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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17107

Chapter 17107 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lastorgueva, Li, 1968:
Spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of iron in plant material with the aid of 4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline (bathophenanthroline)

Abdoh, Y.K.orgami, M.; Kowsar-Nechan, M., 1972:
Spectrophotometric determination of traces of iron in cereals. the use of benzohydroxamic acid

Thompson Charles E.; Nakagawa Harry M., 1960:
Spectrophotometric determination of traces of lead in igneous rocks

Lugina, N.; Merezhinskii, I., 1973:
Spectrophotometric determination of trichloroacetic acid

Rotini, O.; Riffaldi, R.N.vari-Izzo, D., 1970:
Spectrophotometric determination of urea in soils and in vegetables

Garza-Ulloa, H.V.llarreal-Garza, R.G.nzalez, M.-E.C.nales, A., 1979:
Spectrophotometric determination of vicinal diketones and their precursors in beer

Guoth, J.V.sie, M., 1974:
Spectrophotometric determination of vitamin A and beta-carotene in the blood serum of cattle

Kaiukova, V.; Rozov, N.; Shatilov, I., 1972:
Spectrophotometric determination of vitamins B1 and B2 in plants with simultaneous separation by thin layer chromatography

Kaiukova, V.; Rozov, N.; Shatilov, I., 1973:
Spectrophotometric determination of vitamins B1, B2, and C in plants with their simultaneous observation on thin-layer silica gel chromatogram

Zverev, V.; Kozlova, I.; Naumov, G.; Dedyukhin, A., 1990:
Spectrophotometric determination of xylitol in presence of xylose

Hawkes, Wc, 1986:
Spectrophotometric determinations of traces of selenium by catalytic reduction of tetranitro blue tetrazolium

Zonneveld, H., 1975:
Spectrophotometric estimation of benzoic and sorbic acids

Datta, D.; Bose, P.; Ghosh, D., 1972:
Spectrophotometric estimation of cinnamic acid in Tolu balsam

Saleh, M.; Habib, A.; El-Shaer, N., 1980:
Spectrophotometric estimation of cinnamic and benzoic acids in balsam tolu and benzoin

Ahmed, G.A.; Fawzy, A.; Hassan, R.M., 2007:
Spectrophotometric evidence for the formation of short-lived hypomanganate(V) and manganate(VI) transient species during the oxidation of K-carrageenan by alkaline permanganate

Dobrov, E.; Kust, S., 1971:
Spectrophotometric investigation of RNA structure in tobacco mosaic virus particles

Sarzhevskaia, M.; Losev, A., 1970:
Spectrophotometric investigation of formation of pigments of bacterial type during photoreduction of derivatives of chlorophyll

Skvortsov, S.; Komarov, G., 1973:
Spectrophotometric investigation of hydrazones of volatile compounds in cowberry leaves

Abramova, E.; Semenova, L., 1973:
Spectrophotometric investigation of the interaction of the organophosphorus insecticide dimetheate and cobalt sulfate

Strel'-Skii, V.;;, 1982:
Spectrophotometric investigation of the kinetics of the oxidation model compounds and lignin by a peroxidase-H2O2 hydrogen peroxide complex Mathematical models

Varoquaux, P.S.rris, J., 1979:
Spectrophotometric kinetics of o-diphenoloxidase in mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)

Anonymous, 1975:
Spectrophotometric measurement of direct available P2O5 in fertilizers

Hader, D.; Poff, K., 1982:
Spectrophotometric measurement of plastoquinone photoreduction in the blue-green alga, Phormidium uncinatum Photosynthetic electron transport

Przybecki, Z.M.luszynski, M., 1982:
Spectrophotometric measurements of the level of DNA in merismatic cells of the growth cone of barley roots treated with ethylene imine

Iwamoto, M.H.yakawa, K.K.wano, S.K.mura, S., 1984:
Spectrophotometric measuring me

Szilajtis-Obieglo, R.K.walewska, K., 1984:
Spectrophotometric method for determination of flavone lignans and silybin in crude drug and its preparations from Silybum marianum L. (Gaertn.)

