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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 16922

Chapter 16922 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Resource requirements, investments, costs, and expected returns from hog production systems in Illinois, 1965
, Unknown (1965)

Resource returns and productivity coefficients in central and western Kansas country elevators of modern construction
, Unknown (1957)

Resource returns and productivity coefficients in selected farming areas of Iowa, Montana and Alabama
, Unknown (1955)

Resource returns and productivity coefficients in the Kansas cooperative grain elevator industry
, Unknown (1956)

Resource review--forests and forest industries of the Philippines
, Australian forest industries journal and Australian logger 46(10): 10-11 (1980)

Resource review--the forests and forest industries of Indonesia
, Australian forest industries journal and Australian logger 46(5): 47-48 (1980)

Resource saving method of determination of admissible wear and changes of parameters during servicing and repairing of equipment
, Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (1): 20-22 (2007)

Resource sciences interface
, Unknown (1993)

Resource scientific characteristics of Hippophae rhamnoides in the Caucasus
, Poleznye rasteniia prirodnoi flory: ispol'zovanie ikh v narodnom khoziaistve = Useful plants of natural flora and their use to the national economy: 7-100 (1980)

Resource selection by female moths in a heterogeneous environment: what is a poor girl to do?
, Journal of Animal Ecology 76(5): 854-865 (2007)

Resource sensing from space
, Unknown (1977)

Resource sharing & library networks
, Unknown (1981)

Resource sharing among darters in an Ohio stream
, American Midland Naturalist 1072: 294-304 (1982)

Resource sharing and information networks
, Unknown (1983)

Resource sharing choices for the 90s
, SRDC series: (179) 11-14 (1994)

Resource sharing in higher education: home economics administrators report
, Journal of home economicsng 80(1): 29-34 (1988)

Resource status of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in root-soil interface of Phellodendron amurense in Maoershan Experimental Forest Farm, Heilongjiang Province
, Journal of Northeast Forestry University 35(6): 83-85 (2007)

Resource suitability: methods for analyses
, Environmental management 7(5): 401-420 (1983)

Resource supplements cause a change in colony sex-ratio specialization in the mound-building ant, Formica exsecta
, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 60(5): 612-618 (2006)

Resource supply and disturbance as controls over present and future plant diversity
, Ecological studies: analysis and synthesis 9(99): 385-408 (1993)

Resource surveys in the Centre
, Unknown (1973)

Resource sustainability
, Natural resources for the 21st century edited by R Neil Sampson and Dwight Hair: 314 (1990)

Resource sustainability issues: resource availability
, Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 5-18 (1990)

Resource syndication pooling management
, Agricultural Technologist 9(4): 11-14 (1978)

Resource tracking by eastern chipmunks: the sampling of renewing patches
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 85(4): 536-548 (2007)

Resource tracking patterns in bird and mammal ectoparasites
, Miscellaneous Ications 9(5): 231-236 (1975)

Resource training for business, industry, government
, Unknown (1958)

Resource training for the engineer
, Engineering field notes US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Engineering Staff 21(21): 37-40 (1989)

Resource training for wilderness managers
, Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters National Convention: 69-271 (1990)

Resource translocation within seagrass clones: allometric scaling to plant size and productivity
, Oecologia 150(3): 362-372 (2006)

Resource trends and population policy
, Unknown (1979)

Resource units in consumer education
, Unknown (1970)

Resource use & cotton production costs in Tennessee
, Unknown (1969)

Resource use adjustments in major U. s. rice areas. III. TENURE, supply, demand
, Unknown (1971)

Resource use and adjustment potential
, Unknown (1961)

Resource use and associated problems in the Upper Cimarron Area
, Unknown (1951)

Resource use and biological and environmental planning for eucalypt forest management
, Australian forestry 36(3): 147-153 (1974)

Resource use and consumption in smallholder households in Solomon Islands
, Unknown (1989)

Resource use and cost of treatment with voriconazole or conventional amphotericin B for invasive aspergillosis
, Transplant Infectious Disease 9(3): 182-188 (2007)

Resource use and environmental degradation in the Himalayas
, Unknown (1999)

Resource use and its productivity in agriculture
, Unknown (1973)

Resource use and management by large private hunting and fishing clubs in northern Lower Michigan
, Unknown (1974)

