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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17105

Chapter 17105 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pil'-Ko, V.; Shapiro, I., 1970:
Specific features of the distribution of types of transferrin and types of hemoglobin in Kostroma and Swiss Brown cattle breeds

Kudinov, A.I.; Man'ko, Yu, I.; Butovets, G.N.; Gladkova, G.A.; Zhabyko, E.V.; Lee, Don-Koo; Ho-Sang-Kang; Nyam-Osor, Batkhuu, 2007:
Specific features of the dynamics of virgin coniferous-broad-leaved forests in Southern Primorye

Cristea, V., 2003:
Specific features of the flora and vegetation of Transylvania (Romania)

Sedel'nikova, T.S.; Pimenov, A.V.; Efremov, S.P.; Muratova, E.N., 2007:
Specific features of the generative sphere in Scots pine of bog and dry valley Populations

Azev, Yu, A.; Lork, E.; Brakman, P.; Gorchakov, P.A., 2007:
Specific features of the interaction of fervenuline and its 4-N-oxide with C-nucleophiles: Structural and spectroscopic characteristics of molecular complexes and covalent adducts with indole

Javurkova, J., 1970:
Specific features of the market mechanism and competition in agricultural markets in economically advanced capitalist countries

Zoz, N.; Grigorova, N.; Serebrynanyi, A.; Abramov, V., 1973:
Specific features of the mutagenic effect of 1,4-bis-diazoacetylbutane and N-nitroso-N-alkylurea on plants

Pyatygin, S.S., 2007:
Specific features of the signal role of action potential in higher plants

Nikitin, Ba, 1977:
Specific features of the soil forming process of cultivated soddy podzolic soils

Korolev, V.A., 2007:
Specific features of water permeability in virgin and cultivated chernozems

Tsipris, D.; Ezhova, M., 1970:
Specific features of water-salt conditions of soil where mineralized water is used for irrigation in the northwestern zone of the RSFSR

Belolipskii, Va, 1974:
Specific features of wind erosion in Tersk-Kuma semidesert region

Franck, Y., 1978:
Specific feeding of label brand name or farm strains

Franck, Y., 1978:
Specific feeding of label or farm strains

Pelovski, M., 1978:
Specific feedings

Golubev, Ti, 1970:
Specific fermentative-chromatographic (in thin layer) micro-method of determination of residues of methyl nitrophos in fruits and vegetables

Weber, RE.; Hartvig, M., 1984:
Specific fetal hemoglobin underlies the fetal-maternal shift in blood oxygen affinity in a viviparous teleost

Zizkovsky, V.K.varu, F.T.avnicek, J.K.uml, J.F.rt, P.M.sopust, J., 1974:
Specific fetal serum proteins in pig

Maughan, G., 1982:
Specific field survey (fieldstats)

Dumont, I.K.uyen, F.L.gros, F., 1975:
Specific fixation of radioiodinated insulin to chloroplasts isolated from Acetabularia mediterranea

Seregelyes, T.I.epy, I., 1979:
Specific flora of the Mecsek Mountain area

Shmidt, V.; Spasskaia, N.; Val'-Ma, V., 1973:
Specific flora of the environment of Liubytino settlement and the town of Kholma, Novgorod Region

Hart, R.A.; Rhodes, M.B., 1980:
Specific fluorescein-labeled antibodies to bovine viral diarrhea virus prepared from sera of rabbits immunized with purified virus

Becker, Jl, 1970:
Specific fluorescence of the Y chromosome in somatic culture cells of Drosophila melanogaster, after coloring with quinacrine

Sawada, T.; Koeda, T.; Muramatsu, M.; Seto, K.; Sazawa, H., 1975:
Specific fluorescent antibody staining of the grain in skin lesion of guinea pigs infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Dinu, I.G.orgescu, D., 1970:
Specific fodder consumption reduction on hog breeding and putting on weight

Kuehn, H., 1973:
Specific foreign demands for U.S. soybeans

Holub, B.J., 1976:
Specific formation of arachidonoyl phosphatidylinositol from 1-acyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylinositol in rat liver

Weber, W., 1977:
Specific forms of sterility in billy goats of hornless breeds

Bernard, U.; Bade, E.; Küntzel, H., 1975:
Specific fragmentation of mitochondrial DNA from Neurospora crassa by restriction endonuclease Eco R I

Zabierowski, K., 1975:
Specific functions of mountain lands in Poland

Simon, G., 1974:
Specific functions of rural regions

Ogilvie, E.Mary.; Khan, A.; Hubank, M.; Kellam, P.; Woo, P., 2007:
Specific gene expression profiles in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Fahmy, O.G.; Fahmy, M.J., 1969:
Specific genetic deletions by a carcinogenic hydrocarbon in Drosophila

Vasina-Popova, Et, 1976:
Specific genetics and its significance in the breeding of sheep

Borysik, A.J.; Morten, I.J.; Radford, S.E.; Hewitt, E.W., 2007:
Specific glycosaminoglycans promote unseeded amyloid formation from beta2-microglobulin under physiological conditions

Savage, Ri, 1972:
Specific gravity

Shepard, Rk, 1980:
Specific gravity and growth rate of row thinned white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) plantations

Park, M.; Youn, Y.B.un, K., 1984:
Specific gravity and moisture content of Pinus rigida X Pinus taeda F1 cones as maturity indices

Peck, Edward, C., 1981:
Specific gravity and related properties of softwood lumber

Niewiarowicz, A.T.ojan, M.L.sek, P., 1976:
Specific gravity and total weight as indices of fat and muscle tissue contents in carcasses of duck broilers

Hammes, P.; Pieterse, B., 1979:
Specific gravity as an indicator of dry matter content in potato quality tests

Hulsey, R.; Nelson, P.; Haugh, C., 1971:
Specific gravity determination with a universal testing machine

Bonczek, James, 1992:
Specific gravity effects on the leaching of fertilizer salts to shallow water tables

Field, R.; Riley, M., 1975:
Specific gravity estimates of bone composition

Banerjee, A.; Bose, A., 1969:
Specific gravity of cell types in differentiating central nervous system of chick

Adams, M.-Beth; Owens, D.R., 2001:
Specific gravity of coarse woody debris for some central Appalachian hardwood forest species

Roland, D.; Harms, R., 1974:
Specific gravity of eggs in relation to egg weight and time of oviposition

Shepard, Rk, 1983:
Specific gravity of fertilized red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) at two locations in northern Maine Physical strength properties of wood, growth rate correlations

Abo-Hassan, Aa, 1984:
Specific gravity of naturally grown Juniperus procera in southwest Saudi Arabia

Czerniewicz, J.G.jewski, A.S.epniewska, I., 1976:
Specific gravity of potatoes and their starch content

Chernykh, Is, 1980:
Specific gravity of the seed and the quality of rootstocks Cherry, plum, blackthorn.1

Gunnerson, Re, 1987:
Specific gravity research

Marshall, D.; Levin, J.; Heldman, D.; Baker, L., 1975:
Specific gravity studies of pickling cucumbers

Kidder, G.J.mes, N.; Gascho, G., 1977:
Specific gravity, fiber, and mineral content of CP 56-59 and CP 63-588 sugarcane in Florida

Basio-Espiloy, Z., 1983:
Specific gravity, silica content and fiber measurements in kauayan-tinik (Bambusa blumeana Blume ex Schultes)

Rosen, Hn, 1975:
Specific gravity, viscosity, and temperature relationships of aqueous PEG-1000 solutions

Yurtseven, H.; Karaçali, H., 2006:
Specific heat and frequency shifts for the translational modes in ammonia solid I close to phase transition

Sharma, D.; Thompson, T., 1973:
Specific heat and thermal conductivity of sorghum

Bertsch, Aj, 1982:
Specific heat capacity of whole and skimmed milk between 50 and 140 degrees C

Wright, M.; Poterfield, J., 1970:
Specific heat of Spanish peanuts

Alvarado, J.De, D., 1991:
Specific heat of dehydrated pulps of fruits

Chakrabarti, S.; Johnson, W., 1972:
Specific heat of flue cured tobacco by differential scanning calorimetry

Yamada, T., 1984:
Specific heat of rice.

