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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17030

Chapter 17030 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shorelines past and present
, Unknown (1980)

Shores and forests of Namur
, La Propriete terrienne: 27 (315) 104-107 (1974)

Shores of Blaye
, Unknown (1990)

Shormosome studies of the genus Pandanus (Pandanaceae)
, Botanische Jahrbeucher feur Systematik Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie 93(4): 498-529 (1973)

Short 1970 annual report of the National Institute for Brewing Barley, Malt, and Beer
, Unknown (1971)

Short Capillary Traps in GC-GC Tandem Systems for Direct Analysis of T2 Mycotoxin in Aqueous Samples
, Chromatographia 66(3-4): 237-242 (2007)

Short Communication: Burnout and self-employment: a cross-cultural empirical study
, Stress and Health 23(4): 249-256 (2007)

Short communication: Changes in micromineral, magnesium, cytokine, and cortisol concentrations in blood of dairy goats following intramammary inoculation with Staphylococcus aureus
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(10): 4679-4683 (2007)

Short communication: Changes in the association between milk yield and age at first calving in holstein cows with herd environment level for milk yield
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(10): 4830-4834 (2007)

Short communication: Comparison of bulk milk, yield-corrected, and average somatic cell counts as parameters to summarize the subclinical mastitis situation in a dairy herd
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(9): 4145-4148 (2007)

Short communication: Composition of milk protein and milk fatty acids is stable for cows differing in genetic merit for milk production
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(8): 3955-3960 (2007)

Short communication: Cultivation of Lentinus edodes mycelia using whey permeate as an alternative growth substrate
, Journal of Dairy Science 89(3): 1113-1115 (2006)

Short communication: Effect of increasing levels of corn bran on milk yield and composition
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(9): 4313-4316 (2007)

Short communication: effect of number of extractions on percentage of long-chain fatty acids from fresh alfalfa
, Journal of Dairy Science 89(9): 3505-3507 (2006)

Short communication: Effect of stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase polymorphism on fatty acid composition of milk
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(7): 3553-3558 (2007)

Short Communication: Performance may predict natural killer cell activity after an acute time-limited stressor
, Stress and Health 23(3): 169-173 (2007)

Short communication: Quantification of the transmission of microorganisms to milk via dirt attached to the exterior of teats
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(8): 3579-3582 (2007)

Short Communication: Stress-related predictors of optimism in breast cancer survivors
, Stress and Health 23(3): 161-168 (2007)

Short communication: study of immune parameters in three Greek dairy sheep breeds during the periparturient period
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(12): 5567-5571 (2007)

Short Delphinium species suitable for cultivation in pots
, Unknown (1971)

Short Fork Creek watershed, De Soto County, Mississippi
, Unknown (1988)

Short Guzmaine, Tall Guzmaine and Floriglade
, Circular S Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida: 986 (326) (1986)

Short account of the direction the dairy industry is going
, Maelkeritidende 86 (35) 929-930 (1973)

Short account of the history of afforestation in the Karst area
, Gozdarski vestnik = Slovenian journal of forestry 31(5): 211-214 (1983)

Short account of the participation of Yugoslavia in international forestry organizations
, Gozdarski vestnik = Slovenian journal of forestry 31(7-8): 290-295 (1983)

Short address about the cultivation of sugar cane in the state of Morelos
, Unknown (1982)

Short agricultural lessons. II. What is feasible for autumn and spring farming
, Vasterbotten 46 (2) 31-34 (1973)

Short analysis of silviculture and coniferous forests management in Mexico. I
, Unknown (1972)

Short analysis of the educational situation at the Department of Agricultural Sciences in Palmira
, Programa Cooperativo para el Desarrollo del Tropico Americano: 7-90 (1971)

Short analysis of the situation at the Agronomy and Veterinary Science Department of the University in Guayaquil
, Programa Cooperativo para el Desarrollo del Tropico Americano: 5-86 (1971)

Short analytical study of organic fertilizers
, Unknown (1972)

Short anatomical and biological characterization of a radiomutant of the sour cherry
, Subtropicheskie kul'tury: ) 128-130 (1979)

Short and efficient asymmetric synthesis of (-)-alpha-conhydrine
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(14): 5358-5361 (2007)

