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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16513

Chapter 16513 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tokowicz, N.; Kroll, J., F., 2007:
Number of meanings and concreteness: Consequences of ambiguity within and across languages

Galiev, N.; Kochetkov, I.; Dorovskikh, V., 1979:
Number of mechanics at an animal husbandry complex

Woo, K.S.; Goh, R.Y.; Kim, S.H.; Kwon, H.C.; Kim, H.J.; Lee, Y.H.; Han, J.Y., 2007:
Number of megakaryocytic progenitors and adhesion molecule expression of stem cells predict platelet engraftment after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Mogil'-Nichenko, N.; Zaidov, F.; Samigov, G., 1980:
Number of microorganisms and activity of bacterial enzymes in the rumen of the cow when utilizing granulated feeds in the ration

Waloff, N., 1971:
Number of migrations and changes in populations of insects

May, R.H.drich, H., 1977:
Number of mitochondria in cells and protoplasts of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis grown aerobically with lactate as carbon source

Petrosian, Z.; Grigorian, A., 1975:
Number of necrosis genes in a hybrid combination Mironovskaia 808 X Eritrospermum 841

Boiko, Li, 1974:
Number of nitrogen-fixation bact

Messias, C.; Barros, J.-De; Azevedo, J.-De, 1974:
Number of nuclei in conidia of Aspergillus flavus, Link

Messias, C.; Azevedo, J.; Fonseca, H.M.rtinelli-Filho, A., 1976:
Number of nuclei in diploids of Aspergillus flavus

Gräbner, W.; Pfitzer, P., 1974:
Number of nuclei in isolated myocardial cells of pigs

Carlberg, U., 1980:
Number of nymphal instars in Extatosoma tiaratum (Macleay) (Phasmida:Tropidoderinae) with notes on biology

Foster, D.Greene.; Parvataneni, R.; de Bocanegra, H.Thiel.; Lewis, C.; Bradsberry, M.; Darney, P., 2006:
Number of oral contraceptive pill packages dispensed, method continuation, and costs

Dixon, A.; Dharma, T., 1981:
Number of ovarioles and fecundity in the black bean aphid, Aphis fabae

Kaplin, Vg, 1985:
Number of ovarioles and size of eggs in desert Cicadinea spp. (Homoptera)

Ishibashi, I., 1983:
Number of ovulation, fertilizat

Mota, Apb, 1979:
Number of ovules in adult virgin females of the coconut caterpillar, Brassolis sophorae L

Bergel'-Son, Bo, 1980:
Number of perch in the Ivankovo and Uglich reservoirs

Cordoves, S.G.errero, J.; Gurstosev, V.V.lazquez, M., 1981:
Number of pigs per pen in commercial fattening units in Cuba

Boitsov, Mp, 1980:
Number of pike-perch and its use in the Ivankovo and Uglich reservoirs

O'-Regan, W.; Conrad, C., 1975:
Number of pins in two-stage stratified sampling for estimating herbage yield

Obrtel, R., 1971:
Number of pitfall traps in relation to the structure of the catch of soil surface Coleoptera

Jayaraman, K., 1981:
Number of plants per unit area under Quincunx system of planting

Ondro, S., 1977:
Number of pods per broadbean plant (Faba vulgaris Moench.) with complete diallel crossing

Arriagada, R.; Lê, M.G., 2007:
Number of positive axillary lymph nodes and post-mastectomy radiotherapy effect in breast cancer patients

Tomasovic, S., 1978:
Number of primary rootlets in different genotypes of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare) and their importance in breeding

Tomasovic, S., 1978:
Number of primary rootlets of different winter wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare) and their importance in breeding (preliminary report)

Vyvadilova, M.B.rtos, P., 1980:
Number of pustules of stem rust and leaf rust of wheat on the first leaf of wheat plants of different cultivars

Taber, S., 1996:
Number of queen bee matings

Porat, A.; Gilboa, Z., 2001:
Number of rain days

Cerny, V., 1976:
Number of red clover roots in relation to nitrogen and some micronutrients

Smith, H.; Lamson, N., 1982:
Number of residual trees: a guide for selection cutting Examples from Appalachian hardwood stands in West Virginia

Prinsen, L., 1980:
Number of resting box stalls on January 1, 1980

Folkerts, H., 1983:
Number of resting box stalls on January 1, 1983

Evans, M., 1992:
Number of rural doctors has increased

Garibaldi, J.A.; Lineweaver, H.; Ijichi, K., 1969:
Number of salmonellae in commercially broken eggs before pasteurization

Krylova, Il, 1973:
Number of sample plots and model specimens necessary for determination of drug plant productivity

Tsutsumi, M.; Itano, S.; Shiyomi, M., 2007:
Number of samples required for estimating herbaceous biomass

Ondro, S., 1980:
Number of seeds in one pod, its formation and heredity method in the first phases following hybridization in the horse bean (Faba vulgaris Moench.)

Leibundgut, Vh, 1982:
Number of selection-trees during selection-forest-thinning

Veniaminov, A.; Lashmanov, A., 1981:
Number of sheep and the production of sheep husbandry products by individual countries of the world Statistical data, 1978.1

Blake, J., 1991:
Number of siblings and personality

Morris, Ca, 1982:
Number of sires for beef breeding herds Cattle

Atamuradov, K.; Zamullo, A., 1981:
Number of small arthropods and nematodes in Pistacia vera forests of Badhyz Analysis of the litter and soil.1

Anonymous, 1978:
Number of specialists with college and higher special education employed in in national economy of the USSR

Hom, Sn, 1976:
Number of sperm cells in preserved sperm used for insemination of the honey bee queen (Apis mellifera L.)

Holm, Sn, 1976:
Number of sperm cells kept for the insemination of the honey bee queen (Apis mellifera L.)

