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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16615

Chapter 16615 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Videla, P.; Queirolo, L., 1975:
Pathological penis prolapse in the bull

Stehle, G., 1978:
Pathological phenomena in honeybees. II

Jelainek, Vincenc, 1955:
Pathological physiology of blood circulation and of blood

Boda, K., 1973:
Pathological physiology of the intensive milk cow farming

Helgebostad, A., 1971:
Pathological picture from vitamin E deficiency in fur-bearing animals

D'-Ercole, N., 1982:
Pathological problems in greenhouse culture Fungi, nematodes, bacteria.1

Fedorov, A.; Karput'-, I.; Telepnev, V.; Dvorkin, L.; Birkan, N.; Shienok, A.; Osipov, E., 1980:
Pathological problems in industrial swine farming

Davidson, John-Gerard-Noel, 1971:
Pathological problems in redwood regeneration from seed

Vago, C., 1972:
Pathological problems in the mass production of invertebrates

Lozano, J.; Jayasinghe, U., 1984:
Pathological problems of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) disseminated by sexual or asexual propagated material

Bogoiavlenskaia, Ra, 1978:
Pathological process in host plants at obligate parasitism (exemplified by downy mildew )

Asada, Y., 1967:
Pathological research on Helminthosporium leaf spot

Menendez, I., 1986:
Pathological response to the inoculation of different pathotypes of Newcastle disease virus in avians immunized against this entity

Menendez, I., 1986:
Pathological response to the inoculation of different pathotypes of Newcastle disease virus in immunized avians

Ochi, S.; Shinohara, M.; Sato, K.; Gober, H-Jürgen.; Koga, T.; Kodama, T.; Takai, T.; Miyasaka, N.; Takayanagi, H., 2007:
Pathological role of osteoclast costimulation in arthritis-induced bone loss

Milohnoja, M.C.goj, Z.P.rih, D., 1970:
Pathological secretions in milk and their influence on the technological quality of milk

Montorsi, F.P.rta-Puglia, A., 1983:
Pathological significance of Pyrenophora avenae Ito et Kuribay. on oats seed in Italy and some related problems

Pitariu, T.P.pescu, I.; Banescu, O., 1979:
Pathological significance of mites in the urine

Svatek, R.S.; Lotan, Y.; Hermann, M.; Duchene, D.A.; Sagalowsky, A.I.; Cadeddu, J.A., 2007:
Pathological stage discrepancy and renal cancer specific survival (vol 176, pg 1321, 2006)

Hadaeziomeroviac, Z., 1981:
Pathological states of the pancreas of pigs in induced hog cholera

Hadziomerovic, Z., 1973:
Pathological states of the pancreas of swine in induced swin e pest

Sarvesh Kumar; Grewal, G.S., 2007:
Pathological studies in chicken embryos inoculated with liver homogenate from natural cases of hydropericardium syndrome

Mahipal, S.; Kharole, M.; Kalra, D., 1981:
Pathological studies in poultry birds exposed to carbamates and organophosphate pesticides

Jordan, J.; Noblet, R., 1982:
Pathological studies of Heliothis infected with Nosema heliothidis and Vairimorpha necatrix Protozoan pathogens of insect pests, biological control

Thongma, C.S.iwaranart, P.J.nsawan, W., 1983:
Pathological studies of Mareks disease in laying hens

Chauhan, M.; Grover, R., 1974:
Pathological studies on Helminthosporium spiceriferum leaf blight of tabacco

Katoh, H.Y.shimura, S., 1970:
Pathological studies on Newcast

Katoh, H., 1985:
Pathological studies on Newcastle disease

Goto, M.I.akura, C., 1973:
Pathological studies on an acut

Kono, I.I.hida, S.L., J.; Shimizu, T.Y.suda, N.S.kamoto, T., 1986:
Pathological studies on anthelmintic effect of praziquantel and triclabendazole against Eurytrema coelomaticum in experimentally infected goats

Yamagiwa, S.I.akura, C., 1973:
Pathological studies on avian l

Nosaka, D.A.hizawa, H.N.gata, Y., 1969:
Pathological studies on bovine

Fujiwara, H., 1975:
Pathological studies on bovine enzootic diarrhea

Sethuraman, V.G.pta, P.; Verma, B., 1978:
Pathological studies on carbon tetrachloride poisoning in buffalo calves

