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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17106

Chapter 17106 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Guyer, A.E.; McClure, E.B.; Adler, A.D.; Brotman, M.A.; Rich, B.A.; Kimes, A.S.; Pine, D.S.; Ernst, M.; Leibenluft, E., 2007:
Specificity of facial expression labeling deficits in childhood psychopathology

Kazantseva, E.; Portenko, R., 1977:
Specificity of field examination of arable Solonetz soils

Zimmerman, D.C.; Vick, B.A., 1970:
Specificity of flaxseed lipoxidase

Cherepukhin, Vd, 1975:
Specificity of forms and dimensions of the meshes of screens and selecting the optimum airflow for cleaning piles of the Kruglik 5 variety of castorbeans

Mcarthur, Ed, 1986:
Specificity of galls on Chrysothamnus nauseosus subspecies

Ravkin, As, 1975:
Specificity of growth of mutant forms of apple trees in nurseries

Vereshaga, Y.A.; Volynsky, P.E.; Pustovalova, J.E.; Nolde, D.E.; Arseniev, A.S.; Efremov, R.G., 2007:
Specificity of helix packing in transmembrane dimer of the cell death factor BNIP3: a molecular modeling study

Kolcar, F., 1973:
Specificity of high-yielding forms of hybrid corn to fertilization with increased nitrogen content

Zivanov, D.A.ojcic, M., 1979:
Specificity of homeostatis of iron in young animals

Kudeleva, G.; Nagaeva, L.; Molyavko, E.; Kukain, R., 1989:
Specificity of humoral cytotoxic response induced in calves by injection of lymphocytes from leukemic cattle

Rocha, R.; Baldani, J.1; Dobereiner, J., 1981:
Specificity of infection by Azospirillum spp. in plants with C4 4 carbon chain pathway photosynthetic pathway

Ivanova, G.; Valiukaite, R.; Maksimova, N.; Bezborodov, A., 1974:
Specificity of intracellular ribonuclease II from Aspergillus clavatus

Ivanova, G.; Valiukaite, R.; Bezborodov, A., 1972:
Specificity of intracellular ribonuclease of Aspergillus clavatus

Ivanova, G.; Valyukaite, R.; Bezborodov, A., 1972:
Specificity of intracellular ribonuclease of Aspergillus clavatus 1816

Ivanova, G.S.; Iangol', L.M., 1979:
Specificity of intracellular ribonucleases Pc1 and Pc2 of the fungus Penicillium claviforme

Mazin, V.; Shashkova, L.; Andreev, L.; Komizerko, E.; Zhloba, N.; Kefeli, V., 1976:
Specificity of kinetin influence on amaranthin synthesis in amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus L.) and on growth of soybean (Glycine soja L.) cotyledon calluses

Cherry, J.H.; Osborne, D.J., 1970:
Specificity of leucyl-tRNA and synthetase in plants

Demeyer, D.H.ozee, J.M.sdom, H., 1974:
Specificity of lipolysis during dry sausage ripening

Shlyk, A.; Mikhailova, S., 1972:
Specificity of lipophilic properties of metabolically heterogenous forms of chlorophylls in Chlorella

Chan, H.W.; Costaras, C.T.; Prescott, F.A.; Swoboda, P.A., 1975:
Specificity of lipoxygenases. Thermal isomerisations of linoleate hydroperoxides, a phenomenon affecting the determination of isomeric ratios

Chan, H.W.; Prescott, F.A., 1975:
Specificity of lipoxygenases. Separation of isomeric hydroperoxides by high performance liquid chromatography

Chernobai, Vf, 1979:
Specificity of localization and adaptations of ectoparasites of Corvidae birds

Grison, R;, 1982:
Specificity of maize root peroxidase

Malczewski, A.S.efanski, W., 1972:
Specificity of migration inhibition test in parasitic invasions. I. Studies on Nippostronglus brasiliensis, Ascaris suum, A. lumbricoides

Ponchel, P.B.uters, M., 1976:
Specificity of modifications of the wool cuticle under the effect of some agents

Elizarov, I.; Barybkina, M., 1974:
Specificity of motor reaction of mulberry silkworm male under stimulation by odour of sexual attractant

Babalukova, N.K.drev, T., 1980:
Specificity of multiple enzyme f

Kiselva, G.; Khvostova, V., 1978:
Specificity of mutation process in barley (var. Viner) after the treatment of seeds and embryonic spikes with EMS

