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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16592

Chapter 16592 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight hearing on national health care reform

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight hearing on petitioned salmon stocks for endangered species listing

Anonymous, 1998:
Oversight hearing on regional haze

Anonymous, 2000:
Oversight hearing on rural water project financing

Anonymous, 2001:
Oversight hearing on the CALFED program and California Central Valley Project (CVP) operations

Anonymous, 1988:
Oversight hearing on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight hearing on the Export-Import Bank

Anonymous, 1998:
Oversight hearing on the Kyoto Protocol

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight hearing on the administrations 1983 budget proposals for child nutrition

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight hearing on the economic outlook

Anonymous, 1998:
Oversight hearing on the future water needs of California under CALFED, CALFED financing, the monitoring and performance standards of CALFED, and CALFED public participation

Anonymous, 1991:
Oversight hearing on the management practices of the U.S. Forest Service and below-cost timber sales

Anonymous, 1979:
Oversight hearing on the older American nutrition programs

Anonymous, 1991:
Oversight hearing on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight hearing on underfunded pension plans in the steel industry

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight hearing to receive testimony on Agent Orange

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight hearings concerning the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight hearings on 1983 budget request

Anonymous, 1998:
Oversight hearings on Clinton-Gore administrations Forest Service roadless area moratorium

Raven, Ph, 1982 :
Oversight hearings on Endangered Species Act Oenothera, evening primroses

Anonymous, 1998:
Oversight hearings on National Environmental Policy Act

Anonymous, 1986:
Oversight hearings on U.S. trade policy

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight hearings on meal pattern changes in the school lunch program

Anonymous, 1985:
Oversight hearings on section 404 of the Clean Water Act

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight hearings on the child nutrition programs

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight hearings on the implementation of the Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-624)

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight hearings with regard to the reauthorization of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Anonymous, 1988:
Oversight hearings--matters relating to the October 19 market break

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of EPA and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of EPAs Superfund Innovation Technology Evaluation (SITE) program

Anonymous, 1984:
Oversight of Food and Nutrition Service programs

Anonymous, 1993:
Oversight of Foreign Agricultural Service export promotion programs

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight of U.S. progress under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

Anonymous, 1988:
Oversight of conservation programs

Anonymous, 2004:
Oversight of conservation programs of the 2002 farm bill

Swanson, Jc, 1998:
Oversight of farm animals in research

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight of fishery programs

Anonymous, 2005:
Oversight of food safety activities

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight of hazardous waste management and the Resource conservation and recovery act

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight of implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

Anonymous, 2001:
Oversight of management challenges at the U.S. Customs Service

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight of marine fisheries management

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight of oil spill protections for the Great Lakes

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight of right-to-know pollution data

Anonymous, 1979:
Oversight of the 1980 food and nutrition service budget

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight of the Agricultural Quarantine Enforcement Act

Anonymous, 2001:
Oversight of the Appalachian Regional Commission

Anonymous, 2006:
Oversight of the Conservation Reserve Program

Anonymous, 1997:
Oversight of the Department of Agricultures progress in implementing dairy reform

Anonymous, 2006:
Oversight of the Endangered Species Act

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight of the Environmental Protection Agencys enforcement program

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of the Environmental Protection Agencys management review of the superfund program

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of the Family Support Act of 1988

Anonymous, 1996:
Oversight of the Family and Medical Leave Act

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight of the Farm Credit System and Production Credit Associations

Anonymous, 2001:
Oversight of the Food Safety and Inspection Service

Anonymous, 1997:
Oversight of the Food and Drug Administrations progress in reducing unnecessary paperwork burdens upon small business

Anonymous, 1986:
Oversight of the Office of Management and Budget regulatory review and planning process

Anonymous, 2005:
Oversight of the Rural Housing Service and its fiscal year 2006 budget

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of the Rural Telephone Bank

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the securities industry

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of the Trade Act of 1988

Anonymous, 1998:
Oversight of the U.S. Department of Agriculture debt collection

Anonymous, 1988:
Oversight of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. fisheries agreement

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight of the United States-Canada free trade agreement

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight of the Uruguay Round

Anonymous, 1997:
Oversight of the availability of agricultural credit

Anonymous, 1988:
Oversight of the fiscal year 1989 EPA research budget request

Anonymous, 1997:
Oversight of the fiscal year 1999 budget for the Forest Service

Anonymous, 1984:
Oversight of the food stamp program

Anonymous, 1997:
Oversight of the implementation of the electronic benefit transfer system for the food stamp program

Stricklin, W.; Mench, J., 1993:
Oversight of the use of agricultural animals in university teaching and research

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight on Farmers Home Administration

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight on Resources planning act

Anonymous, 1983:
Oversight on USDA soil and water conservation programs

Anonymous, 1999:
Oversight on chairmans draft, Federal Forests Emergency Act of 1999

Anonymous, 1984:
Oversight on commodity distribution programs

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight on federal nutrition programs

Anonymous, 1991:
Oversight on forest land conservation and related economic development within the northern forest lands study area

Anonymous, 1985:
Oversight on general farm and food programs

Anonymous, 1993:
Oversight on implementation of the Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization (AARC) Act of 1990

Anonymous, 1984:
Oversight on matters relating to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight on proposed modifications in soil and water conservation policy

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight on rural energy needs

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight on rural health care

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight on rural transportation

Anonymous, 2006:
Oversight on sage grouse conservation

Anonymous, 1987:
Oversight on small business and agriculture advisory councils

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight on the Administration on Aging

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight on the Forest Services proposed changes in the administrative appeals process

Anonymous, 1981:
Oversight on the Montana Wilderness Study Act

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight on the School Lunch Program

Anonymous, 1977:
Oversight on the activities of the Council on Wage and Price Stability

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight on the federal crop insurance program

Anonymous, 1989:
Oversight on the implementation of the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987

Anonymous, 1992:
Oversight on the implementation of the trade title of the 1990 farm bill

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight on the tobacco price support program

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight report on the U.S.-Canada East Coast Fishery Agreement and Boundary Treaty

Anonymous, 1990:
Oversight review of CDCs Agent Orange study

Anonymous, 1985:
Oversight review of the five-year outlook report on science and technology

Anonymous, 1986:
Oversight visit to South Korea and Japan

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight, DOE solar and conservation programs

Anonymous, 1982:
Oversight, Methane Transportation R. & D. Act of 1980

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight, Western solar energy activities

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight, biomass

Anonymous, 1981:
Oversight, environmental impact statement on solvent refined coal hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy Development and Applications of the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, second session, September 19, 1980. --