Yasuda, N.K.no, I.S.imizu, T., 1985:
Pathological studies on cycad poisoning of cattle experimentally caused by feeding with leaves of cycad, Cycas revoluta Thunb

Iwase, M., 1976:
Pathological studies on effects

Yasuda, N.K.no, I.S.imizu, T.K.bayashi, A.T.dera, K.Y.gi, F., 1984:
Pathological studies on poisoning of grazing cattle due to ingestion of cycad, Cycas revoluta Thunb. The lesions and their distribution in the spinal cord

Hosokawa, S.O.shima, K.M.ura, S.I.o, T., 1971:
Pathological studies on polioen

Ohshima, K.M.ura, S.I.hijo, M.A.suya, H.H.nda, K., 1973:
Pathological studies on pre- an

Kotani, T.T.mimura, T.M.chizuki, H., 1976:
Pathological studies on pulmona

Kim, S.; Chung, U.; Lim, C.; Lee, C., 1976:
Pathological studies on rumen

Ikeda, Y.Y.maoka, K., 1979:
Pathological studies on so-call

Sharma, N.; Agarwal, G., 1977:
Pathological studies on some isolates of Bartalinia robillardoides Tassi causing leaf spot disease of Citrus medica L. , Tamarindus indica L. , and Carissa carandas L

Sharma, J.; Joshi, D., 1985:
Pathological studies on spontaneous cases of reproductive disorders in poultry

Kono, I.S.kamoto, T.Y.suda, N.K.tano, Y.T.goe, T.Y.mamoto, Y., 1980:
Pathological studies on the cat

Suto, C.K.wamoto, F.K.mada, N., 1978:
Pathological studies on the coc

Kotani, T.T.mimura, T.O.ura, M.M.chizuki, H.H.rie, M., 1975:
Pathological studies on the ect

Andrade, C.; Habib, M., 1983:
Pathological studies on the nuclear polyedrosis virus of cotton leafworm Alabama argillacea (HUbner, 1818) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Chung, U.; Lee, K.; Lim, C., 1970:
Pathological studies on the r

Goto, M., 1986 :
Pathological studies on the so-called bovine influenza

Kono, I.F.kuyoshi, S.Y.suda, N., 1971:
Pathological studies on tumor i

Ashizawa, H.N.saka, D.Y.maguchi, H.S.muraizono, S., 1969:
Pathological studies on verruco

Toguebaye, B.; Bouix, G., 1982:
Pathological study of experimental infestation of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) by Nosema manierae (Toguebaye and Bouix) (Microsporidia, Nosematidae) Crop pest control.1

Youkhana, S.O.; A.M.llah, K.H.; Azooz, A.A., 2007:
Pathological study of the effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic field with low power densities on male albino rats

Lee JeongChi; Kim JongSam; Lee ChungGil; Kim SangKi; Cho KyoungOh; Kang MunIl; Jeong Cheol; Park SungHee; Suh GukHyun; Lee ChaiYong, 2005:
Pathological study on abdominal fat necrosis of adult cattle sampled from slaughterhouse in Korea

Suveges, T.S.eky, A., 1974:
Pathological study on an udder injury caused by formaldehyde

Kubo, M.O.ada, M1; Inui, S1; Nakazawa, M., 1982:
Pathological study on proliferat

Araujo, I.-De; Fontoura, O.; Czaja-Netto, F.T.sca, A.; Machado, A.; Jess, A.; Gandara, A.; Jondral-Filho, A.M.cedo, C.-De; Et-Al, 1974:
Pathological survey of the soybean Glycine max (L.) Merril on Parana River farms in 1972

Giron, C., 1968:
Pathological symptoms of bovine babesiosis

Williams, D.R.; Holton, J.L.; Strand, C.; Pittman, A.; de Silva, R.; Lees, A.J.; Revesz, T., 2007:
Pathological tau burden and distribution distinguishes progressive supranuclear palsy-parkinsonism from Richardson's syndrome

Sen, A.; Thom, M.; Martinian, L.; Harding, B.; Cross, J.Helen.; Nikolic, M.; Sisodiya, S.M., 2007:
Pathological tau tangles localize to focal cortical dysplasia in older patients

Tuzhilkova, T.; Boitsova, V., 1978:
Pathological transformations in cattle progeny as affected by the mixture of young radioactive fission products

