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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17079

Chapter 17079 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gjaerum, Hb, 1969:
Some fruit inhabiting Sclerotinias in Norway

Crossa-Raynaud, P., 1984:
Some fruit production depending on wind pollination: walnuts, hazelnuts, olives, date palms and pistachio

Dupaigne, P., 1971:
Some fruit products

Gautier, M., 1969:
Some fruit tree shapes from t

Gevorkian, G.; Simonian, A.; Stepanian, R.; Voskanian, L., 1977:
Some functional changes of chicken heart mitochondria during ontogenesis

Bosland, M.C.; Bär, A., 1984:
Some functional characteristics of adrenal medullary tumors in aged male Wistar rats

Robinson, N.E., 1982:
Some functional consequences of species differences in lung anatomy

Tsankova, M.T.sev, A., 1980:
Some functional peculiarities of

Chove, B., E.; Grandison, A., S.; Lewis, M., J., 2007:
Some functional properties of fractionated soy protein isolates obtained by microfiltration

Gwiazda, S.R.tkowski, A.K.con, J., 1979:
Some functional properties of pea and soybean protein preparations

Matthews, R.; Sharpe, E.; Clark, W., 1970:
Some functional properties of processed corn meal as related to use in bread, beverages and porridges

Kodagoda, L.; Nakai, S.P.wrie, W., 1973:
Some functional properties of rapeseed protein isolates and concentrates

Chen, L.; Richardson, T.A.undson, C., 1975:
Some functional properties of succinylated proteins from fish protein concentrate

Mcelwain, M.; Richardson, T.A.undson, C., 1975:
Some functional properties of succinylated single cell protein concentrate

Suter, R.P.han, Z., 1977:
Some functional properties of whey proteins of technological importance. 1. survey of literature and influence of heat treatment on solubility

Suter, R.P.han, Z., 1977:
Some functional properties of whey proteins of technological importance. 2. protein enrichment of fluid milk and yoghurt

Suter, R.W.nner, E., 1977:
Some functional properties of whey proteins of technological importance. 3. whipping and jelling capacity of whey protein concentrates

Iyengar, R.; Gupta, A., 1974:
Some functions involving fiber properties for estimating yarn tenacity

Jastrzebski, S., 1974:
Some functions of forest and tree stands in the natural envi ronment

Filimonova, M.; Talieva, M.; Andreev, L., 1990:
Some functions of phytohormones in pathogenesis of three representatives of the genus Botrytis

Kare, Mr, 1969:
Some functions of the sense of taste

Burckhardt, A., 1975:
Some functions of veterinary service in enforcing socialist industrial law in agriculture and the food industry

Vos, Mpm, 1971:
Some fundamental aspects of beef production

Turner, Neely, 1945:
Some fundamental aspects of control of the European corn borer

Khan, R., 1977:
Some fundamental aspects of the chemistry of sucrose

Bugnon, F., 1980:
Some fundamental aspects of the foliar organogenesis of a palm tree (Washingtonia filifera Wendl.)

Beke, J.M.jumdar, A.; Giroux, M., 1997:
Some fundamental attributes of corn and potato drying in microwave fields

Afzal, T.; Abe, T., 1999:
Some fundamental attributes of far infrared radiation drying of potato

Lam, H.J., 2006:
Some fundamental considerations on the New morphology

Anonymous , 1950:
Some fundamental differences between the industry and agriculture

Veneni, M., 1975:
Some fundamental factors of the productivity of maize hybrids under irrigation conditions influenced by climate conditions

Van-Es, Jc, 1978:
Some fundamental issues in the development of community information systems

Sova, Z.T.efny, D.K.lous, J.H.uska, J.V.benska, A.F.ydrych, Z.S.avik, L.P.tloun, J.E.-Al, 1972:
Some fundamental physiologic values in the blood and livers of pigs of various ages. II

Liu, H.; Gao, Y., 1988:
Some fundamental problems conducted from the studies on the breeding of yellow-seeded Brassica napus L

Castell, Ch, 1969:
Some fundamental problems in assessment of fish quality

Duyn, Cjv, 1981:
Some fundamental properties of the simultaneous flow of fresh and salt groundwater in horizontally extended aquifers

Mastnak, T., 1971:
Some fundamental starting points in the formation of prices of farm produce

Sugai, E.A.yagi, H.O.suka, K., 1983:
Some fundamental studies on par

Antesberger, H., 1982:
Some fundamental thoughts on the care of Phyllocactus

Rechsteiner, K., 1982:
Some fundamentals and prerequisites for mechanization of the wood harvest in a mountain forest in Switzerland

Kitani, O., 1978:
Some fundamentals for a pneumatic soil cultivation

Santos-Caffarena, J., 1976:
Some fundamentals for an adequate application of trickle irrigation

Lantagne, Do, 1990:
Some fundamentals for successful weed control in forest crops

Kinney, Charles-Noyes, 1949:
Some fundamentals in the study of nutrition

Leopold, A., 1979:
Some fundamentals of conversion in the Southwest

Eakin, Jh, 1973:
Some fundamentals of soil and plant relationships

Alceste, C.; Jory, D., 2000:
Some fundamentals of tilapia nutrition

Bereau, M., 1981:
Some fungal and bacterial diseases of tropical forage grasses in French Guiana Inventory and symptoms.1

Sharma, A.; Jandaik, C., 1982:
Some fungal competitors from Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer beds

Vares-Megino, F., 1984:
Some fungal diseases of maize

Vucinic, Z., 1975 :
Some fungal diseases of the junipers in coastal Montenegro

Moreau, M.M.reau, C.L.-Bras, M., 1976:
Some fungi causing alterations of champagne corks

Gomez, P.-Ld, 1972:
Some fungi from Costa rica. I. New Clavariaceae

Bondartseva, M.; Errera, S., 1977:
Some fungi from the genus Phellinus Quel. in Cuba

Haware, M.P.; Pavgi, M.S., 1971:
Some fungi isolated from alkaline soils of Uttar Pradesh, india

Gomez, P.-Ld, 1976:
Some fungi of Costa Rica

Otani, Y.M.kawa, T., 1971:
Some fungi of pleosporaceae collected in mountainous regions of hokkaido

Garcia-Bona, Lm, 1974:
Some fungi of Puerto de Velate (Navarra)

Teterevnikova-Babaian, D.; Zakiian, L., 1973:
Some fungi of the genus Stemphylium Wall., unknown earlier for Armenia

Lucas, M.; Dias, M.-De-S.S.queira, M., 1979:
Some fungi on sugarbeets in Portugal

Ogarkov, B.N., 1985:
Some fungi species of genera Fusarium Fr. and Oospora Wallr, causal agents of insects pests mycosis in Eastern Siberia

Ogarkov, B.; Ogarkova, G., 1980:
Some fungi species of genera Fusarium Fr. and Oospora Wallr. causal agents of insect pests mycosis in the Eastern Siberia

Naicker, D.; Marais, G.J.; van den Berg, H.; Masango, M.G., 2007:
Some fungi, zearalenone and other mycotoxins in chicken rations, stock feedstuffs, lucerne and pasture grasses in the communal farming area of Rhenosterkop in South Africa

Makes, M., 1970:
Some fungicide evaluation results 1969

Vucinic, Z., 1975:
Some fungus diseases of Allium species grown in Montenegro

Chandler, Pj, 1977:
Some fungus gnats of the tribe Exechini (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) new to the British Isles

Handa, K.; Rao, P.; Atal, C., 1977:
Some furanocoumarins of economic importance

Sa E Melo, M.T.; Averbeck, D.; Bensasson, R.V.; Land, E.J.; Salet, C., 1979:
Some furocoumarins and analogs: comparison of triplet properties in solution with photobiological activities in yeast

Durrant, Ct, 1973:
Some further comment on Camellia reticulata: the Waterhouse lecture, 1972

Poonia, S.; Pal, R., 1979:
Some further comments on Effect of salinity, SAR, CA:MG ratio in irriation water, and soil texture on the predictability of exchangeable sodium percentage, by K. V. Paliwal and A. P. Gandhi

Agostini, M., 1975:
Some further considerations on the legal aspects of the protection of forests and lands put under hydrogeological protection

Merchant, Jr; Salgar, Ss, 1975:
Some further data on the alkaloids deoxytubulosine & alangimarckine

Sindelar, J., 1973:
Some further data on the geographic variability of European larch Larix decidua Mill

Fassbender, Hj, 1977:
Some further doubts in relation to the new farmstead ordinance

Hudson, Ir, 1988:
Some further notes on species of Ichneumonidae reared as ectoparasites of spiders

Prideaux-Brune, H., 1972:
Some further notes on the maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba)

Maithy, P.K., 1968:
Some further observations and remarks on Araucarioxylon daintreeii Chapman

Fowlie, Ja, 1991:
Some further observations on Phalaenopsis philippinense and Phalaenopsis leucorrhoda

Laird, Gc, 1970:
Some further observations on free-flowing mixes for orchids

Jalan, S., 1968:
Some further observations on the embryology of Caltha palustris Linn

Ratkowsky, Da, 1980:
Some further synonyms of Bryoerythrophyllum jamesonii (Tayl.) Crum

Volcani, R., 1979:
Some further unusual feeds fo

Christensen, La, 1988:
Some future challenges for the poultry and egg industry

Anonymous, 1987:
Some gains for animals in transit

Anonymous, 1980:
Some gals and guys have all our eyes!

