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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16569

Chapter 16569 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chick, Ew, 1972:
Opportunistic fungi as producers of mycotoxins

Attleberger, Mh, 1972:
Opportunistic fungus infections in large animals seen at autopsy

Worthington, We, 1972:
Opportunistic fungus infections of horses

LeBlanc, R.P.; Simard, M.; Flegel, K.M.; Gilmore, N.J., 1983:
Opportunistic infections and acquired cellular immune deficiency among Haitian immigrants in Montreal

Lappin, M.R., 1995:
Opportunistic infections associated with retroviral infections in cats

Barthold, Sw, 1998:
Opportunistic infections in research rodents: the challenges are great and the hour is late

Smith, Al, 1998:
Opportunistic infections: why worry?

Henderson, S.M.; Baker, J.; Williams, R.; Gunn-Moore, D.A., 2003:
Opportunistic mycobacterial granuloma in a cat associated with a member of the Mycobacterium terrae complex

Punithalingam, E., 1981:
Opportunistic parasitism or dual adaptation in Tiarosporellivora caricina sp. nov

Dial, K.; Vaughan, T., 1987:
Opportunistic predation on alate termites in Kenya

Jessup, Da, 2003:
Opportunistic research and sampling combined with fish and wildlife management actions of crisis response

Attrill, M., J.; Kelmo, F., 2007:
Opportunistic responses of Diadema antillarum (Echinodermata : Echinoidea) populations following the 1997-98 El nino event in Bahia, Brazil

Inman, B.-T.S.uthern, J., H., 1960:
Opportunites for economic development in low-production farm areas

Anonymous, 1992:
Opportunites in Taiwans food & beverage industry

Anonymous, 1995:
Opportunites in feedlotting

Beller, M., 2008:
Opportunities abound

Rastogi, N.K.; Raghavarao, K.S.M.S.; Balasubramaniam, V.M.; Niranjan, K.; Knorr, D., 2007:
Opportunities and challenges in high pressure processing of foods

Anonymous, 2002:
Opportunities and advancements in stem cell research

Heady, E.; Mayer, L., 1970:
Opportunities and alternatives in program modification

Meek, Sd, 1990:
Opportunities and applications of biotechnology in the food industry

Righetti, T.; Chard, C., 1983:
Opportunities and approaches for enhancing nitrogen fixation in Purshia, Cowania, and Fallugia Browse plants, range management, soil fertility factors, ecotypes

Anonymous, 1993:
Opportunities and barriers to commercialization of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies

Mcleod, D.C.upal, R.S.idl, A.I.man, K.T.ylor, D., 2003:
Opportunities and challenges for land use planning in the intermountain west

Doane, W.M., 1994:
Opportunities and challenges for new industrial uses of starch

Baumann, P.; Prostko, E.; Smith, J.I.i; Bean, B.; Bremer, J.; Dotray, P.; Keeling, J., 1999:
Opportunities and challenges for roundup ready technologies in Texas

Wergens, B., 1988:
Opportunities and challenges for the Swedish pulp and paper industry

Purchas, R.W., 2007:
Opportunities and challenges in meat production from sheep

Tesar, Vladimir, 2007:
Opportunities and challenges with biosimilars - Introduction

Anonymous, 1981:
Opportunities and choices

Polopolus, L., 1983:
Opportunities and concerns of food marketing, transportation, and distribution: a look into the twenty-first century

Robertson, M.; Isbister, B.; Maling, I.; Oliver, Y.; Wong, M.; Adams, M.; Bowden, B.; Tozer, P., 2007:
Opportunities and constraints for managing within-field spatial variability in Western Australian grain production

Taylor, T.-G.F.irchild, G.-F.L.dwig, K., 1997:
Opportunities and constraints for non-traditional agricultural exports to the U.S. market

Nielsen, No, 1983:
Opportunities and constraints in changing the food animal curriculum

Webster, Sa, 1987:
Opportunities and constraints in developing rural incubators

Byington, E.; Abruzzese,. Jr.;, 1983:
Opportunities and constraints in increasing farm and ranch income through forest management for timber products

Whetstone, Jack, M., 2002:
Opportunities and constraints in marine shrimp farming

Weinberg, Ml, 1987:
Opportunities and constraints in rural communities for the successful development of small business incubators

Kirchmann, H., 1995:
Opportunities and constraints in the recycling of plant nutrients--case study Sweden. 2

Cassens, D.-L.H.nt, M.-O.H.over, W., L., 1980:
Opportunities and constraints in utilization of the hardwood resource

Panda, N., 1982 :
Opportunities and constraints of pulse production in Orissa

Wukelic, G.W., 1985:
Opportunities and difficulties associated with using LANDSAT thematic mapper data for determining surface water temperatures