Peresypkin, V.F.; Kirik, N.N.; Steblyuk, N.I., 1973:
Pathological transformations in pea plants infected with fusariosis

Saefkow, Michael, 1979:
Pathological type research with Heterodera avenae populations of corn

Majernik, O.P.pak, V., 1970:
Pathological wilting of Vitis vinifera L. as a consequence of break-down of its physiological processes

Sadasivan, T.S., 1978:
Pathological wilting of plants

Wesemeier, H.K.hn, M.S.eiger, A., 1981:
Pathological, anatomic and histological examinations, with particular reference to tracheal mucous membrane of calves, following exposure to aerosolic disinfectant (Wofasteril)

Iatsyshin, A.; Bortnichuk, V., 1976:
Pathological, anatomic and histomorphological changes in fetuses with Chlamydia abortion of swine

Tso, Tc, 1979:
Pathological, entomological, and physiological factors which influence tobacco chemistry; symposium summary

Loppnow, H., 1974:
Pathological, histological studies on immunity formation by swine fetuses

Fatma, M.D.; Manal, M.M., 2007:
Pathological, immunohistochemical and toxicological studies on thallium in albino rats and the role of potassium in protection

Liepin'-Sh, E., 1974:
Pathological-anatomical and histological changes in cases of tuberculosis in swine in the Latvian SSR

Durchfeld, Beate, 1988:
Pathological-anatomical and pathological-histological investigations into the accidental thymus atrophy in calves

Mishakov, Ne, 1971:
Pathological-anatomical changes in internal organs of animals infested with Nanophyetus parasites

Hirt, Geza, 1978:
Pathological-anatomical changes in swine paratyphoid of the type Voldagsen

Shubin, 1977:
Pathological-anatomical changes in the body of pre-suckling pigs in experimental foot-and-mouth disease

Dobin, M.; Epshtein, I., 1975:
Pathological-anatomical data on the causes of epizootic death of swine

Kohler, H., 1974:
Pathological-anatomical diagnosis as an aid to the post-mortem inspection of animal carcases

Zabaluev, Gi, 1980:
Pathological-anatomical diagnosis in commercial swine husbandry (Review) Determination of infectious and non-infectious diseases.1

Stunzi, H.M.nn, M., 1970:
Pathological-anatomical findings in hemopericardium of dogs

Teuscher, E.V.sconez-Lopez, E.A.varez, R., 1971:
Pathological-anatomical studies on an ascites syndrome in fattening chicks at high altitude

Hoffmann, R.H.ffmann-Frezer, G.W.ber, A., 1973:
Pathological-histological changes in rabbits produced by Escherichia coli and intestinal coccidia

Griem, W., 1973:
Pathological-histological changes of the thyroid gland of cattle and rabbits after feeding with methylthiouracil

Svanbaev, S.; Dzerzhinskii, V., 1973:
Pathological-morphological changes in cases of coccidiosis in lambs caused by Eimeria ninaekohljakimovi

Akulov, Av, 1972:
Pathological-morphological diagnosis of little-studied diseases of livestock

Matthias, D., 1980:
Pathological-physiological investigation of hemoglobin and iron metabolism in hog cholera

Manuyakorn, A.; Tanwandee, T.; Atisook, K., 2007:
Pathologically different features and fibrosis scores in chronic hepatitis C genotypes 3 and 1

Pike, S.; Novacky, A., 1988:
Pathologically opened stomata: a mechanism for tissue desiccation in bacterial hypersensitivity?

Heilmann, P.S.einbach, G.S.hulze, F., 1982 :
Pathologico-anatomic and histological studies into cyclophosphamide-induced organic changes in calves, with particular reference to lymphatic organs

Peregudov, T.; Egoshin, I.; Galiev, R., 1971:
Pathologico-morphological changes in sheep at the intramuscular injection of dichlortetracycline

Mraz, A.H.lasa, M., 1984:
Pathologico-morphological picture of latent form of swine leptospirosis and its differential diagnosis

Ziubin, I.; Ziubina, M., 1975:
Pathologicoanatomic changes during osteodystrophy in sheep

Rohrer, Heinz, 1980:
Pathologicoanatomical and histological studies of acute hog cholera, especially the changes in liver and kidneys

