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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 16916

Chapter 16916 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Rivaille, P.R.ulais, D., 1969:
Researches on xanthone and other constituents of Gentiana and Swertia: the presence of a new triterpene in Gentiana verna L

Abe, I.O.uyama, T.M.ki, T.U.mura, K., 1975:
Researches regarding frost inju

Prisacaru, C.; Burlacu, A.I.; Rotaru, L., 2007:
Researches regarding the antiradicalic effect of some non-vitaminic antioxidants

Vlad, R.; Cuciurean, C., 2007:
Researches regarding the distribution of the volume by primary assortments in spruce stands damaged by deer

Iordachescu, O.D.breanu, M., 1977:
Researches regarding the modification of tomato pigmentation during the provisional warehousing

Cireasa, V.S.rdu, V., 1985:
Researches regarding the reduction of the sweet cherry height

Groza, I.; Bogdan, L.; Morar, I.; Ciupe, S.; Pop, A.R.; Cenariu, M., 2005:
Researches regarding the use of progesterone blood level determination for pregnancy diagnosis in Rousettus aegyptiacus bats

Biris, S.S.; Vladut, V.; Bungescu, S.; Paraschiv, G., 2007:
Researches regarding the utilization of ante-moldboard in the ploughs building

Kamo, Iwao, 1943:
Researches relating to the flowering of rice plants

Rola, J.R.la, H.G.binska, K.K.kowski, T., 1974:
Researches upon the reaction of wheat varieties to herbicides

Livia, N., 2005:
Researches upon the working process of rotary harrow active tools

Guzman, R., M.; Kolstad, C., D., 2007:
Researching Preferences, Valuation and Hypothetical Bias

Lueschen, We, 1983:
Researching Treflan carryover

Anonymous, 2001:
Researching a blueberry

Farries, Kg, 1978:
Researching a countys windmill history: Essex

Schaeffer, E., 1980:
Researching a poineer garden

Anonymous, 1984:
Researching acid deposition

Jakubiec, J.N.rkiewicz, M., 1981:
Researching after diplandrous and diplogynous forms in progenies of crosses between diploid clones and tetraploid varieties of Solanum tuberosum

Khailis, G.A.K.valev, M.-Mikhailovich; Potemkina, N.S., 1994:
Researching agricultural equipment and processing the test data

Freeborg, Rp, 1971:
Researching arsenic toxicity to Poa annua

Srivastava, Dp, 1987:
Researching fertilisers to the farmer doorstep: role of a fertiliser dealer

Rood, B.A.lard, I.; Wilcox, R., 1976:
Researching forest data: a guide for local users

Anonymous, 1993:
Researching health risks

Sharrer, Gt, 1988:
Researching livestock history

Apps, Jerold, W., 1967:
Researching lower socio-economic rural youth

Billings, D., 1999:
Researching maintenance equipment & irrigation

Liskey, E., 1999:
Researching maintenance: horticulture & chemicals

Tette, Jp, 1982:
Researching methods for implementing IPM Integrated Pest Management on small farms in the Northeast Education, informatin delivery

Rumsey, K., 1999:
Researching pesticides health effects on the Web

Patel, V.; Goodman, A., 2007:
Researching protective and promotive factors in mental health

Murray, R., 2000:
Researching risk factors associated with cattle lameness

Kopke, Ulrich, 2005:
Researching sustainable systems

Alsegg, Rj, 1969:
Researching the European markets

Anonymous, 1982:
Researching the forest environment

Folwell, R.; Baritelle, J., 1975:
Researching the port and sherry market

Hacskaylo, E., 1983:
Researching the potential of forest tree mycorrhizae Ecological and physiological principles

Mccord, So, 1970:
Researching the problem of worker motivation

French, Y., 2007:
Researching the research

Brunhart, P., 1979:
Researching the runner peanut

Downey, Ab, 1972:
Researching the timber market

Knezevic, R., 2007:
Researching the tourist attractions and the attractiveness of the valley of the River Mreznica

Baritelle, J.; Folwell, R., 1975:
Researching the wine buyer

Liskey, E., 1999:
Researching update: ARP comes to IPM

Emmert, B.; Makuch, J., 1993:
Researching water quality (I)

Doyle, Diane, 1998:
Researching water quality (II)

Emmert, B.M.kuch, J., 1993:
Researching water quality: January 1989 - July 1993

Budkie, Ma, 1990:
Researching your local research facility

Arkin, J., 1975:
Researchist examines the flight patterns of bumblebees

Marinescu, I.S.aca, R.T.cu, M.S.aca, D.M.rinescu, I., 1982:
Researchs and experiments concerning solar energy utilisation in wood drying

Dapper, H., 1972:
Researchs upon the decomposition of cork

Zha-Xiang-Dong; Zhang-Bu-Chang; Huang-Bei; Liu-Jing; Xu-Kang-Sen, 2007:
Researeh advances of genetic recombination of RNA viruses

Mauz-Körholz, C.; Gorde-Grosjean, S.; Hasenclever, D.; Shankar, A.; Dörffel, W.; Wallace, W.Hamish.; Schellong, Günther.; Robert, A.; Körholz, D.; Oberlin, O.; Hall, G.W.; Landman-Parker, J., 2007 :
Resection alone in 58 children with limited stage, lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma-experience from the European network group on pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma

Derksen, F.; Stick, J., 1983:
Resection and anastomosis of esophageal stricture in a foal Horses, surgery

Richards, C.D.; Kallenback, W.W., 1979:
Resection and anastomosis of the trachea for removal of an intraluminal foreign body

Jacobson, R., 1971:
Resection and relocation of the external auditory canal

Davis, D.M.; Honnas, C.M.; Hedlund, C.S.; Schneiter, H.L., 1991:
Resection of a cervical tracheal bronchus in a foal

Baird, D.K.; Duffell, S.J., 1974:
Resection of a fibromuscular subaortic stenosis in a dog

Burba, Daniel, J., 1996:
Resection of a rib with osteomyelitis in a foal

Rotzer, Ze, 1969:
Resection of a tumor distorte

Zderic, V.; O'Keefe, G.E.; Foley, J.L.; Vaezy, S., 2007:
Resection of abdominal solid organs using high-intensity focused ultrasound

Serteyn, D.M.ttart, E., 1987:
Resection of an ileocecal intussusception in a cow

Tralhão, J.G.; Kayal, S.; Dagher, I.; Sanhueza, M.; Vons, C.; Franco, D., 2007:
Resection of hepatocellular carcinoma: the effect of surgical margin and blood transfusion on long-term survival. Analysis of 209 consecutive patients

Rawlings, C.Alvin., 2007:
Resection of inflammatory polyps in dogs using laparoscopic-assisted cystoscopy

Robertson, J.T.; Tate, L.P., 1982:
Resection of intussuscepted large colon in a horse

Kuehnl, A.; Schmidt, M.; Hornung, H-Martin.; Graser, A.; Jauch, K-Walter.; Kopp, R., 2007:
Resection of malignant tumors invading the vena cava: perioperative complications and long-term follow-up

Booth, T.M.; Clegg, P.D.; Singer, E.R.; Cheeseman, M.T., 2000:
Resection of the common digital extensor tendon in a gelding

