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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 16998

Chapter 16998 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Sediment trap efficiency of small reservoirs

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Sediment trap studies in Lake Michigan: resuspension and chemical fluxes in the southern basin

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Sediment trapping--a subaquatic in situ experiment

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Sediment traps in channels--design procedures and performance

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Sediment water exchanges of nutrients and oxygen on tidal flats in the Ems-Dollard estuary

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Sediment yield

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Sediment yield from a flatland watershed

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Sediment yield from runoff plots following bushfire near Narrabeen Lagoon, NSW

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Sediment yield from small semiarid rangeland watersheds Erosion-estimating techniques, Arizona

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Sediment yield from steep lands in the driftless area

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Sediment yield prediction based on watershed hydrology

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Sediment yield reductions on watersheds treated with flood-retarding structures

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Sediment yield studies in upland catchment areas in south-east Scotland

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Sediment yield studies of headwater catchments in Sussex, Southeastern England Hydrology

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Sediment yield, Hohokam RC&D Area, Gila, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona

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Sediment yield, Little Colorado River Basin, Arizona and New Mexico

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Sediment yield, Upper Snake River Basin cooperative study, Idaho-Wyoming

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Sediment yield, pond, reservoir, and stream locations, California

Anonymous, 1991:
Sediment yield, pond, reservoir, and stream locations, Oregon

Anonymous, 1991:
Sediment yield, pond, reservoir, and stream locations, Washington

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Sediment yields at Mebeya

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Sediment yields for selected streams in Texas

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Sediment yields from Central Colorado snow zone

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Sediment yields from a Mississippi Delta watershed

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Sediment yields from a laboratory catchment and their relationship to rilling and surface armouring

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Sediment yields from high mountain watersheds, central Colorado

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Sediment yields from small rangeland watersheds in western South Dakota

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Sediment yields from undisturbed and intensively harvested northern hardwood forests

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Sediment yields from unit-source semiarid watersheds at Walnut Gulch

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Sediment yields in a small watershed under surburban development

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Sediment yields in the Exe Basin: a longer-term perspective

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Sediment yields of rivers in areas of low precipitation: a global view

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Sediment yields vs. gross erosion in Minnesota

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Sediment+sewage+leaves=top soil

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Sediment, Carbon, and Nutrient Accumulation at Two 10-Year-Old Created Riverine Marshes

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Sediment, nutrient and pesticide transport in selected lower Great Lakes tributaries

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Sediment, nutrients, and oxygen-demanding substances in the Minnesota River

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Sediment, our greatest pollutant

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Sediment-Water Interactions in an Eroded and Heavy Metal Contaminated Peatland Catchment, Southern Pennines, UK

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Sediment-associated contaminants and liver diseases in bottom-dwelling fish

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Sediment-associated contaminants--an overview of scientific bases for developing remedial options

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Sediment-biological mapping of the sandy area near Mellum

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Sediment-data sources and estimated annual suspended-sediment loads of rivers and streams in Colorado

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Sediment-free daiy produce

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Sediment-mediated biological disturbance and the evolution of marine benthos

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Sediment-nutrient transport during severe storms

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Sediment-phosphorus relationships in Deer Creek Reservoir

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Sediment-pollutant relationships in runoff from selected agricultural, suburban, and urban watersheds

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Sediment-quality assessment by intelligent data analysis

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Sediment-quality assessment of Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake and the upstream reach of the Columbia River, Washington, 1992

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Sediment-transport capacity of Lithuanian rivers

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Sediment-transport characteristics and effects of sediment transport on benthic invertebrates in the Fountain Creek drainage basin upstream from Widefield, southeastern Colorado, 1985-88

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Sediment-transport characteristics of Cane Creek, Lauderdale County, Tennessee

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Sediment-trap efficiency of a multiple-purpose impoundment, North Branch Rock Creek basin, Montgomery County, Maryland, 1968-76

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Sediment-water exchange of dissolved nutrients at an intertidal site in the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy

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Sediment-water exchange of selected heavy metals at the backwaters of Makupa creek, Kenya

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Sediment-water inorganic nutrient exchange and nitrogen budgets in the Colne Estuary, UK

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Sediment-water interactions

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Sediment-water interactions affecting dissolved-mercury distributions in Camp Far West Reservoir, California

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Sediment-water interactions of Cu, Zn and Pb discharged from a domestic waste water source into a Bay of Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland

