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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 16782

Chapter 16782 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Robinson, M.; Gare, D.; Connolly, B., 2005:
Profiling excretory

Gioello, Debbie-Ann, 1981:
Profiling fabrics

Salsgiver, J.; Hines, F., K., 1993:
Profiling farming counties using employment- and income-based measures

Clamp, A.R.; Jayson, G.C., 2005:
Profiling heparan sulfate proteoglycans in ovarian carcinoma

Preuss, H.; Seguin, B.; O'Reilly, N., 2007:
Profiling major sport event visitors: the 2002 Commonwealth Games

Harnly, J.M.; Bhagwat, S.; Lin, L-Ze., 2007:
Profiling methods for the determination of phenolic compounds in foods and dietary supplements

Gius, D.; Funk, M.C.; Chuang, E.Y.; Feng, S.; Huettner, P.C.; Nguyen, L.; Bradbury, C.Matthew.; Mishra, M.; Gao, S.; Buttin, B.M.; Cohn, D.E.; Powell, M.A.; Horowitz, N.S.; Whitcomb, B.P.; Rader, J.S., 2007:
Profiling microdissected epithelium and stroma to model genomic signatures for cervical carcinogenesis accommodating for covariates

Anonymous, 1983:
Profiling nutrition education materials

Tiziani, S.; Schwartz, S.J.; Vodovotz, Y., 2006:
Profiling of carotenoids in tomato juice by one- and two-dimensional NMR

Klimcakova, E.; Moro, C.; Mazzucotelli, A.; Lolmède, K.; Viguerie, N.; Galitzky, J.; Stich, V.; Langin, D., 2007:
Profiling of adipokines secreted from human subcutaneous adipose tissue in response to PPAR agonists

Thiele, T.; Steil, L.; Gebhard, S.; Scharf, C.; Hammer, E.; Brigulla, M.; Lubenow, N.; Clemetson, K.J.; Völker, U.; Greinacher, A., 2007:
Profiling of alterations in platelet proteins during storage of platelet concentrates

Leong, S.; Christopherson, R.I.; Baxter, R.C., 2007:
Profiling of apoptotic changes in human breast cancer cells using SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Wang, H-Bao.; Li, H.; Wang, Q-Gui.; Zhang, X-Yu.; Wang, S-Zhi.; Wang, Y-Xiang.; Wang, X-Ping., 2007:
Profiling of chicken adipose tissue gene expression by genome array

Hanson, M.A.; Brooun, A.; Baker, K.A.; Jaakola, V-Pekka.; Roth, C.; Chien, E.Y.T.; Alexandrov, A.; Velasquez, J.; Davis, L.; Griffith, M.; Moy, K.; Ganser-Pornillos, B.K.; Hua, Y.; Kuhn, P.; Ellis, S.; Yeager, M.; Stevens, R.C., 2007:
Profiling of membrane protein variants in a baculovirus system by coupling cell-surface detection with small-scale parallel expression

Godber, B.; Frogley, M.; Rehak, M.; Sleptsov, A.; Thompson, K.S.J.; Uludag, Y.; Cooper, M.A., 2006:
Profiling of molecular interactions in real time using acoustic detection

Stobiecki, M.; Skirycz, A.; Kerhoas, L.; Kachlicki, P.; Muth, D.; Einhorn, J.; Mueller-Roeber, B., 2006:
Profiling of phenolic glycosidic conjugates in leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana using LC

Linke,, A.; Harrison, E., 2004:
Profiling of rat plasma by surface-enhanced laser desorption

Kwon, Sw, 2004:
Profiling of solule proteins in wine by nano-high-performance liquid chromatography

de Borst, M.H.; Diks, S.H.; Bolbrinker, J.; Schellings, M.W.; van Dalen, M.B.A.; Peppelenbosch, M.P.; Kreutz, R.; Pinto, Y.M.; Navis, G.; van Goor, H., 2007:
Profiling of the renal kinome: a novel tool to identify protein kinases involved in angiotensin II-dependent hypertensive renal damage

Kim, T.; Kim, S.Jin.; Kim, K.; Kang, U-Beom.; Lee, C.; Park, K.Soo.; Yu, H.Gon.; Kim, Y., 2007:
Profiling of vitreous proteomes from proliferative diabetic retinopathy and nondiabetic patients

Sulikowski, J., A.; Driggers, W., B.Iii-; Ingram, G.W.lter Jr-; Kneebone, J.-; Ferguson, D., E.; Tsang, P., C.W., 2007:
Profiling plasma steroid hormones: a non-lethal approach for the study of skate reproductive biology and its potential use in conservation management

Berkers, C.R.; van Leeuwen, F.W.B.; Groothuis, T.A.; Peperzak, V.; van Tilburg, E.W.; Borst, J.; Neefjes, J.J.; Ovaa, H., 2007:
Profiling proteasome activity in tissue with fluorescent probes

Kronsteiner, B.; Malissa, H.; Stutz, H., 2007:
Profiling recombinant major birch pollen allergen Bet v 1a and carbamylated variants with CZE and CIEF

Rostad, C.E.; Hostettler, F.D., 2007:
Profiling refined hydrocarbon fuels using polar components

Martin, S.; Mchugh, R., 1991:
Profiling rural America

Adamson, G.; Murphy, S.; Shevlin, M.; Buckle, P.; Stubbs, D., 2006:
Profiling schoolchildren in pain and associated demographic and behavioural factors: a latent class approach

Shadkami, F.; Helleur, R.J.; Cox, R.M., 2007:
Profiling secondary metabolites of needles of ozone-fumigated white pine (Pinus strobus) clones by thermally assisted hydrolysis/methylation GC/MS

Pinto-Plata, V.; Toso, J.; Lee, K.; Park, D.; Bilello, J.; Mullerova, H.; D.S.uza, M.M.; Vessey, R.; Celli, B., 2007:
Profiling serum biomarkers in patients with COPD: associations with clinical parameters

Kerns, E.; Volk, K.; Hill, S.; Lee, M., 1994:
Profiling taxones in Taxus extracts using lc

Ott, N., 1984:
Profiling technology--the new way

Vidakovics, M.Laura.Perez.; Paba, J.; Lamberti, Y.; Ricart, C.André.; de Sousa, M.Valle.; Rodriguez, M.Eugenia., 2007:
Profiling the Bordetella pertussis proteome during iron starvation

Meng, X.; Thibodeau-Beganny, S.; Jiang, T.; Joung, J.Keith.; Wolfe, S.A., 2007:
Profiling the DNA-binding specificities of engineered Cys2His2 zinc finger domains using a rapid cell-based method

Le, G.Thanh.; Abbenante, G.; Fairlie, D.P., 2007:
Profiling the enzymatic properties and inhibition of human complement factor B