Frear, D.; Burrell, R., 1955:
Spectrophotometric method for determining hydroxylamine redutase activity in higher plants

Fekete, M.; Kozma, L.; Huszka, T., 1976:
Spectrophotometric method for determining the pigment content of ground paprika

Feeny, P., 1969:
Spectrophotometric method for rapid determination of oak leaf condensed tannin

Dadic, M., 1974:
Spectrophotometric method for simultaneous determination of anthocyanogens and catechins (tanninogens)

Fleming, H.P.; Ordal, Z.J., 1964:
Spectrophotometric Method For The Determination Of Calcium In Bacterial Spores

Yokoyama, M.; Pauli, G.D., 1973:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of citric acid

Mihajlovic, R., P.; Kaljevic, V., M.; Vukasinovic, M., P.; Mihajlovic, L., V.; Pantic, I., D., 2007:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of phosphorus in natural waters using the bismuthphosphomolybdate complex

Popov, M.; Il'-Yasov, S.; Kortunova, E.; Sofronova, O., 1984:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of protein in powdered materials

Karageorgiev, D., 1984:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of zineb residues in fruit

Rama-Krishna, R.S.raj, P.P.akasa-Sastry, C., 1979:
Spectrophotometric method for the direct determination of cysteine in the presence of other naturally occurring amino acids

Skhiladze, Nr, 1987:
Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of caffeine in the hulls of ripe tea seeds

Cirilli, G.P.pgheorghiu, A., 1972:
Spectrophotometric method for the tryptophan dosage

Genkina, G.; Eidler, Y., 1974:
Spectrophotometric method of analyzing cardenolides of the strophanthidin group with 2,2,4,4-tetranitrobiphenyl

Sadovnikov, I.; Orlov, D., 1978:
Spectrophotometric method of characteristics of soils, their color and quantitiative regularities of light reflection by them

Damianova, L.M.nasian, M., 1978:
Spectrophotometric method of det

Vechar, A.; Kaler, U.; Kulikiva, A.; Kazakevich, I.; Siarheeu, A., 1979:
Spectrophotometric method of dete

Appaiah, K.; Ramakrishna, R.S.bba-Rao, K.; Nagaraja, K.; Kapur, O., 1982:
Spectrophotometric method of determination of carbofuran residues

Kikvidze, I.; Kereselidze, D., 1978:
Spectrophotometric method of determination of scimmianin in roots and in aboveground parts of Dictamnus caucasicus in different periods of vegetation

Prasad, M.S.ivastava, J.; Ramanathan, G., 1978:
Spectrophotometric method of determination of sugar in traces

Baratov, K.; Babaev, I.; Men'-Shikova, A., 1976:
Spectrophotometric method of determining Treflan (trifluralin) in products of plant origin, water and soil with the use of thin layer chromatography

Novik, I.; Sverzhina, Z.; Genina, I., 1979 :
Spectrophotometric method of determining copper content in food products

Mel'-Nikov, V.; Bugorskii, P., 1975:
Spectrophotometric method of determining the quantity of rose oil in distillates

Klimov, N.; Koromyslova, G., 1976:
Spectrophotometric method of determining tryptophan metabolites in the blood of cows

Naudovich, L.; Maslova, G.; Bondarenko, L.; Perel'-Son, M.; Tolkachev, O., 1978:
Spectrophotometric method of quantitative determination of berberin in the roots of Berberis vulgaris

Cyr, T.C.r, N.H.que, R., 1977:
Spectrophotometric Methods

Gu, R.; Xie, C.X., C.; Hong,, C.H., S.L.o, X., 1985:
Spectrophotometric methods for determination of tannic acid

Camean, A.; Herrador, M.; Navas, M.; Jimenez, A.; Asuero, A., 1986:
Spectrophotometric methods for determining copper in milk

Herrador, M.; Marques, M.; Camean, A.; Asuero, A., 1986:
Spectrophotometric methods for determining manganese in foods

Herrador, M.; Navas, M.; Camean, A.; Jimenez, A.; Asuero, A., 1986:
Spectrophotometric methods for determining zinc in foods

Camean, A.; Herrador, M.; Asuero, A.; Marques, M., 1986:
Spectrophotometric methods for the determination of zinc in water

Lakshminarayana, V., 1980 :
Spectrophotometric methods in pesticide residue analysis

Kamenshikova, S.; Smirnov, A.; Mokhnachev, I., 1975:
Spectrophotometric methods of determining the quality of tobacco raw material

Vanhaelen, M., 1973:
Spectrophotometric microdosage of alkaloids in Peumus boldus

Sugesti, S., 1983:
Spectrophotometric pectin determination of various plant material

Nagy, J.M.halyi, G.K.rmendy, L., 1975:
Spectrophotometric protein determination of meat and meat products

Tan, S.; Hamir, N., 1981:
Spectrophotometric quantification of Guignards sodium picrate test Testing for hydrogen cyanide from plant tissue

Al-Ani, M.; Opara, L., U.; Ai-Bahri, D.; Ai-Rahbi, N., 2007:
Spectrophotometric quantification of ascorbic acid contents of fruit and vegetables using the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine method

