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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 16515

Chapter 16515 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Woods, L.; Todd, R.; Leonard, R.; Asmussen, L., 1983:
Nutrient cycling in a southeastern United States agricultural watershed

Todd, R.L., 1980:
Nutrient cycling in an agricultural watershed ecosystem

Pastor, J., 1990:
Nutrient cycling in aspen ecosystems

Pomeroy, Lr, 1980:
Nutrient cycling in coastal ecosystems

Wedin, D.; Russelle, M., 2007:
Nutrient cycling in forage production systems

Attiwill, P.; Adams, M., 1993:
Nutrient cycling in forests

Johnson, D.; Cole, D.1; Bledsoe, C.1; Cromack, K1; Edmonds, R.1; Gessel, S.1; Grier, C.1; Richards, B.1; Vogt, K., 1982:
Nutrient cycling in forests of the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem productivity, soil leaching processes

Melzer, A.S.einberg, C., 1983:
Nutrient cycling in freshwater ecosystems

Till, A.; May, P., 1970:
Nutrient cycling in grazed pastures. II. further observations with gypsum

Till, A.; May, P., 1970:
Nutrient cycling in grazed pastures. III. studies on labelling of the grazed pasture system by solid gypsum and aqueous Mg35SO4

Chen, L.; Lindley, D., 1983:
Nutrient cycling in hampsfell

Groves, Rh, 1981:
Nutrient cycling in heathlands

Willcutts, Jf, 1993:
Nutrient cycling in land application dairy waste management systems

Wells, C.; Jorgensen,. Jr.;, 1977:
Nutrient cycling in loblolly pine --silvicultural implications

Dahlgren, R.S.nger, M., 1991:
Nutrient cycling in managed and unmanaged oak woodland-grass ecosystems

Parsons, T.; Harrison, P., 1983:
Nutrient cycling in marine ecosystems

Gray, J.; Schlesinger, W., 1981:
Nutrient cycling in mediterranean type ecosystems

Boer, C.A.; Assis, R.L. de; Silva, G.P.; Braz, A.J.B.P.; Barroso, A.L. de L.; Cargnelutti Filho, A.; Pires, F.R., 2007:
Nutrient cycling in off-season cover crops on a Brazilian savanna soil

Beetz, A.-E.S.llivan, P., 1999:
Nutrient cycling in pastures

Ayyad, M.A.del-Razik, M.S.lem, B., 1991 :
Nutrient cycling in raid-fed and irrigated barley in Mediterranean arid ecosystems (Egypt)

Doel, D.; Ruger, C., 1991:
Nutrient cycling in soils

Miller, R.; Lavender, D.; Grier, C., 1976:
Nutrient cycling in the Douglas-fir type: silvicultural implications

Smith, W.; Pritchett, W., 1976:
Nutrient cycling in the slash pine ecosystem: silvicultural implication

Cole, Dw, 1981:
Nutrient cycling in world forests

Jordan, Cf, 1982:
Nutrient cycling index of an Amazonian rain forest

Groffman, P.; Hendrix, P.; Han, C.; Crossley, D.J., 1987:
Nutrient cycling processes in a southeastern agroecosystem with winter legumes

Pionke, Hb, 1983:
Nutrient cycling research needs in northeastern agriculture

Mahendrappa, M.K., 1980:
Nutrient cycling studies at the Acadia Forest Experiment Station

Mohsin, F.; Singh, J.P., 2007:
Nutrient cycling through litter production of short-rotation trees and its effect on herbage and oil yield of aromatic plants under agroforestry system

Stark, N., 1971:
Nutrient cycling. I. Nutrient distribution in some Amazonian soils

Stark, N., 1971:
Nutrient cycling. II. Nutrient distribution in Amazonian vegetation

Hornbeck, Jw, 1988:
Nutrient cycling: a key consideration when whole-tree harvesting

Rizek, R.; Murphy, E.G.bhardt, S., 1974:
Nutrient data bank

Hoover, L.-W.F.sher, T.; Hay, D., 1983:
Nutrient data bank directory

Mccarthy, M.; Meredith, F., 1981:
Nutrient data of chestnuts consumed in the United States

