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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17128

Chapter 17128 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ehrl, M., 2007:
Steer-by-Wire via ISOBUS

Jozaki, H., 1982:
Steerability of tracked vehicle on soft soil

Kuwahara, Y., 1973:
Steereella, a new genus of Hepaticae from the West Indies

Cretcher, Dorothy, 1982:
Steering clear

Whitaker, Jh, 1976:
Steering design for adjustable tread-width tractors

Wong, T.Seng.; Roccatano, D.; Schwaneberg, U., 2007:
Steering directed protein evolution: strategies to manage combinatorial complexity of mutant libraries

Anonymous, 1946:
Steering group report

Heir, Ja, 1974:
Steering mechanism for the reaper

Richter, Klaus, 1981:
Steering methods of levelers on roadways

Bouvier, J., 1978 :
Steering of sexual morphogenesis in tryptophan and nicotinic acid auxotrophic mutants of Penicillium baarnense

Elkjar, K., 1984:
Steering principles

Renborg, U., 1976:
Steering processes of change in an uncertain world

Moiseff, A.; Pollack, G.S.; Hoy, R.R., 1978:
Steering responses of flying crickets to sound and ultrasound: Mate attraction and predator avoidance

Sudol, T., 1976:
Steering the development of production by means of prices

Tyszkiewicz, S., 1978:
Steering the quality of production in the meat industry

Trexler, C.; Saunders, A., 2003:
Steering through turbulent waters while developing a community of practice: struggles in an undergraduate agricultural leadership course based on service-learning

Knaifl, O., 1982:
Steering wheel vibrations in the Zetor tractor of the UR 1 series from the point of view of hygienic rules

Bendietiskiaei, Ce-Eiia, 1987:
Steering wheeled tractors

Randy, Ha, 1979:
Steers gained 1-1

Kugler, N.M.; Garcilazo, M.G.; Barbarossa, R.A.; Garcia, P.T.; Loriente, G., 2005:
Steers grazing cultivation of corn: finish weight and body fatty acid profile

Small, D., 1981:
Steers implanted with synovex-S gain more protein

Schmidt, S.; Donnelly, E.1; Hoveland, C.1; Moore, R., 1982:
Steers make good gains grazing sericea and alfalfa Legumes, summer pastures, Alabama

Santini, F.; Villarreal, E.; Faverin, C.; Depetris, G.; Cossu, M.E.; Grigera Naon, J.J., 2005:
Steers mature size and feedlot diet energy concentration. 2. Meat fatty acid

Villarreal, E.L.; Santini, F.; Faverin, C.; Depetris, G.; Grigera, J.; Pavan, E.; Schor, A.; Grigera Naon, J.J., 2005:
Steers mature size and feedlot diet energy concentration: 1. Carcass and organoleptic meat traits

Ada, I.; Mann, A., 1972:
Steers on wheat grain and stubble didnt grow quickly

Fiems, L.; Boucque, C.; Cottyn, B.; Buysse, F., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Effect of growth stimulators on fattening. Effect of antibiotics on performances of slaughter bulls

Lambot, O.E.naeme, C.V.n; Gielen, M.B.enfait, J., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Effects of growth stimulators on fattening. Anabolics and young growing-finishing bulls

Vliegher, A.-De; Carlier, L.; Andries, A., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Feeding. Beef production in different grassland farming systems

Gielen, M.L.mbourg, P.B.enfait, J.; Eenaeme, C.V.n; Lambot, O., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Feeding. Pasture beef production on intensively farmed permanent pastures in Upper Belgium

Boucque, C.; Fiems, L.; Cottyn, B.; Buysse, F., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Feeding. Protein requirement of double muscled bulls during the finishing period

Boucque, C.; Fiems, L.; Cottyn, B.; Buysse, F., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Feeding. Silaged pressed pulps or dried pulp pellets made from beets for slaughter bulls

Cottyn, B.; Boucque, C.; Fiems, L.; Buysse, F., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Feeding. Use of maize silage in intensive beef production

Buyle, A., 1984:
Steers, bulls, heifers. Profitability of fattening young bulls

Jaranowski, Jk, 1978:
Stefan Barbacki, 1903-1979

Stamatov, T., 1975:
Stefan D. Chernev--the first Bul

Stanev, Stefan, 1985:
Stefan Georgiev

Styk, B., 1975:
Stefan Lewicki

Styk, B., 1976:
Stefan Lewicki, 1890-1975

Smolski, S., 1978:
Stefan Myczkowski (1923-1977)

Mierzwinski, K., 1970:
Stefan Ostrowski--obituary

Manteuffel, R., 1978:
Stefan Schmidt (1889-1977).