Millar, C., 1977:
Some gaps in our knowledge of the Scottish pinewood ecosystem

Brown, E., 1986:
Some garden daisies and sunflowers

Thomas, G., 1976:
Some garden eryngiums

Cope, Ea, 1994:
Some garden plants are poisonous

Butterfield, Hm, 1969:
Some gardens, parks, roadside and street plantings in California

Khare, Kb, 1977:
Some gasteromycetes from Uttar Pradesh

El-Harith, E.; Walker, R.D.ckerson, J., 1975:
Some gastrointestinal effects of raw and processed potato starch

Puthz, V., 1980:
Some genera and species of the Euaesthetinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

Nakahara, W., 1971:
Some genera and species of the Hemerobiidae (Neuroptera)

Jozsa, I., 1974:
Some general and specific characteristics of economic intere st in the vertical integration of dairy industry

Turetskaya, R.Kh; Kefeli, V.I.; Gus'kov A.V., 1975:
Some general and specific phenomena in rhizogenesis of stem and leaf cuttings from green beans

Martin, Je, 1969:
Some general anesthetics for dogs

Sekerka, V., 1973:
Some general aspects of biology in the work of Bohumil Nemec (a contribution to the centenary of his birth)

Mylonas, Na, 1986:
Some general aspects of energy conditions in the Greek agricultural sector

Santos, Jq-Dos, 1982:
Some general aspects of fertilizer application

Verona, O., 1972:
Some general aspects of the plants-microorganisms

Ruiz, I., 1973:
Some general aspects on animal production systems

Suomalainen, H., 1975:
Some general aspects on the aroma composition of alcoholic beverages

Artamonov, Vi, 1976:
Some general biological aspects of tumor formation. 3. changes in the energy metabolism

Artamonov, Vi, 1974:
Some general biological aspects of tumor formation. II. Role of flavine compounds

Reddy, T.; Patel, I., 1973:
Some general characteristics of AEOS in Gujarat State

Golubovskii, Md, 1972:
Some general characteristics of the genome organization and the phenotypic expression of mutations in Drosphila

Golubovskii, Md, 1972:
Some general characteristics of the organization of the genome and the phenotypic expression of mutations in Drosophila

Hawkins, Rh, 1970:
Some general comments on the synergistic runoff effect from joint watershed management and weather modification

Dethier, Vg, 1970:
Some general considerations of insects responses to the chemicals in food plants

Overby, E., 1970:
Some general considerations of the working conditions of Danish veterinarians in tropical Africa

Grimaldo, J., 1977:
Some general considerations on national parks

Stoeckel, A.P.terson, P.U.ban, P., 1979:
Some general equilibrium effects of three aspects of structural change in agriculture

Gagarin, Pk, 1981:
Some general factors affecting the distribution of lake vegetation in the interfluvial area of the Kichera and Upper Angara rivers RSFSR-in-Asai.1

Proskuriakova, G.M., 1971:
Some general features of the bolshoi balkhan flora

Miyamoto, Yasushi, 2006:
Some general features of the plant mediated indirect effects: a quantitative review using meta-analysis

Aked, Lg, 1981:
Some general guidelines on the design, siting and construction of farm buildings Zambia

Anonymous, 1944:
Some general guides in the purchase of Montana livestock ranches

Rasmussen, Wayne-David, 1941:
Some general histories of Latin America

Thedford, Tr, 1993:
Some general information for the potential llama owner

Canter, H.; Jaworski, G., 1980:
Some general observations on zoospores of the chytrid Rhizophydium planktonicum Canter emend

Preece, Da, 1986:
Some general principles of crop rotation experiments

Viktorov, Ga, 1971:
Some general principles of insect population density regulation

Luna-Lugo, A., 1969:
Some general principles of pol

Breyev, Ka, 1971:
Some general principles of the control of parasitic arthropods as exemplified by the control of warble flies

Jayaramaiah, Karagada-Muniswamappa, 1972:
Some general principles useful in the development of effective 4-H club work

Hais, I.M.M.cek, K., 1962:
Some general problems of paper chromatography:

Kurane, R.M.noda, Y., 1975:
Some general properties of the purified thiol: disulfide oxidoreductase from Candida claussenii

Razikov, K.; Sidikov, A.M.ratov, A.U.manov, K., 1973:
Some general regularities of the development of cotton fibres and fibrillar structure

Brignoli, Pm, 1981:
Some general remarks on the Italian spiders Araneae.1

Otto, D., 1970:
Some general remarks on the possibility of using Formica polyctena Foerst. in forest protection

Grosse-Brauckmann, G., 1975:
Some general results of peat examinations for large fossiles

Ulykpan, K., 1978:
Some general results of studies of characteristics of the soil mesofauna of desert and arid steppes in the Mongolian Peoples Republic

Jazbec, M., 1971:
Some general results on the utilization of herbicides in peach stands

Roth, Hr, 1984:
Some general statistical considerations concerning the quality of analytical results

Peachey, Je, 1976:
Some general thoughts on approaches to environmental information and data management

Rochette, P., 1975:
Some general thoughts on the treatment of household wastes: Particular aspect to ground household wastes

Mollerberg, L.J.cobsson, S., 1970:
Some general views on iron-deficiency anemia in calves

Lecocq, M., 1975:
Some generalities on benthic algae

Oberlin, G., 1976:
Some generalities on drought and its prediction

Grubb, Pj, 1987:
Some generalizing ideas about colonization and succession in green plants and fungi

Zhuchenko, A.; Andryushchenko, V.; Vyrodov, D.; Nyutin, Y.-I.K.rol'-, A., 1976:
Some genetic aftereffects of the treatment of tomato hybrids with mutagens. iI. changes in the crossing over frequency

Stefanowska, G., 1973:
Some genetic and breeding problems of Triticale

Jamriska, M.N.vy, J., 1983:
Some genetic and breeding questions of cattle fertility

Spurr, David-Tupper, 1969:
Some genetic and environmental factors affecting performance and carcass measurements in swine

Montaldo, H.T.pia, G.J.arez, A., 1981:
Some genetic and environmental factors influencing production and kidding intervals in goats

Bereskin, B.F.gulski, R.; Frobish, L., 1978:
Some genetic aspects of feet and legs soundness in swine

Poitout, S.B.es, R., 1977:
Some genetic aspects of heterogeneity in summer diapause manifestation among the European populations of two Lepidoptera Noctuidae Hadeninae (Mamestra oleracea L. and and Mamestra brassicae L.)

Carotti, R.M.rco, A.D.; Grandolfo, M.; Toti, L., 1973:
Some genetic aspects of meiosis in males of Drosophila melanogaster, carriers of In(1)sc4sc8

Omtvedt, I.; Arganosa, V.; Walters, L., 1969:
Some genetic aspects of pork quality

Eisner, Ff, 1970:
Some genetic aspects of the breeding of dairy cattle

Lojda, L.; S'aviková, M.; Matousková, O.; Ingr, I., 1975:
Some genetic aspects of the prevention of mastitis in cattle

Zavertyaev, B.; Gorodilov, G., 1975:
Some genetic aspects of the reproduction function of dairy cattle

Rigin, Bv, 1970 :
Some genetic aspects of wheat and rye compatibility

Czarnomska, A.W.zykowa, J., 1971:
Some genetic characteristics of BN

Bashliev, N.; Zhanderkin, A., 1975:
Some genetic characteristics of Kazakh Arkhar-Merino sheep in relation to their constitutional type

Tikhonov, V.; Gorelov, I.; Panarina, L., 1982:
Some genetic characteristics of the first Soviet miniature pigs, minisibs. II. Immunogenetic characteristics of laboratory minisibs

Khristova, P., 1978:
Some genetic characters of maize

Sadykov, S.R.khimbaev, R.L.ubetskaia, I.Z.lenina, R., 1979:
Some genetic characters of natural leaf shedding

Zhuchenko, A.; Andryushchenko, V.; Nyutin, Y.-I.K.rol'-, A.; Vyrodov, D., 1977:
Some genetic consequences of the treatment of tomato hybrids with mutagens. iII. induced changes in the frequency of recombinations between unlinked markers

Jennings, D.; Mcgregor, G., 1989:
Some genetic factors which control the number and size of raspberry fruits produced on a raspberry cane

Van-Vleck, Ld, 1970:
Some genetic implications of free stall housing

Yaich, S.; Klimstra, W., 1981:
Some genetic markers for cottontail rabbits (Sylvilagus floridanus) Genotypes, blood proteins, analysis, electrophorisis

Shelton, M.S.owder, G., 1983 :
Some genetic parameter estimates for Angora goats

Curelariu, N., 1977:
Some genetic parameters of milk production in the Brown breed

Afzal, M.A.mad, K.T.hir, M.M.lik, B.; Khalique, F., 1987:
Some genetic parameters of resistance to Callosobruchus maculatus F. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Belyaev, D.; Kiseleva, Z., 1966:
Some genetic parameters of the basic components of milk in cattle

Kosina, R., 1982:
Some genetic parameters of the spring caryopsis characters

Lyfenko, Sf, 1980:
Some genetic peculiarities of the character of male fertility restoration in soft winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) with the cytoplasm of Triticum timopheevi

Tikhonov, V.; Panarina, L., 1981:
Some genetic peculiarities of the first minipig minisibs in the USSR. I. Isolation of minisibs and its morphphysiological features