Oliveira, J.; Santinato, R.P.nheiro, M.; Matiello, J.; Aviles, D., 1983:
Number of stems in the care of Conilon coffee trees in the northern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro

Skrivan, M.F.edler, J.S.ler, R., 1975:
Number of sterile females in a standard mink population

Inforzato, R.B.rreto, G.; Aranha, C.R.gitano, O.O.ima, M.S.aranari, H., 1977:
Number of stomata and transpiration of the peach tree

Krzywanski, Z.W.jcik-Wojtkowiak, D.Z.elinska, D., 1983:
Number of stomata on leaves and the root-size indices of a few summer barley cultivars

Floor-Drees, Em, 1984:
Number of stomata on the adaxial and abaxial leaf surface of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray

Filiposki, K.D.meska, V., 1982:
Number of stomatic cells in the P

Gorbachev, Iv, 1978:
Number of strokes of bars on a spike in a thresher device

Airumian, V.; Babina, E., 1975:
Number of sulfhydryl groups in tissues of bulls treated with I-percent solution of chlorophos

Rakhmanin, Ga, 1979:
Number of technological operations to be reduced

Banjska, G.D.shi, A., 1974:
Number of temperature units for the Pristina region and itsaccumulation for maize from planting time to silk-formation time

Renkawitz-Pohl, R., 1978:
Number of the repetitive euchromatic 5S RNA genes in polyploid tissues of Drosophila hydei

Grigorenko, Vn, 1979:
Number of times honeybees visit buckwheat

Demel, J., 1981:
Number of tubers and tuber weight of potato varieties

Morawa, F., 1982:
Number of vertebrae and anomalism of the sprat (Sprattus sprattus L.) from the eastern part of the North Sea to the Gulf of Gdansk Fish mutations.1

Martynov, La, 1976:
Number of verticils and umbel rays in Acetabularia

Schonherr, S.M.yer, H., 1971:
Number of veterinarians and status of domestic animals

Komendar, V.; Dubanych, M.; Boiko, F., 1973:
Number of viable seeds in the so

Poddubnyi, A.; Malinin, L.; Malevanchik, B.; Linnik, V., 1981:
Number of vimba (Vimba vimba) in the lower bief of the Riga State electric power plant

Rabasse, J.; Brunel, E1; Rouze-Jouan, J., 1982:
Number of yellow water traps and distance between them in relation to the structure of aphid catches Cavariella aegopodii, carrots, Daucus carota.1

Agaev, Ium, 1984:
Number on chromosomes in the 22-ploid mulberry species Morus nigra L. and the origin of the genus Morus L

Mamednitjazov, O., 1986:
Number regulation of malaria mosquito Anopheles pulcherrimus in reservoirs of the Kara-Kum kanal

Kim, J.; Jung, C., H.; Choi, B.-Cheol; Oh, S.-Nam; Brechtel, F., J.; Yoon, S.-Chang; Kim, S.-Woo, 2007:
Number size distribution of atmospheric aerosols during ACE-Asia dust and precipitation events

Werckmeister, P., 1979:
Number symbols and flower breeding

Martini, E., 1973:
Number variations of abdominal muscle spindles in relation to the modalities of station and locomotion

Dams, R.L.urent, J.; Guerin, J., 1974:
Number, composition and development of litters in the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

Jayshree Pai; Pathak, M.M., 2006:
Number, distribution and micrometry of acidophils of anterior pituitary in relation to seasons and phases of oestrous cycle in Surti buffalo

Sagardoy, M.; Salerno, C., 1984:
Number, distribution, and characterization of heterotrophic bacteria in some Argentine soils

Timokhina, Af, 1980:
Number, reproduction and production of three species of rotifers in the upper part of the Saratov reservoir

Holroyd, W.L.ssley, B., 1974:
Number, size and location of processing plants for a honey processing-marketing cooperative

Faber, F.-L.P.dersen, J., R., 1959:
Number, size, and location of egg assemblers

Li, C.; Liu, D.; Xu, C.; Huai, X., 2003:
Numberical analysis of gas-paraticle flow in vertical impinging stream chamber

Kondratovich, Ip, 1983:
Numbering compartments in forest management

Hogrebe, H., 1978:
Numbering of the timber--comparison of various procedures

Burges, H.; Aizawa, K1; Dulmage, H.1; Barjac, H.D.o, 1982:
Numbering the H-serotypes of Bacillus thuringiensis Microbial insecticide

Minga, U.; Segre, M.S.gre, D., 1975:
Numbers and avidity of anti-DNP antibody plaques in different inbred mouse strains

Wells, Dr, 1978:
Numbers and biomass of insectivorous birds in the understorey of rain forest at Pasoh Forest

Ravkin, Yu, S., 1976:
Numbers and distribution of amphibians in the forest zone of western and central Siberia

Laursen, Karsten, 1997:
Numbers and distribution of waterbirds in Denmark 1987-1989

Jacobsen, Td, 1979:
Numbers and distributions of vascular bundles in scapes of three alliances of the genus Allium L. (Liliaceae)

Stillwell, John, 1998:
Numbers and geometry

Thomasius, H., 1975:
Numbers and planting space of the pine tree species

Anonymous, 1957:
Numbers and production of wholesale ice cream plants, by size groups, 1947 and 1954

Bamforth, S.; Pelaez, N.D., 1977 :
Numbers and proportions of microorganisms in humid forest litters

Cianciara, S.P.larska, J., 1984:
Numbers and structure of soil fauna communities in two meadows in upper Silesia

Vasil'-Eva, In, 1972:
Numbers and vertical distributio

Smith, C., 1991:
Numbers arent enough: preventing contamination of Washingtons groundwater

Broadway, R., 1991:
Numbers down, knowledge up for Mississippis wild turkey

Martin, Ga, 1990:
Numbers drop, but co-ops still significant in dairy industry

Isaev, A.S.G.tel'-Zon, I.I., 1984:
Numbers dynamics of forest insects

Burkhardt, K., 1979:
Numbers in the plant kingdom

Fiala, V., 1982:
Numbers of Anas crecca, Anas querquedula, Anas strepera and Anas cylpeata in the Czech Socialist Republic Duck, waterfowl, Czechoslovakia.1

Fiala, V., 1982:
Numbers of Aythya ferina and Aythya fuligula in the Czech Socialist Republic Czechoslovakia.1

Nakasono, K., 1977:
Numbers of Rotylenchulus reniformis males congregating around females in soil