Deshpande, S.; Bal, S., 1999:
Specific heat of soybean

Berthon, G.B.rghart, P., 1977:
Specific heat of soybeans

Dobrzycki, J., 1978:
Specific heat of sugar solutions

Gennadios, A.B.atnagar, S.W.ller, C.; Hanna, M., 1994:
Specific heat of unpopped popcorn by differential scanning calorimetry

Matejak, M., 1970:
Specific heat of wood in the light of SI system

Olenev, Iua, 1980:
Specific heat, enthalpy of mixtures and ice cream and the percentage of frozen out water in the ice cream

Simpson, T.; Hockett, D.; Harris, L., 1984:
Specific heats of the solid-state phases of trimargarin and tristearin

Anderson, R.S.; Day, N.K.; Good, R.A., 1972:
Specific hemagglutinin and a modulator of complement in cockroach hemolymph

Ratiu, O.C.istea, V., 1980:
Specific herby and grassy phytocenoses of the Somes Cald basin and their antierosion activity

Carbajal, R.; Karam, G.; Renaudin, K.; Maillet, Fédéric.; Cesbron, A.; Rostaing, L.; Cantarovich, D.; Soulillou, J-Paul.; Blancho, G., 2007:
Specific humoral rejection of a pancreas allograft in a recipient of pancreas after kidney transplantation

Belbahri, L.C.lmin, G.W.gner, S.M.ralejo, E.W.odward, S.L.fort, F., 2007:
Specific hybridization real-time PCR probes for Phytophthora ramorum detection and diagnosis

Kopeiko, E.; Potemkina, L.; Simagina, L.; Epshtein, Y., 1984:
Specific hydraulic resistance of a layer of cottonseed hulls

Goma, G.P.reilleux, A.D.rand, G., 1973:
Specific hydrocarbon solubilization during growth of Candida lipolytica

Vedel, F.Q.etier, F., 1978:
Specific hydrolysis of chloroplastic and mitochondrial DNAs of higher plants by restriction enzymes

Ziderman, I.B.l-Ayche, J., 1978:
Specific hydroxide ion catalysis of the endwise depolymerization of cellulose

Gannon, V.P.; D'Souza, S.; Graham, T.; King, R.K., 1997:
Specific identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 using a multiplex PCR assay

Ramsey, J.; Beaudoin, R.1; Bawden, M.1; Espinal, C., 1983:
Specific identification of Plasmodium sporozoites using an indirect fluorescent antibody method Plasmodium berghei, Plasmodium yoelii

Blackburn, G.; Dooley, J.I.i; Schreiner, C.; Mackerer, C., 1991:
Specific identification of formaldehyde-mediated mutagenicity using the mouse lymphoma L5178Y TK +

Dietrich, A.-M.M.llington, D.-S.C.ristman, R.F., 1983:
Specific identification of organic pollutants in Haw River water using gas chromatography

Babu-Rao, M+-Yazdani, Gm, 1980:
Specific identity of Lepidocephalus guntea (Hamilton) (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) with considerations of Lepidocephalus thermalis (Val.) as its synonym

Stewart, C.G., 1987:
Specific immunity in farm animals to heartwater

Stewart, S.C., 1987:
Specific immunity in mice to heartwater

Ricart, C.A.; Morhy, L.; White, I.R.; Findlay, J.B.; Millner, P.A., 1993:
Specific immunodetection and purification of G proteins from Sorghum bicolor

Nedelciu, D.S.haci, I.V.or,, M.D.aghici, D., 1977:
Specific immunoprevention of some diseases in swine by means of associated vaccination

Nedelciu, D., 1980:
Specific immunoprophylaxis of swine diseases (Aujeszkys disease, swine fever, erysipelas) by Comb. vacc

Jacobsen, L.; Niggemann, B.; Dreborg, S.; Ferdousi, H.A.; Halken, S.; Høst, A.; Koivikko, A.; Norberg, L.A.; Valovirta, E.; Wahn, U.; Möller, C., 2007:
Specific immunotherapy has long-term preventive effect of seasonal and perennial asthma: 10-year follow-up on the PAT study

Li, J., 2007:
Specific immunotherapy of bronchial asthma

Bystryn, J.-Claude; Ferrone, S.; Livingston, P., 1993:
Specific immunotherapy of cancer with vaccines

Bousquet, J.H.jjaoui, A.C.auzel, A.; Guerin, B.D.ivert, H.S.assa-Brociek, W.M.chel, F., 1988:
Specific immunotherapy with a standardized Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus extract

Patkovich, N.; Khatsevich, N., 1976:
Specific importance of factors determining productivity of spring wheat in West Siberia

Berent, L.; Messick, J.; Cooper, S.; Cusick, P., 2000:
Specific in situ Haemobartonella felis with a DNA probe and tyramide signal amplification

Sun, E.; Shapiro, D.R.; Wu, B.W.; Tewari, K.K., 1986:
Specific in vitro transcription of 16S rRNA gene by pea chloroplast RNA polymerase

Molano, J.; Gancedo, C., 1974:
Specific inactivation of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a yeast protease

Balandina, G.; Lysogorskaya, E.; Stepanov, V., 1974:
Specific inactivation of the acid proteinase from Aspergillus awamori by a colored water-soluble carbodiimide

Glazer, V.; Luchnik, A.; Shestakov, S., 1978:
Specific inclusion of radioactive desoxyadenosine in mitochondrial DNA in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Knake, S.; Wang, C.Mao.; Ulbert, I.; Schomer, D.L.; Halgren, E., 2007:
Specific increase of human entorhinal population synaptic and neuronal activity during retrieval

Bock, F.D.; Carlier, G., 1975:
Specific increase, by X-rays, of dark carbon dioxide outputfrom leaves of Pelargonium zonale L

Woo, F.; Guo, Y., 1984:
Specific indentificaion, distribution, bionomics and economic importanc eof the genus Blattella Caudell (Blattaria: Blattidae) from China

Gladkova, Ns, 1974:
Specific independence of Erianthus ravennae (L.) Beauv. and Erianthus purpurascens Anderss

Nikiforova, Od, 1984:
Specific independence of Vivia baicalensis (Fabaceae)

Salaun, J.; Simon, A.D.rst, F., 1986:
Specific induction of lauric acid omega-hydroxylase by clofibrate, diethylhexyl-phthalate and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in higher plants

Baranauskaite, A.V.siliauskaite, O.R.ncelis, V., 1972:
Specific induction of mutations and modification of ethylenemine mutagenous effect in drosophile under the influence of ethylenediaminetetraacetate

Leyland, A., 1985:
Specific infections and vaccinations

Whitmore, Hl, 1983:
Specific infectious diseases that limit bovine reproduction Dairy cattle

Nikiforov, I.; Sakharova, M.; Beknazar'-Iants, M.; Rapoport, I., 1970:
Specific influence of chromium on the nature of puff generation in Drosophila melanogaster

Mercer, H.D., 1988:
Specific information regarding withholding times associated with extra-label drug uses: selective condemnation

Horwitz, H.B.; Holt, C.E., 1971:
Specific inhibition by ethidium bromide of mitochondrial DNA synthesis in physarum polycephalum

Okada,, T.H.runa, I., 1969:
Specific inhibition of Q beta-replicase activity by tobacco mosaic virus ribonucleic acid

Efron, Y., 1969:
Specific inhibition of acid phosphatase-3 in pollen of maize by the diazonium salt fast garnet GBC

Buckner, J.S.; Kolattukudy, P.E., 1973:
Specific inhibition of alkane synthesis with accumulation of very long chain compounds by dithioerythritol, dithiothreitol, and mercaptoethanol in Pisum sativum

Rodenburg, K.; Vallee,, N.A.hajari, N.G.o, X.; Haser, R.S.ensson, B., 2000:
Specific inhibition of barley alpha-amylase 2 by barley alpha-amylase

Beug, H.; Gerisch, G.; Kempff, S.; Riedel, V.; Cremer, G., 1970:
Specific inhibition of cell contact formation in Dictyostelium by univalent antibodies

Lefebvre, R.D.mott, R.; Suarez, S.; Samper, J., 1995:
Specific inhibition of equine sperm binding to oviductal epithelium

