Section 17
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Preliminary studies on histomorphology of corpus cardiacum in pre-copulating female Spilostethus pandurus (Scopali) (Lygaeidae: Heteroptera)

Keshri, D.K.; Singh, S.K.; Singh, B.K.

Proceedings of the Zoological Society 60(1): 61-64


ISSN/ISBN: 0373-5893
Accession: 016731076

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A study describes the histomorphology of the corpora cardiaca in female S. pandurus obtained from Calotropis procera in Bihar, India. Two types of cells are present: chromophilic and chromophobic cells. The former are bound anteriorly and mesially close to the aorta, while the latter are located posteriorly and laterally. The part nearer the brain acts as a storage organ for neurosecretory materials, while the distal part is secretory in nature.

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