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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17078

Chapter 17078 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Some facets of ecodevelopment, 1982
, Unknown (1982)

Some facets of laboratory animal welfare and medicine
, Fall 31 (1) 13-17 (1974)

Some facets of milk synthesis
, Unknown (1971)

Some facets of the ecology of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus in peach trees in South Carolina
, Stone fruit tree decline workshop proceedings: Clemson University October 28-29-1986 Zehr Eldon I editor (1986)

Some facets of the real property dealings of the Snowy Mountains Authority
, Valuer 20 (5) 355-360 (1969)

Some factors affect the degradation of (2-chloroethyl) trimethylammonium chloride by wheat plant extracts
, Experientia 25(6): 587-588 (1969)

Some factors affecting N-nitroso compound formation from ingested nitrate in the stomach: achlorhydria, bacterial N-nitrosation and its modulation
, NATO ASI series: Series G: Ecological sciences (30): 317-325 (1991)

Some factors affecting TDS and pH values in groundwater of the Beihai coastal area in southern Guangxi, China
, Environmental geology 53(2): 317-323 (2007)

Some factors affecting age at puberty in Hariana heifers
, Haryana veterinarian 10(1): 54-58 (1971)

Some factors affecting amylolytic behaviour in Irish flours
, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 20(11): 638-641 (1969)

Some factors affecting availability of zinc in soils of Haryana--an incubation study India
, Journal of research Haryana Agricultural University 12(2): 246-253 (1982)

Some factors affecting bacon quality
, Unknown (1969)

Some factors affecting banana productivity
, Informe agropecuario = Agricultural report Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuaria de Minas Gerais 6(63): 45-46 (1980)

Some factors affecting butter and margarine consumption
, FAO economic and social development series: 3) 80-88 (1978)

Some factors affecting calcium retention of preschool children
, Unknown (1943)

Some factors affecting change in weight of cooled carcasses
, Journal of the College of Agriculture King Saud University(2): 27-34 (1980)

Some factors affecting chemical changes occurring in fats at the temperature used in deep-fat frying
, Unknown (1962)

Some factors affecting chloroform generation during chlorine dioxide bleaching of pulp
, Tappi journal 84(2): N (2001)

Some factors affecting clean wool production in Polwarth (Ideal) sheep
, Revista do Centro de Ciencias Rurais 8(1): 27-33 (1978)

Some factors affecting coordination at the block level as perceived by officials
, Journal of research Punjab Agricultural University(pub 1980) 16(1): 83-88 (1980)

Some factors affecting demand for Malaysian palm oil
, Malaysian Agricultural Research 2(2): 89-94 (1973)

Some factors affecting digestion in the horse
, Proceedings 08-111 (1973)

Some factors affecting distribution of pathogenic race of some plant pathogens
, Proceedings Intersect Congress Int Assoc Microbiol Soc: ub 1975), 1st (v 1) 467-471 (1975)

Some factors affecting dormancy in almond trees
, Egyptian journal of botany: ub 1976), 18 (1 3) 17-27 (1976)

Some factors affecting early growth of flue-cured tobacco
, Zimbabwe journal of agricultural research 2(2): 167-171 (1984)

Some factors affecting effective fertiliser use in the agriculture of Nigeria
, Potassium in Tropical Crops and Soils: 99-505 (1974)

Some factors affecting efficiency of lamb production
, Unknown (1975)

Some factors affecting egg weights in commercial laying hens
, Unknown (1998)

Some factors affecting fat acidity and water-insoluble acids in cream
, Unknown (1957)

Some factors affecting feedback to technological messages; a study in Santiago Cuaula, Tlaxcala, Mexico
, Agrociencia 3 75-86 (1976)

Some factors affecting feeding patterns of beef cattle
, Annual report Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station: (121) 314-320 (1987)

Some factors affecting fertility of the mare
, Equine practice 9(1): 8 (1987)

Some factors affecting field responses of Mediterranean fruit flies to colored spheres of different sizes
, Fruit flies: proceedings of the Second International Symposium 16-21 September 1986 Colymbari Crete Greece edited by AP Economopoulos: 473 (1987)

Some factors affecting flight in field populations of the Australian plague locust, Chortoicetes terminifera (Walker), in New South Wales
, Animal Behaviour 20(2): 205-217 (1972)