Bowles, Frank, D., 2006:
Numbers of Zootoca vivipara observed at Lumley Den, a road cutting through the Sidlaw Hills, from 8(th) August 2000 to 29(th) March 2006

Bhardwaj, Kkr, 1974:
Numbers of bacteria in saline-alkali soils determined by a plate method

Grull, A.R.nner, A., 1997:
Numbers of breeding herons in relation to ecological changes in the reed belt of Neusiedler See, Austria

Katoh, S.S.toh, K.O.no, T.C.en, Jr; Kasino, Y., 1986:
Numbers of calcium ions associated with oxygen evolving photosystem II preparations with different affinities

Novak, J.V.lf, F., 1979:
Numbers of chromosome kinds of the section of Macrantha ELK. of the Papaver L. genus

Sorokina, Tp, 1973:
Numbers of chromosomes of certain Siberian and European species of Potentilla in relation to the apomictic method of propagation

Rostovtseva, T.; Anufrienko, T., 1972:
Numbers of chromosomes of some species of family Asteraceae Dumont

Anufrienko, T.; Rostovtseva, T., 1972:
Numbers of chromosomes of some species of family Ranunculac lacea, Juss

Kliuikov, Ev, 1978:
Numbers of chromosomes of some species of the genus Elaeosticta Fenzl

Hoogschagen, P., 1971:
Numbers of farms and lands-in-use in Dutch agriculture and horticulture

Westermann, J.E.; Engelbert, V.E., 1969:
Numbers of granulocytes in thymic imprints of rabbits of different ages and degrees of coccidial parasitism

Adomas, J., 1981:
Numbers of insect pests as related to growing cereals in single-crop system

Faddy, M.; Gosden, R., 2007:
Numbers of ovarian follicles and testing germ line renewal in the postnatal ovary: facts and fallacies

Abbott, I., 1974:
Numbers of plant, insect and land bird species on nineteen r emote islands in the Southern hemisphere

Strickler, P.-Eugene; Hines, C., A., 1960:
Numbers of selected machines and equipment on farms with related data

Pomelova, Gi, 1970:
Numbers of soil algae in crop rotation fields

Bolten, A.; Harbo, J., 1982:
Numbers of spermatozoa in the spermatheca of the queen honeybee after multiple inseminations with small volumes of semen Apis mellifera, artificial insemination

Kelly,. Jr.;, 1987:
Numbers versus principles

Chiba, S., 1978:
Numbers, biomass and metabolism of soil animals in Pasoh Forest Reserve

Anonymous, 1966:
Numec 1966

Thomassen, T.H.amb, G., 1974:
Numedal Bruk AL, a new sawmill--Flesberg

Lindsay, Robert, L., 1985:
Numeracy in farming

Reusel, A.V.n; Laloux, J., 1979:
Numeration of microbial colonies by optical-electronic counters. 1

Crawford, D.; Dorn, R., 1974:
Numercial chemotaxonomy. I. numerical chemotaxonomy and other aspects of chemosystematics

Jacobson, H.; Kistner, D., 1975:
Numeric analyses of relationships of genera and species of the subtribe Termitusina (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

Rusinski, E., 1984:
Numeric calculation of tractor safety

Chen, C.-Chih; Hernon, P., 1984:
Numeric databases

Hornberger, G.M.; Renson Irwin; Fungaroli, A.A., 1969:
Numeric studies of a composite soil moisture ground-water system

Lefevre, C.G.renflot, R.R.ux, M., 1972:
Numeric treatment of populations of Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. of Western and Central Europe

Konecny, S., 1984:
Numeric values of the psychothrophic and mesophilic microflora in raw milk

Rogers, Barclay, 2001 :
Numeric water quality criteria for nutrients under the Federal Clean Water Act

Huang, L., 2007:
Numerical analysis of survival of Listeria monocytogenes during in-package pasteurization of frankfurters by hot water immersion

Huang, L.M.jumdar, A., 2006:
Numerical Study of Two-Stage Horizontal Spray Dryers Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Frost, Hans, 2003:
Numerical allocation problems and introduction to the economic management model for fisheries in Denmark

Thoms, R.; Pecquet, R.; Arman, A., 1976:
Numerical analyses of embankments over soft soils

Vodyanitskii, Yn, 1991:
Numerical analyses of nature of distribution of property in soil profile

Fiori, A.R.sso, D., 2007:
Numerical analyses of subsurface flow in a steep hillslope under rainfall: the role of the spatial heterogeneity of the formation hydraulic properties

Latiff, A., 1983:
Numerical analysis and classification of Malesian Vitaceae

Halvorsen, R., 1980:
Numerical analysis and successional relationships of shell-bed vegetation at Akeroya, Hvaler, SE Norway

Raghavan, Gsv, 1994:
Numerical analysis applications in food and biological engineering processes

Aiello, M.B.ullo, S.P.ccione, V., 1980:
Numerical analysis applied to the taxonomy of the genus Valantia L. (Rubiaceae)

Poncet, S., 1975:
Numerical analysis of 50 species classed in the genus Pichia (Ascomycetes). second application of a method of factorial analysis

Campbell, I., 1973:
Numerical analysis of Hansenula, Pichia and related yeast genera

Ishiguro, T.M.zutani, S.K.wahara, K., 1997:
Numerical analysis of cooling mechanisms in cylindroconical lager tanks

Alvin, K.; Dalby, D.1; Oladele, F., 1982:
Numerical analysis of cuticular characters in Cupressaceae Morphology, taxonomic relationships

Holmes, B.; Costas, M.; Sloss, L.L., 1988:
Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of Providencia alcalifaciens strains from human faeces and veterinary specimens

Thoms, R.; Pecquet, R.; Arman, A., 1975:
Numerical analysis of embankments over soft soils

Russo, D.T.uber-Yasur, I.L.ufer, A.Y.ron, B., 1998:
Numerical analysis of field-scale transport of bromacil

Russo, D.Z.idel, J.L.ufer, A., 2000:
Numerical analysis of flow and transport in a combined heterogeneous vadose zone-groundwater system

Palacio, A.F.rnandez, J., 1993:
Numerical analysis of greenhouse-type solar stills with high inclination

Oki, Delwyn, S., 1996:
Numerical analysis of ground-water flow and salinity in the Ewa Area, Oahu, Hawaii

