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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 16503

Chapter 16503 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Binaghi, G., 1972:
Notes and discussion on four species of Elateridae collected from Pontine Islands and description of a new form of Harminius castaneus (Coleoptera)

Garbary, D.; Oliveira, J.; Scagel, R.; Villeneuve, S., 1991:
Notes and distribution records for the marine algae of Fiji

Carayon, J., 1971:
Notes and documents on the hemiptera metathoracic scent system

Anonymous, 1973:
Notes and documents series

Leone, G., 1972:
Notes and elements of the Cassa activities in Apulia in the sector of agriculture

Brown, Vk, 1980:
Notes and key to the oothecae of the British Ectobius (Dictyoptera: Blattidae)

Bates, V.W.lson, L.; Lewis, P., 1985:
Notes and new distributional records for several Tennessee orchids

Smith, Sd, 1971:
Notes and new species of limnephilid caddisflies form Idaho (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae)

Danielopol, D., L.; Schiemer, F., 2007:
Notes and news - In memoriam Heinz Loffler (1927-2006)

Robinson, Gs, 1979:
Notes and observations

Rivosecchi, L.S.ntagata, V., 1979:
Notes and observations on Sciomyzidae (Diptera, Acalyptera) from central Italy

Roth, Vincent, D., 1943:
Notes and observations on fish life in British Guiana, 1907-1943

Scrivani, P.G.ra, F., 1970:
Notes and observations on hazards of herbicides

Bigger, Trl, 1974:
Notes and observations on some early summer Greek butterflies

La-Rosa, R.L.uzzo, A.T.rrisi, A., 1982:
Notes and observations on the bacterial tumor of Chrysanthemum

Anonymous, 1971:
Notes and papers in development

Bonafe, Luisa, 2007:
Notes and queries in metab-L - Behavioural problems in Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

Amadei, G., 1969:
Notes and random thoughts about agricultural co-operation

Miller, D., 1969:
Notes and records

Empey, H.N., 1971:
Notes and redescriptions of Dahlboms Cerceris species from the Ethiopian region, with a new subspecies of Cerceris formosa Dahlbom, 1845 from South Africa (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

Castroviejo, S.F.liner, G.; Hernandez, E., 1983:
Notes and remarks on the flora of the Spanish Central System: Villafranca, el Barco and Bejar ranges

Anonymous, 1960:
Notes and reports on the pedological and hydrological conditions at PMS

Speirs, Dc, 1979:
Notes and speculations on Sansevieria chimeras

Anonymous, 1946:
Notes and summary of the Industry-research conference, Alabama polytechnic institute and U.S.D.A. Tillage machinery laboratory, Auburn, Alabama, February 15-16, 1946

Halstead, Tf, 1972:
Notes and synonymy in Largus Hahn with a key to United States Species (Hemiptera: Largidae)

Knull, Jn, 1970:
Notes and synonymy on Buprestidae (Coleoptera)

Austin, Df, 1970:
Notes and typification for two species of Bonamia (Convolvulaceae). Bonamia trichantha, Bonamia maripodes

Anonymous, 1941:
Notes biographiques

Doran, Jl, 1969:
Notes by an amateur collector

Nielsen, Ps, 1979:
Notes concerning Acherontia atropos L. and its larvae

Jahn, E., 1979:
Notes concerning Arthrocereus

Nielsen, Ps, 1976:
Notes concerning Chersotis cuprea Den. & Schiff. and Epilecta linogrisea Den. & Schiff

Larsen, T., 1978:
Notes concerning German and Dutch production of slaughter

Speijer, Eam, 1978:
Notes concerning Lepidoptera

Polhemus, JT., 1972:
Notes concerning Mexican Saldidae, including the description of two new species (Hemiptera)

Boerner, F., 1972:
Notes concerning Picea polita

Laursen, G.; Burdsall, H.J., 1976:
Notes concerning a new distribution record for Geopora (Pezizales ) from Alaskan tundra

Geijskes, Dc, 1976:
Notes concerning a rare caddis fly, Ironiquia dubia (Stephens, 1837) and its distribution in the Netherlands (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae)

Strachan, Jl, 1983:
Notes concerning an application of the Sydney code of botanical nomenclature to Salvia dorrii (Lamiaceae) Salvia dorrii var. incana, taxa

Valen, Al, 1979:
Notes concerning business costs and margarine

Coutsis, Jg, 1983 :
Notes concerning certain West Indian butterflies

Jacobsen, Jb, 1979:
Notes concerning cheese, the wholesale and dairy industry today and in the future

Chester, Ww, 1975:
Notes concerning contract vegetable production in the upper Mid-south

Kreuzer,, C.K.tter, L., 1973:
Notes concerning latest meat regulation

Nilsson, G., 1976:
Notes concerning nursery management in Sweden

Kjeldset, G., 1976:
Notes concerning nursery selection work in Nord Trondelag, in addition to a practical example of typical cooperation between the Selection Committee and the nursery

Anonymous, 1959:
Notes concerning organization, activity, and principal problems of the World Agronomy Institute

Anonymous, 1942:
Notes concerning significant books & pamphlets about economics

Anonymous, 1941:
Notes concerning significant books & pamphlets about political science

Kofman, P., 1976:
Notes concerning soil preparation for reforestation

Todd, E.L., 1971:
Notes concerning some moths described by William Schaus in 1915 (Lepidoptera)

Tell, E.R.hrle, M., 1976:
Notes concerning the Guidelines for fine bakery products

Christensen, Km, 1976:
Notes concerning the Italian dairy industry--the future of ultrahigh temperature

Friedmann, Jc, 1974:
Notes concerning the conception of a central animal unit in the hospital environment

Ressl, F., 1972:
Notes concerning the ecology of some thermophilic insects

Nash, Dr, 1983:
Notes concerning the habitat of and other coleoptera associated with an example of Agonum gracilipes (Duft.) (Coleoptera: Carabidae) together with a reappraisal of its British status

Anonymous, 1977:
Notes concerning the manufacture of a honey yoghurt

Coutsis, Jg, 1977:
Notes concerning the taxonomic status of Coenonympha thyrsis Freyer

Alexeeva, N.B.; Mironova, L.N., 2007:
Notes critical about some species of the genus Iris (Iridaceae) in Siberia and Far East of Russia

Druart, P.; Duckert-Henriod, M.-Marguerite, 2006:
Notes de floristique neuchateloise viii