Araratian, La, 1971:
Specificity of mutation variabil

Nayak, R.; Sirsi, M., 1972:
Specificity of natural heterohaemagglutinins of some laboratory animals

Ben-Ari, Y.; Kelly, J.S., 1975:
Specificity of nuciferine as an antagonist of amino acid and synaptically evoked activity in cells of the feline thalamus

Prokof'-Eva, Z.; Koksharova, T.1; Agamalova, S.1; Nikitina, E., 1982:
Specificity of nucleus-cytoplasm interaction in remote hybrids with a substituted genome Triticum, includes domestic wheat, Aegilops

Zel'-Ner, V.; Venediktova, T.; Mutaev, M., 1976:
Specificity of nutrition processes in lactating cows fed methionine as affected by the composition of feeding rations

Bush, C.F.; Jones, S.V.; Lyle, A.N.; Minneman, K.P.; Ressler, K.J.; Hall, R.A., 2007:
Specificity of olfactory receptor interactions with other G protein-coupled receptors

Thoizon, G., 1970:
Specificity of parasitism of aphids by Entomophthorales

Pilnik W.; Voragen A.G.J.; Rombouts F.M., 1974:
Specificity of pectic lyases on pectin and pectate amides

Cajaraville, M., P.; Ortiz-Zarragoitia, M., 2007:
Specificity of peroxisome proliferation response in mussels exposed to environmental pollutants (vol 78, pg 117, 2006)

Fowler, Hg, 1982:
Specificity of phytophagous insect guilds on Prosopsis (Leguminosae)

Przykorska, A., 1979:
Specificity of plant enzymes degrading DNA

Tazaki, T.U.hijima, T., 1974:
Specificity of plant growth and

Lovic, R.P.lak, V., 1970:
Specificity of planting grapes on quick sand soils

Mackrous, I.; Proteau, L., 2007:
Specificity of practice results from differences in movement planning strategies

Koehler, W., 1974:
Specificity of problems and tasks of forest protection in P oland

Jewell, C.; Ackermann, C.; Payne, N.Ann.; Fate, G.; Voorman, R.; Williams, F.M., 2007:
Specificity of procaine and ester hydrolysis by human, minipig, and rat skin and liver

Bhattacharya, M.; Mukhopadhyay, C.; Chakrabarti, A., 2006:
Specificity of Prodan for the self-associating domain of spectrin: a molecular docking study

Perani, A.T.boni, O.P.risi, B.C.ferri, O., 1970:
Specificity of protein synthesis in vitro: ribosome specific transfer factors G

Gustafson, G.; Ryan, C.A., 1976:
Specificity of protein turnover in tomato leaves. Accumulation of proteinase inhibitors, induced with the wound hormone, PIIF

Atabekova, T.; Taliansky, M.; Atabekov, J., 1975:
Specificity of protein-RNA and protein-protein interaction upon assembly of TMV in vivo and in vitro

Atabekova, T.; Shaskol'-Skaia, N.; Atabikov, I., 1972:
Specificity of protein-protein and protein-ribonucleic acid interaction at the repening of tobacco mosaic virus under the conditions of mixing infection

Morihara, K.T.uzuki, H., 1975:
Specificity of proteinase K from Tritirachium album Limber for synthetic peptides

Semenova, A.; Vilkova, N.; Gavriliuk, I., 1979:
Specificity of proteins of salivary glands of some species of cereal bugs

Pereira, M.E.; Kabat, E.A., 1974:
Specificity of purified hemagglutinin (lectin) from Lotus tetragonolobus

Choi, C.S.; Frost, A.J., 1984:
Specificity of purified protein derivative extracts from ten species of Mycobacteria killed with phenol in the haemagglutination and haemagglutination inhibition test

Kaplan, V.; Pobirskii, N., 1974:
Specificity of purinic metabolism in ruminants

Groodt, A.D.; Heslot, H.P.irier, L.P.urquie,, M., 1969:
Specificity of pyrophosphylases of the purine nucleotides of Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Gol'-Dman, I.; Krasota, V.; Vasileva, S., 1976:
Specificity of radiation and chemical mutagenesis in swine at cell level