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Sediment-water microcosms for assessment of nutrient interactions in aquatic ecosystems

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Sediment-water phosphate exchange in the Neuse River, North Carolina

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Sediment-water processes as a management tool for water quality control in impoundments

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Sediment-water-biomass interactions of toxic metals in the western basin, Lake Erie

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Sedimental journey

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Sedimentary Processes of the Qingdao Nearshore Traced Using a Multi-radionuclide Approach

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Sedimentary Record of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea)

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Sedimentary age of strata in the Salawusu River basin and climatic changing

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Sedimentary and igneous rocks of the Grays River quadrangle, Washington

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Sedimentary and particulate organic matter: mixed sources for cockle Cerastoderma glaucum in a shallow pond, Western Mediterranean

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Sedimentary basins of the world

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Sedimentary characteristics of the Miocene in the south of the Gador mountain range (Province of Almeria)

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Sedimentary characterization of bed types along the Guadiana estuary (SW Europe) before the construction of the Alqueva dam

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Sedimentary chemistry of a small polluted lake, Galltrask, S.Finland

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Sedimentary diatom analyses from the Turkey Lakes watershed, Ontario

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Sedimentary environments

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Sedimentary evidence for recent eutrophication in the northern basin of Lake Taihu, China: human impacts on a large shallow lake

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Sedimentary evidence of Early-Late Permian mid-latitude continental climate variability, southern Bogda Mountains, NW China

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Sedimentary flux of Lake Taibai, Hubei Province and correlations with precipitation and human activities in its catchment during the last century

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Sedimentary iron sulphide formation

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Sedimentary losses of phosphorus in some natural and artificial Iowa lakes

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Sedimentary molybdenum

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Sedimentary petrography

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Sedimentary petrography, with special reference to petrographic methods of correlation of strata, petroleum technology and other economic applications to geology

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Sedimentary records of organochlorine pesticides in the Taihu Lake

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Sedimentary response to intrabasinal salt tectonism in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Paradox Basin, Utah

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Sedimentary responses to the Pleistocene climatic variations recorded in the South China Sea

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Sedimentary rock

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Sedimentary rocks in the field

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Sedimentary structures and textures of Rio Orinoco channel sands, Venezuela and Colombia

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Sedimentation & osmofragility characteristics of rat liver lysosomes--alterations caused by feeding protein-free diet to adult rats

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Sedimentation analysis of Pseudomonas putida A.3.12 bacteriophage gh-1 deoxyribonucleic acid

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Sedimentation analysis of cucumber mosaic virus

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Sedimentation analysis of juices with pulp of plum and cherry

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Sedimentation and breakdown kinetics of organic matter in the anaerobic zone of Lake Vechten Netherlands

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Sedimentation and chemical quality of surface water in the Heart River drainage basin, North Dakota

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Sedimentation and density characteristics of the ribosomes of the chloroplasts of Euglena gracilis

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Sedimentation and diffusion measurements on cellulose and cellulose derivatives

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Sedimentation and extensograph characteristics of some wheats in relation to gluten composition

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Sedimentation and filtration equilibria

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Sedimentation and filtration for ferrous treatment of saline water

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Sedimentation and its control in Nadis in the Indian arid zone--a case study Water storage structures

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Sedimentation and protein-content analysis of wheat on the basis of a single portion of flour

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Sedimentation and sediment transport

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Sedimentation and size of the particle of maize

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Sedimentation and sulfate reduction under a mussel culture

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Sedimentation and the economics of selecting an optimum reservoir size

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Sedimentation and turbidity hazards in wildlands

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Sedimentation as a measure of wheat quality, 1963 crop

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Sedimentation basin analysis for nonpoint source sediment remediation

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Sedimentation basin design

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Sedimentation behavior of fructose 1.6-bisphosphatase in crude tissue extracts of the rabbit and the rat

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Sedimentation behaviour of phosphoribosyladenosine triphosphate synthetase. Effects of substrates and modifiers

Anonymous, 1949:
Sedimentation bulletin

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Sedimentation by using ingredients Sugarbeet processing.1

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Sedimentation chambers for drains on the Seyhan Irrigation Project

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Sedimentation characteristics of gorge-type reservoirs

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Sedimentation cycle of a freshwater tidal flat in the St. Lawrence estuary

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Sedimentation engineering

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Sedimentation environment in the Great Lakes

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Sedimentation equilibrium studies of human chymotrypsin II and bovine delta-chymotrypsin