Morris, Ba, 1988:
Opportunities and incentives for developing veterinary immunoassays

Church, T., 1997:
Opportunities and initiatives for pork expansion

Redona, E.D., 2000:
Opportunities and initiatives in Philippine rice RD&E

Dierks, Re, 1984:
Opportunities and limitations for research and postgraduate education

Thor, E., 1977:
Opportunities and limitations in hardwood tree improvement research and development

Sprague, Gf, 1975:
Opportunities and limitations in improving corn quality through genetic changes

Shrestha, S.; Lanford, B., 2001:
Opportunities and limitations of animal logging

Peck, Ge, 1985:
Opportunities and needs for personal computers in the food industry

Murphy, T.; Terry, H.J., 1998:
Opportunities and obstacles for distance education in agricultural education

Stitt, T.; Mountifield, J.; Stephen, C., 2007:
Opportunities and obstacles to collecting wildlife disease data for public health purposes: results of a pilot study on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Houston, J.-E.K.onde, M., 1990:
Opportunities and pitfalls of international futures markets trading by developing countries

Aubert, M., 1975:
Opportunities and possibilities of cooperation in the field of marine disposal in the Mediterranean area

Johnson, R.; Neal, S., 1988:
Opportunities and possible methods to improve reproduction in the pig

Shirley, Wj, 1990:
Opportunities and pressures on the National Forests

Rakow, G.; McGregor, D.I., 1973:
Opportunities and problems in modification of levels of rapeseed C18 unsaturated fatty acids

Nicholson, Nk, 1981:
Opportunities and problems in technology in Asia

Armstrong, J.Iii, 1981:
Opportunities and problems in technology transfer in Asia

Maltby, D., 1980:
Opportunities and problems in the future filbert industry

Ramsey, G.Jr, 1979:
Opportunities and problems in the use of oak for furniture

Saraceno, P., 1972:
Opportunities and reforms in Southern Italy

Green, Cl, 1989:
Opportunities and requirements for the development of new essential oil, spice and plant extractive industries

Macdonald, A., 1988:
Opportunities and responsibilities for rapid detection systems

Legates, Je, 1975:
Opportunities and responsibilities of agricultural economists: colleges of agriculture

Bradfield, R., 1946:
Opportunities and responsibilities of agronomists: domestic aspects

Cardon, Pv, 1946:
Opportunities and responsibilities of agronomists: international aspects

Shope, R.E., 1981:
Opportunities and responsibilities of the reference center

Haslinger, A.; Breu, T.; Hurni, H.; Maselli, D., 2007:
Opportunities and risks in reconciling conservation and development in a post-Soviet setting: The example of the Tajik National Park

Bale, J.; Pullin, A., 1991:
Opportunities and risks in the overwintering strategy of a wall-dwelling species of Hypogastrura (Colembola)

Allen-Smith, Joyce, E., 1986:
Opportunities and status of blacks in the agricultural economics profession

Nadeau, B., 1977:
Opportunities and strategic handicaps of cooperative enterprise

Sharma, A.K., 2004:
Opportunities and strategy for promotion of non certified organic farming in the drylands of India

Larkin, P.-; Harrigan, G., G., 2007:
Opportunities and surprises in crops modified by transgenic technology: metabolic engineering of benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, gossypol and lysine biosynthetic pathways

St-Louis, R., 1974:
Opportunities and tools for agricultural economists in the 1980s

Manale, A.; Narrod, C.; Trachtenberg, E., 1994:
Opportunities available to the vertical integrator or food processor to achieve water quality benefits in the dairy and poultry industries

Matzat, P., 1995:
Opportunities exist to enhance sow productivity

Van-Amburgh, M.G.lton, D.F.x, D.B.uman, D., 1992:
Opportunities exist to optimize dairy heifer growth

Anonymous, 1950:
Opportunities for 4-H adult leaders

Anonymous, 1996:
Opportunities for Canadian exporters of value-added wood products in the southwestern United States

Eichenberger Gilmore, J.M., 2006:
Opportunities for describing adolescent multiple-vitamin supplement use, dietary intake, and health behaviors

Anonymous, 1960:
Opportunities for Extension work in Indiana

Anonymous, 1993:
Opportunities for U.S. business in Greece, 1993-1994

Trachtenberg, E.V.ssilieva, Y., 2001:
Opportunities for U.S. cotton exports to Russia

Phillipsen, W.; Coronakis, B., 1976:
Opportunities for U.S. seed in Greece

Wasson, Rl, 1982:
Opportunities for U.S. sheep producers: management and marketing for profit