Haytowitz, Db, 1991:
Nutrient data resources available from HNIS

Bliss, Rm, 2005:
Nutrient database to help native communities

Sampson, L., 1991:
Nutrient databases for food frequency instruments

Monsen, Er, 1991:
Nutrient databases for the 90s

Bennett, William, F., 1993:
Nutrient deficiencies & toxicities in crop plants

Miyasaka, S.C.H.masaki, R.-T.D.-La-Pena, R., S., 2002:
Nutrient deficiencies and excesses in taro

Tomlinson, Gh, 1987:
Nutrient deficiencies and forest decline

Bloomfield, H.; Handley, J.1; Bradshaw, A., 1982:
Nutrient deficiencies and the aftercare of reclaimed derelict land Reclamation, England, mine spoils

Bauer, A.P.wer, J., 1977:
Nutrient deficiencies and their correction on strip mined lands of the Northern Great Plains

Anonymous, 2000:
Nutrient deficiencies and toxicities of plants

Mclaren, Ds, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals and man: vitamin A

Siddons, Rc, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals--folic acid

Wilson, Rb, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: choline

Nolen, Ga, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: energy

Messer, Hh, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: fluorine

Parham, M.; Derenzo, E., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: molybdenum

Gopalan, C.J.ya-Rao, K., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: niacin

Nielsen, Fh, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: nickel

Ward, Gm, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: potassium

Hoppel, C.; Tandler, B., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: riboflavin

Oldfield, Je, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: selenium

Carlisle, Em, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: silicon

Pike, Rl, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: sodium

Hopkins, L., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: vanadium

Oace, S.; Chan, M., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: vitamin B12

Chatterjee, Gc, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in animals: vitamin C

Newberne, P.M.; McConnell, R.G., 1980:
Nutrient deficiencies in cancer causation

Gupta, V.; Gupta, A.; Gupta, O., 1974:
Nutrient deficiencies in legume crops

Park, R.G.isado, R.A.ieff, A., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man and animals: water

Trowell, H.; Burkett, D., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man: dietary fiber

Fairbanks, Vf, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man: iron

Gopalan, C.J.ya-Rao, K., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man: niacin

Swendseid, M.; Wang, M., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man: sulfur

Rothenberg, S.; Cotter, R., 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man: vitamin B12

Vilter, Rw, 1978:
Nutrient deficiencies in man: vitamin C

Marok, As, 1979:
Nutrient deficiencies in relation to yield and quality of sugarcane

Stutte, Ca, 1983:
Nutrient deficiencies in soybeans: impact on nitrogen and ethylene metabolism

Haag, H.; Trani, P.; Sarruge, J.; Dechen, A., 1982:
Nutrient deficiencies in the apple (Pyrus malus L.)

Nichols, D.; Beardsell, D., 1981:
Nutrient deficiency Australian native plants

Marzan, A.; Tantengco, V.; Villanueva, L.; Bicerra, N.; Regacho, J., 1976:
Nutrient deficiency and anemia in adult Filipinos

Imamura, Js, 1986:
Nutrient deficiency in Anthurium

Chakrabarti, S., 1997:
Nutrient deficiency management in mulberry

Broschat, Tk, 1985:
Nutrient deficiency symptoms in container-grown plants

Cline, Ra, 1983:
Nutrient deficiency symptoms in fruit crops

Chweya, Ja, 1985:
Nutrient deficiency symptoms in kale (Brassica oleracea var acephala)

Warfield, D.C.urtney, K.G.uthier, G., 1979:
Nutrient deficiency symptoms in kiwifruit

Bajwa, M.; Takkar, P., 1974:
Nutrient deficiency symptoms in wheat

Mcbride, J., 1994:
Nutrient deficiency unleashes Jekyl-Hyde virus

Kahle, P.; Tiemeyer, B.; Lennartz, B., 2005:
Nutrient delivery from drained agriculturally used areas

Anonymous, 1983:
Nutrient density

Patterson, Dc, 1978:
Nutrient density in grower and finisher diets for pigs

Kim KiNam; Park EnJoo, 2005:
Nutrient density of fast-food consumed by the middle school students in Cheongju City