Gol'-Dman, I.; Krasota, V.; Vasileva, S., 1976:
Specificity of radiation induced and chemical mutagenesis at the cellular level in hogs

Li, W.; Perrimon, N., 1997:
Specificity of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling pathways: lessons from Drosophila

Efremova, Gi, 1978:
Specificity of recombination effect exerted by N,N dimethyl N nitroso urea in Drosophila melanogaster

Uchida, T.A.ima, T.E.ami, F., 1970:
Specificity of ribonucleate purine nucleotido-2-transferase, Ustilago sphaerogena

Kugenev, P.; Kulikov, L.; Harsallakh, K., 1973:
Specificity of rumen metabolism in relation to the type of feeding rations and the stage of lactation

Ul'-Rikh, Nn, 1977:
Specificity of scientific studies in the sphere of mechanization of production processes in plant breeding, variety testing and initial seed production

Elizarov, I.; Gritsai, O., 1977:
Specificity of sensory cells in the labellar sensillas of flies

Winkelmann, G., 1982:
Specificity of siderophore iron uptake by fungi

Palamarczyk, G.; Lehle, L.; Mankowski, T.; Chojnacki, T.; Tanner, W., 1980:
Specificity of solubilized yeast glycosyl transferases for polyprenyl derivatives

Ivanov, Vb, 1980:
Specificity of spatial and time organization of root cell growth in connection with functions of the root

Bezborodova, S.; Gulyaeva, V.; Morozova, V., 1975 :
Specificity of splitting and synthesis of dinucleoside monophosphates by Aspergillus clavatus RNase C2

Prilutskii, A.; Doskoch, I.; Tarusov, B., 1974:
Specificity of spontaneous ultra-weak chemiluminescence and some morpho-physiological symptoms of winterhardiness in mul berry trees as affected by the conditions of the thermoperio d

Bychenkova, E.; Iatsenko-Khmelevskii, A., 1970:
Specificity of structure and function in standards and in proliferates in vitro

Taylor, R.B.gacka, T., 1978:
Specificity of studies on pesticide residues in surface waters

Priesner, E.N.umann, C.; Stertenbrink, J., 1984:
Specificity of synthetic sex-attractants in Zygaena moths

Kang, K.Ryeon.; Kim, Y.Sook.; Wolff, E.C.; Park, M.Hee., 2007:
Specificity of the deoxyhypusine hydroxylase-eukaryotic translation initiation factor (eIF5A) interaction: identification of amino acid residues of the enzyme required for binding of its substrate, deoxyhypusine-containing eIF5A

Gavrilov, N.D., 1985:
Specificity of the Huddleson reaction and its diagnostic value in brucellosis

Kulyk, M.; Bobrushko, V.; Mahala, O., 1971:
Specificity of the action of amy

Dunaevskii, Y.; Revina, L.; Belozerskii, M.; Voskoboinikova, I.; Rudenskaya, G., 1990:
Specificity of the action of buckwheat seed metalloproteinase. Hydrolysis of the B-chain of insulin

Golyshin, Nm, 1979:
Specificity of the action of ditihocarbamates

Worowski, K., 1979:
Specificity of the action of protease inhibitors from the potato

Schedlbauer, M.D., 1976:
Specificity of the Antheridogen from Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn

Bauer, G.B.iderbeck, R., 1984:
Specificity of the attachment of Agrobacterium to wound cells of Kalanchoe?

González, C.; Palacios, R.; Schimke, R.T., 1974:
Specificity of the binding of antibodies to polysomes in hen oviduct

Lavrent'-Eva, Na, 1970:
Specificity of the biological action exerted by herbicide phenasone

Blondeau, R., 1969:
Specificity of the biosynthes

Zaretsky, MD., 1972:
Specificity of the calling song and short term changes in the phonotactic response by female crickets Scapsipedus marginatus (Gryllidae)

Allen, P.J., 1972:
Specificity of the cis-Isomers of Inhibitors of Uredospore Germination in the Rust Fungi

Vasyukova, N.; Ozeretskovskaya, O.; Chalenko, G.; Karavaeva, K.; Metlitskii, L., 1981:
Specificity of the compatibility factor in interrelationships of the potato and the phytophthorosis pathogen

May, J.T.; Symons, R.H., 1971:
Specificity of the cucumber mosaic virus-induced RNA polymerase for RNA and polynucleotide templates