Some factors affecting flow into drainpipes
, Hilgardia 41 (10) 235-245 (1972)

Some factors affecting fruit decay during storage of two orange varieties
, Egyptian journal of horticulture(2): 137-145 (1980)

Some factors affecting fruit set of the Packhams Triumph pear
, Acta Horticulturae: (124) 149-156 (1982)

Some factors affecting fruit set of the Packhams Triumph pear A self incompatible, non-parthenocarpic variety, competition, pruning
, Acta Horticulturae: (124) 149-156 (1982)

Some factors affecting gelatin gel texture evaluation by penetration testing
, Journal of Texture Studies 8(3): 327-337 (1977)

Some factors affecting germination and viability of sclerotial bodies of Sclerotium cepivorum Berk
, Journal of microbiology of the United Arab Re ic: ub 1970), 3 (1) 97-103 (1970)

Some factors affecting green bean storage. B. Under normal conditions Egypt
, Agricultural Research Review 58(3): 183-193 (1982)

Some factors affecting growth and spore germination of Curvularia lunata associated with Sorghum grains
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences India: Section B: Biological sciences 4(4): 252-255 (1984)

Some factors affecting growth and yield of sour cherries
, Ogrodnictwo 20(10): 9-10 (1983)

Some factors affecting hatchability of chicken eggs
, Poultry science: 51 (5) 1762-1763 (1972)

Some factors affecting hill land productivity
, Farm and Food Research 5(3): 56-57 (1974)

Some factors affecting infectivity assays of wound-tumor virus on cell monolayers from an insect vector
, Virology 46(2): 266-276 (1971)

Some factors affecting knowledge retention of first-year 4-H clothing club members in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, 1964-65
, Unknown (1965)

Some factors affecting knowledge retention of sewing information among first-year 4-H clothing project members, Franklin Parish, Louisiana, 1965
, Unknown (1965)

Some factors affecting mass candling performance of eggs
, British poultry science 17(2): 249-260 (1976)

Some factors affecting milk yield and lactation length in Nili Ravi buffaloes
, Pakistan Veterinary Journal 27(3): 113-117 (2007)

Some factors affecting multiple bud formation of strawberry (x Fragaria ananassa Duchesne) in vitro
, Acta Horticulturae 78: 87-195 (1977)

Some factors affecting mycelial growth and fruiting body formation of Auricularia polytricha (Mont.) Sacc. on sawdust medium
, Journal 22 (4) 169-180 (1976)

Some factors affecting natural convective heat transfer to canned foods
, Lebensmittel Einfluss der Rheologie: 53-164 (1974)

Some factors affecting northeastern tomato prices
, Unknown (1943)

Some factors affecting nutritive value of Midland Bermudagrass forage
, Unknown (1972)

Some factors affecting on efficiency of mechanical grape harvest
, Proceedings of the II International Conference on Physical Properties of Agricultural Materials and their influence on technological processes organized by the Magyar Agrartudomanyi Egyesuletet al under the auspices of the third section of the of the Hungarian National Committee of the CIGR Commission international du genie rural in Godollo Hungary in the University of Agricultural Sciences on 26-28th August 1980 (1980)

Some factors affecting open-end-spun cotton yarns
, Textile research journal 51(10): 674-678 (1981)

Some factors affecting ornithine transaminase activity in chicks
, Unknown (1977)

Some factors affecting oxygen transmission rates of plastic films for vacuum packaging of meat
, Journal of food technology 16(1): 73-80 (1981)

Some factors affecting penetration of bean roots by larvae of Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne javanica
, Phytopathology 65 (2) 175-178 (1975)

Some factors affecting pheromone baited trap catches
, Folia entomologica Mexicana: (39 40) 142-143 (1978)

Some factors affecting pig performance
, Feedstuffs 51(10): 36-37 (1979)

Some factors affecting preservation of grapefruit juice concentrate
, Agricultural Research Review 50(4): 159-169 (1973)

Some factors affecting primary productivity of stream riffle communities
, Archiv für Hydrobiologie 5(3): 306-317 (1975)

Some factors affecting production and milk composition characters in a crossbreeding experiment involving Gabali and V-line rabbits in Egypt
, World Rabbit Science 15(3): 151-159 (2007)

Some factors affecting production of itaconic acid by Aspergillus terreus cells immobilized in polyacrylamide gels
, Kenkyu hokoku Research bulletin Gifu Daigaku Nogaku bu: (50) 179-183 (1985)