Rousselot, Renae, 1953:
Notes de parasitologie tropicale

Delevoy, Gaston , 1948:
Notes de sylviculture katanguienne

Dollfus, Robert-Ph, 1946:
Notes diverses sur des taetrarhynques

Thaery, Andre, 1943:
Notes diverses sur les Buprestidae de la faune fran* eth *caise et rectifications synonymiues

Allorge, Pierre, 1941:
Notes et memoires sur la vegetation et la flore du Pays basque

Hicks, David, R., 1981:
Notes for Brazil sampling frame evaluation trip

Salcedo, J., 1970:
Notes for a Spanish-Portuguese strategy of collaboration in the economic sphere

Guimaraes, Af, 1974:
Notes for a chronology of port wine

Martin, Larry, 1991:
Notes for a presentation on Globalization and the Canadian Food Industry

Lane, F., 1975:
Notes for a revision of the Anisocerini. II. The genus Trigonopeplus White, 1855 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae: Lamiinae)

Ronderos, Ra, 1973:
Notes for a revision of the subfamily Ommexechinae. I. Tribe Conometopine (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

Ronderos, Ra, 1974:
Notes for a revision of the subfamily Ommexechinae. V. The genera Calcitrena Eades and Tetrixocephalus Gurney & liebermann (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Ommexechini)

Cantarelli, C., 1981:
Notes for a scenery of the future of the food industry

Wijkstrom, U.N., 1992:
Notes for a technical seminar on aquaculture and economic growth

Gifford, Mn, 1996:
Notes for an address to the 1996 USDA Outlook Forum, Washington, D.C., February 21, 1996

Anonymous, 1972:
Notes for growing irish potatoes

Anonymous, 1972:
Notes for growing relay-planted sweet potatoes

Helles, Finn, 1978:
Notes for lectures on forestry policy

Fisher, Boyd, 1941:
Notes for some added chapters to Rural America lights up

Rose, J., 1994:
Notes for spring

Broadley, Herbert, Sir, 1949:
Notes for statement

Conroy, Michael, E., 1983:
Notes for the baseline study and evaluation

Borup, J., 1975:
Notes for the building owner

Torres, Ll-De, 1983:
Notes for the flora of Baix Ebre

Anonymous, 1945:
Notes for the guidance of authors

Marques, P., 1982:
Notes for the history of the Revista portuguesa de Ciencias veterinarias: section A veterinaria no Mundo in his 1st phase (1953-1962)

Fukuhara, N., 1982:
Notes for the identification of

Lafond, Andre, 1960:
Notes for the identification of types of trees on the properties of the Quebec North Shore Paper Company

Tamayo, F., 1972:
Notes for the phytogeographical study of Monagas state

Kamiizaka, M.M.namikata, Y.M.nematsu, H.O.awabata, O., 1975:
Notes for the studies of forest

Jovet-Ast, S., 1973:
Notes for the study of relations between Corsiniaceae and Ricciaceae

Debenham, Frank, 1948:
Notes for water reconnaissance

Seymour, Fc, 1970:
Notes form the Pringle Herbarium. III

Anonymous, 1997:
Notes from Animals and alternatives in education

White, Ha, 1978:
Notes from Alaska Teller Road Treck

Carlos, L.G.rken, S., 1979:
Notes from Brazil

Blancaneaux, P., 1973:
Notes from Guiana pedology: The Djougoung-Pete from the experimental creek Gregoire watershed (Sinnamary, French Guiana)

Granville, Jj-De, 1976:
Notes from Guiana: some forests on Grand Inini

Pereira,, E., 1985:
Notes from Herbarium Bradeanum. 1. Aechmea warasii var. intermedia

Pereira,, E., 1985:
Notes from Herbarium Bradeanum. 2. Aechmea roberto-anselmi; a new species from Brazil

Pereira,, E., 1985:
Notes from Herbarium Bradeanum. 3. Aechmea alopecurus

Petersen, Eo, 1974:
Notes from India

Ripley, D., 1973:
Notes from Long Island

Anonymous, 1984:
Notes from National Union Catalogue, Southwest Collection, Texas Tech University

Sengbusch, V.V.n; Loeben, W.V.n, 1976:
Notes from Nigeria on the meat industry

Weightman, J., 1981:
Notes from Orpington

Weightman, J., 1985:
Notes from Orpington. 3

Marshall, E., 1971:
Notes from Southern California: Southern California Horticultural Institute Award to Julius Nuccio

Anonymous, 1963:
Notes from Strybing Arboretum

Hogg, A., 1973:
Notes from Symposium on Mycotoxicoses of Domestic Animals, New Orleans, Louisiana, Monday, July 17, 1972

Baker, H., 1974:
Notes from Wisley: Strawberries

Baker, H., 1972:
Notes from Wisley: remodelling the medium fruit garden

Harris, Km, 1970:
Notes from Wisley: report on DDT and other organochlorine pesticides

Wirowski, Z., 1974:
Notes from XXII International Congress on hop growing in Munich in 1973

Ackerley, Df, 1977:
Notes from a farm foresters tour

Salsedo, Ca, 1979:
Notes from a horticulturalist in Europe

Miller, Je, 1994:
Notes from a trip down Highway 14 in South Dakota

Swidzinska, M., 1976:
Notes from a trip in USSR

Zanini, E., 1976:
Notes from a trip on present-day Spanish agriculture

Hannon, Ci, 1978:
Notes from a visit to Cuba and the Isle of Pines

Paroz, Pr, 1981:
Notes from down under raising Tillandsias from seed

Bayma, C., 1972:
Notes from laboratory and manufacture. III

Bayma, C., 1972:
Notes from laboratory and manufacture. IV

Bayma, C., 1972:
Notes from laboratory and manufacture: records, formulas and objectives

Wiegel, D.R.illy, J., 1993:
Notes from me to youabout my years: 15 to 17

Reilly, J.W.igel, D., 1993:
Notes from me to youabout my years: 18 & 19

Reilly, J., 1993:
Notes from me to youabout my years: 11 to 14

Flood, Francis, A., 1943:
Notes from talk

Garay, L.; Kittredge, W., 1985:
Notes from the Ames Orchid Herbarium

Moller, W.; Hildreth, W., 1971:
Notes from the Arboretum, UC, Davis: Ceanothus Dieback linked with apricot disease

Spongberg, S.; Weaver, R.J., 1978:
Notes from the Arnold Arboretum: collecting expedition to Japan and Korea