Nemcova, I.; Cermakova, L.; Gasparic, J., 1996:
Spectrophotometric reactions

Krupianko, Vi, 1976:
Spectrophotometric research of Penicillium brevicompactum RNAse complexformation with adenyl nucleotides

Fujita,, T., 1986:
Spectrophotometric research on the enzymatic browning of Japanese pear fruit

Hasani, M.; Moloudi, M.; Emami, F., 2007:
Spectrophotometric resolution of ternary mixtures of tryptophan, tyrosine, and histidine with the aid of principal component-artificial neural network models

López Pasquali, C.E.; Fernández Hernando, P.; Durand Alegría, J.S., 2007:
Spectrophotometric simultaneous determination of nitrite, nitrate and ammonium in soils by flow injection analysis

Niazi, A.; Yazdanipour, A., 2007:
Spectrophotometric simultaneous determination of nitrophenol isomers by orthogonal signal correction and partial least squares

Miedziejko, E.W.ymann, G.P.da, M., 1979:
Spectrophotometric studies of phytochrome in vivo

Vaisburd, A.; Malyshevskaia, K.; Finkel'-Shtein, A., 1977:
Spectrophotometric studies of simultaneous reactions with the participation of Na xanthate of cellulose

Kapustina, V.; Kudritskaia, T.; Avakov, E.; Tokhmakhchi, N., 1979:
Spectrophotometric studies of wines exposed to thermal treatment

Nakatani, C.K.rasawa, I., 1979:
Spectrophotometric studies on t

Pyysalo, H.M.kitie, O., 1973:
Spectrophotometric studies on the acid dissociation of anthocyanins in aqueous solutions

Agarwal, S.; Gupta, K., 1980:
Spectrophotometric studies on the complexes of metal ions with caramel

Foresti, B.M.sumeci, S., 1972:
Spectrophotometric studies on the souring of oils. II

Vaisburd, A.; Malyshevskaia, K.; Finkel'-Shtein, A.; Pil'-Nikova, N., 1975:
Spectrophotometric study of alkylation of sodium xanthogenate of cellulose by dimethylsulfate

Upchurch, B.; Affeldt, H.; Hruschka, W.; Norris, K.; Throop, J., 1990:
Spectrophotometric study of bruises on whole, Red Delicious apples

Kosikova, B.D.ndarova-Vasatkova, M., 1970:
Spectrophotometric study of different lignin types

Andreeva, Z.; Rybakova, B., 1974:
Spectrophotometric study of fulvic acids and their compounds with copper

Nekhaichuk, A.; Evdokimov, A.; Kitaeva, S.; Moskaleva, V.; Iatsenko-Khmelevskii, A., 1974:
Spectrophotometric study of lignin of Pinus wood subjected to soft pre-hydrolysis

Rustamov, I.; Lykov, M.; Nadirov, Z.; Orudzhev, S., 1976:
Spectrophotometric study of omicron dephenoloxidase (polyphenoloxidase) of apples

Ostrovskaia, L.; Dmitrieva, V.; Beloshitskii, N.; Kostromina, N., 1977:
Spectrophotometric study of sap of plants dressed with iron complexonates

Ovcsarenko, F.; Gordienko, A.G.uscsenko, T., 1971:
Spectrophotometric study of the complex-formation processes of humic acids

Polcin, J.R.pson, W., 1969:
Spectrophotometric study of wood chromophores in situ. I. The method of differential (K

Polcin, J.R.pson, W., 1969:
Spectrophotometric study of wood chromophores in situ. II. DETERMINATION of the absorption spectrum of lignin from reflectance and reflectivity measurements

Polcin, J.R.pson, W., 1969:
Spectrophotometric study of wood chromophores in situ. III. determination of the spectrum of lignin by the cotton-dilation method

Boltz, Df, 1973:
Spectrophotometric, spectrofluorometric and atomic absorption spectrometric methods for the determination of anions in water

Ono, K.-; Hasegawa, M.-; Araki, M.-; Amari, M.-; Hiraide, M., 2007:
Spectrophotometrical characteristics in the near infrared region in beech (Fagus crenata) and pine (Pinus densiflora) litters at the various decomposing stages

Haspel-Horvatovic, E.H.rickova, B., 1976:
Spectrophotometrical determination of yellow and red paprika pigments

Gasitashvili, A.; Trubnikov, V., 1973:
Spectrophotometrical study of color distribution in the blade of the tobacco leaf