Anonymous, 1973:
Opportunities for Virginias pallet industry

Martin, M., 1989:
Opportunities for Willamette Valley agriculture resulting from the U.S. Canada free trade agreement

Anonymous, 1949:
Opportunities for a better living in a better world

Kahrs, Rf, 1989:
Opportunities for a national strategy in veterinary medical education

Sparks, A., 1981:
Opportunities for a profitable nut industry in the north central region USA

Anonymous, 1996:
Opportunities for a united Europe

Mcpherson, W.W.P.erce, W.H.G.eene, R.E.L., 1949:
Opportunities for adjustments in farming systems

Petkov, P.G.vrilov, N., 1971:
Opportunities for aerogenic immu

Anonymous, 1967:
Opportunities for agribusiness in Morocco

Biglin, Rd, 1980:
Opportunities for agribusiness with a growing sheep industry

Connellan, G., 1990:
Opportunities for agricultural engineering research in artificial environments

Brown, Wt, 1990:
Opportunities for agricultural engineering research in harvesting and processing

Mckay, Me, 1990:
Opportunities for agricultural engineering research in materials handling

Kirby, Jm, 1990:
Opportunities for agricultural engineering research in soil and water management

Anonymous, 2004:
Opportunities for agrobusiness and new markets

Anonymous, 1995:
Opportunities for agroforestry in the 1995 farm bill

Schultz, R.-C.C.lletti, J., P., 1994:
Opportunities for agroforestry in the temperate zone worldwide

Nix, Harold, L., 1962:
Opportunities for and limitations of social and economic adjustments in an Alabama rural county

Balika, S.H.lovits, G., 1981:
Opportunities for and several results of improvement of quality of end product

Reynolds, H.; Donahue, P., 1990:
Opportunities for aspen for furniture

Dix, M.; Donthiri, S., 1992:
Opportunities for biological control of insect pests in agroforestry systems

Flegg, Jjm, 1984:
Opportunities for biological management of pests in apple and pear orchards

Guilhon, Cv, 1980:
Opportunities for biomass residues of the Brazilian energy market

Fitts, R., 1985:
Opportunities for biotechnology applied to analytical techniques for microorganisms in foods

Sharp, W.; Whitaker, R.; Sondahl, M.; Evans, D.; Bravo, J.; Marsden, J.; Orton, R.; Ramos, L., 1986:
Opportunities for biotechnology in development of new edible vegetable oil products

Kirsop, B., 1985:
Opportunities for biotechnology in food processing

Chassy, Bm, 1985:
Opportunities for biotechnology with microorganisms of economic advantage in foods

Gray, Rl, 2005:
Opportunities for bird conservation through agricultural conservation programs

Anonymous, 1948:
Opportunities for career service in the United States Department of Agriculture

Crocker, T., 1999:
Opportunities for certain fruits

Thonney, Ml, 1990:
Opportunities for changing feedlot cattle to meet the goals of value based marketing

Berg, J.M., 2006:
Opportunities for chemical biologists: a view from the National Institutes of Health

Vez, A.G.ndrat, D., 1976:
Opportunities for chemical control of eyespot of wheat

Anonymous, 1942:
Opportunities for civilian participation and community mobilization for war work

Zijlstra, R.; Beltranena, E., 2007:
Opportunities for co-product utilization in western Canada

Rockland, Lb, 1973:
Opportunities for commercial development of new and improved bean products

Tibbetts, E.C.dwell, K., 1981:
Opportunities for community health professionals to support breastfeeding

Hamon, Cm, 1975:
Opportunities for conjunctive use of ground and surface water in the Elkhorn River Basin

Campbell, Wj, 1982:
Opportunities for cooperation among U.S. cooperatives and those in other countries Technical assistance to less developed countries in the Caribbean area, Central and Latin America

Garber, M.; Bondari, K., 1992:
Opportunities for cooperation between landscape contractors and landscape architects

Braun Lullemann, A., 2006:
Opportunities for cooperation between national institutes and NGOs - a chance to improve the conservation and protection of genetic biodiversity of fruit trees in Europe

Baird, G.; Litzenberger, S.; Breitenbach, C., 1972:
Opportunities for cooperation in the nutritional and agronomic improvement of wheat

Duffey, P., 1992:
Opportunities for cooperative education as extensive as benefits to communities

Tennessen, D.; Pontell, S.R.mine, V.M.theral, S., 1997:
Opportunities for cooperative extension and local communities in the information age

Hiller, Wa, 1989:
Opportunities for cooperatives

Funderburk, C.B., 1956:
Opportunities for cooperatives in the Southeast

Cramer, Cl, 1993:
Opportunities for cooperatives to market cooperative education

Dargatz, Da, 1998:
Opportunities for cow-calf practice: interpreting the NAHMS cow-calf report