Hebb, Rs, 1970:
Notes from the Arnold Arboretum: plant registrations

Fordham, Aj, 1971:
Notes from the Arnold Arboretum: propagation of Fothergilla

Anonymous, 1954:
Notes from the Extension Preconvention Foods and Nutrition Section, Kansas City, June 21-22, 1953

Burgwin, Wa, 1970:
Notes from the High Level Sisal Research Station

Schofield, Ek, 1979:
Notes from the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium. I. The Herbarium of Warren H. Lewis

Schofield, Ek, 1980:
Notes from the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium. II. The herbaria of Charles Warfield Trow and Albert T. Beals

Atwood, J.Jr, 1983:
Notes from the O.I.C. Orchid Identification Center: Dendrobium rupicola

Dodson, Ch, 1982:
Notes from the Orchid Identification Center

Kataki, Sk, 1978:
Notes from the Orchid Station, Tipi, Arunachal Pradesh a note on the cultivation of orchids

Baronio, L., 1979:
Notes from the Orient

Jacobi, H., 1974:
Notes from the Shuswap, British Columbia

Egan, Bt, 1973:
Notes from the Standing Committee on sugar cane diseases

Gorham, J., 1955:
Notes from the University of Wisconsin mink farmers summer school

Martinez-Garcia, J., 1986:
Notes from the XAL Herbarium. V. Phytolacca thyrsiflora Fenzl., (Phytolaccaceae), new record for Mexico

Acevedo-Rosas, R.C.stillo-Campos, G., 1986:
Notes from the XAL Herbarium. VI. Chiococca sessilifolia Miranda (Rubiaceae, Chiococceae), new record for Veracruz

Gates, A., 1987:
Notes from the backstretch: shoeing the Thoroughbred racehorse

Schmidt, A.; Wilkinson, J., 1977:
Notes from the chefs desk

Frost, Ia, 1973:
Notes from the conservancies

Nabel, E.G.; Shurin, S.B., 2007:
Notes from the Director, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: NHLBI core values and shaping the 2007 budget

Clinton, B.M.ore, C., 1995:
Notes from the field: crossing the boundary to self sufficiency: helping rural community organizations raise money

Anonymous, 1987:
Notes from the forest products 1987 marketing of manufactured wood products seminar series

Rettig, K., 1982:
Notes from the insect world of East Friesland Germany, West.1

Barrilleaux, C.; Brace, P., 2007:
Notes from the laboratories of democracy: state government enactments of market- and state-based health insurance reforms in the 1990s

Kataki, Sk, 1975:
Notes from the orchid station, Tipi, Arunachal Pradesh. -I.-II

Anonymous, 1960:
Notes from the trip to Mediterranean basin in Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia,1958-1959-1960

Anonymous, 1958:
Notes from two national conferences on increasing the benefits of cattle raising

Kerkstra, K., 1977:
Notes in relation to surveying landscapes of visual distinction

Saye, J.-D.V.llucci, S., L., 1989:
Notes in the catalog record based on AACR2 and LC rule interpretations

Obermeyer, Aa, 1976:
Notes of African plants. A new species of Ornithogalum from the Natal Drakensberg

Brusse, F., 1989:
Notes of African plants. Fuscideaceae: a new species of Fuscidea (Lichenes) from the Cape Fold Mountains

Kormilev, NA., 1980:
Notes of American Aradinae (Hemiptera: Aradidae)

Boelcke, O., 1986:
Notes of Argentine crucifers. II. Two new Chaco species of the genus Lepidium and a synopsis of species in northeast Argentina and neighboring countries

Kottelat, M., 1982:
Notes of Asian ichthyology

De-Laubenfels, D.; Silba, J., 1988:
Notes of Asian-Pacific Podocarpaceae. L. (Podocarpus)

Hawksworth, Dl, 1978:
Notes of British lichenicolous Fungi. II

Andersen, W.; Simmons, R., 1976:
Notes of Maryland Lepidoptera. 5. A new subspecies of Poanes Massasoit (Hesperiidae)

Andersen, W.; Simmons, R., 1979:
Notes of Maryland Lepidoptera. 6. Occurrence of Boloria selene (Nymphalidae) in Maryland

Hagiwara, K.; Kudo, T.; Iwashita, M., 2007:
Notes of Parapercis ommatura (Perciformes : Pinguipedidae) collected from Tokyo Bay

Zwick, P., 1982:
Notes of Plecoptera (7) Neoeuryplax: a junior synonym of Etrocorema

Lewis, Charles, D., 1943:
Notes of Steering committee meeting, Washington, D.C. November 11, 12, 13

Zur-Strassen, R., 1980:
Notes of Thysanoptera. 5.(Insecta)

Wille-Trejos, Alvaro, 1987:
Notes of a biologist on Corcovado National Park

Blattny, C., 1978:
Notes of a phytopathologist on Czechoslovak scientific mycology in the middle decades of the 20th century (1940-1977) and future prospects

Abad-Zapatero, C., 2007:
Notes of a protein crystallographer: quo vadis structural biology?

Aksakov, S.T., 1998:
Notes of a provincial wildfowler

Fileiianskiaei, K.D., 1948:
Notes of a sheep farmer

Kross, John, I., 1950:
Notes of a talk on marketing problems confronting the cranberry industry given at summer meeting of the Wisconsin Cranberry Association

Fischetti, B., 1974:
Notes of a trip through the agricultural section of Albania

Cooper, Sm, 1981:
Notes of access to hydrological data from the EAAFRO catchments

Michelat, J., 1970:
Notes of anatomical technique. II. Mercury injection

Kokolia, Vladimair, 1958:
Notes of animal production in farm cooperatives

Valentine, Bd, 1980:
Notes of anthribid weevils. IV. The Roger F. Lee list and collection from Malawi, East Africa

Minoura, K.Y.mada, K., 1976:
Notes of coprophilous Discomycetes in Japan. I

Gusenleitner, J., 1972:
Notes of interest about Vespidae. IV. (Diploptera, Hymenoptera)

Karban, R.S.ith, A., 1978:
Notes of leaf temperature balance in Sedum adolphi (Crassulaceae)

Moldenke, Hn, 1978:
Notes of new and noteworthy plants. CXII

Cazieux, A.L.tte, Y., 1973:
Notes of osteosynthesis on domestic carnivora. III. Techniques for the femur

Morrill, J., 1976:
Notes of parasitic Rhodomelaceae. I. The morphology and systematic position of Benzaitenia yenoshimensis Yendo, a parasitic red alga from Japan

Kokolia, Vladimair, 1958:
Notes of plant production in farm cooperatives

Giustina, W.D.lla; Meusnier, S., 1982:
Notes of pursuit concerning Cicadella (Homoptera, Cicadellidae): geographic distribution and new species for France

Galileo, M.; Martins, U., 1988:
Notes of the Agapanthiini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae). II. Hippopsis of the pubiventris group

Anonymous, 1978:
Notes of the Institute of agricultural law Alessandro de Feo.