Cole, D.; Hardy, B.L.wis, D., 1971:
Nutrient density of pig diets

Anonymous, 1975:
Nutrient density, nutrition education

Silveira, N.D.; Pereira, M.G.; Polidoro, J.C.; Tavares, S.R. de L.; Mello, R.B., 2007:
Nutrient deposition by litter in agroforestry systems in Paraty (RJ)

Spangenberg, Andrea, 1994:
Nutrient deposits and removals from Eucalyptus urograndis plantations (Hybrid of E. grandis and E. urophylla) in the East Amazon (Jari), Brazil

Escano, C.; Jones, C.; Uehara, G., 1981:
Nutrient diagnosis in corn grown on hydric dystrandepts. II. Comparison of two systems of tissue diagnosis

Skorobogatykh, N.; Vtorykh, E., 1977:
Nutrient digestability and utilization by sheep of nitrogen from chopped grass and granulated grass meal

Roth, F.; Kirchgessner, M., 1976:
Nutrient digestibility and N metabolism in sheep fed concentrates with varying frequencies

Matousek, J.P.okop, V., 1983:
Nutrient digestibility and balance in the nitrogen-source mixtures containing the naked forms of barley and oats administered to pigs

Meyer, H., 1984:
Nutrient digestibility and its relationship to alimentary disorders in dogs

Roth, F.; Kirchgessner, M., 1980:
Nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in pigs by feeding of an alpha-glucosidases-inhibitor

Grudniewska, B.K.rcman, B.P.onka, S.P.schma, J., 1981:
Nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in the piglets weaned at the 4th week of age, fed complete mixture containing krill meal

Rohrmoser, G.K.rchgessner, M., 1982:
Nutrient digestibility and nitrogen utilization of lactating cows under restricted energy supply and subsequent refeeding

Johnson, De, 1975:
Nutrient digestibility of brewers single cell protein

Remillard, R.; Johnson, D., 1981:
Nutrient digestibility of brewers single cell protein Ruminant diets

Kellner, R.; Kirchgessner, M., 1980:
Nutrient digestibility of straw as influenced by addition of trace elements

Pulse, R.; Baker, J.; Potter, G.; Hudson, W.; Goodspeed, J., 1971:
Nutrient digestion and indicator retention before and after fistulation in horses

Kebreab, E., 2006:
Nutrient digestion and utilization in farm animals

Croom, J.E.ens, F.F.rket, P., 2001:
Nutrient digestion, absorption affects performance, health

Correll, D.; Wu, T.; Friebele, E.; Miklas, J., 1977:
Nutrient discharge from Rhode River watersheds and their relationship to land use patterns

Henderson, G.; Hunley, A.S.lvidge, W., 1977:
Nutrient discharge from Walker Brance Watershed

Edens, J.; Soldberg, S., 1977:
Nutrient discharge from a 90 km2 watershed

Kyllmar, K.C.rlsson, C.G.stafson, A.U.en, B.J.hnsson, H., 2006:
Nutrient discharge from small agricultural catchments in Sweden: Characterisation and trends

Oertli, Jj, 1970:
Nutrient disorders in snapdragons. VII. Boron deficiency

Cresswell, G.C.J.mes, L., H., 1998:
Nutrient disorders of greenhouse Lebanese cucumbers

Morisot, A., 1978:
Nutrient distribution in greenhouse soils of the south of France (carnations and roses)

Quinton, D.-A.R.der, J.C., 1983:
Nutrient distribution in major shrubs and grasses in interior British Columbia

Robertson, L.; Wolford, J.; Godz, P., 1975:
Nutrient distribution in profile of soil treated with a high rate of chicken manure

Pagano, S.; Cesar, O.S.ntos, P., 1982:
Nutrient distribution in the aerial plant organs of legume species in a cerrado ecosystem

Lekhova, E.S.oilov, G., 1978:
Nutrient distribution in young a

Mansell, R.S.; Zelazny, L.W.; Hammond, L.C.; Selim, H.M., 1975:
Nutrient distributions in a spodosol during corn growth