Morgan, B., 1976:
Opportunities for dairy cooperatives in the processing of milk and dairy products

Clottey, Sja, 1971:
Opportunities for developing our animal protein resources

Khristov, K.K.ristova, P.D.mchovski, P., 1978:
Opportunities for direct use of

Anonymous, 1961:
Opportunities for doctors of veterinary medicine in ARS

Anonymous, 1966:
Opportunities for doctors of veterinary medicine in USDA

Anonymous, 1988:
Opportunities for drainage water reduction

Kearl, Wg, 1989:
Opportunities for economic development and potential for production agriculture in Wyoming

Kearl, Wg, 1988:
Opportunities for economic development and potential for value added in Wyoming production agriculture

Dixon, Gr, 1993:
Opportunities for education in horticulture through course articulation and student progression in the United Kingdom

Flinchbaugh, B., 1977:
Opportunities for effective extension policy education

Thibau, Ce, 1975:
Opportunities for employment of hand labor in humid tropical forests in different sylvicultural systems

Wilson, P.; Okos, M.; Marks, J., 1979:
Opportunities for energy conservation in park processing

Smith, N.-L.V.essman, W.; Kane, T., E., 1978:
Opportunities for energy savings in crop production

Mikecz, I., 1980:
Opportunities for energy utilization of agricultural by-products

Hall, Fc, 1988:
Opportunities for enhancing livestock forage on forestland

Ffolliott, P.; Brooks, K., 1988:
Opportunities for enhancing water yield, quality, and distribution in the Mountain West

Isaacs, B.H.well, D., 1988:
Opportunities for enhancing wildlife benefits through the Conservation Reserve Program

Przywojski, J., 2006:
Opportunities for enterprise development in the odz region through the involvement of resources from the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme of odz Province for 2007-2013

Hart, La, 1994:
Opportunities for environmental enrichment in the laboratory

Wells, Cm, 1973:
Opportunities for expanding agricultural exports

Cram, Leo, L., 1990:
Opportunities for expanding extension programs

Jellinek, S.; Gray, E., 1992:
Opportunities for expediting the U.S. regulatory process for pheromones and other semiochemicals

George, Rat, 1981:
Opportunities for experience and training in vegetable seed production offered by postgraduate research

Main, M.; Holcomb, E.J.; Rockers, D.; Best, C., 1999:
Opportunities for experience-based learning: development of an agro-ecology interpretive trial at the southwest Florida research and education center

Platt, Tom, 1992:
Opportunities for exporting Washington produced beef to Korea, Taiwan and Japan

Field, D.; Forster, R., 1990:
Opportunities for exporting hardwood pulpwood chips from Maine to the Far East

Forster, R.; Field, D., 1990:
Opportunities for exporting softwood lumber from Maine to the Far East

Biblis, Ej, 1981:
Opportunities for exporting wood products from Alabama

Anonymous, 1956:
Opportunities for extension study in Washington, D.C

Hubbert, Erin, 1951:
Opportunities for federally sponsored social science research

Zehr, Ei, 1981:
Opportunities for fewer fungicide applications on peaches

Shuler, Ce, 1975:
Opportunities for fiber utilization in particleboard

Kucner, J., 2006:
Opportunities for financing the rural areas from the EU funds

Ffolliott, Pf, 1990:
Opportunities for fire management in the future

Zink, Dl, 2006:
Opportunities for food CGMP modernization

Haupert, Tj, 1987:
Opportunities for forest history research in the Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Horn, A.-F.G.aham, P., H., 1965:
Opportunities for forest-based industries in Pennsylvania

Allison, Aj, 1984:
Opportunities for future agriculture in Southland

Sharma, Darshan, 2003:
Opportunities for future wheat research and development in the northern agricultural region of Western Australia

Swan, A.P.rvis, I., 2000:
Opportunities for genetic improvement of fine wool merinos

Simm, G.C.nington, J.B.shop, S., 1994:
Opportunities for genetic improvement of sheep and cattle in the hills and uplands

Garces, O., C., 1973:
Opportunities for graduate education in plant pathology in Latin America

Anonymous, 1945:
Opportunities for graduate study in the federal service

Anonymous, 1984:
Opportunities for greater cost effectiveness in Public Law 480, Title I food purchases

Anonymous, 1992:
Opportunities for growth in marine aquaculture and marine biotechnology industries

Pywell, R.; Pakeman, R.; Parr, T., 1994:
Opportunities for habitat reconstruction on farmland in lowland Britain

