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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 16631

Chapter 16631 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Aufhammer, G., 1976:
Performance of winter barley with regard to double row varieties

Prine, G.; Ruelke, O., 1977:
Performance of winter forage legumes at Gainesville, Florida during 1975-1976 and 1976-1977 growing seasons

Prine, G.; Ruelke, O.; Dean, C., 1978:
Performance of winter forage legumes at Gainesville, Florida during 1975-1976, 1976-1977 and 1977-1978 growing seasons

Prine, G.; Ruelke, O.; Dean, C.; Baltensperger, D., 1984:
Performance of winter forage legumes at Gainesville, Florida over eight growing seasons 1975-76 to 1982-83

Wagner, G.; Peterson, C., 1982:
Performance of winter rape (Brassica napus) based fuel mixtures in diesel engines Biomass fuels, engine trials

Jablonski, B.H.lynski, E., 1980:
Performance of winter rye grown in different rotations on sandy warp soil

Thurman, R. L.; Rosen, H. R.; Temple-Ton, G., 1961:
Performance of winter small grain varieties, 1956 to 1961

Sarmah, S.; Ahmed, S.P.thak, A., 1984:
Performance of winter soybean under varying levels of irrigation

Finkner, R.; Gregory, E.; Smith, F.J., 1986:
Performance of winter wheat varieties and hybrids in New Mexico, 1984-85

Finkner, R.; Barnes, C.; Gregory, E.; Goldman, D.; Smith, F.J., 1987:
Performance of winter wheat varieties and hybrids in New Mexico, 1985-86

Finkner, R.; Gregory, E.; Hooks, R.; Smith, F.Jr, 1984:
Performance of winter wheat varieties in New Mexico, 1982-83

Finkner, R.; Gregory, E.; Smith, F.Jr, 1985:
Performance of winter wheat varieties in New Mexico, 1983-84

Massenot, M., 1969:
Performance of winter wheat varieties with regard to five physiological races of Puccinia graminis tritici (black rust of wheat)

Anonymous, 1965:
Performance of wood poles as indicated by replacement experience on 120 rural electric distribution systems 1951 through 1963

Hirashima, Y.K.naya, N.H.tayama, Y.K.miya, F., 1981:
Performance of wooden frames wi

Young, Ks, 1988:
Performance of worlds largest cyclical activated sludge process treating combined municipal

Ueckert, D.; Lawrence, B.; Petersen, J.; Huston, J., 1990:
Performance of yearling Angora does grazing fourwing saltbush during winter

Davis, A.; Young, W., 1984:
Performance of yearling steers grazed on five hybrid bermudagrasses--Calhoun Research Station, Calhoun, La

Cardozo, E.; Erickson, R.; Ritchie, H.; Helsel, Z.S.hwab, G., 1986:
Performance of yearling steers on four pasture grazing systems (two-year summary)

Rane, J.; Pannu, R.-Kumar; Sohu, V.-Singh; Saini, R.-Singh; Mishra, B.; Shoran, J.; Crossa, J.; Vargas, M.; Joshi, A.-Kumar, 2007:
Performance of yield and stability of advanced wheat genotypes under heat stress environments of the indo-gangetic plains

Elfving, Dc, 1979:
Performance of young apple trees under trickle irrigation

Das, D.; Krishna-Mohan, D.; Ranjan, S., 1985:
Performance of young crossbred calves fed different levels of milk and different types of calf starters. II. Nutrient utilisation in calves at 3 months of age

Barnes, H.; Amburgey, T.; Sanders, M., 2004:
Performance of zinc-based systems

Seedorf, W., 1981:
Performance offer of swine producer cooperatives for general swine extension in the German Federal Republic

Glodek, P., 1981:
Performance offer of swine producer rings for general extension work in the German Federal Republic

Nater, U.M.; Moor, C.; Okere, U.; Stallkamp, R.; Martin, M.; Ehlert, U.; Kliegel, M., 2007:
Performance on a declarative memory task is better in high than low cortisol responders to psychosocial stress

Petrov, Vf, 1978:
Performance on pastures of Hereford young bulls reared in the winter period in different temperature regimes and maintenance methods in Eastern Siberia