Bezborodova, S.; Guliaeva, V.; Morozova, V., 1975:
Specificity of the degradation and synthesis of dinucleoside monophosphates by R Nase C2 from Aspergillus clavatus

Horovyi, Lf, 1983:
Specificity of the development of fruit bodies of Agaricus genus species

Cholakhain, D.; Samvelian, G.; Akopian, D., 1971:
Specificity of the development of the anthers of several varieties of apple trees (Malus domestica)

Lisova, N.; Malichenko, S.1; Starchenkov, E., 1980:
Specificity of the effect of 3,5 - cyclic adenosine monophosphate on the expression of nif-operon of active and inactive strains of Rhizobium lupini Nodular bacteria of lipine.1

Cayrol, J.; Imerglik, L., 1983:
Specificity of the effect of Hyphomycetes fungi predators of nematodes: practical effects in biological control

Nikolov, Kh, 1972:
Specificity of the effect of certain chemical mutagens on structural mutations of barley

Sen'-, La, 1979:
Specificity of the effect of chemical mutagens on several barley varieties

Lysikov, Vn, 1973:
Specificity of the effect of individual mutagenic factors on corn

Kuts, G.A., 1978:
Specificity of the embryonic development of Prekos sheep

Kuts, G.; Tkacheva, N.; Voskresenskaia, N., 1975:
Specificity of the embryonic development of precocious sheep

Papierok, B.T.rres, B.; Arnault, M., 1984:
Specificity of the entomopathogenic fungus Zoophthora radicans (Zygomycetes, Entomophthorales)

Al-Mousawi, A.; Richardson, P.1; Essenberg, M1; Johnson, W., 1983:
Specificity of the envelopment of bacteria and other particles in cotton cotyledons Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum, blight, Gossypium hirsutum

Patterson, B.D.; Davies, D.D., 1969:
Specificity of the enzymatic methylation of pea histone

Dahl, R.J.; Johnson, A.M., 1984:
Specificity of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for Toxoplasma IgG antibody

Chermnykh, L.; Chugunova, N.; Kosobriukhov, A., 1974:
Specificity of the functioning of the apparatus of photosynthesis in cucumbers at different temperatures in the root zone

Danebekov, A.E., 1985:
Specificity of the fungus coelomomyces iliensis dub., Dech. et Daneb. to the larvae of mosquitoes from the genus Culex

Kolontaev, Vm, 1974:
Specificity of the growth of cuttings of experimental mutans

Shcherbenev, Gia, 1975:
Specificity of the hybrid offspring of apple trees and quince

Iakovlev, Af, 1976:
Specificity of the inclusion of exogenic nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in the nuclei and mitochondria of cells

Yakovlev, Af, 1976:
Specificity of the incorporation of exogenous nuclear and mitochondrial DNA into cell nuclei and mitochondria

Wellemans, G.B.ront, P.O.denbosch, E.V.n, 1980:
Specificity of the indirect immunofluorescence test (I.F.I.) in the survey for antibodies to I.B.R. in cattle vaccinated with an Aujeszkys disease vaccine

Tal'-Yanskii, M.; Atabekova, T.; Atabekov, I., 1975:
Specificity of the interaction of RNA with protein in the joint reconstitution of two strains of TMV

Goodman, W.; Schooley, D.A.; Gilbert, L.I., 1978:
Specificity of the juvenile hormone binding protein: The geometrical isomers of juvenile hormone I

Rakhimov, M.; Dzhanbaeva, N.; Yuldashev, P., 1970:
Specificity of the lipase from cottonseed

Panin, P.G., 2007:
Specificity of the morphology of interglacial and interstadial paleosol complexes of the Middle and Late Pleistocene in the center of the East European Plain

Kozhina, Tn, 1973:
Specificity of the mutagenic action of fast neutrons

Kiseleva, G.; Khvostova, V., 1978:
Specificity of the mutational process in barley of the variety Viner on treatment of the seeds and embryonic spikes with ethylmethanesulfonate

Lazareva, N.; Dorosinskii, L., 1969:
Specificity of the nodule bacteria of soya and lupine

Volodarskii, N.; Bystrykh, E., 1976:
Specificity of the photosyntheti0 activity of high productive wheat varieties (Review)