Bashford, C.L.H.rris, D.A., 1987:
Spectrophotometry & spectrofluorimetry

Luciani, M.C.rradini, T., 1971:
Spectrophotometry and chromatography used in the analysis of coatings

Hey, H., 1972:
Spectrophotometry and gas chromatography of thiabendazole, UV photometric analysis on citrus fruits and bananas

Bifel, M., 1975:
Spectrophotometry and gaschromatography examination of furfural

Gore, Michael, G., 2000:
Spectrophotometry and spectrofluorimetry

Olah, Mrs, L., 1977:
Spectrophotometry measurement of cloudiness and color intensity of white wines

Birth, G.; Zachariah, G., 1976:
Spectrophotometry of agricultual products

Birth, Gerald-Stewart, 1971:
Spectrophotometry of biological materials

Strokova, G.; Gusev, S.; Terent'-Ev, V.; Kosheleva, L., 1974:
Spectrophotometry of plant tissues in the infrared region

Nielsen, Vh, 1969:
Spectrophotometry tests fat fast

Bisset, K., 1976:
Spectrophotometry, chromatography, and genetics of Hemerocallis pigments

Burgess, C.J.nes, D.G., 1995:
Spectrophotometry, luminescence, and colour

Pourreza, N.; Elhami, S., 2007:
Spectrophtometric determination of malachite green in fish farming water samples after cloud point extraction using nonionic surfactant Triton X-100

Iwamoto, M.H.yakawa, A.K.wano, S.K.mura, S., 1979:
Spectrophtometric measuring met

Murzakov, B.; Pozharitskaia, L.; Tarkhanova, M., 1972:
Spectropolarimetric investigation of soil organic substances

Wanik, B., 1982 :
Spectropolarimetric investigations on the renaturation of animal DNA macromolecules in NaCl aqueous solution in the region of the helix-coil transition. II

Wanik, B., 1982:
Spectropolarimetric investigations on the renaturation of animal DNA macromolecules in NaCl aqueous solution in the region of the helix-coli transition. I

Porcelli, S.C.smo, F., 1978:
Spectroradiometric observations on Salerno latitude

Porcelli, S.C.smo, F.D.-Amore, R., 1976:
Spectroradometric, thermic and hygrometric observations in tunnels

Hur, J.; Jung, N-Chung.; Shin, J-Ki., 2007:
Spectroscopic distribution of dissolved organic matter in a dam reservoir impacted by turbid storm runoff

Tsuda, A.; Alam, M.Akhtarul.; Harada, T.; Yamaguchi, T.; Ishii, N.; Aida, T., 2007:
Spectroscopic visualization of vortex flows using dye-containing nanofibers

Tseng, Dy, 1997:
Spectroscopic analysis (FT-IR) of polysaccharide degradation in a bench-scale solid waste treatment (composting) system

Jung, D.-Dae-Bong; Bhattacharyya, D.; Easteal, A., J., 2007:
Spectroscopic analysis of poly(ethylene naphthalate)-poly(butylene terephthalate) blends

Evans, M.C.; maclachlan, D.J.; Bratt, P.; Nugent, J.H., 1994:
Spectroscopic analysis of redox changes during S-state transitions of the water oxidation complex

Ostmeyer, J.; Elder, T.; Winandy, J., 1989:
Spectroscopic analysis of southern pine treated with chromated copper arsenate. II. Diffuse reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (DRIFT)

Rinia, H.A.; Bonn, M.; Vartiainen, E.M.; Schaffer, C.B.; Müller, M., 2006:
Spectroscopic analysis of the oxygenation state of hemoglobin using coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering

Miyazawa, T.U.uki, R.K.neda, T., 1982:
Spectroscopic analysis of the weak light generated in autoxidation of linseed oil

Song, P.S., 1980:
Spectroscopic analysis of vitamin B12 derivatives

Lockwood, D.; Labbe, H.; Gardner, G., 1984:
Spectroscopic analysis of wine crystals

Zhang, C.; Kong, D.; Liu, X.; Yan, X.; Dai, L.; Ma, D., 2007:
Spectroscopic analysis on the effect of temperature on Kunitz domain 1 of human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2

Conte, P.; Spaccini, R.; Smejkalová, D.; Nebbioso, A.; Piccolo, A., 2007:
Spectroscopic and conformational properties of size-fractions separated from a lignite humic acid

Garrido, J.M.P.J.; Marques, M.Paula.M.; Silva, A.M.S.; Macedo, T.R.A.; Oliveira-Brett, A.M.; Borges, F., 2007:
Spectroscopic and electrochemical studies of cocaine-opioid interactions