Mizutani, M., 1988:
Notes of the Lejeuneaceae. 14. Asiatic species of the genus Caudalejeunea

Hoffmann, M., 1981:
Notes of the biology and ontogeny of Leptostylus perniciosus Monne & Hoffmann (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae) Pest of Araucaria angustifolia, taxonomic morphology, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.1

Carlucci, F.G.idi, G.G.inassi, F., 1979:
Notes of the cats premedication

Murat, H., 1979:
Notes of the friction clutch of tractors

Yuan, F.C.ou, I., 1983:
Notes of the genera Antialcida

Mazur, S., 1976:
Notes of the genus Saprinus Erichson (Coleoptera, Histeridae)

Anonymous, 1948:
Notes of the rabbit keeper

Gur'-Yeva, Yel, 1975:
Notes of the systematics and synonymy of click-beetles of the genus Ampedus Dej. (Coleoptera, Elateridae)

Miyaji, Y., 1976:
Notes of the taste of mushrooms

Destremau, D., 1977:
Notes of the third World Consultation on Forest Tree Genetics

Harslett, J.R.eves, D., 1974:
Notes oin butterflies from Fraser Island, August, 1971

Ronderos, Ra, 1978:
Notes on Jivari (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Melanoplinae)

Vezda, A., 1972:
Notes on Lichenes selecti exsiccati with an alphabetical index to fascicles 21--40 (nos. 501--1000)

Durbin, S., 1974:
Notes on The marketing of Australian wool

Sato, M., 1978:
Notes on Themus insulsus (Coleoptera: Cantharidae)

Buiter, Willem, H., 1998:
Notes on a code for fiscal stability

Kunneth, W.W.ebecke, C., 1983:
Notes on forest dying

Morillo-Garcia, M., 1974:
Notes on no tillage

Robinson, Willard-Bancroft, 1965:
Notes on 1965 wine table samples

Hemadri, K.B.argavan, P., 1983:
Notes on Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik. ssp. tetraphyllus (Roxb. ex Hernem.) Borss. var. megaspermus Hemadri and Manisuris divergens (Hack.) O. Ktze. and their distribution

Whibley, Dje, 1979:
Notes on Acacia carnei in South Australia

Pedley, L., 1974:
Notes on Acacia, chiefly from Queensland, IV

Tavares, Ii, 1973:
Notes on Acallomyces and Polyascomyces (Laboulbeniales)

Okaeme, An, 1983:
Notes on Acalypterates (Diptera) as pest of cattle

Panigrahi, G., 1985:
Notes on Acampe papillosa Lindley, nom. illeg. (Orchidaceae)

Napper, Dm, 1970:
Notes on Acanthaceae. I. Some tropical African Acanthoideae and Nelsonioideae

Martins, Ur, 1976:
Notes on Achryson Serville, 1833 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

Opheim, M., 1982:
Notes on Acleris obtusana (Eversmann, 1844) (Tortricidae)

Grolle, R., 1972:
Notes on Adelanthus Mitt

Downs, Pe, 1974:
Notes on Adenia pechuelii

Muller, B., 1977:
Notes on Adonis amurensis

Leme, Emc, 1990:
Notes on Aechmea flavo-rosea

Heine, H., 1971:
Notes on African Acanthaceae

Johnsen, P., 1970:
Notes on African Acridoidea in Danish museums (Orthoptera)

Benoit, Plg, 1975:
Notes on African Arachnida. IV

Vulcano, M.A.; Martinez, A.; Pereira, F.S., 1969:
Notes on African Bolboceratini (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae)

Brenan, Jpm, 1968:
Notes on African Commelinaceae. VII. new or noteworthy taxa from west tropical Africa

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1973:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. III. Acalypha

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1973:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. IV

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1981:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. IX

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1976:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. VI

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1978:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. VIII

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1981:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XI. Margaritaria discoidea, a re-appraisal

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1982:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XII

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1983:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XIII. Tragia, Tragiella &c

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1987:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XIX. Tragia (iii) and notes on Croton & Erythrococca

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1985:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XV. Tragia

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1986:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XVII. An Acalypha-hybrid from Kenya

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1986:
Notes on African Euphorbiaceae. XVIII

Radcliffe-Smith, A., 1973:
Notes on African Euphorbiccaea. II. Jatropha

Fraser, Frederick-Charles, 1952:
Notes on African Gomphidae

Hoogstraal, H.W.ssef, H., 1981:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks, XIII. Identity of Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) colleyi, a parasite of the rock hyrax in South Africa (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Hoogstraal, H., 1972:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. IX. Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) pedetes sp. N., a relict parasite of the springhare (Rodentia: Pedetidae) in Transvaal (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Hoogstraal, H.W.lker, J.; Neitz, W., 1971:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. VII. Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) hyracophila sp. n. (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae), a parasite of hyraxes in South Africa

Camicas, J.; Hoogstraal, H.E.-Kammah, K., 1972:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. VIII. Haemaphysalis (rhipistoma) moreli sp. n., a carnivore parasite of the Haemaphysalis (R.) leachi group (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Hoogstraal, H.E.-Kammah, K., 1972:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. X. Haemaphysalis (Kaiseriana) aciculifer Warburton and Haemaphysalis Kaiserians rugosa Santos Dias, the African representatives of the Spinigera subgroup (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Camicas, J.; Hoogstraal, H.E.-Kammah, M., 1973:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. XI. Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) punctaleachi sp. n., a parasite of West African forest carnivores (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Hoogstraal, H.E.-Kammah, K., 1974:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. XII. Haemophysalis (Rhipistoma) zumpti sp. n., a parasite of small carnivores and squirrels in southern Africa (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Camicas, J.; Hoogstraal, H.E.-Kammah, K., 1983:
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. XIV. Description of adults of Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) paraleachi sp. n., a carnivore parasite of the Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) leachi group (Ixodoidea:Ixodidae)

Hoogstraal, H.W.ssef, H., 1983 :
Notes on African Haemaphysalis ticks. XV. Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) norvali sp.n., a hedgehog parasite of the Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) spinulosa group in Zimbabwe (Acarina:Ixodidae)