Lawson, E.; Hileman, L., 1983:
Nutrient distributions in runoff from Ouachita Mountain watersheds Soil erosion, forest management, effects on water quality, Arkansas

Welch, Eb, 1977:
Nutrient diversion: resulting lake trophic state and phosphorus dynamics

Ruppel, K., 2007:
Nutrient driven dairy cow performance

Visser, S.M.; Sterk, G., 2007:
Nutrient dynamics - Wind and water erosion at the village scale in the sahel

Porcella, D.; Adams, V.; Cowan, P.; Austrheim-Smith, S.H.lmes, W.; Hill, J.I.; Grenney, W.; Middlebrooks, E., 1975:
Nutrient dynamics and gas production in aquatic ecosystems: the effects and utilization of mercury and nitrogen in sediment water microcosms

Keucke, Martin, 1990:
Nutrient dynamics and nutrient balance in alternatively managed farms

Lea-Cox, J.; Berry, W.; Stutte, G.; Wheeler, R., 1999:
Nutrient dynamics and pH

Hillbricht-Ilkowska, A.; Pieczyanska, E., 1993:
Nutrient dynamics and retention in land

Schmidt, S.L.mble, R., 2002:
Nutrient dynamics in Queensland savannas: implications for the sustainability of land clearing for pasture production

Kemp, G.; Day, J.J., 1986:
Nutrient dynamics in a Louisiana swamp receiving agricultural runoff

Hebel, A., 1993:
Nutrient dynamics in a Luvic Arenosol in Niger and effect on the growth and yield of pearl millet

Zimmerman, R.; Peterson, D.; Rolfe, G.; Weaver, G., 1978:
Nutrient dynamics in bottomland forests in Illinois

Sprague, Lori, A., 2002:
Nutrient dynamics in five off-stream reservoirs in the lower South Platte River basin, March-September 1995

Lambert, J.; Arnason, J., 1986:
Nutrient dynamics in milpa agriculture and the role of weeds in initial stages of secondary succession in Belize, C.A

El-Fakhrani, Ym, 1993:
Nutrient dynamics in some Egyptian soils as determined by electro-ultrafiltration

Marschner, H., 1985:
Nutrient dynamics in the rhizosphere--a review

Kelderman, Peter, 1985:
Nutrient dynamics in the sediment of Lake Grevelingen (SW Netherlands)

Kadlec, Ja, 1987:
Nutrient dynamics in wetlands

Abbott, A., 1978:
Nutrient dynamics of ants

Peterson, D.; Rolfe, G.; Bazzaz, F., 1979:
Nutrient dynamics of litterfall and decomposition in a bottomland hardwood forest

Gaudet, Jj, 1982:
Nutrient dynamics of papyrus swamps Giant sedge, Cyperus papyrus

La-Fage, J.; Nutting, W., 1978:
Nutrient dynamics of termites

Valiela, I.T.al, J., 1978:
Nutrient dynamics summary and recommendations

Hoffmann, M.F.x, H.; Ulbrich, M., 1973:
Nutrient economy in lamb raising

Fuleky, Gy, 1979:
Nutrient economy on the basis of the results of the scientific researches

Bigger, C.; Oechel, W., 1982:
Nutrient effect on maximum photosynthesis in artic plants

Piriyapan, V.E.gler, C.; Soltes, E., 1992:
Nutrient effects on soybean cell cultures

Crous, J.; Ellis, F.T.eron, J., 1995:
Nutrient effects on young Pinus radiata grown in pots with two typical forest soils from the Western Cape

Trillmich, Hd, 1978:
Nutrient effects with white pine and oak on a kaolin site

Akinleye, S.O.; Rahji, M.A.Y., 2007:
Nutrient elasticities among Nigerian households differentiated by income

Donov, V.M.kedonska, T.; Iorova, K., 1977:
Nutrient element accumulation and the production of certain assimilates in the needles of white pine seedlings following mineral fertilizer application

Vimanova, I., 1975:
Nutrient element accumulation in

Igwe, C., A.; Nkemakosi, J., T., 2007:
Nutrient element contents and cation exchange capacity in fine fractions of southeastern Nigerian soils in relation to their stability