Zhang, S.; Fu, X.; Gong, Y., 2007:
Spectroscopic and electrochemical studies on block-polymer

Cerdonio,, R.; Rawlings, J.G.ay, H., 1974:
Spectroscopic and magnetic characterization of the high pote ntial iron-sulfur protein from Chromatium

Spaapen, Leopold-Jacobus-Maria, 1979:
Spectroscopic and mechanistic studies on soybean and pea lipoxygenases

Jroundi, F.; Merroun, M.-Larbi; Arias, J.-Maria; Rossberg, A.; Selenska-Pobell, S.; Gonzalez-Munoz, M.-Teresa, 2007:
Spectroscopic and microscopic characterization of uranium biomineralization in Myxococcus xanthus

Lepetit, B.; Volke, D.; Szabó, Mán.; Hoffmann, R.; Garab, Gözö.; Wilhelm, C.; Goss, R., 2007:
Spectroscopic and molecular characterization of the oligomeric antenna of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Wells, T.; Lapko, V.; Moon, D.; Bhoo, S.; Song, P., 1996:
Spectroscopic and structural requirements for photoreceptors: phytochromes

Luisetti, J.M.hwald, H.G.lla, H., 1979:
Spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies of chlorophyll containing monolayers and vesicles. II. Chlorophyll a and pheophytin a agreggation on DMPC vesicles

Urosevic, V.; Tomasevic, M., 1982:
Spectroscopic and time-resolved investigations of delayed light emission of green leaves

Zore, V.; Tikhonova, Z., 1970:
Spectroscopic appraisal of the relative concentrations of trace elements in quails and hens eggs

Suzuki, S.; Sakurai, T.; Nakahara, A.; Oda, O.; Manabe, T.; Okuyama, T., 1980:
Spectroscopic aspects of copper binding site in bovine serum amine oxidase

Hoarau, J.L.clerc, J., 1977:
Spectroscopic changes in the chlorophyll a of Porphyridium induced by illumination and chemical action and observed at 196 degrees Celcius

Bohm, C.; Ellerbrock, R.H.; Gerke, H.H., 2006:
Spectroscopic characterisation of properties of heterogeneous surfaces in structural elements of soils

Avilov, I.; Maslov, I., 1977:
Spectroscopic characteristic of some strains of blue green algae

Azzouzi, F.; Ait Lyazidi, S.; Haddad, M.; Lamotte, M.; Essassi, E.M.; Hnach, M.; Zenkouar, M., 2006:
Spectroscopic characterization and theoretical simulation of 1,4-diallylquinoxaline-2,3-dione self dimer

Warren, Patrick, V., 1993:
Spectroscopic characterization of Photosystem I

Rivadeneira, J.; Barrio, D.A.; Etcheverry, S.B.; Baran, E.J., 2007:
Spectroscopic characterization of a VO2+ complex of oxodiacetic acid and its bioactivity on osteoblast-like cells in culture

Coyne, L.-M.M.keever, S., W.S.B.ake, D., F., 1990:
Spectroscopic characterization of minerals and their surfaces

Rigoni, F.B.ssi, R.G.acometti, G., 1989:
Spectroscopic characterization of purified chlorophyll a

Suchard, S.N.M.lzer, J.E., 1975:
Spectroscopic data

Ahmad, V.-Uddin; Basha, A., 2007:
Spectroscopic data of steroid glycosides

Prey, V.S.hindlbauer, H., 1970:
Spectroscopic determination of betaine in sugar products

Gorinstein, S.K.tov, S.D.utsch, J., 1980:
Spectroscopic determination of glycerol, polyphenols, and nitrogenous compounds in beer and wine

Franco, M.; Gessa, C., 1976:
Spectroscopic determination of the geometry of copper ion (II) absorbed by bentonite

Dadák, V.; Krivänková, L., 1980:
Spectroscopic determination of vitamin K after reduction

Nojima, J.; Sakudo, A.; Hakariya, Y.; Kuratsune, H.; Watanabe, Y.; Kanakura, Y.; Ikuta, K., 2007:
Spectroscopic diagnosis of anti-phospholipid antibodies by visible and near-infrared spectroscopy in SLE patients' plasma samples

Costs, C.M.nties, B., 1977:
Spectroscopic effects of reactions between electrophilic reagents and epoxycarotenoids violaxanthin and neoxanthin

Borchman, D.; Foulks, G.N.; Yappert, M.C.; Tang, D.; Ho, D.V., 2007:
Spectroscopic evaluation of human tear lipids

Tomimatsu, Y.; Donovan, J.W., 1976:
Spectroscopic evidence for perturbation of tryptophan in Al(III) and Ga(III) binding to ovotransferrin and human serum transferrin