Kondo, Y.; Toida, T.; Kusano, G.; Imai, J., 1979:
Specific inhibition of formation of acid-fastness in mycobacteria by 3,3'-di-O-methylellagic acid

Mantelingu, K.; Reddy, B.A.Ashok.; Swaminathan, V.; Kishore, A.Hari.; Siddappa, N.B.; Kumar, G.V.Pavan.; Nagashankar, G.; Natesh, N.; Roy, S.; Sadhale, P.P.; Ranga, U.; Narayana, C.; Kundu, T.K., 2007:
Specific inhibition of p300-HAT alters global gene expression and represses HIV replication

Shimazaki, K.S.gahara, K., 1979:
Specific inhibition of photosystem II activity in chloroplasts by fumigation of spinach leaves with SO2

Morita, C.; Sockawa, N., 1971:
Specific inhibition of splenic cells migration in chickens sensitized to delayed hypersensitivity

Yadav, V.; Archer, D., 1988:
Specific inhibition of sulphate-reducing bacteria in methanogenic co-culture

Sher, A.S.ary, D., 1982:
Specific inhibition of the morphogenesis of Trypanosoma cruzi by a monoclonal antibody Chagas disease, blood-sucking reduviid bugs

Wildner, G.F.; Henkel, J., 1976:
Specific inhibition of the oxygenase activity of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase

Torodetskii, D.; Myasoedov, N.; Stepanov, V., 1976:
Specific inhibitions of the acid proteinase from Aspergillus awamori by dicyclohexylcarbodiimide

Amrhein, N., 1985:
Specific inhibitors as probes into the biosynthesis and metabolism of aromatic amino acids

Depta, H.E.sele, K.; Hertel, R., 1983:
Specific inhibitors of auxin transport: action on tissue segments and in vitro binding to membranes from maize coleoptiles

Parvin, D.J.; Anderson, J.; Cooke, F.J.; Heagler, A.; Toney, S., 1975:
Specific inputs and prices associated with cotton production costs for the Mississippi Delta, 1975

Parvin, D.J.; Anderson, J.; Cooke, F.J.; Holder, S.J.; Hamill, J., 1975:
Specific inputs and prices associated with soybean production costs for the Mississippi Delta, 1975

Parvin, D.W., 1975:
Specific inputs and prices for food grains, feed grains and silage crops, Mississippi Delta, 1975

Norman, N.Philip, 1941:
Specific instructions for constructive meal-planning

Serck-Hanssen, G.; Søvik, O., 1987:
Specific insulin binding in bovine chromaffin cells; demonstration of preferential binding to adrenalin-storing cells

Gallo, P.; Rossi, F.; Saviano, M.; Pedone, C.; Colonna, G.; Ragone, R., 1998:
Specific interaction between bovine cyclophilin A and synthetic analogues of cyclolinopeptide A

Fabbri, P.D.l-Gallo, M., 1995:
Specific interaction between chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and three chickpea-Rhizobium strains inoculated singularly and in combination with Azospirillum brasilense Cd

Gorzelanny, C.; Pöppelmann, B.; Strozyk, E.; Moerschbacher, B.M.; Schneider, S.W., 2007:
Specific interaction between chitosan and matrix metalloprotease 2 decreases the invasive activity of human melanoma cells

Sharma, A.R.o, Z.F.y, E.B.oth, T.J.nes, E.; Rowlands, D.; Simmons, D.; Stuart, D., 1997:
Specific interaction between human integrin alpha(v)beta(3) and chimeric hepatitis B Virus core particles bearing the receptor-binding epitope of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Ahamed, N.; Kuhn, H.; Widemann, C.R.dziejewska-Lebrecht, J.M.yer, H., 1982:
Specific interaction of R-type lipopolysaccharides with lectins versus their non-specific reactivity with basic and hydrophobic proteins

Golynskaya, El, 1986:
Specific interaction of pistil lectins with simple sugars in corn lines and hybrids

Fischer, E.W.ber, A.B.anitz, H.-Von; Luttge, U., 1988:
Specific interaction of the herbicide sethoxydim with the plasmalemma redox system of plant cells

Voiculetz, N.; Motoc, I.; Simon, Z., 1993:
Specific interactions and biological recognition processes

Hiraguri, A.I.oh, R.K.ndo, N.N.mura, Y.A.zawa, D.M.rai, Y.K.iwa,, M.S.inozaki, K.F.kuhara, T., 2005:
Specific interactions between Dicer-like proteins and HYL1

Daly, Jm, 1975:
Specific interactions involving hormonal and other changes

Matsushita, S., 1975:
Specific interactions of linoleic acid hydroperoxides and their secondary degraded products with enzyme proteins

Ballarini, G., 1978:
Specific interdigital infectious dermatitis in cattle

Davidse, L.; Hofman, A.; Velthuis, G., 1983 :
Specific interference of metalaxyl with endogenous RNA polymerase activity in isolated nuclei from Phytophthora megasperma f. sp. medicaginis

Neher, M.; Hoyland,. Jr.;, 1974:
Specific ion mass spectrometric detection for gas chromatographic pesticide analysis

Brenzy, R.S.hraml, J.C.rmak, J.M.cko, M.; Paszner, L., 1990:
Specific ion-exchangers based on lignins and their characterization by 29Si-NMR spectroscopy

Bruil, Hg, 1970:
Specific ionic effects in free liquid films

Svenson, A.; Carlsson, J.; Eaker, D., 1977:
Specific isolation of cysteine peptides by covalent chromatography on thiol agarose derivatives

Tveito, S.; Maelandsmo, G.M.; Hoifodt, H.K.; Rasmussen, H.; Fodstad, O., 2007:
Specific isolation of disseminated cancer cells: a new method permitting sensitive detection of target molecules of diagnostic and therapeutic value

Tallent W.H., 1989:
Specific issues on proprietary rights

Bryant, H., E.; Schultz, N.; Thomas, H., D.; Parker, K., M.; Flower, D.; Lopez, E.; Kyle, S.; Meuth, M.; Curtin, N., J.; Helleday, T., 2007:
Specific killing of BRCA2-deficient tumours with inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (vol 434, pg 913, 2005)

Bandlow, W., 1976:
Specific labelling of mitochondrially synthesized proteins in yeast cells in the absence of antibiotics

Paatsama, S., 1975:
Specific lameness of the hing limbs

Thordardottir, E.T.; Namazi, M., 2007:
Specific language impairment in French-speaking children: beyond grammatical morphology

Hager, H.S.erba, H., 1985:
Specific leaf area and needle weight of Norway spruce (Picea abies) of different densities

Filbin, G.; Hough, R., 1983:
Specific leaf area, photosynthesis, and respiration in two sympatric Nymphaeaceae populations

Spence, D.; Campbell, R.; Chrystal, J., 1973:
Specific leaf areas and zonation of freshwater macrohytes

Hinson, M.K.lly, T., 1986:
Specific learning difficulties: one LEAs approach in practice

Peres, C.M.; Aronoff, D.M.; Serezani, C.H.; Flamand, N.; Faccioli, L.H.; Peters-Golden, M., 2007:
Specific leukotriene receptors couple to distinct G proteins to effect stimulation of alveolar macrophage host defense functions

Kroeker, W.D.; Fairley, J.L., 1975:
Specific limited cleavage of bihelical deoxyribonucleic acid by wheat seedling nuclease

V'yunova, T.V.; Shevchenko, K.V.; Shevchenko, V.P.; Bobrov, M.Y.; Bezuglov, V.V.; Myasoedov, N.F., 2006:
Specific linkage Semax in various departments of a brain rats

Alekseeva, Ee, 1975:
Specific list of ground beetles in steppe and forest biotopes of western Transbaikal

Schmitt, R.S.ndermann, H.Jro, 1982:
Specific localization of beta-D-glucoside conjugates of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in soybean vacuoles Herbicides

Werner, T.P.; Amrhein, N.; Freimoser, F.M., 2007:
Specific localization of inorganic polyphosphate (poly P) in fungal cell walls by selective extraction and immunohistochemistry

Stommel, E.W.; Stephens, R.E.; Masure, H.R.; Head, J.F., 1982:
Specific localization of scallop gill epithelial calmodulin in cilia