Panda, R.K., 2007:
Profiling the Hirakud Dam

Gray, J.C.; Corran, P.H.; Mangia, E.; Gaunt, M.W.; Li, Q.; Tetteh, K.K.A.; Polley, S.D.; Conway, D.J.; Holder, A.A.; Bacarese-Hamilton, T.; Riley, E.M.; Crisanti, A., 2007:
Profiling the antibody immune response against blood stage malaria vaccine candidates

Brooks N.L.; Kalbacher J.Z., 1990:
Profiling the diversity of Americas farms

Sun, J.; Yang, M.; Han, J.; Wang, B.; Ma, X.; Xu, M.; Liu, P.; Guo, D., 2007:
Profiling the metabolic difference of seven tanshinones using high-performance liquid chromatography/multi-stage mass spectrometry with data-dependent acquisition

Cortez Baheza, E.; Peraza Luna, F.; Hernandez Alvarez, M.I.; Aguado Santacruz, G.A.; Torres Pacheco, I.; Gonzalez Chavira, M.M.; Guevara Olvera, L.; Guevara Gonzalez, R.G., 2007:
Profiling the transcriptome in Capsicum annuum L. seeds during osmopriming

Dunkelberger, J.-Edward; Altobellis, A.T., 1975:
Profiling the woods-burner

Dunkelberger, J.; Altobellis, A., 1975:
Profiling the woods-burner: An analysis of fire trepass violations in the Souths national forests

Troutt, H.; Jones, G., 1979:
Profiling your herds health problems

Montanari, Viscardo, 1951:
Profilo dellagricoltura delle Venezie

Anonymous, 1950:
Profilo economico della Capitanata

Bam, M.M.lan, J.; Young, D.; Brandt, E.; Ferreira, D., 1990:
Profisetinidin-type 4-arylflavan-3-ols and related gamma-lactones

Godfrey, Nw, 1977:
Profit and costs of feeding meat meal to pigs

Bettenay, R., 1978:
Profit and level of production

Matthies, F., 1984:
Profit and loss account of the forest administration of lower Saxony

Grabenhorst, G., 1976:
Profit and loss control for individual field crops

Kurimura, T., 1974:
Profit and loss determination a

Kurimura, T., 1971:
Profit and loss determination o

Holmes, Ae, 1976:
Profit and loss in dehorning grown cattle

Gandy, Dg, 1981:
Profit and loss in disease control measures

Crane, L.; Leatham, D., 1993:
Profit and loss sharing in agriculture: an application of Islamic banking

Mate, M., 1980:
Profit and productivity on the estates of Isabella de Forz (1260-92)

Novak, J., 1979:
Profit and profitability of agricultural production and of its principal branches

De-Marinis, G., 1978:
Profit and prospects of seed potato culture in Fucino

Kongsvik, R., 1976:
Profit assessment considering depreciation on fixed assets

Wiley, Mk, 2002:
Profit beautifully with butterflies

Searing, Fred, 1947:
Profit building ideas for food and food service

Wiley, Mk, 2001:
Profit by the sleighful with reindeers

Dobbie, Jl, 1973:
Profit by weighing your sheep

Blau, G., 1968:
Profit calculation in milk production

Embleton, H., 1948:
Profit calculator for eggs

List, L.M., 2003:
Profit centers - whats green and whats red?

Grosskopf, W., 1978:
Profit cost analysis concerning the European Economic Community sugar marketing ordinance

Anonymous, 1988:
Profit costing and pricing for manufacturers

Maier, Jl, 1970:
Profit crisis in young cocks fattening

Feiffer, P., 1971:
Profit determination in planning and management of combine-harvesters; a proposal for optimizing combine-harvester use

Oscarsson, G., 1973:
Profit development in Swedish milk production

Doeksen, J.L.rist, J., 1982:
Profit difference in the use of grassland without dairy cattle

Hutchison, Jm, 1972:
Profit engineering. 2. operational efficiency

Hutchison, Jm, 1972:
Profit engineering. 4. investment credits

Hutchison, Jm, 1972:
Profit enginering. 1. how well do you manage costs?

Renoux, Fe, 1975:
Profit factors in barrow production

Blanken, G., 1969:
Profit factors in swine produ

Anonymous, 1982:
Profit from waste products

Andrews, W.E., 1940:
Profit from $100 spent for cotton fertilizer

Anonymous, 1977:
Profit from a good deworming program

Raleigh, R.; Foster, L., 1973:
Profit from a short breeding season

Jackson, F., 1970:
Profit from beef

Watson, T., 1977:
Profit from bull beef

Mokshanina, I.; Mikhovich, A., 1970:
Profit from forest drainage with varying distances between canals

Davidson, P., 1974:
Profit from healthy calves

Thompson, P., 2007:
Profit from hygiene on the dairy farm

Mazaeva, M.; Neugodova, O.; Podkolzina, G., 1981:
Profit from magnesium as a nutritional element in the formula of magnesium-containing fertilizers

Dilley, R.; Howes, K.M.W., 1998:
Profit from pasture

Anonymous, 1954:
Profit from plant protection

Jevring, C., 1994:
Profit from prevention

Landon, A., 1976:
Profit from recording

Gunston, James, 1961:
Profit from sheep

Hertogh, Aa-De, 1985:
Profit from the basics of flower-bulb forcing

Irwin, Jhd, 1971:
Profit from the hills

Genders, Roy, 1950:
Profit from the land

Andrzejewicz, J., 1981:
Profit function on state farms

Rokholt, P.; Ostmoe, J., 1974:
Profit growth in greenhouse management

Klemme, R.; Vatthauer, R., 1981:
Profit guidelines for purchasing feeder cattle

Warnock, John, W., 1978:
Profit hungry

Johnsson, B.H.ll,, D., 1986:
Profit identification in a stone groundwood mill

Keefer, Louis, E., 1984:
Profit implications of joint development

Turner, W.; Muldoon, P.; Harris, H., 1972:
Profit improvement with Gantt charts

Robinson, I.; Winks, L., 1970:
Profit in Townsville stylo

Strachan, Rt, 1970:
Profit in conserving fodder

Wiley, Mk, 2002:
Profit in growing garlic

Jaber, R., 1987:
Profit in jeopardy

Sexton, Hgc, 1973:
Profit in lambs form ewe hoggs

Nyman, J.; Bricker, D., 1989:
Profit incentives and technical efficiency in the production of nursing home care

Ensminger, Me, 1971:
Profit indicators in beef business

Luini, Cs, 1977:
Profit limitations in the management of commune grape vineyards

Anonymous, 1940:
Profit making electric equipment that can be made on the farm

Anonymous, 1976:
Profit margins tighten

Ridgeon, B., 1978:
Profit margins worst on record

Biswas, B.L.cey, Jr; Workman, Jp; Siddoway, Fh, 1984:
Profit maximization as a management goal on southeastern Montana ranches