Vasil'-Chenko, Lt, 1969:
Stefan Stepanovich Neniukov (1906--1942)

Weber, A.S.nntag, S., 2006:
Stefan Vogel -- 80 years. A life devoted to floral ecology

Kok, P., J.R.; Benjamin, P., 2007:
Stefania evansi (Groete creek carrying frog): Froglet carrying

Peck, O., 1974:
Steffanolampus, a new genus for Perilampus salicetum (Chal cidoidea) and its nearctic distribution

Tschersich, J.R.chey, H., 1971:
Steffens method for desugarizing molasses at Kermanshah (Iran)

Strojan, P.; Anicin, A.; Svetic, B.; Pohar, M.; Smid, L.; Kos, J., 2007:
Stefin a and stefin B: markers for prognosis in operable squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Niedbala, W., 1982:
Steganacarus (Atropacarus) absimilus (Acari, Oribatida, Phthiracaridae, a new species of mite from North America New taxa.1

Bissett, J., 1977:
Steganosporium acerinum

Shoemaker, R.; Kokko, E., 1977:
Steganosporium ovatum

Guth, Eb-De, 1970:
Stegmates in the leaves of Argentine palmate palms

Mcclelland, Gah, 1974:

Dworakowska, I., 1972:
Stehliksia gen. n. and some other African Typhlocybinae (Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae)

Purrer, W., 1974:
Steiermark forestry in change

Senft, W., 1970:
Steiermark grassland farming, maize and fruit growing, and poultry raising industries

Vogt, V., 1970:
Steiermark vineyards

Von-Bargen, K.S.linter, W.; Bashford, L., 1986:
Steiger Bearcat 1000 diesel, 12 speed (catepillar engine)

Steinbruegge, G.; Splinter, W.; Lane, D., 1974:
Steiger Bearcat II

Von-Bargen, K.S.linter, W.; Bashford, L., 1986:
Steiger Cougar 1000 diesel, 12 speed (caterpillar engine)

Von-Bargen, K.T.ompson, T.; Bashford, L., 1985:
Steiger Cougar CR 1225 diesel, 20 speed

Von-Bargen, K.T.ompson, T.; Bashford, L., 1985:
Steiger Cougar CR 1280 diesel, 20 speed

Larsen, Lf, 1974:
Steiger cougar II diesel

Anonymous, 1951:
Steigerung der landwirtschaftlichen Produktiviteat

Wiant, H.J.; Green, E., 1989:
Stein-rule estimation of cruise volumes

Anonymous, 2001:
Steinacher Road decommissioning project and KRIS workstation

Mowat, A., 1982:
Steinbach Credit Union: a quieter success consisting of hard work, community support and manager Jake Reimer

Anonymous, 1973:
Steiners guide to American hops

Uribe-Lorío, L.; Mora, M.; Stock, S.Patricia., 2007:
Steinernema costaricense n. sp. and S. puntauvense n. sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae), two new entomopathogenic nematodes from Costa Rica

Kaya, Hk, 1986:
Steinernema feltiae: use against foliage feeding insects and effect on nontarget insects

Nguyen, K.; Malan, A.; Gozel, U., 2006:
Steinernema khoisanae n. sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae), a new entomopathogenic nematode from South Africa

Raulston, Jr; Pair, Sd; Cabanillas, E., 1997:
Steinernema sp. nematode for suppression of Helicoverpa zea and Spodoptera frugiperda

Nguyen, K., B.; Stuart, R., J.; Andalo, V.; Gozel, U.; Rogers, M., E., 2007:
Steinernema texanum n. sp (Rhabditida : Steinernematidae), a new entomopathogenic nematode from Texas, USA

Woodring, J.-L.K.ya, H., K., 1988:
Steinernematid and heterorhabditid nematodes

Maethe, H., 1978:
Steinfurth in Hesse: 110 years of experience in rose cultivation

Moen, Erling, 1952:
Steinkjer meieri gjennom 75 ear, 1877-1952

Drechsler, A.; Walter, A., 1948:
Steirische Landbaufibel

Hudeczek, Fritz, 1950:
Steirische Waldatlas

Kieslinger, Willibald, 1954:
Steirischer Land- und Forstwirtschafts-Atlas

Cardillo, Fm, 1970:
Stelar anatomy of six species of Lycopodium

Slade, Bf, 1971:
Stelar evolution in vascular plants

Beck, C.; Schmid, R.R.thwell, G., 1982:
Stelar morphology and the primary vascular system of seed plants

Mitsuta,, M.I.atsuki, K., 1980:
Stelar structure of Aspleniaceae

Iwatsuki,, M., 1975:
Stelar structure of asplenium unilaterale and allied species

Dimichele, W.; Phillips, T., 1979:
Stelastellara Baxter, axes of questionable gymnosperm affinity with unusual habit--Middle Pennsylvanian

Johnson, MD., 1986:
Stelis (Microstelis) lateralis reared from a nest of Osmia (Nothosmia) pumila (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Kurt, A., 1971:
Stell: the production potential of our forests

Richmond, B.; Chichakly, K., 1994:
Stella II

Ward, M.; Rix, M., 2006:
Stella Ross-Craig (1906-2006) and Curtiss botanical magazine