Anonymous, 1980:
Oversight, solar photovoltaic program

Rasmussen, Lennart, 1949:
Oversigt over de Sjeaiellandske landboforeningers virksomhed for planteavlens fremme indtil aaret 1948

Iversen, Karsten, 1945:
Oversigt over de for Landbruget vigtigste Resultater af Statens Forssuperscript 2g i Plantekultur

Stapel, Chr, 1963:
Oversigt vedrsuperscript 2rende kemisk bek* micro *mpelse af ukrudt plantesygdomme og skadedyr i landbruget

Petersen, H.Ingvard, 1960:
Oversigt vedrsuperscript 2rende kemisk bekaempelse af ukrudt plantesygdomme og skadedyr i landbruget

Olsen, H.K.S.apel, C., 1955:
Oversigt vedrsuperscript 2rende kemisk bekeaiempelse af ukrudt, plantesygdomme og skadedyr i landbruget

Dahlgren, Ove, 1972:
Oversikt av metoder for inventering av daggdjurs- och fagelpopulationer

Persson, Lars-Olof, 1979:
Oversiktlig yrkesanalys for 1980-talets utbildning i jordbruket

Olah, L.; Defilipps, R., 1969:
Oversize Dodecatheon frenchii in Illinois

Evans, Jcw, 1989 :
Oversize-chip slicing system reduces rejects, improves overall operations

Inch, R., 1969:
Oversowing clovers on underdeveloped flat land

Cullen, Na, 1970:
Oversowing grasses and clovers

White, J.; Meijer, G.L.nger, R., 1973:
Oversowing grasses on sunny and and shady faces

Ahmad, I.W.hab, H., 1982:
Oversowing of Stylosanthes guianensis into native pastures: comparison of establishment techniques

Vidrih, T., 1988:
Oversowing white clover (Trifolium repens L.) on hill pasture sward

Borrel, A., 1979:
Overstaining and foot-and-mouth disease virus

Allison, Le, 1973:
Overstauration method for preparing saturation extracts forsalinithy appraisal

Chen, J.; Connor, K.M.; Smith, L.E.H., 2007:
Overstaying their welcome: defective CX3CR1 microglia eyed in macular degeneration

Fiddler, G.; Laacke, R., 1985:
Overstory removal: an assessment

Varner, J.I.i; Hiers, J.; Ottmar, R.; Gordon, D.; Putz, F.; Wade, D., 2007:
Overstory tree mortality resulting from reintroducing fire to long-unburned longleaf pine forests: the importance of duff moisture

Schott, M.; Pieper, R., 1987:
Overstory-understory interactions in southwestern pinyon-juniper vegetation

Tappe, P.; Shelton, M.; Wigley, T., 1993:
Overstory-understory relationships in natural loblolly pine-hardwood stands: implications for wildlife habitat

Smith, K.; Larson, F., 1984:
Overstory-understory relationships in the black spruce type of interior Alaska

Piccione, J., 1993:
Oversupply, sluggish demand keeping most chemical prices low: watch the markets for opportunities

Beek, V. ter, 2007:
Oversupply: a big problem for Thai pig industry

Resnick, O.; Morgane, P.J.; Hasson, R.; Miller, M., 1982:
Overt and hidden forms of chronic malnutrition in the rat and their relevance to man

Kleber, B.; Birbaumer, N.; Veit, R.; Trevorrow, T.; Lotze, M., 2007:
Overt and imagined singing of an Italian aria

Quiatt, D.M.ller, L.C.mbre, R., 1986:
Overt behavior correlates of menstruation and ovulation in a lowland gorilla

Kor-anantakul, O.; Lekhakula, A., 2007:
Overt disseminated intravascular coagulation in obstetric patients

Freire, G.; Ocampo, C.; Ilbawi, N.; Griffin, A.J.; Gupta, M., 2007:
Overt expression of AP-1 reduces alpha myosin heavy chain expression and contributes to heart failure from chronic volume overload

Sirvent, N.; Suciu, S.; Bertrand, Y.; Uyttebroeck, A.; Lescoeur, B.; Otten, J., 2005:
Overt testicular disease (OTD) at diagnosis is not associated with a poor prognosis in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results of the EORTC CLG Study 58881

Skaar, R.O.wald, D., 1974:
Overtaking timber trucks on a 2-lane road

Strakes, G., 1997:
Overthick chip conditioners improve mill pulping efficiency

Shmanske, S.; Lowenthal, F., 2007:
Overtime incentives in the National Hockey League (NHL): more evidence

Anonymous, 2007:
Overton prize: Eran Segal

May, Irvin, M., 1981:
Overton, agricultural research and education in northeast Texas

Millhollon, E.; Beck, A., 1987:
Overtop annual grass herbicide test - 1986

Tranquilli, C.; Agostini, D., 2006:
Overtraining e overreaching: ruolo della modulazione immunologica

Morrow, C.; Jarrett, A.; Perry, K., 1980:
Overtree irrigation tested for orchard frost control

Barbee, L., 1971:
Overtree orchard sprinkling

Middleton, J.; Proebsting, E., 1971 :
Overtree sprinkling effect on cooling and fruit quality in early Italian prunes

Uleberg, O.; Vinjevoll, O.P.; Eriksson, U.; Aadahl, P.; Skogvoll, E., 2007:
Overtriage in trauma - what are the causes?

Bernardi, L., 1975:
Overture to a revision of Ferulago, with a brief birds-eyeview of the history of the Umbelliferae

Osborn, Frederic-James, 1942:
Overture to planning

Ritterbush, Philip, C., 1964:
Overtures to biology

Dressler, D., 1977:
Overturning or fermentation: problems of each silage making

Byrne, K.; Mitchell, S., 2007:
Overturning resistance of western redcedar and western hemlock in mixed-species stands in coastal British Columbia

Anonymous, 1975:
Overum--a name in plows since 1850

Echelberger, H.; Deiss, D.; Morrison, D., 1974:
Overuse of unique recreation areas: a look at the social pro blems

Rico-Amoros, Antonio, M., 1994:
Overutilization of groundwater and agrarian changes in Valle de Vinalopo, Alicante, Spain

Anonymous, 1999:
Overvagningssystem for levnedsmidler 1993-1997

Jacobsen, J.-Skotte; Leth, T., 1987:
Overveagningssystem for naeringsstoffer, brsuperscript 2d og cerealier

Iyengar, R.; Birnbaumer, L., 1990:

Lucas, Rg, 1985:
Overview The role of venture capital in technology transfer

Esa, Ah, 1981:
Overview Droughts, research, Somali Democratic Republic

Younos, T.; Mostaghimi, S.R.ss, B., 1985:
Overview acid precipitation impact on the agricultural environment

Yan-Zhang-Cai; Shi-Feng; Wen-Ming-Zhang, 2007:
Overview and analysis of general projects in microbiology funded by NSFC during 2000 similar to 2006