Gortzig, Carl-Frank, 1989:
Profit maximization in commercial greenhouse floriculture under northern United States production and marketing conditions

Skold, M.-D.E.p, A.W.H.ghes, H.-Gene, 1965:
Profit maximizing farm plans for farms in southeastern Nebraska

Kessler, K., 1980:
Profit now with conservation

Nocetti, J.; Pereyra, C.N.rdiello, R., 1969:
Profit of a cornfield--sale of grain or swine feed

Ferrington, K., 1981:
Profit on purpose. I. How to price for profit

Ferrington, K., 1981:
Profit on purpose. II. Analyzing your sales and using your balance sheet

Anonymous, 1985:
Profit opportunities from meat board programs

Newell, N.G.rdon, S., 1986:
Profit opportunities in biotechnology for the food processing industry

Goetz, H., 1979:
Profit opportunities in dead timber

Bache, D., 1979:
Profit opportunities in pork production

Mcmichael, M., 1979:
Profit opportunities in residuals

Anonymous, 1989:
Profit or loss?

Rieth, J.; Snyder, J., 1968:
Profit planning and control system. 2. Sales forecasting

Snyder, J.; Guthrie, T.; Nelson, L., 1969:
Profit planning and control system. 6. Total systems approach to profit planning

Herman, Ha, 1971:
Profit potential depends on high production per cow

Futrell, G., 1987:
Profit potential for livestock in 1988

Smits, James, H., 1983:
Profit potential of environmental protection practices of cattlemen

Langemeier, Ln, 1975:
Profit prospects

Cathcart, We, 1970:
Profit prospects for poultry industry

Caldwell, Wm, 1977:
Profit prospects poor for 77

Giles, K., 1981:
Profit prospefts from the pesky possum

Brookins, C., 1977:
Profit protection through the futures market

Franc Dabrowska, J., 2007:
Profit share and balanced development of agro business

Kaitan, M., 1972:
Profit sharing in sugar industry

Moses, Re, 1997:
Profit sharing with local program success

Holan, W.M.tzger, B., 1982:
Profit sharing: philosophy and features

Piatscheck, K., 1971:
Profit situation of the sugar industry in the Federal Republic of Germany

Dean, R.W., 2007:
Profit squeeze ahead

Lommatzsch, G., 1970:
Profit through tourism

Stadtmueller, D., 1983:
Profit tillage

Annexstad, J., 1988:
Profit tips

Gupta, S.; Tripathi, S.; Govind, R., 1973:
Profit variability and productivity of factor inputs used in the cultivation of various strains of wheat

Williams, Bc, 1980:
Profit via quality-control consciousness

Spruill, D.; Jones,. Jr.;, 1969:
Profit with a brood sow and pig program

Whipp, T., 1977:
Profit with juice apples

Anonymous, 1993:
Profit with manure

Sizer, Nigel, 1996:
Profit without plunder

Vrejba, S.L.gadin, N., 1980:
Profit, a basic economic category in the economic system of our agricultural cooperative farms

Mcclare, Ls, 1974:
Profit, paper quality and operating efficiency improvements from forming fabrics and hydrofoils: a status report on news print machines

Wurdemann, Wl, 1976:
Profit--making more and keeping more

Ammer, Dean, S., 1977:
Profit-conscious purchasing

Zahn, Dr, 1992:
Profit-making details reel these farmers in

Anderson, J.-C.H.ady, E.-Orel; Shrader, W.D., 1963:
Profit-maximizing plans for soil-conserving farming in the Spring Valley Creek Watershed in southwest Iowa

Yager, William, A., 1977:
Profit-maximizing strategies for beef cow culling and winter feeding

Gapanowicz, J., 1972:
Profitabilith of grain and potatoes in swine feeding

Ashley, Ra, 1992:

Karner, Ma, 1989:
Profitability = A successful insect management program

Loveh, Y., 1976:
Profitability accounting on t

Blake, Mj, 1980:
Profitability analysis for dryland wheat, barley, grain sorghum, and cotton in Curry, Quay, and Roosevelt Counties

Marutani, Hk, 1986:
Profitability analysis of ginger production in Hawaii, 1985

Hassan, A.A.; Nwanta, J.; Mohammad, A., 2005:
Profitability analysis of poultry egg production in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Song, F.; Swinton, S.M.; DiFonzo, C.; O'Neal, M.; Ragsdale, D.W., 2006:
Profitability analysis of soybean aphid control treatments in three north-central States

Khussein, Ms, 1978:
Profitability and branch structu

Richards, G., 1983:
Profitability and cash flow as it relates to route efficiency

Parker, Cf, 1991:
Profitability and competitiveness in the beef enterprise

Gurtner, O., 1973:
Profitability and competitor conditions in swine rearing

Meijaard, D., 1978:
Profitability and continuity of horticulture in relation to volume and conduct of business

Shamsuddula, A.M.; Islam, S.M.F.; Jabbar, S.M.A.; Khan, M.A.H.; Marufuzzaman, M., 2004:
Profitability and efficiency of hyv-boro and hybrid rice production in Mymensingh

Noort, L.Van, 1976:
Profitability and financial situation of growing flower bulbs in North and South Holland during 1974

Noort, L.Van, 1976:
Profitability and financial situation of mushroom cultivation in the Netherlands during 1974

Noort, L.Van, 1976:
Profitability and financial situation of nurseries in Boskoop during 1974

Noort, L.Van, 1979:
Profitability and financing of bulb culture in the Netherlands in 1976-

Noort, L.Van, 1978:
Profitability and financing of fruit growing in the Netherlands during 1976 (crop year 1976

Noort, L.Van, 1978:
Profitability and financing of greenhouse culture in the Netherlands

Noort, L.Van, 1977:
Profitability and financing of greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands during 1976

Noort, L.Van, 1977:
Profitability and financing of mushroom cultivation in the Netherlands during 1976

Groenewegen, A.N., 1982:
Profitability and financing of mushroom culture in Netherlands in 1980

Noort, L.Van, 1978:
Profitability and financing of nurseries in Boskoop during the period 1976

Noort, L.Van, 1981:
Profitability and financing of nurseries in Boskoop, Middle-Betuwe, Zeeland, North Brabant and Limburg in 1979

Noort, L.Van, 1977:
Profitability and financing of the cultivation of cut flowers in greenhouses in the Netherlands during 1976

Groenewegen, An, 1977:
Profitability and financing of the cultivation of potted plants in greenhouses in the Netherlands during 1976

Noort, L.Van, 1978:
Profitability and financing of the cut flowers industry in the Netherlands in l977-

Groenewegen, An, 1978:
Profitability and financing of vegetable growing in fields in the Netherlands during 1976 (Crop year 1976

Dasgupta, S.D.rborow, R., 2007:
Profitability and management of low-tech catfish farming: the case of Kentucky