Short and long latency reflexes in human muscles following electrical and mechanical stimulation
, Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. Supplementum 557: 1-32 (1986)

Short and long run externalities
, Unknown (1991)

Short and long stalls
, Unknown (1974)

Short and long term changes in NMDA receptor binding in mouse brain following chronic phencyclidine treatment
, Journal of Neural Transmission 114(8): 995-1001 (2007)

Short and long term comparison of solar absorption air conditioning system performance using real and synthetic weather data
, Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference Proceedings: 1th (v 2) 1354-1361 (1976)

Short and long term effects of fungicides on nitrogen fixing blue-green algae
, Phykos 0(1-2): 58-64 (1981)

Short and long term effects of indole-3-acetic acid on the growth of Nostoc muscorum
, Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 64(2): 175-177 (1971)

Short and long term effects of vagotomy in canines
, Journal of Research 4(3): 208-213 (1974)

Short and long term significance of world trends and domestic prospects for Canadian agriculture
, Unknown (1969)

Short and long term variations in the monthly quantities of livestock products marketed in Finland
, Unknown (1978)

Short and long-term impacts of the river Nile projects
, Water supply and management(4): 275-283 (1979)

Short and long-term influences of undernutrition on range cattle production
, Zimbabwe agricultural journal 80(5): 175-182 (1983)

Short and long-term motor and cognitive outcome of staged bilateral pallidotomy: a retrospective analysis
, Acta Neurochirurgica 149(9): 857 (2007)

Short and long-term movement and site fidelity of juvenile Haemulidae in back-reef habitats of a Caribbean embayment
, Hydrobiologia 592(1): 257-270 (2007)

Short and long-term storage of cereals
, Muhle Mischfuttertechnik 113(16): 232-233 (1976)

Short and long-term therapeutic efficacy of drug-eluting stents (Firebird) for the treatment of coronary artery disease
, Zhonghua Xin Xue Guan Bing Za Zhi 35(3): 216-219 (2007)

Short and mean term effect of pancreatic duct ligature on diet digestibility in the food restricted growing rabbit
, Annales de Biologie Animale Biochimie Biophysique 7(3a): 299-307 (1977)

Short and medium chain fatty acids make a comeback
, Feed mix (6): 27-29 (2002)

Short and medium range price predictions for horticulture
, Unknown (1985)

Short and medium term toxicity of chromium to Chlorella vulgaris and Daphnia magna
, Environmental pollution Series A: Ecological and biological 27(3): 207-221 (1982)

Short and medium-term evolution of a coastal sector in Cadiz, SW Spain
, CATENA 70(2): 229-242 (2007)

Short and simple annuals of the poor
, Pacific horticultureer 53(4): 16-18 (1992)

Short annotations on hill farming
, Rassegna dell'agricoltura italiana Seconda serieser 2 34(4): 3-8 (1979)

Short annotations on regional policy and distribution of products
, Rassegna dell'agricoltura italiana Seconda serie 35(2): 11-13 (1980)

Short apple trees, faster and healthier
, Agricultural research 51(11): 18-19 (2003)

Short as well as long transport duration can affect the welfare of slaughter pigs
, Animal Welfare 16(3): 385-389 (2007)

Short biography of the life and work of late Dr. alexander Gibson
, Unknown (1971)

Short bleaching sequences: hydrogen peroxide in the EPO oxidative extraction stage
, Tappi journal 75(7): 213-214 (1992)

Short bowel syndrome: clinical guidelines for nutrition management
, Nutrition in Clinical Practice 20(5): 493-502 (2005)

Short breeding season for cow-calf production in northeastern Oregon
, Unknown (1973)

Short burst oxygen therapy after activities of daily living in the home in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
, Thorax 62(8): 702-705 (2007)

Short calving seasons--why, how, and the payoff
, Unknown (1977)

Short chain fatty acids and the fatty matter balance
, Technique laitiere: 908 9-10 (1977)

Short chain fatty acids as the luminal trophic factor
, Canadian journal of animal science: 64189-190 (1984)

Short chained peptides as new substrates in parental nutrition
, Unknown (1988)

Short characteristics as a func
, Nihon Ringaku Kaishi = Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society 65(2): 43-51 (1983)