Wieland, T.; de Vries, J.X.; Schäfer, A.; Faulstich, H., 1975:
Spectroscopic evidence for the interaction of phalloidin with actin

Arai, Y.; Marcus, M.A.; Tamura, N.; Davis, J.A.; Zachara, J.M., 2007:
Spectroscopic evidence for uranium bearing precipitates in vadose zone sediments at the Hanford 300-area site

Mumma, R.; Khalifa, S.H.milton, R., 1971:
Spectroscopic identification of metabolites of carbaryl in plants

Kazarian, S.; Kong, K.; Bajomo, M.W.erd, J.V.n-Der; Chan, K., 2005 :
Spectroscopic imaging applied to drug release

Gomes, W.A.; Lado, F.A.; de Lanerolle, N.C.; Takahashi, K.; Pan, C.; Hetherington, H.P., 2007:
Spectroscopic imaging of the pilocarpine model of human epilepsy suggests that early NAA reduction predicts epilepsy

Jung, Y.; Choi, J.; Lee, W., 2007:
Spectroscopic investigation of magnetite surface for the reduction of hexavalent chromium

Arapov, O.; Kutnevich, A.; Zarubin, M., 1976:
Spectroscopic investigation of protonation of guaiacyl compounds in media of strong acids

Kurilenko, O.; Fabulyak, Y.; Klimovich, V., 1975:
Spectroscopic investigation of the adsorption of certain electron-donor molecules by native apple pectin and its sodium salt

Zhang, Y.; Du, H.; Tang, Y.; Xu, G.; Yan, W., 2007:
Spectroscopic investigation on the interaction of J-aggregate with human serum albumin

Lewandowski, W+or-Odzimierz, 1986:
Spectroscopic investigations of the influence of some metals on the aromatic system of benzoic acid

Lentz, H., 1975:
Spectroscopic investigations on the humic acids

Loew, Leslie, M., 1988:
Spectroscopic membrane probes

Maier, Hg, 1970:
Spectroscopic method for studying the sorption of volatile substances on foods by means of thin films

Kemsley, E.; Belton, P.; Mccann, M.; Ttofis, S.W.lson, R.; Delgadillo, I., 1994:
Spectroscopic method for the authentication of vegetable matter

Levdik, I.; Maidanovich, M.; Stroev, S.; Inshakov, M., 1974:
Spectroscopic method in the quantitative determination of pu lp content in active sludge

Jones, C.; Mulloy, B.; Thomas, A., H., 1993:
Spectroscopic methods and analyses

Solomon, E.-I.H.dgson, K.O., 1998:
Spectroscopic methods in bioinorganic chemistry

Williams, D.-H.F.eming, I., 1995:
Spectroscopic methods in organic chemistry

Zweig, G.; Sherma, J., A., 1977:
Spectroscopic methods of analysis

Belton, Ps, 1984:
Spectroscopic methods: nuclear magnetic resonance and photoacoustic spectroscopy

Reis, M.M.; Araújo, P.H.H.; Sayer, C.; Giudici, R., 2007:
Spectroscopic on-line monitoring of reactions in dispersed medium: chemometric challenges

Bialek-Bylka, G.E.; Pawlak, K.; Jazurek, B.; Skrzypczak, A.; Koyama, Y., 2007:
Spectroscopic properties and temperature induced electronic configuration changes of all-trans and 15-cis beta-carotenes in ionic liquids

Stefanini, S.C.iancone, E.A.osio, P.F.nazzi-Agro, A.A.tonini, E., 1982:
Spectroscopic properties of horse apoferritins

Anonymous, 1968 :
Spectroscopic properties of inorganic and organometallic compounds

Wybourne, Brian, G., 1965:
Spectroscopic properties of rare earths

Draganova, R.T.olova, E.N.nkova, S., 1981:
Spectroscopic properties of technical hydrolysis lignin

Sviderskiaei, V.-Leonidovich; Leont'-Ev, V.G.S.akov, V.S., 1987:
Spectroscopic research methods in physiology and biochemistry

Montalvo, J.Jr, 1982:
Spectroscopic studies in analysis and control of cotton dust

Narain, Nk, 1976:
Spectroscopic studies of a less abundant flavone, genkwanin

Narain, Nk, 1978:
Spectroscopic studies of fasciculide B, a new sesquiterpene lactone from the leaves of Vernonia fasciculata Michx

Whittaker, J.W., 1995:
Spectroscopic studies of galactose oxidase

Zhbankov, R.; Marupov, R.U.manov, A.R.abova, I.; Kabildzhanova, S., 1977:
Spectroscopic studies of leaves of cotton infected by wilt