Welte, E., 1974:
Profitability and optimal use of mineral fertilizers in farms of different cropping potential

Harsh, Stephen, 2001:
Profitability and production efficiency of the crop and livestock enterprises of Michigan dairy operations

Idowu, E.O.; Alimi, T.; Tijani, A.A.; Okobi, C.N., 2007:
Profitability and resource use efficiency in fluted pumpkin

Thompson, C.; Kaiser, E., 1983:
Profitability and risk analysis for flue-cured tobacco quota prices Decision models, farm management alternatives, USA

Freberg, Christian, 2000:
Profitability and risk measures for investor-owned firms

Hall, Dc, 1978:
Profitability and risk of integrated pest management

Novak, Frank, 1993:
Profitability and risk of retained ownership of beef calves

Vanderhaegen, J.T.ffene, O., 1976:
Profitability and size of farms

Vanderhaegen, J.T.ffene, O., 1976:
Profitability and size of operations

Caetano-Bacha, C.-Jose; Estraviz-Rodriguez, L.-Carlos, 2007:
Profitability and social impacts of reduced impact logging in the Tapajos National Forest, Brazil - A case study

Dobkin, L., 1972:
Profitability and specialization of collective farms

Kang, B.; Brewer, K.P.; Baloglu, S., 2007:
Profitability and survivability of hotel distribution channels: an industry perspective

Purdum, Jj, 1978:
Profitability and timing of parliamentary land enclosures

Griffin, S.J., 2007:
Profitability and uptake of nitrogen application system based on remote sensing on 90 commercial farms in the United Kingdom

Kostiuk, P.; Bondarev, M., 1968:
Profitability as the course for production

Wood, M.; Banks, J.; Murray, D., 1999:
Profitability associated with johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) interference in cotton

Pidek, A., 1980:
Profitability bee production in the years 1977-78

Jablonska-Ceglarek, R., 1972:
Profitability calculation for the production of some cultivated vegetable species as stubble crops

Kobyl'-Chenko, D., 1972:
Profitability determines cost

Anonymous, 1995:
Profitability effect of legume pastures on crops

Schall, Wl, 1990 :
Profitability enhancement of local and regional trade shows

Mcmullan, Mj, 1971:
Profitability from worm control in ewes

Nilsson, Ne, 1973:
Profitability governs development of milk production

Reichsthaler, R., 1975:
Profitability in cattle husbandry

Stanton, Bf, 1988:
Profitability in dairy farming in the 1980s

Lopes, M.A.; Santos, G. dos; Rosa, L.V.; Lopes, N.M., 2007:
Profitability in feedlot conditions of finishing beef steers or bulls

Norgaard, T., 1979:
Profitability in fruit production during the harvest year 1978

Hellas, Hs, 1969:
Profitability in poultry farming on a 100 layer unit

Fischer, M., 1972:
Profitability in swine breeding

Renoux, Fe, 1980:
Profitability in swine production. The point after seven years

Hubau, H., 1976:
Profitability in the animal nutrition industry

Visser, J., 1976 :
Profitability in the sawmilling inudstry

Haandel, A.-Van; Catunda, P., 1994:
Profitability increase of alcohol distilleries by the ratonal use of byproducts

Fenton,, M., 1972:
Profitability of normal afforestation for the overseas log trade on site indexes 95 and 110

Sarkar, Subhas-Ch, 2002:
Profitability of Indian agriculture

Beckmann, Eo, 1976:
Profitability of Japanese artichoke

Wanjiku, J.K.menye, L., 2006:
Profitability of Kale and Tomato Production Under Different Soil Fertility Replenishment Technologies in Western Kenya

Anonymous, 1976:
Profitability of Populus cultivation

Mikhailov, A., 1981:
Profitability of Rkatsiteli varie

Lamberton, C.E., 1995:
Profitability of South Dakotas commercial banks, 1988-1994

Funt, R.; Rhodus, W., 1989:
Profitability of U.S. strawberry production under alternative management and marketing options

Singer, J.; Chase, C.; Karlen, D., 2003:
Profitability of Various Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa Cropping Systems

Bouillon, G., 1977:
Profitability of a baling machine for park and street trees

Flipsen, H.; Schuiling, H., 1983:
Profitability of a dairy goat farm

Mccabe, T.G.llagher, E., 1994:
Profitability of a range of input programmes for winter wheat and winter barley as grain prices decrease

Sorensen, S., 1975:
Profitability of a single farming enterprise

Cronin, Mb, 1970:
Profitability of a young beef program on the dairy farm

Balykov, V.E.P.dalko, A.I.P.dalko, T.M., 1984:
Profitability of agricultural enterprises in the Nonchernozem zone

Calvet, L., 1970:
Profitability of agriculture

Gil-Marinez, Manuel, 1991:
Profitability of almond plantations

Dobbs, T.-L.M.nds, C., 1990:
Profitability of alternative farming systems at South Dakota State Universitys Northeast Research Station

Popescu, V., 1979:
Profitability of an apiary in intensive apiculture

Aldulea, I., 1974:
Profitability of animal production in Magurele using some meadow types under various fertilizing conditions

Pidek, A., 1978:
Profitability of apicultural production in some models of apiaries

Schauer, F., 1978:
Profitability of apiculture

Koter, M.S.emaszkiewicz, R., 1978:
Profitability of application of high rates of mineral fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) on pastures

Kisielnicki, J., 1970:
Profitability of automation and modernization in sugar mills

Anonymous, 1979:
Profitability of avicolous productions in specialized working, exercise 1977-1978

Boundy, K.; Turnbull, E., 1979:
Profitability of barley

Turnbull, Ed, 1983:
Profitability of barley--1983 Hordeum vulgare, Australia

Okoruwa, V.O.; Obadaki, R.O.; Ibrahim, C., 2005:
Profitability of beef cattle fattening in the cosmopolitan city of Ibadan, Oyo State

Smeaton, D., 1981:
Profitability of beef cattle on hill farms

Kulin, S.S.eles, G.; Varadi, L., 1980:
Profitability of beef cattle production

Makhnenko, Mm, 1978:
Profitability of beef production

Golz, W., 1976:
Profitability of beekeeping on the basis of breeding

Smith, Aw, 1971:
Profitability of berryfruit

Bezhanidze, I., 1971:
Profitability of branches of agriculture and means of increasing it on collective farms of Kobuleti District

Lach, J., 1970:
Profitability of bulky fodder production for cattle on light soils

Muszely, J., 1970:
Profitability of calf-rearing through bottle-type feeding in the production cooperative Uj Elet (New Life) at Zsambek

Sato, C., 1975:
Profitability of cattle fatteni

Maslov, A., 1970:
Profitability of cereal production in Byelorussia

Fraile-Arevalo, S., 1982:
Profitability of certified seed Cereals, increased yields, Europe, Spain.1