Ku, A.; Furry, R.; Jordan, W.; Dropkin, D., 1977:
Numerical analysis of heat and mass transfer during freeze drying

Laudelout, H.D.fey, J., 1977:
Numerical analysis of leaching experiments in homogeneous soil

Watson, K.K., 1992:
Numerical analysis of one dimensional soil water systems

Romano, N.B.unone, B.S.ntini, A., 1998:
Numerical analysis of one-dimensional unsaturated flow in layered soils

Cheng, Edh, 1975:
Numerical analysis of one-dimensional water infiltration

Birks, H.; Webb, T.Iii; Berti, A., 1975:
Numerical analysis of pollen samples from central Canada: acomparison of methods

Rubin, J., 1969:
Numerical analysis of ponded rainfall infiltration

Green, S.; Kerekes, R., 1998:
Numerical analysis of pressure pulses induced by blades in gap formers

Rushton, K.; Turner, A., 1974:
Numerical analysis of pumping from confined-unconfined aquifers

Alvin, K.; Dalby, D., 1987:
Numerical analysis of some Yorkshire Jurassic conifers

Wosiewicz, Bogdan, 1986:
Numerical analysis of steady seepage problems with nonlinear constitutive laws

Caseldine, C.; Gordon, A., 1978:
Numerical analysis of surface pollen spectra from Bankhead Moss, Fife

Hepper, Fn, 1972:
Numerical analysis of the Flora of West Tropical Africa. II. Angiosperms (Monocotyledons)

Mason, RR., 1981:
Numerical analysis of the causes of population collapse in a severe outbreak of the douglas-fir tussock moth

Wang Wen, E.; Wang FuJun, 2007:
Numerical analysis of the distribution rule for suspended granule concentration in labyrinth integrated emitter

Marguerat, Yves, 1973:
Numerical analysis of the migrations towards the cities of Cameroon

Minami, I.M.tokage, I.K.wachi, T., 1976:
Numerical analysis of the underground water variation caused by

Young, J.H.; Whitaker, T.B., 1971:
Numerical analysis of vapor diffusion in a porous composite sphere with concentric shells

Sugiyama, S., 1972:
Numerical analysis on stress di

Lei JunQing; Wang DongXia; Jiang XiuGen; L.B.oMing, 2007:
Numerical analysis on wind vibration effect on greenhouse structures

Bolin, David-Earl, 1971:
Numerical analysis solutions of water table drawdown by subsurface drains in a two-layered soil

Van-Der-Pluym, A.H.deux, M., 1977:
Numerical analysis study of pollen grain populations of Eryngium maritimum L. (Umbelliferae)

Snyder, W.-M.M.cuen, R., H., 1991:
Numerical analysis with sliding polynomials

Chan, W-Kong.; Ooi, K-Tiow.; Loh, Y-Chuan., 2007:
Numerical and in vitro investigations of pressure rise in a new hydrodynamic blood bearing

Mehes, G.K.zar, G.G.imesi, V., 1972:
Numerical and percentage data of some infectious and parasitic diseases occurring in Hungarian slaughterhouses in 1968--1970

Mehes, G.; Kazar, G.; Gyimesi, V., 1969:
Numerical and percentile data of certain contagious and parasitic diseases occuring in the Hungarian slaughterhouses in the years 1965--1967. II. Parasitic diseases

Rieux, R.F.ivre-D'-Arcier, F., 1983:
Numerical and spatial aspects of the summer population dynamics of Psylla pyri L. and Anthocoris nemoralis F. in a pear orchard

Solomon, BP.; McNaughton, SJ., 1979:
Numerical and temporal relationships in a three-level food chain

Svestka, M., 1973:
Numerical and volume composition of spray spectrum at air low volume application of insecticide oil solutions in Picea abies stands

Munoz-Carpena, R.P.rsons, J.; Gilliam, J., 1991:
Numerical approach to the vegetative filter strip problem. I. Overland flow

Crovello, Tj, 1976:
Numerical approaches to the species problem

James, A.; Graham, W., 1999:
Numerical approximation of head and flux covariances in three dimensions using mixed finite elements

Sztejnberg Gonçalves-Carralves, M.L.; Jevremovic, T., 2007:
Numerical assessment of radiation binary targeted therapy for HER-2 positive breast cancers: advanced calculations and radiation dosimetry

Arnold, EM.; Voss, DA., 1981:
Numerical behavior of a zooplankton, phytoplankton and phosphorus system

Rheinlander, J., 1982:
Numerical calculation of heat and mass transfer in solar stills

Sakuma, T., 1982:
Numerical calculation of intera

Yamaguchi, S.Y.mazawa, S.W.kabayashi, K.T.chitani, T., 1982:
Numerical calculation of intern

Wilhelm, Lr, 1976:
Numerical calculation of psychrometric properties in SI units

Shiraki, K.-; Shinomiya, Y.-; Urakawa, R.-; Toda, H.-; Haibara, K., 2007:
Numerical calculation of secondary discharge peak from a small watershed using a physically based watershed scale infiltration simulation

Miki, H.K.kukawa, H1; Nishimoto, J., 1982:
Numerical calculation of three-dimensional heat conduction on freezing process of marine foodstuff Muscles of Alaska pollack Theraga chalcogramma, lizardfish Saurida undosquamis

Schwantzer, L., 1975:
Numerical change in colony strength

Wille, H., 1975:
Numerical change in colony strength. II. Number of winter bees required for rapid strengthening of colonies in spring

van der Hammen, L., 1981:
Numerical changes and evolution in Actinotrichid mites (Chelicerata)

Roffey, Jeremy, 1983:
Numerical changes in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskeal), in a seasonal breeding area with special reference to ecology and behaviour

Gotz, E., 1976:
Numerical changes of populatons in Lachnidae, Vespidae and other insects

Wille, H., 1974:
Numerical changes of the honeybee colony. II. How many winter bees are necessary for bee colonies to become strong rapidly in spring?