Anonymous, 1993:
Stella natura

Vasilyeva, Lv, 1985:
Stella, a new genus of soil prosthecobacteria, with proposals for Stella humosa sp. nov. and Stella vacuolata sp. nov

Makuni, B.; Makuni, T., 1980:
Stellar Saintpaulia plants Cultivation recommendations, varieties.1

Tredaway, J.; Mueller, T.; Hayes, R., 1998:
Stellar for broadleaf weed control in soybeans

Antonova, N.; Petrovskii, V., 1986:
Stellaria longipes (Caryophyllaceae) and its related species in northeastern Asia

Newcomb, W.F.wke, L., 1974 :
Stellaria media embryogenesis: the development and ultrastructure of the suspensor

Towpasz, K., 1981:
Stellaria neglecta Weihe in Poland

Soreng, R.; Spellenberg, R., 1981:
Stellaria nitens Nutt. (Caryophyllaceae)

Landry, G.; Reese, W.; Vincent, K., 1989:
Stellaria parva Pedersen (Caryophyllaceae) in North America

Landry, G.; Reese, W.; Allen, C., 1988:
Stellaria parva Pedersen new to North America

Sekar, K.C.andra; Srivastava, S.K., 2007:
Stellaria pinvalliaca (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from India

Bowers, Mc, 1980:
Stellariomnium: a new genus in the family Mniaceae (Bryophyta, Musci)

Livingstone, D.; Tomlinson, M.F.iedman, G.B.oome, R., 1973:
Stellate pore ornamentation in pollen grains of the Amaranthaceae

Schultz, K.; Taube, K.; Lang, S.M., 2007:
Stellenwert der Rehabilitation bei der Langzeitbehandlung der COPD

Kurth, C.; Gaida-Hommernick, B.; Hagemann, G.; Kerling, F.; Kowalik, A.; Tergau, F., 2007:
Stellenwert der niedrig dosierten Topirarnat-Monotherapie von Epilepsien im Erwachsenenalter mit fokalen und generalisierten Anfallen

Domning, D., P.; Thomason, J.; Corbett, D., G., 2007:
Stellers sea cow in the Aleutian Islands

Won, Cs, 1976:
Stellera rosea of Tabdong san floral sanctuary

Shin, J.; Seo, Y.; Cho, K.W.; Rho, J.R.; Sim, C.J., 1997:
Stellettamide B, a new indolizidine alkaloid from a sponge of the genus Stelletta

Lin, H-wen.; Wang, Z-lei.; Wu, J-hong.; Shi, N.; Zhang, H-jun.; Chen, W-sheng.; Morris-Natschke, S.L.; Lin, A-Shen., 2007:
Stellettins L and M, cytotoxic isomalabaricane-type triterpenes, and sterols from the marine sponge Stelletta tenuis

Dettmann M.E.; Hedlund R.W., 1988:
Stellidiopollis, a new pollen genus from the Late Cretaceous of Antarctica and southern Australia

Tabudravu, J.N.; Jaspars, M., 2001:
Stelliferin riboside, a triterpene monosaccharide isolated from the Fijian sponge Geodia globostellifera

Colbach, J.P., 1941:
Stellung und Aufgaben der Nutzviehaltung im landwirtschaftlichen Betrieb unter besonderer Bereucksichtigung der Verhealtnisse des Luxemburger Landes

Lahl, Uwe, 2006:
Stellungnahme BMU: REACH - Kompromiss zwischen Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutz einerseits und den Belangen der Chemieindustrie andererseits

Sahm, Wilfried, 2006:
Stellungnahme VCI: REACH vor der zweiten Lesung - Weitere Verbesserungen notwendig

Hanau, Arthur, 1949:
Stellungnahme zum Sofort-Programm des Ausschusses feur Erneahrung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten beim Wirtschaftsrat vom 25.1.49 und zur Lockerung der Zwangswirtschaft auf dem Erneahrungssektor

Gogol, M.; Luettje, D.; Werner, H., 2007:
Stellungnahme zum Vorbericht des IQWiG Cholinesterasehemmer bei Alzheimer Demenz

Zorn, Wilhelm, 1957:
Stellverbesserung und Stallneubau

Southards, C.; Mullett, R.; Hilty, J., 1974:
Stelmon Emerson Bennett, 1924-1974

Kim, M.; Nakane, K.L.e, J.; Bang, H.; Na, Y., 2007:

Veit, B., 2006:
Stem cell signalling networks in plants

Ilancheran, S.; Michalska, A.; Peh, G.; Wallace, E.M.; Pera, M.; Manuelpillai, U., 2007:
Stem cells derived from human fetal membranes display multilineage differentiation potential

Sikstrcem, Ulf, 2007:
Stem Growth of Picea Abies in South Western Sweden in the 10 Years Following Liming and Addition of PK and N

Matsuzaki, J.; Masumori, M.; Tange, T., 2006:
Stem phototropism of trees: a possible significant factor in determining stem inclination on forest slopes