Griem, W., 1980:
Pathologicoanatomical changes of the adrenals in hog cholera

Kohler, H., 1979:
Pathologicoanatomical findings in certain important toxication of swine

Anonymous, 1995:
Pathologie et chirurgie neonatales

Gouillet, Jean, 1947:
Pathologie of the laboratory rat

Olson, Fj, 1970:
Pathologies of the New Guinea sugarcane weevil grub, Rhabdoscelus obscurus (Boisduval) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), caused by the parasitoid cane weevil tachinid, Lixophaga sphenophori (Villeneuve) (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Hotz, Hans, 1951 :
Pathologisch-histologische Untersuchungen bei der Bruzellose des Pferdes und ein Beitrag zur Genese der Corpora oryzoidea

Leser, Hans-Heinz, 1958:
Pathologisch-morphologische Untersuchungen bei experimenteller Kaliumvergiftung von Maus und Huhn

Briest, Margarete, 1961:
Pathologische Anatomie und Pathogenese cystischer Bildungen auf dem Musculus pterygoideus des Rindes

Anonymous, 1959:
Pathologische Referate

Sonntag, Dilek, 2006:
Pathologisches Glucksspiel

Anonymous, 1980:
Pathologist finds corn stalk rot appears with low sugar production, stress

Mukhamedshin, Ra, 1970:
Pathologo-morphological and histo-chemical control of the state of poultry at tests of new antihelminthic preparations

Kulesko, I.I., 1980:
Pathologoanatomical changes in the ribs in hog cholera

Kulibekov, Fm, 1981:
Pathologomorphological changes in the organs of hogs given live antilisteriosis vaccines

Pardon, Pierre, 1980:
Pathology - evolution of the mouse splenic infection after intravenous inoculation of different species of brucella in smooth (S) or rough (R) phase

Meiners, Jp, 1981:
Pathology Pigeonpea, diseases, Cajanus cajan, India

Yao, M.; Luo, P.; Hoffman, H.T.; Chang, K.; Graham, M.M.; Menda, Y.; Tan, H.; Buatti, J.M., 2007:
Pathology and FDG PET correlation of residual lymph nodes in head and neck cancer after radiation treatment

Kumar, H.; Sharma, S.; Mahajan, V.; Verma, S.; Arora, A.K.; Paviter Kaur; Sandhu, K.S., 2006:
Pathology and PCR based confirmation of haemorrhagic septicemia outbreaks in bovines

Trigo-Tavera, E.T.igo-Tavera, F.H.rnandez-Lugo, G.R.mirez-Casillas, C.B.rruecos-Villalobos, M., 1982:
Pathology and bacteriology of pneumonic lungs of calves

Prescott, Jm, 1981:
Pathology and breeding of wheat

Alamsyah, E.D.illon, A.; Evermann, J., 1992:
Pathology and characterization of IBD viruses isolated from Washington chickens

Ameni, Gobena, 2007:
Pathology and clinical manifestation of epizootic lymphangitis in Cart Mules in Ethiopia

Maier, W., 1976:
Pathology and defence reactions of insects as vectors of human parasites

Henry, J.E.; Nelson, B.P.; Jutila, J.W., 1969:
Pathology and Development of the Grasshopper Inclusion Body Virus in Melanoplus sanguinipes

Thiel, W., 1983:
Pathology and diagnosis of eperythrozoonosis of the pig

Guoth, Jaanos, 1952:
Pathology and dissection

Cork, Lc, 1990:
Pathology and epidemiology of lentiviral infection of goats

Guarda, F., 1980:
Pathology and etiology of pre- and perinatal mortality in calves

Schutt, P., 1972:
Pathology and genetics of tree rust resistance: moderators summary

Epstein, B.M.randa, M.C.prian, F., 1971:
Pathology and histopathology of limphosarcomas from different domestic species

Fostier, B.; Soissons, J.T.llie, J., 1985:
Pathology and housing of cattle

Shul'-Ts, R.; Gvozdev, E., 1976:
Pathology and immunology in helminth diseases

Nakanuma, Y.; Zen, Y., 2007:
Pathology and immunopathology of immunoglobulin G4-related sclerosing cholangitis: The latest addition to the sclerosing cholangitis family

Bombal, J.L.lievre, J., 1978:
Pathology and management of fattening swine units

Tonini, G.B.igati, S.C.mino, A., 1979:
Pathology and method of transporting broccoli processed for freeze-drying