Some factors affecting propagation of Douglas fir
, Unknown (1975)

Some factors affecting protein
, Unknown (1972)

Some factors affecting rates of heat inactivation and reacti vation of horseradish peroxidase
, Journal of food science: 39 (6) 1173-1178 (1974)

Some factors affecting reproduction and sex-ratio of the predacious mite Amblyseius deleoni (Muma and Denmark) (Acari: Phytoseiidae)
, Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 40(4): 264-280 (2007)

Some factors affecting reproduction in the postpartum cow
, Malaysian Veterinary Journal 6(3): 137-145 (1977)

Some factors affecting reproductive rate in hill sheep
, Unknown (1969)

Some factors affecting seed germination of Urgenia indica Kunth. Effect of temperature and root exudate of maize on germination
, Acta botanica Indica: 93-97 (1978)

Some factors affecting seed set of sunflower Flower initiation, pollination, fertilization, planting times, densities and practices
, Gewasproduksie = Crop production (10): 22-26 (1981)

Some factors affecting selection for fire blight resistance in pear
, Acta Horticulturae 117: 55-62 (1981)

Some factors affecting semen characteristics mating and lambing performance of Rahmany rams
, Egyptian journal of animal productionub 1981) 20(1): 23-30 (1981)

Some factors affecting sensory thresholds and relative bitte rness of limonin and naringin
, Journal of the science of food and agriculture: 25 (10) 1199-1205 (1974)

Some factors affecting sterility of cattle
, Veterinarstvi 0 (12) 529-532 (1970)

Some factors affecting the Lane and Eynon titration method for determining reducing sugars in sugar products
, Proceedings annual congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association: (54th) 72-76 (1980)

Some factors affecting the abundance of honey flows and harvest
, Pszczelarstwo 29(1): 4-6 (1978)

Some factors affecting the activities of dinitrophenol fungicides. II. Use of g.l.c. partition data in studies of chemical structure
, Pesticide Science 2(1): 41-43 (1971)

Some factors affecting the adhesion between wool fibers and a polyurethane elastomer
, Textile research journal 50(6): 350-354 (1980)

Some factors affecting the adoption of hand tractors by vegetable farmers in Trinidad
, Proceedings of the Caribbean Food Crops Society: annual meeting: 0th) 81-84 (1985)

Some factors affecting the ageing of rubbers
, Unknown (1973)

Some factors affecting the bacterial population in semen of bulls and buffalo bulls
, Egyptian journal of veterinary scienceub 1982) 17(1-2): 109-116 (1982)

Some factors affecting the chloroplast replication in the moss Plagiomnium trichomanes
, Protoplasma 12(1-2): 9-16 (1982)

Some factors affecting the clean wool weight of Corriedale sheep
, Revista do Centro de Ciencias Rurais 8(4): 337-345 (1978)

Some factors affecting the competitive position of Mississippi seed producers
, Unknown (1953)

Some factors affecting the compression set of natural rubber vulcanisates
, Journal of the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia 7(1): 46-52 (1979)

Some factors affecting the concentration and properties of carrageenan in Chondrus crispus stackhouse
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors affecting the content of microelements in plants in the area of zinc works
, Unknown (1976)

Some factors affecting the de
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors affecting the demand for milk and cream in the metropolitan area of New York
, Unknown (1981)

Some factors affecting the development of tuber oatgrass
, Research progress report Western Society of Weed Science: -6 (1989)

Some factors affecting the effectiveness of malathion in mite control
, Prace ub 1975), 17 247-256 (1975)

Some factors affecting the efficiency of small pesticide droplets Whiteflies, Trialeurodes vaporariorum
, Unknown (1981)

Some factors affecting the efficiency of using the tractor fleet on state farms in Kalinin Region
, Doklady TSKhA Timiriazevskaia sel'skokhoziaistvennaia akademiia: 57) 132-134 (1980)

Some factors affecting the extraction of apple juice in a screw press
, Unknown (1978)

Some factors affecting the extraction of endotoxin from cotton
, Proceedings (1): 358-361 (1994)

Some factors affecting the fatty acid composition of milk from beef cows Genetics
, Joint meeting Canadian Society of Animal Science Western Branch and American Society of Animal Science Western Section Vancouver BC Canada June 23rd-25th 1981: 323 (1981)