Neels, W.; Mcgehee, L., 1973:
Stem Phylloxera responds in Mississippi tests

Fetch, T.D.nsmore, K., 2007:
Stem Rusts of Cereals in Western Canada in 2006

Cheun, Shao, 1946 :
Stem analysis

Grabner, M.; Wimmer, R., 2005:
Stem analysis - the better way to look to intra-tree variability

Chyo,,, N., 1982:
Stem analysis of Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Ktze., a tree native to the Campos do Jordao State Park, Sao Paulo State

Tewfik, Sa, 1982:
Stem analysis, tracheid dimensions and wood specific gravity of Pinus brutia Ten.trees

Bartseva, A.; Evdokimov, A., 1979:
Stem anatomic structure in fiber-flax varieties with different degrees of resistance to lodging

Jaumien, F.F.ust, M., 1984:
Stem anatomical structure of Delicious and Golden Delicious apple hybrids with various growth dynamics

Siddiqi, M.; Wilson, T., 1975:
Stem anatomy and nodal anatomy of the genus Knema

Webb, E., 1975:
Stem anatomy and phyllotaxis in Ophioglossum petiolatum

Crumpton, R.; Hare, M., 1969:
Stem anatomy of Vigna sinensis

Schweingruber, Fritz-Hans, 2007:
Stem anatomy of caryophyllaceae

Wolgast, Lj, 1979:
Stem and clump counts as predictors of crown area in bear oak

Dimichele, W.; Rischbieter, M.; Eggert, D.; Gastaldo, R., 1984:
Stem and leaf cuticle of Karinopteris: source of cuticles from the Indiana paper coal

Nyvall, Rf, 1975:
Stem and leaf diseases of alfalfa

Rietzel, P., 1973:
Stem and leaf diseases of grain in the Hanover chamber district and effects on yield and quality

Reis, Em, 1974:
Stem and pod blight

Hirce, E.; Finocchio, A., 1972:
Stem and root anatomy of Monotropa uniflora

Cox, R. S., 1950:
Stem anthracnose of Lima Beans

Nicolini, E., 1998:
Stem architecture and morphogenetic gradients in young beeches (Fagus sylvatica L.) grown in a forest environment

Michel, S.T.llequin,, M., 1982:
Stem bark alkaloids of Strychnos dinklagei

Ramanandan, P.; Antony, K., 1976:
Stem bleeding disease of coconut

Sohi, H.; Ullasa, B.; Sokhi, S., 1975:
Stem blight of Asparagus officinalis caused by Phomopsis asparagi (Sacc.) Bubak

Hsu, C.; Sun, S., 1970:
Stem blight of asparagus in Ta

Shukla, D.; Singh, N.; Bhargava, S., 1978:
Stem blight of wheat caused by Alternaria alternata

Ogunwolu, E.; Kwosu, K.O.unyebi, S., 1981:
Stem borer damage in maize as affected by host plant density

Ho, Dt, 1984:
Stem borer incidence in rice exosystems in Kenya, East Africa

Kephart, K.; Boe, A.B.rtnem, R.S.lman, S., 1995:
Stem branch morphology of alfalfa cultivars

Lewartowski, R., 1974:
Stem break , a dangerous disease of winter wheat in the region of Vistula Delta

Zwatz, B.M.nsah, R., 1973:
Stem break disease of corn a criteria in selection

Kirsten, D., 1974:
Stem break in winter barley

Schulz, H., 1976:
Stem break in winter crops--potential for prevention and control

Hanrion, M.E.ries, G., 1984:
Stem break: benzimidazoles and methods of control

Vanova, M., 1970:
Stem breaking in barley in relation to early ripening

Takahashi, N.M.rachi, T., 1976:
Stem bromelain. Isolation and purification; preparation andcharacterization of the carbohydrate portion

Thakur, R.; Pandotra, V.; Sastry, K., 1977:
Stem burn a new desease of Hibiscus sabdariffa from India

Asenov, R., 1981:
Stem canker (Rhizoctonia solani

Hawthrone, B., 1980:
Stem canker and black scurf on potatoes

Kumar, J.C.and, V.S.ngh, B.M.ekin, J., 1987:
Stem canker disease of pigeonpea in Fiji

Hamm, P.; Hansen, E., 1986:
Stem canker diseases of Douglas-fir in nurseries

Moore, W.-; Fox, J.; Patel, M.-; Keeling, B.; Sciumbato, G.; Roy, K.; Blaine, A.; Askew, J., 1992:
Stem canker of soybean

Lambe, R.; Wills, W., 1981:
Stem canker of unknown origin of flowering dogwood in Virginia

Cummings, J.; Kuntz, J., 1986:
Stem canker on black walnut caused by Fusarium sporotrichiodes

Epstein, Ah, 1977:
Stem cankers on evergreens

Krieg, A.; Schulte, J.; Schmelzle, M.; Tustas, R.; El-Karmi, A.; Hosch, S.; Knoefel, W.T., 2006:
Stem cell factor levels do increase in patients subsequent to hepatectomy with the extent of parenchymal loss