Blankenhorn, Pr, 1983:
Opportunities for hardwood products Forestry

Larson, Wl, 1969:
Opportunities for hedging grain by the feed, flour processors

Slater, Le, 1983:
Opportunities for high-technology in Indias food system

Anonymous, 1982:
Opportunities for horticulture abound in Taranaki New Zealand

Fogarty, N.; Cummins, L.S.afford, J.G.unt, G.B.nks, R., 2000:
Opportunities for improvement of maternal performance in the lamb industry

Simpson,. Jr.;, 1988:
Opportunities for improving beef production in Latin America: economics of controlling parasites of beef cattle

Sindelar, Bw, 1988:
Opportunities for improving grass reproductive efficiency on rangelands

Ullrich, Erwin, O., 1960:
Opportunities for improving income from cream production in North Dakota

Anonymous, 1978:
Opportunities for improving internal auditing in the Department of Agriculture

Jordan, Max, F., 1963:
Opportunities for improving rural-family income through recreation enterprises

Hall, Fr, 1980:
Opportunities for increased efficiency of spraying high density orchards

Jenichen, W.P.lz, J., 1978:
Opportunities for increasing and stabilising fertility by applying new spermatological and technological methods in the artificial insemination of cattle

Sampson, R.Neil, 1992:
Opportunities for increasing forest cover

Glimp, Ha, 1984:
Opportunities for increasing production efficiency in intensive crop-sheep production systems

Glimp, Ha, 1982:
Opportunities for increasing production efficiency in intensive crop-sheep production systems Pasture management, grazing

Jain, Hk, 1982:
Opportunities for increasing production of pulses in India

Evans, Lt, 1987:
Opportunities for increasing the yield potential of wheat

Anonymous, 1955:
Opportunities for industrial development in Egypt

Mcilveen, H.A.mstrong, G., 1998:
Opportunities for integrating sensory evaluation into consumer studies

Ullstrup, Aj, 1970:
Opportunities for international cooperative research on downy mildews of maize and sorghum

Doke, Cg, 1982:
Opportunities for international work with federal agencies

Finney, Ce, 1974:
Opportunities for investing in farm power and machinery on different sizes and types of farm in Pakistan

Anonymous, 2000:
Opportunities for investment in the Western Australian cereals industry

Antunez-De-Mayolo, K., 1987:
Opportunities for involvement in endangered plant education

Matteson, Hr, 1979:
Opportunities for involvement in international agricultural education

Spivey, A., C.; Martin, L., J.; Noban, C.; Jones, T., C.; Ellames, G., J.; Kohler, A., D., 2007 :
Opportunities for isotopic labelling via phase-tagged synthesis with organogermanium linkers

Lundell, Cyrus-Longworth, 1949:
Opportunities for landowners to increase farm income

Crane, J., 1980:
Opportunities for leadership. Adult and teen leadership--guide for leaders

Cairns, J.Jr; Stauffer,. Jr.;Jr; Hocutt, C., 1979:
Opportunities for maintenance and rehabilitation of riparian habitats: eastern United States

Taylor, H.; Nguyen, H., 1987:
Opportunities for manipulating root systems to reduce drought stress in wheat

Schnitzler, W.H., 2007:
Opportunities for market-oriented vegetable production under protected cultivation

Harpole, G. B., 1970:
Opportunities for marketing Hawaii timber products

Campbell, G.; Rolfe, G., 1989:
Opportunities for marketing forest products

Gage, Jw, 1976:
Opportunities for marketing the nutritional value of cereal products: Breakfast sandwich

Hall, Dg, 2000:
Opportunities for meat from lambs and goats in Australia

Hinkle, Mk, 1982:
Opportunities for minimizing impact of agricultural chemicals on estuarine productivity Regulation, monitoring uses

Josey, E.J.P.eples, K., E., 1977:
Opportunities for minorities in librarianship

Grant, Lo, 1969:
Opportunities for modifying weather to augment precipitation and suppress hail

Beadle, D., 1993:
Opportunities for molecular biology in crop production

Vancsa, J., 1976:
Opportunities for more efficient material and energy economy in animal husbandry

Evans, Gr, 1988:
Opportunities for multidisciplinary approaches

Clarke, B.W.itehead, D., 1984:
Opportunities for natural selection on DNA and protein at the Adh locus in Drosophila melanogaster

Toleman, Wj, 1972:
Opportunities for new competition

Mann, Pj, 1977:
Opportunities for new whey protein products

Glasser, Wg, 1981:
Opportunities for nonconventional chemical processes Wood as a biomass energy source

Johnson, Jb, 1991:
Opportunities for oilseeds under the 1990 farm bill

Cathey, Hm, 1994:
Opportunities for optimism: marketing U.S. horticultural crops globally