Some factors affecting the fertilization of irrigated small grain
, Unknown (1977)

Some factors affecting the fertilizer requirement of agriculture in Hungary
, Unknown (1982)

Some factors affecting the fruitfulness and profitability of apple orchards
, Sodobno kmetijstvo 10(11): 489-495 (1977)

Some factors affecting the future composition of UK compound animal feeds
, Animal feed science and technology 6(1): 1-14 (1981)

Some factors affecting the future of beef production in New England Outlook
, Journal Northeastern Agricultural Economics Councilng 11(1): 121-123 (1982)

Some factors affecting the germination of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)
, Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences 6(46): 9-16 (1983)

Some factors affecting the grazing behaviour of sheep in winter in New South Wales
, Applied animal ethology 8(1-2): 119-125 (1982)

Some factors affecting the hairiness of flyer-spun mohair ya rns
, Journal of the Textile Institute 65(9): 493-499 (1974)

Some factors affecting the hairiness of worsted spun yarns
, Journal of the Textile Institute 7(12): 447-455 (1976)

Some factors affecting the health and production of dairy cattle in a cool region Korea, northern Japan
, Technical bulletin ASPAC Food and Fertilizer Technology Center: (63) 17-24 (1982)

Some factors affecting the health of young goats
, Informe agropecuario Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuaria de Minas Gerais 8(95): 51-55 (1982)

Some factors affecting the incidence and distribution of week-end recreation motoring trips
, Oxford agrarian studies: new ser) 2 (2) 161-178 (1973)

Some factors affecting the incidence and importance of sunflower rust in Australia
, Proceedings of the International Sunflower Conference: 18, 145-149 (1982)

Some factors affecting the interlamellar adsorption of alcohols by 2:1 clay minerals
, Geoderma 17 (1) 39-45 (1977)

Some factors affecting the location of the meat-packing industry in Kansas
, Unknown (1942)

Some factors affecting the marketing of wool in Australia, New Zealand, The Union of South Africa, England and France
, Unknown (1981)

Some factors affecting the measurement of colour of white sugar
, Proceedings annual congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association: (54th) 63-65 (1980)

Some factors affecting the nest-cleaning behavior of honey bees (Apis mellifera)
, Unknown (1970)

Some factors affecting the objective study of food texture
, Sensory Properties of Foods: 27-248 (1977)

Some factors affecting the parasitic and saprophytic activity of Rhizoctonia solani
, Acta Horticulturae: (109) 387-394 (1980)

Some factors affecting the performance of low volume growth regulator sprays
, New England fruit meetings Proceedings of the annual meeting Massachusetts Fruit Growers' Association 5(85): 36-40 (1979)

Some factors affecting the permanence of the California flaxseed industry
, Unknown (1944)

Some factors affecting the physiological levels of urea and creatinine in sheep and cattle under the range system
, Unknown (1976)

Some factors affecting the pressing time and its determination
, Drevo 32 (9) 259-263 (1977)

Some factors affecting the production of rice wine using an isolate of Aspergillus oryzae
, Philippine journal of science 110(1-2): 1-9 (1981)

Some factors affecting the protein requirements of growing pigs
, Unknown (1960)

Some factors affecting the quality of acetylated wood fiberboards
, Trudy 63) 31-35 (1978)

Some factors affecting the quality of blackgram (Phaseolus mungo) papads
, Unknown (1972)

Some factors affecting the quality of dried mango sheets
, Agricultural Research Review 50(4): 185-194 (1973)

Some factors affecting the quality of frozen foods, II
, Unknown (1954)

Some factors affecting the quality of ginning services in South Carolina
, Unknown (1942)

Some factors affecting the rate
, Bulletin of National Institute of Animal Industry = Chikusan Shikenjo kenkyu hokoku: (40) 17-24 (1983)

Some factors affecting the rate of dark adaptation in certain insects
, Journal of insect physiology 17(6): 955-968 (1971)

Some factors affecting the reproduction and survival of Staphylococcus aureus in cheese and the formation of staphylococci enterotoxin
, Voprosy pitaniia: (3) 11-16 (1980)

Some factors affecting the reproduction of labor force in farm production
, Trudy Latviiskoi sel'skokhoziaistvennoi akademii: 05) 21-22 (1983)