Vasil'-Ev, V.; Degtiareva, A.; Grodskii, V.; Varchenko, N.; Sidorenko, V.; Fandul'-, V., 1981:
Profitability of chemical measures of fruit orchard pest and disease control in the Kamenka State Farm of the Zaporozhye Region

Singh, G.; Kushwaha, R.; Tewari, S., 1983 :
Profitability of chilli crop in eastern Uttar Pradesh

Muraro, R.; Ford, S., 1991:
Profitability of citrus cultivars by region and markets

Rourke, Be, 1974:
Profitability of cocoa and alternative crops in Eastern Region, Ghana

Redai,, L., 1974:
Profitability of cold storage

Baramidze, Lsh, 1971:
Profitability of collective farm production and means of increasing it

Noguera-Pujol, J., 1973:
Profitability of compost type organic manures

Kubik, S., 1971:
Profitability of concentration of production in dairy industry

Kolic, J., 1974:
Profitability of contracting individual farmers for chicken fattening and its effect upon the cooperation of farmers and socialized farms in poultry meat production

Toensmeyer, U.; Witt, C., 1972:
Profitability of convenience market dairy departments

Kupeshev, Sh, 1978:
Profitability of cotton farming and ways of increasing it

Todorov, Ti, 1977:
Profitability of crop farming on irrigated lands of the Starozagorsk Region

Leon-Lopez, M.D.; Ruiz-Aviles, P., 1975:
Profitability of crops on unirrigated land

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Profitable forage harvesting with large hay packages

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Profitable forage management strategies

Anonymous, 1971:
Profitable forage practices and systems for the 70s; Fourth Research-Industry Conference

Anonymous, 1952:
Profitable forest management

Kepner, K.; Spurgeon, V., D., 1979:
Profitable frozen foods

Rae, Thomas, 1941:
Profitable game bird management

Berninger, Louis, 1982:
Profitable garden center management

Flawn, Louis-Northcott, 1961:
Profitable gardening

Wilsdorf, Georg, Ie-Max-Georg, 1951:
Profitable goat breeding

Bodo, L., 1978:
Profitable goat husbandry

Anderson, L., 1996:
Profitable goat keeping: the basics

Middelschulte, E., 1972:
Profitable grain and corn production North Rhine Westphalia

Alexander, U.U., 1987:
Profitable grain sorghum production in the Rolling Plains

Rossrucker, H., 1976:
Profitable haymaking: only frame and storage drying still compete with the sun

Rountree, Jl, 1985:
Profitable health and management surveillance programs

Cowart, Bl, 1977:
Profitable herd health programming for beef cattle

Hunter, John-Michael, 1941:
Profitable hog management

Idefjell, C., 1974:
Profitable increase in the quality of roughage

Dow, J.; Gorton, G., 1993:
Profitable informed trading in a simple general equilibrium model of asset pricing

Anonymous, 1977:
Profitable lamb operations

Wylie, Peter, 1996:
Profitable land care

Laity, John, 1948:
Profitable ley farming

Saxena, O.; Gupta, J., 1969:
Profitable livestock production; new light on better breeding and better management of cattle

Busby, R.; Thomas, C.; Lohrey, R.J., 1997:
Profitable longleaf pine plantations: the souths best kept secret

Hurst, D., 1971:
Profitable lowland sheep

Nelson, L.; Hendrix, K.; Hurt, C., 1985:
Profitable management decisions in the beef enterprise

Bhat, N.; Khader, K., 1982:
Profitable management of Areca gardens

Sellars, Rl, 1973:
Profitable manufacture of yogurt and propagation of yogurt cultures

Gaines, J.Y.utter, C., 1981:
Profitable marketing--key to survival in the livestock industry

Veri, A., 1989:
Profitable markets require sound recordkeeping and good management

Blake, R.; Shumway, C.; Tomaszewski, M., 1985:
Profitable mating decisions with HerdMate

Anonymous, 1945:
Profitable meat cutting and successful meat merchandising

Calak, Thomas, 1960:
Profitable meat merchandising

Drysdale, J.-A.A.drich, J.-Adams, 2002:
Profitable menu planning

Keown, Jf, 1987:
Profitable midwest dairy practices

Butler, Charles, P., 1953:
Profitable milk production from grazing crops, Piedmont area, South Carolina

Maranto, J., 1991:
Profitable off-season forced fruit

Buller, Orlan, H., 1967:
Profitable organization and operations on selected Kansas dairy farms

Milligan, Robert, A., 1978:
Profitable organization of dairy farm enterprises, Newplan Program 65

Milligan, R.; Knoblauch, W., 1977:
Profitable organization of dairy farm enterprises. Objectives and procedures of a sequential school

Gertel, Karl, 1959:
Profitable organizations for commercial farms of Potter County, Pennsylvania

Mihalos, H., 1970:
Profitable orientation--the businessman and agriculture

Funk, R., 1975:
Profitable outlets for wood wastes

Dikshit, Nn, 1972:
Profitable paddy cultivation for U. p

Chessmore, Roy, A., 1979:
Profitable pasture management

Murphy, W.; Johnson, M., 1977:
Profitable pasture production in central Oregon

Kuhlmann, M., 2005:
Profitable petting farms

Dean, B.; Cromwell, G.; Edwards, R.; Liptrap, D.; Whiteker, M.; Wise, W., 1975:
Profitable pig and pork production in Kentucky

Tisdall, Fgd, 1972:
Profitable pig progress

Dragoev, P., 1972:
Profitable pig-farming.

Haalck, G., 1976:
Profitable piglet production without bedding on a permeable surface

Toplis, P., 1979:
Profitable pigs and computers

Cramer, C., 1987:
Profitable pigs--on pasture

Swindells, P., 1978:
Profitable pineapples

Watermeyer, Jm, 1970:
Profitable planning of a farm irrigation scheme

Tweeten, L.-G.R.ichardt, A.-W.L.grone, W., F., 1965:
Profitable plans for farms in the major bottomlands of south central and east central Oklahoma

Bory, M.; Kanizsay, J., 1975:
Profitable plant cultivation on household plots

Evans, A., 1980:
Profitable poplars

Anonymous, 2001:
Profitable pork

Cramer, C., 1990:
Profitable pork on pasture

Giesler, F.; Hirschinger, C.; Vilstrup, R., 1975:
Profitable port production

Anonymous, 2002:
Profitable poultry

Rangareddy, P., 1979:
Profitable poultry farming

Rogers, A.C-Campbell, 1948:
Profitable poultry keeping in India and the East

Lee, Clarence-Edgar, 1945:
Profitable poultry management

Johnson, H.-A.R.bertson, L.; Sicer, J.W., 1948:
Profitable poultry management on central Indiana farms

