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Multiple origins of U genome in two UM genome tetraploid Aegilops species, Ae. biuncialis and Ae. ovata

Sasanuma, T.; Kadosumi, S.; Kawahara, T.

Wheat Information Service 101: 11-12


Accession: 016429681

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This paper reports a new evidence for the multiple origins of the U genome in 2 UM genome tetraploid species, A. binuncialis and A. ovata, based on the PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of the U genome-specific U31 fragment developed previously. The PCR-RFLP of the U31 fragment of 48 accessions each of A. binuncialis and A. ovata was investigated. Common alleles were found between the U genome of diploid A. umbellata and A. binuncialis, and between A. umbellata and A. ovata.

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