Short characterization of an Apulian isolate of the Pelargonium leaf curl virus (PLCV)
, Unknown (1969)

Short comment on: Nitrogen mineralisation in relation to previous crops and pastures
, Australian Journal of Soil Research 45(6): 401 (2007)

Short comments on the pathological anatomy of hog cholera for the demonstration of hog cholera virus preparations
, Unknown (1978)

Short communication Fibroleiomyoma in elephant uterus
, Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series A 54(9): 499-500 (2007)

Short communication about tobacco mosaic virus detection in ribgrass (Plantago maior L.)
, Unknown (1972)

Short communication about tobacco mosaic virus detection in plantain (Plantago maior L.)
, Unknown (1971)

Short communication on a new syndrome of Newcastle disease of poultry
, Tierarztliche Umschau 26(10): 475-477 (1971)

Short communication paper i.e. photosynthetic response of Thysanolaena maxima (Roxb.) Kuntze, a multipurpose and monotypic plant, to different levels of CO2 (vol 12, pg 241, 2006)
, Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 13(1): 81 (2007)

Short communication--Chinese herbs as feed additives
, Feed mix(3): 17-18 (1998)

Short communication--improved reproduction through feeding
, Feed mix(1-2): 14 (1999)

Short communication-grape by-products in sheep diets
, Feed mix(5): 26-27 (1998)

Short communication. First report of black queen-cell virus detection in honey bees (Apis mellifera) in Spain
, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(3): 322-325 (2007 )

Short communication. Integration of emergence and population dynamic models for long term weed management using wild oat (Avena fatua L.) as an example
, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(2): 199-203 (2007)

Short communication. PCR detection of DNA of bovine, ovine-caprine and porcine origin in feed as part of a bovine spongiform encephalopathy control program
, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(3): 312-317 (2007)

Short communication. Prediction of weight of major cuts by mean slaughter or carcass weight in Iberian pigs
, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(3): 318-321 (2007)

Short communication. The effect of freeze-thaw cycles on soil aggregate stability in different salinity and sodicity conditions
, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(3): 431-434 (2007)

Short communication. Zebrafish embryo development can be reversibly arrested at the MBT stage by exposure to a water temperature of 16 degrees C
, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(2): 181-185 (2007)

Short communication: antituberculosis drug-induced hepatotoxicity is unexpectedly low in HIV-infected pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Malawi
, Tropical Medicine and International Health 12(7): 852-855 (2007)

Short communication: Bacillus cereus capable of degrading SDS shows growth with a variety of detergents
, World journal of microbiology and biotechnology 14(5): 777-779 (1998)

Short communication: Detecting depression after pregnancy: the validity of the K10 and K6 in Burkina Faso
, Tropical medicine and international health TM and IH 12(10): 1225-1229 (2007)

Short communication: first record of Aedes albopictus in Gabon, Central Africa
, Tropical Medicine and International Health 12(9): 1105-1107 (2007)

Short communication: Identification of the aroma compounds responsible for the floral/rose flavor in water-soluble fractions of Manchego cheese
, Journal of Dairy Science 90(11): 5001-5003 (2007)

Short communication: Satellite DNA-based species-specific identification of single individuals of the pinewood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae)
, European journal of plant pathology e 112(2): 191-193 (2005)

Short communication: continuous cultivation of the yeast Candida utilis at different dilution rates on pineapple cannery effluent
, World journal of microbiology and biotechnology 15(1): 127-129 (1999)

Short communication: effect of agitation rate on the growth and production of xylanase free of cellulase by Thermomyces lanuginosus MH4 in bioreactor
, World journal of microbiology and biotechnology 14(5): 765-767 (1998)

Short communication: hair is not enough
, Animal biotechnology(2): 117 (1995)

Short communication: leaching of chromite overburden with various native bacterial strains
, World journal of microbiology and biotechnology 14(5): 769-771 (1998)

Short communication: reclaiming disturbed land for forestry
, Arboricultural journal 28(1-2): 117-120 (2004)

Short communication: seasonal effects on development of bovine embryos produced by in vitro fertilization in a hot environment
, Journal of Dairy Science 83(2): 305-307 (2000)