Marais, W., 1973:
Notes on African Iridaceae

Jocque, R., 1984:
Notes on African Linyphiidae (Aranea). III. The genus Tybaertiella, with the description of a new species of Pelecopsis

Jocque, R., 1981:
Notes on African Linyphiidae (Araneida). I. A new genus from the Cape Verde Islands

Jocque, R., 1983:
Notes on African Linyphiidae. II. Some representatives from Gabon

Codd, Le, 1987:
Notes on African Plants. Liliaceae: notes on Kniphofia

Linder, Hp, 1990:
Notes on African Plants. Orchidaceae. Notes on a rare Cape Disa

Brusse, F., 1987:
Notes on African Plants. Trapeliaceae: a new species of Trapelia (Lichenes) from southern Africa

Benoit, Plg, 1972:
Notes on African arachnology. II

Arends, J.; Burg, W.-Van-Der; Laan, F.-Van-Der, 1980:
Notes on African orchids

Immelman, K.J.cobsen, W.; Jacobsen, N.; Van-Rooy, J.R.tief,, C.O.iver, E.; Hennessy, E.; Wijnands, D.; Codd, L., 1986:
Notes on African plants

Bruyns, P.V., 2007:
Notes on African plants

Obermeyer, Aa, 1976:
Notes on African plants. A new combination in Bulbine

Hardy, Ds, 1976:
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Notes on Chinese Odonata. VI. Further studies on the Graham Collection preserved in the U.S. national Museum of Natural History, suborder Zygoptera

Asahina, S., 1979:
Notes on Chinese Odonata. VIII. Three small collections in the U. S. National Museum of Natural History

Asahina, S., 1979:
Notes on Chinese Odonata. XI. On two North Chinese gomphids , with special reference to Palaearctic Ophiogomphus species

Zhang, Gh, 1985:
Notes on Chinese Odontomantis saussure, with descriptions of two new species

Lo, H.; Chen, T., 1979:
Notes on Chinese Sapindaceae

Chen, S-c., 1986:
Notes on Chinese Sinophasma Gunther with description of a new species (Phasmida: Heteronemiidae, Necrosciinae)

Liu, Y.; Bai, J., 1982:
Notes on Chinese Ulodemis Meyri

Dakin, M.Jr, 1979:
Notes on Chrysochraon (Barracris) petraea (Gurney, Strohecker & Helfer) (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Gomphocerinae) with a description of the female sex

Kimoto, S., 1969:
Notes on Chrysomelidae from Taiwan. iI

Takizawa, H., 1971:
Notes on Chrysomelidae of the Kurile Islands (Coleoptera)

Hiratsuka,, S., 1969:
Notes on Chrysomyxa on species

Groves, J.; Elliott, M., 1969:
Notes on Ciboria rufo-fusca and Ciboria alni

Gage, EV.; Sumlin, W.D.; III., 1986:
Notes on Cicindela nigrocoerulea subtropica in Texas (Coleoptera: Cicinelidae)

Maser, C., 1977:
Notes on Cicindela oregona in Oregon

Johnson, Wn, 1993:
Notes on Cicindela yucatana W. Horn

Seidenfaden, G., 1973:
Notes on Cirrhopetalum Lindl

Methven, A.; Guzman, G., 1988:
Notes on Clavariadelphus. II. Clavariadelphus fasciculatus sp. nov. from Mexico

Methven, As, 1991:
Notes on Clavariadelphus. IV. Cultural characters of C. ligula and C. sachalinensis

Petersen, Rh, 1986:
Notes on Clavarioid fungi. XIX. Colored illustrations of selected taxa, with comments on Cantharellus

Ghosh, B.B.nerjee, R., 1980:
Notes on Cleome rutidosperma DC. in India

Kuyper, Tw, 1981:
Notes on Clitocybe. I

Borkhsenius, Ns, 1978:
Notes on Coccoidea of eastern Asia. XII. New genus and species of the scale insects (Homoptera, Coccoidea, Diaspididae)

Razowski, Jozef, 2006:
Notes on Cochylimorpha Razowski, 1959 with description of one new species from Tibet (Tortricidae)

Prakash, V.K.lkarni, B., 1981:
Notes on Coelachne ghatica Naik

Wolf, Hw-Van-Der, 1982:
Notes on Coleophoridae (Lepidoptera) Netherlands.1

Huggert, L., 1974:
Notes on Coleoptera

Friden, A., 1976:
Notes on Coleoptera found in the Messaure area of northern Swedish Lappland

Fjellberg, A., 1969 :
Notes on Coleoptera in nests of heron (Ardea cinerea L.)

Halling, Re, 1979:
Notes on Collybia. I. Collybia alkalivirens

Halling, Re, 1989:
Notes on Collybia. III. Three neotropical species of subg. Rhodocollybia

Espriella, Ro-De-La, 1972:
Notes on Colombian animal husbandry

Mitchel, D.; Smith, A., 1975:
Notes on Colorado fungi. I. Hygrophorus amarus

Mitchell, D.; Chapman, S.; Farr, M., 1986:
Notes on Colorado fungi. V. Physarum alpestre, a new species

Anonymous, 1952:
Notes on Commonwealth finance, trade and resources

Scott, Aj, 1987:
Notes on Compositae--Inuleae for the Flore des Mascareignes

Johnson, V., 1980:
Notes on Coniopterygidae (Neuroptera) from the Ethiopian Region

Hammer, S., 1987:
Notes on Conophytum smorenskaduense

Otani, Y., 1973:
Notes on Coprophilous Discomycetes in Japan. III

Otani, Y.K.nzawa, S., 1970 :
Notes on Coprophilous discomycetes in Japan. I

De-Block, Petra, 2007:
Notes on Coptosperma as a precursor to a checklist of the Rubiaceae of Madagascar and the Comores

Agostini, G.V.lazquez, D., 1983:
Notes on Cordia thaisiana Agostini (Boraginaceae)

Fain, A., 1978:
Notes on Coreitarsoneminae (Acari, Prostigmata, Tarsonemidae), parasites of the odor gland of Hemiptera, Coreidae in Central Africa

Smith, Eb, 1978:
Notes on Coreopsis

Steyermark, J.; Liesner, R., 1987:
Notes on Cornus (Cornaceae) in South America

Rungs, C., 1982:
Notes on Corsican lepidopterology. II

Rungs, C., 1982:
Notes on Corsican lepidopterology. II. Lepidoptera species list.1

