Section 18
Chapter 17,119

Standardization of process for preparation of banana fruit bar

Narayana, C.K.; Mustaffa, M.M.; Sathiamoorthy, S.

Indian Journal of Horticulture 64(3): 349-350


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-8538
Accession: 017118017

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A preliminary study was conducted to standardize the recipe and process for the preparation of banana fruit bar. Ripe and over-ripe banana (Karpuravalli variety) fruits were peeled and the pulp was blended into a smooth paste in an electric blender. Sugar, citric acid, pectin and colour (Sunset yellow) were added to the pulp in different combinations as treatments based on pulp weight and replicated 5 times. Potassium metabisulfite at a rate of 350 ppm was added uniformly to all treatments. The mixture was poured into aluminium trays that were smeared with ghee. The trays were kept in hot air oven at 70 degrees C for 18 h. The dried sheet of the fruit bar was lifted from the trays and turned to allow uniform drying for another 10 h.

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