Evans, L.; West, J., 1976:
Resection of the preputial diverticulum in the boar

Sommer, W.O.ragh, H., 1981:
Resection of the small intestine in a horse

Wagner, P.; Watrous, B.; Shires, G.; Riebold, T., 1985:
Resection of the supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula in a colt

Klitsgaard, J., 1969:
Resection of thigh bone fract

Banic, J., 1971:
Resection of ulnar diaphysis in the dog

Leon-Arencibia, M.; La-Serna-Ramos, I., 1984:
Reseda lanceroate Webb & Berth. ex Del., valid name of a Canarian endemism

Kasumov, Ma, 1975:
Reseda luteola L. and the possibilities of its use in rug manufacture

Nasir, Y., 1975:

Jalas, Jaakko, 1999:
Resedaceae to Platanaceae

Hinz, W.; Frost, K., 1973:
Reseed rangelands with basin-forming machines

Dodd, J.; Platt, C.; Weichert, A., 1975:
Reseeding a saline clay flat in the Rio Grande Plain

Duhaubois, R., 1981:
Reseeding a spring crop after a returned cereal

Duhaubois, R., 1980:
Reseeding a spring crop after a second cereal crop

Smith, Gr, 1992:
Reseeding annual clovers in pastures--effects of hardseededness and micronutrients on establishment of reseeding stands

Bloodworth, H., 1996:
Reseeding arrowleaf clover as a nitrogen source for no-till cotton

Wiedemann, H.; Brock, J., 1975:
Reseeding as affected by seedbed preparation, seeding methods and seeding rates following root plowing

Anderson, Darwin, 1953:
Reseeding desert grassland ranges in southern Arizona

Anonymous, 1949:
Reseeding for range improvement

Luten, W.K.ooster, J.; Roozeboom, L., 1976:
Reseeding grassland. Report of comparative research with different methods of reseeding during the period 1971-1974

Mcadam, Jh, 1984:
Reseeding hill land

Joost, Re, 1990:
Reseeding management of white and subterranean clovers

Bidwell, Tg, 1993:
Reseeding marginal cropland to perennial grasses

Papanastasis, V.; Pittas, A., 1982:
Reseeding of burned Mediterranean brushlands in Greece Bromus, Lolium, Dactylis, Phalaris, Trifolium, Lotus

Evers, Gw, 1996:
Reseeding of crimsom clover

Wasshausen, W., 1977:
Reseeding of pasture land with wide row combination

Jennings, J.; Nelson, C., 1991:
Reseeding old alfalfa stands

Anonymous, 2002:
Reseeding project offers aid to strapped Afghani farmers

Wiedemann, H.; Brock, J., 1975:
Reseeding results following tree grubbing of rangeland

Platt, C.; Dodd, J., 1975:
Reseeding saline clay flat in the Rio Grande Plain

Harris, H.; Slinkard, A., 1972:
Reseeding semiarid rangeland

Reynolds, H.G.; Springfield, H.W., 1953:
Reseeding southwestern range lands with crested wheatgrass

Gomm, F.B., 1962:
Reseeding studies at a small high-altitude park in southwestern Montana

Mil'-Ner, M., 1971:
Reseeding winter wheat crops, the result of poor agronomic practices

Collins, A., 1980:
Reseeding with the direct drill--How to avoid pitfalls when drilling grass into an old sward

Bracker, Hh, 1976:
Reseeding, a systematic planned step for improving pastures

Noh, E.; Lee, S., 1983:
Reselection of Populus alba X

Mckenzie, B., 1982:
Reselience and stability of the grasslands of Transkei Aristida, Themeda systems, grazing, South Africa

Blaha, L.M.rtinek, V., 1979:
Resemblance coefficient in genetics and plant breeding

Oota, Y.T.udzuki, T., 1971:
Resemblance of growth substances to metal chelators with respect to their actions on duckweed growth

Tyschchenko, Vp, 1972:
Resemblance of the basic mechanism of photoperiodic reactions in insects and plants

Gasparini, A., 1978:
Resemblence of work of Italian farmers: farming, the rural family and cultural value of agricultural work in four different Mediterranean environment

Bruner, S.-Cole; Valdes, B., F., 1945:
Resena de los insectos y enfermedades que atacan a las papas en Cuba

Schildt, Georan, 1960:
Resenearer i Floras rike

Anonymous, 1945:
Resenha do SAPS

Kalbfleisch, D., 1983:
Reseqrch on TAMM and other elements of the U.S. timber assessment system--discussion

Raki, Z.T.th, M., 1975:
Reserach activities of rabbits rearing in France

Anonymous, 1984:
Reserach and graduate studies report

Maslinkov, I.L.kov, T.; Grigorov, V.U.unov, P.K.rakasheva, M., 1972:
Reserach on corn harvesters with

Pick, E., 1972:
Reserach structure in agricultural technology

Anonymous, 1972:
Reserachers investigate oilseed, grain legume and feed grain crops

Kavardzhikov, L., 1976:
Reserch on the ability of certai

Meppelink, Ek, 1973:
Reserch on the methods to determine kernel hardiness of wheat

Anonymous, 1973:
Reserch united with industry

Slotkin, Ta, 1974:

Kanner, B.I.; Fishkes, H.; Maron, R.; Sharon, I.; Schuldiner, S., 1979:
Reserpine as a competitive and reversible inhibitor of the catecholamine transporter of bovine chromaffin granules

Toncheva, E.P.tkova, O., 1974:
Reserpine influence on amino nit

Edens, F.W.; Siegel, H.S., 1974:
Reserpine modification of the blood pH, pCO2, and pO2 of chickens in high environmental temperature

Lloyd, K.C.; Harrison, I.; Tulleners, E., 1985:
Reserpine toxicosis in a horse

Bidwell, L.A.; Schott, H.C.I.I.; Derksen, F.J., 2007:
Reserpine toxicosis in an aged gelding

Fromm, Georg, 1960 :
Reserpinwirkungen beim Rind und Schwein

Anonymous, 1997:
Reserva Natural La Planada

Vasquez-Sanchez, M.-Angel; Ramos-Olmos, M.-Alberto, 1992:
Reserva de la Biosfera Montes Azules, Selva Lacandona

Moreira, Andre-De-Castro, C., 2000:
Reserva extrativista do Bairro Mandira

Aragon, L.-E.C.usener-Godt, M., 1997:
Reservas da biosfera e reservas extrativistas

Anonymous, 1999:
Reservas de la biosfera

Goicochea-Dominguez, Clara, 1998:
Reservas naturales en grave riesgo

Tkachenko, V.; Chupryna, T.; Baklanov, O., 1979:
Reservation Provalskaya Steppe

Bykov, B.; Lomakina, L., 1980:
Reservation activities in Kazakhstan

Kondratiuk, I.; Burda, R., 1980:
Reservation conservation of Done

Spencer, V.-Lu; Arwood, D., E., 1987:
Reservation data book

Kaplun, G.; Sharovar, T.; Kruglyi, P., 1981:
Reservation during the organization of using the machine- and-tractor fleet