Dil'-Bazi, Gi, 1972:
Pathology and morphology in cases of white muscle disease in young buffaloes

Csinos, A.; Bell, D., 1989:
Pathology and nutrition in the peanut pod rot complex

Shapiro, Leland, 2005:
Pathology and parasitology for veterinary technicians

Henson, J.B.; Gorham, J.R.; McGuire, T.C.; Crawford, T.B., 1976:
Pathology and pathogenesis of Aleutian disease

Kpodekon, M., 1983:
Pathology and pathogenesis of auricular and encephalic complications of pasteurellosis in the meat rabbit

Pohlenz, J.P.lmer, D.Z.ndel, W., 1979:
Pathology and pathogenesis of neonatal diarrhea in calves. I. Statement of problem and discussion of the etiology and pathogenesis based on the new literature

Johannsen, U., 1972:
Pathology and pathogenesis of spontaneous coli enterotoxemia and the experimental coli endotoxin syndrome in swine. I. Etiological and pathogenetic aspects of coli enterotoxemia: objects, material and methods including special problems of some studies

Darcel, Cle, Q., 1977:
Pathology and pathogenesis of the avian leucosis complex and its diagnosis

Trautwein, G., 1988:
Pathology and pathogenesis of the disease

Norman, Philip, S., 1985:
Pathology and physiology of allergic reactions

Anonymous, 1992:
Pathology and prevention of quality poultry productions

Kirsch, R., 1986 :
Pathology and prevention of viral enteritis in calves

Coudert, P., 1979:
Pathology and reproduction

Coudert, P.V.ard, F., 1982:
Pathology and reproduction in rabbits

Anonymous, 1977:
Pathology and therapeutic measure of post-vaccinal anti foot-and-mouth disease immunity of the ox by verification on the guinea pig

Djukic, B.P.tnik, M.C.ric, V., 1971:
Pathology and therapy of accidental fractures of ribs in horses and their forensic significance

Bachmann, Werner, 1961:
Pathology and therapy of diseases of cats and dogs

Bachmann, Werner-Max, 1956:
Pathology and therapy of diseases of dogs and cats

Trautner, W., 1975:
Pathology and therapy of puerperal diseases in bitches

Lucam, Felix, 1978:
Pathology and therapy origin and significance of superficial sores of the lingual mucosa of vaccinated cattle on titration with the aphthous virus

Donatien, A., 1978:
Pathology and therapy swine fever new acquisitions

Joubert, L., 1978:
Pathology and therapy vaccination against swine fever by means of a cultivated lapinized virus vaccine used without serum

Singh, B.; Dhillon, S.S.; Grewal, G.S., 1972:
Pathology and transmission studies on avian encephalo myelitis

Domrachev, Georgiaei-Vladimirovich, 1960:
Pathology and treatment of internal, non-contagious diseases of farm animals

Verstegen, J.O.clin, K., 1999:
Pathology and treatment of prostatic disorders in domestic carnivores

Angus, K.; Sharp, J.; Gray, E., 1985:
Pathology and ultrastructure of SPA tumour lesions in neonatal lambs

Tatarevic, I., 1977:
Pathology and veterinary practice on a sheep farm in Libya

Kawase, S., 1985:
Pathology associated with Densoviruses

Mazzone, Hm, 1985:
Pathology associated with baculovirus infection

Hukuhara, T., 1985:
Pathology associated with cytoplasmic polyhedrosis viruses

Moore, Nf, 1985:
Pathology associated with small RNA viruses of insects

Anonymous, 1969:
Pathology biology

Popp, J.-B.L.ndquist, J., E., 2006:
Pathology collection of the Rocky Mountain Research Station

Bienfet, V., 1981:
Pathology encountered in beef cattle farms in Belgium

Anonymous, 1980:
Pathology exhibit of obesity

Jenkins, M.A.; Hayashi, S.; O'Shea, A-Marie.; Burgart, L.J.; Smyrk, T.C.; Shimizu, D.; Waring, P.M.; Ruszkiewicz, A.R.; Pollett, A.F.; Redston, M.; Barker, M.A.; Baron, J.A.; Casey, G.R.; Dowty, J.G.; Giles, G.G.; Limburg, P.; Newcomb, P.; Young, J.P.; Walsh, M.D.; Thibodeau, S.N.; Lindor, N.M.; Lemarchand, Lïc.; Gallinger, S.; Haile, R.W.; Potter, J.D.; Hopper, J.L.; Jass, J.R., 2007:
Pathology features in Bethesda guidelines predict colorectal cancer microsatellite instability: a population-based study