Resource use and returns for Grade A dairy farms, 1968-69
, Unknown (1983)

Resource use and returns for grade A dairy farms
, Unknown (1971)

Resource use decisions
, Unknown (1999)

Resource use dynamics and interactions in the tropics: Scaling up in space and time
, Agricultural systems 88(1): 8-27 (2006)

Resource use efficiency and cost of buffalo milk production in Haryana
, Indian journal of animal sciences: (Pub 1977), 46 (11) 571-575 (1977)

Resource use efficiency and crop performance: what is the link?
, Molecular approach to primary metabolism in higher plants 27-336 (1997)

Resource use efficiency in arecanut gardens - a case study in Karnataka
, Journal of Plantation Crops 33(3): 216-218 (2005)

Resource use efficiency in arecanut in southern transition zone of Karnataka - an economic analysis
, Journal of Plantation Crops 34(3): 658-662 (2006)

Resource use efficiency in milk production and disposal of milk in Imphal West district of Manipur
, Indian Journal of Dairy Science 60(3): 213-217 (2007)

Resource use efficiency in production of coconuts in Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State
, Food farming and agriculture 12(5): 116-119 (1979)

Resource use efficiency in rice cultivation in low lying lands in Kerala India
, Agricultural development in Kerala edited by PP Pillai: 216 (1982)

Resource use efficiency of snake gourd production in a selected area of Bangladesh
, International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology 1(1): 7-13 (2005)

Resource use efficiency of wheat cultivation in Agra District of Uttar Pradesh
, Balwant Vidyapeeth journal of agricultural and scientific research (pub 1979) 18(2): 106-110 (1979)

Resource use efficiency on own and sharecropped plots in northern Ethiopia: determinants and implications for sustainability
, Sustainable poverty reduction in less favoured areas: 181-202 (2007)

Resource use efficiency on small and marginal vegetable farms in Karnataka India
, Food farming and agriculture 13(2): 45-47 (1980)

Resource use efficiency on sugarcane farms in Haryana State
, Indian sugar 29(12): 767-770 (1980)

Resource use in Australian agriculture
, Natural Resources of Australia: 29-243 (1972)

Resource use in an urban state--changing priorities
, Unknown (1972)

Resource use in systems of intensive animal production
, Unknown (1973)

Resource use in the surplus-area settled farms of Ludhiana District (Punjab)
, Unknown (1970 )

Resource use in the tropical karstlands of central Belize
, Environmental Geology 21(3): 122-128 (1993)

Resource use issues and the planning process
, Unknown (1967)

Resource use of rural households for standard of living
, Unknown (1991)

Resource use on four types of 160-acre farms in west central Ohio, 1956
, Unknown (1961)

Resource use on selected types of 320-acre farms in west central Ohio, 1957
, Unknown (1961)

Resource use options for the Upper Manuherikia Valley
, Unknown (1982)

Resource use patterns among mongooses and other carnivores in a Central African rainforest
, Unknown (1996)

Resource use patterns predict long-term outcomes of plant competition for nutrients and light
, American Naturalist 170(3): 305-318 (2007)

Resource use planning: a guide for public land permittees
, Montguide MT: Agriculture Montana State University Cooperative Extension Service: 91 (9137) (1991)

Resource use productivity and allocaton efficiency on wheat farms of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh in 1972-73
, Agricultural situation in India 31(9): 499-591 (1976)

Resource use productivity on custom hire service farms in the Punjab
, Unknown (1976)

Resource use under three tillage systems for winter wheat in northern Idaho
, Current information series Cooperative Extension Service University of Idaho: 91 (901) (1991)

Resource use, efficiency, and returns to scale in Pakistan
, Unknown (1991)

Resource use, institutions, and sustainability: a tale of two Pacific Island cultures
, Land economics 76(3): 345-354 (2000)

Resource use, traditional technology, and change among native peoples of lowland South America
, Conservation of neotropical forests: working from traditional resource use Kent H Redford and Christine Padoch editors: 07 (1992)

Resource utilization and coexistence of three species of sticklebacks (Gasterosteidae) in tidal salt-marsh pools
, Journal of Fish Biology 254: 405-420 (1984)