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Sedimentation field flow fractionation to study human erythroleukemia cell megakaryocytic differentiation after short period diosgenin induction

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Sedimentation history of Lago Guayabal, Puerto Rico, 1913-2001

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Sedimentation history of Lago Loiza, Puerto Rico, 1953-94

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Sedimentation history of Waimaluhia Reservoir during highway construction, Oahu, Hawaii, 1983-98

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Sedimentation in Coon Creek Valley, Wisconsin

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Sedimentation in Harlan County Reservoir, Republican River, Nebraska

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Sedimentation in Lake Onalaska, Navigation Pool 7, upper Mississippi River, since impoundment

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Sedimentation in Nadis in the Indian arid zone Principal drinking water sources

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Sedimentation in relation to logging activities in the mountains of central Idaho

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Sedimentation in shallow to deep water carbonate environments across a sequence boundary: effects of a fall in sea-level on the evolution of a carbonate system (Ladinian-Carnian, eastern Lombardy, Italy)

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Sedimentation in the Chaparral: how do you handle unusual events? Erosion, hyperschedasticity, San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains, southern California

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Sedimentation index in soft wheat hybrids

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Sedimentation of Al3+ by root tissues one of the reasons for genotypic specificity of plant resistance to its toxicity

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Sedimentation of Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuill conidia by aluminium sulphate

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Sedimentation of Cidra Reservoir Puerto Rico

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Sedimentation of Shihmen Reser

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Sedimentation of erythrocytes and the value of hamatocrit applied to the healthy ducks

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Sedimentation of erythrocytes in chickens and fowls

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Sedimentation of lakes, Muskegon County, Michigan

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Sedimentation of newly produced particulate organic matter in a subtropical inlet, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

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Sedimentation of phytoplankton cells within controlled experimental ecosystems following launching, and implications for further enclosure studies

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Sedimentation of principal phytoplankton species in Lake Constance

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Sedimentation of radioactive strontium in skeleton swine of different age

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Sedimentation of reservoir leads to soil conservation

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Sedimentation of reservoirs in the Himalayan resion-India

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Sedimentation of reservoirs: prevention vs cleanup

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Sedimentation of small viruses at very low concentrations

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Sedimentation of spermatozoa and sex ratio in the bovine

Courot, M.E.nault, C., 1973:
Sedimentation of spermatozoa and sex ration in the bovine

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Sedimentation on redispersion of coagulated humic acid suspensions

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Sedimentation problems in reservoirs of Uttar Pradesh Soil erosion, India

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Sedimentation processes in a short residence-time intermontane lake, Kamloops Lake, British Columbia

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Sedimentation processes in the Purari River upstream of the delta

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Sedimentation properties of anthranilate synthetase from osmotic lysates of a wall-less variant of Neurospora

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Sedimentation properties of ribosomal particles in Dictyostelium discoideum

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Sedimentation properties of viru

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Sedimentation rate and hemato

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Sedimentation rate in a basin (Agno) of Lake Lugano

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Sedimentation rate in grain and flour as an index of the technological value of rye

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Sedimentation rates and erosion processes in the lagoon of Venice (vol 31, pg 921, 2005)

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Sedimentation rates and sediment cores in two Swiss lakes of different trophic state

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Sedimentation rates and trapping efficiency of cells of Candida aquatica

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Sedimentation rates in a Long Island marsh determined by 210Pb dating

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Sedimentation rates in several lakes of Japan measured with 210Pb method

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Sedimentation rates in small headwater reservoirs in Montana

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Sedimentation rates in small reservoirs in the little Colorado River Basin

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Sedimentation rates in the Upper Mississippi River

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Sedimentation research in Mississippi: progress and goals

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Sedimentation speeds of blood

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Sedimentation stress in a scleractinian coral exposed to terrestrial and marine sediments with contrasting physical, organic and geochemical properties (vol 336, pg 18, 2006)

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Sedimentation studies of Bhakra reservoir

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Sedimentation survey of Belle Fourche Reservoir, Belle Fourche Project, South Dakota

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Sedimentation survey of Highland Silver Lake, Highland, Illinois

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Carite, Puerto Rico, October 1999

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Dos Bocas, Puerto Rico, August 1994

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Dos Bocas, Puerto Rico, June 1997

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Dos Bocas, Puerto Rico, October 1999

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Sedimentation survey of Lago El Guineo, Puerto Rico, October 2001

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Garzas, Puerto Rico, September 1996