Barra, M.H.umann, M.D.u, H., 2005:
Specific loss of the extrinsic 18 KDa protein from Photosystem II upon heating to 47AC causes inactivation of oxygen evolution likely due to Ca release from the Mn-complex

Kovalev, A.; Tyrnov, I.1; Kapustin, V., 1981:
Specific losses of pressure in silted manure pipelines Mechanization of manure removal.1

Perrault, Rd, 1990:
Specific machine, pulp data needed to predict drying rates accurately

Stanila, T., 1981:
Specific machines and plants for agricultural work mechanization on slopes, in antierosional system

Horstink, Arm, 1979:
Specific management of a zero grazing system

Berbinschi, C., 1970:
Specific means of prevention and control of Aujeszkys disease in Romania

Chenchev, I.B.iadzhiev, S.S.oianov, V.M.rmerski, K., 1969:
Specific measures for prevention and control of swine fever in the Peoples Republic of Bulgaria

Goycoolea, F.; Chronakis, I., 1998:
Specific methods for the analysis of identity and purity of functional food polysaccharides

Spelsberg, T.C.; Knowler, J.T.; Moses, H.L., 1974:
Specific methods for the isolation of nuclei from chick oviduct

Sudnitsyn, I.; Shein, E., 1975:
Specific methods of determining the soil conductivity coefficient

Kukaine, Ra, 1979:
Specific methods of prophylaxis and diagnosis of viral infections in the conditions of industrial livestock husbandry

Yamanaka, K., 1975:
Specific micromethod for the de

Huguet, J.; Li, S.; Lorendeau, J.; Pelloux, G., 1992:
Specific micromorphometric reactions of fruit to water stress and irrigation scheduling automation

Karcher, W.H.esen, G.S.hwarze, A., 1979:
Specific migration an analytical and theoretical approach

Garcia, Augusto-Eduardo, 1978:
Specific miticides

Lau, K.H.; Thomas, J.A., 1983:
Specific mixed disulfide formation with purified bovine cardiac glycogen synthase I and glutathione

Kanazawa, M.Y.shida, N.I.hii, S., 1971:
Specific modification by 3-diazoquinoline of bovine trypsin at three lysyl residues accompanying enhancement of activity toward some synthetic substrates

Avaeva, S.; Dikov, M.; Kuznetsov, A.; Skliankina, V., 1977 :
Specific modification of the yeast inorganic pyrophosphatase active site by N chloroacetylphosphoethanolamine

Mezzanotte, R., 1978:
Specific modifications induced by alkaline-saline treatment in polytene chromosomes of Anopheles atroparvus

Berry, J.; White, A.M.wer, E., 1985:
Specific monoclonal antibodies for the immunoassay of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D

Peters, J.; Dicapua, R., 1976:
Specific monosaccharide inhibition of Porthetria (Lymantria) dispar NPV polyhedrin hemagglutination

Vermaas, W.C.rpenter, S.B.nch, C., 1989:
Specific mutagenesis as a tool for the analysis of structure

Sobchuk, Vv, 1972:
Specific mutation caused by grafting peas onto beans for forage

Bergval, I.L.; Klatser, P.R.; Schuitema, A.R.J.; Oskam, L.; Anthony, R.M., 2007:
Specific mutations in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis rpoB gene are associated with increased dnaE2 expression

Scholer, Hj, 1974:
Specific mycelial and conidial antigens from Aspergillus fumigatus

Totev, Tp, 1979:
Specific nature of the acidity of a Light-Gray Forest (Pseudopodzolic) soil from northern Bulgaria

Desprez, V., 1983:
Specific needs

Elizarov, I.; Barybkina, M.; Strel'-Skii, V.; Novotortseva, I., 1977:
Specific neurons in the deutocerebrum of insects

Hicks, G.; Kovaleva, V.R.ikhel, N., 1994:
Specific nuclear localization sequence binding to plant nuclei

Yeh, Cl, 2004:
Specific nutrient: Role of arginine in sepsis

Perlin, C., 1975:
Specific nutritive value--a modified method of nutritional evaluation in a model of economic nutritional indices

Catara, V.A.nold, D.C.rvilleri, G.V.vian, A., 2000:
Specific oligonucleotide primers for the rapid identification and detection of the agent of tomato pith necrosis, Pseudomonas corrugata, by PCR amplication: evidence for the two distinct genomic groups

Chetty, K.S., 1991:
Specific operation & maintenance manual final report

Schaaffhausen, Jobst-Von, 1989:
Specific operation information and estimation models for the valuation of environmental measures toward biotope protection under different agrarpolitical structural conditions

Balac, C., 1982:
Specific operations in sugarbeet seed growing Romania.1

Ku,, C.; Li, H., 1969:
Specific or random pairing in the Fi and simplex plants (AA+EX) of Oryza X Oryza australiensis

Staden, U.; Rolinck-Werninghaus, C.; Brewe, F.; Wahn, U.; Niggemann, B.; Beyer, K., 2007:
Specific oral tolerance induction in food allergy in children: efficacy and clinical patterns of reaction

Sin'-Kova, Gm, 1982 :
Specific origin of main raspberry varieties from the collection of the Pavlovsk Experiment Station of the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry

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Specific oxygen consumption and respiration quotient in the manufacturing processes of yeast proteins made from ethanol. I. theory

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Specific oxygen utilization rate for control of the activated sludge process

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Specific pathogen free production, early weaning, and crossbreeding can be combined

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Specific pathogen free swine in swine raising

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Specific pathogen germ free animals

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Specific pathological problems in rearing dairy cows

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Specific pathology of the lung of goats

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Specific peculiarities of the innervation of pancreas

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Specific peculiarities of the ratio of nutrients in plants

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Specific peculiarities of the structure of root systems of herbaceous polycarpics

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Specific peculiarity of radiation and chemical mutagenesis in animals

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Specific persistence and fate of a soil active herbicide--hexazinone and implications for management

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Specific personality traits and dopamine, serotonin genes in anxiety-depressive alcoholism among Han Chinese in Taiwan

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Specific phosphorylation of yeast hexokinase induced by xylose and ATPMg. Properties of the phosphorylated form of the enzyme

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Specific photoregulation by phytochrome of epinasty and light-induced ethylene production in Marchantia polymorpha

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Specific photosynthesis of Chlorella in different regions of the spectrum

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Specific photosynthesis of Chlorella in different spectral regions

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Specific plant protection problems of sugarbeet in Czechoslovakia

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Specific plumage potentialities of the embryonic tegument of the chicken and of the duck

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Specific polysaccharides of a brucellae type abortus

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Specific Polysome Immunoadsorption to Purify an Ammonium-Inducible Glutamate Dehydrogenase mRNA from Chlorella sorokiniana and Synthesis of Full Length Double-Stranded cDNA from the Purified mRNA

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Specific possibilities for the use of forest genetics in silviculture

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Specific power consumption in manure removal by a plunger device

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Specific power of soil structure maximum destruction

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Specific power of some mollusks species found in the eastern district of Venice to transmit intestinal distomatosis of domestic fowls

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Specific precipitin antiserums for kidney protein

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Specific pressure of vehicles on the soil

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Specific prevention and treatment of diarrhoeic Escherichia coli infections in newborn calves

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Specific prevention in the entero lung virus diseases and control of the serial microbial effect on cattle fattening farms

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Specific prevention of Newcastle disease with an oil inactivated vaccine

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Specific prevention of cattle ringworm

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Specific prevention of foot-and-mouth disease in pasture animals breeding

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Specific prevention of infectious rhinotracheitis and infectious pustular vulvovaginitis (IBR IPV)

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Specific prevention of trichophytosis of young cattle

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Specific primers for the detection of vip3A insecticidal gene a Bacillus thuringiensis collection

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Specific problem analysis summary report, 1975 National Assessment of Water and Related Land Resources

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Specific problem of nuclear (and solar) energy: necessity of its storage

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Specific problems in land evaluation for extensive grazing

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Specific problems of drought and low water in Yugoslavias karst

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Specific problems of female labour in Czechoslovakia

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Specific problems of improving plants in tropical regions