Gruber, R.; Grizenko, N.; Schwartz, G.; Bellingham, J.; Guzman, R.; Joober, R., 2007:
Performance on the continuous performance test in children with AND is associated with sleep efficiency

Jin, Y.V.iga, M.; Kennes, C., 2006:
Performance optimization of the fungal biodegradation of (Sa(B-pinene in gas-phase biofilter

Hildebrandt, Hh, 1971:
Performance optimum in the cow stable--economically observed

Lehmer, M., 1979:
Performance oriented group feeding in dairying

Anonymous, 1976:
Performance output standards of aviation work in agriculture

Glineiianyaei, V.G., 1973:
Performance output standards of manual and mechanized work in the cultivation of tea and subtropical plants

Anonymous, 1978:
Performance output standards of manual labor in field husbandry and vegetable farming

Anonymous, 1977:
Performance output standards of manual labor in tobacco production

Richter, G.G.osskopf, K.H., 1981:
Performance parameter of laying hybrids in the prolonged period of use

Nelson, G.; Agena, U.H.ffman, G., 1972:
Performance parameters for rotor-driven liquid circulation patterns in ditches for waste treatment

Groda, B., 1984:
Performance parameters of compressors FL-23 after the complete overhaul

Woodruff, Cm, 1968:
Performance parameters of corn

Carter, D.; Mckenzie, D.; Johnson, A.; Idner, K., 1997:
Performance parameters of oxygen delignification.

Domier, K.; Friesen, O., 1969:
Performance parameters of tractors equipped with singles, duals and four wheel drive

Goodhue, Rachael, E., 1998:
Performance pay and producer incentives

Lazear, Edward, P., 1996:
Performance pay and productivity

Macdonald, Dw, 1977:
Performance pays in swine

Ali, S.; Ravindranath, K., 1975:
Performance perse in cross combinations of ten inbred lines of maize collected from four locations in India

Lenschow, J.S.huler, E.E.gel, S., 1970:
Performance potential and milkability of herd mates from different breeding levels

Blaha, L.S.p, V.S.orpik, M., 1982:
Performance prediction in the cultivars and progenies of spring wheat by means of juvenile characteristics

Christensen, C., 1989:
Performance predictions for advanced active solar concepts

Minamimoto, R.; Senda, M.; Uno, K.; Jinnouchi, S.; Iinuma, T.; Ito, K.; Okuyama, C.; Oguchi, K.; Kawamoto, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Tsukamoto, E.; Terauchi, T.; Nakashima, R.; Nishio, M.; Nishizawa, S.; Fukuda, H.; Yoshida, T.; Inoue, T., 2007:
Performance profile of FDG-PET and PET/CT for cancer screening based on a Japanese nationwide survey

Oesterle, Ec, 1979:
Performance profiles of eggs in selected supermarket dairy departments

Rose, Rj, 1986:
Performance profiling an overview

Hodgson, Dr, 1986:
Performance profiling--hematology and plasma biochemistry

Valberg, S., 1986:
Performance profiling--muscle biopsy

Nielsen, M.; Gosey, J., 1976:
Performance programs aim for superior animals

Anonymous, 1987:
Performance promoters in animal production

Gonzales, E.; Rowland, S., 1981:
Performance properties of cottons at two levels of durable-press and conditioned wrinkle-recovery angles

Costello, T., 1993:
Performance punishing: dont drag good performers down

Majkuth, J., 1969:
Performance quality of single seed drills for corn

Staiert, J., 1995:
Performance ratios show mixed results for TOP 100

Bekurts, H.; Hogel, E., 1976:
Performance recording and evaluation as a means of improving breeding work

Rae, Al, 1970:
Performance recording and selection for beef cattle improvement

Hopkins, I., 1973:
Performance recording at Boonerah

Hopkins, I., 1971:
Performance recording in practice

Gaillon, P.C.abert, Y., 1991:
Performance recording of animals

Mason, W. E.; Beilharz, R. G., 1970:
Performance recording of beef cattle

Freer, Re, 1972:
Performance recording of beef cattle herds

Anonymous, 1979:
Performance recording of cattle

Yencken, J., 1979:
Performance recording: A cattle breeders viewpoint

Menzies, C., 1972:
Performance records - the key to better beef cattle

Price, Da, 1972:
Performance records and sale rams

Plummer, Tj, 1971:
Performance records and the assessment of carcass characteristics of cattle