Short communication: sepiolite improves wheat-based rations for chicks
, Feed mix(4): 27-28 (1999)

Short communication: tensile and compressive strengths of two horticultural packaging materials: cane and palm frond
, International journal of food science and technology 25(2): 226-229 (1990)

Short communication: Tissue distribution of leptin and leptin receptor mRNA in the bovine
, Journal of Dairy Science 86(7): 2369-2372 (2003)

Short communications
, Unknown (1978)

Short communications on cases of the eye, larynx, trachea and skin
, Journal of the South African Veterinary Association = Tydskrif van die Suid Afrikaanse Veterinere Vereniging 52(1): 69-70 (1981)

Short communications re-excretion of feline viral rhinotracheitis virus following corticosteroid treatment
, Veterinary record 93(7): 204-205 (1973)

Short communications. an outbreak of pasteurellosis in lambs
, Veterinary record 94(5): 84-85 (1974)

Short comunication: feed restriction lowers immunity
, Feed mix(1-2): 26-28 (1999)

Short contacts by the home economist in case work treatment
, Unknown (1940)

Short contribution to the study of central Asiatic Chilopoda
, Zoologischer Anzeiger: 184 (1 2) 94-96 (1970)

Short course for dry milk manufacturers
, Unknown (1945)

Short course in poultry farming
, Unknown (1943)

Short course in rayon
, Unknown (1940)

Short course in surveying
, Unknown (1942)

Short course on soil & rock improvement, techniques including geotextiles, reinforced earth and modern piling methods
, Unknown (1982)

Short course on the care and use of laboratory animals
, Unknown (1997)

Short course--virology. 2. host-virus interaction origin of viruses
, Illinois veterinarian 13(5): 12-14 (1970)

Short course--virology. 3. immunology, transplacental transmission, viral inhibition, chemotherapy
, Illinois veterinarian 13(7): 14-18 (1970)

Short critical review of pollen analysis as applied to honey
, British bee journal: 104 (4370) 152-155 (1976)

Short cultivation time for raspberries
, Unknown (1973)

Short cut grass--advantages and disadvantages
, Unknown (1971)

Short cut in rice breeding
, Unknown (1972)

Short cut tailoring techniques
, Unknown (1997)

Short cuts extra: INR easily monitored at home (vol 334, pg 928, 2007)
, BMJ 334(7607): 1317 (2007)

Short cuts for the farm, for the home
, Unknown (1949)

Short cuts in good housekeeping
, Unknown (1940)

Short cuts in sewing
, Unknown (1940)

Short cuts on basal, high level virgin bark
, Planter 83(973): 253-261 (2007)

Short cuts to faster flavour
, Food flavourings ingredients packaging and processing FOOD FLAVOURING INGREDIENTS PACKAGING PROCESSING 3(3): 17-19 (1981)

Short cuts to good eating
, Unknown (1950)

Short cuts to great gardens
, Unknown (1993)

Short cycle and high investment density in a new fruit-growing industry
, Frutticoltura 32 (1 2) 23-33 (1970)

Short cycling in Angora goats after introduction of the male at the initiation of the breeding season
, Sheep and goat wool and mohair: 2 (1983)

Short cycling of contaminants by zooplankton and their impact on Great Lakes ecosystems
, Journal of Great Lakes research(2): 360-366 (1982)

Short day handling of early autumn head lettuce under glass
, Tuinbouwberichten 39 (7 8) 305-307 (1975)

Short day management of very early fall head lettuce under g lass
, Tuinbouwberichten 38 (7 8) 297-299 (1974)

Short day onion cultivars for North Florida
, Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticulture Society 103(103): 96-98 (1991)

Short day onion production in Arkansas
, Proceedings of the annual meeting Arkansas State Horticultural Society: 07th) 40-42 (1986)

Short day sweet onion cultivar evaluation, 1994-95
, Unknown (1995)

Short day sweet onion cultivar evaluation, spring 1992
, Unknown (1992)

Short days increase hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responsiveness
, Endocrinology 148(7): 3402-3409 (2007)

Short delay in timing of emergence determines establishment success in Pinus sylvestris across microhabitats (vol 98, pg 1233, 2006)
, Annals of Botany 99(1): 209 (2007)

