI. infestation of cereals

Ozegovic, L.H.ubna, D., 1977:
Molds and their toxins on food and feeds: some parameters of research and diagnosis. iII. isolates

Ozegovic, L.H.ubna, D., 1977:
Molds and their toxins on food and feeds: some parameters of research and diagnosis. iV. fluorescence of samples

Muller, E., 1970:
Molds and yeast fungi

Daepp, Hu, 1974:
Molds and yeasts as contaminants of beverages

Cardeilhac, P.T., 1969:
Molds can be costly to animal producer

Mayberry, D., 1980:
Molds compete to control aflatoxin

Cantini, G., 1970:
Molds from wholesome feeds from preserved forage--toxicity trials of laboratory animals and in vitro antibiosis

Akerstrand, K.N.lsson, G., 1979:
Molds in barley and oat products

Moreau, C., 1982:
Molds in cotton meal for human consumption.1

Sasaki, Y.S.saki, H., 1971:
Molds in feedstuffs. I. A taxon

Sasaki, Y.S.saki, H., 1971:
Molds in feedstuffs. II. A taxo

Jesenská, Z.; Hrdinová, I., 1981:
Molds in foods of the Czechoslovak Socialistic Republik

Meronuck, Ra, 1987:
Molds in grain storage

Koneke, R., 1970:
Molds in milking chambers or feeding cakes

Jang, K-Seung.; Yun, Y-Hong.; Yoo, H-Dal.; Kim, S.Hwan., 2007:
Molds isolated from pet dogs

Moreau, M., 1978:
Molds of corks

Moreau, C., 1978:
Molds of feeds on a swine farm

Hsu, C.T., 1972:
Molds of soy sauce and their c

Anonymous, 2002:
Molds on food

Anonymous, 1970:
Molds on foods

Dinchev, D., 1972:
Molds on raw and cured meat prod

Moreau, C., 1972:
Molds on soya presscake; dangers they present

Stoian, E., 1971:
Molds which attack grape seedlings and their control

Bennett, Jw, 1985:
Molds, manufacturing and molecular genetics

Zwatz, B., 1979:

Sorteberg, A.V.gerust, Y.F.ss, K., 1975:
Moldstad Experimental Farm; glimpses from activities of the past 39 years

Luk'-Ianov, Nn, 1980:
Moldvinprom in the final year of the 10th Five Year Plan

Muller, E., 1978:
Moldy combs (beehive problems)

Marasas, Walter-Friedrich-Otto, 1969:
Moldy corn

Hall, R.E., 1976:
Moldy corn poisoning

Galey, F., 1991:
Moldy corn poisoning in California

Russell, M.S.ott, D.H.pe, W., 1992:
Moldy corn poisoning in horses (Equine leukoencephalomalacia)

Hintz, Hf, 1991:
Moldy corn, megacolon, and hyperlipidemia

Thomas, J.; Hlubik, J.1; Hart, L.1; Meerdink, G1; Marczewski, A., 1983:
Moldy feed problems Mycotoxins, grain storage, detection and prevention of fungal contaminants

Sutton, J.; Young, L.; Hunter, B.S.ith, T.; Ewing, R., 1983:
Moldy feeds and swine diseases

Wilcox, Ra, 1976:
Moldy feedstuffs and potential toxins

Papp, Laszlo, 1979:
Moldy flies-scale flies, Lauxaniidae-Chamaemyiidae

Leidner, J., 1977:
Moldy grain: a problem that wont go away

Wilcox, Ra, 1972:
Moldy or blighted feedstuffs

Knight, Mw, 1985:
Moldy sweet clover disease

Miller, E.; Smith, N., 1975:
Moldy wheat refusal by swine

Ellis, M.; Barrat, J., 1983:
Moldy-core causes problems in red Delicious apples Alternaria spp., Ohio, orchards