Horn, P., 1974:
Some genetic possibilities of increasing the fertility of meat poultry varieties

Shuvaev, Vt, 1972:
Some genetic premises on establishing crossbreeding in the sheep raising industry

Green, M.M., 1968:
Some genetic properties of intrachromosomal recombination

Nagy, A.B.kany, A.I.lik, M.B.cs, B.D.man, N., 1977:
Some genetic properties of the carboxylating capacity of enzymes in plants with the C4 pathway of synthesis

Kerkadze, I.; Baratashvili, D.; Mikautadze, N.; Dzhakeli, R.; Tavdgiridze, S.; Dolidze, K., 1979:
Some genetic questions on the development of induced somatic mutations of subtropical crops

Zhuchenko, A.; Andriuschenko, V.; Vyrodov, D.; Niutin, I.; Korol'-, A., 1976:
Some genetic results of the treatment of tomato hybrids with mutagens. iI

Bouquet, Y.W.ghe, A.V.n-De, 1972:
Some genetic systems with physiological properties in the blood of cattle. I. Carbonic anhydrase

Bouquet, Y.W.ghe, A.V.n-De, 1972:
Some genetic systems with physiological properties in the blood of cattle. II. Albumin

Quadri, G.G.rolami, A.B.rgonzini, E.C.sentino, E., 1982:
Some genetic types of industrial pig reared under a medium nutritional level. II. Data on carcass dissection

Quardri, G.Z.llo, A.B.rgonzini, E.C.sentino, E., 1982:
Some genetic types of industrial pig reared under a medium nutritional level. III. Data on tissue separation of fresh ham and shoulder

Bergonzini, E.Q.adri, G.C.sentino, E.Z.llo, A.P.eraccini, L., 1982:
Some genetic types of the industrial pig reared under a medium nutritional level. I. Data intra vitam and at slaughter

Hladky, J., 1976:
Some genetic values for the body measurements in the Bohemian spotted cattle; heritability coefficients

Entiani, K.D.; Barnett, J.A., 1983:
Some genetical and biochemical attempts to elucidate the energetics of sugar uptake and explain the Kluyver effect in the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis

Basier, Cm, 1987:
Some genetical aspects of necrotrophy with special reference to Ophiostoma ulmi

Takeda, K.T.kahashi, M., 1970:
Some genetical considerations o

Milkova, L., 1979:
Some genetical problems of peppe

Ryan, Victor-Anthony, 1948:
Some geographic and economic aspects of the cork oak

Mikhailina, Vi, 1972:
Some geographic regularities of effect and residual effect of phosphorus fertilizers

Ruttkay, P., 1980:
Some geometric and physical properties of fruit-tree foliage

Ghose, B.S.ngh, S.K.r, A., 1982:
Some geomorphic aspects of salinity hazards in Rajasthan Desert, India

Mcroberts, E.; Nixon, J., 1975:
Some geotechnical observations on the role of surcharge pressure in soil freezing

Scott, D., 1975:
Some germination requirements of Celmisia species

Freeman, Ce, 1973:
Some germination responses of lechuguilla (Agave lecheguilla Torr.)

Davis, Dw, 1980:
Some germplasm of Rheum rhaponticum and related species

Udaybhansinhji, Y., 1970:
Some glimpses of the 24th ICA congress, Hamburg

Coulon, M., 1971:
Some global effects of X irradiation on silkworm Bombyx mori during the function of physiological stage of the insect. II. Study of the development

Coulon, M., 1971:
Some global effects of X irradiation on silkworms Bombyx mori during the function of physiological stage of the insect. I. Mortality study

Rubtsov, Ia, 1975:
Some goals of the studies of mermitids for biological control of moths

Perreau, Pierre, 1984:
Some goat mycoplasma strains identical to Mycoplasma mycoides var. mycoides

Viloria, Angel, L., 2004:
Some gondwanan and laurasian elements in the satyrine fauna of South America - (Lepidoptera : nymphalidae : satyrinae)

Riggall, L., 1974:
Some good and bad garden Camellias

Bravo, Lm, 1977:
Some good forage plants for city beekeepers

Piszek, E.-J.M.rgan, J., 2001:
Some good in the world

Sheldrake, R.Jr, 1982:
Some good meat and potato ideas for the bedding plant grower

Eng, K., 1998:
Some good news hits industry; corn processing data promising

Wehrung, F., 1983:
Some good principles for fertilizing meadows

Marier, A., 1979:
Some good reading on agriculture, energy and rural living

Barnard, Se, 1979:
Some good reasons for leveling production

Marier, A., 1979:
Some good things to read on greenhouses

Anonymous, 1991:
Some grafting ideas

Johnson, De, 1979:
Some grain transport conditions look good--despite bad weather

Kudo, I., 1974:
Some graminivorous and gall forming Thysanoptera of Taiwan

Blum, Sb, 1975:
Some grand conifers

Mukherjee, G.; Sen, S., 1977:
Some granular insecticides tested against rice brown spot disease

Prokopowicz, D., 1971:
Some granulocytic and proteinic reactions in normal rabits

Ergesian, R.; Mnatsakanian, M., 1979:
Some grape varieties grown on terraces of different exposition

Carretero, J.; Esteras, F., 1983:
Some grasses of chorological importance for the Province of Valencia

Skinner, Tc, 1977:
Some greenhouse considerations

Ibrahim, I.; Moustafa, M.; Abuzaid, S., 1982:
Some gross anatomical observations on the innervation of the manus of th one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Baranowski, R., 1969:
Some ground beetles of Skane (

Hartman, R., 1979:
Some ground rules for the practice of plant tissue culture

Czerwinski, Z.P.acz, J., 1976:
Some groundwater and surface water contamination sources on the Greater Warsaw area

Cepelak, J., 1981:
Some groups of higher flies (Diptera, Brachycera) of the Little Carpathian Mountains. I

Cepelak, J., 1982:
Some groups of higher flies of the Male Karpaty (Diptera, Brachycera). II. Czechoslovakia.1

Darst, Bc, 1977:
Some growers shortchange yield potential

Mondeshka, P., 1979:
Some growth and developmental ch

Reck, S.D.eterich, H., 1976:
Some growth and wood characteristics in a crossing Populus alba X Populus grandidentata compared with the black poplar hybrid Robusta

Gluzinska, W., 1972:
Some growth biostimulators for yeast in Polish molasses

Evans, J., 1978:
Some growth effects of hail damage and drought in Pinus patula plantations

Ahmad, Ms, 1973:
Some growth properties of haploid and diploid strains of Protomyces inundatus

Bettan, P., 1997:
Some guidance on software pricing

Wenner, Carl-Geosta, 1989:
Some guide-lines for planning of soil conservation

Richie, N.D., 1976:
Some guidelines for conducting a health fair

Anonymous, 1988:
Some guidelines for designing integrated farming systems

Bishay, A., 1984:
Some guidelines for developing potentially successful desert farming systems

Kumar, J., 1981:
Some guidelines for duck breeding

Christensen, La, 1981 :
Some guidelines for economic assessment of animal waste management systems

Edgar, Sa, 1972:
Some guidelines for lowering plant costs

Ponder, F.Jr, 1981:
Some guidelines for selecting black walnut planting sites Juglans nigra, soil texture, landform, drainage

Ponder, F.Jr, 1982:
Some guidelines for selecting black walnut planting sites Juglans nigra, soil variables

Vardaman, Jm, 1969:
Some guidelines for the investor owner

Dreilinger, S., 1976:
Some guidelines for--indoor bonsai in the north

Chapman, W.; Baker, P.B.rns, D., 1977:
Some guidelines on the re use of industrially contaminated land

Manar, A.B., 1991:
Some guidelines on the use of gender in generic names and species epithets

Henderson, P.-Louis; Clement, W., E., 1962:
Some guides for improving commodity promotional programs

Neher, Gerald-Alvin, 1959:
Some guides for the development of a program of change in a nonliterature society

Almasi, E.D.bray, E., 1971:
Some guiding principles in the establishment of fruit age structures

Kemenesy, E., 1970:
Some guiding principles in the organization of feedstuff management

Sr.ivastava Shyam, C., 1971:
Some gymnospermic remains from the Triassic of Nidpur, Sidhi District, Madhya Pradesh

Paragamian, Vl, 1981:
Some habitat characteristics that affect abundance and winter survival of smallmouth bass in the Maquoketa River, Iowa Micropterus dolomieui

Varshneya, C.S.arma, L.; Bahga, H., 1983:
Some haematological and biochemical changes in buffalo calves sprayed with phosphamidon

Neuman, M., 1972:
Some haematological values in Israeli Awassi sheep

Pavel, J.S.isek, V., 1971:
Some haematological values in various breeds of pig and their quantitative relationship to the intensity of growth

Clark, P.; Parry, B.W., 1997:
Some haematological values of Irish wolfhounds in Australia

Alias, L.; Sanchez, A., 1984:
Some halomorphic soils from El Pedernoso (Cuenca)

Liabeuf, J., 1979:
Some handicaps to overcome, some more nice promises

Anonymous, 1984:
Some handy solutions

Johnson, S., 1975 :
Some hard questions on multiple component pricing of milk

Anonymous, 1944:
Some hardy evergreen and deciduous shrubs

Kasapligil, B.D.xter, M., 1973:
Some hardy ornamental vines for the San Francisco Bay Region