Ustimenko, G.; Popov, V.; Basil'-Eva, V., 1975:
Specificity of the photosynthetic activity of cowpea plants as affected by different density of stands

Lehoczki, E.R.khimberdieva, M.1; Karapetian, N., 1982:
Specificity of the photosystem 2 functioning in Chloretta grown in the presence of cerulenin or pyridazinone herbicides Algae.1

Klimashevskii, E.; Markova, I.; Sepegina, M.; Grodzinskii, D.; Kozarenko, T., 1970:
Specificity of the physiological activity of pea plants in connection with diverse stability of different varieties of the plant with respect to mobile aluminum

Aripdzhanov, Sha, 1975:
Specificity of the primary structure of DNA in several varieties of cotton

Panchenko A.Ya; Antonova T.S., 1974:
Specificity of the protective reaction of sunflower forms re sistant to the introduction of broom-rape

Efremova, Gi, 1978:
Specificity of the recombination action of N, N dimethyl N nitrosourea in Drosophila melanogaster

Volodin, Bb, 1972:
Specificity of the relationship of certain species of Cyanophyta to sulfur and phosphorus

John, G.B.; Shirley, L.J.; Gallardo, T.D.; Castrillon, D.H., 2007:
Specificity of the requirement for Foxo3 in primordial follicle activation

Chararas, C., 1975:
Specificity of the response of Scolytidae monogamus and polygamus to the attraction exercised by digestion residues (frass)

Cotrina, N.R.mon, S.S.nchez, M., 1979 :
Specificity of the sensitin tuberculin (Mycobacteria intracellulare) in animals sensitized with chromogenic mycobacteria

Ninov, N., 1973:
Specificity of the soil in the f

Rabinovich, M.; Novikova, T.; Klesov, A.; Berezin, I., 1986:
Specificity of the sorption of cellobiohydrolase I from Trichoderma reesei on cellulose derivatives

Probatova, Ns, 1979:
Specificity of the taxonomic composition, distribution and karyologic characteristics of grasses in mountainous areas of the Kamchatka Peninsula

Makarychev, S.V., 2007:
Specificity of the thermophysical status of an arable leached chernozem in the Ob region

Azimova, S.; Yuldashev, P., 1977:
Specificity of the triacetinase of cotton seeds

Girginov, G.V.das, K.D.mitrov, K., 1979:
Specificity of the yolk agglutin

Godeanu, Sp, 1979:
Specificity of the zooplankton in several lakes from northern Germany with different degree of eutrophication

Gizbrekht, Iaia, 1975:
Specificity of thermoregulaton in cows at low and high temperatures of the environment in different periods of lactation

Vieira Dos Santos, C.; Laugier, E.; Tarrago, L.; Massot, V.; Issakidis-Bourguet, E.; Rouhier, N.; Rey, P., 2007:
Specificity of thioredoxins and glutaredoxins as electron donors to two distinct classes of Arabidopsis plastidial methionine sulfoxide reductases B

Pall, M.L.; Kelly, K.A., 1971:
Specificity of transinhibition of amino acid transport in neurospora

Tweedie, J.W.; Segel, I.H., 1970:
Specificity of transport processes for sulfur, selenium, and molybdenum anions by filamentous fungi

Azimova, S.; Iuldashev, P., 1977:
Specificity of triacetinase from cottonseed

Sobiech, T.B.chdalek, R.N.wacki, J., 1972:
Specificity of tuberculin reaction in cattle with experimental SB-701 infection (group III after Runyon)

Milosevic, J., 1975:
Specificity of veterinary diagnostics in domestic animals in Montenegro

Hisada, Y.M.tsui, C., 1971:
Specificity of virus reconstitu

Scheonwald, Dieter, 1987:
Specificity of white rats for isogenic masculine cell-formed antibodies seriological investigations of H-Y antigen systems

Woods, G.; Mansfield, M., 1975:
Specificity studies of the complement fixation test for Mycoplasma hyopneumonia in specific pathogen free swine

Rethelyi, M., 1983:
Specificity versus convergence of nocireceptive and mechanoreceptive impulses in the spinal dorsal horn

Krützfeldt, J.; Kuwajima, S.; Braich, R.; Rajeev, K.G.; Pena, J.; Tuschl, T.; Manoharan, M.; Stoffel, M., 2007:
Specificity, duplex degradation and subcellular localization of antagomirs