Dolgachev, V.; Thomas, M.; Berlin, A.; Lukacs, N.W., 2007:
Stem cell factor-mediated activation pathways promote murine eosinophil CCL6 production and survival

Yasuda, A.; Sawai, H.; Takahashi, H.; Ochi, N.; Matsuo, Y.; Funahashi, H.; Sato, M.; Okada, Y.; Takeyama, H.; Manabe, T., 2007:
Stem cell factor/c-kit receptor signaling enhances the proliferation and invasion of colorectal cancer cells through the PI3K/Akt pathway

Roeder, I.; Braesel, K.; Lorenz, R.; Loeffler, M., 2007:
Stem cell fate analysis revisited: interpretation of individual clone dynamics in the light of a new paradigm of stem cell organization

Roszko, I.; Faure, P.; Mathis, L., 2007:
Stem cell growth becomes predominant while neural plate progenitor pool decreases during spinal cord elongation

Terskikh, V.V.; Vasil'ev, A.V.; Voroteliak, E.A., 2007:
Stem cell niches

Jennings, Charles G., 2006:
Stem cell now

Habib, Nagy, A., 2005:
Stem cell repair and regeneration

Liao, L.; Li, L.; Zhao, R.Chunhua., 2007:
Stem cell research in China

Bean, Pamela, 2007:
Stem cell research: Science, politics, and ethics

Scolding, Neil, 2006:
Stem cell therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis

Anonymous, 2005:
Stem cell transplant news

Ooi, O.Cheong.; A.H.bib, H.F.; Almsherqi, Z.A.; E.O.kley, R.M., 2006:
Stem cell transplantation: potential impact on heart failure

Herold, Eve, 2006:
Stem cell wars

Kim, B.Gon.; Hwang, D.Hoon.; Lee, S.Im.; Kim, E.Jeong.; Kim, S.U., 2007:
Stem cell-based cell therapy for spinal cord injury

Weissman, I.; Spangrude, G.; Heimfeld, S.; Smith, L.; Uchida, N., 1991:
Stem cells

Anonymous, 2002:
Stem cells 2001

Hamlat, A.; Pasqualini, E., 2007:
Stem cells adaptive network: mechanism and implications for evolution and disease development

Sassoon, D.A., 2002:
Stem cells and cell signalling in skeletal myogenesis

Endo, T., 2007:
Stem cells and plasticity of skeletal muscle cell differentiation: potential application to cell therapy for degenerative muscular diseases

Yamada, S.; Kojima, I., 2006:
Stem cells and regenerative therapy for pancreatic beta-cells as a treatment of diabetes

Liang, Z-xin.; Chen, L-an., 2007 :
Stem cells and respiratory diseases

Xie, T.; Li, L., 2007:
Stem cells and their niche: an inseparable relationship

Lan, L.; Cui, D.; Nowka, K.; Derwahl, M., 2007:
Stem cells derived from goiters in adults form spheres in response to intense growth stimulation and require thyrotropin for differentiation into thyrocytes

Bhojwani, Jyoti, 2006:
Stem cells derived without destruction of embryos

Loebinger, M.R.; Janes, S.M., 2007:
Stem cells for lung disease

Lucas, P.A., 2007:
Stem cells for mesothelial repair: an understudied modality

Uccelli, A.; Frassoni, F.; Mancardi, G., 2007:
Stem cells for multiple sclerosis: promises and reality

Noguchi, Hirofumi, 2007:
Stem cells for the treatment of diabetes

Helder, M.N.; Knippenberg, M.; Klein-Nulend, J.; Wuisman, P.I.J.M., 2007:
Stem cells from adipose tissue allow challenging new concepts for regenerative medicine

Bongaerts, G.P.A.; Severijnen, Ré.S.V.M., 2007:
Stem cells from residual IVF-embryos - Continuation of life justifies isolation

Wairiuko, G.M.; Crisostomo, P.R.; Wang, M.; Morrell, E.D.; Meldrum, K.K.; Lillemoe, K.D.; Meldrum, D.R., 2007:
Stem cells improve right ventricular functional recovery after acute pressure overload and ischemia reperfusion injury

Akhmadieva, A.V.; Shukalyuk, A.I.; Aleksandrova, Y., N.; Isaeva, V.V., 2007:
Stem cells in asexual reproduction of the colonial ascidian Botryllus tuberatus (Tunicata : Ascidiacea)

Lester, Linda, B., 2005:
Stem cells in endocrinology

Lawson, D.A.; Witte, O.N., 2007:
Stem cells in prostate cancer initiation and progression

Morser, J.N.shikawa, S.I.S.holer, H.R., 2006:
Stem cells in reproduction and in the brain

Toivanen, A.T.ivanen, P., 1987:
Stem cells of the lymphoid system

Lü, P.; Liu, F.; Yan, L.; Peng, T.; Liu, T.; Yao, Z.; Wang, C-You., 2007:
Stem cells therapy for type 1 diabetes

Steindler, D.A., 2007:
Stem cells, regenerative medicine, and animal models of disease

Adzhiev, Am, 1981:
Stem cultivation of grapes with broad interrow spacing as a fundamental condition for expanding the zone of uncovered viticulture

Krivosheina, Np, 1976:
Stem curculionids of the genus Lixus

Hoge, H., 1972:
Stem cutting according to Stringfellow-Richter, a forgotten method in plant culture?