Anonymous, 1993:
Nutrient element deficiencies in corn

Bellote, Antonio, F.J., 1990:
Nutrient element supply and growth performance of fertilized Eucalyptus grandis plantations in the cerrado of Saao Paulo (Brazil)

Heuttl, R.F., 1991:
Nutrient element supply of damaged forests in Europe and North America

Wolf, J.R.tter, R.O.nema, O., 2005:
Nutrient emission models in environmental policy evaluation at different scales--experience from the Netherlands

Robison, B.; Bailey, T., 1982:
Nutrient energy flux in midwater fishes

Faruq, M.O.; Miah, M.M.U., 2007:
Nutrient enriched organic farming practices: a market-based mechanism to address climate change

Darnell, R.; Soniat, T., 1981:
Nutrient enrichment and estuarine health

Schelske, C.L.; Feldt, L.E.; Santiago, M.A.; Stoermer, E.F., 1972:
Nutrient enrichment and its effect on phyto plankton production and species composition in lake superior

Simas, T.C.; Ferreira, J.G., 2007:
Nutrient enrichment and the role of salt marshes in the Tagus estuary (Portugal)

Klingebiel, Aa, 1973:
Nutrient enrichment of natural waters

Harlin, M.; Thorne-Miller, B., 1981:
Nutrient enrichment of seagrass beds in a Rhode Island coastal lagoon

Cross, W.F.; Wallace, J.Bruce.; Rosemond, A.D., 2007:
Nutrient enrichment reduces constraints on material flows in a detritus-based food web

Cook, C.; Child, R., 1977:
Nutrient evaluation of range forages: a systems approach to range livestock production

Callender, E.H.mmond, D., 1982:
Nutrient exchange across the sediment-water interface in the Potomac River estuary Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia

Debreczeni, B., 1970:
Nutrient exchange and mineral fertilization of irrigated soils

Leuthold, G., 1980:
Nutrient expenditure in dairy cattle population

Burton, T.; Turner, R.; Harriss, R., 1977:
Nutrient export from three north Florida watersheds in contrasting land use

Lobo, T.F.; Grassi Filho, H.; Barbosa, L., 2007:
Nutrient exporting by sunflower seeds tillage with sewage sludge

Primost, E., 1970:
Nutrient extraction and fertilization of some important cultivated plants

Smukalski, M.P.etsch, L., 1974:
Nutrient extraction and yield development in specialized cereal-potato rotations with differentiated catch-crop growing and different levels of mineral fertilization

Avilan, R.-L.L.borem, E.-G.F.gueroa, M.R.ngel, L., 1983:
Nutrient extraction by varieties of sapotilla (Achras sapota L.)

Cortes, A.M.P.; Biasi, L.A.; Serrat, B.M.; Nakashima, T., 2007:
Nutrient extraction for shoots of carqueja under fonts and levels of nitrogen

Goodwin, R.; Adams,. Jr.;, 1980:
Nutrient factors influencing viral replication in serum-free insect cell line culture

Samsel, G.; Parker, B., 1972:
Nutrient factors limiting primary productivity in simulated and field Antarctic microecosystems

Hinders, R., 1999:
Nutrient factors that may affect reproduction in dairy cows studied

Hey, Donald, L., 2005:
Nutrient farming and traditional removal

Sanderson, Ma, 1996:
Nutrient fate in forage systems used for dairy waste management

Richardson, Fi, 1981:
Nutrient film technique Plant nutrition, advantages and disadvantages, tomato and lettuce growing

Ritchey, K.; Zobel, R.; Snuffer, J., 2004:
Nutrient film technique to evaluate clipping height effects on orchardgrass shoot biomass production and root dynamics

Siebert, B.D.; Allden, W.G., 1979:
Nutrient flow and weight change in grazing cattle

Franken, W.L.opoldo, P.; Bergamin, H., 1986:
Nutrient flow through natural waters in terra firme forest in central Amazon

Calcote, V.; Hunter, R.; Thompson, T., 1984:
Nutrient flow through the pecan shuck into the nut and disruption of this flow by hickory shuckworm larvae

Khai, N.-Manh; Ha, P.-Quang; Oborn, I., 2007:
Nutrient flows in small-scale peri-urban vegetable farming systems in Southeast Asia - A case study in Hanoi