Barao, Sm, 1990:
Performance records are a valuable tool

Mcclung, Mr, 1970:
Performance records essential for bull-buyers

Daly, Jj, 1970:
Performance records for beef cattle selection

Kemp, R.B.tes, R., 1988:
Performance records for selection programs

Razook, Ag, 1981:
Performance records in beef cattle Growth, selection, Brazil.1

Mason, L.A.len, M.B.acy, R., 1980:
Performance records of corn and sorghum hybrids in limited-till field plantings for silage production, 1980

Shuman, John, R., 1945:
Performance records of individual trees and clones of cinchona in Guatemala

Anonymous, 1949:
Performance records of varieties of hybrid maize tested in Europe and the Near East in 1947 and 1948

Aughanbaugh, J. E.; Diller, O. D., 1965:
Performance records of woody plants in the Secrest Arboretum

Ford, Je, 1977:
Performance records of woody plants in the Secrest Arboretum. iII. pine family: Pinaceae

Kemp, R.S.ewart, T., 1988:
Performance records on relatives

Esslemont, D., 1976:
Performance records. 6. The heart of the matter

Esslemont, D., 1975:
Performance records; the heart of the matter

Schramm, L.M.osga, L., 1978:
Performance related compensation and bonuses in crop production cooperatives

Linek, W., 1979:
Performance related compensation for managers in crop farming

Reule, E.R.ichel, A., 1978:
Performance related compensation in industrial animal production in the German Democratic Republic

Frenzel, F.G.bhardt, G., 1973:
Performance related crude protein and amino acid doses in piglet

Kirk, I.; Corley, T.; Krummer, F., 1970:
Performance relations for a saw-grid seed cotton cleaner

Kirk, I.; Patterson, R., 1970:
Performance relations for agricultural machinery systems through response surface methodology

Anonymous, 1989:
Performance report

Anonymous, 1957:
Performance report, rural banking system, 1953-1956

Steinkampf,, M., 1974:
Performance requirement and pulverization effect of drawn and shaft driven equipment for seed bed preparation

Meinhold, K.R.segger, S.S.hlunsen, D.W.lter, K., 1977:
Performance reserves of the dairy cattle are not yet exhausted. higher performance by changed milking and feeding techniques

Daiser, R., 1971:
Performance response and behaviour of dairy cows in large group on grated floors

Honegger, K.A.; McMurray, B.L.; Gledhill, R.H.; Purchase, H.G., 1972:
Performance response of a Leghorn-type layer flock to turkey herpesvirus vaccine

Amaral Neto, A.C.; Peiter, R.; Melo, J.E., 2007:
Performance response of gestating-lactating sows and pre-weaning piglets to the inclusion of artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus L.) in maternal diet

Lund, F., 1975:
Performance results for Black Pied Danish dairy cattle, 1973-1974

Hartmann, O., 1975:
Performance results of Austrian cattle rearing

Popeck, R.; Sabo, J.1; Parsons, B., 1982:
Performance results of a long term inspection program of wood poles based upon sonic testing Rural electric line poles, Michigan

Weiher, O.B.udisch, H.; Neumann, W., 1978:
Performance results of fattening hybrids with the use of different high roughage rations

Macdonald, D.; Grieger, H., 1975:
Performance selected hogs

Balsari, P.B.dria,, G., 1979:
Performance simulation of a forage drier based on the use of flat plate collectors

Castro, R.; Alphin, J.; Allen, W., 1990:
Performance simulation of a vortex generator as a passive charging device in rockbed solar heat storage

Sokolov, M.R.shef, M., 1992:
Performance simulation of solar collectors made of concrete with embedded conduit lattice

El-Nashar, A.; Qamhiyeh, A., 1990:
Performance simulation of the heat accumulator of the Abu Dhabi solar desalination plant

Knauer, N., 1974:
Performance situation and ability of northwestern German meadows

Anonymous, 1996:
Performance specifications transition from mil-specs

Lincoln, W.B.Jr, 1949:
Performance standards

Gonder, J.-C.K.ulisch, L., 1997:
Performance standards and animal welfare

Duff, J.; Koenigshof, G.; Wittenberg, D., 1978 :
Performance standards for COM-PLY floor joists