Some factors affecting the reproductive cycle of sows
, Veterinarstvi 5 (4) 153-155 (1975)

Some factors affecting the response of laboratory cultures of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) to bioassay tests
, Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt Economic series: (11) 129-138 (1983)

Some factors affecting the run p
, Kaseigaku zasshi = Journal of home economics of Japan 3(6): 41-49 (1982)

Some factors affecting the service life of natural rubber articles. , stress analysis
, Unknown (1969)

Some factors affecting the sexual behavior of ram lambs
, Research report Montana Agricultural Experiment Station: 80) 56-59 (1981)

Some factors affecting the silage-making capacity of plants with differing moisture content
, Unknown (1973)

Some factors affecting the stability of carotene in mixed feeds
, Unknown (1955)

Some factors affecting the storage quality of Jonathan apples
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors affecting the storage stability of frozen milk concentrate
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors affecting the success of 4-H tractor maintenance clubs in Colorado, 1949-1952
, Unknown (1952)

Some factors affecting the supply of milk and milk products in Nova Scotia
, Unknown (1941)

Some factors affecting the syntheses of gibberellic and indole acetic acids by some strains of phospho bacteria
, Unknown (1976)

Some factors affecting the tenure of 4-H Club agents in Wisconsin
, Unknown (1956)

Some factors affecting the toxicity of ammonia to fishes
, Proceedings of the third USA USSR Symposium on the Effects of Pollutants Upon Aquatic Ecosystems: Theoretical aspects aquat toxicol July 2-6-1979 Borok Jaroslavl Oblast ed Wayland R Swain Virginia R Shannon: 137 (1980)

Some factors affecting the transmission of rayado fino virus of maize by Dalbulus maidis DeLong & Wolcott
, Turrialba 24 (1) 51-57 (1974)

Some factors affecting the transport of heavy metals in woody plant tissue
, Unknown (1977)

Some factors affecting the upper limit of the southern bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso) Hariot on two New Zealand shores
, Journal 9(3): 279-289 (1979)

Some factors affecting the viscosity of cream
, Unknown (1981)

Some factors affecting the vitality of local 4-H clubs
, Unknown (1940)

Some factors affecting the vitamin C activity of the berrie s of European black currants
, Introduktsiia Rastenii i Zelenoe Stroitel'stvo: 05-208 (1974)

Some factors affecting the whiting-ring internal checking during drying of radiata pine
, Maderas: Ciencia y Technologia 9(2): 145-159 (2007)

Some factors affecting the yield components of spring cereals
, Annual report Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland: 4) 34-43 (1980)

Some factors affecting the yield from maple tapholes
, Vermont Agric Expt Sta Bull 611: 1-28 (1959)

Some factors affecting the yield oand composi
, Epistemonike epeteris Aristoteleion Panepistem Thessalonikes = Scientific yearbook of the veterinary faculty (20): 109-125 (1981)

Some factors affecting the yield of grass stands
, Soviet agricultural sciences: ) 16-18 (1979)

Some factors affecting the yields and quality of protein extractable from pasture herbage and studies on a tree legume Leucaena leucophala
, Progress in leaf protein research: proceedings of the International Conference on Leaf Protein Research Aurangabad 5-8 October 1982 edited by Narendra Singh: 1 (1984)

Some factors affecting transmi
, Chih wu pao hu hsueh hui hui kan = Plant protection bulletin 25(4): 245-251 (1983)

Some factors affecting tree spacing and size control for maximum production
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors affecting weaning rate of young crossbred cows containing 0, 1
, Miscellaneous ication Agricultural Experiment Station Oklahoma State University: (127) 19-24 (1989)

Some factors are dominant in improving the numeric productivity of sows
, Levage porcin: (86) 39-45 (1979)

Some factors associated with an unsatisfactory supervised farm practice program in North Carolina
, Unknown (1942)

Some factors associated with career selection by Puerto Rican university students
, Unknown (1970)

Some factors associated with choice of careers among senior 4-H Club members in Rockbridge County, Virginia
, Unknown (1960)

Some factors associated with income of young families in St. Martin Parish, 1965
, Unknown (1965)

Some factors associated with level of participation by senior 4-H club members in Ouachita Parish, 1968
, Unknown (1968)

Some factors associated with substance abuse among secondary school students in Trinidad and Tobago
, Journal of Drug Education 24(1): 83-93 (1994)