Miller, Je, 1976:
Mole control

Craven, Sr, 1982:
Mole control in Wisconsin

Marsh, Re, 1996:
Mole control--a historical perspective

Arkhipov, Ge, 1979:
Mole cricket Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Mccord, E.Jr; Short, D.; Strayer,. Jr.;, 1975:
Mole cricket control on turfgrass

Burton, T., 1989:
Mole cricket management vs. control

Chao, Yl, 1975:
Mole cricket--its behaviour and control

Short, D., 1972:
Mole crickets

Koehler, P.; Short, D.; Barfield, C., 1979:
Mole crickets IFAS University of Florida

Barry, Rm, 1975:
Mole crickets and their control

Sailer, R.I.W.lker, T.J., 1984:
Mole crickets in Florida

Hudson, Rd, 1989:
Mole crickets in turf

Reinert, J.; Short, D., 1981:
Mole crickets: whats being done in Florida to control these spreading pests

Mulqueen, J., 1971:
Mole drain failure due to drawing moles downhill

Davidson, Rs, 1977:
Mole drain guidelines

Mckenna, Sp, 1982:
Mole drainage Northern Ireland

Bird, M., 1977:
Mole drainage answer to wet patches

Sergeev, Ai, 1983:
Mole drainage in rice growing systems

Titz, L.M.resan, D.G.lgotiu, V.O.ea, T., 1971:
Mole drainage of temporary excess of water on pastures

Sergeev, Ai, 1981:
Mole drainage on rice crops

Sommerfeldt, Tg, 1976:
Mole drains for saline seep control

Stewart, Ijv, 1972:
Mole drains remove excess water

Topachevskii, Vadim-Aleksandrovich, 1976:
Mole rats, spalacidae

Anonymous, 1975:
Mole resistant variety search continues

Deng, L.; Liu, Y.; Yang, G.; Shang, L.; Wen, D.; Wang, F.; Xu, Z.; Dong, S., 2007:
Molecular "wiring" glucose oxidase in supramolecular architecture

Yang, Yu; Walawalkar, Mrinalini-G.P.nkas, Jiri; Roesky, Herbert-W.S.hmidt, Hans-Georg, 1998:
Molecular Aluminophosphonate: Model Compound for the Isoelectronic Double-Six-Ring (D6R) Secondary Building Unit of Zeolites

Delannoy, E.M.rmey, P.J.lloul, A.E.ienne, H.N.cole, M., 2006:
Molecular Analysis of Class III Peroxidases from Cotton

Jennings, C.V.; Ahouidi, A.D.; Zilversmit, M.; Bei, A.K.; Rayner, J.; Sarr, O.; Ndir, O.; Wirth, D.F.; Mboup, S.; Duraisingh, M.T., 2007:
Molecular analysis of erythrocyte invasion in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Senegal

Angiolillo, A.R.ale, S.P.lla, F.B.ldoni, L., 2006:
Molecular Analysis of Olive Cultivars in the Molise Region of Italy

Bahrani-Mougeot, F.K.; Paster, B.J.; Coleman, S.; Barbuto, S.; Brennan, M.T.; Noll, J.; Kennedy, T.; Fox, P.C.; Lockhart, P.B., 2007:
Molecular analysis of oral and respiratory bacterial species associated with ventilator-associated pneumonia

Tominaga, M.; Lee, Y-Hae.; Hayashi, R.; Suzuki, Y.; Yamada, O.; Sakamoto, K.; Gotoh, K.; Akita, O., 2006:
Molecular analysis of an inactive aflatoxin biosynthesis gene cluster in Aspergillus oryzae RIB strains

Meyer, B.; Kuever, J., 2007:
Molecular analysis of the diversity of sulfate-reducing and sulfur-oxidizing prokaryotes in the environment, using aprA as functional marker gene

Nishimoto, M.; Fushinobu, S.; Miyanaga, A.; Kitaoka, M.; Hayashi, K., 2007:
Molecular anatomy of the alkaliphilic xylanase from Bacillus halodurans C-125