Hjortstam, K., 1981:
Notes on Corticiaceae (Basidiomycetes). IX. Three new combinations in Hypochniciellum

Hjortstam, K., 1981:
Notes on Corticiaceae (Basidiomycetes). VIII. Two new species of Tubulicrinis

Hjortstam, K., 1982:
Notes on Corticiaceae (Basidiomycetes). XI. Boidinia, a new genus sehgregated from Gloeocystidiellium

Biswas, Sn, 1976:
Notes on Cratoxylum formosum spp. pruniflorum (Kurz) Gog. (Hypericaceae sensu stricto)

Bennett, Rk, 1979:
Notes on Crinum japonicum (Bak.) Hann

Whetstone, Rd, 1984:
Notes on Croomia pauciflora (Stemonaceae)

Borhidi, A., 1980:
Notes on Cuban Bignoniaceae. I. New species in the genus Tabebula in Cuba

Fernandez-Triana, Jose, L., 2007:
Notes on Cuban Pimplinae (Hymenoptera : Ichneumonidae), with the description of two new species

Aitken, T.H.G., 1985:
Notes on Culex (Melanoconion) portesi Senevet and Abonnenc, vector for arbovirus

Kremer, M.L.berre, G.B.aucournu-Saguez, F., 1971:
Notes on Culicoides (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) from Corsica: Description of Culicoides corsicus n. sp

Arx, J.-Von; Aa, H.-Van-Der, 1983:
Notes on Curreya (Ascomycetes, Dothideales)

Stace, Ca, 1978:
Notes on Cutandia and related genera

Miller, L.; Maza, J., 1984:
Notes on Cyllopsis, especially from Mexico, with description of a new species (Lepidoptera: Satyridae)

Pradhan, Gm, 1976 :
Notes on Cymbidium eburneum

Rao, A.; Verma, D., 1982:
Notes on Cyperaceae of Assam

Raynal, J., 1974:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 22. New Caledonian Costularia

Raynal, J., 1975:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 23. A new Gahnia from New Caledonia

Raynal, J., 1975:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 23. A new New Caledonian Gahnia

Raynal, J., 1976:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 24. Mapania paradoxa, new species from Guyana

Raynal, J., 1976:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 25. The genus Schoenoplectus. I. On some South African species

Raynal, J., 1976:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 26. The genus Schoenoplectus. II. The amphicarp and section Supini

Raynal, J., 1976:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 27. Identification of two Scleria Poiret

Govindarajalu, E.R.ynal, J., 1976:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 28. Supplements to the genus Rikliella J. rayn

Raynal, J., 1977:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 29. Pycreus section Rhizomatosi

Raynal, J., 1977 :
Notes on Cyperaceae. 30. Catagyna Pal. Beauv. ex Lest. identified at last

Raynal, J., 1977:
Notes on Cyperaceae. 31. Miscellanea in nomenclature (Cyperoidea)

Raynal, J., 1978:
Notes on Cyperus. 33. Nomenclatural mixtures. 2

Dennis, Cj, 1973:
Notes on Cyrtolobus maxinei Dennis (Homoptera: Membracidae)

Knudson, H., 1978:
Notes on Cystolepiota Sing. and Lepiota S. F. Gray

Prada, C.S.lvo, A., 1984:
Notes on Cystopteris Bernh

Anonymous, 1956:
Notes on DDT-fish and wildlife relationships meeting, Washington, D.C. February 24, 1956

Reid, Da, 1983:
Notes on Dacrymycetales Ditiola abieticola, Ditiola pezziformis, Dacrymces stillatus, Fungi, new taxa

Lyneborg, L., 1975:
Notes on Danish large-eyed flies (Diptera, Pipunculidae)

Onsberg, P., 1978:
Notes on Danish myxomycetes. II. Arcyria obvelata: a new name for Arcyria (Trichia) nutans

Anonymous, 1986:
Notes on Deinbollia species from Cameroon

Berio, E., 1974:
Notes on Deinypena Holl. and Aburina Moschl. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Menezes, M.De, 1974:
Notes on Deltocephaalinae of the neotropical region (Homoptera, Cicadellidae). iI

Wakely, S., 1970:
Notes on Depressaria ultimella Stainton

Plata, P.P.endes, C., 1982:
Notes on Dermestidae (Coleoptera) Taxonomic morphology.1

Hornig, I.S.hnetter, R., 1988:
Notes on Dictyota dichotoma, D. menstrualis, D. indica and D. pulchella spec. nova (Phaeophyta)

Richardson, Ibk, 1980:
Notes on Diospyros (Ebenaceae) in the Mascarene Islands

Nannfeldt, Ja, 1984:
Notes on Diplonaevia (Discomycetes inoperculati), with special regard to the species on Juncaceae

Bent, P., 1972:
Notes on Diplosoma retroversum (Kensit.) Schwant

Vestergaard, Da, 1981:
Notes on Diptera in the Netherlands

Mclean, Ifg, 1979:
Notes on Diptera taken in 1976

Edmondson,. Jr.;, 1973:
Notes on Doronicum l. in SW Asia

Schnell, De, 1982:
Notes on Drosera linearis Goldie in northeastern lower Michigan Ecology and biology

Hilsenhoff, WL., 1973:
Notes on Dubiraphia (Coleoptera: Elmidae) with descriptions of five new species

Srivastava, Gk, 1982:
Notes on Dubronys (=Bormans) some material of Dermaptera (Insecta)

Schilthuizen, M., 1984:
Notes on Dutch Cholevidae (Coleoptera)

Kanaar, P., 1979:
Notes on Dutch Histeridae (Coleoptera)

Huisenga, J., 1972:
Notes on Dutch Lepidoptera

Whitehead, Dr, 1969:
Notes on Dyschirius Bonelli and Adekhorus LeConte, with a peculiar new Dyschirius from Texas (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Scaritini)

Polhill, Rm, 1969:
Notes on East African Dalbergieae Bronn (Leguminosae)

Grey-Wilson, C., 1980:
Notes on East African Impatiens. Studies in Balsaminaceae. III

Willemse, Rh, 1985:
Notes on East African Plectranthus species (Labiatae)

Gilbert, Mg, 1986:
Notes on East African Vernonieae (Compositae). A revision of the Vernonia galamensis complex

Kaiser, W.; Robertson, D., 1978:
Notes on East African plant virus diseases. II. Alfalfa mosaic virus