Ferraro, Mary-Jane, 2000:
Performance standards for antimicrobial disk susceptibility tests

Ferraro, Mary-Jane, 2001:
Performance standards for antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Chapman, Km, 1988:
Performance standards for exterior panels

Anonymous, 1996:
Performance standards for genetically modified finfish and shellfish

Stull, Jo, 1988:
Performance standards for improving chemical protective suits

Baker, Sw, 1990:
Performance standards for professional soccer on artificial turf surfaces

Kindya, Wg, 1981:
Performance standards for refrigerated vehicles used for transporting food

Anonymous, 1995:
Performance standards for safely conducting research with genetically modified fish and shellfish

Brown, L.; Speicher, J., 1972:
Performance standards for smaller dairy farms

Anonymous, 1992:
Performance standards for the Food Stamp Employment and Training Program

Lewis, B., 1981:
Performance standards give new impetus to structural panel markets

Prokhorov, P.E.ia; Suvorov, V.S., 1976:
Performance standards in soil-conserving mechanized labor

Khludenev, A.I.S.uvaeva, Z.A.K.rol'-Kevich, V.E., 1974:
Performance standards in the production of horse-driven transport work

Stockham, J., 1974:
Performance standards; a technique for controlling land use

Stadler, E., 1981:
Performance statements for tractors will be more exact

Christodoulou, C.; Rizos, M.; Galani, E.; Rellos, K.; Skarlos, D.V.; Michalopoulos, A., 2007:
Performance status (PS): a simple predictor of short-term outcome of cancer patients with solid tumors admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU)

Patnaik,, T.; Lof, G., 1990:
Performance studies for an experimental solar open-cycle liquid desiccant air dehumidification system

Lenger, A.B.rnhard, F., 1973:
Performance studies in wood logging in the lowland forest with the Kockum KS 875 assortment tractor

Inderberg, T., 1977:
Performance studies of BM Volvo SM 880 in normal clear cutting operations and in windfall areas

Zielinski, R.; Mcwhorter, T., 1977:
Performance studies of brewery waste treatment at Pabst, Georgia

Inderberg, T., 1975:
Performance studies of the Logma T-310 delimbing machine

Amarchandra; Parikh, H., 1969:
Performance studies of thirty six varieties of bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria M.) under Jabalpur conditions

Lenger, A.L.gmayr, J., 1975:
Performance studies of wood hauling with light logging skyline cranes

Tebbutt, T.; Christoulas, D., 1975:
Performance studies on a pilot-scale activated-sludge plant

Prasad, A., 1972:
Performance studies on polyembryonic varieties of Mangifera indica L

Kaur, B.G.wda, M.; Bhatnagar, A., 1980:
Performance studies on the composition plastic grain-storage structure for temporary storage. II

Gupta, P.; Singh, S.S.arma, V., 1985:
Performance studies on tractor-operated combine for maize threshing

Sangita Bhattacharjee; Siddhartha Datta; Chiranjib Bhattacharjee, 2006:
Performance study during ultrafiltration of Kraft black liquor using rotating disk membrane module

Abedin, M.J.; Bala, B.K., 2007:
Performance study of a developed solar tunnel dryer for drying jackfruit juice

Nag, K.; Mathur, A., 1983:
Performance study of a solar cooker Food preparation, India

Timinger, J., 1972:
Performance study of hauling by ropes in mountains

Siripurapu, S.; Hyoju, S.; Adhikary, U., 1977:
Performance study of laboratory model sugarbeet seed polisher

Kleinbach, E.; Beckman, W.; Klein, S., 1993:
Performance study of one-dimensional models for stratified thermal storage tanks

Hsu, C-H., 2007:
Performance study on newly developed impellers for a left ventricular assist device

Anonymous, 1991:
Performance summary

Balcomb, J.; Hedstrom, J.; Perry, J.J., 1981:
Performance summary of the Balcomb solar home

El-A'-Mma, A., 2001:
Performance synergy from acrylic-based retanning agents

Lehnert, E., 1979:
Performance tasks to assure healthy animal herds capable of performance