Some factors associated with telephone calls to the Agricultural Extension Office, Orleans Parish, 1964-65
, Unknown (1965)

Some factors associated with the functions of a county 4-H committee
, Unknown (1956)

Some factors associated with the homemakers comprehension, eating practices and attitudes toward foods and nutrition
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors associated with young homemakers knowledge of nutrition, 1965
, Unknown (1965)

Some factors causing color change in quickfrozen cauliflower
, Hutoipar 26(2): 33-37 (1979)

Some factors causing crystallization in honey
, Ciencia y abejas 5(20): 58-59 (1980)

Some factors causing necrosis of barley side shoots during soil drought
, Unknown (1970)

Some factors causing variation in the texture of similar muscles from comparable animals
, Meat Science 1(3): 169-176 (1977)

Some factors causing variation in the yield of individual plants of wheat Cultivar, ecologic factors, Australia
, Australian journal of agricultural research 4(3): 219-228 (1983)

Some factors contributing to th
, Unknown (1970)

Some factors contributing to the recorded deaths of preweaned piglets through overlaying by the sow a case study
, Fiji agricultural journal 39(2): 111-114 (1977)

Some factors contributing to the survival of rapidly cooled plant cells
, Cryobiology 8 (3) 225-234 (1971)

Some factors controlling step-wise variation of organelle number in Euglena gracilis
, Experimental Cell Research 65(2): 273-280 (1971)

Some factors determining cognac quality
, Unknown (1973)

Some factors determining effectiveness of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) control on potatoes
, Nowe rolnictwo: 31, 20 (16) 6-9 (1973)

Some factors determining growth of flax and hemp purchases
, Nowe rolnictwo 28(21): 13-16 (1979)

Some factors determining the effectiveness of Barbers traps
, Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly biologicheskie nauki: 1) 96-101 (1980)

Some factors determining the host of polyphagous egg parasites of harmful pentatomids
, Problemy sel'skokhoziaistvennoi nauki v Moskovskom universitete: 80-383 (1975)

Some factors determining the kinetics in the acid hydrolysis of starch
, Izvestiia vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Pishchevaia tekhnologiia: 187-189 (1973)

Some factors determining the level of damages caused by codling moth--Laspeyresia pomonella L
, Fruit science reports(3): 141-152 (1981)

Some factors determining the numbers and structure of a population of Dactylogyridae of carp fish Dactylogyrus, trematode gill parasite.1
, Gel'minty v presnovodnykh biotsenozakh otvetstvennyi redaktor KM Ryzhikov: 1 (1982)

Some factors determining the parameters of passability of logging machines
, Traktory i sel'khozmashiny: ) 12-14 (1980 )

Some factors determining the quality and keeping quality of butter
, Unknown (1974)

Some factors differentiating the production of private peasant farms in Poland
, Unknown (1984)

Some factors effecting on the formation of calcium sediments in wines
, Lozarstvo i vinarstvo 23(6): 38-43 (1978)

Some factors favoring the effectiveness of machine milking in commercial production of milk
, Biulleten' nauchnykh rabot Vsesoiuznyi nauchno issledovatel'skii institut zhivotnovodstva: 2) 72-75 (1980)

Some factors for increasing labor productivity in the cattle raising industry
, Zhivotnovudstvo 5 84-86 (1974)

Some factors for refusal to participate in nutrition survey
, Journal of nutrition education: er 2 (3) 103-105 (1971)

Some factors in building an effective marketing program
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors in crop productivit
, Shizen noho kenkyu kinen ronbunshu = Studies on natural farming memorial issue celebrating the 10th anniversary of founding the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Environmental Sciences June 1981: 183 (1981)

Some factors in extension evaluation for the technical worker in a foreign culture
, Unknown (1960)

Some factors in farm organization and returns to tenants and landlords by type of leasing arrangements, West Tennessee, 1947
, Unknown (1950)

Some factors in hog prices and movements
, Unknown (1952)

Some factors in hospital design
, Unknown (1971)

Some factors in increasing intensive swine fattening
, Nowe rolnictwo: 28, 20 (4) 25-26 (1971)

Some factors in increasing the effectiveness of broiler fattening
, Unknown (1976)

Some factors in successful cropping. 11. Potatoes
, Span: progress in agriculture 8(2): 66-68 (1985)