Barrows, Richard, L., 1981:
Overview and analysis of participation in the Farmland Preservation Program, 1977-1979

Toder, Ej, 1985:
Overview and assessment of changing tax policy

King, R.B., 1992:
Overview and bibliography of methods for evaluating the surface-water-infiltration component of the rainfall-runoff process

Anonymous, 2000:
Overview and compendium of international organisations with food safety activities

Anonymous, 1987 :
Overview and compilation of U.S. trade statutes

Paddon, Ra, 1986:
Overview and components of a spreadsheet

Fox, M.W., 1971:
Overview and critique of stages and periods in canine development

Cundiff, Lv, 1981:
Overview and current status of research programs at M.A.R.C

Perritt, K.-R.T.daro, T., A., 2000:
Overview and evaluation of AGGIES, an automated edit and imputation system

Newell, A.-D.H.menik, F., J., 1986:
Overview and evaluation of section 108-A

Anonymous, 1995:
Overview and initial results of the NCASI marbled murrelet program

Anonymous, 1985:
Overview and perspectives on the Food Stamp Program

Shewry, P.; Lazzeri, P.; Edwards, K., 2001:
Overview and prospects for cereal biotechnology

Jondle, R.J., 1989:
Overview and status of plant proprietary rights

Anonymous, 1995:
Overview and status of the NCASI Eastern Wildlife Program

Batte, Mt, 1995 :
Overview and study procedures

Manion, P.; Skilling, D., 1984:
Overview and summary of the Scleroderris canker symposium and future research needs

Schroeder, C.M.; Latimer, H.K.; Schlosser, W.D.; Golden, N.J.; Marks, H.M.; Coleman, M.E.; Hogue, A.T.; Ebel, E.D.; Quiring, N.M.; Kadry, A-Razak.M.; Kause, J., 2007:
Overview and summary of the Food Safety and Inspection Service risk assessment for Salmonella enteritidis in shell eggs, October 2005

Bossong, C.R., 1999:
Overview and technical and practical aspects for use of geostatistics in hazardous-, toxic-, and radioactive-waste-site investigations

Chin, Kk, 1986:
Overview and trends in water technology in the ASEAN region

Gartland, E., 1980:
Overview concerning forestry in Lierne and management of young forests

Kolstad, N.M.eland, H., 1978:
Overview concerning poultry production research carried out at the Institute for Poultry and Fur Animals

Kaaber, L.S.ndberg, K., 1979:
Overview concerning some additive substances used in the meat industry

Skjervold, H., 1977:
Overview concerning work of the Institute for Livestock Husbandry. report of livestock research 15-17 November 1977

Cutler, Mr, 1979:
Overview framework of range management: commitment to the future

Sanders, P.-L.C.rtis, C.R.R.gsdale, N., N., 1991:
Overview fungicide assessment project

Hvidsten, H., 1977:
Overview involving work of the Institute for Poultry and Fur Animals

Harkin, Da, 1981:
Overview mining and the community

Williams, Dl, 1996:
Overview of (1-3)-beta-glucan chemistry, immunology and toxicology

Coupland, Rt, 1993:
Overview of African grasslands

Anonymous, 1977:
Overview of Brazils agricultural economy

Broom, Dm, 1989:
Overview of British animals welfare legislation

Ferris, Cd, 1984:
Overview of Clossiana improba (Butler) in North America with a description of a new subspecies from Wyoming (Nymphalidae:Argynninae)

Hunt, Hw, 1976:
Overview of ELM

Taylor, A.; Kashmanian, R., 1989:
Overview of EPA composting study

Walter, H.B.x, E., 1983:
Overview of Eurasian continental deserts and semi-deserts Vegetation, ecology

Podpeera, Josef, 1954 :
Overview of European mosses

Blackburn, Jack, F., 1990:
Overview of European technology in computers, telecommunications, and electronics

Haas, J.-H.M.ller, D., D., 2006:
Overview of Experimental Biology 2005 Symposium: Food Fortification in Developing Countries

Pool-Zobel, B.L.; Sauer, J., 2007:
Overview of experimental data on reduction of colorectal cancer risk by inulin-type fructans

Teske, Rh, 1987:
Overview of FDA

Brisson, El, 1978:
Overview of FDAs bio research monitoring program

Plucknett, Dl, 1980:
Overview of Farming Systems Research (FSR)

Anderson, Dl, 1986:
Overview of Florida sugarcane fertilizer practices

Sheridan, M., 1996:
Overview of HACCP and how to do it

Zhang-Fu-Jie; Au, M.; Haberer, J.; Zhao-Yan, 2006:
Overview of HIV drug resistance and its implications for China

Alcamo, J.B.ttjes, C.B.rn, G.-Van-Den; Bouwman, A.; Haan, B.-De; Goldewijk, K.; Klepper, O.K.eileman, G.; Krol, M.L.emans, R., 1995:
Overview of IMAGE 2.0: an integrated model of climate change and the global environment

Williams, Sm, 1997:
Overview of Indian water rights

Allen, Cd, 1996:
Overview of La Mesa studies

Heleski, C., 2005:
Overview of Land Grant University courses and educational initiatives: examples from Michigan State University

Mersel, Jules, 1969:
Overview of Library services and construction act, Title I

Anonymous, 1989:
Overview of Medicare program

Ryan, P.; Leighty, L., 1987:
Overview of Michigan groundwater law

Williams, R.S.tzer, E., 1994:
Overview of NIR use in correcting HVI strength measurements

Ablett, S., 1992:
Overview of NMR applications in food science

Adams, Jb, 1984:
Overview of National Residue Avoidance Program

Lucio, M.B., 1986:
Overview of Newcastle in Mexico

West, Ne, 1983:
Overview of North America temperate deserts and semi-deserts Vegetation, ecology

Fukuda, H., 2005:
Overview of PCP in 2004 and prospectives in 2005

Desrosiers, R., 2007:
Overview of PCVD - the disease in Eastern Canada & US vs. Europe

Mengeling, Wl, 1980:
Overview of PRV research funded through National Animal Disease Center, SEA, USDA

Schantz-Hansen, R., 1983:
Overview of Potlatchs Minnesota Nursery Program

Coupland, Rt, 1992:
Overview of South American Grasslands

Gajaseni, J., 1992:
Overview of Taungya

Carey, J.B., 2004:
Overview of Texas commission on environmental quality general permit for dry litter poultry operations

Tweeten, Luther, G., 1998:
Overview of U.S. agricultural policy

Supak,. Jr.;, 1996:
Overview of U.S. regional cotton defoliation practices--Southwest