Karre, K.C.lonna, M.M., 1998:
Specificity, function and development of NK cells

Johnson, K., 1978:
Specificity, geographic distributions, and foodplant diversity in four Callophrys (Mitoura) (Lycaenidae)

Wood, Rks, 1975:
Specificity--an assessment

Levchenko, I.; Moskalenko, P.; Baranchuk, V., 1979:
Specificness of the odor of pheromones of worker honeybees

Parakhnevich, Nv, 1970:
Specifics of disturbing grow

Alimpic, M., 1975:
Specifics of drying and storing sunflowers

Wegener, 1970:
Specifics of forestry self-help in North Rhine-Westphalia

Azarov, G.; Vladimirov, V., 1976:
Specifics of metabolism in the young animals of the Kalmyk breed

Loncaric, J., 1972:
Specifics of organizaing breeding of swine on a large-scale swine-raising interprise

Zaitsev, B.; Kalashnikova, A.; Vessonova, A., 1975:
Specifics of the amino acid composition of feeds in individual zones of the Novosibirsk Region

Pikalo, A., 1970:
Specifics of the inheritance law

Pikalo, A., 1970:
Specifics of the inheritors building law

Sinel'-Nikova, Vn, 1972:
Specifics of the reaction of potatoes to chloride salinity at various photoperiods

Mkerbali, V.; Kontridze, A., 1972:
Specifics on problems of radioactive isotope injection

Zakula, B.P.trovic, N.M.rjanic, S., 1975:
Specifics on the behavior of new varieties of peas during deep freezing for storage

Pirvulescu, M., 1982:
Specified bacteria free (SBF) laboratory mice obtained by decontamination and severe isolation

Schramm, G., 1971:
Specified cultivation--selection according to usefulness

Iatsenko, E.; Arkhipovich, N.; Lutsyk, V.; Konovalov, K., 1980:
Specified density method of determining the content of dry matter in potatoes and the algorithm of its implementation

Crowe, Grady, B., 1956:
Specified production costs for cotton and alternative crops

Novak, I., 1979:
Specified-purpose use of maize silage in livestock production

Plantinga, Andries-Douwe, 1974:
Specifiek celgebonden verweer tegen virusinfecties bij de muis

Brotsman, A.; Loginov, V., 1976:
Specifities in operating the thresher ML 2.8PA

Sevumian, A.; Sarkisov, R., 1976:
Specifities of the growth of the larvae of the cochineal insect as related to the zone of their attachment to the forage plant

Kaiser, K.; Belitz, H., 1973:
Specifity of potato isoinhibitors towards various proteolytic enzymes

Kiseleva, G.; Khvostova, V., 1977:
Specifity of the mutation process as a result of the action of ethylmethanesulphonate at different stages of barley ontogeny

Aumaitre, A.L.-Dividich, J.R.ustan, J., 1981:
Specify better standards for housing and environment of swine

Karnosky, D.; Myers, T., 1982:
Specify tolerant trees for air polluted areas. II

Chernysheva, Ls, 1973:
Specifying agroclimatic evaluation of conditions for growing rice in the Maritime Territory

Young, R.-Alan; Cross, F., L., 1982:
Specifying air pollution control equipment

Biundo, V., 2000:
Specifying amber glass color in order to protect beer from developing lightstruck character

Riesselman, J., 1991:
Specifying and analyzing whole-ranch systems for sustainable range livestock production in environmentally-sensitive areas

Huang H F., 1990:
Specifying and measuring microwave food packaging materials

Jäkel, O.; Schulz-Ertner, D.; Debus, Jürgen., 2007:
Specifying carbon ion doses for radiotherapy: the heidelberg approach

Shroy, K., 1982:
Specifying drip irrigation for landscape

Murray, Ba, 1984:
Specifying flavors

Hay, R., 1989:
Specifying forestry machinery

Benjamin, W., 1978:
Specifying humidifying systems

Weeden, D.; Nadj, L., 1970:
Specifying malt extracts

Golybin, V.; Ivanov, S.; Chernikina, V., 1975:
Specifying molasses coefficients of individual non-sugars

Kerszberg, M.; Wolpert, L., 2007:
Specifying positional information in the embryo: looking beyond morphogens