Gautier, M., 1973:
Some harmful animal pests of fruit trees. IV. Twister and apple-leaf miner caterpillars

Myre, Maario, 1964:
Some harmful plants of infectious character, a contribution to their study

Van-Itallie, T.; Abraham, S., 1985:
Some hazards of obesity and its treatment

Hamauzu, Y.; Inno, T.; Kume, C.; Irie, M.; Hiramatsu, K.; Yasui, H., 2007:
Some health beneficial properties of phenolics from Chinese quince, quince and apple

Nangia, O.; Sukhija, S., 1981:
Some health disorders in high-yielding dairy cows

Schiffo, H.; Lombardero, O., 1977:
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Some health problems of pig breeding husbandry

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Some heave laws of freezing soils

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Some heavy metals accumulate more in the flesh of Thryonomis swinderianus (Lem), grasscutter, than in beef of Bos species, cow

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Some heavy metals in fishes from the Andaman Sea

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Some heavy metals in sprat (Sprattus sprattus) and herring (Clupea harengus) from the inner Oslofjord

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Some heifers sterile due to genetic defects

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Some helicosporous fungi from Hawaii

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Some helminth species new for Venezuela

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Some help in understanding the performance of Wisconsins economy

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Some hemato-chemical constants of pigs of diverse weight and age

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Some hematologic and biochemical

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Some hematologic and pathological aspects of hog cholera

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Some hematological and biochemical indicators in the blood of rats as affected by intoxication with anti-corrosion coatings made from chlorinated polyvinyl chloride

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Some hematological and biochemical parameters in experimental contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

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Some hematological indicators and metabolism in first-calf heifers produced by artificial insemination and transplantation of embryos

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Some herbicides for control of weeds in c

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Some herbicides for watersheds and roadside rights-of-way

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Some herbicides for weed control in onion crops grown from sets

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Some herbicides to use with skill in vegetable crops

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Some hereditary aspects of lamb survival rate

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Some hereditary patterns in milk yield, fat content and amount of protein in cows milk in raising and crossing purebred cattle

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Some hereditary retinal anomalies in dogs

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Some heterochronies in the development of invertebrates and their adaptive and evolutionary significance

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Some heterotopic tissue remnants in domestic animals

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Some hewlett packard-25 computer programs used in the processing of analytical data

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Some hidden benefits of pesticides

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Some high lights on ley farming: a review

Anonymous, 1994:
Some high seas fisheries aspects relating to straddling fish stocks and highly migratory fish stocks

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Some high yielding wheat varieties resistant to diseases

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Some high-quality characteristics

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Some high-yielding and rust resistant varieties of wheat

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Some highlights from consumer egg studies

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Some highlights of animal production research in 1978

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Some highlights of animal virus research in 1986

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Some highlights of animal virus research in 1987

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Some highlights of crop production in 1977

Anonymous, 1975:
Some highlights of extension work in agriculture and natural resources during 1974

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Some highlights of foliar diagnosis and fertilization of orchards

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Some highlights of the composition of organic commercial fertilizers

Anonymous, 1980:
Some highlights of the winter of 1979-80

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Some highlights of virus research in 1989

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Some highlights of virus research in 1990

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Some hints and reports on studies of machine harvesting of pickling cucumbers

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Some hints for reducing the need for binding twine when using the K 442

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Some hints for the production of Austrian quality wine

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Some hints for the successful brooding of chicks

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Some hints for the suggesting of depths and spacings of drains according to the hydraulic conductivity

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Some hints for using liquid silage additives and grain preservatives

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Some hints on choosing clover and grass mixtures

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Some hints on dealing with lambing troubles

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Some hints on growing natives

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Some hints on nuclei production and stock expansion

Smith, J., 1975:
Some hints on organising silage making

Soper, J., 1977:
Some hints on saving vegetable seeds

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Some hints on skinning mink and treatment of the hides

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Some hints on technique for the 16mm movie maker

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Some hints on the behavior of dairy cows and the length of feed intake

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Some hints on the control of mal secco dise

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Some hints on the distribution, systematics and biology of -Poa supina Schrad

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Some hints on the housing headache

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Some hints on the professional feeding of sows and baby pigs

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Some hints on tractor fuel economy

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Some histochemical aspects of the carrageenin induced inflammation

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Some histochemical changes underlying shoot initiation in tobacco callus cultures

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Some histochemical pecularities of striated muscle tissue in early periods of meat autolysis

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Some histochemical reactions in the wall of the arterial vessels of the rabbit after administration of neurohormone-like substances

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Some histochemical reactions of mast cells of gerbils, hogs, armadillos and cats

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Some histochemical, ultrastructural, and nutritional aspects of the ovule of Quercus gambelii

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Some histoenzymic studies of the liver of cows Enzymes

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Some histological & histochemical studies in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) during sub chronic administration of dieldrin (HEOD)

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Some histological and cytological features of four hydrophytes occurring in the Danube Delta (Romania)

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Some histological and histochem

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Some histological and histochemical indices of muscle tissue in Large White swine and their relationship with trend in productivity

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Some histological aspects of most common frauds in sausage products. II. Adulteration, Italy.1

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Some histological features of the structure of the submaxillary salivary glands of young cattle raised on pelletized feeds

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Some histological methods of interest to entomologists

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Some histological peculiarities of ruminal wall structure in young cattle fed in different ways

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Some histological studies of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and electon microscopic investigations of the ruminal epithelium of cows fed a poor component diet for prolonged periods

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Some histomorphological and histochemical indicators of the sexual tract in nonpregnant mares

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Some histopathological and histochemical observations in the testicular tissues of vasectomized and caudectomized rams

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Some histopathological features of the metabolic desorders in newborn piglets

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Some histopathological findings in a non-sweater horse Sweating

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Some historic notices on the trichinosis problem

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Some historical and modern aspects of amino acids, fermentations, and nucleic acids

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Some historical antecedents of modern rural sociology: the early work of Howard W. Odum

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Some historical aspects of artichoke varieties (Cynara scolymus L.)

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Some historical aspects of marijuana

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Some historical aspects of ruffed grouse harvests and hunting regulations in Wisconsin

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Some historical aspects of stubble mulch tillage

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Some historical aspects of the avocado in Australia Persea americana, horticultural industries

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Some historical collections at the New York Botanical Garden

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Some historical data about goats

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Some historical developments in cereal chemistry

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Some historical evidence 1870-1933 on the impact and international transmission of financial crises

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Some historical facts concerning the spread of the Greyhound dogs in Yugoslavia

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Some historical notes on forest tree breeding in canada

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Some historical notes on the farm definition

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Some historical reflections on industrial wood preservation research

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Some historical remarks on the introduction of the term parasite into the literature of zoology, medicine and veterinary medicine

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Some historical reminiscences on the utilization of whey

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Some historical-evolutional aspects of soil formation in Western Siberia

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Some history on pelts and furs Fur farming, Denmark, Greenland, Norway.1

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Some hive tools I have seen in honey shops and apiaries

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Some holocene faunal and floral remains in the whitemoor meltwater channel at Bosley, East Cheshire

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Some homonyms in the family Formicidae (Hymenoptera)

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Some honey plants blooming in s

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Some honey plants of Florida

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Some honey plants of the subtropics

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Some honeybee pests

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Some honeybee research activities at the University of the Witwatersrand

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Some hook them up to transporters: ice-makers

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Some hop-drying studies

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Some hopeful trends in agricultural development

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Some hormones involved in the nesting behaviour of hens

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Some horse breeding problems

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Some horticultural aspects of plant quarantine

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Some horticultural consequences of the Mt. St. Helens volcano

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Some host

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Some host-plants of soybean insect pests in Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil

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Some hosts and properties of an isolate of nerine virus X from Agapanthus praecox subsp. orientalis in S.E. England

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Some hosts of Balansia sclerotica from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

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Some hot tips from the pros: crop cooling with sprinklers

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Some human factors in woods burning

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Some humidity properties of pressed wood impregnated with urea

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Some hybrid bermudagrasses have higher potassium requirements

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Some hydrodynamic properties of gluten and glutenin obtained from flour of different baking quality

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Some hydrodynamical aspects of cytoplasmic streaming in the internodal cells of Characeae

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Some hydrogeological problems related to urban water supply development in China

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Some hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, in the North Atlantic Ocean

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Some hydrolases and their involvement in insecticide resistance

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Some hydrologic aspects of the Aral Sea problem (for purposes of discussion)

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Some hydrologic characteristics of a small forested watershed in eastern Kentucky

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Some hydrological characteristics of soils formed on a toposequence in southeastern Nigeria and consequences for dry-season irrigation

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Some hydrological features of the South Fiji Basin

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Some hydrometeorological features of the arid zone of India

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Some hydromorphic factors affecting rivers in the Central Asia

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Some hydrophysical properties of Smonitza soil

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Some hydrophytic species from Granada Province

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Some hygiene factors in cattle raising

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Some hygienic and processing aspects in industrial production

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Some hygienic aspects in communal slaughterhouses in the closer region of Serbia

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Some hygienic aspects of actual production of meat

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Some hygienic aspects of environme

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Some hygienic aspects of forage ensiling

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Some hygienic aspects of international animal transport

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Some hygienic aspects of poultry meat

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Some hygienic aspects of the use of pesticides against blood-sucking Diptera

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Some hygienic aspects of using animal excrements for feeding