Barleben, L.; Panjikar, S.; Ruppert, M.; Koepke, J.; Stöckigt, J., 2007:
Molecular architecture of strictosidine glucosidase: the gateway to the biosynthesis of the monoterpenoid indole alkaloid family

Cerca, N.; Jefferson, K.-K.M.ira-Litrcln, T.; Pier, D.-B.K.lly-Quintos, C.; Goldmann, D.-A.A.eredo, J.; Pier, G., B., 2007:
Molecular Basis for Preferential Protective Efficacy of Antibodies Directed to the Poorly Acetylated Form of Staphylococcal Poly-N-Acetyl-o-(1-6)-Glucosamine

Kumar, A.; Godwin, J.W.; Gates, P.B.; Garza-Garcia, A.Acely.; Brockes, J.P., 2007:
Molecular basis for the nerve dependence of limb regeneration in an adult vertebrate

Laquitaine, L.; Gomès, E.; François, J.; Marchive, Cé.; Pascal, Séphanie.; Hamdi, Sïd.; Atanassova, R.; Delrot, S.; Coutos-Thévenot, P., 2006:
Molecular basis of ergosterol-induced protection of grape against botrytis cinerea: induction of type I LTP promoter activity, WRKY, and stilbene synthase gene expression

Boyko, E.V.; Smith, C.Michael.; Thara, V.K.; Bruno, J.M.; Deng, Y.; Starkey, S.R.; Klaahsen, D.L., 2006:
Molecular basis of plant gene expression during aphid invasion: wheat Pto- and Pti-like sequences are involved in interactions between wheat and Russian wheat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Kimata, S.; Sakurai, T.; Nozue, Y.; Kasahara, T.; Yamaguchi, N.; Karino, T.; Shibayama, M.; Kornfield, J.A., 2007:
Molecular basis of the shish-kebab morphology in polymer crystallization

Meir, S.; Hunter, D.A.; Chen, J-Chih.; Halaly, V.; Reid, M.S., 2006:
Molecular changes occurring during acquisition of abscission competence following auxin depletion in Mirabilis jalapa

Creuzburg, K.; Schmidt, H., 2007:
Molecular characterization and distribution of genes encoding members of the type III effector nleA family among pathogenic Escherichia coli strains

Cordaux, R.; Paces-Fessy, Mélanie.; Raimond, M.; Michel-Salzat, A.; Zimmer, M.; Bouchon, D., 2007:
Molecular characterization and evolution of arthropod-pathogenic Rickettsiella bacteria

Pantin-Jackwood, M.J.; Spackman, E.; Woolcock, P.R., 2006:
Molecular characterization and typing of chicken and turkey astroviruses circulating in the United States: implications for diagnostics

Canas-Gutierrez, G.; Patino, L.; Rodriguez-Arango, E.A.ango, R., 2006:
Molecular Characterization of Benomyl-resistant Isolates of Mycosphaerella fijiensis, Collected in Colombia

Spaccini, R.; Piccolo, A., 2007:
Molecular characterization of compost at increasing stages of maturity. 2. Thermochemolysis-GC-MS and 13C-CPMAS-NMR spectroscopy

Flores-Mireles, A.L.; Winans, S.C.; Holguin, G., 2007:
Molecular characterization of diazotrophic and denitrifying bacteria associated with mangrove roots

Stewart, J.E.; Kim, M-Sook.; James, R.L.; Dumroese, R.Kasten.; Klopfenstein, N.B., 2008:
Molecular Characterization of Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium commune Isolates from a Conifer Nursery

Sagane, Y.; Nakagawa, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Michikawa, S.; Oguri, S.; Momonoki, Y.S., 2005:
Molecular characterization of maize acetylcholinesterase: a novel enzyme family in the plant kingdom

Fan, J.; Wang, H.; Feng, D.; Liu, B.; Liu, H.; Wang, J., 2007:
Molecular characterization of plantain class i chitinase gene and its expression in response to infection by Gloeosporium musarum Cke and Massee and other abiotic stimuli