Kutateladze, L.; Urushadze, U.; Mimimoshvili, P.; Glonti, V.; Urushadze, K.; Lominadze, N., 1972:
Specifying qualitative indices of the new standard for tea leaf varieties

Balascio, Cc, 1990:
Specifying samples masses for gravimetric testing procedures

Wheeler, M.J.; Franklin-Tong, V.E., 2007:
Specifying self-recognition: peptides lead the way

Frens, Dale, H., 1993:
Specifying temporary protection of historic interiors during construction and repair

Kulakov, Vi, 1979:
Specifying the calculation of the duration of malt drying in a high dense layer

Veen, Awl, 1981:
Specifying the concept of landscape cell (ecotope) in terms of interacting physico-chemical processes and external vegetatation characteristics

Tverskoi, D.; Filippov, A.; Lisovenko, V.; Chebernina, T., 1972:
Specifying the dates for treating potatoes

Popluhar, L.H.ladej, S.P.placek,, M., 1975:
Specifying the laboratory diagnosis for tuberculosis

Avtonomov, V.; Vedeniapin, G., 1973:
Specifying the requirements for measuring and their processing in relation to testing field units

Anonymous, 1986:
Specifying the yarn: one step to quality knitting

Neumann, A.; Philippot, P., 2007:
Specifying what makes a personal memory unique enhances emotion regulation

Ezupaneciac, Tomislav, 1960:
Specijalno ratarstvo

Vitoloviac, Viktor, 1949:
Specijalno voacarstvo

Obolenskii, Kp, 1972:
Specilization and concentration of agricultural production at the current phase

Dabrowski, T., 1973:
Specilization and the production standard in individual vegetable gorwing farms

Rossbach, M.S.hladot, J.D.O.tapczuk, P., 1992:
Specimen banking

Franson, Jc, 1987:
Specimen collection and preservation

Mcgavin, M.D.nald; Thompson, S.-Wesley, 1988:
Specimen dissection and photography

Ideha, K., 1972:
Specimen extracting method for

Czanderna, A.-Warren; Powell, C.J.M.dey, T., E., 1998:
Specimen handling, preparation, and treatments in surface characterization

Morse, L.; Lamson, M1; Tryon, A.1; Walton, R., 1981:
Specimen locality indexing by the New England Botanical Club Plant conservation

Novoselova, A.; Kositsyna-Pinegina, E.; Razguliaeva, N., 1988:
Specimen of red clover with two-seed pods

Griffiths, Da, 1973:
Specimen preparation for, and the advantages of, examining acarine morphology with the scanning electron microscope

Goodhew, Peter, J., 1972:
Specimen preparation in materials science

Davis, E.; Gordon, J.H.tchinson, T., 1976:
Specimen preparation of raw and cooked carrot phloem and xylem for the scanning electron microscope

Sargent, Ja, 1986:
Specimen preparation, cryotransfer and microscope parameters for coldstage work in SEM and application for the physical and biological sciences

Lievers, W.Brent.; Lee, V.; Arsenault, S.M.; Waldman, S.D.; Pilkey, A.Keith., 2006:
Specimen size effect in the volumetric shrinkage of cancellous bone measured at two levels of dehydration

Schwertner, M.; Booth, M.J.; Wilson, T., 2007:
Specimen-induced distortions in light microscopy

Johnson, K., 1985:
Specimens of Callophrys rubi L. (Lycaenidae) from Fiji--transplanted colony or one-time occurrence

Hendrickx, Michel, E., 2007:
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Spectral features of soil moisture

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Spectral investigations on some

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Spectrophotometric analysis of chlorophylls and of phaeophytins alpha and beta in hydroacetonic media. II. Kinetic dosage method

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Spectrophotometric analysis of derivatives of triazine (simazine, atrazine, propazine and chlorazine) in plant tissues

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Spectrophotometric analysis of phytochrome in the embryo of Cucurbita pepo and Cucurbita maxima

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Spectrophotometric analysis of polymer mixtures based on a copolymer of acrylonitrile and a polyamido acid in dimethylacetamide

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Spectrophotometric analysis of the blood plasma

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Spectrophotometric analysis of the preparation psoberan

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Spectrophotometric analysis of yeasts: cytochrome spectra of the genus Yamadazyma

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Spectrophotometric and chromatographic methods of determining the presence of organophosphoros pesticides in objects of animal and plant origin