Resource utilization and development
, Unknown (1992)

Resource utilization and distribution of Coprinus comatus, C. atramentarius, Lacrimaria velutina and Melanoleuca grammopodia
, Transactions of the British Mycological Society 90(2): 255-263 (1988)

Resource utilization and dynamic development
, Unknown (1985)

Resource utilization and nesting ecology of the White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica) in central Trans-Pecos, Texas
, Texas journal of agriculture and natural resources: a ication of the Agricultural Consortium of Texas(3): 37-38 (1989)

Resource utilization and reproduction
, Physiological ecology an evolutionary approach to resource use: 45-270 (1981)

Resource utilization by Centris flavofasciata Friese (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Jalisco, Mexico
, Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 79(3): 249-253 (2006)

Resource utilization by colonial Lepidoptera defoliators
, Role of Arthropods in Forest Ecosystems: ub 1977), 15th 30-34 (1977)

Resource utilization by larvae of Paracantha gentilis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in capitula of Cirsium californicum and C. proteanum (Asteraceae) in southern California
, Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 923: 512-520 (1990)

Resource utilization by two New Guinea rainforest ants
, Journal of Animal Ecology 503: 903-916 (1981)

Resource utilization in growth
, Physiological ecology an evolutionary approach to resource use: 20-244 (1981)

Resource utilization in home health care: results of a prospective study
, Home health care services quarterly 5(1): 19-41 (1994)

Resource utilization in integrated farming system with crops as the major enterprise
, Extension bulletin ASPAC Food and Fertilizer Technology Center: 980 (150) (1980)

Resource utilization on beef cattle farms in selected western North Carolina Counties 1977
, Unknown (1982)

Resource utilization pattern and productivity on small farms in three regions of Uttar Pradesh
, Seminar on Problems of Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh: ub 1974) 150-154 (1974)

Resource utilization specificity in three cosmopolitan Drosophila species
, Journal of Natural History 144: 559-565 (1980)

Resource valuation and public policy
, Unknown (1996)

Resource value ratings in relation to livestock forage values
, Rangelands 8(4): 155-157 (1986)

Resource values and instream flow recommendations
, Unknown (1990)

Resource wars
, Unknown (2001)

Resource webs in Mediterranean-type climates
, Arianoutsou, M, Groves, R H Tasks for Vegetation Science; Plant-animal interactions in Mediterranean-type ecosystems 73-81 (1994)

Resource-allocation problems for the development of arid zones
, McGinnies William G Food Fibre and the Arid Lands: 7-38 (1971)

Resource-constrained economics
, Unknown (1980)

Resource-full Kansas
, Unknown (1946)

Resource-oriented water management
, Unknown (2006)

Resource-poor farmer participation in research
, Unknown (1989)

Resource-poor farmers and integrated pest management
, Unknown (1995)

Resource-recovery wastewater treatment
, American scientist 82(4): 366-375 (1994)

Resource-saving tillage in crop rotations on south-eastern mountainside of the Big Caucasus in Azerbaijan Republic
, Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (2): 19-27 (2007)

Resource: Drugs for animal use
, Lab animal 26(2): 35-39 (1997)

Resourceful cultivation of sunflowers during 1973 by the Brunnby Experimental Farm
, Svensk frotidning 43(2): 17-18 (1974)

Resourceful farming
, Unknown (1987)

Resourceful living
, Unknown (1985)

Resourcefulness bought $10,000 hog house for $1,500
, New farm 1(3): 27-29 (1979)

Resources Conservation Act: new window on the future
, Economics ethics ecology: roots of productive conservation based on material presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Soil Conservation Society of America August 4 August 6-1980 Dearborn Michigan edited by Walter E Jaske: 141 (1981)

Resources Information Display System (RIDS) remote access
, Unknown (1981)

Resources Planning Act
, Unknown (1975)

Resources Planning Act 1989 assessment fact kit
, Unknown (1989)

Resources Planning Act What it is and where its taking us
, Earth Science Symposium: st 424-437 (1976)

Resources Planning Act assessment and Domestic Timber Supply Act
, Unknown (1980)

Resources Planning Act: a process for choice and management
, Journal of forestry 74(5): 276-278 (1976)