Hill, Ec, 1984:
Numerical characterisation of spoilage bacteria

Kozminski, C., 1971:
Numerical characteristics af hail zones in Poland

Liu, X.; Xiu, Z.; Li, X., 2007:
Numerical characterization of the conformation of cyclic peptides and its application

Nageshwar, G.R.dhakrishnaiah, M.N.rayana, L., 1986:
Numerical chemotaxonomy of Amherstieae (Caesalpinioideae)

Anuradha, S.; Radhakrishnaiah, M.N.rayana, L., 1987:
Numerical chemotaxonomy of some Mimosaceae

D'-Arce, Mmcd, 1972:
Numerical chromosomic aberrations in Aspergillus nidulans

Sakazaki, R.; Tamura, K.; Shimada, T., 1979:
Numerical classification of Yersinia enterocolitica and relationship between its subdivision and pathogenicity

Pyott, William-Tucker, 1972:
Numerical classification of range vegetation and statistical analysis of its ecology

Gubin, S.; Stefanov, S.; Dembovskii, S., 1977:
Numerical classification of soils according to the whole complex of many features

Juran, C., 1984:
Numerical classification of soils on the base of the complex pedological survey

Kamp, Jw, 1973:
Numerical classification of the orthopteroids, with special reference to the Grylloblattodea

Wilkinson, C., 1974:
Numerical classification: some questions answered

Anonymous, 1958:
Numerical code for states, counties, and cities of the United States

Samardzioska, T.P.pov, V., 2005:
Numerical comparison of the equivalent continuum, non-homogeneous and dual porosity models for flow and transport in fractured porous media

Georgiev, T., 1980:
Numerical composition of product

Spalding, D.Brian, 1981:
Numerical computation of two-phase flow in gun barrels

Brand, L.; Johnson, M., L., 1992:
Numerical computer methods

Demole, M.K.aus, E., 1975:
Numerical data on nutritional and hospital dietetics in Switzerland

Plantefol, L., 1977:
Numerical data relating to foliar helices on the fasciation of Forsythia and confirmation of the theory of the multiple foliar helices in connection with fasciations

Plummer, G.L.; Gray, B.D., 1972:
Numerical densities of algal cells and growth in the lichen genus cladonia

Reid, W., 1986:
Numerical description of pecan nuts

Loeper, F.S.hulz, W., 1974:
Numerical determination of the demand of repaired units

Hofmann, K.M.ller, H., 1977:
Numerical determination of wheel forces of farm vehicles

Otstavnov, Aa, 1978:
Numerical device for measuring spark advance

Hellrigl, B., 1970:
Numerical dimension of samples in dendrometric research

Corona, Piermaria, 1988:
Numerical distribution fitting by the beta function

Oliveras, J.B.s, J.; Casellas, D.G.mez, C., 2005:
Numerical dominance of the Argentine ant vs native ants and consequences on soil resource searching in Mediterranean cork-oak forests (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Zhivkov, Mt, 1980:
Numerical dynamics of fish popul

Minda-Lechowska, A., 1980:
Numerical dynamics of weevils (Curculionidae, Coleoptera) inhabiting alfalfa cultures (Medicago sativa L.) in south-eastern Poland

Reina, J.M.; García-Aznar, J.M.; Domínguez, J.; Doblaré, M., 2006:
Numerical estimation of bone density and elastic constants distribution in a human mandible

Gutry Korycka, M.; Magnuszewski, A.; Suchozebrski, J.; Jaworski, W.; Marcinkowski, M.; Szydowski, M., 2006:
Numerical estimation of flood zones in the Vistula River valley, Warsaw, Poland

Ito, Y.S.iraishi, H.O.nishi, R., 1980:
Numerical estimation of return flow in River basin

Khimin, N.; Kalyuzhyi, I., 1980:
Numerical estimation of thermal changes in a drained peat bog

Saito, H.S.munek, J.H.pmans, J.; Tuli, A., 2007:
Numerical evaluation of alternative heat pulse probe designs and analyses

Lausi, D., 1980:
Numerical evaluation of information on phytosociological maps, with use of computers

Taniguchi, T.F.llion, E., 1996:
Numerical experiments for 3-dimensional flow analysis in a fractured rock with porous matrix

Ham, Y.J.; Kim, S.B.; Park, S.J., 2007:
Numerical experiments for bioclogging in porous media

Stevens, Donald, W., 1959:
Numerical experiments in forecasting air and soil temperature profiles

Fiori, A.; Romanelli, M.; Cavalli, D.J.; Russo, D., 2007:
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Numerical groundwater modeling

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Numerical investigation of saturated source area behavior at the small catchment scale

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Numerical investigation of the impact of uncertainties in satellite rainfall estimation and land surface model parameters on simulation of soil moisture

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Numerical investigation of the impact of vegetation indices on the variability of West African summer monsoon

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Numerical key of aquatic flowering plants in Armenia

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Numerical list of manufactured products

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Numerical list of plants operating under poultry inspection service at the close of business

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Numerical listing of publications

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Numerical method for evaluation of soil formation conditions with an electronic computer

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Numerical methods and computers

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Numerical methods for shallow-water flow

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Numerical methods for the analysis and prognosis of the weather

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Numerical methods for the statistical anaylsis of random processes by means of computers

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Numerical methods in classification

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Numerical methods in the study of critical phenomena

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Numerical methods of modeling transport of contaminants in groundwater

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Numerical model describing groundwater treatment by recharge of oxygenated water

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Numerical model for wave action on and in coastal structures

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Numerical model of the soil drying

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Numerical model study on the si

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Numerical modeling of eastern Connecticuts visual resources

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Numerical modeling of marine ecosystems

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Numerical modeling of saltwater intrusion in the northern Guam lens

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Numerical modeling of the Amazon River plume

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Numerical modeling of the global atmosphere in the climate system

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Numerical modeling of the infiltration of water into frozen soils

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Numerical modeling, chemical, and isotopic studies of carbonate accumulation in soils of arid regions

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Numerical modelling of an aquifer system with intermittent recharge

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Numerical modelling of convection dominated transport coupled with density driven flow in porous media

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Numerical modelling of groundwater basins

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Numerical modelling of groundwater flow in regional aquifers dissected by dykes

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Numerical modelling of mass transport in hydrogeologic environments: performance comparison of the Laplace Transform Galerkin and Arnoldi modal reduction schemes

