Responses to variations in dietary energy intakes by growing pigs. 1. estimates of digestible and metabolizable energy requirements for maintenance

Davies, J.; Lucas, I.

Animal production 15(2): 111-116


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3561
DOI: 10.1017/s0003356100011338
Accession: 016927533

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1. Six groups of 3 female and 3 castrated male Large White pigs weighing on average 18, 31, 46, 58, 72 or 80 kg were given individually and twice daily a barley-based diet in amounts to supply the ARC (NAR 38, 2027) estimates of energy required for maintenance, assuming an efficiency of utilization of digestible energy (DE) for maintenance of 77%. The DE and metabolizable energy (ME) of the diet were estimated in a digestibility trial and liveweights were recorded. The estimated DE and ME values of the diet were 3.06 and 2.92 Mcal/kg, respectively. The average weight changes suggested that feed intake was slightly greater than required for maintenance of pigs up to 31 kg and then less than requirement by an increasing quantity as weight increased to 72 kg. Differences between initial and final weights were not significant. Since the actual DE value of the diet was higher than that assumed from composition, DE intake, about 260.3 W0.56 , was 4% above the ARC value. ME intake was 248.3 W0.56. Results supported the ARC estimates if maintenance is defined as a lack of change in bodyweight.