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Northern European species of the genus Caryocolum Gregor & Povolny, 1954, feeding on Cerastium and Stellaria, with the description of a new species (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Karsholt, O.

Entomologica Scandinavica 123: 251-270


Accession: 016498934

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Specimens identified as Caryocolum proxima (Haworth, 1828) from Scandinavia and the USSR have proved to be misidentified and without an available name. This species is described as C. blandelloides sp. nov. and is differentiated from C. blandella (Douglas, 1852), C. proxima (Haworth, 1828), C. blandulella (Tutt, 1887), C. alsinella (Zeller, 1868), C. marmorea (Haworth, 1828), C. junctella (Douglas, 1851), C. albifasciella (Toll, 1936) and C. koresmanniella (Herrich-Schaffer, 1854). C. proxima, recorded from Denmark, is new to the Scandinavian fauna. C. semidecandriella (Tutt, 1887) is a synonym of C. alsinella Zell. (syn. nov.), and C. falellum Piskunov, 1975 is a synonym of C. albifasciella Toll (syn. nov.). Gelechia manniella Zeller, 1839, the identity of which has been obscure, is placed in synonymy with C. marmorea (Hw.) and a lectotype of the former is designated. A lectotype of Phthorimaea subvicinella Hackman, 1946 is designated. The adults of the 9 spp. are figured as are the male and female genitalia of the 5 first mentioned species; references to figures of the genitalia are given for the rest. Information on host plants, life histories and collection methods is given and the nomenclature of the involved species is discussed.

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