Zhou, G-Ke.; Zhong, R.; Himmelsbach, D.S.; McPhail, B.T.; Ye, Z-Hua., 2007:
Molecular characterization of PoGT8D and PoGT43B, two secondary wall-associated glycosyltransferases in poplar

Gazza, L.C.nti, S.T.ddei, F.P.gna, N., 2006:
Molecular Characterization of Puroindolines and their Encoding Genes in Aegilops Ventricosa

Rattray, R.M.; Craig, A.Morrie., 2007:
Molecular characterization of sheep ruminal enrichments that detoxify pyrrolizidine alkaloids by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and cloning

Endo, M.; Osakabe, K.; Ichikawa, H.; Toki, S., 2006:
Molecular characterization of true and ectopic gene targeting events at the acetolactate synthase gene in Arabidopsis

Zheng, B.; Tomita, H.; Xiao, Y.Hong.; Wang, S.; Li, Y.; Ike, Y., 2007:
Molecular characterization of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecium isolates from mainland China

Shih, S.; Tsai, W.; Green, S.; Lee, L., 2006:
Molecular Characterization of a Distinct Begomovirus Associated with Tomato Leaf Curl Disease in Arusha of Tanzania

Ansaldi, F.; Pastorino, B.; Valle, L.; Durando, P.; Sticchi, L.; Tucci, P.; Biasci, P.; Lai, P.; Gasparini, R.; Icardi, G., 2006:
Molecular characterization of a new variant of rotavirus P[8]G9 predominant in a sentinel-based survey in central Italy

Lozo, J.; Jovcic, B.; Kojic, M.; Dalgalarrondo, Mèle.; Chobert, J-Marc.; Haertlé, T.; Topisirovic, L., 2007:
Molecular characterization of a novel bacteriocin and an unusually large aggregation factor of Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei BGSJ2-8, a natural isolate from homemade cheese

Zhu, T.S.ng, F.Z.eng, Z., 2006:
Molecular Characterization of the Rice Pathogenesis-related Protein, OsPR-4b, and Its Antifungal Activity Against Rhizoctonia solani

Han, J.; Lu, Q.; Zhou, L.; Zhou, J.; Xiang, H., 2007:
Molecular characterization of the phaECHm genes, required for biosynthesis of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) in the extremely halophilic archaeon Haloarcula marismortui

Junior, A.; Nascimento, J.-Do; Lajolo, F., 2006:
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of an l-Amylase Occuring in the Pulp of Ripening Bananas and Its Expression in Pichia pastoris

Hu, J.; Li, H.C.o, L.; Wu, P.; Zhang, C.; Sang, S.; Zhang, X.; Chen, M.; Lu, J.; Liu, Y., 2007:
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of the Gene Encoding Cold-Active o-Galactosidase from a Psychrotrophic and Halotolerant Planococcus sp. L4

Robino, P.; Alberti, A.; Chessa, B.; Pittau, M.; Profiti, M.; Rosati, S., 2007:
Molecular cloning and expression of a surface lipoprotein of Mycoplasma capricolum as a potential antigen for serological diagnosis

Yuan, J.; Zhou, J.; Deng, X.; Hu, X.; Li, N., 2007:
Molecular cloning and single nucleotide polymorphism detection of buffalo DGAT1 gene

Ando, S.Y.mada, T.A.ano, T.K.machi, S.T.ushima, S.H.gio, T.T.bei, Y., 2006:
Molecular Cloning of PbSTKL1 Gene from Plasmodiophora brassicae Expressed during Clubroot Development

Yamaguchi, T.; Ohtake, S.; Kimata, K.; Habuchi, O., 2007:
Molecular cloning of squid N-acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase and synthesis of a unique chondroitin sulfate containing E-D hybrid tetrasaccharide structure by the recombinant enzyme