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Some hygienic problems in the production of meat and bone meal from slaughterhouse offal and animal carcasses

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Some hygienic problems of raw m

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Some hygienic problems with vacuum packed sliced meat products

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Some hygroscopic properties of refined sugar

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Some hyphomycetes of the city of Havana province, Cuba

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Some hyphomycetes with holoblastic sympodial conidiogenous cells

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Some hypotheses and tentative conclusions regarding the consumption impacts of rural infrastructure projects in Guatemala

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Some hypotheses on carpentry and timber wall construction in the Rennes basin

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Some hypotheses on origins of irrigation in the Carpathian-Danube space and its relations with irrigation of the Mediterranean region

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Some hypotheses on the general biology and ethology of cave fishes

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Some hypotheses on variation in plant populations and an experimental approach

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Some hypothetical areas of professional competency critical to extension personnel with suggested training objectives at the graduate level

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Some ideas about coastal management from production and export studies on a Massachusetts salt marsh

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Some ideas about crossbreeding sheep

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Some ideas about economic problems of inefficient cooperatives

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Some ideas about the origin of bamboos

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Some ideas about the subject of parasitism and evolution

Fila, J., 1973:
Some ideas about the tasks of the forest enterprises on the field of the social policy

Diez-Gonzalez, I., 1983:
Some ideas and conclusions about planting with paraffined scions in the La Rioja district

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Some ideas concerning the development of mechanical logging in the countries of the council for Mutual Economic Assistance

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Some ideas concerning the phylogeny and evolution of the boletes

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Some ideas concerning the treatment of African human trypanosomiasis

Ferrere, P., 1980:
Some ideas for 1980

Rosenstiel, Lewis, S., 1941:
Some ideas for a conservation plan for the distilled spirits industry under emergency conditions

Holden, Jd, 1978:
Some ideas for colorful hanging baskets

Bowen, Kw, 1971:
Some ideas for dairy shed conversion

Nelson, M., 1978:
Some ideas for improving natural beauty, wildlife protection, and weed control on roadsides

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Some ideas for the assimilation of liquid manure

Vasicek, F.H.omas, J., 1991:
Some ideas for the optimal exploitation of the wood-producing and non-wood-producing functions of the forest ecosystems in a new ecological situation

Schumann, H., 1969:
Some ideas for using statistical parameter in farm management

Dzherpetov, Iv, 1975:
Some ideas obtained from an experience in landscape interpretation of aerial photographs taken at different times (exemplified by the central part of the Russian Plain)

Ipatov, Vs, 1985:
Some ideas of L.G. Ramensky concerning natural plant distribution in space

Corazziari, G., 1971:
Some ideas on a water project

Sagarik, R., 1985:
Some ideas on conservation and development of the rarer Thailand species

Wurgler, W.N.ury, G., 1977:
Some ideas on herbicides and on their effects

Wurgler, W.N.ury, G., 1975:
Some ideas on herbicides and their action

Anonymous, 1976:
Some ideas on how to increase the conception rate by artificial insemination in swine reproduction

Ukai, N., 1972:
Some ideas on pasture culture f

Gulydas, J., 1973:
Some ideas on planning the technology of long-length logging

Hofer, P., 1976:
Some ideas on rape cultivation

Wright, Te, 1972:
Some ideas on re-working apple trees

Rouillard, Eea, 1987:
Some ideas on the design of batch and continuous pans

Pavlik, J., 1972:
Some ideas on the economics of green-house areas

Almeida, Edison-Xavier-De, 1993:
Some ideas on the ensilage process in the upper valley of Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Sus, J., 1974:
Some ideas on the harvesting of red stone fruit

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Some ideas on the pathogenesis of neonatal calf scours

Nagy, A., 1978:
Some ideas on the plant protection forecasting in Tolna county

Gordos, M., 1969:
Some ideas on the proper calculation of gross wood volume

Black, Jdf, 1979:
Some ideas on the pruning of apple trees

Black, J.; Flentje, W., 1971:
Some ideas on the pruning of applestrees. why not go to Queensland for the winter?

Dagnelie, P., 1971:
Some ideas on the use of multivariate statistical methods in ecology

Barabas, Z., 1972:
Some ideas on wheat breeding methods

Nemeti, M.-M.N.gy, Z., 1974:
Some ideas to the long-term development of egg production fo r consumption

Fletcher, A., 1989:
Some ideas towards an electronic information center for biotechnology

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Some immature stages of two species of Protodiaspis

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Some immunity parameters in Lowland Black and White Dairy cattle one month before parturition

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Some immunity problems in foot rot of sheep

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Some immunobiological indices in pseudoactinomycosis (actinobacillosis) of sheep

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Some immunological aspects in reproduction

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Some immunological aspects of Mareks disease

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Some immunological aspects of avian leukosis

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Some immunological aspects of bovine leukemia

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Some immunoprophylactic and diag

Nedialkov, S.I.nachkova, D.R.barov, B.Z.ekov, S.B.zhilov, B.P.ichev, B.Z.elebinkov, Z.T.vetkov, P.T.dorova, R., 1973:
Some immunoprophylactic and immu

Anonymous, 1984:
Some impacts of a proposed OSHA standard on grain handling facilities

Schoning, Rw, 1984:
Some impacts of resource data use in fisheries management

Sudiono, J.D.ryadi, L., 1978:
Some impacts of the utilization of rainforests in Indonesia

Vollmar, Gj, 1980:
Some impacts of using feed grains for ethanol production

Hannah, P.K.hn, M.K.mmett, D., 1981:
Some impacts of whole-tree harvesting under different silvicultural methods

Sar, T.Van-Der, 1981:
Some implements for the mechanization of growing peanut on small farms in Surinam Hoes, huskers, sowers, threshers, tractors.1

Morgan, G.H., 1995:
Some implications for Australias experiment

Anonymous, 1971:
Some implications for Rhodesian farming if Britain joins the Common Market

Christensen, P.; Nielson, R., 1977:
Some implications involved with phosphorus soil test variability a new look at an old story

Hunt, C., 1976:
Some implications of a national carcass classification scheme

Engelman, G., 1972:
Some implications of antitrust and competitive regulations of a projected vertically integrated pork industry

Jalihal, Krishna, A., 1973:
Some implications of farm practice diffusion

Hawxby, K., 1987:
Some implications of food and fiber production

Warriar, Rn, 1970:
Some implications of free market for fertilisers

Roach, B.; Daniels, J1; Paton, N.1; Smith, P., 1981:
Some implications of genetic drift for sugar manufacture Saccharum officinarum X Saccharum spontaneum, content of fiber, reducing sugars, ash starch

Adams, Rm, 1977:
Some implications of labor adjustments in a dual economy framework: Wyomings energy agriculture interface

Miller, E., 1973:
Some implications of land ownership patterns for petroleum policy

Miley, D.Gray, 1946:
Some implications of land tenure in the longleaf pine area of Mississippi

Keefer, Taj, 1980:
Some implications of large-scale methanol production from Canadian forest biomass

Wheeler, R.O., 1973:
Some implications of modifying the current wool incentive program

Schoonmaker, P.K.; Foster, D.R., 1991:
Some implications of paleoecology for contemporary ecology

Huffaker, Cb, 1974:
Some implications of plant-arthropod and higher-level, arthropod-arthropod food links

Moore, Lb, 1970:
Some implications of precocious flowering in Collospermum

Pancheco, Aa, 1987:
Some implications of public involvement in hardwood management

Olson, G.; Hanfmann, G., 1971:
Some implications of soils for civilizations

Pritchard, W.R., 1993:
Some implications of structural change in veterinary medicine and its impact on veterinary education

Hughes, T.; Poppi, D.S.kes, A., 1980:
Some implications of sward chemical and physical characteristics for the nutrition of grazing ruminants

Senti, F.R., 1969:
Some implications of the 1965 nationwide household food consumption survey

Penn, Jb, 1977 :
Some implications of the 1977 food and agriculture legislation

Farrell, Kr, 1977:
Some implications of the Food and Agricultural Act of 1977

Ramirez-Maldonado, H.B.iley, R.; Borders, B., 1988:
Some implications of the algebraic difference approach for developing growth models

Watkins, Dam, 1974:
Some implications of the photochemical decomposition of pest icides

Rainey, Rc, 1971:
Some implications of the present status of the desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria Forsk.)