Phillips, R., 1999:
Performance terms & conditions

Wrona, J.G.cek, K.R.chlicki, Z., 1980:
Performance test and chemical composition of Zator, Hungarian and their crossbred carps

Bade, Lb, 1972:
Performance test as a criterion in the selection of warm-blooded horse breed

Tarocco, C., 1972:
Performance test for boars; Reggio Emilia, the first experimental station

Tarocco, C., 1971:
Performance test in boars

Pfeiffer, H., 1984:
Performance test in swine and estimated further development for the increase of genetic information

Zafar, Cam, 1976:
Performance test of Quetta produced seed of turnip variety, Purple Top White Globe

Krokowski, A., 1969:
Performance test of a type DQ steam boiler with appliances for steam disinfection of soil, made in the German Democratic Republic

Rozycka, B., 1982:
Performance test of chick meatiness

Cuany, R.; Swink, J.; Keenan, J.; Mccord, E.; Wegrzyn, V., 1977:
Performance test of corn hybrids in Colorado in 1976

Tessarioli-Neto, J.C.mpos, H.-De; Rocha, T., 1976:
Performance test of cushaw cultivars in the Mococa area, Sao Paulo

Maync, A., 1983:
Performance test of lettuce

Horn, P., 1982:
Performance test of progeny groups of paternal half sib pure and crossbred laying hens in optimal and suboptimal environments in two cycles of production

Huang, B.; Lu, J., 1982:
Performance test of solar collector with intermittent output

Mingard, P., 1973:
Performance test of the Swiss-Perfo device placed in practical utilization conditions

Bassett, J.; Shelton, M.S.owder, G., 1979:
Performance test procedures for Angora goats

Shaw, B.; Parnell, C.; Shaw, B.; Auvermann, B., 1999:
Performance test results from the cascade impactor, the federal reference method PM(2.5) sampler, and the improve sampler

Linton, A., 1980:
Performance test: key for beef cattle improvement

Anonymous, 1982:
Performance tested boars for Delaware producers

Henry, Es, 1971:
Performance testing an aid in bull selection

Bansal, N.; Blumenberg, J.K.vasch, H.; Roettinger, T., 1997:
Performance testing and evaluation of solid absorption solar cooling unit

Ross, K., 1976:
Performance testing as the basis for breeding

Peterson, R.C.B.eson, W.M.lcolm; Hodge, D.E., 1962:
Performance testing beef bulls, Southern Indiana Forage Farm, July 22-Dec. 9, 1961 (140 days)

Crandall, Fw, 1971 :
Performance testing beef cattle

Henningsson, Thore, 1985:
Performance testing for beef production traits in Swedish dual purpose and beef cattle

Richter, L.B.ckhardt, K.F.ock, D., 1976:
Performance testing for meat quality in live pigs using the creatin kinase test (CK test)

Mccall, James, G., 1965:
Performance testing in three demonstration herds

Korver, S.A.erdunk, G.; Andersen,, 1987:
Performance testing of AI bulls for efficiency and beef production in dairy and dual purpose breeds

Cawood, Pl, 1982:
Performance testing of Angora goats

Huang, L.; Lo, C.; Lin, T.; Yin, S., 1980:
Performance testing of MF 305 sugarcane harvester

Shishkin, Ok, 1977:
Performance testing of Rosa in the Central Urals

Anonymous, 1979:
Performance testing of a residential solar climate control system using a water trickle collector and a water-rockbed thermal storage during a winter period

Gregg, Am, 1976:
Performance testing of beef bulls

Mcphee, Cp, 1970:
Performance testing of beef bulls for A.I

Krustev, D.D.mitrov, P.S.oianova, M., 1972:
Performance testing of boars.