Chen, C-Cheng.; Kumar, H.G.Ashok.; Kumar, S.; Tzean, S-Shong.; Yeh, K-Wun., 2007:
Molecular cloning, characterization, and expression of a chitinase from the entomopathogenic fungus Paecilomyces javanicus

Nakamura, A.; Fukuda, A.; Sakai, S.; Tanaka, Y., 2005:
Molecular cloning, functional expression and subcellular localization of two putative vacuolar voltage-gated chloride channels in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Zhou, Y.; Niu, H.; Brandizzi, F.; Fowke, L.C.; Wang, H., 2006:
Molecular control of nuclear and subnuclear targeting of the plant CDK inhibitor ICK1 and ICK1-mediated nuclear transport of CDKA

Lo, T.Sze.; Cui, Z.; Mong, J.L.Y.; Wong, Q.W.L.; Chan, S-Ming.; Kwan, H.Shan.; Chu, K.Hou., 2007:
Molecular coordinated regulation of gene expression during ovarian development in the penaeid shrimp

Cid, J-José.; Yum, J-Ho.; Jang, S-Rim.; Nazeeruddin, M.K.; Martínez-Ferrero, E.; Palomares, E.; Ko, J.; Grätzel, M.; Torres, Tás., 2007:
Molecular cosensitization for efficient panchromatic dye-sensitized solar cells

Brigotti, M.; Carnicelli, D.; Ravanelli, E.; Vara, A.-Gonzcllez; Martinelli, C.; Alfieri, R.-R.P.tronini, P.-Giorgio; Sestili, P., 2007:
Molecular Damage and Induction of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Human Endothelial Cells Exposed to Shiga Toxin 1, Shiga Toxin 2, and l-Sarcin

Stark, T.; Bareuther, S.; Hofmann, T., 2006:
Molecular definition of the taste of roasted cocoa nibs (Theobroma cacao) by means of quantitative studies and sensory experiments

Lin, J-Hua.; Chang, Y-Ho., 2006 :
Molecular degradation rate of rice and corn starches during acid-methanol treatment and its relation to the molecular structure of starch

Hu, Y-Wen.; Al-Moslih, M.I.; A.A.i, M.Talib.; Khameneh, S.Rahimi.; Perkins, H.; Diaz-Mitoma, F.; Roy, J.Nicholas.; Uzicanin, S.; Brown, E.G., 2005:
Molecular detection method for all known genotypes of TT virus (TTV) and TTV-like viruses in thalassemia patients and healthy individuals

Myers, J.L.; Sekar, R.; Richardson, L.L., 2007:
Molecular detection and ecological significance of the cyanobacterial genera Geitlerinema and Leptolyngbya in black band disease of corals

Weerdt, M.D.; Zijlstra, C.B.ouwershaven, I.-Van; Leeuwen, G.-Van; Gruyter, J.D.; Kox, L., 2006:
Molecular Detection of Fusarium foetens in Begonia

Karajeh, M.; Masoud, S., 2006:
Molecular Detection of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. in Asymptomatic Olive Trees

Ratner, G.A.; Hodel, A.E.; Powers, M.A., 2007:
Molecular determinants of binding between Gly-Leu-Phe-Gly nucleoporins and the nuclear pore complex

Matta, M.; Wermert, D.; Podglajen, I.; Sanchez, O.; Buu-Hoï, A.; Gutmann, L.; Meyer, G.; Mainardi, J-Luc., 2007:
Molecular diagnosis of Kingella kingae pericarditis by amplification and sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene

Morré, S.A.; Spaargaren, J.; Fennema, J.S.A.; de Vries, H.J.C., 2005:
Molecular diagnosis of lymphogranuloma venereum: PCR-based restriction fragment length polymorphism and real-time PCR

Arzanlou, M.; Abeln, E.C.A.; Kema, G.H.J.; Waalwijk, C.; Carlier, J.; Vries, I.de.; Guzmán, M.; Crous, P.W., 2008:
Molecular diagnostics for the sigatoka disease complex of banana

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