Jenca, J.; Pavlasek, J., 2007:
Some implications of the short-term synaptic plasticity for neuronal computation: a model study

Nesselroade,. Jr.;, 1988:
Some implications of the trait-state distinction for the study of development over the life span: the case of personality

Summers, D., 1984:
Some implications of the welfare codes for designers and users of pig buildings

Galston, Aw, 1971:
Some implications of the widespread use of herbicides

Cassens, Daniel, L., 1978:
Some important Indiana hardwoods

Povolyny, D., 1969:
Some important Palearctic findings of Gnorimoschemini from Afghanistan and China (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae)

Baker, N.; Hellenthal, R., 1973:
Some important adult beetle pests of stored grain

Wawrzynczak, S.J.rasz, J., 1979:
Some important advances in 1978 as the result of the government research and development program Optimization of protein production and consumption (PR-4)

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Some important agricultural ac

Mihalka, S., 1981:
Some important animal health problems of a specialized dairy farm.III. Reproduction problems. 2. Cattle, Hungary.1

Simpson, Rf, 1979:
Some important aroma components of white wine

Gastal, E., 1975:
Some important aspects for a scheme of programming agricultural research

Correa, V., J., 1979:
Some important aspects for pasture seed production in tropical zones

Gallo, Dm, 1977:
Some important aspects in maize cultivation

Hyink, D.; Scott, W.L.on, R., 1988:
Some important aspects in the development of a managed stand growth model for western hemlock

Chadwick, Lc, 1973:
Some important aspects of a municipal street tree ordinance

Rajappa, A.; Rao, D., 1973:
Some important aspects of low grade massecuite boiling

Mulqueen, J., 1971:
Some important aspects of mole-drainage

Lowenstein, Fw, 1978:
Some important aspects of nutritional status in the United States

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Some important aspects of reforestation in British Columbia

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Some important aspects of swine reproduction Cuba.1

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Some important behavioural patterns in laying hens and their circadian rhythms

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Some important chewing insect pests of alafala

Ives, Pm, 1988:
Some important chewing insect pests of alfalfa

Butterweck, Js, 1977:
Some important concepts relating to the physiopathology of gastrointestinal diseases

Rubin, A.R.bert; Stewart, J.-M.C.rlile, B.-Lewis, 1977:
Some important considerations for the land application of wastewater

Yusof, Anna, 2007:
Some important contributions to medical microbiology made by companies financially supporting the publication of this special issue of APMIS

Piesnack, J., 1983:
Some important current problems of tending young stands, especially to the first thinning

Stannard, A.A., 1972:
Some important dermatoses in the horse

Zaag, De-Van-Der, 1969:
Some important developments in potato growing

Narfstrom, K., 1977:
Some important disease of the eye and their management Conjunctiva

Supekar, Pg, 1970:
Some important diseases of dairy cattle

Narfstrom, K., 1977:
Some important diseases of the eye and their management--Cornea

Sites, Wh, 1979:
Some important diseases of three eastern pines

Antal, Z., 1975:
Some important economic geographical problems of the agricultural development in the Soviet Union between 1928 and 1973

Anonymous, 1944:
Some important factors in the transmission and propagation of animal diseases

Smith, D., 1985:
Some important factors to be considered in spray technology assessment

Anonymous, 1948:
Some important facts about the Institut agricole dOka

Bergman, F.H.ggstrom, B., 1976:
Some important facts considering planting with rooted forest plants

Kovacs, I., 1976:
Some important features of the V th Five Year Plan for agriculture and food industry

Verma, Vps, 1971:
Some important features of the socialistic forestry of German Democratic Republic

Hesseltine, C.W., 1979:
Some important fermented foods of Mid-Asia, the Middle East, and Africa

Chang, L.; Chang, T.; Dao, C.; Leng, C.; Kuo, Y., 1977:
Some important forage plants in Sinkiang

Tracy, S.M., 1980:
Some important grasses and forage plants for the Gulf Coast region

Lukasova, J.D.orak, B., 1983:
Some important indices of microbial quality of milk as technological raw material

Azizur Rahman, 2006:
Some important indigenous technical knowledge (ITK) in solving animal heat problems

Supekar, Pg, 1978:
Some important infectious diseases of swine

Borgaonkar, Ys, 1968:
Some important issues before the land development banks

Amatya, Sl , 1986:
Some important issues of development in Rapti Zone in mid-western Nepal

Nadazdin, M.D.inic, M.M.rkovic, D.Z.klan, D.P.vlovic, D.F.ankovic, S., 1975:
Some important kinds and degrees of regressive deficiency of basic voluminous nutrients used in the winter diet of sheep in Boznia and Herzegovina

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Some important medicinal plants of the Western Ghats, India

Amaral-Machado, S.D.; Albertin, W., 1973:
Some important mensurational relationships in a secondary tropical forest

Mohan-Kumar, Or, 1980:
Some important non-specific and non-infectious conditions (diseases) with unknown etiology in poultry

Marquez, Na, 1970:
Some important norms attributed to the raising of yearling calves

Navarajan-Paul, Av, 1980:
Some important nutritional and economical factors in breeding Trichogramma species Parasites, biological control, sugarcane pests

Ryszkowski, J.Z.browski, Z., 1977:
Some important nutritional needs of early weaned piglets

Navarro, A., R., 1979:
Some important pasture diseases

Pang, T.; Syed, R., 1972:
Some important pests of Cocoa in Sabah

Saraswat, Ds, 1969:
Some important problems facing organised dairies

Andriichuk, Vh, 1984:
Some important problems in the i

Willems, Aer, 1973:
Some important problems in the intensive rearing of rabbits for meat

Vogel, G., 1971:
Some important problems of field vegetable culture

Dokic, A.M.adenov, V.C.raj, F., 1977:
Some important productive properties of certain wheat varieties under agroecological conditions of eastern Srem

Faure, R., 1979:
Some important progress in agricultural aviation

Rao, S.; Gupta, A., 1981:
Some important quality characteristics and in vitro digestibility of improved grain sorghum hybrids

Piovarci, J., 1977:
Some important quality criteria of the management phenotypical classification of the mature stands of the Slovak larch (Larix decidua Mill. slovaciea Sim.)

Zniszczynski, Z., 1976:
Some important remarks on plant protection

Gawlowski, K., 1972:
Some important reserves for increasing grain yields on state farms

Szasz, T., 1973:
Some important results of labor health protection accomplished by the Hungarian Scientific Forest Research Institute

Guldner, C.-D.T.ompson, H.-Erwin, 1967:
Some important scale insect pests of shade trees and shrubs in Kansas

Sinclair, Jb, 1975:
Some important seed- and soil-borne bacterial and fungal pathogens of soybeans

Karwasra, S.; Chandra, J.K.had, M., 1984:
Some important soils of gurgaon block in Gurgaon District, Haryana State and their management requirements

Kaminski, W., 1984:
Some important theoretical and practical problems of food economy

Anonymous, 1978:
Some important tropic wood in woodworking industry

Anonymous, 1974:
Some important tropical woods in woodworking industry

Laffers, A., 1972:
Some important types of Scots pine in Slovakia

Figula, K.K.stuch, R., 1971:
Some important vegetation elements of biological reinforcement of mountain streams at Jaworki

Sami, Mba, 1980:
Some important visceral histopathological findings in experimental hydroxylamine hydrochloride toxicosis in female albino rats

Vulevic, D.Z.kovic, P., 1976:
Some important wheat diseases and pests in the area of SAP Kosovo in 1974

Burgaard, E., 1976:
Some impressions and ideas from 1975 that can be useful for 1976

Palm, T., 1980:
Some impressions from a coleopterous trip to Kenya

Koch, B., 1969:
Some impressions from a mushr

Olsson, G., 1979:
Some impressions from a trip to India

Amon, M.M.gdic, Z., 1977:
Some impressions of Brown cattle in southeastern Slovenia (on the basis of a survey made in Trska Gora on September 25, 1976)

Sorensen, Kr, 1973:
Some impressions of French cattle breeding

Wilson, Db, 1970:
Some impressions of New Zealand farming

Worsley, M., 1981:
Some impressions of New Zealand forestry

Kalkkinen, E., 1969:
Some impressions of a traveler

Edmunds, J., 1983:
Some impressions of current propagation and production techniques in the U.S.A

Sonntag, Ae, 1970:
Some impressions of forestry developments in Australia and New Zealand

Pemberton, L., 1988 :
Some impressions of horticulture in China

Kranz, J., 1984:
Some impressions of integrated plant protection in USA

Sinha, Dip-Narayan, 1950:
Some impressions of my foreign tour with suggestions for improving co-operation and agriculture

Brown, J.; Hayward, A.; Mcintosh, R.; Stirling, G.; Wong, J., 1983:
Some impressions of plant pathology in China, 1982

Oresnik, M., 1979:
Some impressions of poultry raising in Eastern Germany

Lombard, Sh, 1976:
Some impressions of the dairy industry in Canada and the United States

Kampen, J.Van, 1979:
Some impressions of vegetable cultivation in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan

Gasser, H., 1971:
Some impressions on agricultural research in France Research stations of Lusignan, Montpellier and Clermont-Fernand

Fankhauser, F., 1970:
Some impressions on the Israel fruit culture

Kerchagin, A.; Gorchakovskii, P.; Matveeva, E., 1968:
Some impressions on the botanical institutions and vegetation, received during the trip through Rheinland (German Federal Republic)

Bourgeois, L., 1975:
Some impressions on the four reports on beef

Dellenbach, P., 1982:
Some impressions on the mechanization of agriculture in the Peoples Republic of China

Wilmeth, J.-Brice; Bolt, C., D., 1952:
Some improved methods for receiving bales of cotton in compresses and warehouses

Mixon, J.-A.A.legri, T., H., 1955:
Some improved methods of handling frozen food in wholesale plants

Harwell, E.-M.S.affer, P.-Franklin, 1952:
Some improved methods of handling groceries in self-service retail food stores

Kearney, B., 1981:
Some improvement likely in the agricultural economy in 1981

Shapouri, S.R.sen, S., 2005:
Some improvements are projected for global food security

Motz, Jd, 1970:
Some improvements in Greek agriculture

Kiriushchenko, T.; Karimov, S.; Krasnoborodkina, N., 1976:
Some improvements in the hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition tests with arboviruses

Yamaguchi, A.P.trakosol, P.I.hii, H., 1980:
Some improvements of Shirofugen

Gonzalez, E.G.erra, D., 1981:
Some improvements of egg laying and egg weight by means of selection index Chickens.1