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Numerical modelling of soil stress and pressure distribution on a flat tillage tool using computational fluid dynamics

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Numerical modelling the process of water infiltration in frozen soils

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Numerical models for the transport of pollutants in groundwater: a comprehensive review

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Numerical models in groundwater management

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Numerical models in groundwater pollution

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Numerical models of lake currents

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Numerical optimization of nitrogen applications to rice. I. Description of MANAGE-N

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Numerical phenetic samples of taxonomic circumscriptions in the Bromeliaceae

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Numerical phenetics in routine taxonomic work

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Numerical phenetics: a reply to Dieter Schlee

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Numerical phyletics: an analysis from the viewpoint of phylogenetic systematics

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Numerical prediction of rose growth

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Numerical prediction of the effect of vent arrangements on the ventilation and energy transfer in a multi-span glasshouse using a bi-band radiation model

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Numerical predictions of two dimensional transient groundwater flow by the method of characteristics

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Numerical presentation of the application of combined therapy in veterinary medicine

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Numerical proportion of maternal and paternal plastids within zygotes of Oenothera erythrosepala (syn. oenotheia lamarckiana)

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Numerical record as one of the methods for the presentation of soil mechanical composition

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Numerical registration at the measuring of agricultural processes with tensiometer

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Numerical reproduction in pigeons

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Numerical routing of flood hydrographs through open channel junctions

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Numerical salt simulation of desalted reservoir by multi-box model method

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Numerical salt simulation of desalted reservoir by multi-box model method: effect of wind induced flow

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Numerical sampling plans for Urophora affinis and U. quadrifasciata, two introduced seed head flies on spotted knapweed

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Numerical simulation analysis of the interaction of lakes and ground water

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Numerical simulation and experiment on steady flow test bench of diesel intake port

Cai Wei; M.W.nXing; Chu Yaxu; Liu ChunBao; Cui ZhiJun, 2007:
Numerical simulation and experimental research on flow field in the stator of a torque converter

Yang XiaoWei; Zhu MaoTao; Yuan YueQing; Sun Jun, 2007:
Numerical simulation and research on vehicle-body welding

Wu-Xiao-Lu; Yu-Qi; Ma-Wei-Chun, 2007:
Numerical simulation for air quality and its application in environmental assessment of Shanghai road transportation planning

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Numerical simulation for two-phase jet problem

Cao, Jinan, 2007:
Numerical simulation of DSC and TMDSC curves as well as reversing and nonreversing curve separation

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Numerical simulation of Gulf of Mexico circulation under present and glacial climatic conditions

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Numerical simulation of Shiroishi area aquifer

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Numerical simulation of a plume of brackish water in the Biscayne Aquifer originating from a flowing artesian well, Dade County, Florida

Lacroix, M., 1993:
Numerical simulation of a shell-and-tube latent heat thermal energy storage unit

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Numerical simulation of a thick freshwater lens

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Numerical simulation of advective-dispersive multisolute transport with sorption, ion exchange and equilibrium chemistry

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Numerical simulation of aerated sludge composting

Kwicklis, E.M., 1998:
Numerical simulation of air- and water-flow experiments in a block of variably saturated, fractured tuff from Yucca Mountain, Nevada

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Numerical simulation of an agricultural soil shear stress test

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Numerical simulation of an axial blood pump

van der Plaats, A.; Veldhuizen, A.G.; Verkerke, G.J., 2007:
Numerical simulation of asymmetrically altered growth as initiation mechanism of scoliosis

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Numerical simulation of circulation and salinity structure in Chilika Lagoon

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Numerical simulation of cloud seeding experiments in selected Australian areas

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Numerical simulation of conduction heating in conically shaped bodies

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Numerical simulation of dry ice cloud seeding experiments

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Numerical simulation of fan and pad evaporative cooling system of an experimental greenhouse with tomato crop

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Numerical simulation of flood wave modification due to bank storage effects

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Numerical simulation of ground-water flow and assessment of the effects of artificial recharge in the Rialto-Colton Basin, San Bernardino County, California

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Numerical simulation of ground-water flow and land subsidence at Edwards Air Force Base, Antelope Valley, California

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Numerical simulation of ground-water flow in La Crosse County, Wisconsin, and into nearby pools of the Mississippi River

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Numerical simulation of ground-water flow in lower Satus Creek Basin, Yakima Indian reservation, Washington

Pyrch, Edmund, A., 1997:
Numerical simulation of ground-water flow paths and discharge locations at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington

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Numerical simulation of ground-water flow through glacial deposits and crystalline bedrock in the Mirror Lake area, Grafton County, New Hampshire

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Numerical simulation of ground-water withdrawals in the southern Lihue Basin, Kauai, Hawaii

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Numerical simulation of groundwater flow and flood runoff in river plains

Wang, W.-; Zhang, G., 2007:
Numerical simulation of groundwater flowing to horizontal seepage wells under a river

Franca, A.; Fortes, M.H.ghighi, K., 1994:
Numerical simulation of intermittent and continuous deep-bed drying of biological materials

Jozsa, J.-; Milici, B.-; Napoli, E., 2007:
Numerical simulation of internal boundary-layer development and comparison with atmospheric data

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Numerical simulation of isothermal equilibrium adsorption of virus onto typical soils in China

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Numerical simulation of jet roof geometry for snow cornice control

Hua, J.; Zhang, B.; Lou, J., 2007:
Numerical simulation of microdroplet formation in coflowing immiscible liquids

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Numerical simulation of non-isothermal multiphase multicomponent processes in porous media. 1. An efficient solution technique

Class, H.H.lmig, R., 2002:
Numerical simulation of non-isothermal multiphase multicomponent processes in porous media. 2. Applications for the injection of steam and air

Wu, Y.; Pruess, K., 2000:
Numerical simulation of non-isothermal multiphase tracer transport in heterogeneous fractured porous media

Ogawa, S.E.isu, N., 1981:
Numerical simulation of non-linear interflow runoff from small watershed using waterpath model

Wu, G.C.ieng, S., 1993:
Numerical simulation of nonisothermal multicomponent reactive solute transport in unsaturated