Park, C.; Lee, K.; Park, Y., 1979:
Performance testing of certai

Williams, M.R.; Sigman, M., 2007:
Performance testing of commercial containers for collection and storage of fire debris evidence

Eckardt,, H.O.chik, A., E., 1973:
Performance testing of dairy cattle bulls for own liveweight gains, conformation and feed expense

Eckelman, Ca, 1988:
Performance testing of furniture. I. Underlying concepts

Rochester, Ew, 1980:
Performance testing of hose-towed irrigators

Bartels, H., 1976:
Performance testing of long shelf-life meats. Report on the German Agricultural Societys quality test on long shelf-life meats for 1975

Krausslich, H., 1971:
Performance testing of meat, an important part of breeding programs for dual purpose cattle breeds

Stolzman, Mj, 1978:
Performance testing of potential A.I. bulls

Bartels, H., 1977:
Performance testing of raw and preserved meat products: main report on quality testing by the German Agricultural Society in 1976

Linke, H.S.iebing, A., 1981:
Performance testing of raw meat products and canned products. Report on the German Agricultural Societys 1980 quality tests

Mccracken, We, 1977:
Performance testing of selected inland oil spill control equipment

Justin, B., 1978:
Performance testing of solar collectors

Nishnianidze, M., 1977:
Performance testing of some Gladiolus varieties in Tiflis

Atwell, E.; Shaffer, A.; Jerrings, D.; Linders,. Jr.;, 1990:
Performance testing of the Nordon high impedance ground fault detector on a distribution feeder

Moult, Jm, 1980:
Performance testing of wear resistant materials used on shredder hammers

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of wool-bearing sheep. 10. Record system for Merino breeding rams. 2

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of wool-bearing sheep. 4

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of wool-bearing sheep. 5

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of wool-bearing sheep. 7. The quality of wool fibers

Kruger, Tj, 1974 :
Performance testing of wool-bearing sheep. 8. Fiber percentage of clean wool crop

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of wool-bearing sheep. 9. Record systemfor Merino breeding rams. 1. the necessity of keeping suitable records

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of woolled sheep. 3

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of woolled sheep. 4. the fleece and body mass

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of woolled sheep. 5

Kruger, Tj, 1974:
Performance testing of woolled sheep. 7. The fineness of wool fibres

Pfeiffer, H.M.nne, J.; Fritzsche, J., 1973:
Performance testing of young boars in rearing centers

Pfeiffer, H.M.nne, J.; Fritzsche, J., 1973:
Performance testing of young boars in rearing centres

Anonymous, 1978:
Performance testing rams

Anonymous, 1961:
Performance testing regulations

Gutsche, Hj, 1973:
Performance testing results and selection criteria for extended reproduction of the stock and stud rams to breed for semi-fine wool

Baker, Fh, 1975:
Performance testing standards: how they were developed and why they are used

Kuhlers, D.; Jungst, S., 1983:
Performance testing swine to 300 lb. better than testing to 230 lb. Heritabilities for growth rate

Long, Ra, 1970:
Performance testing why? how? what now?

Hoj, F., 1973:
Performance testing with different lines of turkeys and geese

Dalton, Dc, 1971:
Performance testing, progeny testing and artificial breeding in beef cattle improvement

Marbery, S., 1972:
Performance testing, program records

Baker, R., 1981:
Performance testing--how we do it and why

Bosman, D., 1979:
Performance testing--identification of transcendent breeding cows

Long, Ra, 1976:
Performance testing. Using it or abusing it?

Seibel, W., 1970:
Performance tests for bread and baked goods (Report of the 12th DLG

Doi, S.S.ito, M., 1982:
Performance tests for preserved

Bartels, H., 1974:
Performance tests in raw meat productions: Report on the 16th German Agricultural Society (DLG) quality tests on raw meat products, 1973

Campos, M.-A.M.gofke, S.-Jc, 1982:
Performance tests in six commercial layer lines

Lang, H., 1971:
Performance tests in the breeding of fur-bearing animals

Cuany, R.; Swink, J.; Shafer, S.; Langin, E., 1971:
Performance tests of corn hybrids grown in various regions of Colorado in 1970

Cuany, R.; Shafer, S.; Swink, J., 1972:
Performance tests of corn hybrids grown in various regions of Colorado in 1971

Cuany, R.; Shafer, S.; Swink, J., 1973:
Performance tests of corn hybrids grown in various regions of Colorado in 1972

Cuany, R.; Shafer, S.; Swink, J.; Ehn, R., 1974:
Performance tests of corn hybrids grown in various regions of Colorado in 1973

Cuany, R.; Swink, J.; Keenan, J.; Mccord, E.; Murray, G., 1975:
Performance tests of corn hybrids grown in various regions of Colorado in 1974