Gary, G.; Tellez, I.; Ortiz, N.; Isibasi, A.; Paasch, M., 1996:
Some in vitro traits of Eimeria tenella-immune poultry T cell supernatant, determined by flow cytometry

Anuka, J.A.; Yaro, A.H.; Wannang, N.N.; Ezenwanne, E.B.; Yakasai, I.A., 2005:
Some in vivo and in vitro studies of the aqueous leaf extract of Phyllanthus muellerianus (Euphorbiaceae) in laboratory animals

Stone, G.M.; Pollard, I., 1974:
Some in vivo interactions of oestradiol with the mouse vagina

Todorov, I., 1975:
Some inbreeding effects in onion

Whitehead, P.F., 2007:
Some incidences of variation in British Coleoptera

Vogt, M., 1977:
Some incidents in the search for chemical transmitters in the brain

Petek, M.B.rtocchi, D.M.ndelli, G., 1976:
Some incidents of lymphoproliferative disease in the Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata)

Turner, D.; Loader, M., 1972:
Some increases in efficacy of foliage applied herbidial salts due to addition of ammonium ions

Cerana, La, 1970:
Some independent aspects in water-soil-plant relations

Toncheva, E.P.ofirov, I.; Petkova, O.T.mova, I.K.ristov, V.I.anov, N., 1977:
Some indexes connected with prot

Vlaketic, K., 1980:
Some indexes of heavy soils drainage in east Slavonia by using the tube drains

Tamosiunas, A.; Sadauskas, P.K.luina, V., 1973:
Some indexes of organism reactivity of hen ill with leukemia, tumours and anaemia. 2. bactericidal power of sound hen whole blood of the White Leghorn and White Plymouth Rock breeds

Tamosiunas, A.; Sadauskas, P.K.luina, V., 1974:
Some indexes of organism reactivity of hens affected with leukemia, tumours and anaemia. 5. phagocytic peculiarities of blood cells from healthy hens

Tamosiunas, A.; Sadauskas, P.K.luina, V., 1974:
Some indexes of organism reactivity of hens ill with leukemia, tumours and anaemia. 4. whole blood bactericidal power in anaemia

Tamosiunas, A.; Konstantinavicius, K.K.luina, V., 1973:
Some indexes of organism reactivity of hensill with Leukemia, tumours and anaemia. 1. method of determination of the bactericidal power of whole blood

Artykbaev, Pk, 1974:
Some indexes of the physical and chemical properties of the cellular protoplasm in cotton varieties differing in resistance to root rot

Gruber, E.J.hn, K.A.loush, S.S.hurz, J., 1972:
Some indications of a core-jacket-structure in the grain of potato-starch

Biswas, B.; Sharma, A., 1984:
Some indications of evolution in the genus Paphiopedilum (Orchidaceae)

Holmes, Mary-Strickland, 1958:
Some indications of level of knowledge and opinions of Michigan homemakers about food buying

Bradley, Dp, 1979:
Some indications of mid-west forest biomass potential

Maierhauser, Francis-Elizabeth, 1968:
Some indications of the reinforcement effects of Cooperative Extension programs broadcast from KOTA-TV, Rapid City, South Dakota, a commercial television station

Rudroff, G., 1970:
Some indications on bituminous decks construction, with special reference to forest roads in Styria

Simon, Kh, 1985:
Some indications on comparative projects

Dipaola, G., 1977:
Some indications on modality of vibrating olive trees with more branches

Pelletier, L., 1977:
Some indications on the density of straw bales

Cauwet-Marc, A.; Carbonnier, J., 1978:
Some indications on the utilization of species reattached to the genus Bupleurum L. (Umbelliferae)

Hruska, L.T.cha, M., 1971:
Some indicators for the growth of potato tops as affected by the time of the nitrogen fertilizer application

Horvath, Gy, 1978:
Some indicators in the manufacturing technology of ground spice papricka

Man'-Kova, T.; Barantseva, G., 1984:
Some indicators of biological activities of podzolic soils of the Darvinskii reservation

Kuznetsov, Af, 1981:
Some indicators of blood in swine

Rudneva, Na, 1982:
Some indicators of carbohydrate metabolism in calves as affected by feeding biologically active supplements

Fudel'-Osipova, S.; Kovtun, S.; Sokur, A., 1970:
Some indicators of changes in premeability of the cellular membrane of muscle fibers and nerves under the effect of DDT

Bliznichenko, V.; Datsun, K.; Bereshchenko, A., 1980:
Some indicators of heat resistance of Black Pied cattle

Fedorchenko, An, 1983:
Some indicators of immunoreactivity in cattle hemoblastoses

Rysakov, Db, 1986:
Some indicators of interval traits in lambs of early weaning

Abdraimov, Mt, 1976:
Some indicators of metabolism in calves as affected by the age of their mothers

Guglia, V.; Eranov, A.; Popova, A., 1980:
Some indicators of metabolism in cattle at different feeding conditions

Palfii, F.; Malik, O.; Kozlenko, V.; Nesviachenaia, O.; Kolisnyk, A.; Koval'-Chik, O.; Lun'-, M., 1976:
Some indicators of metabolism in heifers as affected by feeding them with different amounts of estrogen active clover

Ivanov, Vg, 1980:
Some indicators of metabolism in sheep kept on irrigated pastures

Kosharov, A.; Aitova, M., 1980:
Some indicators of metabolism in swine at changing the level of protein and energy in the ration

Andriuk, G.; Georgievskii, V., 1977:
Some indicators of nitrogen metabolism in the rumen of lactating cows

Sarsenov, A.; Ertaev, E., 1983:
Some indicators of nucleic acid exchange and the productivity of sheep

Benken, I.; Makasheva, R., 1977:
Some indicators of nutritive value of forage peas

Verzhuk, Vg, 1979:
Some indicators of photosynthesis and productivity of spring wheat varieties of the North Russian and West European agroecological groups

Slemnev, N.; Bold, D., 1980:
Some indicators of photosynthesis of desert plants of the Transaltai Gobi

Lamparadze, Shs, 1981:
Some indicators of pomological studies of tangerine varieties imported from Japan

Trusova, Os, 1977:
Some indicators of resistance and mastitis in cows in relation to winter supplement feeding with microelements

Akhvlediani, Ns, 1980:
Some indicators of tea plant photosynthesis

Zhukava, P.; Rahozhnikau, V.; Dubianetskaia, M.; Voitsik, N., 1982:
Some indicators of the chemical c

Pauliukevicius, V., 1984:
Some indicators of the chemical, biochemical and bacterial composition of the stomach content of slaughtered swine

Shumeiko, Ai, 1982:
Some indicators of the developme

Arkhangel'-Skii, N.; Stepanchenko, A., 1978:
Some indicators of the development of sugarbeet monogerm seed crop progenies of different biological types and their resistance to black root

Bobkhidze, Ms, 1974:
Some indicators of the effect of green manure crops on the restoration of eroded soils in Abkhazia

Sot, M., 1970:
Some indicators of the evaluation of economic effects in the plan of the grain milling industry for 1971--1975

Het'-Manets'-, A.; Musiienko, S.; Shulakov, I., 1978:
Some indicators of the fertility

Trushina, E.; Leshcheva, O., 1984:
Some indicators of the functional state of kidney during experimental alimentary deficiency

Ramishvili, T.; Georgadze, S., 1976:
Some indicators of the hydrologic effect of covered drainage of loamy waterlogged soils of the Colchis lowland

Fesenko, Id, 1982:
Some indicators of the immunological state of swine organism in the process of immunogenesis against Aujeszkys disease

Milojevic, Z., 1972:
Some indicators of the improper economic situation in the Yugoslavian fruit industry

Popova, Lb, 1983:
Some indicators of the lipid metabolism in river and semi-diadromous Volga sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus L.)

Georgievskii, V.; Silaev, M.; Voinova, O., 1980:
Some indicators of the lipid metabolism in the blood of lactating cows as affected by the use of briquetted feeds

Fuzailov, I.; Madrakhinov, I., 1982:
Some indicators of the lipidogram in virus hepatitis patients under the conditions of the antimony subregion of the Fergana Valley

Wojcik, S.B.alkowski, Z.S.ba, L., 1983:
Some indicators of the metabolic profile of blood of raddon dogs

Lipskaia, G.; Chernetskii, S., 1976:
Some indicators of the photosynthetic apparatus and productivity of barley in the second seed generation as affected by the application of cobalt fertilizer to the mother plant

Chasovennaia, Aa, 1977:
Some indicators of the physiologic condition of plants and their phytoncide activity in the ecologic environment of a city

Bondareva, Ni, 1976:
Some indicators of the provision rate or dairy cows with mineral substances on cultivated irrigated pastures

Mamikonian, D.; Pogosian, A.; Voskanian, V., 1978:
Some indicators of the quality of meat of young Caucasian Brown cattle

Mananaenkova, Ni, 1983:
Some indicators of the water regime of strawberry plants

Ivanov, Aa, 1978:
Some indicators of vitamin metabolism in lactating cows fed with briquetted feeds

Naidenova-Ianeva, Ts, 1971:
Some indicators on the water reg

Dimitrova, L., 1974:
Some indices characterizing frui

Khacatrian, Ms, 1982:
Some indices characterizing the integument of young cattle of the Caucasian Brown breed Armenian SSR.1