Musich, En, 1976:
Stem cutting noctuids, pests of berry crops

Iagdyev, A., 1975:
Stem damaging insects of Haloxylon plants in Turkmenistan

Benitez, C.; De-Vermeulen, M., 1977:
Stem decay in pears and its control

Manion, P.; Zabel, R., 1979:
Stem decay perspectives--an introduction to the mechanisms of tree defense and decay patterns

Shurtleff, Mc, 1986:
Stem diseases of trees

Veiga, R.-De-A.B.asil, M., 1981:
Stem dry weight and volume of Eucalyptus propinqua Deane ex Maiden--equations Increment tables, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.1

Veiga, R.-A.B.asil, M.1; Ferreira, M., 1981:
Stem dry weight of Eucalyptus saligna and Eucalyptus urophylla--estimate at the first cutting Increment, Brazil.1

Hirling, W., 1976:
Stem eelworm (Ditylenchus dipsaci) on strawberries in Baden Wurttemberg, a wild oat nematode

Sturhan, D., 1980:
Stem eelworms on cereals

Jona, R.V.llania, R., 1980:
Stem elongation and root initiation in proliferating shoots of Vitis vinifera

Wellensiek, Sj, 1976 :
Stem elongation of Dwarf Silene armeria L. as influenced by generative condition and GA3

Johnson, G.; Cooke, A.; Mead, A.; Wells, I., 1991:
Stem end rot of mango in Australia: causes and control

Clark, T.; Mackie, K., 1987:
Stem explosion of the softwood Pinus radiata with sulphur dioxide addition. I. Process optimisation

Lecharny, A.W.gner, E., 1984:
Stem extension rate in light-grown plants. Evidence for an endogenous circadian rhythm in Chenopodium rubrum

Carriere, M., 1978:
Stem flea beetles of rape

Zalitis, P.S.alvina, I., 1975:
Stem flow in birch and pine and its ecological importance

Young, J.; Evans, R., 1987:
Stem flow on western juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) trees

Nagashima, I., 1981:
Stem form approximation by orth

Voorhoeve, A.; Vreden, F., 1973:
Stem form as a possible selection criterion

Hilt, D.; Dale, M., 1979:
Stem form changes in upland oaks after thinning

Takahashi, K., 1978:
Stem form coefficient of the su

Nagel, D., 1969:
Stem form development in Norw

Petrov, M.G.nov, K., 1978:
Stem formation pruning of Quercu

Ito, K.K.bayashi, T.H.yashi, H.T.rri, K., 1972:
Stem gall or stem swelling of l

Mathur, B.; Handa, D.; Bhargava, L., 1970:
Stem galls in cucurbits

Blattny, C.Z.mandl, B.J.neckova, M., 1975:
Stem grooving of apple trees in czechoslovakia

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Stem growing of the Red Muscat variety

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Stem pitting disease

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Stem weevil

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Stemflow, throughfall, and litterfall nutrient inputs in mixed-shrub clusters

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Stemming the invasive tide

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Stemming wind erosion

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Stemonitis fusca in strawberries

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Stemphylium botryosum (Pleospora

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Stencil series

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Stenoglottis fimbriata

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Stenoglottis zambesiaca

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Stenograficheskii otchet

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Stenographers minutes before the Interstate Commerce Commission

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Stenographic transcript of hearings before the Joint Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States

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Stenoma decora is a cacao pest in Colatina, Espirito Santo

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Stenotic nares in the dog

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Steorungen der Treachtigkeit, der Geburt, des Puerperiums und der Laktation beim Schwein mit besonderer Bereucksichtigung der puerperalen Intoxikation und ihrer Therapie

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Step back in time at Hidden Oaks Pumpkin Farm

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Step by step application of distributions of extreme values in designing water management plants for cases of flood disaster

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Step by step organic vegetable gardening

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Step by step to a concrete block retaining wall

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Step by step to successful innovation. Product superiority separates success from failure

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Step by step toward Missouris future

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Step by step--medicating by mouth. How to use an oral syringe

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Step by step--poultice: the relieving wrap

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Step by step--son of harrow. Make your own mini pasture drag

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Step by step. Trimming with a light touch

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Step by step: treating a foot wound

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Step families: succeeding as a family

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Step feeding the next step?