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Specific problems of integrated plant protection in truck farming (Brief note)

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Specific problems of mixed deciduous forest in the area of the upper Thurgau sea ridge

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Specific problems of proper utilization of soils in densely populated and highly industrialized regions

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Specific problems of replantation

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Specific problems of residue study in waters

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Specific problems of wood protection for the production of wooden buildings in forestry

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Specific process units for temperature-dependent process evaluation in brewing

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Specific properties of plant mitochondria

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Specific properties of self lubricated bearings and possibilities of using these bearings for construction of farm machines

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Specific prophilaxis of rabbit myxomatosis by the use of a live heterologous vaccine

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Specific prophylactic measures against FMD

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Specific prophylactic vaccine LTF-130 against bovine trichopytosis

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Specific prophylaxis against anaerobic enterotoxemia of calves

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Specific prophylaxis against clostridium in animals

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Specific prophylaxis against foot and mouth disease

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Specific prophylaxis and therapy

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Specific prophylaxis for Anaplasma infections

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Specific prophylaxis for leptospirosis in cattle

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Specific prophylaxis for ringworm in cattle

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Specific prophylaxis for some virus infections of cattle

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Specific prophylaxis for virus hepatitis in ducklings

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Specific prophylaxis of Clostridium disease of sheep

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Specific prophylaxis of FMD

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Specific prophylaxis of Newcastle disease by means of an inactivated oil-emulsion vaccine

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Specific prophylaxis of Trichophyton disease of fur animals and rabbits

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Specific prophylaxis of animal diseases Vaccination.1

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Specific prophylaxis of brucellosis in sheep

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Specific prophylaxis of classical plague of swine and Aujeszkys disease

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Specific prophylaxis of colibacillosis in piglets

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Specific prophylaxis of colibacteriosis and salmonellosis in lambs and piglets

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Specific prophylaxis of dermatomycoses in cattle

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Specific prophylaxis of foot and mouth disease in pasture cattle farming

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Specific prophylaxis of foot-and-mouth disease

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Specific prophylaxis of hog cholera

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Specific prophylaxis of horse Trichophyton caused disease

Petrovich, Sv, 1984:
Specific prophylaxis of horses Trichophyton disease

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Specific prophylaxis of listeriosis in sheep

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Specific prophylaxis of pseudo-rabies

Lyskov, Av, 1976:
Specific prophylaxis of reindeer brucellosis

Sarkisov, Akh, 1976:
Specific prophylaxis of ringworm

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Specific prophylaxis of ringworm disease of fur animals Trichophyton.1

Arkhangel'-Skii, I.; Sidorchuk, A.; Radzhabov, M.; Akatov, A.; Razgauz, G., 1984:
Specific prophylaxis of sheep infectious mastitis

Popov, V.I., 1984:
Specific prophylaxis of swine fever and Aujeszkys disease (immunization of piglets)

Anonymous, 1978:
Specific prophylaxis of the foot and mouth disease in land animal breeding

Zablotskii, Vt, 1977:
Specific prophylaxis of theileriosis of cattle

Sarkisov, A.Kh., 1979:
Specific prophylaxis of trichophytosis in cattle

Kriukov, Nn, 1982:
Specific prophylaxis of viral respiratory diseases of farm animals

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Specific prophylaxis of virus (transmissible) gastroenteritis of swine

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Specific prophylaxis on large scale poultry farms. II

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Specific protection against inhibitors of the NADH-nitrate reductase complex from spinach

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Specific protection from phenocopy induction by heat shock

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Specific protein synthesis as an indicator of cellular injury

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Specific protein synthesis in cellular differentiation. III. The eggshell proteins of Drosophila melanogaster and their program of synthesis

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Specific proteins and culture media proteins found in trophozoites of E. histolytica obtained by axenic cultivation

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Specific proteins and morphological differentiation in Acalypha ornata Hoschst. and Mercurialis annua L. (2n = 16)

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Specific quinuclidinyl benzilate activity in digitonin solubilized preparations from bovine brain

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Specific rate of alcohol formation by Saccharomyces cerevis iae and its control

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Specific re-innervation of limbs transplanted between segments in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana

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Specific reaction of aloe extract with serum proteins of various animals

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Specific reaction of gold fish

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Specific real-time PCR vs. fluorescent dyes for serum free DNA quantification

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Specific receptor for Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin (STa) may determine susceptibility of piglets to diarrheal disease

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Specific receptor sites for pyridoxal 5-phosphate and pyridoxal 5-deoxymethylenephosphonate at the alpha and beta NH2-terminal terminal amino regions of hemoglobin Vitamin B6

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Specific recognition in gene-for-gene host-parasite systems Plant pathogens, phytoalexins

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Specific recruitment of CD4+CD25++ regulatory T cells into the allograft in heart transplant recipients

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Specific regional distribution of protein arginine methyltransferase 8 (PRMT8) in the mouse brain

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Specific regulation of CENP-E and kinetochores during meiosis I

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Specific relationships between Polymnia canadensis and Polymnia laevigata (Compositae)

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Specific release of bovine neurophysin II during haemorrhage in the cow

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Specific release of the extrinsic 18-kDa protein from spinach photosystem-II particles by the treatment with NaCl and methanol and its application for large-scale purification of the three extrinsic proteins of Photosystem II without chromatography

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Specific replacement of functional groups of uridine-33 in yeast phenylalanine transfer ribonucleic acid

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Specific replant disease in Hawkes Bay. III. Apple rootstock evaluation for replant sites

Ryan, Clj, 1975:
Specific replant disease in Hawkes Bay. IV. Control methods including fumigation technique

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Specific replant diseases in Hawkes Bay. I. Introduction and first field trials

Ryan, Clj, 1975:
Specific replant diseases in Hawkes Bay. II. Pot tests used for detecting replant disease. its identification and distribution

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Specific repression of chromatin-dependent RNA synthesis by silk gland histones

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Specific residues of the influenza A virus hemagglutinin viral RNA are important for efficient packaging into budding virions

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Specific resistance of bull sper

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Specific resistance of cells to induced foot-and-mouth virus

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Specific resistance of cutting fruits and vegetables

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Specific resistance of plows with plowshares and disks in felling areas

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Specific resistance of the PLD 1,2 plow on different categories of forest cultivation sites

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Specific response of Drosophila cells to heatshock

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Specific response of different sugarbeet varieties to phosphorus nutrition

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Specific role of individual amino acids

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Specific role of rural extension: experience of a pilot project in rural extension at Andulo--Angola

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Specific rootstock for various fruit-tree cultivation systems

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Specific rotations of oxidation

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Specific selection for virulent urinary tract infectious Escherichia coli strains during catheter-associated biofilm formation

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Specific sensitivity of aphids to pesticides and diagnostics of resistent individuals in field populations (Analytical review)

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Specific sensitivity of nine mosses to sulphur dioxide

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Specific shRNA suppress the expression of Toll like receptor 4 in human proximal tubular epithelial cells

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Specific short-latency effects of oestradiol and testosterone on distractibility and memory formation in the young domestic chick

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Specific skull structure features and the filter and suprabranchial apparatus of the silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Val.)

