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Mortality of maned duck and grey teal during the 1982 open season at Barrenbox Swamp, N.S.W

Briggs, SV.; Brown, BK.; Maher, MT.; Brickhill, JG.; Kingsford, RT.

Australian Wildlife Research 10(3): 537-541


ISSN/ISBN: 0310-7833
Accession: 016422908

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Mortality of maned duck and gray teal due to hunting at Barrenbox Swamp in New South Wales in 1982 was estimated from band returns. Birds were marked a short while before the open season commenced. The mortality rates were 33.0% in maned ducks and 10.9% in gray teal on opening morning, and 41.0% and 14.3% for the season. The validity of the estimates is discussed. Barrenbox Swamp is a popular hunting site and permanent wetland. Hunting mortality at the level recorded for maned duck in this study could be detrimental to waterfowl during droughts, when populations concentrate on such permanent waters.