Short description and development of Research Institute on Tea and Quinine
, Unknown (1984)

Short description of few early ripening cauliflower cultivars under conditions of the Western Pomerania
, Ogrodnictwo 17(4): 95-96 (1980)

Short description of irrigation and hydro electric projects in USSR
, Unknown (1958)

Short description of new varieties of Swiss forage crops
, Unknown (1972)

Short description of sweet cassava cultivars
, Circular 78 (91) (1978)

Short descriptions of the most interesting characteristics of the famous Dutch seed blue peas and marrowfate
, Unknown (1948)

Short development and production studies of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel in Scottish lochs
, Hydrobiologia 2, 64(3): 215-222 (1979)

Short directory and reference book on Vil* section *nyus
, Unknown (1962)

Short distance URUS 250-1,5 cable system for skidding
, Unknown (1972)

Short distance transfer --summary and discussion
, Transport and Transfer Processes in Plants Proceedings of a Symposium: ub 1976) 217-219 (1976)

Short dry spells in the wet season increase mortality of tropical pioneer seedlings
, Oecologia 148(2): 258-269 (2006)

Short duration Tenai (Setaria italica) - for dry farming areas
, Farm and factory(1): 23-24 (1971)

Short duration and early maturation sugarcane varieties
, Indian farming 34(9): 17 (1984)

Short duration and fluctuation of quantity and monthly production of bacteria biomass in some soils of Lithuanian SS R
, Darb C Ser Biol Mokslaij Liet TSR Mokslu Akad: 3-13 (1973)

Short duration cotton strains for rainfed conditions Gossypium herbaceum, genetic aspects, hybrids, yields, India
, Indian farming 32(3): 10-11 (1982)

Short duration crops for leaf protein extraction in Marathwada
, Progress in leaf protein research: proceedings of the International Conference on Leaf Protein Research Aurangabad 5-8 October 1982 edited by Narendra Singh (1984)

Short duration general anaesthesia in the horse using guaiacol glycerine ether and thiopentone sodium
, Equine Veterinary Journal 17(3): 252-254 (1985)

Short duration grazing and the savory grazing method in perspective
, Rangelands 5(4): 147-150 (1983)

Short duration grazing at the Texas Experimental Range: effects on forage quality
, Journal of range management 35(3): 372-374 (1982)

Short duration grazing for long-term benefits
, Cattleman 68(3): 98-100 (1981)

Short duration grazing related to primitive societies and communal tenure of land
, Beef cattle Science handbook 6(16): 396-399 (1979)

Short duration grazing research in Africa
, Rangelands 24(4): 9-12 (2002)

Short duration paddy varieties for Andamans
, Indian farming 34(4): 19-20 (1984)

Short duration presprouting enhances sweet potato plant production
, HortScience 22(2): 314 (1987)

Short duration rainfall depth-duration-frequency map of India
, Unknown (1973)

Short duration rainfall relationships Precipitation, USA
, Urban stormwater hydraulics and hydrology: proceedings Second International Conference on Urban Storm Drainage Urbana Ill USA 15-19 June 1981 edited by BC Yen (1982)

Short duration testosterone infusions maintain male sex behavior in Syrian hamsters
, Hormones and Behavior 52(2): 169-176 (2007)

Short ecotypic characterization of Polypodium vulgare-subspecies
, American fern journal 82(2): 87-88 (1992)

Short elucidation on lubricants and their applications
, Unknown (1972)

Short essay on the names of fungi
, Bulletin Trimestriel de la Societe Mycologique de France 0(2): 36-68 (1974)

Short essays on orchid culture
, Orchid digest 50(6): 222-225 (1986)

Short exposures in structural fumigation with Vikane fumigant
, Unknown (1972)

Short feeding period of carrot psyllid (Trioza apicalis) females at early growth stages of carrot reduces yield and causes leaf discolouration
, Entomologia experimentalis et applicata 125(3): 277-283 (2007)

Short fiber content of cottons
, Unknown (1960)

Short fiber content of cottons in relation to other quality measurements
, Unknown (1962)

Short fiber content of regional cotton cultivars after conventional ginning
, Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 78-581 (1988)

Short fiber measurement from HVI
, Proceedings (3): 1389-1392 (1994)