Mukhamedshin, K.; Sashina, G., 1972:
Some indices of anatomic structure of the wood of central Asian Juniperus species

Solomonova, Ld, 1973:
Some indices of blood metabolism in reindeer

Khazin, D.; Smirnova, L., 1981:
Some indices of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in broiler chicks with different levels of phosphate in the rations

Levchenko, Vi, 1974:
Some indices of carbohydrate-lipid makeup of the blood in cases of chronic bronchopneumonia in calves

Liubets'-Kyi, M.; Marchenko, H., 1971:
Some indices of carbohydrate-pho

Taran, Gg, 1975:
Some indices of energy exchange in cattle bone marrow cells of normal cattle and those with lympholeukosis

Mol'-Chenko, Ll, 1979:
Some indices of formed structure of populations of the silver fir in connection with breeding categories of trees in the Carpathian Mountains

Piatrou, V.; Antsiukou, M., 1972:
Some indices of immunogenesi

Butyanov, D.D., 1979:
Some indices of immunogenesis in associated immunization of pigs against hog cholera and erysipelas

But'-Ianov, Dd, 1973:
Some indices of immunogenesis in relation to associated immunization of swine against hog cholera and erysipelas

Petrushenko, V.; Ivanishina, T.; Pindichenko, T., 1980:
Some indices of leaf reaction to sulphur dioxide qction

Ladan, P.; Belkina, N.; Stepanov, V.; Maliugin, N., 1973:
Some indices of lipid metabolism in hybrid swine

Musaev, M.; Ibragimova, G., 1977:
Some indices of lipoid blood metabolism during the infection of chicks with an overdose of occysts of Eimeria tenella

Diakonov, M.; Kudrin, I., 1983:
Some indices of metabolism and energy in inadequate nutrition

Zakopal, J.K.bicek, K.K.privova, M.K.pkova, K., 1975:
Some indices of microclimate in new-built and reconstructed stables for race horses

Salatic, P.M.rko, N., 1975:
Some indices of raw material elements and results of production in the meat industry of the Vojvodina

Peshkus, I.; Sadauskas, P.; Lukshis, L., 1975:
Some indices of reactivity of the organism of cows with leukosis

Bakunas, J.P.unksniene, M., 1976:
Some indices of studies of rumen content in cows in the normal state and with indigestion

Zotochkina, Tv, 1974:
Some indices of the activity of oxidation-reduction processes in tissues of apple and pear varieties with different winter hardiness

Solov'-Eva, L.; Ivashchenko, N.; Mikhailovskaia, V., 1972:
Some indices of the biological value of eggs obtained from chickens fed on varying amounts of protein-vitamin fed additives

Skorobogatov, I.; Rakhimzhanov, Z., 1975:
Some indices of the histological structure of the skin of fine-fleece--coarse-hair sheep improved by the Kazakh mutton-wool--semifine-wool rams

Shal'-Nova, G.; Kuz'-Mina, T.; Mikhailovich, S., 1975:
Some indices of the immunologic reactivity in dogs in the long-term periods after administration of polonium

Serbeeva, K.; Ostrianina, A., 1974:
Some indices of the liver functions with protein-choline deficiency

Shipovskii, Ak, 1974:
Some indices of the quality of winter wheat grain grown in peat soils

Amosova, Is, 1991:
Some indices of thermophily and heat resistance in two species of Drosophila (Diptera, Drosophilidae)

Sachavo, Ms, 1978:
Some indices of wine material distillation in appartuses of alternating action

Lazarevic, V., 1975:
Some indices on the value of high capacity combines of domestic and foreign production

Ferry, S.B.azier, J., 1976:
Some indigenous Senecio alkaloids. II. Identification and structures

Mohan-Rajan, Kv, 1983:
Some indigenous fishing gears and methods for squids and cuttle fishes along S.W. coast of India

Abbott, A.; Nicholson, H., 1985:
Some indigenous plants of southern Natal

Le-Monnier, J., 1984:
Some individual solutions to collective realizations. Experiments from the study and suggestions committee

Wong, Z.; Wong, S., 1981:
Some inducible antibacterial substances developed from the hemolymph of oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi, pupae by injecting with Escherichia coli

Dupaigne, P., 1973:
Some industrial applications of products entering into the composition of fruits: Enzymes

Anonymous, 1982:
Some industrial chemicals and dyestuffs

Kotlikoff, L.-J.R.senthal, R., W., 1990:
Some inefficiency implications of generational politics and exchange

Romero, D., 1971:
Some infection focuses of Heterodera schachtii Schmidt (Nematoda) in red beet

Lekhova, E., 1971:
Some inferences of the use of le

Sly, Pg, 1977:
Some influence of dredging in the Great Lakes

Styk, B.D.iamba, S., 1973:
Some influence of some multiple fertilizers and the method of their application (under the plow or harrow) on the winter wheat yield

Bates, George, T., 1972:
Some influences of different methods of feeding on the uniformity of intake as measured by excretion patterns of a non-digestible indicator

Cho, J.; Cho, T., 1970:
Some influences of heating up

Chapman, James-Percy, 1942:
Some influences of radio on rural Kansas people

Slinn, Wgn, 1982:
Some influences of the atmospheric water cycle on the removal of atmospheric trace constituents Precipitation, pollution

Gladstone, W.; Ifju, G., 1974:
Some influences of wood morphology on kraft pulping of loblolly pine

Pogacar, J., 1970:
Some influences on milk flow speed

Lin, C.; Tseng, M.; Tsai, H., 1974:
Some influential factors affec

Miro-Barnecet, Antonio, 1969:
Some influential factors in the adoption and use of farinaceous products marketing channels in Utuado, Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1979:
Some information about canine brucellosis (brucellosis in dogs) in the USA

Zheleznikov, I.; Shevchenko, A., 1973:
Some information about resin-tapping of Korean pine

Habovstiak, J., 1972:
Some information about the effect of phosphoric acid and potassium oxide at higher rates of nitrogen on grass swards

Gavilov, Ga, 1979:
Some information about the social structure of Azerbaidzhan cattle breeders at the end of XIXth--beginning of XXth century

Franz, J., 1977:
Some information and experiences in organizing feeding ration for breeding swine

Anonymous, 1950:
Some information bearing on the car concentration plan for California Tokay grapes

Kahre, L., 1977:
Some information concerning sowing in the German Democratic Republic

Nalevka, B.K.raz, V., 1977:
Some information from a check of melioration

Vrkoc, F., 1974:
Some information from a study tour in Great Britain

Balcar, V.K.priva, M., 1974:
Some information from expansion drying of food products

Vrkoc, F., 1974:
Some information from following weed infestation in field trials

Buday, M.J.rcak, S., 1977 :
Some information from the application of herbicides at the Fruit Improvement Station in Klcov

Janac, K., 1977:
Some information from the building up of livestock buildings in foreign countries

Baran, M.S.ndor, J., 1970:
Some information from the economics of liquid manure irrigation in east Slovakia

Medvecky, D.H.binsky, J., 1970:
Some information from the operation of experimental calfhouses. iII

Johnson, Wm, 1982:
Some information needs for USDA agencies in decision-making Remote sensing

Nozeran, R.B.lliard, J., 1972:
Some information obtained from the study of the population of Colchicum alpinum DC recently discovered in Aubrac

Lizak, M., 1979:
Some information obtained on schematical thinnings

Homola, L., 1975:
Some information of swine fattening in the Jindrichuv Hradec district

Pralavorio, M.F.urnier, D.M.llot, P., 1984:
Some information on Phytoseiulus persimilis A. H., a predator of Tetranychus in greenhouses

Gorka, H., 1974:
Some information on an acritarch assemblage from the Famennian of Poland

Riggenbach, E., 1978:
Some information on apples

Hovadik, A., 1977:
Some information on carrot storage

Brenndorfer, M., 1977:
Some information on costs of tractors

Varga, L., 1980:
Some information on cultivating poplar I-214 in the stands

Akerberg, E., 1973:
Some information on current literature and work concerning pollinating insects

Porzig, E., 1973:
Some information on dairy cow behaviour and on the duration of feed intake

Sevcik, L., 1979:
Some information on forming and using packages

Taveirne, W., 1974:
Some information on fuel

Walder, V.; Vieira, C.S.lva, C.-Da; Duarte, A.D., O., 1977:
Some information on kidney beans seeds used in the Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais

Hardemare, G., 1983:
Some information on mushroom production

Burska, Z., 1975:
Some information on rearing of turkey hens

Natrova, Z., 1974:
Some information on research and plant improvement in the sector of cereals, especially rye, in the Polish Peoples Republic

Barbacki, S., 1974:
Some information on research work and organizational activities going on at different scientific institutes, by the members of the Polish Genetics Society

Anonymous, 1978:
Some information on soil disinfection

Izzatullaev, Z., 1975:
Some information on the biology of slugs (Mollusca; Pulmonata), pests of agricultural crops in Tadzhikistan

Moskaleva, V.; Brjanceva, Z., 1973:
Some information on the cell wall microstructure of larch wood

Camus, G., 1979:
Some information on the characteristics of triplex steel

Dauce, P.L.on, Y., 1982:
Some information on the development of Brittany agriculture since 1850

Thies, H., 1980:
Some information on the different types of radishes

Daguzan, J., 1981:
Some information on the excretion organ and nitrogen excretion in gasteropod molluscs

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