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Step into accessories for a total look

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Step it up

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Step nearer a sprout combine

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Step ostectomy as a treatment for varus deformity of a metatarsophalangeal joint in a 4.5-month-old colt

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Step to improve plant potato quality to propagation and main farm production

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Step to the beat of a healthy heart

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Step up red gram yield

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Step up to leadership

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Step up wheat yields in rainfed areas too

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Step up your self-esteem

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Step wise stabilization of charge separation at photosynthetic system II reaction center: a hypothesis

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Step-by-step construction and sectional operation of industr ial swine buildings--possibilities of increasing the effecti veness

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Step-by-step guide to your retirement security

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Step-by-step hybridization in the development of wheat varieties resistant to rust disease

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Step-by-step hybridizing: a guide for the plant breeder

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Step-by-step instructions for equine skin grafting techniques

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Step-by-step management of otitis externa in dogs

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Step-by-step milk concentration by freezing

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Step-by-step operational technology of sunflower cultivation Operation of complexes of machines.1

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Step-by-step pictorial cookbook

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Step-by-step preparation of a cultivator for interrow tillage

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Step-by-step program evaluation

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Step-by-step regulation of water distribution in irrigation systems

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Step-by-step restoration of composite parts

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Step-by-step substitution of chlorine during the bleaching of pine- and beech sulphite pulps

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Step-by-step system helps involve line employees in quality program

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Step-by-step to irrigation renovation

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Step-by-step to your first homemade cheese

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Step-by-step wildflowers & native plants

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Step-by-step yard & garden projects

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Step-by-step: potting and growing hybrid amaryllis

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Step-by-step: winter mulches

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Step-coupled fluctuations in prosomal pressure may constrain stepping rates in whipscorpions (Uropygi)

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Step-pool formation models and associated step spacing

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Step-relationships--making stepchildren part of the family

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Step-shape training of grapevine bushes

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Step-up maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic arrays

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Stepfamilies can be strong families

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Stepfamilies: redefining the family

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Stephan Schulzer von Mueggenburg

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Stephanis use of the Sprucean subgeneric names in Lejeunea, 1888-1893 Hepaticae

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Stephanidae from West and Central Africa (Hymenoptera)

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Stephanodiscus binderanus (Kutz.) Krieger or Malosira binderana Kutz. (Bacillariophyta, Centrales)

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Stephanofilariasis in cattle: Observations and experiences in Finland

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Stephanofilariosis in cattle

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Stephanomeria malheurensis (Compositae), a new species from Oregon

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Stephanotis and pakalana--lei flowers with added potential

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Stephanotis is star of far north garden

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Stephen Andertons garden answers

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Stephen Denis Garrett, FRS 1906-1989

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Stephen Denis Garrett, ScD, FRS, 1906-1989: an appreciation

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Stephen Diachun, 1912-1994

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Stephen George Fushtey, 1924-1993

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Stephen Hales and the cohesion theory

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Stephen L. Rawlins

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Stephen Livingstone Macindoe, pioneer plant breeder

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Stephen Myles Sykes, 1918--69

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Stephen Wilhelm, 1919 to 2002

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Stephensia bombycina found in Sweden

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Stephenson County, Illinois

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Stepi TSentralnoi Azii

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Stepi Zapadnogo Kazakhstana v sveiiazi s dinamikoaei ikh pokrova

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Stepinonine, a new dimeric benzylisoquinoline-- 2-phenyl-s-homotetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloid

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Stepmothers try harder

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Stepnia variety of grapes in Pri

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Stepnoe lesorazvedenie

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Stepnye bory Atlaaeiskogo kraeiia i Kazakhstana

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Stepparenting: blending families

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Stepparenting: step by step

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Stepparenting: succeding as a family

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Steppe billions

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Steppe branch of the Nikitskii Botanical Garden

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Steppe cherry and dwarf stock for sweet cherries, sour cherries and morellos

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Steppe communities of Chukotka tundra and the pleistocene tundra-steppe

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Steppe ecosystems

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Steppe elements in the flora of Bryansk District

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Steppe expansion in Patagonia?

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Steppe reborn

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Steppe regions

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Steppe soil formation in the Baikal area

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Steppe truffles in the USSR

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Steppe vegetation in Macedonia.

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Steppe vegetation in the Yagorlyk kut of the Black Sea reservation and possibilities of its utilization for introduction purposes

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Steppe vegetation in the Dnieste

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Steppe vegetation in the Nagolch

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Steppe vegetation of the Central Podolia and its anthropogenic changes

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Steppe vegetation of the Quercus pubescens forest-steppe area and its conservation

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Steppe vegetation of the Ural-Ilek interfluve, its anthropogenic degradation, and conservation problems

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Steppe vegetation of the slopes o

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Steppe vegetation on paleogenic

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Steppe-type cheese

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Stepped baffled trash rack for drop inlets

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Stepped-up plan of state and collective farms and its economic incentive

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Stepped-up security

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Steppes made up of thread-leaved plants in the Sokhondinskii reservation

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Steppes of Arabia

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Steppes of Eurasia

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Steppes of eastern Khangaeiia

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Steppes of the Russian plain

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Steppes of the Tarkhankut Peninsula and their protection

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Steppes of the former Soviet Union and Mongolia