Short fiber-reinforced thermoplastic elastomers from blends of natural rubber and polyethylene
, Journal of applied polymer science 32(5): 5123-5146 (1986)

Short fibres and quality control
, Journal of the Textile Institute 76(5): 388-390 (1985)

Short films Agriculture, Canada
, Unknown (1982)

Short fire intervals recorded by redwoods at Annadel State Park, California
, Madrono: a west american journal of botany 39(4): 251-262 (1992)

Short flora of Tahiti
, Unknown (1974)

Short food frequency questionnaire can discriminate inadequate and adequate calcium intake in Croatian postmenopausal women
, Nutrition research 27(9): 542-547 (2007)

Short furrow irrigation system--Arizona
, Western cotton production: 2-33 (1977)

Short glance at the Volkmar mineral therapy
, Tierarztliche Umschau 33(11): 612-614 (1978)

Short grass & longhorns
, Unknown (1943)

Short grass and longhorns
, Unknown (1943)

Short grass country
, Unknown (1941)

Short grass favors the development of pasture cultures
, Espana ganadera: 24 73-74 (1976)

Short grass mulching method of soil care in irrigated fruit production
, Feldwirtschaft 16 (12) 557-559 (1975)

Short grazing periods, long resting periods
, Farming in South Africa 46(1): 49-51 (1970)

Short guide to geo-botanical surveying
, Unknown (1964)

Short guide to the Snowdonia National Forest Park
, Unknown (1962)

Short guide to the knowledge of the major enemies of plants: Holly oak and other oaks
, Informatore fitopatologico 24(11): 4-14 (1974)

Short guides in identifying the principal enemies of plants, Drupaceae (apricot, cherry, almond, peach plum)
, Informatore fitopatologico 25(5): 8-27 (1975)

Short hairpin RNA causes the methylation of transforming growth factor-beta receptor II promoter and silencing of the target gene in rat hepatic stellate cells
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 359(2): 292-297 (2007)

Short hairpin RNA targeting survivin inhibits growth and angiogenesis of glioma U251 cells
, International Journal of Oncology 31(5): 1111-1117 (2007)

Short hairpin RNAs targeting Bcl-xL modulate senescence and apoptosis following SN-38 and irinotecan exposure in a colon cancer model
, Cancer ChemoTherapy and Pharmacology 60(5): 651-660 (2007)

Short half-lives of ataxia-associated aprataxin proteins in neuronal cells
, Neuroscience Letters 419(2): 184-187 (2007)

Short hedge performance of cotton options
, Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 14-319 (1986)

Short height of the rice plant and good panicle exertion
, Unknown (1975)

Short hints on bees and their care
, Unknown (1972)

Short historic feature about land surveys in Poland
, Unknown (1970)

Short historical summary of the Nutrition Information Bureau
, Voeding 40(5): 199-200 (1979)

Short histories of te Spanish milling industry. I
, Molineria y panaderia: 71 (793) 15-18 (1976)

Short history of Cantalian husbandry
, Unknown (1983)

Short history of Italian agriculture, 1860-1970
, Unknown (1980 )

Short history of Lacandon Forest
, Mexico forestal 50(2): 6-8 (1976)

Short history of agriculture in Brazil
, Unknown (1990)

Short history of almond containing sweets
, Sucrerie francaise 115(12): 483-486 (1974)

Short history of brucellosis in Mozambique; its present position
, Unknown (1968)

Short history of motorized farming
, Unknown (1974)

Short history of rose production
, Selskostopanska nauka 9(5): 60-63 (1981)

Short history of the Lacandona Forest
, Mexico forestal 49(6): 9-13 (1975)

Short history of the Queretaro Alameda
, Mexico forestal 48(3): 31-32 (1974)

Short history of the Veterinary Society of Zootechnics
, Unknown (1953)

Short history of the art of distillation from the beginnings up to the death of Cellier Blumenthal
, Unknown (1948)

Short history of the art of gardening
, Unknown (1976)

Short history of the discovery of coprophagy behavior in the rabbit
, Ethnozootechnie 7) 11-22 (1980)

Short history of the essential oil and aromatic chemical industries
, Unknown (1944)