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Guajataca, Puerto Rico, January 1999

Soler-Lopez, Luis, R., 1999:
Sedimentation survey of Lago Guayo, Puerto Rico, October 1997

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Guerrero, Puerto Rico, May 2001

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Sedimentation survey of Lago La Plata, Puerto Rico, October 1998

Soler-Lopez, Luis, R., 2002:
Sedimentation survey of Lago Loco, Puerto Rico, March 2000

Soler-Lopez,, R., M.T., 1999:
Sedimentation survey of Lago Prieto, Puerto Rico, October 1997

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Sedimentation survey of Lago Yahuecas, Puerto Rico, March 1997

Soler-Lopez, Luis, R., 1999:
Sedimentation survey of Lago de Cidra, Puerto Rico, November 1997

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Sedimentation survey of Lago de Matrullas, Puerto Rico, December 2001

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Sedimentation surveys of Elephant Butte Reservoir, Rio Grande Project, New Mexico-Texas

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Sedimentation surveys of Pathfinder and Seminoe Reservoirs, North Platte River, Wyoming

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Sedimentation test by Zeleny as an indicator of the technological value of wheat

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Sedimentation test for grain quality evaluation

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Sedimentation test results with wheats included in 1961 quality evaluation program

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Sedimentation value, absolute an

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Sedimentation values of artifically dried and heated wheat

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Sedimentation velocity of hydrilla propagules

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Sedimentation within a regulated river

Anonymous, 1990:
Sedimentation, Manistee County, Michigan

Anonymous, 1990:
Sedimentation, Osceola County, Michigan

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Sedimentation, accretion, and subsidence in marshes of Barataria Basin, Louisiana

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Sedimentation--technology and progress

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Sedimentational environments on the near-continental shelf of the East-Siberian Sea

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Sedimentational pattern of virus-specific RNA synthesized in Newcastle disease virus-infected cells treated with amino acid analogues

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Sedimentgraph model of rainfall event in a small agricultural watershed

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Seed annual for

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Seed available and descriptive notes. Apium ; cumulative

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Seed available and descriptive notes. Brassica oleracea var. botrytis; cumulative

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Seed banks

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Seed banks and current herbaceous vegetation accompanying succession of a grassland to a woodland

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Seed banks as an emergency conservation strategy

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Seed banks for preservation of plant species

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Seed banks in diked and undiked great lakes coastal wetlands

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Seed banks of an Arizona Pinus ponderosa landscape: responses to environmental gradients and fire cues

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Seed banks: A useful tool in conservative plant evaluation and exploitation

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Seed banks: ecological definitions and sampling considerations

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Seed bases of Taxodium distichum Rich

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Seed bearing and quality of woody plants introduced into the Chuvash ASSR

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Seed bearing and yielding capacity of the Crimean pine

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Seed bearing of Haloxylon aphyllum in the southern part of the Kazakh SSR

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Seed bearing of Siberian spruce in the Urals

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Seed bearing of beech trees (Fa

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Seed bearing of grafted trees of Scotch pine on plantations in relation with crown training

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Seed bearing of pine clones

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Seed bearing of pine forests

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Seed bearing of some introduced trees and shrubs in Bukovina Province

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Seed bearing of the Siberian spruce in the Urals

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Seed bearing stimulation in plantations

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Seed bed density, undercutting, and lateral root pruning effects on loblolly seedling morphology, field survival, and growth

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Seed bed management

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Seed bed mechanisation for efficient crop production

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Seed bed preparation choice of tools depends on soil

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Seed bed production in Rhode Island

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Seed bed soil preparation by ma

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Seed beds and sowing of sugarcane

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Seed beetle host specificity and the systematics of the Leguminosae

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Seed bibliography: recent literature, 1965--1969

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Seed biology of invasive alien plants in South Africa and South West Africa

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Seed biology, economic impact, and interference characteristics of shattercane (Sorghum bicolor)

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Seed blends for meadows

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Seed book

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Seed borne bacterial tumors in tobacco Nicotiana clevelandii x glutinose, Corynebacterium fascians

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Seed borne disease rice blast and Nae imochi

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Seed borne diseases and agricultural production in the Punjab India

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Seed borne diseases in relation to indias food problem

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Seed borne fungi in greengram (Phaseolus aureu s) in the Punjab

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Seed borne fungus diseases of wheat and rye

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Seed borne microorganism in Pakistan