Pitt, Re, 1995:
Nutrient flows on dairy farms: a case study

Likens, Ge, 1975:
Nutrient flux and cycling in freshwater ecosystems

Rublee, P.; Merkel, S.; Faust, M., 1983:
Nutrient flux in the Rhode River: tidal transport of microorganisms in brackish marshes

Sutcliffe, W.J.; Loucks, R.; Drinkwater, K.; Coote, A., 1983:
Nutrient flux onto the Labrador shelf from Hudson Strait and its biological consequences

Rentch, J.-S.H.cks, R., R., 1999:
Nutrient fluxes for two small forested watersheds

Hicks, Ray, R., 1992:
Nutrient fluxes for two small watersheds

Johnson, D.; Susfalk, R.; Dahlgren, R., 1997:
Nutrient fluxes in forests of the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, United States of America

Jojic, D., 1982:
Nutrient foramina on cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae in dogs

Jojic, D.B.agojevic, Z., 1983:
Nutrient foramina on the bones of the front extremities in dogs

Halloran, Hr, 1979:
Nutrient guidelines

Benson, Jd, 1985:
Nutrient guidelines for infant formula

Pendziwiat, Brigitte, 1989:
Nutrient holding capacity in wild vegetables

Jarvie, H.P.; Neal, C.; Withers, P.J.A.; Wescott, C.; Acornley, R.M., 2005:
Nutrient hydrochemistry for a groundwater-dominated catchment: the Hampshire Avon, UK

Kayode, Go, 1986 :
Nutrient imbalance and low crop yields in the humid tropics

Wurtman, R.J.; O'Rourke, D.; Wurtman, J.J., 1989:
Nutrient imbalances in depressive disorders. Possible brain mechanisms

Peterson, S.; Sanville, W.; Stay, F.; Powers, C., 1974:
Nutrient inactivation as a lake restoration procedure laboratory investigations

Arora, C.; Hundal, H.; Takkar, P., 1984:
Nutrient indexing of lowland rice crop in Ludhiana

Perumal, Kr, 1979:
Nutrient indices at different growth phases in relation to final yield of cane and its quality

Longstreth, D.J.; Nobel, P.S., 1980:

Scharpf, Hc, 1991:
Nutrient influences on the nitrate content of vegetables

Schutz, Y., 1988:
Nutrient ingestion and body weight regulation

Snedigar, C.F., 1974:
Nutrient injector

Comerford, N.; White, E., 1976:
Nutrient input by precipitation in northern Minnesota forest ecosystem

Strigel, G.; Ruhiyat, D.; Prayitno, D.; Sarmina, S., 1994:
Nutrient input by rainfall into secondary forests in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Aulenbach, D.; Clesceri, N., 1974:
Nutrient inputs to a lake and their effects upon water quality

Henderson, Gs, 1978:
Nutrient inputs, outputs and factors effecting water quality of Walker Branch Watershed, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Lagstrom, Hanna, 1999:
Nutrient intake and food choice during a child-targeted coronary heart disease prevention trial

Dhore, R.N.; Khune, R.K., 2006:
Nutrient intake and growth performance of kids fed sorghum stover based pelleted complete feed

Shultz, T.; Leklem, J., 1983:
Nutrient intake and hormonal status of premenopausal vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists and premenopausal nonvegetarians Relationship between dietary nutrients and hormone-dependent cancer etiology

Mccollum, F.; Gillen, R.; Jensen, H., 1992:
Nutrient intake by steers grazing tallgrass prairie at different forage allowances

Wang, A.Yee-Moon.; Sea, M.Man-Mei.; Ng, K.; Kwan, M.; Lui, S-Fai.; Woo, J., 2007:
Nutrient intake during peritoneal dialysis at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong

Tanner, L.M.; Näntö-Salonen, K.; Venetoklis, J.; Kotilainen, S.; Niinikoski, H.; Huoponen, K.; Simell, O., 2007:
Nutrient intake in lysinuric protein intolerance

Cook, S.; Solomon, M.C.; Berry, C.A., 2002:
Nutrient intake of adolescents with diabetes