Resources Planning Act: critique and alternative approach
, Journal of forestry 74(5): 282-284 (1976)

Resources Planning Act: forest policy
, Journal of forestry 74(5): 279-281 (1976)

Resources Planning Act: problems of method
, Journal of forestry 74(5): 285-287 (1976)

Resources allocation for neonatal critical care: the ethical debate in neonatology
, Acta Paediatrica 96(5): 648-649 (2007)

Resources and activities complementarities: the role of business networks in the provision of integrated rural tourism
, Tourism Geographies 9(4): 421-440 (2007)

Resources and applications of biotechnology
, Unknown (1989)

Resources and assessments of Hong Kong fisheries
, FAO fisheries report Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: 75) 45-55 (1982)

Resources and availability of wood
, Revue Forestiere Francaise 0(3): 163-184 (1977 )

Resources and biochemical characteristics of Artemisia cina
, Izvestiia Seriia biologicheskaia: (2) 7-9 (1978)

Resources and challenges in entomology in Illinois
, Proceedings annual meeting: 30 16-20 (1975)

Resources and characteristics of the yak stocks and hair in China
, Journal of Economic Animal 11(3): 168-170 (2007)

Resources and conservation
, Unknown (1981)

Resources and conservation act of 1961
, Unknown (1961)

Resources and development
, Unknown (1980)

Resources and energy
, Unknown (1978)

Resources and environment
, Animal agriculture: research to meet human needs in the 21st century edited by Wilson G Pondet al: 262 (1980)

Resources and environment in Asias marine sector
, Unknown (1992)

Resources and fisheries of the Gulf of Thailand
, Unknown (1980)

Resources and functions of the forest
, Unknown (1977)

Resources and hopes in New foundland
, Society and natural resources 7(6): 561-578 (1994)

Resources and incomes of rural Upper East Tennessee people
, Bull Tennessee Agric Expt Sta 312: 5-30 (1960)

Resources and level of income of farm and rural nonfarm households in eastern Ozarks of Missouri
, Unknown (1958)

Resources and losses of potato production
, Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Belorusskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 8) 70-72 (1983)

Resources and man
, Unknown (1969)

Resources and opportunities of the midcontinent area of the United States
, Unknown (1940)

Resources and people in east Kentucky
, Unknown (1963)

Resources and planning for the research unit
, Circular Instituto Agronomico: 980 (110) (1980)

Resources and policy
, Unknown (1951)

Resources and practices in cotton production
, Unknown (1978)

Resources and present and future use of wood residues by building and fiber building material plants
, Holzindustrie 30 (10) 297-299 (1977)

Resources and problems associated with sustainable development of upland areas in Malaysia
, ACIAR proceedings series: 3) 55-61 (1991)

Resources and problems associated with sustainable development of uplands in Thailand
, ACIAR proceedings series: 3) 62-69 (1991)

Resources and problems associated with the development of upland areas in Indonesia
, ACIAR proceedings series: 3) 45-54 (1991)

Resources and production factors relationships on private farms
, Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 25 (2) 13-16 (1976)

Resources and production practices in the High Plains
, Unknown (1977)

Resources and production practices in the Rolling Plains
, Unknown (1978)

Resources and productivity of state forests
, Sylwan 118 (7) 13-22 (1974)

Resources and products of secondary utilization at the forest enterprises of Belorussia
, Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 5 8-11 (1974)

Resources and recreation in the Northern Great Lakes region
, Unknown (1963)

Resources and recreation in the northern Great Lakes region; a Department of Agriculture Task Force report
, Unknown (1963)

Resources and regulators of fungal populations Ecology
, Mycology series(2): 263-278 (1981)

Resources and relations of production factors, and the productivity of private farms
, Zeszyty naukowe Ekonomika: 2) 69-85 (1979)

Resources and reproductive performance in mute swans Cygnus olor
, Journal of zoology 200(4): 539-547 (1983)

Resources and social change: the impact of international funding agencies on womens programs in India
, International agriculture ications general series: (3) 112-118 (1987)

Resources and society
, Unknown (1985)

Resources and technology on New Hampshire dairy farms
, Research report New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station: 80 (83) (1980)

Resources and the American dream
, Unknown (1953)