Traupman, M., 1990:
Profitable poultry on pasture

Parnell, Edward-Douglas, 1957:
Profitable poultry production

Muller, Kh, 1975:
Profitable poultry raising in small building with outdoor run

Nix, J., 1973:
Profitable power farming

Kilde, Rebecca, 2002:
Profitable practices and strategies for a new generation

Strausser, Mj, 1993:
Profitable pricing: increase profits by determining the right markup on your merchandise

Iakunin, N.; Iaunsils, U.; Rylov, N., 1976:
Profitable processing of wood raw material

Washburn, B., 1985:
Profitable produce through mobile markets

Dhar, N.; Singh, J., 1974:
Profitable production of potato in feebly alkaline soil by application of energy rich materials alone and with rock phosphate and N.p.k. and their influence on quality of potato

Boichev, I., 1975:
Profitable production of veal

Feng, Tc, 1987:
Profitable project

Littmann, H., 1975:
Profitable protein production on the farm

Anonymous, 1949:
Profitable rabbit breeding

Dyson, H., 1950:
Profitable rabbit keeping

Miller, Robert, E., 1952:
Profitable rabbit management

Mainardi-Fazio, Fausta, 1980:
Profitable raising of snails

Rodas, Justo, 1957:
Profitable raising of turkeys

Karch, H., 1980:
Profitable rearing of hens also without cages

Sasazaki, Tatsuo, 1956:
Profitable rearing of pigs

Furuya, Harukichi, 1951:
Profitable rearing of swine

Pursley, R., 2007:
Profitable reproductive management of high-producing dairy herds

Burckhardt, I., 1974:
Profitable reserves in fattening bulls: Results from management controls in Hesse

O'-Sullivan, Mh, 1984:
Profitable resource allocation in the grazing sector or the cow, the farmer and the economist

Donaldson, R.-Bain; Johnstone, W., F., 1955:
Profitable roadside marketing

Calvin, Robert, J., 1984:
Profitable sales management and marketing for growing businesses

Patil, Av, 1975:
Profitable santra cultivation

Benkovich, J., 1976:
Profitable screening for pollution control and byproduct recovery

Kirillov, I.; Mukhina, N., 1974:
Profitable sector (seed production of grasses and legumes in the Leningrad Region)

Chuprina, M.; Shapochka, P.1; Kobliakova, M., 1980:
Profitable sector Production of sugarbeet seed, Cherkassy Region.1

Kight, T., 1989:
Profitable selling of milkfat threatened

Collins, Spelman, B., 1956:
Profitable sheep

Koichev, K., 1978:
Profitable sheep husbandry in fo

Anonymous, 1978:
Profitable sheep management

Bullen, P., 1971:
Profitable silage production by groups organization

Bullen, P., 1971:
Profitable silage production through cooperative groups

Miller, T.; Livingston, S., 1987:
Profitable small grain production in the Texas Gulf Coast

Gunston, J., 1950:
Profitable smallholdings

Mainardi-Fazio, Fausta, 1983:
Profitable snail breeding

Knuti, L.-Leonard; Korpi, M.; Hide, J.C., 1962:
Profitable soil management

Anonymous, 1994:
Profitable solutions for quality drying of softwoods and hardwoods

Caruso, Rv, 1976:
Profitable soy based foods marketing

Dorrance, A.-E.L.pps, P., E., 2002:
Profitable soybean disease management in Ohio

Ayres, Ge, 1973:
Profitable soybean harvesting

Sandell, Cary, L., 1994:
Profitable soybean marketing strategies for Nebraska producers

Thompson, H.; Herman, J., 1968:
Profitable soybean production

Botev, B., 1975:
Profitable strawberry production

Sharma, Ra, 1977:
Profitable sugarcane cultivation in Madhya Pradesh

Thrasher, Dm, 1969:
Profitable swine production in Louisiana

Schoning, 1977:
Profitable swine production with feed mixture produced by the farmer

Baker, Hk, 1969:
Profitable systems of beef production

Nyland, R.-D.R.dolph, V., J., 1969:
Profitable tapping of sugar maples in Michigans lower peninsula

Lange, W., 1971:
Profitable turkey fattening?

Hamilton, S.W., 1940:
Profitable turkey management

Totusek, R., 1976:
Profitable type for beef cows

Anonymous, 1954:
Profitable use of fertilizer in the Midwest

Novakova, V., 1972:
Profitable use of herbicides against resistant weeds in cereals

Braileanu, P., 1983:
Profitable use of irrigation installations

Anonymous, 1950:
Profitable use of lime and fertilizer

Turebaev, Zhm, 1977:
Profitable use of nitrogen fertilizers applied in dryland farming of winter wheat

Draycott, A.; Durrant, M., 1976:
Profitable use of phosphate

Chatterjee, Ac, 1970:
Profitable uses of filter mud

Gonzalez-Larraina, M.M.rtinez-Ruiz-Carrillo, F., 1983:
Profitable viticulture or superproduction

Waterhouse, D., 1975:
Profitable weed control for cereals

Andrews, Wb, 1970:
Profitable winter grazing

Grant-Watson, Elliott-Lovegood, 1949:
Profitable wonders

Anonymous, 1987:
Profitable wool handling

Steinkampf, H., 1977:
Profitable work of high powered tractors from energetic aspects

Kodon, S., 1980:
Profitableness and apiculture

Anonymous, 1981:
Profitableness and financing of fruit growing beyond 1979 (crop year 1979-1980)

Noort, L.Van, 1980:
Profitableness and financing of the tree nursery in Boskoop for 1978-1979

Kharebava, R., 1973:
Profitableness and increased production of tea-growing collective farms

Bryleva, Vf, 1973:
Profitableness and prices in livestock production

Andreae, B., 1972:
Profitableness enchancement measures in ranch operations

Formanek, B.D.bisar, K., 1975:
Profitableness in the foodstuff industry and its measurement

Nederpel, Wac, 1984:
Profitableness increased by suitable substrate for Gerbers

Vidmar, U., 1975:
Profitableness of apiculture

Golz, W., 1975:
Profitableness of apiculture on the basis of breeding

Burchkhardt, I., 1974:
Profitableness of beef production

Doeksen, J., 1980:
Profitableness of beef production since 1970

Jani, M., 1980:
Profitableness of beekeeping on a socialist farm

Heissenhuber, A.S.einhauser, H.S.hwarz, E., 1983:
Profitableness of brewing barley farming in Bavaria

Liedel, W., 1983:
Profitableness of coypu farming

Dravnietse, L., 1974:
Profitableness of cut flowers

Halttunen, J., 1982:
Profitableness of delivery cuttings has become better Timber harvesting.1

Ovinge, J., 1980:
Profitableness of feeding extra feed concentrate in summer

Noort, L.Van, 1975:
Profitableness of flower bulb cultivation in the provinces of North and South Holland during 1973