Mayfield, W., 1999:
Overview of UNRC situation from a ginners perspective

Fowler, Ee, 1971:
Overview of USAEC interest in food irradiation

Greffenius, Re, 1976:
Overview of USDA Forest Service: urban forestry programs

Gavett, Ee, 1985:
Overview of USDA energy policy perspectives

Gibson, L., 1995:
Overview of USDA, AMS, Cotton Division Programs

Rhodes, He, 1975:
Overview of United States pet food industry

Klonsky, K.T.urte, L.C.aney, D.L.vingston, P.S.ith, R., 1993:
Overview of a diversified organic vegetable operation

Patterson, M.; Mankin, J.; Brooks, A., 1974:
Overview of a unified transport model

Sorensen, F., 1979:
Overview of activities in 1978: Trondelag Milk Central

Dunbar, J., 1980:
Overview of adherence issues

Durrieu, G.; Olivier, P.; Bagheri, H.; Montastruc, J.L., 2007:
Overview of adverse reactions to nefopam: an analysis of the French Pharmacovigilance database

Kirkpatrick, F.H., 1990:
Overview of agarose gel properties

Anonymous, 1994:
Overview of agricultural ethics: issues for the 21st century

Finklea, J.; Durham, W.; Hammer, D., 1975:
Overview of agricultural health and safety problems: the Federal environmental view

Baker, D.; Fenyes, J.; Moberg, W.; Cross, B., 1987:
Overview of agrochemical development

Frere, M., 1979:
Overview of agrometeorology

Burrows, Wc, 1981:
Overview of alcohol fuels

Goldberg, A.; Frazier, J., 1991:
Overview of an article on alternatives from The Cancer Bulletin

Fishbein, L., 1984:
Overview of analysis of carcinogenic and

Srogi, K., 2007:
Overview of analytical methodologies for dioxin analysis

Krynitsky, A.; Lehotay, S., 2003:
Overview of analytical technologies available to regulatory laboratories for the determination of pesticide residues

Swiderski, Ce, 2000:
Overview of anaphylactic shock in horses

Storz, J., 1988:
Overview of animal diseases induced by chlamydial infections

Gourley, John, 2003:
Overview of aquaculture environmental permitting issues in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA

Newton, Sh, 1993:
Overview of aquaculture research at 1890 land-grant institutions

Patrick, R., 1976:
Overview of aquatic ecosystems

Edwards, Ra, 1983:
Overview of assessment and control

Peterson, Jc, 1982:
Overview of automatic seeding equipment

Neilands, J.B., 1993:
Overview of bacterial iron transport and siderophore systems in Rhizobia

Sanders, T.A., 1996:
Overview of bioactive compounds in foods

Goodman, B.; Thomas, C., 1989:
Overview of biochemical conversion research

Burris, Rh, 1977:
Overview of biological N2 fixation

Maillet, G.L.; Pepin, P.; Craig, J.D.C.; Fraser, S.; Lane, D., 2005:
Overview of biological and chemical conditions on the Flemish Cap with comparisons of the Grand Banks Shelf and Slope waters during 1996-2003

Richter, E.E.lefson, W.S.ith, R., 1985:
Overview of biological methods: focus on vitamin D

Reed, T.; Diebold, J.; Chum, H.; Evans, R.; Milne, T.; Scahill, J., 1986:
Overview of biomass fast pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading to liquid fuels

Seidel, G.Jr, 1985:
Overview of bovine embryo transfer

Barillot, I., 2007:
Overview of brachytherapy resources in Europe: has brachytherapy still a place in treatment of cervix carcinomas?

Roney, Cs, 1997:
Overview of broiler production challenges in South America

Burt, Cm, 1987:
Overview of canal control concepts

Overall, K.L., 2006:
Overview of canine aggression

Niemi, G.; Devore, P.D.tenbeck, N.T.ylor, D.L.ma, A.P.stor, J.Y.unt, J.; Naiman, R., 1990:
Overview of case studies on recovery of aquatic systems from disturbance

Rusconi, R., 1973:
Overview of cereals in 1972

Shepard, John, C., 1992:
Overview of change in Americas new economy

Kusmin, Ld, 1994:
Overview of changing federal government expenditure patterns in the Great Plains

Higerd, Tb, 1980:
Overview of ciguatera seafood poisoning Reef-associated fish

Farnham, Rs, 1982:
Overview of classification and properties of peat

Coffee, J.K.nstadt, P., 1996:
Overview of commercial food irradiation in the USA

Endahl, L.; Zastrow, O., 1981:
Overview of commercial small wind machines

Wise, Dl, 1980:
Overview of commercial-scale waste utilization operations

Borg, A., 1978:
Overview of common insect pests of oil producing plants

Lebrun, T.; Iacoboni, M.; Livingston,. Jr.;, 1980:
Overview of compost research conducted by the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

Rogers, Ad, 1976:
Overview of computer programs

Goodwin, Mh, 1983:
Overview of conch fisheries and culture

Anonymous, 1989:
Overview of conditions and trends in Greater Minnesota

Bradley, Jf, 1992:
Overview of conservation tillage across the Belt

Traven, Lr, 1982:
Overview of containerized plant systems

Schreiber, Mm, 1989:
Overview of controlled release herbicides

Boesman, G., 1990:
Overview of conventional and energy-saving heating systems in greenhouses

Sullivan, P.-G.D.ver, S., 2001:
Overview of cover crops and green manures

Sidle, Rc, 1990:
Overview of cumulative effects concepts and issues

Mcbryan, Oa, 1989:
Overview of current developments in parallel architectures

Clancy, Kl, 1986:
Overview of current food safety and quality issues and policies

Torre, D.M.; Daley, B.J.; Sebastian, J.L.; Elnicki, D.Michael., 2006:
Overview of current learning theories for medical educators

Case, Jt, 1990:
Overview of current poultry diagnostics at The California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Blythe, Ll, 1998:
Overview of current prophylactic and treatment methods for canine athletes

Philpot, Wn, 1979:
Overview of current recommendations for mastitis control and how to implement them

Pym, R., 1995:
Overview of current research and development activity in animal welfare in the egg industry

Schroeder, W.; Cohen, D., 1977:
Overview of current sludge treatment and disposal practices

Payne, W.; Grant, M., 1981:
Overview of denitrification

Maika, Alois, 1960:
Overview of development of agriculture in feudalistic Czech Lands

Lulich, J.P.; Osborne, C.A., 1996:
Overview of diagnosis of feline lower urinary tract disorders

Tobin, T.H.rkins, J.; Woods, W.; Queiroz-Neto, A.S.anley, S.; Mundy, G., 1995:
Overview of dietary, environmental, and endogenous substances of regulatory concern in racing horses

Carell, R., 1998:
Overview of discrete event simulation technology as applied to composite materials manufacturing

de la Concha-Bermejillo, A.; Anderson, N.V.; Bretzlaff, K.; Kimberling, C.V.; Moore, G.; Rowe, J.D.; Wolfe, C., 1998:
Overview of diseases and drug needs for sheep and goats. Veterinarians' and producers' perspectives