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Specific sociological points of view of cooperation

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Specific soil chemical characteristics for rice production in Asia

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Specific soil surface under different ecologic conditions

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Specific solute effects on microbial water relations

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Specific spray reagent for antioxidants

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Specific status for Camissonia claviformis subsp. wigginsii (Onagraceae)

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Specific stimulation of alpha-amanitin-sensitive RNA synthesis in isolated HeLa nuclei by methyl mercury Toxicity, effects on nucleic acid metabolism in mammalian cells

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Specific stimulation of human endothelial cells by Triticum vulgare extract and its biologically active fraction

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Specific stimulation of mycobacteria phagocytosis by substances liberated during the cultivation of lymph node cells from tuberculin hypersensitive rabbits with the specific antigen

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Specific structural alterations of the chloroplasts of spinach leaves by neutral salts

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Specific structure and distribution of ocean plankton

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Specific structure and pollen gathering of Hymenoptera visitors of blooming seed onion fields and their food plant relationships

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Specific structure and the mass of the mosses of major phytocoenoses of the Mount Aragats

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Specific studies on the new app

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Specific subcellular localization of siRNAs delivered by lipoplex in MCF-7 breast cancer cells

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Specific suppression of delayed hypersensitivity response to sheep erythrocytes by heterologous anti-lymphocyte serum

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Specific surface and composition of silt fraction minerals in podzolic soils

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Specific surface and genesis of upland soils of the southern taiga of Western Siberia

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Specific surface antigens of SmT variants of Mycobacterium avium

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Specific surface area and adsorptive properties of typical chernozem subjected to long-term use of fertilizers

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Specific surface area of soils in Belorussia

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Specific surface area of some standard cotton fiber and its relation to physical properties

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Specific surface density of maize hybrid leaves in crops

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Specific surface of flour in relation to granulomentry

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Specific surface of humic acids of soils of Chernozem-Solonetz complex in North Kazakhstan

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Specific surface of meadow soils in Tambov region

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Specific surface of soils and productivity of cultivated ecosystems

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Specific surface of soils characteristic of the Azerbaijan SSR and its relation to some of the chemico-physical properties

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Specific surface of the fractions of soil aggregates

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Specific surface particles of grated cacao depending on their size and shape

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Specific susceptibility of symbiotic flagellates of termites to toxic materials

Grundherr, K.Von, 1976:
Specific taste characteristics of butter

Piccarolo, P.V.rardi, R., 1974:
Specific technical aspects

Anonymous, 1975:
Specific techniques for culture on non-irrigated land

Sarca, V.G.maniuc, N.P.curar, I.D.agomir, G., 1978:
Specific technological elements on maize hybridization plots

Fedin, Ma, 1978:
Specific technology for each variety and hybrid

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Specific technology of mulberry tree plantations

Shigemori, Y.; Oishi, M., 2007:
Specific terminal labeling of DNA molecules

Langguth, D.M.; Morris, S.; Clifford, L.; Wilson, R.J.; Neil, J.; Hogan, P.G.; Wong, R.C.W., 2007:
Specific testing for "isolated" anti-52 kDa SSA/Ro antibodies during standard anti-extractable nuclear antigen testing is of limited clinical value

Haller, H.; Junge, C., 1971:
Specific thin-layer chromatographic detection of monochloro and monobromo acetic acid and their derivatives in wine

Oehrle, Karl-Ludwig, 1977:
Specific thin-layer chromatography for determining trienic steroids and estrogens in feeds and calf urine with special emphasis on dansylation reaction

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Specific timing of taurine supplementation affects learning ability in mice

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Specific tissue antigens of the liver of chickens affected with leukosis and normal chickens

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Specific trans-acting proteins interact with auxiliary RNA polyadenylation elements in the COX-2 3'-UTR

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Specific transcription of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 35 S rDNA by RNA polymerase I in vitro

Boston, R.S.; Larkins, B.A., 1986:
Specific transcription of a 15-kilodalton zene gene in HeLa cell extracts

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Specific transcription of homologous class III genes in yeast-soluble cell-free extracts Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dardalhon, Mèle.; Lin, W.; Nicolas, A.; Averbeck, D., 2007:
Specific transcriptional responses induced by 8-methoxypsoralen and UVA in yeast

Costanzo, M.C.; Fox, T.D., 1988:
Specific translational activation by nuclear gene products occurs in the 5' untranslated leader of a yeast mitochondrial mRNA

Heldt, H.W.; Rapley, L., 1970:
Specific transport of inorganic phosphate, 3-phosphoglycerate and dihydroxyacetonephosphate, and of dicarboxylates across the inner membrane of spinach chloroplasts

Mourioux, G.D.uce, R., 1978:
Specific transport of inorganic sulphate across the envelope of spinach chloroplast

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Specific transport systems in microorganisms. 1

Kral, E., 1970:
Specific traumatic inflamations of the hoof corium

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Specific treatment of infectious causes of respiratory disease in dogs and cats

Zakinthinos, G.R.uskas, D., 1997:
Specific treatments on walnut grafting improvement

Wiersma, P.; Hachey, J.; Crosby, W.; Moloney, M., 1990:
Specific truncations of an acetolactate synthase gene from Brassica napus efficiently complement ilvB

Fejes, J.B.nninghaus, T.L.nart, J., 1975:
Specific tuberculosis process in testicles and testicular appendages of breeding bulls used for artificial insemination

Wray, Virginia-Lee-Pollan, 1970:
Specific tumor cell surface receptor sites for plant agglutinins

Opavsky, R.; Tsai, S-Yin.; Guimond, M.; Arora, A.; Opavska, J.; Becknell, B.; Kaufmann, M.; Walton, N.A.; Stephens, J.A.; Fernandez, S.A.; Muthusamy, N.; Felsher, D.W.; Porcu, P.; Caligiuri, M.A.; Leone, G., 2007:
Specific tumor suppressor function for E2F2 in Myc-induced T cell lymphomagenesis

Perov, N.; Kiknadze, I.; Chentsov, I., 1975:
Specific ultrastructure of puffs in the region 4-E2b-e in -Chironomus thummi

Wellmann, E., 1976:
Specific ultraviolet effects in plant morphogenesis

Lyons-Wall, P., 2000:
Specific uncertainties in measuring dietary phytoestrogens

Ehmke, A.V.n-Borstel, K.H.rtmann, T., 1987:
Specific uptake of the N-oxides of pyrrolizidine alkaloids by cells, protoplasts and vacuoles from Senecio cell cultures

Sciaky, R.M.nzini, V., 1982:
Specific value of Stomis ceresai Schatzmayr (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Nakai, Y., 1969:
Specific variation of the esterase obtained by the gel isoelectrofocusing method in some ferns

Zelenskii, M.; Mogileva, G., 1980:
Specific varietal reaction of the photosynthetic apparatus to shading and productivity of spring wheats

Ebert, D., 1973:
Specific variety-adjusted cultivation in intensive cereal production

Shavell, Steven, 1989:
Specific versus general enforcement of law

Krupka, R.M.; Hellenbrand, K., 1974:
Specific versus non-specific interactions of mammalian and insect acetylcholinesterase with substrates and reversible inhibitors

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Specific virulence of Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici in the United States from 1978 through 1983

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Specific vitamin D-25-hydroxylase deficiency or inability of 25-hydroxylation of 1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol?

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Specific vitamin deficiencies and their significance in patients with cancer and receiving chemotherapy

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Specific volume and adiabatic compressibility measurements of native and aggregated recombinant human interleukin-1 receptor antagonist: density differences enable pressure-modulated refolding

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Specific volume variation in the upper layers of a typic vertisol

Daishev, M.; Orlova, N., 1975:
Specific volumes and coefficient of refraction of components of a pure sugar solution

Brandt, R.D.; Ourisson, G.; Pryce, R.J., 1969:
Specific water solubilisation of cholesterol by light grown Euglena gracilis

Kempf, W.S.hnegg, H., 1971:
Specific weight and analytical composition of potatoes

Poller, S., 1987:
Specific weight of pine thinwood bark

Ducho, P.J.ricek, J.K.vac, S., 1978:
Specific weight of wine excrements

Nunes, Ad-Van, 1970:
Specific western enterprises and the developing countries

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Specific wood and timber properties and competitive ability of Nordic Scots pine in mechanical wood processing

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Specific-pathogen-free pig production

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Specifically immobilised aldo/keto reductase AKR1A1 shows a dramatic increase in activity relative to the randomly immobilised enzyme

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Specification analysis of affine term structure models

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Specification and design recommendations for Douglas fir in bridges, docks, warehouses and other structures for greatest economy

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Specification and estimation of consistent sets of choice functions Potential role of economic theory in specification and estimation of econometric models of choice

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Specification and estimation of technical efficiency of rural water utilities

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Specification and speculation concerning the politics of workplace family policies

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Specification buying of meats within selected areas of the Northeast

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Specification errors in models of aggregate labor supply

Anonymous, 1954:
Specification for Douglas fir plywood and western softwood construction plywood

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Specification for a cane sugar factory

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Specification for a network of minicomputer systems

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Specification for environment protection

Anonymous, 1957:
Specification for refrigerated farm tanks

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Specification for the rearing of Ostrinia Nubilalis (Hb.) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) and on the development of the parasite Perezia Pyraustae Paillot (Sporozoa, Microsporidia)

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Specification in the genus Gloeophyllum Karst. (Polyporaceae): utilization of pigments and study of enzymes and interfertilities

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Specification of M+3-hydroxypyrone chelation complexes by electrospray ionization ion trap and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

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Specification of a complete forecasting systen for the fertilizer industry: development of an econometric forecasting model

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Specification of a computer program for off-flavors

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Specification of adaxial and abaxial stomata, epidermal structure and photosynthesis to CO enrichment in maize leaves

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Specification of agricultural research in Brazil

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Specification of agrotechnical methods for growing tea plants on eroded soils of Intramontane Adzhar

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Specification of animal husbandry terms, some schemes and conceptions

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Specification of assignments for executives a factor of increasing the effectiveness of production

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Specification of concepts for live forms of small semishrubs, semishrubs, small shrubs and shrubs

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Specification of drying process

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Specification of epidermal cell morphology

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Specification of food additives: application and limitation of analytical methods

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Specification of mechanization zones and characteristics of model farms as bases for machine systems

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Specification of method for determining grain density

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Specification of models for economic analysis of the fertilizers: a closed case?!