Resources and the determination of humidity amount in the housing sheds for animal production
, Pol'nohospodarstvo = Sel'skoe khoziaistvo = Agriculture 7(9): 831-843 (1981)

Resources and the introduction of useful plants in Siberia
, Unknown (1981)

Resources and their development for maintaining world supplies of food
, Bioresources for development: the renewable way of life: 43-154 (1980)

Resources and use of timber in the world
, Tidsskrift for skogbruk 7(1): 7-8 (1979)

Resources and water-storage puri
, Roslynni Resursy Ukrainy ikh Vyvchennia ta Ratsional'ne Vykorystannia: 93-199 (1973)

Resources are
, Unknown (1972)

Resources at risk in the San Joaquin Valley
, Unknown (1987)

Resources available and recommended research in nutrition
, Journal of dairy science 61(5): 632-642 (1978)

Resources available for basic and applied dairy products research
, Journal of dairy science 61(5): 625-631 (1978)

Resources available for the improved production of sugar beets
, Unknown (1979)

Resources characteristics of myrtle whortleberries in the Cis-Urals
, Rastitel'nye resursy 6(1): 52-55 (1980)

Resources conservation in rural areas
, Land resources management: divisional report from the CSIRO Division of Land Resources Management: 3 (1982)

Resources development for ensuring continuity of supply of non-commercial energy
, Myforest 16(3): 169-172 (1980)

Resources development planning and management and man-made impacts on inland fish and fisheries
, FAO fisheries report Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: ub 1983) (288) 69-75 (1983)

Resources evaluation journal
, Unknown (1982)

Resources evaluation newsletter
, Unknown (1980)

Resources for a sustainable agriculture
, Publication Virginia Cooperative Extension Service: 88 (444-201) (1988)

Resources for addressing childhood concerns
, Educational leadership 46(8): 81 (1989)

Resources for affirmative action
, Unknown (1982)

Resources for agricultural food supplies Nutrition
, Basis of accounts for Norway's natural resources editor J Lag: 2 (1982)

Resources for children and families through tax policy
, Family strengths: ) 319-329 (1985)

Resources for commercial feedlot development
, Unknown (1969)

Resources for comparative biomedical research
, Unknown (1991)

Resources for creative teaching in early childhood education
, Unknown (1977)

Resources for crisis management in zoos and other animal care facilities
, Unknown (1999)

Resources for development in the Food and Agriculture Organization
, Animal health and nutrition in the tropics: research for development: seminar one Australian Development Assistance Bureau: 1 (1980)

Resources for documenting changes in species and habitats
, ITE symposium: 6) 20-26 (1992)

Resources for effective utilization in animal husbandry of productive capital destined for agriculture
, Unknown (1975)

Resources for entrepreneurship education
, Unknown (1984)

Resources for extension for animal health and production in the tropics
, Animal health and nutrition in the tropics: research for development: seminar one Australian Development Assistance Bureau: 277 (1980)

Resources for food and living: sacrificed by default?
, Journal of soil and water conservation 33(5): 218-220 (1978)

Resources for food and living: will there be enough?
, Journal of soil and water conservation 33(5): 215-217 (1978)

Resources for food production
, Unknown (1978)

Resources for food safety and storage during emergency situations
, Unknown (1999)

Resources for food safety and storage in emergency situations
, Unknown (1999)

Resources for food: team approach to extension in Nova Scotia
, Proceedings of the annual meeting: 2d 3-6 (1976)

Resources for freedom
, Unknown (1952)

Resources for herbicides application in lumpish soils
, Unknown (1971)

Resources for improving the oper
, Mekhanizatsiia silskoho hospodarstva: 11 29-30 (1975)

Resources for improving the oral health of maternal and child populations
, Journal of Public Health Dentistry 50(6 Spec No): 418-426 (1990)

Resources for improving the utilization of machinery in agriculture
, Unknown (1975)

Resources for increasing and cheapening the yield of the lamb meat
, Unknown (1980)

Resources for increasing production of beef and decreasing its production costs
, Unknown (1974)

Resources for increasing production of feeds
, Unknown (1973)

Resources for increasing the effectiveness of fattening cattle
, Zhivotnovodstvo 4 35-37 (1973)

Resources for increasing the production of meat
, Zhivotnovodstvo 10 80-81 (1975)

