Section 17
Chapter 16,581

Organochlorine pesticide residues and their toxic effects on the environment and organisms in Turkey

Kolankaya, D.

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 86(1/2): 147-160


ISSN/ISBN: 0306-7319
Accession: 016580547

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Persistent toxic substances (PTSs) appear in most urbanized coastal areas of the world, accumulating in water, sediments, and biota, where they cannot be eliminated efficiently, and their derivatives can be highly toxic. Like many other countries, Turkey is also facing problems concerning pesticides and other PTS residues. BHC and alpha, beta, gamma and delta isomers of HCH were determined in 16 samples of surface and ground waters and mussels in the Middle Black Sea Region, and the concentrations of PCB and organochlorine (OC) pesticide residues were analysed in the eastern Aegean Sea water and fish samples. PCBs were not detected in Mullus barbatus living in the Aegean Sea, and its derivatives were detected in low levels.

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