Mcclure, Je, 1995:
Reservation gaming: key issues for economic developers

Gray, R.; Robinett, D., 1988:
Reservation improves rangeland

Zhirmunskii, Av, 1979:
Reservation in Peter the Great Bay

Misharin, S.; Mozgova, E.; Monastyreva, L.; Mysovskaia, N.; Polikarpochkina, R.; Reimers, F.; Sukhorzhevskai, T.; Khavkin, E., 1977:
Reservation of protein specific spectra in callus cultures of maize

Riekstins, J., 1981:
Reservation territories and the importance in preserving the gene pool of common yew

Holzer, Hj, 1986:
Reservation wages and their labor market effects for black and white male youth

Saealaeageanu, G.; Bavaru, A.; Fabritius, K., 1978:
Reservation, monuments and beauty of nature in the district of Constanta

Grebennikov, Vs, 1976:
Reservations and sanctuaries

Smol'-Skii, N.; Chubanov, K., 1975:
Reservations in Belorussia and their role in the conservation of the plant world in the republic

Dolukhanov, Ag, 1980:
Reservations in relation with the problem of conservation of the plant world in mountainous countries

West, C.; Redgrave, T., 1974:
Reservations on the use of polyunsaturated fats in human nutrition

Kalinin, S.; Lapina, L., 1979:
Reservations, herbariums and botanical gardens of the central part of the Middle and Lower Volga area

Anonymous, 1988:
Reservations: basis for development

Anonymous, 1977:
Reserve Bank of India annual report

Rosenkranz, S.; Schmitz, P., W., 2007:
Reserve Prices in Auctions as Reference Points

Anonymous, 1989:
Reserve accounting

Lasserre, P., 1984:
Reserve and land prices with exploration under uncertainty

Prokof'-Ev, G.; Kliuchnikov, G.; Lebedev, I., 1980:
Reserve and operational stocks of tree-length logs

Sheveleva, Lk, 1978:
Reserve application of fertilizers in a crop rotation containing legumes grown for seed

Anonymous, 1982:
Reserve bank bulletin

Soenaryo, 1979:
Reserve carbohydrate and the incident of shoot regrowth reduction in a cocoa budwood nursery (Theobroma cacao L)

Setter, T.; Meller, V., 1984:
Reserve carbohydrate in maize stem. (14C glucose and (14C)sucrose uptake characteristics

Paca, J., 1981:
Reserve carbohydrate metabolism and cell survival in aerobically starving bakers yeast

Olivares, A.J.hnston, M.F.rnandez, G., 1989:
Reserve carbohydrates in Atriplex repanda Phil. II. Effect of defoliation

Blumenthal, Hj, 1976:
Reserve carbohydrates in fungi

François, J.; Parrou, J.L., 2001:
Reserve carbohydrates metabolism in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Manners, D.; Sturgeon, R., 1982:
Reserve carbohydrates of algae, fungi, and lichens

Vidrih, T., 1975:
Reserve carbohydrates, their determination and importance for growth of perennial grasses

Baier, J.S.rnad, P.K.istan, F.J.linek, K., 1974:
Reserve fertilizing in specialized crop ratations

Baier, J.S.rnad, P.K.istan, F.J.linek, K., 1974:
Reserve fertilizing in specialized crop rotations

Jambor, P., 1972:
Reserve fertilizing of alfalfa and its effect on some soil of degraded chernozems

Hanousek, J., 1974:
Reserve fertilizing with phosphorus and potassium at the spe cialization of crop production

Janovec, J., 1974:
Reserve fertilizing with potash on the basis of the fixation capacity of soils

Sillanpaa, Ml, 1980:
Reserve food at home

Andoliev, G.V.silev, V., 1978:
Reserve for fruit production.

Golyshin, N.; Martynenko, V., 1981:
Reserve for increased grain production

Fominykh, A.; Riabtseva, G., 1983:
Reserve for increased vegetable production

Korsakov, Ni, 1974:
Reserve for increasing plant protein production

Trifonov, B., 1976:
Reserve for increasing yields

Saiko, Vf, 1981:
Reserve for production of high winter wheat yields Ukrainian SSR.1

Konovalov, V.; Smirnov, I., 1976:
Reserve for the increase of egg and poultry meat production

Merkis, A.I.; Anisimovene, N.A., 1975:
Reserve form of iaa in bean cotyledons and its utilization in seedlings

Kuriata, Vg, 1979:
Reserve function of grapevine cellulose in the autumn-winter dormancy period

Misharin, S.; Mozgova, E.; Reimers, F.; Khavkin, F., 1978:
Reserve globulins among embryonic antigens of corn

Offutt, Se, 1988:
Reserve implications of feed-grain

Anonymous, 1952:
Reserve levels for storable farm products

Gallao, M., I.; Vieira, I., G.P.; Mendes, F., N.P.; De-Souza, A., S.N.; De-Brito, E., S., 2007:
Reserve mobilisation in mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) seed (Leguminosae)

Kovalenkov, V.; Meshcheriakova, T., 1983:
Reserve of Trichgramma and Habrobracon

Iastreb, Gv, 1971:
Reserve of available phosphates in soil of fruit-bearing orchard under systematic application of mineral fertilizers

Permiakov, Ns, 1976:
Reserve of beef production

Tikunov, M.P.nchenko, V., 1976:
Reserve of development of the economics of state farms

Stupnev, Gk, 1979:
Reserve of efficiency found in the activation of the creative work of the labor collectives

Voitenko, Mp, 1981 :
Reserve of feed protein

Serov, Av, 1978:
Reserve of fuel economy

Miakushko, Vk, 1974:
Reserve of pine forest phytomass

Petrov, Vv, 1977:
Reserve of viable plant seeds in the uppermost soil layer beneath the canopies on coniferous and small leaved forests

Blackwell, Dg, 1973:
Reserve or emergency fund

Wadhva, Cd, 1969:
Reserve pooling in Asia and the Far East

Budzko, I.; Levin, M., 1982:
Reserve power stations for electric energy supply to the most important agricultural consumers USSR.1

Lukovnikova, Ga, 1976:
Reserve proteins in cabbage seeds and vegetative organs

Lukovnikova, Ga, 1976:
Reserve proteins in seed and vegetative organs of cabbage

Wnuszynski, S., 1973:
Reserve queen bees in mating hives

Marek, J., 1976:
Reserve remedies for control of honeybee diseases

Aizenman, J.; Turnovsky, S., J., 1999 :
Reserve requirements on sovereign debt in the presence of moral hazard -- on debtors or creditors?