Arshad, M.B.g, A.S.miuzzaman, 1973:
Spectroscopic studies of organophosphorus compounds. VII. IR spectra of alkyltriphenylphosphonium compounds

Arshad, M.B.g, A.S.miuzzaman, 1973:
Spectroscopic studies of organophosphorus compounds. VIII. IR spectra of tri-m-tolylphosphine and alkyltri-m-tolyphosphonium iodides

Singh, S.; Upadhyaya, J.; Rao, N., 1987:
Spectroscopic studies of organosolv lignins of some non-wood fibrous plants

Nakatani, H.; Kitagishi, K.; Hiromi, K., 1976:
Spectroscopic studies of pepsin and its complex with Streptomyces pepsin inhibitor

Vos, C.H.W., 1988:
Spectroscopic studies of proteins in reversed micelles

Meister, A.M.slova, T., 1969:
Spectroscopic studies of the chlorophyll forms in the leaf during the influence of some damaging factors

Barzegar, A.; Moosavi-Movahedi, A.A.; Sattarahmady, N.; Hosseinpour-Faizi, M.A.; Aminbakhsh, M.; Ahmad, F.; Saboury, A.A.; Ganjali, M.R.; Norouzi, P., 2007:
Spectroscopic studies of the effects of glycation of human serum albumin on L-Trp binding

Muzylev, L.; Komissarov, S.; Perepechko, N., 1977:
Spectroscopic studies of wool fibers modified in electric discharges

Zeng, L.; Xing, D.; Zhang, L.; Li, Q.; Wang, C., 2007:
Spectroscopic studies on origination of the peak at 730 nm in delayed fluorescence of chloroplasts

Barel, A.O.; Glazer, A.N., 1969:
Spectroscopic studies on papain and some inactive derivatives

Hirose, H.K.mano, S.M.dono, K., 1969:
Spectroscopic studies on phycoerythrins from cyanophycean and rhodophycean algae with special reference to their phylogenetical relations

Sciacovelli, O.S.nesi, N.S.linas, V.T.stini, C., 1977 :
Spectroscopic studies on soil organic fractions. I. IR and NMR spectra

Kandagal, P.B.; Shaikh, S.M.T.; Manjunatha, D.H.; Seetharamappa, J.; Nagaralli, B.S., 2007:
Spectroscopic studies on the binding of bioactive phenothiazine compounds to human serum albumin

Wang, Yu; Zhou, Anhong, 2007:
Spectroscopic studies on the binding of methylene blue with DNA by means of cyclodextrin supramolecular systems

Müller, W.E.; Wollert, U., 1976:
Spectroscopic studies on the complex formation of suramin with bovine and human serum albumin

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Speech is silver, silence is golden

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Speed as an error factor in the application of insecticides for the control of the hop aphid (Phorodon humuli Schrank)

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Speed cookery

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Speed demons: Whos to blame in the need for speed?

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Speed increase in cultivating and sowing

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Speed limit 100

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Speed of growth of closed pine stands in the region of low hillocks and declivities in the Kazakh SSR

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Speed of growth of crossbred and purebred heterozygotic ewe lambs according to the loci of transferrin and hemoglobin as compared with homozygous lambs

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Speed of in vivo irreversible degradation of free L threonine in a case of lysine deficiency

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Speed of innovation in high technology firms

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Speed of ripening of millet grain and its resistance to shattering as important varietal chsracters

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Speed of saccharose cristallization at the limit of thinnessof the diffusion layer

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Speed of sugar crystallization and the magnitudes which affect it

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Speed of sugar crystallization during the boiling of raw massecuite

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Speed of the transporting organ of the stationary distributor of feeds to the sheep

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Speed of water infiltration on loess undulating area

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Speed reducer for T 74 tractor

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Speed roller module builder

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Speed tailoring techniques: Slot pocket

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Speed tailoring techniques: fusing interfacing

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Speed tailoring techniques: preparing fabrics & patterns

Anonymous, 1983:
Speed tailoring techniques: sleeves

Anonymous, 1983:
Speed tailoring techniques: standing welt pocket

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Speed, acceleration and manoeuvrability of two teleost fishes Rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri), smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu)

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Speed, sheet quality dictate future trends in paper machine engineering

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Speed-up of the rural industra

Cheng, Sk, 1972:
Speed-up the rural industraliz

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Speedel staunches the renin cascade at its source

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Speedier grass drying with combined mowing, flailing, and spreading