Anonymous, 1986:
Overview of draft IAC report

Holmes, Sandra, L., 1992:
Overview of drought and hydrologic conditions in the United States and southern Canada

Glass, N., 1974:
Overview of ecological effects

Smith, Er, 1991:
Overview of egg candling lights used by inspectors

Haskins, Sc, 1985:
Overview of emergency and intensive care

Bowen, I.J.; Hsu, J.C.I., 1990:
Overview of emerging technologies in pulping and bleaching

Barker, Wt, 1985:
Overview of endangered and threatened vascular plant species in North Dakota

Gavett, Ee, 1981:
Overview of energy consumption in U.S. agriculture--past and future

Anonymous, 1994:
Overview of entitlement programs

Cowan, James, R., 1995:
Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Bettles Field, Alaska

Cowan, James, R., 1995:
Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Chandalar Lake, Alaska

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Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Iliamna, Alaska

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Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Kotzebue, Alaska

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Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Sitka, Alaska

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Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Unalakleet, Alaska

Hogan, Eppie, V., 1995:
Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Wrangell, Alaska

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Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at seven Federal Aviation Administration facilities in interior Alaska

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Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions near Petersburg, Alaska

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Overview of environmental and sustainability issues in aquaculture

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Overview of environmental effects of agricultural drainage in Canada

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Overview of environmental problems in the food industry Legislation effects, wastes

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Overview of environmental situation affecting pulp chemical industry

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Overview of epidemiology and control of Salmonella enteritidis

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Overview of equine gastroduodenal ulceration

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Overview of equine papular and nodular dermatoses

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Overview of established and developing conversion technologies

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Overview of expanded southern pine beetle R&D program and possible applications to users

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Overview of farm direct marketing industry trends

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Overview of farm savings accounts (FSA) alternatives

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Overview of fertilizers--past, present, and future

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Overview of financial and economic considerations

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Overview of fire blight of pear

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Overview of forage and livestock in Virginia: beef cattle and sheep Animal production figures, including horses

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Overview of forage and livestock in Virginia: dairy cattle Production, includes silage

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Overview of forage and livestock research in Virginia: pasture utilization by dairy cattle Grazing management, nutrient needs

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Overview of forages in Virginia Pasture grasses, silage, hay, cattle feed

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Overview of foreign technical barriers to U.S. agricultural exports

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Overview of forest development in Chile

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Overview of forest stewardship

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Overview of fruit tree rootstocks Apple, pear, peach, plum, apricot

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Overview of generalized data base management systems

Matsuoka, Tatsuro, 2006:
Overview of ghost fishing issue

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Overview of grading agencies enforcement of the American softwood lumber standard

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Overview of grape growing in Florida

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Overview of groundwater law and institutions in United States border states Water resource management, water quality

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Overview of handling and transportation of grain

Evers, G.; Grichar, W.; Smith, G., 1991:
Overview of herbicide research on subterranean clover in Texas

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Overview of human exposure to dieldrin residues in the environment and current trends of residue levels in tissue

Anandajayasekeram, P.; Babu, S., 2007:
Overview of impact assessment methodologies

Hildreth, Rj, 1974:
Overview of impact of land use planning seminar

Radice-Neumann, D.; Zupan, B.; Babbage, D.R.; Willer, B., 2007:
Overview of impaired facial affect recognition in persons with traumatic brain injury

Barkin, R.; Lewis, J.H., 1992:
Overview of inflammatory bowel disease in humans

Carroll, R.F.nnesbeck, C., 1993:
Overview of information management products and services produced by the Geometronics Service Center and Nationwide Forestry Applications Programs

Anonymous, 1986:
Overview of international science and technology policy

Essex, Bl, 1981:
Overview of inventory responsibilities

Cannell, Gh, 1981:
Overview of irrigation methods and principles

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Overview of issues in food processing and manufacturing

Yon, B., 1982:
Overview of issues in food wholesaling and retailing

Harvey, R.W.; Suflita, J.M.; McInerney, M.J.; Mills, A.L., 2007:
Overview of issues in subsurface and landfill microbiology

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Overview of issues in the catering and foodservice industries

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Overview of kraft foul condensate treatment technology Pulp effluents

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Overview of land cover change in tropical regions

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Overview of landslide problems, research, and mitigation, Cincinnati, Ohio, area

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Overview of lipoprotein metabolism--perspectives in a free-living southwest population in Bernalillo County, New Mexico

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Overview of literature on antimicrobial resistance of mastitis pathogens

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Overview of management program

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Overview of mechanical harvesting in Florida citrus

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Overview of medical complications

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Overview of medical problems affecting stranded sea turtles

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Overview of mesquite utilization at Texas A&I University Wood biomass, energy, pod producing, nitrogen fixing, Prosopis, feedstock

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Overview of microcomputer use in local government

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Overview of mine spoils hydrology in southeastern Montana

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Overview of modeling for forage and beef production

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Overview of moisture-related damage in one group of Wisconsin manufactured homes

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Overview of molecular methods in immunohematology

Butcher, G.; Peterjohn, B.R.lph, C., 1992:
Overview of national bird population monitoring programs and databases

Anonymous, 2000:
Overview of national food safety systems and activities

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Overview of neuromuscular junction disease management

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Overview of nitrogen fixation

Malkan, Sr, 1999:
Overview of nonwovens from fiber producers perspective

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Overview of nutrition in the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization

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Overview of nutrition monitoring in the U.S

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Overview of on-site analytical methods for explosives in soil

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Overview of organic fruit production

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Overview of ozone use at Snokist growers

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Overview of pain management options

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Overview of papers on effective animal care and use committees

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Overview of papers presenting contract research on thermal storage of solar energy European Communities Commission

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Overview of pest Lymantriidae of North America

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Overview of pest management and host plant resistance in U.S. sorghum

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Overview of pest management in conservation tillage

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Overview of pesticide effects and pesticide application in Virginia agriculture

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Overview of pesticide fate in the environment: principles, processes, and offsite transport

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Overview of pesticide use in Hawaii from 1964 through 1968

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Overview of pesticides--past, present, and future Organic chemicals, types

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Overview of phosphorite deposits in the Sirhan-Turayf Basin, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Overview of plant protection in sugarcane

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Overview of poisonous plant problems in the United States

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Overview of pollen management in tree breeding

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Overview of possible Simuliidae related problems in the Alessandria district (Piedmont, Italy)

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Overview of potential for fuels from biomass and the U.S. Department of Energy programs and plans

Fishbein, L., 1978:
Overview of potential mutagenic problems posed by some pesticides and their trace impurities