Szwejkowski, Z.K.zeslak, S., 1982:
Profitableness of forage-and-cereal crop rotations as influenced by increasing rates of nitrogen fertilization

Hausser, K., 1972:
Profitableness of forest fertilization

Schneeberger, W., 1983:
Profitableness of growing broadbeans in Austria

Anonymous, 1983:
Profitableness of growing the summer oak, though not in combination with the beech, and the growing of the Douglas fir--a reply to a reaction by Mr. J. Sevenster

Noort, L.Van, 1974:
Profitableness of growing vegetables under glass in the Netherlands during 1973

Chukhno, Df, 1974:
Profitableness of horticulture and ways of increasing it

Ban, Aw-Van-Den, 1983 :
Profitableness of investments in agricultural research and advisory service

Hampel, M., 1973:
Profitableness of mildew control

Anonymous, 1984:
Profitableness of milk production

Ermolenko, Vi, 1975:
Profitableness of milk production on a complex with 1200 cows, planned on the Lenin state farm, of Moscow Region

Ivask, T., 1974:
Profitableness of milk production on the state farms of the Estonian SSR

Pokatilov, If, 1973:
Profitableness of pears grown on slow growing dwarf rootstocks

Kovalenok, Ea, 1974:
Profitableness of pork production according to the level of specialization and capital securance

Gaast, G.Van-Der, 1980:
Profitableness of preliminary cooling and heat recovery in milk cooling on the dairy farm

Weber, T., 1982:
Profitableness of producing and purchasing young bulls

Mikhailov, A., 1980:
Profitableness of production wit

Katsarov, G., 1983:
Profitableness of public apicult

Obal, I., 1976:
Profitableness of reclamation investments in measures of the International Bank

Hiemer, J., 1983:
Profitableness of regional machine utilization

Fenner, J.S.einhauser, H., 1982:
Profitableness of seed multiplication as exemplified by winter wheat

Rallo-Gutierrez, Jp, 1983:
Profitableness of seeds

Katsarov, G., 1979:
Profitableness of socialist apia

Sevenster, J., 1983:
Profitableness of the summer oak and Douglas fir: a reaction

Tkachuk, Ma, 1969:
Profitableness of vegetable prod

Poliakova, T.; Akinin, V., 1973:
Profitableness of winter wheat production

Vickermann, E., 1974:
Profitableness, stability and liquidity in the mushroom industry

Ullum, Ja, 1973:
Profitibility control--the way to manage finances

Noort, L.Van, 1974:
Profitibility of bulb cultivation in the provinces of North and South Holland during 1972

Crater, Gd, 1977:
Profiting by educating the customer

Anonymous, 1989:
Profiting from a financial plan

Howard, W.-G.G.ile, B., R., 1992:
Profiting from innovation

Bowman, C., 1991:
Profiting from inside information: Scouts help growers cut costs and chemical use

Beattie, Dj, 1986:
Profiting from perennials: how to start a perennial business

Anonymous, 1999:
Profiting from poison

Anonymous, 1998:
Profiting from pretty poinsettias

Strom, Claire, 2003:
Profiting from the plains

Chiesa, V.M.nzini, R., 1998:
Profiting from the virtual organization of technological innovation: suggestions from an empirical study

Peyster, D.De, 1988:
Profiting with Concords

Anonymous, 1947:
Profits 1936-1944

Anonymous, 1947:
Profits 1936-39--1944

Anonymous, 1980:
Profits and fruit shrink when heat hits avocados

Hildreth, R.J.M.ore, C., A., 1958:
Profits and losses from on-farm drying and storage of grain sorghum in central Texas and the coastal bend

Hildreth, R.J.S.renson, J.W., 1957:
Profits and losses from on-farm drying and storage of rice in Texas

Nelson, A.-Gustave; Korzan, G., E., 1941:
Profits and losses in ranching, western South Dakota, 1931-1940

Gardner, B., 1976:
Profits and pensions

Copland, D.B.C.ark, M., S., 1941:
Profits and price control

Thomas, Wjk, 1974:
Profits and problems in the south-west

Kauffman, R.G., 1975:
Profits and prophets

Fornari, B., 1980:
Profits and sales of the Italian mills and macaroni factories

Anonymous, 1948:
Profits can be increased by control of tomato hornworms, corn earworms, and borers

Kunzman, L., 1975:
Profits can expand agriculture to feed the growing world

Peters, L.; Garbacz, M., 1978:
Profits fly out when insects invade stored grain

Hart, J.; Lindsey, S., 1981:
Profits from Christmas trees Kansas

Wood, R.Owen, 1953:
Profits from arable sheep flocks

Fil'-Chakov, I., 1981:
Profits from beef production specialization and concentration Bashkir ASSR.1

Chase, Jocelyn-Leathley-Heber, 1945:
Profits from cloches

Suprunenko, I., 1981:
Profits from commercial production of feeds Dnepropetrovsk Region.1

Anonymous, 1940:
Profits from farm power

Walker, N., 1972:
Profits from finishing pigs

Hopen, Hj, 1976:
Profits from gardens

Berberian, A., 1970:
Profits from marine resources

Reid, W.O.cott-Reid, B., 1985:
Profits from native pecans

Callow, M.V.n-Houtert, M., 1998:
Profits from pastures

Woods, Ct, 1987:
Profits from pesticide education

Anonymous, 1963:
Profits from pigs

Kamagata, I., 1969:
Profits from poultry raising an

Campbell, Robert, A., 1956:
Profits from pruning Appalachian white pine

Anonymous, 1958:
Profits from rangeland fertilization

Vijverberg, Wim, P.M., 1988:
Profits from self-employment

Blackburn, Ag, 1969:
Profits from sheep: which factors are most important

Davidson, G., 1983:
Profits from the 1982 beet crop

Strydom, Lp, 1970:
Profits from the kitchen garden

Stayton, C.; Chandler, J., 1983 :
Profits from timber production

Sturdivant, Lee, 1988:
Profits from your backyard herb garden

Anonymous, 1940:
Profits greater than the investment

Jordan, Rm, 1977:
Profits high, but few feeder lambs available

Anonymous, 1973:
Profits in 1974 under Phase IV

Rutledge, Rw, 1969:
Profits in a changing world

Morita, M., 1969:
Profits in mechanization of pou

Vial, Edmund-Ellsworth, 1960:
Profits in the milk industry, New York Metropolitan Area

Backman, Jules, 1947:
Profits in the national economy

Ralph, W., 1982:
Profits in whey Manufacturing process, protein concentrate, Australia

Smith, Sf, 1989:
Profits maintained on good dairy farms

Teitelman, Robert, 1994:
Profits of science

Jilkova, M., 1971:
Profits of slaughter animals in meat

Aver'-Ianova, Iu, 1975:
Profits of state farms under the state cost accounting system