Richard, E.C.aumerliac, N.M.hfouf, J.; Nickerson, E., 1987:
Numerical simulation of orographic enhancement of rain with a mesoscale model

Souza, W.-R.M.yer, W., 1995:
Numerical simulation of regional changes in ground-water levels and in the freshwater-saltwater interface induced by increased pumpage at Barbers Point Shaft, Oahu, Hawaii

Utter, B.; Rossmann, J.Stroud., 2007:
Numerical simulation of saccular aneurysm hemodynamics: influence of morphology on rupture risk

Nassereddin, K.; Mimi, Z., 2005:
Numerical simulation of saline upconing in the Pleistocene aquifer of Jericho area

Farkas, B.; Zhang, J.H.le, S., 2003:
Numerical simulation of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonas pelamis) thawing

Lang, T.E., 1979:
Numerical simulation of snow avalanche flow

Lang, T.E.B.own, R., L., 1980:
Numerical simulation of snow avalanche impact on structures

Gauthier, C.L.croix, M.B.rnier, H., 1997:
Numerical simulation of soil heat exchanger-storage systems for greenhouses

Zhang DongSheng; Shi XueZheng; Y.D.ngSheng; Huang Biao; Zhao YongCun; Huang Yao; Oborn, I.; Larsson, M., 2007:
Numerical simulation of soil nitrogen circling in peri-urban vegetable farming systems

Higuchi, M., 1984:
Numerical simulation of soil-water flow during drying in a nonhomogeneous soil

Oliva, A.C.sta, M.P.rez-Segarra, C., 1991:
Numerical simulation of solar collectors: the effect of nonuniform and nonsteady state of the boundary conditions

Wang LiJun; Jiang EnChen; L.M.ngJia, 2007:
Numerical simulation of steady airflow in the inertia deposition-separation chamber of combine harvester threshing prior to cutting

L.J.an; Yin JianMin; Zhang Yin; Cai Zhe; Shan JiuSheng; G.X.aoQing; Xiao An, 2007:
Numerical simulation of storm sewer discharge in Nanchang urban region

Whittaker, J.T.utsch, G., 1999:
Numerical simulation of subsurface characterization methods: application to a natural aquifer analogue

Kim, J.; Parizek, R., 2005:
Numerical simulation of the Rhade effect in layered aquifer systems due to groundwater pumping shutoff

Ben-Mabrouk, S.B.lghith, A., 1995 :
Numerical simulation of the drying of a deformable material: evaluation of the diffusion coefficient

Molenkamp, C.; Bradley, M., 1991:
Numerical simulation of the dynamics and microphysics of prescribed forest burns

Mehran, M.N.orishad, J.T.nji, K., 1986:
Numerical simulation of the effect of soil nitrogen transport and transformations on groundwater contamination

Colton, De, 1976:
Numerical simulation of the orographically induced precipitation distribution for use in hydrologic analysis

Mcdonald, S.; Beard, R., 2002:
Numerical simulation of the term structure of interest rates using a random field

Ericson, S.C.aturvedi, S., 1992:
Numerical simulation of thermal performance of a solar heat pump water heater

Johannsen, K.O.wald, S.H.ld, R.K.nzelbach, W., 2006:
Numerical simulation of three-dimensional saltwater-freshwater fingering instabilities observed in a porous medium

Suh, J.; Frankel, S.H., 2007:
Numerical simulation of turbulence transition and sound radiation for flow through a rigid glottal model

Molls, T.C.audhry, M.; Khan, K., 1995:
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional flow near a spur-dike

J.L.Na; L.H.ngXing; Y.G.oAn, 2007:
Numerical simulation of unsteady flow in canals operated with constant downstream water depth

Bartolino, J.-R.N.swonger, R., G., 1999:
Numerical simulation of vertical ground-water flux of the Rio Grande from ground-water temperature profiles, central New Mexico

L.Z.ngLi; Wang YaHong, 2007:
Numerical simulation of water kiln excavation and verification of its shape parameters

Moore Walter, L.; Claborn, B. J., 1971:
Numerical simulation of watershed hydrology

Huang LongMing; Lin HsingYu, 2005:
Numerical simulation on the effect of wind reduction by the windbreak net with different densities

Duprey, S.; Bruyere, K.; Verriest, J.P., 2007:
Numerical simulations of clavicle compression tests with HUMOS clavicle models

Wang, S.; He, Y.; Lu, H.; Zheng, J.; Liu, G.; Ding, Y., 2007:
Numerical simulations of flow behaviour of agglomerates of nano-size paraticles in bubbling and spouted beds with an agglomerate-based approach

Lericos, T.P.; Fuelberg, H.E.; Weisman, M.L.; Watson, A.I., 2007:
Numerical simulations of the effects of coastlines on the evolution of strong, long-lived squall lines

Blas, M.; Delaunay, N.; Ferrigno, R.; Rocca, J-Louis., 2007:
Numerical simulations of the second-order electrokinetic bias observed with the gated injection mode in chips

Olefs, M.O.leitner, F., 2007:
Numerical simulations on artificial reduction of snow and ice ablation

Ferriss, D.H., 1980:
Numerical solution of an advection-diffusion equation for a dissolved species in a pulsating crack

Kusanagi, Y.F.kuda, K., 1970:
Numerical solution of runoff prediction by Wieners theory. 1

Kusanagi, Y.F.kuda, K., 1970:
Numerical solution of runoff prediction by Wieners theory. iI

Jayawardena, A.; Lui, P., 1984:
Numerical solution of the dispersion equation using a variable dispersion coefficient: method and applications

Bresler, E., 1970:
Numerical solution of the equation for interacting diffuse layers in mixed ionic systems with sonsymmetrical electrolytes

Caussade, Bh, 1979:
Numerical solution of the infiltration equation

Wendland, E.F.ensberg, D., 2005:
Numerical solution of two-phase flow for the advection-dominated and non-linear case

Panikker, Gopala, P.K., 1971:
Numerical solutions of impulsively started elliptic and circula cylinders by Greens function

Liu, P.; Liggett, J., 1980:
Numerical stability and accuracy of implicit integration of free surface groundwater equations