Kelloff, Gary, J., 2007:
Overview of precancer and goals of the meeting

Batra, L.; Whitehead, D.; Terrell, E.; Golden, A.; Lichtenfels,. Jr.;, 1978:
Overview of predictiveness of agricultural biosystematics

Anonymous, 1988:
Overview of present law, proposals, and issues relating to employer-provided retiree health insurance

Dawe, Eg, 1981:
Overview of present progress towards aging short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) using statoliths Possible means of age determination

Moynihan, P., 2002:
Overview of presentations at the international association for dental research: Chiba, Japan, June 2001

Pease, Rl, 1977:
Overview of problems facing both the processor & grower

Petersen, J.; Drown, D., 1983:
Overview of process flowsheeting

Auran, T., 1980:
Overview of production investigations. Hereditary variation in feed utilization in dairy and beef production

Cady, S.M.; Langer, R., 1992:
Overview of protein formulations for animal health applications

Ahmedani, M.S.; Abdul Khaliq, 2007:
Overview of psocids: as a new threat to stored grains and scope of thermal treatment for management

Jeswani, L.; Saini, R., 1982:
Overview of pulse production: retrospective and prospective

Nene, Yl, 1987:
Overview of pulses research at ICRISAT

Steinkraus, Kh, 1984:
Overview of recent developments in microbial processes and their potential for industrial development

Evers, Gw, 1996:
Overview of recycling nutrients from animal waste through forages

Roberts, Ba, 1996:
Overview of regional cotton defoliation practices--Far West

Preston, Jf, 1984:
Overview of research in microbiology and cell science

Gunsett, F., 1987:
Overview of research in progress in the animal science department-NCA&T

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Overview of research on health-related quality of life in patients with chronic liver disease

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Overview of research on lymantrids in eastern and western Europe

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Overview of research on the behavior of fruit flies

Fuhrmann, T., 1991:
Overview of residue concerns of the dairy industry

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Overview of resistance training, diet, hormone replacement and nutritional supplements on age-related sarcopenia - A minireview

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Overview of rice pest problems Insect pests, pathogens, weeds, host resistance

Spouge, John, 1997:
Overview of risks from BSE via environmental pathways for the Environment Agency

Shirasu, Y., 1983:
Overview of safety regulations governing chemicals in Japan

Adams, Ep, 1976:
Overview of saline seep problems in South Dakota

Miyamoto, S.M.ore, J.S.ichler, C., 1984:
Overview of saline water irrigation in far west Texas

Mote, C.Jr, 1979:
Overview of saw design and operations research: results and priorities

Harr, Rd, 1993:
Overview of sediment research on forestland in the Pacific Northwest

Moller, U., 1986:
Overview of sewage sludge treatment processes: an outlook

Seidel, G.E., 2007:
Overview of sexing sperm

Ebodaghe, Denis-Abumere, 1995:
Overview of small farm programs

Sorg, T.; Logsdon, G.; Love, O.J., 1982:
Overview of small systems water treatment studies

Steenhuis, T.; Parlange, J.; Ritsema, C.; Dekker, L., 1994:
Overview of solute modeling in fingered and macropore flow for homogeneous and structured soils

Christensen, Jv, 1975:
Overview of some characteristics of apple cultivation

Anonymous, 1985:
Overview of state ground-water program summaries

Mayer, G.; Christianson, L., 1982:
Overview of state peat resource assessment program

Toledo, Rt, 1988:
Overview of sterilization methods for aseptic packaging materials

Anonymous, 1992:
Overview of strategic planning at the Environmental Protection Agency

Harpole, Gb, 1978:
Overview of structural flakeboard production costs

Solin, Gary, L., 1996:
Overview of surface-water resources at the U.S. Coast Guard Support Center Kodiak, Alaska, 1987-89

Long, S.; Cooper, J., 1988:
Overview of symbiosis

Spertzel, Ro, 1972:
Overview of the 1971 Texas Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis epizootic

Slottow, T.L.Pinto.; Steinberg, D.H.; Waksman, R., 2007:
Overview of the 2007 Food and Drug Administration Circulatory System Devices Panel meeting on patent foramen ovale closure devices

Doering, Otto, C., 2007:
Overview of the 2007 USDA Farm Bill

Gessel, Sp, 1979:
Overview of the Biome Research Program in relationship to forestry

Willoughby, J., 1995:
Overview of the Bureau of Land Management

Morey, Sc, 1995 :
Overview of the California Department of Fish and Game

Keigher, S.; Berman, R.; Greenblatt, S., 1991:
Overview of the Chicago study of elderly persons at housing risks

Anonymous, 1993:
Overview of the DOE Atmospheric Chemistry Programs Ozone Project

Lehr, L.; Broomfield, B., 1981:
Overview of the Department of Engerys program for the recovery of energy from urban wastes

Blumenthal, Kp, 1982:
Overview of the Dutch water management system

Al-Taher, F.K.utson, K., 2004:
Overview of the FDA juice HACCP rule

Conner, D., 1982:
Overview of the Florida Department of Agriculture as it relates to interstate sales of ornamental products

Packnett, Pa, 1996:
Overview of the Foreign Agricultural Service

Barton, Ll, 1988:
Overview of the Fourth International Symposium on Iron Nutrition and Interactions in Plants

Love, R., 1990:
Overview of the Intensive Financial Management and Planning Support (IFMAPS) project through 1990

Love, R., 1990:
Overview of the Intensive Financial Management and Planning Support (IFMAPS) project through 1990 for: private enterprise and the U.S. economic system A USIA African regional group project

Seelbach, P.-W.W.ley, M., J., 1997:
Overview of the Michigan Rivers Inventory (MRI) Project

Gasser, L.H.lthage, I.L.verich, B.L.eb, J.M.jchrzak, A., 1994:
Overview of the NCMS

Reynnells, R., 2004:
Overview of the NPWMS program

Traub Dargatz, J.L.; Garber, L.P.; Hill, G.W.; Wagner, B.A.; Losinger, W.C.; Seitzinger, A.H.; Rodriguez, J.M.; Stanton, N.G., 2000:
Overview of the National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Equine 98 study parts I-IV reports

Hayez, K., 1986:
Overview of the National Board Examination for veterinary medicine

Allen, Sg, 1995:
Overview of the National Park Service

Figueroa, Ee, 1993:
Overview of the New York state vegetable industry

Ghio, A.; Vadenberg, J.S.ukup, J.B.cker, S., 2000:
Overview of the PMhealth effects research program

Allen, Glen, 1990:
Overview of the Philippine agribusiness sector and recommendations

Anonymous, 1991:
Overview of the Philippines agribusiness sector

Anonymous, 1987 :
Overview of the Presidents budget for fiscal year 1988

Whiting, S.J.; Calvo, M.S., 2006:
Overview of the proceedings from Experimental Biology 2005 symposium: Optimizing Vitamin D Intake for Populations with Special Needs: Barriers to Effective Food Fortification and Supplementation