Krueckeberg, Hf, 1986:
Opportunities for order and delivery consolidation

Schroeder, Lee-Anne-Dust, 1995:
Opportunities for organic crop production

Lora, Jh, 1990:
Opportunities for organosolv pulping of aspen

Anonymous, 1975:
Opportunities for permafrost-related research associated with the Trans-Alaska pipeline system

Conn, Eric, E., 1988:
Opportunities for phytochemistry in plant biotechnology

Ortega Cartaya, E.; Marcano Arcay, J., 2004:
Opportunities for potato in human and animal nutrition

Klemesrud, M.; Klopfenstein, T.; Herold, D., 1994:
Opportunities for poultry byproducts in beef cattle nutrition

Gustafson, R.O., 1946:
Opportunities for private forest enterprise in Eastern Kentucky

Isdale, C.E., 1991:
Opportunities for process control in the cereal industries

Smith, Gh, 1986:
Opportunities for producing larger, leaner lambs

Wadsworth, Ha, 1989 :
Opportunities for public policy education in the extension initiatives

Noack, W., 1980:
Opportunities for quality assurance in meat products manufacture. 2

Box, Tw, 1988:
Opportunities for ranching in the American West

Spencer, R., 1990:
Opportunities for recycling C & D debris

Anonymous, 2002:
Opportunities for rediscovering Oregons forests

Moss, Sr, 1990:
Opportunities for reduced pesticide inputs (with particular emphasis on reduced herbicide use)

Delucchi, Vl, 1984:
Opportunities for reducing chemical inputs for insect control in farming systems

Andres, L.; Clement, S., 1984:
Opportunities for reducing chemical inputs for weed control

Bird, R.; Wilson, D., W., 1960:
Opportunities for reducing farm machinery costs in the Ozarks of eastern Missouri

Shurson, Gc, 1991:
Opportunities for reducing feed costs--remember the fundamentals

Persson, J.R.sswall, T., 1983:
Opportunities for research in agricultural ecosystems: Sweden

Newbould, P., 1983:
Opportunities for research on nutrient cycling in agricultural ecosystems in Scotland

Anonymous, 1995:
Opportunities for rural policy reform

Mccauley, De, 1986:
Opportunities for selection derived from variation in mating success in milkweed beetles (Tetraopes tetraophthalmus: Cerambycidae)

Parker, J., 1998:
Opportunities for selling beans in markets of the newly independent states

Sprague, Ew, 1973:
Opportunities for senior scientists of national programs to participate in the CIMMYT core research program, brief orientation visits of educators and research and government administrators to CIMMYT and opportunities for postdoctoral training fellowships

Maclean, Colin, D., 1980:
Opportunities for silvicultural treatment in western Oregon

Anonymous, 1962:
Opportunities for small business in foreign trade

Rusike, J.; Sukume, C.; Takavarasha, D., 1996:
Opportunities for small scale seed production by self help groups

Mermut, A.R.; Eswaran, H., 1997:
Opportunities for soil science in a milieu of reduced funds

Olson, G.; Banai, M., 1974:
Opportunities for soils studies in Iran

Scott, Rw, 1970:
Opportunities for state leadership in rural development

Lehmann, Ej, 1986:
Opportunities for states to link businesses with federal technologies and resources

Cooney, Tm, 1985:
Opportunities for streamlining technology transfer

Anonymous, 1952:
Opportunities for study and research in biochemistry

Anonymous, 1988:
Opportunities for success

Shaikh, Asif, 1988:
Opportunities for sustained development

Harpole, Gb, 1985:
Opportunities for techno-economic applications in world forestry

Harris, R.; Swanson, L., 1993:
Opportunities for the 1980s in a time of qualitative change

Michael, C.; Hunt, F., 1987:
Opportunities for the advancement of home economists in the home equipment and related-product industries

Fearne, A.M.rtinez, M., 2005:
Opportunities for the coregulation of food safety: insights from the United Kingdom

Darby, W.J., 1972:
Opportunities for the dairy industry in nutritional research

Tomory, L., 1975:
Opportunities for the development of designing methods of animal units

Anonymous, 1956:
Opportunities for the development of industrial facilities for the utilization of domestic Puerto Rican woods

Felleg, J., 1976:
Opportunities for the development of labour organization methodology

Cheston, W.C., 1976:
Opportunities for the expansion of pulp production in southern British Columbia

Mullineaux, P.M.; Creissen, G.P., 1996:
Opportunities for the genetic manipulation of antioxidants in plant foods

Voss, B., 2005:
Opportunities for the hog industry in Canada: industry perspective

Horn, A.D.nay, A.B.zo, S.D.ak, M., 1974:
Opportunities for the influence of sex ration and its consequences for livestock breeding