Miksic, R., 1971:
Notes on East Asian Cetoniidae

Luther, He, 1981:
Notes on Ecuadorean bromeliads

Anonymous, 1948:
Notes on Egyptian cotton

Curry, Mg, 1974:
Notes on Elephantopus L. (Compositae): foliar pigments

Masner, L.D.ssart, P., 1972:
Notes on Embidobiini (Scelionidae: Hymenoptera) with description of a new genus

de Souza Lopes, H., 1971:
Notes on Emblemasoma and Pessoamyia (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Wagner, R., 1984:
Notes on Empididae. 2. Wiedemannia insularis Collin, a synonym of Wiedemannia rhynchops (Nowicki)

Anufriev, G.A., 1970:
Notes on Empoasca kontkaneni Oss. (Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae) with description of a new species from the Far East

Viggiani, G., 1983:
Notes on Encarsia olivina (masi) with descriptions of two new species of Encarsia Foerster (Hymenoptera, Aphelinidae)

Foster, Gn, 1984:
Notes on Enochrus subgenus Methydrus Rey (Coleoptera:Hydrophilidae), including a species new to Britain

Ross, Jh, 1973:
Notes on Entada in South Africa

Ben-Ze'-Ev, Is, 1987:
Notes on Entomophthorales (Zygomycotina) collected by T. Petch. III. Erynia suturalis sp. nov. and other Erynia species recorded on Coleoptera

Ben-Ze'-Ev, Is, 1986:
Notes on Entomophthorales (Zygomycotina) collected by T. Petch: Erynia anglica comb. nov. and Erynia coleopterorum

Ben-Ze'-Ev, Is, 1986:
Notes on Entomophthorales (Zygomycotina) collected by T.Petch. II. Erynia ellisiana sp. nov., non Eryinia forficulae (Giard), comb. nov., pathogens of Forficulidae (Dermaptera)

Johnston, F., 1975:
Notes on Epidendrum (Encyclia) fragrans and Epidendrum radiatum

Johnston, Fd, 1974:
Notes on Epidendrum pseudo-wallisii in Hawaii

Thieret, Jw, 1969:
Notes on Epifagus

West, Kr, 1974:
Notes on Epilobium angustum (Cheesem.) Raven et Engelhorn (Onagraceae)

Buddell, G.I.; Thieret, J., 1985:
Notes on Erigenia bulbosa (Apiaceae)

Denis, J., 1970:
Notes on Erigonidae. xXXIX. on Diphocephalus s. str. (Erigonidae, Araneae)

Reveal, Jl, 1967:
Notes on Eriogonum. V. A revision of the Eriogonum corymcorymbosum complex

Gilbert, Mg, 1973:
Notes on Ethiopian Stapeliads

Vollesen, K., 1984:
Notes on Ethiopian Vitaceae and Burseraceae

St-John, H., 1977:
Notes on Eugenia (Myrtaceae) and Haloragis (Haloragaceae) from southeastern Polynesia: Pacific plant studies. 34

Haughey, A., 1970:
Notes on Euglena acus Ehrenberg from sewage treatment ponds

Kimberley, Mj, 1987:
Notes on Euphorbia decidua

Leach, Lc, 1975:
Notes on Euphorbia mauritanica, Euphorbia gossypina and some related species with an amplified description of Euphorbia berotica

Kimberley, Mj, 1987:
Notes on Euphorbia wildii and the man after whom it was named

Coode, Mje, 1978:
Notes on Euphorbiaceae in the Mascarene Islands. I

Coode, Mje, 1979:
Notes on Euphorbiaceae in the Mascarene Islands. II

Mathew, B., 1977:
Notes on European Crocus (Iridaceae)

Donk, Ma, 1972:
Notes on European Polypores. XI. On some species of Tyromyces

Donk, Ma, 1969:
Notes on European polypores. III. Notes on species with stalked fruitbody

Donk, Ma, 1969:
Notes on European polypores. IV. on some species of Ganoderma

Donk, Ma, 1971:
Notes on European polypores. VIII

Donk, Ma, 1971:
Notes on European polypores. vI

Donk, M.A., 1972:
Notes on European polypores. X

Donk, Ma, 1973:
Notes on European polypores. xII

Russell, Lm, 1971:
Notes on Eurphalerus nidifex Schwarz and related nestmaking, New World psyllids (Homoptera: Psyllidae)

Feltwell, J., 1976:
Notes on Euscorpius flavicaudis (Degeer) (Arachnida: Chactidae)

Tateoka, T., 1981:
Notes on Festuca hondoensis (Poaceae)

Nilsson, O., 1968:
Notes on Filago vulgaris Lam. (F. germanica) in Scania, Sweden

Iwatsuki, Z.S.zuki, T.L.n, S., 1980:
Notes on Fissidens in Taiwan

Bruggeman-Nannenga, Ma, 1978:
Notes on Fissidens. I-II

Bruggeman-Nannenga, M.; Pursell, R., 1995:
Notes on Fissideus V

Millen, Sandra, V., 2007:
Notes on Flabellina dana Millen and Hamann, 2006 from the Caribbean

Meerow, Aw, 1985:
Notes on Florida Zephyranthes

Beckner, J., 1970:
Notes on Florida and West Indian orchids

Rix, Em, 1974:
Notes on Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in the eastern Mediterranean region. i & II

Rix, Em, 1975:
Notes on Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in the eastern Mediterranean region. iII

Griffin, D.Iii; Breil, D., 1982:
Notes on Frullania cobrensis Gott. ex Steph. in Cuba & Florida Hepaticae, occurrence and ecology

Hattori, S., 1980:
Notes on Frullania species of Iriomote and Ishigaki Islands, the Ryukyu Archipelago

Lewis, G.; Guinet, P., 1986:
Notes on Gagnebina (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) in Madagascar and neighbouring islands

Webster, Gl, 1970:
Notes on Galapagos Euphorbiaceae

Wong, Km, 1982:
Notes on Gardenia and Acranthera (Rubiaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia

Eriksson, G., 1969:
Notes on Geastrum in Gotland

Goldblatt, P., 1982:
Notes on Geissorhiza (Iridaceae): the species in Madagascar Gladiolus bojeri, new taxa

Hansen, Hv, 1985:
Notes on Gerbera sect. Pseudoseris (Compositae, Mutisieae)

Gerken, Egbert, 1975:
Notes on German rural sociology

Hunt, Dr, 1976:
Notes on Gibasis. American Commelinaceae. II

Troncoso, Ns, 1971:
Notes on Glandularia megapotamica (Spr.) Cabr. et Daws. and related species (Verbanaceae)