Bazzigher, G., 1976:
Reserve spraying with high concentrated fungicides to control brown felt blight fungus in the fall

Walker, Rodney, L., 1974:
Reserve stocks of grain

Gurbaev, M.; Abramov, A., 1971:
Reserve stocks of high-yield capacity

Sharples, J.; Walker, R., 1975:
Reserve stocks: a wheat simulation model

Jonsson, N., 1976:
Reserve substances in forage grasses: studies of factors influencing accumulation and utilization of reserves

Sorlin, S., 1980:
Reserve systems give best preparedness against interrupted water supply

Aizenman, J.; Marion, N.-Peregrim, 1999:
Reserve uncertainty and the supply of international credit

Skarda, M., 1970:
Reserved fertilization with industrial fertilizers

Hokkanen, H., 1979:
Reserved fields, their use and management in central Finland in 1974

Klein, M., 1983:
Reserved forests in Saarland

Shaw, M., 1997:
Reserved mill managers glance upwards for 1998

Brooks, Ht, 1979:
Reserved water rights and out national forests

Anonymous, 1978:
Reserved water rights for federal and Indian reservations

Sly, Peter, W., 1988:
Reserved water rights settlement manual

Higginson, Rk, 1976:
Reserved water rights--a solution is needed

Szulc, W., 1970:
Reserves allowing to increase the slaughter pig production on state farms without any special capital expenditure

Gradshtein, I.-Simkhovich; Daniushevskii, G.'-Mikhailovich; Gruzinov, V.P., 1973:
Reserves and an increase in the effectiveness of the fruit and vegetable canning industry

Muzychkin, E.; Shkonde, E., 1974:
Reserves and balance of nutrients in crop rotation on Chernozem soils

Frenkel, I., 1975:
Reserves and endangered points of manpower balance in agriculture

Shkonde, E.; Lola, M., 1976:
Reserves and forms of nutrients and humus in typical Chernozem in the foothill area of the Caucasus as affected by long term application of fertilizers

Guseinov, R.; Godzhamanov, A., 1970:
Reserves and forms of potassium in soils of Azerbaijan cotton zone

Chirkova, R.; Kozybaeva, F., 1978:
Reserves and group composition of phosphates in intrazonal soils of foothill plains of the Trans-Ili Ala-Tau

Kalinichenko, A.; Borshchevskii, P., 1975:
Reserves and main trends in increasing the effectiveness of production at the Dolinsk sugar factory

Makarenko, G.A.S.eaeinina, T.I.B.chever, A.M., 1978:
Reserves and means of increasing efficient labor in agriculture

Lebreton, P., 1973:
Reserves and natural parks

Breus, N.; Kutsykovich, M.; Kobalivnich, P., 1976:
Reserves and supplies of potassium and phosphorus in relation to the chemical and mineralogical composition of podzolized soils in the Ukrainian forest steppe

Asmolov, Pp, 1970:
Reserves and ways of improving t

Eremeev, K.I., 1974:
Reserves and ways of increasing the effectiveness of capital investment in agriculture

Stocker, H.M.hle, S., 1979:
Reserves are opened by development of cooperation. Experiences of the Dresden Elb Valley state farms and cooperatives

Diamond, Aw, 1981:
Reserves as oceanic islands: lessons for conserving some East African montane forests

Permiakovc, N., 1980 :
Reserves for beef production in the Yakut ASSR

Iasiunas, Ev, 1976:
Reserves for cheapening the designing and construction of large greenhouse enterprises

Boiarskii, Lg, 1983:
Reserves for decreasing the consumption of cereal concentrates when producing beef and pork

Sennikova, E.; Ermakova, L., 1986:
Reserves for decreasing the consumption of feedstocks on the principal silvichemical products

Mamedov, G., 1971:
Reserves for developing tea culture in Azerbaidzhan

Tiunin, V.; Mikhailov, P., 1979:
Reserves for economizing in raw timber for crossties

Avdonin, Ns, 1977:
Reserves for effective use of fertilizers in the non-Chernozem zone

Poltorak, P.V.P.nteleeva, Z.N., 1982:
Reserves for efficiency in sugar production

Solntsev, Km, 1973:
Reserves for efficient utilization of feeds in relation to stall housing

Koval'-Chuk, M., 1979:
Reserves for exploitation of parental flocks of intensive broiler poultry farms

Alatortsev, Ek, 1976:
Reserves for exploitation of reclamated lands

Gubaidullin, M.; Gafarov, F., 1973:
Reserves for improving reclamation efficiency in the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Iurchenko, Iuh, 1970:
Reserves for improving the effec

Shkriabina, K., 1971:
Reserves for improving the grain quality of winter wheat

Levykin, Nn, 1977:
Reserves for improving the operation of the machine and tractor fleet

Annamukhamedov, O.A.hirov, A.M.sesova, S.G., 1984:
Reserves for improving the production of animal husbandry products

Korzh, Ap, 1970:
Reserves for improving the use o

Belyaev, S.V., 2007:
Reserves for increase of competitive ability of sugarbeet industry in the Kursk region

Grasu, O.S.vu, N., 1982:
Reserves for increased honey production in Romania

Shapar, Ii, 1978:
Reserves for increased rice production

Kuropiatnik, La, 1978:
Reserves for increasing beef production in the USSR

Bel'-Kov, G.; Maksimov, B., 1978:
Reserves for increasing beef production of steers in industrial-type farm conditions

Kozak, Am, 1980:
Reserves for increasing berry production

Asrorov, I.K.omidov, A.A.dullaev, Z., 1971:
Reserves for increasing capital returns on collective farms

Luk'-Ianov, Vo, 1972:
Reserves for increasing economic

Herasymovych, Am, 1977:
Reserves for increasing economic effectiveness

Mukhlisulin, S.; Al'-Zakhov, A.K.pbarov, A., 1976:
Reserves for increasing effectiveness of Karakul sheep farming

Oleinik, N., 1974:
Reserves for increasing efficiency of technique

Faruga, A.C.glowski, J., 1975:
Reserves for increasing egg production on medium size farms

Mel'-Nichenko, Vp, 1982:
Reserves for increasing fodder production in Byansk Region RSFSR-in-Europe, costs.1

Guzunov, Si, 1974:
Reserves for increasing fruit canning in the Izmail Association zone

Kushnirenko, I.; Brazhnov, A.1; Shumskikh, K., 1980:
Reserves for increasing grain production in the Southern Urals Chelyabinsk Region, RSFSR-in-Asia, effects of crop rotations and fertilizers.1

Elagin, In, 1976:
Reserves for increasing grain production in the non Chernozem zone

Beliaev, Bp, 1977:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity

Arakelov, P.K.rpichnikov, V., 1976:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity in cotton irrigation

Seleznev, B.; Danilin, N.; Baranov, P., 1978:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity in forestry

Kazaishvili, L.; Salukvadze, D., 1971:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity in subtropical agriculture

Zarytovskii, V.; Iashunin, V.; Popov, A., 1976:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity on large farms

Ryabov, Vp, 1979:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity on tree tapping and preparation of resin-impregnated wood

Shuzhmov, A.; Tarakanov, A., 1970:
Reserves for increasing labor productivity relating to forest drainage

Vinnchevskii, V., 1975:
Reserves for increasing livestock production in Kochkorka -District

Zrguev, M.; Kuropiatnik, L., 1978:
Reserves for increasing meat productivity of cattle

Maksimov, Ds, 1972 :
Reserves for increasing milk production based on one district

Ketova, N., 1979:
Reserves for increasing milk production on state farms of Maritime Territory

Efimochkina, O., 1975:
Reserves for increasing onion seed yields

Vasilev, Ts, 1972:
Reserves for increasing pork pro

Tkachenko, P.I., 1960:
Reserves for increasing potato production

Bakhtin, I., 1980:
Reserves for increasing poultry meat production

Cherdzhiev, Ts, 1972:
Reserves for increasing production and reducing costs of hay on collective farms of northern Ossetia