Some factors in successful cropping. 2. Oilseed rape
, Span: progress in agriculture 6(3): 116-117 (1983)

Some factors in successful cropping. 5. Apple
, Span: progress in agriculture 7(2): 66-68 (1984)

Some factors in successful cropping. 7. Tobacco
, Span: progress in agriculture 7(3): 135-137 (1984)

Some factors in successful cropping. 8. Soya beans
, Span: progress in agriculture 8(1): 16-19 (1985)

Some factors in successful cropping. 9. Cassava
, Span: progress in agriculture 8(1): 23-25 (1985)

Some factors in the agricultural production on reclaimed former bog areas
, Wiadomosci melioracyjne i lakarskie: 20 (8 9) 217-218 (1977)

Some factors in the application o
, Stopanski pregled 30(3): 66-78 (1980)

Some factors in the control of root diseases of oil palm
, Int Symp Factors Determining Behav Plant Pathog Soil: ub 1970), 2d 194-196 (1970)

Some factors in the cultivation of perennial crops on peat
, Proceedings of the Workshop on Classification and Management of Peat in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1984 edited by E Pushparajah Wong Chaw Bin: 8 (1984)

Some factors in the degeneration of the Karakul breed as a result of using pregnant mare serum
, Vestnik 9 63-64 (1973)

Some factors in the development of market standards
, Unknown (1942)

Some factors in the economic operation of large tractors
, Unknown (1977)

Some factors in the production
, Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 48(8): 1133-1137 (1982)

Some factors in the profitability of small family businesses
, Unknown (2001)

Some factors in the successful growing of parent plants and a modification of the slanting espalier method of growing grape rootstocks
, Jugoslovensko vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo 16(7-8): 42-45 (1982)

Some factors influence ante-mortem changes in muscle: a brief review
, Food microstructure(2): 127-132 (1984)

Some factors influencing Cajun education in Washington County, Alabama
, Unknown (1941)

Some factors influencing bearin
, Unknown (1975)

Some factors influencing card room dust levels
, Unknown (1977)

Some factors influencing changes in sex ratio
, Unknown (1974)

Some factors influencing cold soaking of fence posts
, Unknown (1960)

Some factors influencing cotton aphid population development in the Texas High Plains
, Proceedings 1009-1012 (1994)

Some factors influencing effective utilization of drinking water facilities: women, income, and health in rural North Ghana
, Environmental management 20(1): 1-10 (1996)

Some factors influencing forest land pricing in New Hampshire
, Unknown (1973)

Some factors influencing gelation and stability of soy prote in dispersions
, Journal of food science 39(5): 892-896 (1974)

Some factors influencing haem
, Annales de Zootechnie 7(3): 321-335 (1968)

Some factors influencing hematocrit variations in beef cattle. III. Phenotypic and genetic variation in commercial crossbreds
, Annales de genetique et de selection animale: (1) 49-67 (1974)

Some factors influencing mineral rights separation in land sales
, Unknown (1954)

Some factors influencing nitrate contamination of drinking water in private wells of rural Alabama
, Tuskegee horizons 4(1): 20 (1993)

Some factors influencing pecan scab development
, Highlights of agricultural researchng 26(1): 7 (1979)

Some factors influencing permeability of cell walls
, MIRCEN journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology(1): 191-203 (1986)

Some factors influencing populations of European corn borer in the North Central States
, Unknown (1958)

Some factors influencing populations of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) in the North Central States
, Unknown (1967)

Some factors influencing purchase decision-making and methods of financing selected major household equipment by Arizona families
, Unknown (1965)

Some factors influencing record
, Kenkyu hokoku Bulletin: (60) 105-111 (1979)

Some factors influencing seed potato production decisions Northern Ireland
, Agriculture in Northern Ireland 57(11): 353-356 (1983)

Some factors influencing shear force determinations of Norgold Russet and Russet Burbank potatoes
, American potato journal 51(3): 90-98 (1974)

Some factors influencing skin browning scald in apple
, Kertgazdasag (3) 11-22 (1977)

Some factors influencing spacing in domestic fowl in a semi-natural environment
, Current topics in veterinary medicine and animal Science 5(35): 27-36 (1985)

Some factors influencing strawberry flowers infection by Botrytis cinerea Pers
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Some factors that influence th
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