Brooks, James, S., 1945:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1944

Brooks, J.S., 1946:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1945

Brooks, J. S.; Pass, H., 1949:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1949

Brooks,, H., 1950:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1950

Pass, H.; Brooks, J. S., 1951:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1951

Pass, H.; Brooks, J., S., 1959:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1958

Pass, H.; Brooks, J., S., 1960:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1959

Pass, Hartwill, 1961:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1960

Pass, H., 1964:
Performance tests of corn varieties and hybrids, 1963

Hirose, K.O.suka, K1; Noda, K1; Kato, S1; Miyazaki, T., 1981:
Performance tests of crosses usi

Kato, S.N.da, K.O.suka, K.O.abu, T.H.rose, K., 1984:
Performance tests of crosses using White Leghorn strain. III

Pochop, L.; Borrelli, J., 1981:
Performance tests of fireplaces and wood stoves

Denman, C.; Morrison, R.; Peck, R.; Arnold, J., 1973:
Performance tests of hybrid sorghums and corn in Oklahoma 1972

Denman, C.; Morrison, R.; Peck, R.; Reeves, H., 1974:
Performance tests of hybrid sorghums and corn in Oklahoma, 1973

Romig, Be, 1971:
Performance tests of rotary tiller blades

Davies, Ff, 1969:
Performance tests of sorghum in Oklahoma, 1968

Davies, Frank, F., 1963:
Performance tests of sorghums in Oklahoma, 1962

Davies, Frank, F., 1964:
Performance tests of sorghums in Oklahoma, 1963

Davies, F.; Morrison, R., 1970:
Performance tests of sorghums in Oklahoma, 1969

Davies, F.; Morrison, R., 1971:
Performance tests of sorghums in Oklahoma, 1970

Siwilo, R., 1975:
Performance tests of the combine harvester ZO50 with adapter for harvesting maize

Wenzel, S.F.ies, R., 1982:
Performance tests on liver sausage types and cooked products Quality.1

Wenzel, S.F.ies, R., 1983:
Performance tests on liver sausages and cooked products Meat industry, quality.1

O'-Callaghan, E.O.-Shea, J., 1976:
Performance tests on vacuum pumps and individual pneumatic pulsators

Radkov, P., 1970:
Performance tests with certain i

Radkov, P.D.lchev, I.S.avreva, N.P.tkova, M.C.akurova, K., 1974:
Performance tests with some unir

Kleemann, G.S.bogal, R.G.mez, G.W.niger, J., 1980:
Performance traits and physiological parameters of Zungo and Duroc pigs and their crosses in a tropical environment (Colombia). III. Hematological parameters

Klimiene, A.; Klimas, R.; Rimkevicius, S., 2007:
Performance traits of different generations of English Large White pigs

Contreras-Lopez, J., 1979:
Performance trial comparing nematode-resistant tomato varieties with a local variety in Azapa Valley, Chile

Long, J.; Kilgore, G., 1995:
Performance trial of double-crop soybean varieties

Tipton, K.; Bartleson, J.; Marshall, J.; Rabb, J.; Singletary, C.; Robinson, D.; Sloane, L.; Trahan, G., 1972:
Performance trials and fertility studies with grain sorghum hybrids in Louisiana, 1972

Tipton, K.; Robinson, D.; Bartleson, J.; Marshall, J.; Rabb, J.; Singletary, C.; Sloane, L., 1973:
Performance trials and fertility studies with grain sorghum hybrids in Louisiana, 1973

Sij, J.; Westfall, D., 1975:
Performance trials and nitrogen fertilization responses of wheat on the Texas Gulf Coast Prairie

Hawkins, S.; Denman, C.; Weibel, D.; Mcnew, R.; Merritt, R.; Reeves, H.; Belete, K.S.rickland, G., 1986:
Performance trials for hybrid sorghum and corn in Oklahoma, 1985

Ray, Da, 1979:
Performance trials of Spring oat varieties in Ohio

Leroy, M., 1972:
Performance trials of boars and sows in 1972

Petkov, Ps, 1971:
Performance trials of certain wi

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Performance trials of colts from training establishments and stallion depots

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