Pavlenko, S., 1972:
Reserves for increasing production and sales of agricultural products in the Ukraine

Esaulov, P., 1970:
Reserves for increasing production in animal industry

Ozhigov, L.M., 1978:
Reserves for increasing production of mutton in action

Vasil'-Ev, G., 1971:
Reserves for increasing productivity of semi-automatic lines

Shomin, A.; Strel'-Chenko, O., 1972:
Reserves for increasing profitab

Krivonogov, V.; Mironychev, G., 1971:
Reserves for increasing profitability in raising livestock for meat

Sydykov, Ks, 1978:
Reserves for increasing profitability in rice farming

Tursunov, S.; Azhibekov, A., 1975:
Reserves for increasing ram production in Kirghizia

Ozhigov, Lm, 1974:
Reserves for increasing ram production in operation

Turgambaev, G.; Mirzabekov, S., 1975:
Reserves for increasing sheep production

Gusev, Km, 1974:
Reserves for increasing sugar production in the northern Caucasus

Haurylovich, Ak, 1971:
Reserves for increasing the

Shvartsman, Gm, 1979:
Reserves for increasing the capacity of particleboard enterprises

Katsrov, G., 1979:
Reserves for increasing the econ

Khlebutin, E.B.G.taulin, A.M., 1981:
Reserves for increasing the economic effectiveness of agricultural production

Stepanow, J., 1982:
Reserves for increasing the economic efficiency of large poultry plants

Ivanov, Ab, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness and reducing the time of farm construction

Malygin, M.A., 1978:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of agricultural production

Aliev, Rb, 1978:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of basic funds

Kandyba, Vn, 1979:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of beef production

Afinogenova, Rd, 1975:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of capital investments in construction at the cost of reducing the period of their assimilation

Dzhuraev, M.K.amraev, T., 1974:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers

Golos, Aa, 1980:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of land reclamation in the Byelorussian SSR

Kipshakbaev, I.; Akchurin, A., 1976:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of machine utilization

Alfer'-Ev, Vp, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of material and technical supply of collective and state farms

Alekseeva, E.; Blokhina, L., 1976:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of meadow and pasture farming

Keiserukhskii, M.; Kashirskii, O., 1973:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of plant protectio n

Puponin, A.I.G.taulin, A.M., 1985:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of production in animal husbandry

Tatarinov, N.D.A.tonov, V.-Kuz'-Mich, 1985:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of production in the wood-pulp industry

Kim, V.; Nalivko, G.; Kasymov, A.; Agarkov, V.; Uvaisov, M., 1977:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of rice production

Kuznetsova, If, 1975:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of seed treatment

Tokarev, Pm, 1978:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of sheep husbandry in Omsk Region

Shevchenko, As, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of sugarbeet production

Iaunsleinis, E.; Vetra, I., 1978:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of the livestock veterinary service

Mamedov, G.; Il'-Iazova, E.; Mirzoev, A., 1975:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of tobacco production in state farms of Azerbaijan

Tkachev, Vd, 1978:
Reserves for increasing the effectiveness of transportation of meat products

Dorosh, I.; Boiko, R.; Kisil'-, M.; Riumina, O., 1981:
Reserves for increasing the effi

Tashmatova, Khia, 1974:
Reserves for increasing the efficiency of irrigation systems

Goncharova, Nz, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the level of fixed capital utilization in crop production on the Kalininskii State Farm in the Kalinin Region

Amirov, Ak, 1979:
Reserves for increasing the meat and tallow production of Karakul and Fat-Rumped sheep

Pristavkin, Nia, 1977:
Reserves for increasing the output of sheep products

Kaitazov, G., 1973:
Reserves for increasing the prod

Boos, Gv, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the production of cabbage

Uzlov, G.; Feigus, E.; Zmachinskaya, N., 1983:
Reserves for increasing the production of kraft soap

Bochko, N.; Azarov, G.; Piatachenko, R.; Baitala, A.; Gagarin, E., 1975:
Reserves for increasing the production of livestock products

Sorochinskaia, Ma, 1977 :
Reserves for increasing the production of oil-bearing flax

Kenzhaliev, Tt, 1980:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of agriculture in Chimket Region

Egorov, Vv, 1982:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of arable land in the non-Chernozem zone USSR, mineral fertilizer application, soil fertility.1

Eiiarovaeiia, V.G., 1981:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of cattle-breeding

Savova, G., 1977:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of cotton harvesting machinery

Pustovoi, V., 1980:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of pastures Fertilizers, forage nutritive value, horse grazing.1

Berko, Id, 1973:
Reserves for increasing the productivity of rice rotations

Iskanderov, Aa, 1971:
Reserves for increasing the profitability of grape production

Kaleis, Akh, 1978:
Reserves for increasing the quality and nutritive value of grass forages

Bazyleva, Vm, 1977:
Reserves for increasing the quality of milk and the effectiveness of its production

Isaev, D., 1980:
Reserves for increasing the quality of production

Sokolova, N., 1978:
Reserves for increasing the quality of products (Review of articles received in the editors office)

Asymbekov, U.; Blagov, V.; Alekseev, I., 1981:
Reserves for increasing the quality of sheep farm designing

Solomkin, Ap, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the readiness of K 700 tractors in Kazakhstan

Tarasenko, Ml, 1977:
Reserves for increasing the total yield of grain in Siberia through reducing harvest losses

Tur, Pz, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the yield and improving the technological qualities of sugarbeets in the Kursk Region

Sabitov, A.; Biktashev, F.; Gorbacheva, T.F.ttakhov, L.R.fikov, M., 1980:
Reserves for increasing the yield of buckwheat in the Bashkir ASSR

Ignatenko, A.; Nazarenko, P.; Zubritskii, P., 1980:
Reserves for increasing the yield of buckwheat on virgin land

Shaituro, L.; Aliev, N.; Gadzhiev, Z., 1977:
Reserves for increasing the yield of grapes

Morgun, I.; Khvatov, A., 1975:
Reserves for increasing the yields of potatoes in Kazakhstan

Kochergin, Ae, 1976:
Reserves for increasing the yields on virgin lands in western Siberia and northern Kazakhstan

Sharov, A., 1977:
Reserves for increasing vegetable packaging

Mudroch, J., 1976:
Reserves for increasing winter wheat yields

Dolmatov, E.; Musienko, A.; Kozlov, A.; Erygin, D., 1975:
Reserves for increasing work productivity in planting

Dvoriadkin, Ni, 1972:
Reserves for increasing yield capacity of sunflowers in the USSR

Tret'-Iakov, Mi, 1978:
Reserves for increasing yields

Ivanov, P.B.nkov, K.A.eksijev, A., 1974:
Reserves for raising beef production

Solomonov, Kh, 1972:
Reserves for raising meat produc

Doichev, K.K.remidarska, S., 1978:
Reserves for raising the product

Betin, S.; Kosa, I., 1981:
Reserves for reducing labor-intensiveness of milk production Effective operation of milking machines.1