Resources for increasing the production of proso in the Ukraine
, Unknown (1971)

Resources for industrial poultry farming
, Unknown (1979)

Resources for integrated pest management
, Unknown (1997)

Resources for learning
, Unknown (1998)

Resources for nutritional services
, Nutrition and feeding of the handicapped child edited by Iris M Crump illustrations by Denise Dorricott: 154 (1987)

Resources for post secondary SOEPs
, Agricultural education magazine 57(6): 5-7 (1984)

Resources for raising the efficiency of winter fields
, Unknown (1978)

Resources for raising the output of tractors in the zone of North Kazakhstan
, Mekhanizatsiia i elektrifikatsiia sotsialisticheskogo sel'skogo khoziaistva: 12 6-8 (1975)

Resources for research in animal health and production. P3T--a case study
, Animal health and nutrition in the tropics: research for development: seminar one Australian Development Assistance Bureau: 257 (1980)

Resources for single parent families
, Unknown (1995)

Resources for social and economic developoment
, Unknown (1998)

Resources for starch and properties of various starches
, Denpun kagaku = Journal of the Japanese Society of Starch Science 2(2): 107-117 (1985)

Resources for stimulating the laying of poultry
, Revista 3 16-18 (1977)

Resources for sustainable agriculture and alternative enterprises in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas
, Unknown (1992)

Resources for teaching and learning
, Journal 21 (4) 31-33 (1977)

Resources for teaching sustainable agriculture
, Unknown (1991)

Resources for teaching young children with special needs
, Unknown (1983)

Resources for the 21st century
, Unknown (1981)

Resources for the aging
, Unknown (1967)

Resources for the commercial production of specialty fruit crops in the northwest
, HortTechnology 2(4): 447-448 (1992)

Resources for the feed economy in State Farming Enterprises
, Unknown (1977)

Resources for the future - resource requirements for expansion of fruits and vegetables
, Proceedings of the Canadian Agricultural Outlook Conference: 143-144 (1985)

Resources for the improvement of
, Unknown (1972)

Resources for the labor productivity growth in meat processing industry
, Unknown (1963)

Resources for the production of agricultural growth in the Pacific Basin region
, Food agriculture and development in the Pacific basin: prospects for international collaboration in a dynamic economy edited by G Edward Schuh and Jennifer L McCoy foreword by Harlan Cleveland: 205 (1986)

Resources for the research unit and their projection
, Circular Instituto Agronomico: 980 (110) (1980)

Resources for todays families
, Unknown (1978)

Resources for tomorrow
, Unknown (1961)

Resources for training in animal health and nutrition
, Animal health and nutrition in the tropics: research for development: seminar one Australian Development Assistance Bureau: 238 (1980)

Resources for victory
, Unknown (1942)

Resources for youth workers and program planners
, Unknown (1985)

Resources from Sardinella longiceps
, Unknown (1984)

Resources from our own energy
, Pig farming 26(3): 71-72 (1978)

Resources in education
, Unknown (1979)

Resources in evaluation for rural development
, Unknown (1977)

Resources in operation
, Ovtsevodstvo 12 11-12 (1975)

Resources in sedimentary rocks of the Powder River Basin and adjacent uplifts, northeastern Wyoming
, Unknown (1992)

Resources in wilderness North Carolina, vegetation, wildlife, management
, Proceedings of Wilderness Management Symposium: a conference of eastern wilderness managers and visitors for improving wilderness management in the East: The University of Tennessee Knoxville November 13-15-1980: 160 (1981)

Resources in womens educational equity
, Unknown (1978)

Resources inventory for the Upper Mississippi River (Guttenberg, Iowa to Saverton, Missouri)
, Unknown (1984)

Resources inventory map of Pang-Nga Bay area as interpreted from LANDSAT imageries
, Proceedings International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment: 4th) 1553-1554 (1980)

Resources inventory techniques used in the California Desert Conservation Area
, USDA Forest Service general technical report WO: (28) 260-272 (1981)

Resources inventory, Mahbubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh
, Unknown (1979)

Resources inventory, land classification, and land-use planning: the relationships
, Unknown (1976)

Resources locked up in RARE II controversy
, Western conservation journal 37(2): 14-21 (1980)