John, Pl, 1990:
Overview of the Rural Information Center

Knight, Jc, 1995:
Overview of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Graf, Truman, F., 1986:
Overview of the U.S. dairy industry in the next five years

Marmer, Wn, 2001:
Overview of the USDA hides and leather research program

Shevock,. Jr.;, 1995:
Overview of the USDA-Forest Service

Anonymous, 1988:
Overview of the agencies and programs under the jurisdiction of the Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, and Rural Development

Levesque, M., 1983:
Overview of the agricultural peatlands in Canada

Kakujaha-Matundu, O.; Kavezeri, S.-Tuemumunu, 1997:
Overview of the agricultural sector in Namibia

Schmidt, J.; Nimick, D., 1983:
Overview of the alluvial valley floor regulatory program

Kotretsou, S.; Koutsodimou, A., 2006:
Overview of the applications of tandem mass spectrometry (MS

Bleem, A.; Bridges, V.C.om, R.; Dalrymple, M.F.ancy, B.K.man, S.K.pral, C.W.gner, B.; Walker, K., 1993:
Overview of the assessment of risk factors for Mycobacterium bovis in the United States

Moody, Rl, 1979:
Overview of the bacon industry

Roy, R., 1987:
Overview of the biogeography of African mantides

Cone, F.Jr, 1982:
Overview of the changes made in the estate and gift tax laws by the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 (ERTA)

Anthony, Ws, 1988:
Overview of the cleanability of midsouth cotton cultivars

Antoshak, Rp, 1986:
Overview of the coated fabric markets

Waddington, Sr, 1994:
Overview of the current situation and previous impact of adaptative agricultural research in southern Africa

Gelb, J.J.; Ladman, B.S.; Hein, R., 2004:
Overview of the current status of infectious bronchitis in the United States

Buczek, P., 1974:
Overview of the dairy industry of Cracow province

Ferreira, M.A.M.; Perez, R.; Abrantes, L.A., 2007:
Overview of the dairy sector

Anonymous, 1985:
Overview of the dairy surplus issue

Gerber, Jd, 1995:
Overview of the development of a modified live temperature-sensitive FIP virus vaccine

Anonymous, 1984:
Overview of the draft environmental impact statement and the proposed land and resource management plan

Anonymous, 1985:
Overview of the draft environmental impact statement and the proposed land and resource management plan for the Payette National Forest

Anonymous, 1985:
Overview of the draft environmental impact statement and the proposed land and resource management plan for the Toiyabe National Forest

Jones, J.L., 1979:
Overview of the environmental control measures and problems in the food processing industries

Kelley, Rk, 1984:
Overview of the estate planning for small business owners

Davis, W.; Brown, W.; Wood, P., 1998:
Overview of the first international symposium on cytokines and the type I type II paradigm convened in Cairns, Australia, Oct. 25-30, 1996

Tilley, Ds, 1987:
Overview of the food marketing system

Folwell, Rj, 1983:
Overview of the food processing industry in the Northwest Pacific, Washington

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Overview of the fresh pack food industries

Medardi, Gianfuanco, 2007:
Overview of the genus Claussenomyces and a description of Italian collections

Kraft, J., 1979:
Overview of the genus Orobanche in Sweden

Anthony, Ws, 1994:
Overview of the ginning process

Anonymous, 1989:
Overview of the global food and population situation

Miller, L., 2007:
Overview of the good, sad, and ugly in 25 years as a shelter veterinarian

Coupland, Rt, 1993:
Overview of the grasslands of Europe and Asia

Coupland, Rt, 1992:
Overview of the grasslands of North America

Gillison, An, 1993:
Overview of the grasslands of Oceania

Dijon, R., 1984:
Overview of the groundwater programme of the United Nations

Quarles, Sl, 1987:
Overview of the hardwood utilization problem

Krause, D., W.; Sampson, S., D.; Carrano, M., T.; O'connor, P., M., 2007:
Overview of the history of discovery, taxonomy, phylogeny, and biogeography of Majungasaurus crenatissimus (Theropoda : Abelisauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar

Henderson, C., 1990:
Overview of the home based business program at Alabama A&M University

Rossier, E., 1982:
Overview of the horse utilization and the future

Felsburg, P.J., 1994:
Overview of the immune system and immunodeficiency diseases

Munson, A.; Holsapple, M., 1985:
Overview of the immunotoxicology of marihuana

Sasser, J.; Carter, C., 1984:
Overview of the international Meloidogyne project--rationale, goals, implementation, and progress to date

Looney, Jw, 1983:
Overview of the legal aspects of leasing

Wakamatsu, N.; Devereux, T.R.; Hong, H-Hua.L.; Sills, R.C., 2007:
Overview of the molecular carcinogenesis of mouse lung tumor models of human lung cancer

Becker, B., 1981:
Overview of the natural communities of Big Pine Key, Florida

McSpadden Gardener, B.B.; Driks, A., 2008:
Overview of the Nature and Application of Biocontrol Microbes: Bacillus spp

Song, L.; Jen, J., 1998:
Overview of the naval stores industry in China

Tahir, Wm, 1972:
Overview of the nutritional problem

Knudson, D.L.; Shope, R.E., 1985:
Overview of the orbiviruses

Anonymous, 1980:
Overview of the performance of the national agricultural sector 1977-1979 and some considerations on international trade

Mooers, Cnk, 1976:
Overview of the physical dynamics of the continental margin

Bogorad, L., 1983:
Overview of the potential and prospects in genetic engineering of plants

Hansen, A., 1980:
Overview of the potential applicability of Farming Systems Research to U.S. small farms and U.S. research and extension

Newman, Jb, 1988:
Overview of the present lanad-use situation and the anticipated ecological impacts of program implementation

Oleson, B., 1991:
Overview of the primary markets for grains

Matchett, K., 1991:
Overview of the primary markets for oilseeds

Knapp, L.Jr, 1975:
Overview of the problem

Passioura, Jb, 1992:
Overview of the processes limiting crop production on duplex soils

Smook, Ga, 1989:
Overview of the pulp and paper industry from a chemical industry perspective

Wynne, F., 2004:
Overview of the rainbow trout industry in Kentucky

Thomas, Gw, 1986:
Overview of the range resource

Mckone, Te, 1996:
Overview of the risk analysis approach and terminology: the merging of science, judgment and values

Rosgen, Dl, 1993:
Overview of the rivers in the West

Ignarro, L.J.; Napoli, C., 2006:
Overview of the role of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system

Smolen, M.; Smith, D., 1989:
Overview of the rural clean water program

Hood, Wm, 2000:
Overview of the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida, in North America