Babanov, Gp, 1983:
Reserves for reducing net costs of production

Gozhii, I.; Skobiola, P., 1977:
Reserves for reducing production cost of mechanized operations

Studenkova, N.; Skliarova, M.; Bocharova, L., 1976:
Reserves for reducing production costs of commercial crops

Ganin, G., 1977:
Reserves for reducing production costs of output

Gogatadze, Nk, 1972:
Reserves for reducing production costs on tea-raising collective farms

Maslov, A., 1978:
Reserves for reducing production expenditures

Kogan, E.; Subachev, I., 1971:
Reserves for reducing the produc

Aleksandrin, N., 1976:
Reserves for reducing the production costs of forages

Levina, M.; Katseiko, A.; Vinovets, A., 1978:
Reserves for renewal of the apple assortment in Kazakhstan

Vasil'-Ev, N., 1980:
Reserves for sheep production

Szigeti, E., 1980:
Reserves for swine rearing

Havemann, K.H.meister, G.Z.egler, H., 1977:
Reserves for the continuous and stable production of slaughter swine

Ushkarenko, Vo, 1976:
Reserves for the effective use of irrigated lands and for increasing the winter wheat yield

Ganin, A.; Gravtsov, I.; Ponomarev, V., 1975:
Reserves for the effective use of transport means in viticulture

Zaichenko, Nm, 1973:
Reserves for the further development of grape production in Moldavia

Afinogenova, R., 1979:
Reserves for the growth of capital turnover

Shapkin, I.; Mokrova, E., 1971:
Reserves for the growth of labor productivity in grape growing

Firsova, Tk, 1973:
Reserves for the growth of labor productivity on the mechanized dairy farm

Ialovik, A.B.gush, A., 1980:
Reserves for the growth of productive labor

Tursunov, S.T., 1980:
Reserves for the increase of mutton production in Kirghizia

Kulakovskaia, T., 1978:
Reserves for the output of plant protein in the non-Chernozem zone

Itina, M.L.berman, S., 1979:
Reserves for the production of feeds of animal origin

Beridze, Nf, 1975:
Reserves for the reclamation and fertility improvement of eroded soils

Petrov, A.; Grigor'-Eva, T., 1978 :
Reserves for timber price improvement

Nagy, L., 1976:
Reserves for to increase effectivity in sugar production

Khodakivs'-Kyy, I.; Khomenko, V., 1976:
Reserves for using working time in potato growing

Ivanov, N.V., 1960:
Reserves from increased grain production in the USSR

Kovalik, Ik, 1971:
Reserves in action

Urban, M., 1980:
Reserves in agricultural advisory services

Komarov, L.; Tsygankova, G., 1977:
Reserves in beef production

Stevko, J.S.relecek, F., 1982:
Reserves in cattle rearing under different conditions in various production areas in CSR Czech Socialist Republic, Czechoslovakia.1

Srp, A., 1976:
Reserves in hop production and their utilization

Smirnov, Ig, 1976:
Reserves in increasing the return on invested funds in water management construction

Masar, S., 1981:
Reserves in intensification of the production of leguminous plants

Monus, B., 1977:
Reserves in making better use of sandy soils in Nyirseg

Samorodskii, V., 1978:
Reserves in milk production

Mashkina, A., 1963:
Reserves in poultry farming

Chuprov, Ip, 1971:
Reserves in reindeer raising

Singh, N., 1975:
Reserves in spores of aquatic hyphomycetes

Janda, V., 1976:
Reserves in the daily fluctuation of milk production

Spyrka, M., 1984:
Reserves in the development of agricultural reproduction process in the SSR

Azerad, E.V.chet, E., 1969:
Reserves in the diet of obese persons

Zabranska, A., 1970:
Reserves in the foreign trade in cereal

Machycek, V., 1976:
Reserves in the nutrition of cattle

Stepanovic, J., 1977:
Reserves in the post seasonal maintenance and storage of agricultural machines

Benacka, G., 1985:
Reserves in the production of other annual feedstuffs

Herasymov, V.; Molchanova, R., 1971:
Reserves in the production of po

Bondareva, A.; Eres'-, L., 1976:
Reserves in the production of retted hemp straw

Kirtbaeiia, Eiiu, K., 1976:
Reserves in the use of machine and tractor parks

Margittai, L., 1976:
Reserves in the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides based on advisory work and laboratory analysis

Holubek, R., 1982:
Reserves in the utilization o

Kretov, V.; Lozovskii, V.1; Gordeev, M., 1980:
Reserves into action Operation of harvesting-transportation teams, labor organization, economic indicators, Kuibyshev Region.1

Schwensen, C.V.ckers, G., 1980:
Reserves key to post-suspension prospects

Diekmann, W., 1974:
Reserves lie dormant also in the barn

Tugushi, Kl, 1980:
Reserves of Abkhazia, storage of gene pool of valuable tree species

Kholostova, N.; Fedorova, L., 1985:
Reserves of Far North crop farming

Bobrovitski, Av, 1976:
Reserves of K in suspensions of the Rioni and Tskhenistskali rivers

Volyntsevich, E.; Lysenko, N.1; Pochinikin, V., 1982:
Reserves of Moscow Region beekeepers RSFSR-in-Europe.1

Litvinov, Av, 1982:
Reserves of Prokhorovka Field Belgorod Region, RSFSR-in-Europe, crop protection.1

Kharimonova, N.; Makarova, L.; Kurbamova, T., 1978:
Reserves of Rosa majalis in river floodplains in the Komi-Permyak National District

Milashchenko, Nz, 1977:
Reserves of Siberian crop farming

Konovalov, N.; Kovalenko, L.; Shmat, S., 1978:
Reserves of a sugarbeet field

Dimitriuk, V.; Lakodina, P., 1980:
Reserves of a vegetable field Yields of vegetables, economics of vegetable farming, collective and state farms, Lower Volga area.1

Morozov, Vl, 1980:
Reserves of above- and underground phytomass of tall herbaceous vegetation in Kamchatka

Kiriushin, Vi, 1983:
Reserves of agriculture

Ten, A.G., 1988:
Reserves of agriculture in the Alta region

Voskresensky, L., 1979:
Reserves of agrochemistry

Egerton-Warburton, L.; Griffin, B.; Kuo, J., 1995:
Reserves of aluminium and mineral nutrients in seeds of Eucalyptus calophylla (Myrtaceae) with to the globoid inclusions

Dzarasov, S.I.natovskii, P.K.dinov, P.C.erniavskii, I., 1978:
Reserves of animal husbandry development

Kulikov, V.; Malakhova, R.; Chesheva, A.; Chamurilev, N., 1984:
Reserves of animal protein nutrition in the lower part of the Volga Region

Kozin, R., 1973:
Reserves of apiculture in Kazakhstan and Kirghizia

Peterson, O.; Chernov, N., 1979:
Reserves of bark and needle-bearing twigs of Siberian fir in the southern taiga of the Central Urals

Kobetisev, M.F., 1968:
Reserves of beef production

Abdusamatov, M., 1978:
Reserves of better use of water

Gientka, M., 2006:
Reserves of calcareous and magnesium-calcareous raw materials in Poland and their use to production of fertilizers