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Speediest collectivization

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Speedily establishing agricultural, industrial, and commercial enterprise from national farms

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Speeding collection of accounts receivable

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Speeding natural rubber production

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Speeding research to the field

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Speeding swine raising and feed additives

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Speeding the application of research findings

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Speeding the drill

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Speeding the parlour throughput

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Speeding the transport

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Speeding up Mother Nature

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Speeding up Swiss cheese aging by using ferments from roentgen mutants

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Speeding up a natural process is one way to handle wastes that threaten to overwhelm US

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Speeding up a review of the current regulation on the acceptance of sugarbeets according to their sugar percentage

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Speeding up and delaying the flowering of lilies in greenhouses

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Speeding up cultivation of seedlings of Betula pendula in the steppe region of Altai Territory

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Speeding up data delivery for precision agriculture

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Speeding up kalamansi juice extraction

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Speeding up oak production with extended daylength

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Speeding up of generation in co

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Speeding up overall mechanization of livestock farms

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Speeding up processes of hardening of light concrete by using cement and wood waste

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Speeding up scientific-technical progress in farm production mechanization, electrification and automation

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Speeding up strawberry cultivar development in Oregon

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Speeding up technical progress

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Speeding up the EPA review process

Anonymous, 1979:
Speeding up the birth process

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Speeding up the breeding process in Gladiolus

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Speeding up the construction of and effective cleaning device Machine for harvesting sugarbeet tops.1

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Speeding up the creation of resistant varieties

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Speeding up the development of bee families in one-wall, multifloor behives

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Speeding up the development of winter wheat caused by treatment with organic acids of sprouts during vernalization

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Speeding up the evaluation for resistance

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Speeding up the growth of oak seedlings

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Speeding up the introduction of new varieties for farm production

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Speeding up the land reclamation in Kirov Region, 1940

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Speeding up the liming of acid chernozem soils USSR.1

Anonymous, 1981:
Speeding up the management of state farms to become agricultural, industrial enterprises

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Speeding up the performance of the analysis

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Speeding up the provision of viticulture with new machinery

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Speeding up the rotary parlour

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Speeding up the soil survey

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Speeding up the spread of co op housing

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Speeding up the strawberry harvesting date

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Speeding up the turnover rate of assets in the payments of collective farms

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Speeding vegetables seedlings

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Speeding wheat from greenhouse to farmer

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Speeding-up the flowering of Hippeastrum X hortorum with the aid of physiologically active substances

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Speedline signals for cattle prices

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Speedling float growing tobacco transplants on water

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Speeds and driving gears of the farm tractor

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Speeds and types of flight of some Pieridae and Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera: Pieridae, Nymphalidae)

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Speeds of falling & dispersal of seed of Pinus radiata and Pinus contorta

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Speeds seedling growth

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Speedup rural construction pla

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Speedup the growth of pears by

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Speedway and large animals

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Speedwell competition in winter wheat

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Speedwriting shorthand

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Speedy afforestation and product processing for economic forests

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Speedy and high production of important wood seedlings

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Speedy delivery: twelve easy ways to a more efficient delivery department

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Speedy genes enhance plant breeding

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Speedy haymaking for silage preparation

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Speedy method of the determination of the fraction of lipides after their division with thin-layer chromatography

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Speedy method of the selection of antibiotics in the treatment of indigestion in calves

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Speedy methods of fattening hogs

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Speedy seedlings

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Speedy summer snacks

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Speep milk utilization

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Speisekartoffeln, Pflanzkartoffeln

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Spekboom blooms

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Spektroskopische Untersuchungen an Azulenen

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Spektrum kebijakan pertanian Indonesia

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Spencer Ambrose Beach (1860-1922)

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Spencer County, Indiana

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Spencer Creek Tributary Salt Project, Pike County, Missouri

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Spend less time running PigCHAMP reports and more time analyzing them

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Spend less, make more & keep EPA off your back

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Spend more--cost less

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Spending a little--saving a lot Golf maintenance, turfgrass

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Spending and saving in wartime

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Spending on food-assistance programs decreased in 1997

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Spending patterns of the departments and agencies of the federal government

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Spending still high in Quebec mills

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Spendthrift in America?

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Spent coffee grounds are dried, then burned for fuel

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Spent fuel storage

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Spent mushroom compost--possible potting mix component

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Sperimentazione animale e psiche

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Sperm bank for foxes

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Sperm depletion in the orb-weaving spider Nephila clavipes (Araneae, Araneidae)

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Sperm examinations with mink. i

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Sperm in competition

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Sperm maturation in the epididymis: a new look at an old problem

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