Barkenbus, Jn, 1993:
Overview of the solid waste management situation: federal framework an state initiatives

Melby, E.C., 1987:
Overview of the state of the art in development and utilization of animal models in the U.S.A

Golden, C.A., 1991:
Overview of the state of the art of immunoassay screening tests

Sarrazyn, R., 1989:
Overview of the study of headed lettuce, butterhead lettuce, iceberg lettuce and red lettuce cultured outdoor in 1988

Gordon, Mb, 1993:
Overview of the supply

Millot, M.C.; Vidal-Madjar, C., 2000:
Overview of the surface modification techniques for the capillary electrophoresis of proteins

Ritter, Markus, 1983:
Overview of the threats to segetal and ruderal flora of Switzerland

Dever, D., 1991:
Overview of the total grain marketing system

Bovee, Kc, 1980:
Overview of the uremic syndrome

Lloyd, E., 1978:
Overview of the use of Dimilin on the boll weevil

Conkling, P.; Mcbride, J., 1984:
Overview of the vegetation communities on Maine Islands

Hvidsten, H., 1980:
Overview of the work of the Poultry and Fur Animal Institute

Hvidsten, H., 1978:
Overview of the work with poultry at the Institute for Poultry and Fur Animals, Norwegian Agricultural University

Dudley, O.Iii, 1987:
Overview of the world tobacco situation

White, R.; Waldram, J., 1991:
Overview of thinning in the northwestern region of Ontario

Madsen, B., 1985:
Overview of timber grading

Skafar, A., 1998:
Overview of tourism statistics at the statistical office of the Republic of Slovenia

Wilder, Bh, 1988:
Overview of toxic contaminants in ground water origin, transport, and treatment for American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Singh, R.; Pella, D.C.opra, R.C.rnelissen, G.H.lberg, F., 2003:
Overview of ubiquinone, in memory of a champion, Dr Emile G. Bliznakov

Braham, Rrjr, 1977:
Overview of urban climate

Weissinger, J., 1987:
Overview of usefulness of pharmacokinetics in minor species

Park, H.; Kim, K.; Lee, Y.; Han, S., 1981:
Overview of utilization of fo

Walstad, J.; Newton, M.G.erstad, D., 1987:
Overview of vegetation management alternatives

Plumb, Ja, 1999:
Overview of warmwater fish diseases

Trombley, Thomas, J., 1996:
Overview of water resources in and near Indian lands in northeastern Kansas and southeastern Nebraska

Abbott, Marvin, M., 2003:
Overview of water resources in and near Wichita and Affiliated Tribes treaty lands in western Oklahoma

Ogilvie, C., 1983:
Overview of western Kentucky and Tennessee

Frederick, Jm, 1998:
Overview of wild pig damage in California

Teer, J.G.; Renecker, L.A.; Hudson, R.J., 1993:
Overview of wildlife farming and ranching in North America

Dewey, J.B.rgman, D., 2000:
Overview of wildlife services adverse incident reports FIFRA section (6(a)(2)

Anonymous, 1994:
Overview of worker protection standard for agricultural pesticides

Cranmer, M., 1974:
Overview of worldwide pesticide research

Smith, Christen, 1991:
Overview of youth recreation programs in the United States

Seefeldt, V.; Ewing, M.; Walk, S., 1993:
Overview of youth sports programs in the United States

French, Rd, 1974:
Overview on energy: Industry learning to live with the problem

Liu DongHong; LuFei ; Y.X.ngQian, 2007:
Overview on food intelligent packaging system

Hino, T., 1982:
Overview on genetic technology

Chia, L.-Sien; Kirkman, H., 2000:
Overview on land-based sources and activities affecting the marine environment in the East Asian Seas

Xie RangJin; Deng Le; H.S.aoLan; Y.S.iLai, 2006:
Overview on the effects of 1-MCP on postharvest fruit physiological and chemical properties

Matteri, Cm, 1986:
Overview on the phytogeography of the moss flora from Southern Patagonia, at 51 degrees-52 degrees south latitude

Dipaola, G., 1974:
Overview on the present possibilty for the mechanical harvesting of grapes and olives in the light of the last technological inventions

Anonymous, 1987:
Overview report: information technologies will invade agriculture

Luh, Bs, 1986:
Overview status of vegetable processing

Corya, W.-L.J.busch, P.-L.L.lvis, G., C., 1973:
Overview study for the Purdue University Libraries and audio-visual center circulation system

Shepperd, W.-D.A.exander, R., R., 1983:
Overview to silvicultural systems in the Central Rocky Mountains

Herdt, R.; Mandac, A., 1980:
Overview, findings and implications of constraints research: 1975-1978 Rice yields in Asia, new technology, farm management

Anonymous, 1986:
Overview--a look at the proposed plan for the Bridger-Teton National Forest

Graf, Truman, F., 1974:
Overview--manufactured dairy products

Drew, R.; Romig, M., 1997:
Overview--tephritidae in the Pacific and Southeast Asia

Williams, G.; Capps, O.Jr, 2006:
Overview: Commodity Checkoff Programs

Pellock, J.M., 2007:
Overview: definitions and classifications of seizure emergencies

Goodhue, R.; Mckee, G., 2006:
Overview: Designing and Implementing Invasive Species Prevention, Eradication, and Control Policies: Economics, Biology, and Uncertainty

Babcock, B.; Jensen, H., 2007:
Overview: Globalizing Food Chains: Producer, Company, and Policy Responses

Miller, Je, 1988:
Overview: Pesticide labeling program-cluster approach

Armbruster, W.; Halbrook, S.; Thompson, M., 2006:
Overview: The Future of Animal Agriculture in North America

el-Bayoumy, K., 2002:
Overview: the late Larry C. Clark showed the bright side of the moon element (selenium) in a clinical cancer prevention trial

Herz, J., 2007:
Overview: the long and winding road to understanding Alzheimer's disease

Goldsmith, P., 2006:
Overview: Tilling Latin American Soils

Warner, Me, 2006:
Overview: articulating the economic importance of child care for community development

Cheremisinoff, Np, 1981:
Overview: biomass as a source of energy

Crawford, R.L., 2007:
Overview: biotransformation and biodegradation

Dodds, W.J., 1995:
Overview: bridging basic science and clinical medicine

Holsinger, V.H.; Smith, P.W.; Tunick, M.H., 1995:
Overview: cheese chemistry and rheology

Walker, Jm, 1979:
Overview: costs, benefits and problems of utilization of sludges

Duffield, Ja, 2006:
Overview: developing new energy sources from agriculture

Garland, J.L.; O'Connell, S.P., 2007:
Overview: general microbiology

Schulze, E.; Caldwell, M., 1994:
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Overworked? Here's how your hours compare

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