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Specification of monthly mean anomalies of fire weather elements from concurrent anomalies of the mean 700 MB height field

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Specification of parameters of an auger transporter with a hollow shaft

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Specification of periods for treatment of wines at the time of the aging process

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Specification of physical and chemical parameters and their relevance to the quality of pesticidal formulations Quality and safety

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Specification of planting ratio for new winter wheat varieties on Chernozems and dark Chestnut soils at the planting after non-fallowing preceding crops

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Specification of policy rules and performance measures in multicountry simulation studies

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Specification of precipitation effect on formation of productivity of agricultural crops

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Specification of predicting agricultural pests of Guangxi

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Specification of ray directions for X-ray examination in veterinary medicine

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Specification of source zones, recurrence rates, focal depths, and maximum magnitudes for earthquakes affecting the Savannah River site, in South Carolina

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Specification of swine requirements in mineral substances under conditions of commercial husbandry

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Specification of the antero posterior body pattern in insect eggs

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Specification of the basic body pattern in insect embryogenesis

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Specification of the bioassay for detection of Heterodera schachtii Schmidt

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Specification of the botanical name of soybean

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Specification of the coefficient of heritability of characters and its use for the prognosis of milk productivity

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Specification of the comparative basis for the analytical ac tivity of an agricultural enterprise

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Specification of the eastern border of the area of Picea orientalis and Abies nordmanniana (Pinaceae) in the Greater Caucasus

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Specification of the environment for thermal physiology

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Specification of the joy of giving

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Specification of the methods of determining the germination rate of the seed of some vegetable crops

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Specification of the minimum supply of soil moisture of maize grown for grain on heavy Gley soils in the East Slovakian lowland

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Specification of the order of supply and examination of pine seeds in the North

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Specification of the recreational catch rate for evaluating regulations in the Gulf of Mexico mackerel fishery

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Specification of the salinity problems in Maller soils

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Specification of the structure of sarcocysts of sheep and cattle

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Specification of the system of applying nitrogen fertilizers in tea plantations

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Specification of the technique of determining the viability of legume and gourd seeds

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Specification of the technique of propagating tea cuttings in artificial-misting chambers

Anonymous, 1945:
Specification requirements for glued laminated construction

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Specification testing in panel data with instrumental variables

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Specifications and costs for a 100,000 quarts per-day fluid milk processing plant

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications and drawings for 12.5

Anonymous, 1963:
Specifications and drawings for 14.4

Anonymous, 1998:
Specifications and drawings for 24.9

Anonymous, 1979:
Specifications and drawings for construction of direct buried plant

Anonymous, 1995:
Specifications and drawings for underground electric distribution

Anonymous, 1975:
Specifications and evaluation methods for immunological and microbiological reagents

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Specifications and landscaping of utility installations

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Specifications and operation of

Irving, G.Jr, 1975:
Specifications and safety evaluation of GRAS substances

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Specifications and standards for food in Kuwait

Yglesias,. Jr.;, 1976:
Specifications and testing of reefer trailers and containers for transporting meat

Rothleder, J.; Harris, G., L., 1997:
Specifications and tolerances for reference standards and field standard weights and measures

Zhirov, V., 1981:
Specifications are necessary

Burke, John-Emmett, 1963:
Specifications covering furniture and equipment for the library

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for 16mm microfilming of library card catalogs

Anonymous, 1957:
Specifications for all United States Forest Service frequency-modulated radiophones and accessories

Kozmanishvili, D., 1978:
Specifications for bentonite used in mixed feed industry

Hansen, K., 1983:
Specifications for cheese varieties Characteristics, chemical composition, Australia

Anonymous, 1984:
Specifications for construction and operation of large scale hard clam hatchery and nursery systems in Long Island waters

Mayne, Ls, 1982:
Specifications for construction around trees Protection

Anonymous, 1941:
Specifications for construction of roads and bridges in national forests and national parks, 1941

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Specifications for corrugated plastic drainage tubing

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Specifications for dealing a royal flush

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Specifications for descriptions of tracts of land for use in executive orders and proclamations

Anonymous, 1979:
Specifications for descriptions of tracts of land for use in land orders and proclamations

Soto, T., G., 1971:
Specifications for designing dairy constructions in arid regions of northern Mexico

Warburton, T., 1993:
Specifications for differential GPS coordinate data submission to the Geometronics Service Center

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Specifications for establishing a nursery of indigenous plants for shoreline stabilization

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Specifications for farmstead wiring (revised in accordance with 1947 National electrical code and supplement)

Stern, Eg, 1986:
Specifications for fasteners used for assembly of wooden pallets and wood-framed trussed rafters, trusses, buildings, and pole-type structures

Anonymous, 1982:
Specifications for final product for quick frozen corn-on-the-cob

Anonymous, 1982:
Specifications for final product for whole kernel corn

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Specifications for fresh eggs packed for export to the British Ministry of food

Anonymous, 1952:
Specifications for government synthetic rubbers

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Specifications for heating and ventilating systems in poultry houses

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Specifications for identity and purity of buffering agents, salts, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickening agents, extraction solvents, flavouring agents, sweetening agents, and miscellaneous food additives

Anonymous, 1982:
Specifications for identity and purity of buffering agents, salts; emulsifiers, thickening agents, stabilizaer; flavouring agents, food colours, sweetening agents and miscellaneous food additives

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Specifications for identity and purity of carrier solvents, emulsifiers, and stabilizers, enzyme preparations, flavouring agents, food colours, sweetening agents, and other food additives

Anonymous, 1986:
Specifications for identity and purity of certain food additives

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Specifications for identity and purity of food additives

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Specifications for identity and purity of food colours enzyme preparations and other food additives

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Specifications for identity and purity of food colours, as prepared by the 28th session of the Joint FAO

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Specifications for identity and purity of sweetening agents, emulsifying agents, flavouring agents and other food additives

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Specifications for identity and purity of thickening agents, anticaking agents, antimicrobials, antioxidants and emulsifiers

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Specifications for indirect food additives

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Specifications for infectious bursal disease vaccines

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Specifications for mass producing the grape moth Lobesia botrana Schiff. (Lepidotera: Tortricidae) on an artificial diet

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Specifications for materials recovered from municipal refuse

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for microfilming manuscripts

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Specifications for new spray drying plants

Anonymous, 1961:
Specifications for pesticides

Anonymous, 1985 :
Specifications for pesticides used in public health

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Specifications for raw material and final product for quick frozen cut green beans

Anonymous, 1980:
Specifications for raw material and final product for quick frozen whole green beans

Anonymous, 1979:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for potato chips

Anonymous, 1982:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen broad beans

Anonymous, 1980:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen broccoli spears

Anonymous, 1978:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen brussels sprouts

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen cauliflower florets

Anonymous, 1980:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen cut celery

Anonymous, 1978:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen diced root vegetables

Anonymous, 1978:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen peas

Anonymous, 1980:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen raspberries

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen sliced green beans

Anonymous, 1977:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen small carrots (Amsterdam types)