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Seed borne nature and systemic character of infection Udbatta disease

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Seed borne nature of Drechslera sativus Sub & Jain on wheat

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Seed borne viruses

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Seed breeders announce new varieties

Jin PeiFeng; Bian CaiMiao; Yang WuJie; K.J.aMing, 2007:
Seed breeding and sapling transplantation of Rhododendron fortunei in Linhai

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Seed browning of hot peppers during low temperature storage

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Seed bugs in trophic webs

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Seed burn virus disease in broadbeans

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Seed buyer guide. 1. Flowers guide to new cultivars

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Seed capital and technology transfer: a critical ingredient

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Seed catalog

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Seed catalog ; Botanical notes

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Seed catalog and planting guide with garden supply section

Anonymous, 1990:
Seed catalogue

Nord Gene Bank (Swed), 1989:
Seed catalogue 1989

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Seed certification and control

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Seed certification for export

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Seed certification in Austria

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Seed certification in Italy: statistical data of the last four years

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Seed certification in Michigan

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Seed certification in North America, proud history--two perspectives on the future

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Seed certification in Rhodesia

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Seed certification in southern forestry today

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Seed certification in the U. S

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Seed certification in the United States

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Seed certification in the next 10 years--a seedmans view

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Seed certification in todays agriculture

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Seed certification rules

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Seed certification standards

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Seed certification--high integrity necessary

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Seed chalcids new insect pests of eastern white pine and Fraser fir seeds

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Seed characteristics and germination of Artemisia scoparia

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Seed characteristics and germination properties according to change of cone production in Pinus densiflora stands

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Seed characteristics and hereditary relations of liliaceous flora

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Seed characteristics and some aspects of seed germination in Indigofera glandulosa Willd

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Seed characteristics and susceptibility to pathogen attack in tree seeds of the Peruvian Amazon

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Seed characteristics and two-year-old progenies of plus trees and their grafted plants in the Jeseniky Mountain ecotype of Picea abies (L.) Karst

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Seed characteristics in relation to succession

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Seed characteristics of certain types of Pirus amygdoliformis Vill. in Macedonia

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Seed characteristics of wild legume (Tetragonolobus palaestinus) as compared with Lens culinaris and Pisum sativum

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Seed characters for distinguishing Saxifraga tridactylites, Saxifraga osloensis and Saxifraga adscendens

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Seed characters in European taxa of Malcolmia R. br. (Cruciferae)

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Seed characters in some native American vetches

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Seed characters of Cucumis melo and their classification

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Seed chemical characteristics in some fodder plants cultivated in Somaliland

Zagaiko, Mg, 1980:
Seed classifier Separation machine.1

Makhovskii, Vi, 1977:
Seed cleaning and drying complexes and enterprises for post harvest processing of seed

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Seed cleaning and drying station with a seed protective unit

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Seed cleaning and handling

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Seed cleaning factory: of what kind should it be?

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Seed cleaning in Saskatchewan, 1956

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Seed cleaning machine SM 4

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Seed cleaning machine SM-0.15

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Seed cleaning machine SMShCh-0.4

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Seed cleaning of Cupania vernalis (Sapindaceae) by ants: edge effect in a highland forest in south-east Brazil

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Seed cleaning technique means wider use for warm season grasses

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Seed coat anatomy and relationships of Ludwigia sects. Microcarpium, Dantia, and Miquelia (Onagraceae), and notes on fossil seeds of Ludwigia from Europe

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Seed coat anatomy of some cucurbitaceous seeds

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Seed coat anatomy of the Asiatic species of the genus Sorbus in relationship to their systematics

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Seed coat carotenoids of the cycad genera Dioon, Encephelartos, Macrozamia dn Zamia: evolutionary significance

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Seed coat color in Phaseolus vulgaris L., its chemistry and associated health related benefits

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Seed coat darkening in lentil

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Seed coat development in legumes

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Seed coat dormancy in Indigofera glandulosa Willd

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Seed coat effect in the germination of Eugenia dysenterica DC. (Myrtaceae)

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Seed coat fragment counting and sizing in card web

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Seed coat fragments in cotton yarns

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Seed coat fragments, a major source of cotton yarn imperfections

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Seed coat fragments: the consequences of carding and the impact of attached fibers

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Seed coat imposed dormancy in Sesbania spp. and treatments to improve germination

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Seed coat integrity: seed characteristics and micro-structure of seed coats resistant to mechanical damage of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Seed coat micro sculpturing of weed species of scrophulariaceae