Leshkov, A.; Enikeev, M.; Leshkova, G., 1973:
Reserves of chemical fertilizers in grain farming in the Altai Territory

Radchenko, G., 1981:
Reserves of collective farm poultry production Ukrainian SSR.1

Nikolaev, Vn, 1977:
Reserves of complex teams in logging operations

Nikolaev, Iu, 1978:
Reserves of crop farming on slopes

Asmolov, P.; Petryha, O., 1970:
Reserves of cutting of agricultu

Kliuikov, V.; Golikova, A.; Zhuravleva, V., 1977:
Reserves of dairy cattle farming in Yaroslavl Region

Dyba, N.; Smagin, V.1; Labyntsev, V., 1980:
Reserves of dryland forage production in action Creation of long-term cultivated pastures on natural grasslands, grazing systems, Stavropol Territory.1

Medvedev, Na, 1977:
Reserves of effectiveness

Remzhin, Nv, 1979:
Reserves of effectiveness of sunflower production

Kvekveskiri, T.T.ikoliia, I., 1975:
Reserves of efficiency of tea production in the -Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Emel'-Ianov, A.; Nikitin, V., 1971:
Reserves of efficient utilization of feeds and increasing the productivity of swine raising

Anonymous, 1981:
Reserves of entrainment into agricultural rotation of new lands for the cultivation of field and forage crops Middle and Lower Volga River area.0

Bultacheev, M.T.mofeev, K., 1972:
Reserves of feed production

Shvechikova, Nn, 1978:
Reserves of feed production from the non-grain part of sunflower plant

Sawicki, J., 1976:
Reserves of feed protein

Ermolaev, V., 1981:
Reserves of feed sugar Production of granules and briquettes from sugar-containing plants.1

Shilin, Vv, 1974:
Reserves of fiber flax growing in the Nonchernozem zone

Grigorash, N.; Shpilevoi, L., 1971:
Reserves of fodder production in the zone of the Inguletskaya Irrigation System

Vekshegonov, Via, 1972:
Reserves of forested fields

Dvornykov, I.; Okorokov, I., 1981:
Reserves of fuel economy in anima

Ziegler, H.H.meister, G.G.igo, G., 1979:
Reserves of funds efficiency in swine fattening

Boiko, Vp, 1981:
Reserves of fur animal husbandry

Fazikova, M., 1985:
Reserves of further development of agricultural production in UAC in the west Slovakia region

Tikhonov, Mk, 1979:
Reserves of grain production in Eastern Siberia

Gordienko, L.; Mamonov, I.; Cherzhentseva, M.; Nazarko, T., 1975:
Reserves of growth

Komarov, L.; Bulatov, V.; Sakar, A., 1977:
Reserves of growth of labor productivity on commercial farms with industrial technology in beef production

~ukhnov, N.; Khanov, K.; Savitskaia, T., 1973:
Reserves of growth of productive labor in sheep husbandry

Platov, E.K.rol'-, V., 1980:
Reserves of herd production Factors affecting the yield of calves.1

Mogorianu, V., 1977:
Reserves of highly effective operation of machinery

Tereshenkova, Ia, 1971:
Reserves of humus and nitrogen in the grey forest soils of the main forest types of the forest experiment station Forest on Vorskla River

Grib, S.; Eremenko, V.; Sviridova, T.; Monich, V., 1984:
Reserves of improving the efficiency of operation of phytotron-greenhouse complexes

Boev, V.; Gabov, V., 1977:
Reserves of improving the major means of production in Siberia

Griadov, S.U.alov, V., 1981:
Reserves of improving the quality of milk

Bagrov, Mn, 1980:
Reserves of increased yield Alfalfa, lupine, maize, irrigation, lower Volga River area, USSR.1

Bykov, D., 1976:
Reserves of increasing effectiveness of cotton growing

Makarenko, Mv, 1978:
Reserves of increasing profitabi

Kruchinin, M.; Nikitenko, V.; Prus, A., 1977:
Reserves of increasing profitability

Rabochev, I., 1977:
Reserves of increasing soil fertility

Volynets'-, Ml, 1981:
Reserves of increasing the effec

Koveshnikov, V., 1981:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness Economic aspects of horse breeding.1

Novoselova, As, 1981:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of breeding red clover

Maslo, I.; Lisovskii, G., 1981:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of farm production Improvement of the organization of machine operation.1

Idrisov, A., 1978:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of operating machinery

Mogorianu, V.; Kapmar'-, A., 1978:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of operating machinery for taking care of perennial planting

Mogorianu, V., 1978:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of production funds

Smoliakov, A.; Sarybaev, A., 1981:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of state farm production Kirghiz SSR.1

Eres'-Ko, Ga, 1977:
Reserves of increasing the effectiveness of the activities of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry

Lupashku, Mf, 1978:
Reserves of increasing the produ

Dobrev, D.T.enkov, I., 1981:
Reserves of increasing the produc

Razumikhina, A., 1981:
Reserves of increasing the production of beef Latvian SSR.1

Goloborod'-Ko, V.; Vashchenko, A.; Losev, V., 1979:
Reserves of increasing the production of canned goods per 1 hectare of vegetable crops

Itina, M.L.berman, S., 1981:
Reserves of increasing the production of feeds of animal origin

Orlov, Nb, 1980:
Reserves of increasing the production of forages in cotton-alfalfa crop rotations Intersowing method, yields, cutting dates, Tadzhik SSR.1

Baranetskii, Gg, 1981:
Reserves of increasing the productivity and resistance of oak plantations Quercus robur, allelopathic properties.1

Myshko, Ra, 1977:
Reserves of increasing the productivity of drained lands

Iushyn, O., 1977:
Reserves of increasing the productivity of units attached to high power tractors

Tokarev, Va, 1975:
Reserves of increasing the productivity of units in sowing cereals and clean-cultivated crops

Nasakin, V.; Radzhabov, A., 1980:
Reserves of increasing the productivity of vineyards Effect of cycocel and gibberellin on the yields and quality of grapes.1

Kaleis, Akh, 1978:
Reserves of increasing the quality and nutrient value of legume and grass feeds

Korchazhnikova, Lp, 1978:
Reserves of increasing the quality of agricultural products

Singaevskii, I., 1978:
Reserves of increasing the quality of agricultural raw materials

Khvatov, A.; Morgun, I., 1976:
Reserves of increasing the yield of vegetable crops

Dubenko, S.; Iurchenko, I., 1980:
Reserves of increasing the yields of sudangrass Results of variety testing, Ashkhabad Region, Sorghum sudanense.1

Andon, K.A.khip, O.M.safirova, E., 1977:
Reserves of increasing yields

Obukhov, V.; Vashchenko, A., 1978:
Reserves of increasing yields in the Maritime Territory

Bazarov, S.; Esanov, B., 1979:
Reserves of incresing the effectiveness of machinery operation

Lupashku, M., 1980:
Reserves of intensification of field forage crop production in the Moldavian SSR

Tiutiunnikov, Ai, 1978:
Reserves of intensification of forage production

Sugraliev, Kh, 1971:
Reserves of irrigated farming

Marushchak, Vi, 1980:
Reserves of irrigated farming on state farms in the Ukrainian SSR