Plumb, Rt, 1988:
Opportunities for the integrated control of barley yellow dwarf viruses in UK

Lenton,. Jr.;, 2001:
Opportunities for the manipulation of development of temperate cereals

Wooten, H.H., 1949:
Opportunities for the more effective agricultural use of new lands

Gilbert, Rca, 1979:
Opportunities for the private woodland owner in Ontario

Watson,. Jr.;, 1972:
Opportunities for the professional turf manager

Enyedi, Z., 1972:
Opportunities for the reasonable specialization and association of production, the realization of production systems of industrial character in agriculture

Rafai, P., 1979:
Opportunities for the reduction losses caused by summer hot temperatures in pig fattening. II. Combined adiabatic cooling for increasing the efficiency of pig fattening

Rafai, P.P.pp, Z., 1979:
Opportunities for the reduction of losses due to summer heat in pig fattening. I

Zakhariev, A., 1978:
Opportunities for the stabilizat

Coster, M., 1975:
Opportunities for training in dairying

Wix, P., 1989:
Opportunities for transfer technology in the honey processing industry

Badenhop, Mb, 1977:
Opportunities for university participation in Title XII PROGRAMS

Stevenson, Wr, 1983:
Opportunities for using computer technology--a faculty members perspective Information from university specialists to the agricultural community

Sauer, Rj, 1983:
Opportunities for using computer technology: perspective of an administrator Extension information services

Setton, E.M.; Hystad, P.W.; Keller, C.Peter., 2005:
Opportunities for using spatial property assessment data in air pollution exposure assessments

Hudson, He, 1985:
Opportunities for using telecommunications in development programs

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Opportunities for utilization research Forestry

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Opportunities for value added wood products

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Opportunities for veterinarians in the twenty-first century

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Opportunities for visual resource management in the southern Appalachian coal basin

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Opportunities for well-trained staff on a modern large farm

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Opportunities for wheat marketing; food and feed

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Opportunities for yield improvement at C. Brewer plantations

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Opportunities in Alabama agriculture

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Opportunities in European financial services

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Opportunities in Florida

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Opportunities in Latin America

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Opportunities in Ukraine

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Opportunities in agriculture

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Opportunities in agriculture careers

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Opportunities in animal production?

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Opportunities in applied environmental research and development

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Opportunities in beekeeping

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Opportunities in broiler marketing

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Opportunities in cooperatives: a leaders program for youth

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Opportunities in fashion

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Opportunities in fee hunting

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Opportunities in feed grains

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Opportunities in financing livestock operations

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Opportunities in flame retardant coated fabrics

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Opportunities in food service careers

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Opportunities in food services

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Opportunities in forestry careers

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Opportunities in fruit and vegetable exports for Australia in Malaysia and Singapore

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Opportunities in grass straw utilization

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Opportunities in home economics

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Opportunities in horticulture careers

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Opportunities in hybrid rice development

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Opportunities in interior design

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Opportunities in landscape architecture, botanical gardens, and arboreta

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Opportunities in management

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Opportunities in market research

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Opportunities in meat marketing with special reference to North America

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Opportunities in nutrition careers

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Opportunities in nutritional science

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Opportunities in portable milling

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Opportunities in portion and unit packaging

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Opportunities in producer marketing Agricultural products, United States

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Opportunities in public service

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Opportunities in small fruits Production

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Opportunities in the breeding of livestock for food

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Opportunities in the cooperative business world; a leaders program for youth

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Opportunities in the eighties Fertilizer industry, New Zealand

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Opportunities in the emerging embryo transfer business

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Opportunities in the fresh-cut fruit sector for Indiana melon growers

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Opportunities in the nutrition and food sciences

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Opportunities in the nutrition and food sciences: research challenges and the next generation of investigators

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Opportunities in the turfgrass industry

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Opportunities in the watershed program

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Opportunities in times of crisis

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Opportunities in veterinary education for improving food safety and quality

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Opportunities in veterinary medicine

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Opportunities in water management

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Opportunities in weed science

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Opportunities in working with food handlers

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Opportunities of raising the intake of feed and the milk-yielding capacity of cows

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Opportunities of the land-grant university in adult education

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Opportunities of yield increases at HC&S and McBryde sugar companies Sugarcane cultivation, Hawaii

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Opportunities presented through moisture sorting of green lumber using the Novax 8010 infrared moisture sensor

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Opportunities south of the border: Mexican market overview

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Opportunities through quality control

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Opportunities to enhance southern forest productivity through research, education, and technology transfer

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Opportunities to improve calving management on beef cow

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Opportunities to improve protein quality and quantity; 1974 winter-spring symposium series, University of California, Davis: outline of subject matter