Southwood, L.; Evans, D.; Bryden, W.; Rose, R., 1990 :
Nutrient intake of horses in Thoroughbred and Standardbred stables

Devine, A.P.ince, R.; Bell, R., 1996:
Nutrient intake of postmenopausal women in relation to skeletal and cardiovascular disease

Mckown, C.; Stuth, J.; Heitschmidt, R.; Walker, J., 1986:
Nutrient intake of steers in a continuous and a rotational grazing system

Owens, Fn, 1973:
Nutrient intake of university students

Redstrom, Ra, 1973:
Nutrient intake of women

Morgan, K.; Zabik, M.; Cala, R.L.veille, G., 1980:
Nutrient intake patterns for children ages 5 to 12 years based on seven-day food diaries

Zabik, M.-Ellen; Morgan, K.-J.B.ndy, K.-Lynn, 1983:
Nutrient intake patterns for individuals 62 years and older based on seven-day food diaries

Nagai, T.Y.manaka, C.W.da, H., 1978:
Nutrient intake survey in commu

Sarwar, M.; Shahzad, M.A.sif; Mahr-Un-Nisa, 2007:
Nutrient intake, acid base status and growth performance of Thalli lambs fed varying level of dietary cation-anion difference

Shahzad, M.A.sif; Sarwar, M.; Mahr-Un-Nisa, 2007:
Nutrient intake, acid base status and growth performance of growing male buffalo calves fed varying level of dietary cation anion difference

Misra, A.; Karim, S.; Verma, D.; Mishra, A.; Tripathi, M., 2000 :
Nutrient intake, its utilization, rumen fermentation pattern and blood bio-chemical constitutes of sheep fed urea treated mustard (Brassica campestris) straw

Vedder, Heinz-Michael, 1989:
Nutrient intake, nutrient distribution, and nutrient requirements in sour cherries

Anonymous, 1984:
Nutrient intakes

Margetts, B.; Miller, M.B.nns, C.; Armstrong, B., 1980:
Nutrient intakes and anthropometric measurements in rural west Australian children

Lee JoungWon; Kim JooHan, 2005:
Nutrient intakes and dietary habits of single living Korean adults by age group

Fanelli, M.T.; Woteki, C.E., 1989:
Nutrient intakes and health status of older Americans. Data from the NHANES II

Lim JaeYeon; N.H.eBok, 2005:
Nutrient intakes and physical fitness by BMI among middle school students in Seoul

Upton, P.K.; Gibney, M.J., 1977:
Nutrient intakes in relation to income levels in Ireland

Gallis, C.P.nagopoulou, P., 2007:
Nutrient intakes of Greek forest workers and researchers do not meet all Reference Dietary Intakes

Radcliffe, B.; Cameron, C.; Baade, P., 2002:
Nutrient intakes of young chicken: implications for long-day child-care nutrition recommendations

Pierce, Deborah, D., 1993 :
Nutrient intakes, heights and weights, sunlight exposure and bone densities of children with cerebral palsy as compared with healthy children

Turnland,. Jr.;, 1985:
Nutrient interaction issues

Black, Al, 1972:
Nutrient interactions in the ruminant

Sandstead, Hh, 1977:
Nutrient interactions with toxic elements

Brin, M., 1976:
Nutrient intervention to improve nutritonal status

Kuenzler, Edward, J., 1979:
Nutrient kinetics of phytoplankton in the Pamlico River, North Carolina

Dunning, H.; Johnson, O., 1974:
Nutrient labeling and guidelines

Roberts, Hr, 1975:
Nutrient labeling compliance--where it stands

Steorts, N., 1974:
Nutrient labeling of food

Anonymous, 1990:
Nutrient labeling of food products under consideration: Position statement on food labeling

Bauman, He, 1971:
Nutrient labeling--purpose and approach: Who will set the guidelines--food faddists or food scientists?

Nemcik, T.M.rtin, E., 1973:
Nutrient labeling: myths about analytical needs

Sharma, M.; Byrne, J.H.rne, D.K.n, P., 1994:
Nutrient leaching beneath horticultural land use--west Australian examples

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Nutrient technology

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