Remzhin, Nv, 1975:
Reserves of irrigated fields in the Crimea

Barabanov, Lv, 1980:
Reserves of irrigated pastures Effect of fertilizers on the yields of forages, economic effectiveness, Tatar ASSR.1

Bespalov, Nf, 1983:
Reserves of irrigated soils in Central Asia

Lebedev, Va, 1972:
Reserves of labor economy at water-transport depots for sorting and forming log rafts

Dimitrijeva, E.S.ancevski, I., 1970:
Reserves of labor on provate farms in Macedonia--one of the methods for its quantitative analysis

Vorob'-Ev, Ge, 1970:
Reserves of labor productivity for hauling timber

Ialovik, A.; Bohush, H., 1980:
Reserves of labor productivity gro

Konetisevoaei, P.Eiia, 1986:
Reserves of labor productivity in forest enterprises

Katser, Kf, 1978:
Reserves of labor productivity increase in field forage crop farming

Braginskii, L., 1969:
Reserves of land reclamation in agriculture

Merkulov, Ai, 1982:
Reserves of lands in Kostroma Region RSFSR-in-Europe, effects of fertilizers on crop yields.1

Leont'-Ev, A.C.ernenko, V., 1977:
Reserves of lucern seed cropping

Burova, Lg, 1975:
Reserves of macromycetic fungi in forest biogeocoenoses near Moscow

Pogrebniak, I.; Eremenko, T.; Ostrovchuk, P., 1973:
Reserves of macroscopic algae and water plants in northwestern part of Black Sea and its coastal lakes

Popkov, A.A., 2006:
Reserves of maintains of forage base for cattle-breeding

Kosacheva, La, 1982:
Reserves of moss phytomass in some forest types of the central Ob River area

Gadzhimagomedov, M.; Abduragimov, P., 1983:
Reserves of mountain farming

Torchinov, B.; Tomaev, Z., 1980:
Reserves of mountain pastures

Dovbush, F.; Gotsulenko, B.; Frunze, I., 1977:
Reserves of mutton production

Kudelina, A.; Ivchenko, A., 1970:
Reserves of nutrients, their dynamics and nitrification capacity of some Chernozems in the Rostov Regions

Bozhko, M.; Siganur, I., 1976:
Reserves of oil production industry

Shevchenko, N.M.lyshev, B1; Koshelev, A., 1980:
Reserves of pork production RSFSR, reproduction farms, mixed feed rations.1

Shmelev, Gi, 1981:
Reserves of private subsidiary farming Communist Party policies, improvement of the standard of living of rural population.1

Gushchin, Pt, 1972:
Reserves of production of protein feeds

Koval'-, S.; Mordkovich, S.; Al'-Tergot, V., 1975:
Reserves of productivity of wheat varieties from Siberia and the physiological and morphological model of an intensive variety

Khomenko, V.I.; Stoliarchuk, N.P.; Ilyk, O.P., 1979:
Reserves of quality

Tkachuk, H.; Grinchuk, L.; Vasyliak, V.; Savchuk, V., 1972:
Reserves of raising profitabilit

Medunov, S., 1970:
Reserves of raising the production of agricultural products

Koz'-Iakov, S.; Koz'-Iakov, A.; Shcherbina, A., 1979:
Reserves of ras material of Rhododendron luteum Sweet in the Ukraine

Pimenov, M.; Demidova, L.; Pimenova, M.; Sdobnina, L., 1976:
Reserves of raw material of Phlojodicarpus sibiricus in the southeastern Transbaikal area

Pimenova, M.; Pimenov, M.; Stefanovich, I., 1976:
Reserves of raw material supplied by Dioscorea nipponico Makino in the Amur area

Grachev, V.; Rozgin, V., 1980:
Reserves of reducing labor-intensiveness of harvesting operations in the Kuban area Overall mechanization of maize cultivation.1

Miroshnyk, A.; Ustymenko, I., 1977:
Reserves of reducing production costs of livestock products

Ieva, T., 1975:
Reserves of reducing the cost of production in Latvia

Owadally, Aw, 1971:
Reserves of rivers

Samigullin, Rn, 1980:
Reserves of sheep farmers in the Bashkir ASSR

Poltorak, N., 1980:
Reserves of state-purchasing organizations

Anonymous, 1980:
Reserves of subsidiary farm Pork production by trading and other nonagricultural enterprises, RSFSR.0

Shvagzhdis, V.; Ignatenko, A., 1975:
Reserves of the Kulunda

Lipman, Dn, 1978:
Reserves of the Volga-Kama conveyer

Antykov, A.; Zinchenko, G.; Stomorev, A., 1976:
Reserves of the aboveground and underground phytomass in pasture complex salined soils in the upland part of Stavropol Territory

Terekh, Kz, 1982:
Reserves of the auxiliary farm Consumers cooperative societies, prices, production and consumption of food resources, Byelorussian SSR.1

Kravtsov, Aa, 1978:
Reserves of the biological method

Zusmanovskii, A.; Kuznetsov, A., 1980:
Reserves of the branch

Spiridonov, Aa, 1971:
Reserves of the cattle breeding farm

Makedonskii, A., 1979:
Reserves of the cereal field in the Ukrainian SSR

Abdulmutalibov, G.G.; Sheaeikhov, M.A., 1989:
Reserves of the dairy workshop

Kondratov, M., 1970:
Reserves of the economy of diesel fuel

Volosozhar, Va, 1974:
Reserves of the economy of wages

Repnevskii, Vv, 1975:
Reserves of the food base

Gusakov, Viktor-Antonovich, 1978:
Reserves of the grain industry

Kriazhkov, Vm, 1983:
Reserves of the non-Chernozem zone: active union of science and practice

Zhilin, S.; Nikitin, V., 1983:
Reserves of the non-Chernozem zone: concern about soil fertility

Kozlov, Nv, 1983:
Reserves of the non-Chernozem zone: cropping system undergoes examination

Rodin, Ea, 1983:
Reserves of the non-Chernozem zone: differentiated, overall approach

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Reservoirs for recreation encourage developments and increase land values

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Reset problem in orchards

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Reshape with fashion

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Reshaping the institutions that are shaping the food system

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Reshaping the learning environment

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Reshaping the national agriculture and natural resources R & D system

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Reshaping the soil

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Reshaping the veterinary medical profession for the next century

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Reshaping veterinary medical education: the British experience

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Reshenie shestogo (rasshirennogo) plenuma eTiSK Kommunisticheskoaei partii Kitaeiia, sed* section *mogo sozyva po voprosu o kooperirovanii v sel* section *skom khozeiiaaeistve

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Reshimat tsimhe ha-bar shel Erets-Yisrael, u-sevivoteha

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Resident instruction series

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Residential fire safety

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Residential fuelwood demand assessment

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Residential kitchen extras desired

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Residential landscape design--axial design can elicit informality

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Residential landscape design--natural landscapes yield practical beauty

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Residential landscape design: Climate control

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Residential landscape design: Side yards can become landscape assets with proper designing

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Residential landscape design: Tearing down fences can make better neighbors

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