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Spectrophotometric characteristics of caramels and melanoidins in relation to the nature of the colouring matter present in commercial sugars

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Spectrophotometric characteristics of dried apricots, grapes and apples

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Spectrophotometric characteristics of humic acids of soils of the Solonetz complex in the Volgograd Region

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Spectrophotometric detection of plant leaf stress

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Spectrophotometric detection of topa quinone

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Spectrophotometric determinatio

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Spectrophotometric determination

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Spectrophotometric determination of 1-monoglycerides in fats

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Spectrophotometric determination of 3-(m-trifluoromethylphenyl)-l,l-dimethylurea

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Spectrophotometric determination of Clopidol in feed supplements

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Spectrophotometric determination of a spirostane aglycone, pennogenin, in Polygonatum stenophyllum isolated from the roots

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Spectrophotometric determination of analgin with mono and ditetrazolium salts. i. determination of analgin with nitrotetrazolium blue

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Spectrophotometric determination of aspidin

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Spectrophotometric determination of bazudin in the air

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Spectrophotometric determination of benzthiazuron in water, soil and potatoes

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Spectro-photometric determination of boron in plant and soil samples

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Spectrophotometric determination of caffeine in leaf tea

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Spectrophotometric determination of calcium in soils

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Spectrophotometric determination of diacetyl in vinegar, wine, cheese and butter by the formation of diacetyldithiosemicarbazone

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Spectrophotometric determination of germanium in foods study of trace elements in food (part 6)

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Spectrophotometric determination of hydrolysis of the beta-lactam ring in penicillins

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Spectrophotometric determination of kanamycin sulfate based on charge transfer reaction

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Spectrophotometric determination of larval ingestion rates in the spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Choristoneura fumiferana

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Spectrophotometric determination of lycorine in plant raw ma terial and a preparation

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Spectrophotometric determination of malt colour

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Spectrophotometric determination of mangiferin

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Spectrophotometric determination of micro amounts of cobalt in agrochemical objects without using organic extractants

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Spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum in foods

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Spectrophotometric determination of nitrate nitrogen in tea leaf tissues for rapid analysis

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Spectrophotometric determination of nitrite and nitrate in curing brines

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Spectrophotometric determination of nucleic acids in wheat and barley leaves

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Spectrophotometric determination of peptide transport with chromogenic peptide mimetics

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Spectrophotometric determination of peucedann

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Spectrophotometric determination of phosphate in cane juice with malachite green

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Spectrophotometric determination of phosphorus in soil and p lant extracts

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Spectrophotometric determination of pipazethate hydrochloride in pure form and in pharmaceutical formulations

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Spectrophotometric determination of propoxur residues on vegetable matter

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Spectrophotometric determination of pyrantel tartrate in soybean premix and swine feeds

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Spectrophotometric determination of quercetin with VO2+

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Spectrophotometric determination of rosuvastatin calcium in tablets

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Spectrophotometric determination of roxarsone in animal feeds

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Spectrophotometric determination of some nitrification inhibitors in carbamide

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Spectrophotometric determination of starch

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Spectrophotometric determination of the K vitamins

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Spectrophotometric determination of the alkaloid acuammine in the periwinkle, Vince herbacea

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Spectrophotometric determination of the alkaloidsof the beta-carboline series in the bark of Elaeagnus angustifolia

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Spectrophotometric determination of the cardenolides in the epigeal part of Adonis chrysocyathus

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Spectrophotometric determination of the concentration of Novomimanin in drug forms and biological systems of the organism

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Spectrophotometric determination of the content of fixed oil of the sclerotium of Claviceps purpurea Tul

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Spectrophotometric determination of the fungicide dithianon in aqueous formulation Delan-Col with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine

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Spectrophotometric determination of the furocoumarins of Psoralea drupaceae and Ficus carica

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Spectrophotometric determination of the proportion of tyrosine and tryptophane in bovine fibrinogen

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Spectrophotometric determination of the protein content of cheeses in the ultraviolet region

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Spectrophotometric determination of the qualitative characteristics of humic acids in cinnamonic forest soils of Georgia

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Spectrophotometric determination of the staining, bittering and flavoring elements of saffron

Somorin, O., 1976:
Spectrophotometric determination of theobromine in Theobroma cacao, Coffea acuminata and Coffea arabica

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