Fankhauser, V., 1976:
Profits of the family garden

Albright, Matthew, 2004:
Profits pending

Coakley, D., 1979:
Profits rise to 3 1

Capaul, L., 1979:
Profits rise to a head with brewers wet grains

Anonymous, 1978:
Profits take wing when flies attack cattle

Pryor, A., 1980:
Profits threatened in the underground

Butterworth, B., 1975:
Profits topped too

Smith, D., 1980:
Profits under pressure

Surls, Ra, 1984:
Profits up, inputs down

Hanan, Mack, 1992 :
Profits without products

Anonymous, 1943:
Profits, 1936-1942, fruit and vegetable canners

Anonymous, 1943:
Profits, 1936-1942, meat packers

Anonymous, 1963:
Profits, competition and rules of thumb in retail food pricing

Billordo, Ml, 1974:
Profits, discouragement for exportation

Housley, Cb, 1972:
Profits, joint costs and water quality control

Anonymous, 1947:
Profits, prices and wages in the food industry, 1947

Nelson, W.; Thingelstad, C., 1985:
Profits, soil erosion, and risk

Thomas, Wjk, 1976:

Burkaetis*-Section-*ka, O.N., 1965:
Profliaktichni zakhodi pri roboti z otrutokhimikatami v ami v sil* section *s* section *komi hospodarstvi

Kahrs, Ra, 1978:

Hanko, J., 1976:
Profluvium apium--dysentery of honeybees

Phillips, Richard, 1990:
Proforma financial analysis for use on MS-DOS microcomputers

Denisov, Ak, 1984:
Profound analysis and assistance of natural regeneration

Brugnoli, A., 1975:
Profound changes on the used market

Serkov, A., 1977:
Profound economic basis of plans for farms

Moragianni, V.A.; Somkuti, S.G., 2007:
Profound hypothyroidism-induced acute menorrhagia resulting in life-threatening anemia

Vsevolozhskii, I.; Shteinman, M.G.nchenko, I., 1975:
Profound knowledge in production management for graduates of letters

Lane, I.F.; Matwichuk, C.L.; Carpenter, L.G.; Behrend, E.N., 1999:
Profound postanesthetic hypoglycemia attributable to glucocorticoid deficiency in 2 dogs

Popov, Ae, 1976:
Profound specialization and concentration of production of sugarbeets an important task

Coffin, C.S.; Mulrooney-Cousins, P.M.; Lee, S.S.; Michalak, T.I.; Swain, M.G., 2007:
Profound suppression of chronic hepatitis C following superinfection with hepatitis B virus

Zamojska, D., 1984:
Profound vessels and nets of capillary vessels of the uterine tube and its mesosalpinx in pigs during the estrus cycle

Elberger, Aj, 1984:
Profound, short-term hypothermia as an effective adjunct to barbiturate anesthesia in feline neonates

Stolarski, M.; Szczukowski, S.; Tworkowski, J.; Kopaczel, M., 2007:
Proftability of willow production in short cycles in the low Vistula valley

Garmendia, J.M.; Parada, J.M.; Murillo, J.; Mora, J., 2005:
Profundizacion minima necesaria para la evaluacion de impactos de cultivos marinos sobre la fauna bentonica

Labas, P.; Cambal, M., 2007:
Profuse bleeding in patients with chronic venous insufficiency

Ozkan, A.; Baskan, E.Bulbul.; Ali, R.; Ozkalemkas, F.; Turan, H.; Adim, S.Balaban.; Oz, O., 2007:
Profuse erythema multiforme induced by chlorambucil

Rohde, R.A.eksic, S.M.ller, G.P.avsic, S.A.eksic, V., 1975:
Profuse fimbriae conferring o-inagglutinability to several strains of Salmonella typhi-murium and Salmonella enteritidis isolated from pasta products: Cultural, morphological, and serological experiments

Pages, Jp, 1998:
Profuse intra-retinal hemorrhage: a major symptom for diagnosis of canine leptospirosis (with regard to 13 observations)

Ingram, D.; Yeager, T., 1986:
Progagation of landscape plants

Rybakov, Av, 1983:
Progenetic metacercaria of Decemtestis genus, a parasite of far-eastern mollusk Mactra chinensis Philippi

Sera, G.-Hiroshi; Sera, T.; Ito, D.-Shiguer; Da-Mata, J.-Siqueira; Doi, D.-Saori; De-Azevedo, J.-Alves; Ribeiro, C., 2007 :
Progenies de coffea arabica CV IPR-100 resistentes ao nematoide meloidogyne paranaensis

Sera, G.H.; Sera, T.; Ito, D.S.; Mata, J.S. da; Doi, D.S.; Azevedo, J.A. de; Ribeiro Filho, C., 2007:
Progenies of Coffea arabica cv IPR-100 resistant to root-knot nematode Meloidogyne paranaensis

Pershina, L.; Shumnyi, V.; Numerova, O.; Belova, L., 1987:
Progenies of barley-wheat hybrids (Hordeum vulgare X Triticum aestivum) from backcrosses with wheat

Wu, S.K.noshita, T.T.kahashi, M., 1972:
Progenies of crosses between di

Sindelar, J., 1983:
Progenies of the certified seed units of Norway spruce, Picea abies (L.) Karst., on the check areas

Drewa, T.; Styczynski, J., 2007:
Progenitor cells are responsible for formation primary epithelial cultures in the prostate epithelial model

Braun, H.W.issleder, S., 1986:
Progenity test of Douglas fir stands in the German Democratic Republic, a contribution to the use of domestic reserves

Ackerman, Wl, 1973:
Progeny analysis of scented camellia hybrids

Ladipo, D.O., 1985:
Progeny and clone X site interaction in Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum in southern Nigeria

Morgenstern, Ek, 1980:
Progeny and clone testing in boreal breeding programs

Siqueira, A.; Morais, E.N.gueira, J.; Murgel, J.; Kageyama, P., 1982:
Progeny and provenance tests of Dipteryx alata Vog

Lindgren, D.E.iksson, G., 1977:
Progeny appraisal method

Kostova, D.P.ryazov, I., 1995:
Progeny assessment of the resistance to necrotic NL5 strain on bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) in some Bulgarian green bean breeding lines

Schonmuth, G., 1970:
Progeny collections derived from elite bulls on show at Agra 70

Larsson, L., 1973:
Progeny control for swine, 1971

Gaillard, J.L.sseur, M.R.gis, R., 1979:
Progeny control of beef breed bulls used for industrial crossbreeding and artificial insemination

Arnaud, P.D.rrien, A.L.quet, M., 1980:
Progeny control. Results of boars ended in 1979

Grass, Sp, 1984:
Progeny data collection and measurement

Bebyakin, V.M.; Osyka, I.A.; Kulagina, T.V., 2007:
Progeny evaluation of high-quality soft spring wheat varieties

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