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Seed coat morphology in Calandrinia (Portulacaceae) and its taxonomic significance

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Seed coat morphology in Cordylanthus (Scrophulariaceae) and its taxonomic significance

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Seed coat of Papilionaceae

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Seed coat peroxidase activity as an aid in differentiating soybean cultivars

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Seed coat regulated germination in Tephrosia appolina DC. and its significance

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Seed coat structure and development in certain species of Cruciferae

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Seed coat structure and germination of Sesbania punicea

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Seed coat structure in Melilotus (Fabaceae)

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Seed coat structure in some bean species

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Seed coat structure of Crocus vernus agg. (Iridaceae)

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Seed coat structure of genera, Rhodoleia, Exbucklandia and Chunia in connection with their place in family Hamamelidaceae

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Seed coat variation in legumes by SEM. I. Importment legumes of Phaseoleae expect genera Phaseolus, Vigna and Glycine

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Seed coating as a means of improving crop production

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Seed coating beats disease

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Seed coating experiment in rice

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Seed coating in supersweet corn (SH2)

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Seed coating with electro hydraulically processed peat

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Seed coating: What does it do for the grower?

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Seed coatings

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Seed coatings to reduce imbibitional chilling injury

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Seed coats of Papilionacea

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Seed coats of cowpeas affect oviposition and larval development of Callosobruchus maculatus

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Seed coats of some Mediterranean Hypericum (Guttiferae) observed in the scanning electron microscope

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Seed collecting advice from an expert

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Seed collecting and processing: January 1983-August 1990

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Seed collecting and tree breeding

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Seed collecting in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Seed collecting, processing, and storage

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Seed collection

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Seed collection and handling Sugar maple, Acer spp

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Seed collection and production areas

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Seed collection and seed certification with reference to Pinus roxburghii sarg. in Himachal Pradesh

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Seed collection times for afforestation species in Nepal

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Seed collection, seedling production and planting of fruit tree species native to the savannas

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Seed collections from North American trees for marginal sites in the Nordic countries

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Seed collections of Pinus radiata and Pinus muricata in California

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Seed colonization and aflatoxin production in groundnut genotypes inoculated with different strains of Aspergillus flavus Arachis hypogaea

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Seed color: effects on seed yield & emergence of snap beans

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Seed colour indicates germinability of Buloke (Allocasuarina luehmannii)

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Seed colour inheritance in sunn-hemp (Crotolaria juncea L.)

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Seed colour polymorphism in Thysanotus tuberosus R. br

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Seed components and taxonomy of some Acacia species

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Seed composition in connection with germination and bolting of Beta vulgaris L. (sugar beet)

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Seed conditioning

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Seed conditioning can give crops a head start

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Seed conditioning equipment research

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Seed cones of Metasequoia milleri from the Middle Eocene of southern British Columbia

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Seed conservation and distribution

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Seed conservation problems: natural and unnatural

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Seed content in the soil and regeneration of the plant covering in a prairie of Valdivia Province, Chile

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Seed control in Kazakhstan

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Seed control: history and up to date

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Seed conveying: its problems and solutions

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Seed conveying: its problems and solutions. iII

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Seed corn drying in Virginia

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Seed corn growers combat stalk rot

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Seed corn growers concerned about wind erosion

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Seed corn harvesting methods

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Seed corn multiplication in Southern Moravia during 1970

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Seed corn pest management manual for the Midwest

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Seed corn production under various irrigation systems

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Seed cost color in certain varieties of beans

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Seed cotton and multiple lint cleanings at gins

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Seed cotton cleaning and extracting

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Seed cotton cleaning research

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Seed cotton cleaning versus lint cleaning

Anonymous, 1996:
Seed cotton conditioning research

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Seed cotton drier for a mechanical picker

Anonymous, 1980:
Seed cotton handling & storage

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Seed cotton storage

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Seed cotton storage and handling

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Seed cotton storage and planting seed quality

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Seed cotton storage, an aid to both growers and ginners

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Seed cotton unloading systems

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Seed counters aid research

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Seed counting, an important rationalization of work in seed laboratories

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Seed covering machines in Hawaii

Cerny, Hr, 1982:
Seed covering machines--Oahu

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Seed crop of the Altiplano

Peregudt, Mf, 1976:
Seed cropping of Crambe steveniana

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Seed cropping of early cabbage