Hughes, G., 1974:
Pathology files

Caldora, C., 1975:
Pathology from Rickettsiales: some aspects of interest to the Italian requirements of veterinary police

Farke, A., A.; O'connor, P., M., 2007:
Pathology in Majungasaurus crenatissimus (Theropoda : Abelisauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar

Farrar, W.P.; Edwards, J.F.; Willard, M.D., 1994:
Pathology in a dog associated with elevated tissue mercury concentrations

Chrisp, C.; Phemister, R.; Andersen, A.; Rosenblatt, L.; Goldman, M., 1976:
Pathology in a lifespan study of X irradiated adult female Beagles

Dukic, B.R.sov, C., 1970:
Pathology in fowl fed rations with different protein level

Cornu, C.F.nsterbank, R., 1977 :
Pathology in intensive sheep systems

Vivareas, C.P.B.nami, J.R.J.spers, E., 1986:
Pathology in marine aquaculture

Hills, Jl, 1979:
Pathology in the isolated practice

Keswani, Cl, 1986:
Pathology notes: soyabean mosaic virus

Uddin, M.D.wan, M.; Hossain, M.; Baki, M.; Mondal, M., 1981:
Pathology of Acuaria spiralis infection in fowls

Karpenko, LV.; Buchatskij, LP., 1978:
Pathology of Aedes cantans Meig. larvae affected with iridescent virus

Konno, S., 1977:
Pathology of Akabane disease, congenital abnormality in cattle

Dwivedi, S.; Gautam, O.; Chauhan, H., 1980:
Pathology of Babesia bigemina infection in calves

Smith, R.; Brener, J.O.orno, M.R.stic, M., 1978:
Pathology of Borrelia theileri in the tropical cattle tick, Boophilus microplus

Gardner, D.E., 1973:
Pathology of Clostridium welchii type D enterotoxaemia. II. Structural and ultrastructural alterations in the tissues of lambs and mice

Gardner, De, 1973:
Pathology of Clostridium welchii type D enterotoxaemia. III. Basis of the hyperglycaemic response

Lucarotti, C.; Klein, M., 1988:
Pathology of Coelomomyces stegomyiae in adult aegypti ovaries

Nakamura, K.; Waseda, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yamada, M.; Nakazawa, M.; Hata, E.; Terazaki, T.; Enya, A.; Imada, T.; Imai, K., 2006:
Pathology of cutaneous fowlpox with amyloidosis in layer hens inoculated with fowlpox vaccine

Bergmann, V., 1987:
Pathology of Derzsys disease of goslings (parvovirus infection) and use of electron microscopy for virus detection from tissue

Marin-Sanchez, J.P., 1982:
Pathology of Drechslera rice species in Las Marismas del Guadalquivir

Okoye, Joa, 1987:
Pathology of Escherichia coli infections of chickens in three southren states of Nigeria

Aries, L., 1981:
Pathology of FMD in man

Biberfeld, P.G.uckman, J.C., 1989:
Pathology of HIV-related diseases

Wheeler, K.; Shields, J.D.; Taylor, D.M., 2007:
Pathology of Hematodinium infections in snow crabs (Chionoecetes opilio) from Newfoundland, Canada

Strazdinia, Aa, 1972:
Pathology of Hylemyia brassicae caused by the fungus Entomophthora muscae Cohn

Twenhafel, N.A.; Leffel, E.; Pitt, M.L.M., 2007:
Pathology of inhalational anthrax infection in the african green monkey

Kubono, T., 1990:
Pathology of Japanese cedar twig blight

Puffer, H.; Parker, J.; Russel, F.; Warner, N., 1972:
Pathology of Loxosceles laeta venom poisoning in the rabbit

Sharma, R.; Paliwal, O.; Sharma, B.; Mohanty, G.; Rajya, B., 1976:
Pathology of Mareks disease (MD). IV. Effects of MD isolates on growth of chickens