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Opportunities to improve rangelands

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Opportunities to improve rangelands economic incentives, costs and benefits

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Opportunities to improve the U.S. Geological Survey National Water Quality Assessment Program

Anonymous, 1965 :
Opportunities to increase employment in northern New Hampshire through hardwood utilization

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Opportunities to increase fertility on sheep farms

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Opportunities to increase forest area and timber growth on marginal crop and pasture land

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Opportunities to increase multispecies grazing in the eastern United States

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Opportunities to increase national forest softwood harvest

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Opportunities to increase red meat production from ranges of the USA

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Opportunities to increase urban forests and the potential impacts on carbon storage and conservation

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Opportunities to increase water yield in the Southwest by vegetation management

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Opportunities to increase yield and quality in the Mid-South

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Opportunities to increase yield and quality-Southwest

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Opportunities to increase yield and quality: the irrigated west

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Opportunities to learn about home furnishing

Anonymous, 1946:
Opportunities to manufacture new types of farm equipment

Anonymous, 1994:
Opportunities to meet changing needs

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Opportunities to minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment Pesticides, uses

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Opportunities to protect instream flows and wetland uses of water in California

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Opportunities to protect instream flows and wetland uses of water in Florida

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Opportunities to protect instream flows and wetland uses of water in Kentucky

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Opportunities to protect instream flows in Alaska

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Opportunities to pursue

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Opportunities to reduce anthropogenic methane emissions in the United States

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Opportunities to sell nutrition: viewpoint of a college professor

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Opportunities to teach better nutrition

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Opportunities via the changing land grant system

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Opportunities with baculoviruses

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Opportunities with sheep

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Opportunities within the framework of Europe

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Opportunities, use, and transfer of systems research methods in agriculture to developing countries

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Opportunity 2000--understanding and serving users in an electronic library

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Opportunity 4-H expansion

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Opportunity and economic efficiency of irrigating the main crops under different ecological conditions in Romania

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Opportunity and repsonse: social factors in agricultural developent in Maharashtra

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Opportunity bulletins

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Opportunity camps for youth

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Opportunity cost of farmland retention: a framework for analysis

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Opportunity costs of implementing forest plans

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Opportunity costs of time in demand estimates for nonmarket resources

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Opportunity for all

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Opportunity for beneficial cultivation with a small investment

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Opportunity for cattle in the West Highlands

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Opportunity for cooperative farmers

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Opportunity for cooperative growth: food service industry

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Opportunity for environmental planning

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Opportunity for harvesting water from and along highways in rangeland areas of Wyoming

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Opportunity for processing in CARIFTA

Anonymous, 1976:
Opportunity for profit--rainbow trout

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Opportunity for the development of a modern transportation system on existing forest road network

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Opportunity for tomorrow: Structural systems and environmental control

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Opportunity for you

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Opportunity from strength

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Opportunity identification in new product development and innovation in food product development

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Opportunity in Alaska

Anonymous, 1946:
Opportunity in Maine apple growing

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Opportunity in exports for the U.S. grain trader: feedstuffs

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Opportunity in plowing works and soil classes

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Opportunity knocks

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Opportunity knocks for organics in Singapore

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Opportunity knocks with the ultradwarfs

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Opportunity knocks: five steps toward a winning existing business development program

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Opportunity knocks: sowing wheat early in the north-eastern wheatbelt

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Opportunity land--opportunity forest

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Opportunity lotfeeding of beef cattle

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Opportunity lotfeeding of lambs

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Opportunity marketing: another way of looking at marketing

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Opportunity of a readjustment of the medical and sanitary prophylaxis of rabies in France; balance after two years of intense rabies

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Opportunity structure and eradication of rural poverty: a case of SFDA Small Farmers Development Agency programme mutation India

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Opportunity timer for surface irrigation

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Opportunity to improve the nutritional value of wheat through breeding

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Opportunity to increase yield and quality in the Southeast

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Opportunties for cost saving in fattening lambs

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Opposite sex expression of flower primordia of the long-day plant Lemna gibba and of the short-day plant Lemna paucicostata in vitro

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Opposition and motion in the period of hearing

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Opposition of veterinary terms and their dialectic synonyms in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Opposition plots to halt humane advances

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Opposition to a state ag department dwindling

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Opposition to agricultural biotechnology

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Opposition to some characteristics of field peas important for the industry

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Opposition to volunteerism

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Opprotunities unlimited

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Opravy a udrzba mobilnich zemedelskych stroju

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Opredelenie cekonomicheskoaei ceffektivnosti selaskokhozeiiaaeistvennogo proizvodstva

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Optical microscopic studies on

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