Short history of the origin and establishment of the boys & girls agricultural club movement in Taranaki, and of the movement to form a nature lovers or co-operative citizenship league
, Unknown (1944)

Short history of the proclamation of Biograd Mou
, Poljoprivreda i sumarstvo 26(2): 65-71 (1980)

Short history of the series The cultivated plants of Hungary.
, Acta agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 1(3-4): 207-214 (1982)

Short hot water treatment for the control of the ratoon stunting disease
, Proceedings ub 1976), (new ser) 5 119-122 (1976)

Short information of works related to land consolidation (comnune of Montbellet, Saone-et-Loire)
, Unknown (1974)

Short information on a forestry breeding project in Japanese state institutions
, Lesnictvi 17 (5) 505-508 (1971)

Short information on soil excursion in Armenia, tour 4A -Armenia
, Pochvovedenie 9 141-145 (1975)

Short instruction for work of agriculture laboratories
, Unknown (1950)

Short interfering RNA (siRNA), a novel therapeutic tool acting on angiogenesis
, Biochimie 89(10): 1234-1244 (2007)

Short interfering RNA directed against the SLUG gene increases cell death induction in human melanoma cell lines exposed to cisplatin and fotemustine
, Cellular Oncology 29(4): 279-287 (2007)

Short interval between symptom onset and medical care as an indication of rapid onset of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome
, Bju International 100(3): 599 (2007)

Short introduction to electronic computers
, Unknown (1972)

Short introduction to headspace analysis
, Modern methods of plant analysis(7): 254-263 (1988)

Short introduction to ice cream manufacture
, Die Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch 29(10): 233-236 (1975)

Short introduction to pest control in fruit trees
, Unknown (1951)

Short introduction to the collection of water Mermithidae
, Angewandte Parasitologie 11(2): 109-111 (1970)

Short irrigation sets on wheat and sorghum
, PR Texas Agricultural Experiment Station: 85 (4312) (1985)

Short latency afferent inhibition is not impaired in mild cognitive impairment
, Clinical Neurophysiology 118(7): 1460-1463 (2007)

Short law course for agriculture and forestry
, Unknown (1949)

Short length amino acid sequence homology among ancestrally unrelated proteins
, International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research 6(3): 165-173 (1974)

Short lessons n agriculture: begin with the soil
, Vasterbotten 46 (1) 3-5 (1973)

Short line and regional railroads
, Unknown (1986)

Short line railroads: local lifelines for business
, Appalachia: journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission 34(2): 2-9 (2001)

Short lived perennial rye grass help to increase the success of farming
, Unknown (1978)

Short log & timber building book
, Unknown (1984)

Short log bolter for furniture stock
, Unknown (1957)

Short log system
, Unknown (1970)

Short lot dyeing with continuous dyeing equipment
, Book of Papers National Technical Conference: 70-277 (1986)

Short lumber: concept and acceptance
, Proceedings Hardwood Symposium of the Hardwood Research Council: 1st) 81-91 (1993)

Short maintenance of cows under unfavorable conditions of climate with simultaneous interruption of milking. effect on the general state, behaviour, milk secretion and milk quality
, Unknown (1970)

Short manual for the veterinarian
, Unknown (1960)

Short manual of agriculture
, Unknown (1940)

Short manual of retrovirus test and vaccine updates
, Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference: 15 (1994)

Short manual of the farm
, Unknown (1940)

Short method for estimating increases in wood extractives from lightwood induction treatments
, Proceedings annual meeting Lightwood Research Coordinating Council: 0-49 (1978)

Short methodological manual to practical work in pathological anatomy
, Unknown (1956)

Short milk supply, higher prices predicted for South
, Farmers and consumers market bulletin 7(28): 1 (1984)

Short milling of wheat
, Molineria y panaderia: 68 (764) 21-24 (1973)

Short milling procedures in the 1977 harvest
, Muhle Mischfuttertechnik 115(18): 255-256 (1978)

Short monograph on hard wheat
, Bulletin des anciens eleves: 278 89-96 (1977)

Short movable skyline crane for heavy thinning of steep bank
, Unknown (1972)

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Short of help? you may need a partner
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Short on feed?
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Short on forate? if quality or quantity is lacking, here are remedial steps to take
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Short on space? Grow roses in containers!
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