Brown, J., 1976:
Notes on Gonepteryx cleopatra Linnaeus 1767 (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) in Greece

Passoa, S., 1980:
Notes on Gracillaria elongella (Gracillariidae) with a description of the larval mouthparts

Gay, F.J., 1971:
Notes on Grallatotermes grallator (Desneux) and the taxonomic status of the genus Grallatotermes (Isoptera: Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae)

Peshkova, Ga, 1973:
Notes on Gramineae flora of central Siberia

Tsvelev, Nn, 1973:
Notes on Gramineae flora of the USSR. 7

Probatova, Ns, 1979:
Notes on Gramineae from the flora of the Far East. II

Valls, Jfm, 1973:
Notes on Gramineae of Rio Grande do Sul. I. New citati ons for the flora of Rio Grande do Sul and relation of th e tribes and genera with confirmed occurrence

Morat, P., 1978:
Notes on Gramineae of the New Caledonia

Cowan, Cf, 1969:
Notes on Griffiths Animal Kingdom of Cuvier (1824--1835)

Orr, G.; Kuehn, H., 1971:
Notes on Gymboascaceae. I. A review of eight species

Arx, Ja-Von, 1977:
Notes on Gymnoascaceae

Orr, G.F.; Kuehn, H.H., 1972:
Notes on Gymnoascaceae. II. Some Gymnoascaceae and keratinophilic fungi from Utah

Yoshimura, I., 1973 :
Notes on Gymnoderma melacarpum, comb. nov

Snijman, Da, 1981:
Notes on Haemanthus: two new species from the Western Cape

Fain, A., 1976:
Notes on Harpyrhynchidae. Description of four new species (Acarina: Prostigmata)

Steyskal, G.C., 1969:
Notes on Hawaiian Otitidae (Diptera)

St-John, H., 1978:
Notes on Hawaiian Psychotria (Rubiaceae). (Hawaiian plant studies. 65.)

Steffan, Wa, 1973:
Notes on Hawaiian Sciaridae (Diptera) and descriptions of two new species

Smith, Cw, 1977:
Notes on Hawaiian lichens. I. Obligately foliicolous species

Nannenga-Bremekamp, Ne, 1970:
Notes on Hedera species, varieties and cultivars grown in the Netherlands

Sanchez-Covisa-Villa, A.R.driguez-Rodriguez, J.; Pascual-Sanchez-Gijon, E., 1979:
Notes on Heleidae (Ceratopogonidae) (Diptera, Nematocera) in the vicinity of Madrid

Tibana, R., 1982:
Notes on Helicobia iheringi Lopes, 1939 (Diptera, Sarcophagidae), with a description of the female Taxonomic morphology, Brazil.1

Souza-Barreiros, H.De, 1970:
Notes on Heliconia linneana Lane in herb

Maza, E., J.De-La, 1977:
Notes on Heliconius (Leparus) doris L. (Heliconiidae) in Mexico

Allen-Aa, 1980:
Notes on Helops caeruleus L. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Winstanley, WJ., 1983:
Notes on Hemicordulia australiae (Odonata: Corduliidae) from the New Zealand region

Vyas, Raju, 2006:
Notes on Hemidactylus porbandarensis, an endemic Gecko of Gujarat state

Godfrey, Jd, 1977:
Notes on Hepaticae collected by John Macoun in southwestern British Columbia

Takara, T., 1968:
Notes on Hepaticae of Kume-isl

Proskauer, J., 1971:
Notes on Hepaticae. v

Rivera Hernandez, J.E., 2007:
Notes on Hernandiaceae: first record of Gyrocarpus americanus Jacq. for Mexico, and of Sparattanthelium amazonum Mart. for Oaxaca

De-Baar, M., 1976:
Notes on Hesperiidae and Lycarenidae (Lepidoptera) from southeastern Queensland

St-John, H., 1978:
Notes on Hespermannia (Compositae). Hawaiian plant studies. 80

Moore, I., 1974:
Notes on Hesperus arizonicus with description of the female (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

Vasarhelyi, T., 1980:
Notes on Heteroptera larvae of Hungaray. I

Paul, T.; Nayar, M., 1982:
Notes on Hibiscus hirtus L. and Hibiscus talbotii (Rakshit) T. K. Paul et Nayar (Malvaceae)

Bose, Rb, 1978:
Notes on Hibiscus hirtus Linn. (Malvaceae)

Post, Marjorie-Merriweather, 1979:
Notes on Hillwood

Ohba, H., 1974:
Notes on Himalayan Sedum. 2

Ohba, H., 1974:
Notes on Himalayan Sedum. 3

Sivec, I., 1982:
Notes on Himalayan stoneflies from the collection of Zoologische Staatssammlung Munchen (Plecoptera) Taxonomic morphology, mountain areas, Nepal

Larsson, J.L.rsson, L., 1991:
Notes on Hippeastrum culture

Kadulski, S., 1970:
Notes on Hippoboscidae (Diptera-Pupipara) on mammals of economic importance in Poland

Jones, Hg, 1974:
Notes on Hoffmannseggella

Miller, O.K.; Gilbertson, R.L., 1969 :
Notes on homobasidiomycetes from northern Canada and Alaska

Maas-Geesteranus, Ra, 1978:
Notes on Hydnums. XI

O'-Connor, J.; Bracken, J., 1978:
Notes on Hydropsyche instabilis (Curtis) and Hydropsyche siltalai Dohler (Insecta: Trichoptera) in Ireland

Arnolds, E., 1986:
Notes on Hygrophoraceae. IX. Camarophyllopsis Herink, an older name for Hygrotrama Sing

Arnolds, E., 1987:
Notes on Hygrophoraceae. X. Three new combinations in Hygrophoraceae

Arnolds, E., 1974:
Notes on Hygrophorus

Arnolds, E., 1974:
Notes on Hygrophorus. I

Arnolds, E., 1977:
Notes on Hygrophorus. II

Arnolds, E., 1979:
Notes on Hygrophorus. III. The group of Hygrophorus olivaceoalbus (Hygrophorus subsect. Olivaceoumbrini Bat.) in northwestern Europe

Vestergaard, Da, 1973:
Notes on Hyles gallii Rottemburg (Lepidoptera, Sphingidaee

Chevin, H., 1974:
Notes on Hymenoptera Tenthredoidea

Chevin, H., 1975:
Notes on Hymenoptera Tenthredoides

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