Sezgin, E., 1973:
Numerical statement relating to 20 beet mowing machines

Anonymous, 1983:
Numerical statistics

Lang, T.; Brown, R., 1980:
Numerical stimulation of snow avalanche impact on structures

Georgievska, M., 1983:
Numerical strength of Acarina and Collembola in relation to plant litter decomposition in the experimental samples of an oak forest ecosystem in Galicica

Yabe, K.M.tsuno, T.M.ruyama, T.T.jima, S., 1983:
Numerical studies by simulation

Christensen, Jv, 1970:
Numerical studies of morphological distinction marks in sweet cherry cultivars. identification key for 34 cultivars

Todsen, M., 1973:
Numerical studies of two-dimensional saturated

Nemchenko, Oa, 1984:
Numerical study in the temperature dependence of plant growth and metabolism processes at early ontogenesis stages

Shiravi, A.; Mujumdar, A.; Kubes, G., 1995:
Numerical study of heat transfer and fluid flow in multiple turbulent impinging jets

Bhumralkar, C.; Slemmons, A.; Nitz, K., 1981:
Numerical study of local

Muthedath, Premkumar, 1992:
Numerical study of nonlinear free-surface flows

Li, M.; O'-Connor, B., A., 2007:
Numerical study of sediment transport above rippled beds under the action of combined waves and currents

Parissopoulos, G.; Wheater, H., 1990:
Numerical study of the effects of layers on unsaturated-saturated two-dimensional flow

Ficarella, A.M.lanese, M.L.forgia, D., 2006:
Numerical study of the extrusion process in cereals production. I. Fluid-dynamic analysis of the extrusion system

Takeucki, T., 1980:
Numerical study on density curr

Shi, Y.; Ray, M.; Mujumdar, A., 2003:
Numerical study on the effect of cross-flow on turbulent flow and heat transfer characteristics under normal and oblique semi-confined impinging slot jets

Whalley, A.; Greenhalgh, G., 1973:
Numerical taxoinomy of Hypoxylon. II. A key for the identification of British species of Hypoxylon

Baum, Br, 1987:
Numerical taxonomic analyses of the Poaceae

Gardner, S., 1983:
Numerical taxonomic evaluation of the taxonomic value of character suites in Tillandsia L

Liu, Y.; Xu, K., 1982:
Numerical taxonomic method app

Wilkinson, C., 1970:
Numerical taxonomic methods applied to some Indo-Australian Drepanidae: Lepidoptera

Bukowiecki, H.F.rmanowa, M.O.edzka, H., 1972:
Numerical taxonomic studies of Nymphaeaceae Bentham et Hooker

Melko, E., 1977:
Numerical taxonomic studies on Iris pumila L. by cluster analysis

Seong, Lf, 1972:
Numerical taxonomic studies on North American lady ferns and their allies

Edmonds, Jm, 1978:
Numerical taxonomic studies on Solanum L. section Solanum (Maurella)

Anand, N.J.se, G., 1980:
Numerical taxonomic studies on the genus Cephaleuros Kunze

Chen, W.; Yan, G.; Li, J., 1988:
Numerical taxonomic study of fast-growing soybean rhizobia and a proposal that Rhizobium fredii be assigned to Sinorhizobium gen. nov

Dogan, M.K.nce, A.T.gin, C., 1992:
Numerical taxonomic study on Turkish Lathyrus (Leguminoseae)

Khanna, Kr, 1979:
Numerical taxonomy

Mcneill, J., 1984:
Numerical taxonomy and biosystematics

Rey, Carmen-Rosello, 1976:
Numerical taxonomy and changes of the bacterial flora on frozen chicken

Gambarian, Pp, 1983:
Numerical taxonomy in population genetics

Delarras, C., 1980:
Numerical taxonomy of Micrococcaceae strains of meat product origin

Sheedai, M.; Khanafshar, S.H.; Zojajifar, S.H., 2006:
Numerical taxonomy of Tulipa subgenus Tulipa (Liliaceae) in Iran

Gambarian, P.; Terterian, A., 1973:
Numerical taxonomy of black flies of the genus Eusimulium Roub. (Diptera, Simuliidae)

Vanderzant, C.J.dkins, P.; Nickelson, R.F.tzhugh, H., 1972:
Numerical taxonomy of coryneform bacteria isolated from pond-reared shrimp (Peanaeus aztecus) and pond water

Fujii, K., 1969:
Numerical taxonomy of ecological characteristics and the niche concept

Hideux, M.M.he, J., 1977:
Numerical taxonomy of palynological data: the austral woody genera of Saxifragaceae

Porto, M.; Mariath, J.-De, A., 1975:
Numerical taxonomy of some entities of the genus Relbunium

Suarez-Cervera, M.S.oane-Camba, J., 1985:
Numerical taxonomy of some species of Lavandula L. based on morpholic, karyologic and palynologic data

El-Gazzar, A., 1974:
Numerical taxonomy of the Verbenaceae: a re-assessment

Dakshini, K.; Prithipalsingh,, 1978:
Numerical taxonomy of the genus Blumea in India

Seth, Hk, 1983:
Numerical taxonomy of the genus Chaetomium Kze

Lopes, C.; Da-Cunha, R.; Blotta, L., 1984:
Numerical taxonomy of the genus Coffea

Poncet, S., 1973:
Numerical taxonomy of the genus Kluyveromyces

Peterfi, L.; Momeu, L., 1980:
Numerical taxonomy of the genus Mallomonas Perty

Campbell, I., 1971:
Numerical taxonomy of various genera of yeasts

Gambarian, P.; Barsamian, A.; Gambarian, K., 1984:
Numerical taxonomy with the weighing of characters in geographical botany

Mascherpa, Jm, 1975:
Numerical taxonomy: chemotaxonomy and computer at systematics service

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Numerical taxonomy; its application for soil correlation purposes

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Nunc Dimittis

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Nunc dimittis--Alva Burl Watts

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Nunc dimittis: Cecil Benjamin Ryan

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Nunca use pesticidas agricolas en su casa!

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Nung chan pin chi chuan ju men

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Nung yu

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Nunn better

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Nunneorter och andra rokar

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