Resources management and production efficiency on small coffee holdings in Hassan District
, Unknown (1976)

Resources of Adonis vernalis L. in the Novosibirsk Region and the effect of its gathering on the state of its thickets
, Rastitel'nye resursy 5(4): 571-574 (1979)

Resources of Caucasian bilberry (Vaccinium arctostaphylos L.) in the Adzhar ASSR
, Soobshcheniia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoi SSR = Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR 111(1): 93-95 (1983)

Resources of Chinese agricultural documents and their international exchange
, New horizons in agricultural information management: proceedings of an International Symposium March 13-16-1991 Beijing China 376 (1991)

Resources of Convallaria keiskei Miq. raw material in the Maritime Territory
, Rastitel'nye resursy (4): 490-496 (1984)

Resources of East Gippsland, Victoria summary of symposium
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 82(PT 1): 145-147 (1969)

Resources of Eriobotrya in Guangdong, China
, Acta Horticulturae (750): 197-202 (2007)

Resources of European black pine (Pinus nigra Ar
, Sumarstvo 1(5-6): 47-49 (1978)

Resources of Hippophae rhamnoides in the central course of the Zeravshan River
, Doklady ) 60-61 (1978)

Resources of Juniperus communis in Poland
, Kosmos Seria A: Biologia 8(5): 561-566 (1979)

Resources of New York city libraries
, Unknown (1942)

Resources of Pacific Northwest libraries
, Unknown (1943)

Resources of Peganum harmala in some areas of the Central Asia
, Doklady ) 43-44 (1979)

Resources of Rosa fruit in the Nakhichevan ASSR
, Rastitel'nye resursy 5(4): 554-558 (1979)

Resources of Trifolium ambiguum in the Krasnodar Territory Results of testing collected specimens for breeding purposes.1
, Trudy po prikladnoi botanike genetike i selektsii 1(2): 59-62 (1981)

Resources of Ungernia severtzovii in the Karzhantau Mountains of Uzbek SSR
, Rastitel'nye Resursy 1(1): 78-80 (1975)

Resources of agricultural research in th high Andes region of Bolivia and Peru
, Unknown (1974)

Resources of animal protein
, Problemy belka v sel'skom khoziaistve: 34-443 (1975)

Resources of arid South America
, Int Conf Arid Lands Changing World Arid Lands Transition: 45-380 (1970)

Resources of biomedical and zoological specimens
, Unknown (1990)

Resources of brackish and saline underground waters of the USSR
, Unknown (1978)

Resources of breeding stock
, Zhivotnovodstvo (2) 14-15 (1980)

Resources of drug plants in the Irtysh floodplain in the Pavlodar Region
, Rastitel'nye resursy 4(1): 47-53 (1978)

Resources of edible mushrooms in some forest site types of Lahemaa National Park
, Aastaraamat Loodusuurijate Selts 8(68): 32-49 (1980)

Resources of egg production
, Drobiarstwo 24 (6) 5-7 (1976)

Resources of feed production at the service of animal husbandry
, Zhivotnovodstvo 1 37-40 (1976)

Resources of feed protein and their utilization
, Unknown (1975)

Resources of forage plants for the service of the Non-Chenozem zone
, Biulleten' Vsesoiuznyi institut rastenievodstva: 27) 3-8 (1983)

Resources of forested areas in the non Chernozem zone and its utilization in agriculture
, Sbornik nauchnykh trudov: 2 110-118 (1976)

Resources of fresh underground waters of the Byelorussian Polesye and the forecast of their use
, Problemy Polesyia: ) 112-126 (1980)

Resources of genes of Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Ktze. in Brazil
, Brasil Florestal 7(26): 3-12 (1976)

Resources of green wood raw material in state forested areas of the Non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR
, Vestnik sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki: (9) 81-85 (1980)

Resources of green wood waste after tending felling in pine stands
, Lesnoe khoziaistvo: 46-47 (1977)

Resources of higher labor productivity
, Unknown (1959)

Resources of honey plants in the Mordovian ASSR
, Rastitel'nye resursy 6(2): 167-176 (1980)

Resources of increasing the effectiveness of irrigated crop farming
, Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiia: (11) 60-63 (1980)

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