Jolly, R.D.; Johnstone, A.C.; Norman, E.J.; Hopwood, J.J.; Walkley, S.U., 2007:
Pathology of mucopolysaccharidosis IIIA in Huntaway dogs

Nath, D., 1977:
Pathology of Prosthogonimus ovatus (Rud., 1803) Luhe, 1899 infection in experimental common quails, grey partridges and guinea fowls

Read, D.; Kinde, H.D.ft, B., 1995:
Pathology of Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 infection in commercial layer chickens in southern California

Sheahan, B.J., 1975:
Pathology of Sarcoptes scabiei infection in pigs. II. Histological, histochemical and ultrastructural changes at skin test sites

Christensen, R.V.; Aalbaek, B.; Jensen, H.E., 2007:
Pathology of udder lesions in sows

Gleiser, C.A., 1987:
Pathology of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis

Rao, N.A., 2007:
Pathology of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease

Isaacson, C., 1982:
Pathology of a Black African population

Singh, B.I.er, P., 1974:
Pathology of a few rare conditions observed in the mammary gland of goats (Capra hircus)

Srivastava, C.; Iyer, P.; Gupta, S.; Mataney, C., 1977:
Pathology of a few spontaneous lesions observed in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)

Goto, M.; Itakura, C.; Eguchi, H., 1972:
Pathology of a listeriosis-like disease characterized by cerebro-spinal meningitis in a newborn piglet. A case report

Tontis, A., 1974:
Pathology of acute mastistis in sheep and goats

Pohlmeyer, G.B.um, A.D.erberg, F., 1993:
Pathology of ageing LEW

Schmidt, Robert, E., 1983:
Pathology of aging Syrian hamsters

Burek, Joe, D., 1978:
Pathology of aging rats

Oyamada, T.; Saigami, K.; Park, C.-Ho; Kataywa, Y.; Oikawa, M.-Aki, 2007:
Pathology of aortic-iliac thrombosis in two horses

Inui, S.I.hikawa, Y.N.rita, M., 1981:
Pathology of arthritis of pigle

Kage, M., 2007:
Pathology of autoimmune liver diseases in children

Cappellaccio, A., 1972:
Pathology of bezoars in calves; synthetic review and observations on its diffusion in calves in intensive rearing

Cirici-Delgado, M., 1980:
Pathology of birds. I

Jelainek, Vincenc, 1952:
Pathology of blood circulation and of blood

Fetter, A.; Switzer, W.; Capen, C., 1974:
Pathology of bone cells in pigs with experimental turbinate osteoporosis (Bordetella rhinitis)

Itakura, C., 1977:
Pathology of bone dysplasia in

Perreau, Pierre, 1985:
Pathology of bovine contagious pleuropneumonia

Migaki, G.; Carey, A.M.; Turnquest, R.U.; Garner, F.M., 1970:
Pathology of bovine uterine adenocarcinoma

Viard, F., 1983:
Pathology of breeding females. Development of some plasmatic parameters in primiparous rabbit does

San-Gabriel, A., 1971:
Pathology of broiler production

Schellenberg, P.C.udert, P., 1981:
Pathology of broiler rabbits

Kim, J.C.; Chao, E.S.; Brown, M.P.; Sloan, R., 1989:
Pathology of brown bullhead, Ictalurus nebulosus, from highly contaminated and relatively clean sections of the Hudson River

Ballester-Olmos, Jf, 1976:
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Pathomorphological changes in the organs of young beavers with Gartner-type salmonellosis

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Pathomorphological changes in the sex organs of sheep

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Pathomorphological changes in the spleens of lambs affected with paratyphoid

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Pathomorphological characteristi

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Pathomorphological diagnosis of

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Pathomorphological diagnosis of tuberculous micobacterial lesions in the lymph nodes of swine

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Pathomorphological differential diagnosis of brucellosis in hares

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Pathomorphological investigation

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Pathomorphological lesions of pancreas in the course of intestine ascaridosis in domestic swine (Sus domestica)

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Pathomorphological mycobacterial diseases in swine in natural and experimental conditions

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Pathomorphological studies on ex

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Pathomorphological studies on th

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Pathomorphological study in one month old chickens inoculated with a velogenic strain of Newcastle disease virus by natural infection routes

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Pathomorphology in relation to experimentally induced brucellosis in yaks

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Pathomorphology in the case of acute Mareks disease in chicks

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