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Seed cropping of garlic

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Seed cropping of melons in the Rostov Region

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Seed crops for intensifying and rationalizing the production of forest seeds

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Seed crops in the east

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Seed crops of cabbage require the presence of honeybee colonies

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Seed crops revised estimates, 1969-74

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Seed crops, revised estimates, 1964-69

Anonymous, 1972:
Seed crops--revised estimates, 1964--69: acreage, yield, production, value, supply, disappearance

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Seed crushing compound & provender milling

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Seed cultivation of white clover. Current work concerning disinfection and control of clover weevils

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Seed cultivation research and problems. papers

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Seed culture and increasing the production of grain

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Seed culture and rice variety

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Seed culture for cucurbit and vegetable crops

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Seed culture for feed beets

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Seed culture of Coriandrum and Ppimpinella anisum and problems of improvement

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Seed culture of Larix in Moscow Region

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Seed culture of alfalfa and clover

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Seed culture of grain crops on state farms

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Seed culture of monoecious and dioecious hemp

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Seed culture of sugar beets and means of its improvement

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Seed culture of the hard spring wheat variety Kharkovskaia 46

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Seed culture of the potato variety Veselovskii 2-4 on a vir us-free basis

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Seed culture on an industrial scale

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Seed culture, an important supply for growth of yield capacity

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Seed cutting at Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company

Matis, J., 1981:
Seed dactyloscopy

Atanasov, N., 1979:
Seed damage--an urgent problem

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Seed de-winging machines and the operational regime of pin-type machinery

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Seed demand and supply situation in Nepal

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Seed demography

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Seed density and nitrogen fertilization in spring wheat in relation to sowing time

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Seed density for medium size early beetroot

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Seed density: culling by flotation

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Seed deposition of Eragrostis curvula, an invasive alien plant on a river floodplain

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Seed deposition patterns: influence of season, nutrients, and vegetation structure

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Seed descriptions of four common Lobelias

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Seed destruction of California morning glories (Convolvulaceae: Calystegia) by bruchid beetles

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Seed detection and transmission of bacterial blight of cowpea

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Seed deterioration during storage and induction of secondary dormancy in grain sorghum

Andreoli, C., 2006:
Seed deterioration rate: a new method to predict seed longevity in storage

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Seed deterioration studies in onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Seed development

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Seed development after crosses of tegraploid and diploid Delphinium species

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Seed development and abscisic acid related to uneven ripening of Concord grapes in the Southern United States

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Seed development and carbohydrates

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Seed development and germination capacity of Stellaria media and Urtica urens as influenced by herbicidal treatment during flowering

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Seed development and morphology

Goodwin, P.; Siddique, M., 1984:
Seed development and quality in bean

Chen, C.; Gibson, P., 1974:
Seed development following matings of Trifolium nigrescens X Trifolium occidentale at different ploidy levels

Chen, C.; Gibson, P., 1971:
Seed development following the mating of Trifolium repens X Trifolium uniflorum

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Seed development in Araucaria Juss. Seed coat, seed wing and food reserve tissue, anatomical characteristics

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Seed development in Chondrilla juncea L

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Seed development in Daphniphyllum himalayense with a discussion on taxonomic position of Daphniphyllaceae

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Seed development in Downingia

Prakash, N., 1969:
Seed development in Leptospermum scoparium Forst

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Seed development in Phaseolus vulgaris L., Populus nigra L., and Ranunculus sceleratus L

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Seed development in Ricinus communis cv. Hale (castor bean). III. Pattern of storage protein and phytin accumulation in the endosperm

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Seed development in angiosperms, especially in the Phaseolus species

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Seed development in cotton: feasibility of a hormonal role for abscisic Acid in controlling vivipary

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Seed development in hull-less-seeded pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.)

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Seed development of four sorghum cultivars

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Seed development of two peanut varieties and their maturing responses to the CO2 gas and nitrogen application during the flowering stage

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Seed development, germination and quality

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Seed development, metabolism and composition

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Seed development, respiration and plant water balance

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Seed developmental profile of soybean as influenced by planting date and cultivar under temperate environment

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Seed dimorphism and germination behaviour in Salicornia patula

Vasilenko, Id, 1970:
Seed dimorphism and secondary sex relationships in Populus

Olivieri, I.B.rger, A., 1985:
Seed dimorphism for dispersal: physiological, genetic and demographical aspects

Ungar, Ia, 1979:
Seed dimorphism in Salicornia europaea L

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