Anonymous, 1979:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for quick frozen strawberries

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for shredded cabbage

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for sliced carrots (rings)

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for sliced courgettes

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for raw materials and final product for whole onions

Anonymous, 1940:
Specifications for rural electric distribution pole lines

Zucconi, F.B.rtoldi, M.D., 1987:
Specifications for solid waste compost

Brekke, Ol, 1980:
Specifications for soybean oil

Talpay, B., 1985:
Specifications for special-load honeys

Cook, W.R., 1989:
Specifications for speed in the racehorse

Ryan, B., 1970:
Specifications for the classification and grading of meat carcasses in New Zealand

Acosta-Rojas,, R., 1973:
Specifications for the construction of the tick killing bath

Anonymous, 1969:
Specifications for the identity and purity of food additives and their toxicological evaluation: some antibiotics

Anonymous, 1970:
Specifications for the identity and purity of food additives and their toxicological evaluation; some food colours, emulsifers, stabilizers, anticaking agents, and certain other substances

Anonymous, 1977:
Specifications for the identity and purity of some food additives

Anonymous, 1976:
Specifications for the identity and purity of some food colours, flavour enhancers, thickening agents, and certain food additives

Anonymous, 1983:
Specifications for the microfilming of books and pamphlets in the Library of Congress

Salmon, Stephen, R., 1983:
Specifications for the microfilming of newspapers in the Library of Congress

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Specifications for the preparation of chilled beef--implications and possible future developments

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Specifications for the production portion controlled meats for the food service industry

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Specifications for the slaughtering of rabbits

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Specifications for tree stocks for shelterbelt planting

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Specifications for varietal and improved seed

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Specifications for wire mesh fences to exclude the European wild rabbit from crops

Ranganathan, V., 1977:
Specifications for zinc sulphate for use in tea fields

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Specifications governing standardization of color schemes and paint products, for use in maintenance of plants and farm properties of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

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Specifications in the taxonomy of Triticum araraticum Jakubz

Anonymous, 1940:
Specifications manual

Svahn, Lgg, 1980 :
Specifications of alcohol motor fuels Biomass fuels

Wolff, Jp, 1983:
Specifications of animal fats. Significance and analysis limits

Klychev, Em, 1975:
Specifications of auxiliary lines in automated mixed feed preparation works

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Specifications of fatty acid composition for identification of fats and oils by gas liquid chromatography

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Specifications of test methods, approved by the Technical Committee of the International Wool Textile Organization

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Specifications of the operation of extruders

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Specifications on landscape plant material

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Specifications on the productivity of milk from the cattle breed Romagnola

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Specifications review work group

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Specifications, physical properties and methods of analysis for jojoba oil

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Specifications, tolerances and regulations for commercial weighing and measuring devices for use in the state of Texas

Anonymous, 1979:
Specifications, tolerances, and other technical requirements for weighing and measuring devices

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Specifications--stimulant or strait jacket

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Specificialty and minor crops handbook: reference for agricultural extension professionals and small-scale farmers

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Specificities and selectivities of glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase and monoacylglycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase from pea and spinach chloroplasts

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Specificities of agricultural reclamation works in the Magadan Region

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Specificities of bio-antimutagens in plant kingdom

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Specificities of cereal pest control in drought conditions

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Specificities of development of nucellar tissue and nucellar polyembryony in Opuntia elata (Cactaceae)

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Specificities of fertilizer application on Chernozems of the Rostov Region

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Specificities of foot growth among schoolchildren of riga and latvian regions

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Specificities of growing practices for the varietyStruma 75

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Specificities of histopathological examination based on organ

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Specificities of olfactory receptor cells in bark beetles of the genus Ips Behavior

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Specificities of reception of radioactive tracers in the organism of rats depending on preliminary nutrition factor

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Specificities of sensory judgement of sea fish

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Specificities of soil water uptake by maize hybrids with different maturation periods as affected by plant density

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Specificities of the development of Acipenser gueldenstaedti Brandt eggs under conditions of high anthropogenic stress

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Specificities of traits of Simmental cattle and its crossings with Herefords

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Specificities of using piezoconverters in grain flowmeters

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Specificity Fingerprinting of Retaining o-1,4-Glycanases in the Cellulomonas fimi Secretome Using Two Fluorescent Mechanism-Based Probes

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Specificity among isolates of R

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Specificity and autoregulation of Notch binding by tandem WW domains in suppressor of Deltex

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Specificity and Similarity of Functions of the Aux

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Specificity and action mechanism of dimethyl sulfate in the mutation process

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Specificity and action of acid pantothenic on intestinal absorption of glucose in the rat

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Specificity and activity of brucella hydrolysate and its biochemical character

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Specificity and antibody activi

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Specificity and complexity of the Caenorhabditis elegans innate immune response

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Specificity and complexity: the impact of herbivore-induced plant responses on arthropod community structure

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Specificity and cross-reactivity of monoclonal antibodies against bovine insulin

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Specificity and cycle of Ulothrix subflaccida (Wille) of the French coast

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Specificity and durability of antibody responses in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) immunised with Vibrio anguillarum O2b

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Specificity and efficiency of Rhizobium japonicum strains associated with soybean varieties cultivated in red ferrallitic soils in Cuba

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Specificity and inhibition of attraction of male Rhyacionia frustrana and Rhyacionia rigidana to their female sex pheromone

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Specificity and inhibition of phosphatases in Tanacetum vulgare

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Specificity and lipid binding site of bovine phosphatidylcholine transfer protein

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Specificity and locale of the L-3-glycerophosphate-flavoprotein oxidoreductase of mitochondria isolated from the flight muscle of Sarcophaga barbata thoms

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Specificity and localisation of lipoprotein lipase in the flight muscles of Locusta migratoria

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Specificity and mechanism of action of RNase C2 from Aspergillus clavatus on polyribonucleotides

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Specificity and mechanism of dimethyl sulfate action in the process of mutation

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Specificity and mechanisms of early and late polyaryocytosis induced by different isolates of the bovine leukemia virus

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Specificity and mode of action of BTS 44584 and chlormequat chloride on wheat and soybeans. I. Some effects on growth and development Herbicides and growth retardants

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Specificity and mode of action of RNAase from Aspergillus pallidus Kamyschko

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Specificity and mode of action of acid carboxypeptidase from Aspergillus saitoi

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Specificity and recognition events in the transmission of plant viruses by vectors

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Specificity and recognition in ectomycorrhizal associations

Duddridge, Ja, 1986:
Specificity and recognition in mycorrhizal associations

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Specificity and regeneration in insect motor neurons

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Specificity and regulation of peptide transport in Neurospora crassa

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Specificity and regulation of the Mutator transposable element system in maize

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Specificity and regulation of the activity of glutamine synthetase from Spirulina platensis by metal

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Specificity and safety of baculoviruses

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Specificity and sensitivity of eubacterial primers utilized for molecular profiling of bacteria within complex microbial ecosystems

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Specificity and stoichiometry of the Arabidopsis H+

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Specificity and synergism of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis toxins on mosquito larvae

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Specificity and the cognitive hierarchy: value orientations and the acceptability of urban wildlife management actions

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Specificity and transformations of the trisporic acid series of fungal sex hormones

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Specificity and turnover of the inducible hexose-uptake system of Chlorella

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Specificity and value of tests with antiglobulin, modified by the author in the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis; their importance from the point of view of eradication of this infection

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Specificity and variability in Zygaena-purpuralis-complex (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae)

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Specificity characteristics in the intestinal absorption of model amino acids in domestic fowl

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Specificity effects in the biosynthesis of fatty acids in Bacillus acidocaldarius

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Specificity enhancement of a RAPD marker linked to the BaMMV

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Specificity enhancement towards hydrophobic substrates by immobilization of lipases by interfacial activation on hydrophobic supports

Heimer, Y.M., 1976:
Specificity for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate of Nitrate Reductase from the Salt-tolerant Alga Dunaliella parva

Alderson, T.; Hartley, M.J., 1969:
Specificity for spontaneous and induced forward mutation at several gene loci in Aspergillus nidulans

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Specificity for the coenzyme of the beef liver diacetyl reductase

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