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Stepping across the threshold

DePaolo, L.V., 2010:
Stepping back to look forward

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Stepping backward into the future

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Stepping closer towards self-renewal

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Stepping forward, boldly

Minister, P., 1976:
Stepping into the futures market for pigmeat

Anonymous, 1983:
Stepping into tomorrow

McVea, D.A.; Pearson, K.G., 2007:
Stepping of the forelegs over obstacles establishes long-lasting memories in cats

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Stepping on the gas

Pasztor, E.M.; Clarren, J.; Timberlake, E.M.; Bayless, L., 1986:
Stepping out of foster care into independent living

Ingwersen, W., 1975:
Stepping out of the rut, bulbs for many purposes

Anonymous, 1999:
Stepping out toward healthy meals

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Stepping stone mobility

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Stepping stone or stumbling blocks: a consumer perspective of animal drug use

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Stepping stones

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Stepping stones to Japanese floral art

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Stepping stones to success

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Stepping stones to success Biological control of pests, its potential in West Africa

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Stepping stones to successful cooperation for Jamaica

Frank, L.Douglas.; Saelens, B.E.; Powell, K.E.; Chapman, J.E., 2007:
Stepping towards causation: do built environments or neighborhood and travel preferences explain physical activity, driving, and obesity?

Anonymous, 2003:
Stepping up

Anonymous, 2000:
Stepping up for healthy families

Mukerjee, Ssk, 1968:
Stepping up fruit production through research

Zelfel, S., 1971:
Stepping up genetic progress in cattle breeding with the help of new breeding methods

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Stepping up lentil production

Anonymous, 1943:
Stepping up milk production

Watson, P., 1976:
Stepping up production margins

Block, E.P.illip, L., 1987:
Stepping up research on dairy and beef cattle

Anonymous, 1978:
Stepping up rice yields--a few pointers

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Stepping up sesamum yield in Rejasthan

Anonymous, 2005:
Stepping up to a healthy lifestyle

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Stepping up to market gardening

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Stepping up to the dual-use technology challenge: an evaluation of initial implementation strategies in the U.S. Army

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Stepping up: training extension county directors

De, A.; Durrett, R., 2007:
Stepping-stone spatial structure causes slow decay of linkage disequilibrium and shifts the site frequency spectrum

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Stepping-stones to improve functioning of agricultural extension programs: farmer field schools in Uganda

Isubikalu, Prossy, 2007:
Stepping-stones to improve upon functioning of participatory agricultural extension programmes

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Steps & stairs

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Steps along the path: the UNESCO

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Steps and experiences to assure optimal planting density in outdoor vegetable production

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Steps and measures in the control of rabies in Austria

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Steps and requirements in establishment of grazing systems

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Steps and results of stabilization of turkey production

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Steps by which better overall health for men could be achieved

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Steps for Developing Effective Grant Writing Workshops

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Steps for a crop lien in Indiana

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Steps for affecting and maintaining quality in plant potatoes

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Steps for control of field crop insects

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Steps for controlling results in independent swine specialty consulting as a prerequisite for improving consulting efficiency

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Steps for cultivation and processing of peanuts in order to obtain standard quality

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Steps for efficient leaf rot and brown rot control

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Steps for fertilization and mechanical care in early spring for winter cereals and winter rape

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Steps for finding adustment of variables in forest yields

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Steps for high yielding rice yields: Choose only high yielding dwarf varieties

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Steps for improving the quality of carrots

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Steps for improving the quality of cauliflower

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Steps for improving the quality of wines according to the unified wine manufacture program

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Steps for low-loss sugar beet storage between harvest and processing

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Steps for lowering the margin and raising storage capacity of sugarbeets

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Steps for maintaining health of plant potato during production in the Hanover agricultural district. A retrospect on 1978

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Steps for maintenance and intensification of forest protection effects

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Steps for organizing an effective feed industry for the continuous supply for animal herds

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Steps for promoting work safety in forest works, today and in the future

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Steps for public furthering of cooperation in agricultural production in the German Federal Republic

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Steps for quality assurance in Nordhausen County in cereal and threshed crop harvesting

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Steps for raising the effectiveness of feed utilization in industrial poultry production

Roth, D., 1978:
Steps for raising yield efficiency by irrigation

Hessland, F.K.schitzke, E., 1981:
Steps for reducing leaves and soil on crop production farms as well as in the transfer, storage and processing of sugarbeets

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Steps for success in rare species conservation: the Wisconsin statewide Karner Blue Butterfly HCP

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Steps for the assurance of high fertility performances of young sows, with the example of Gera County

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Steps for the breeder

Korschens,, D., 1981:
Steps for the determination and improvement of the situation of supplying soils with organic substances

Schroder, E., 1977:
Steps for the further intensification of carrot production

Kuhn, J., 1977:
Steps for the further rationalization of potted plant production

Henze, A.J.rk, R., 1983:
Steps for the further stabilization of fertility performances of sows, with the application of ovulation synchronization and time-oriented insemination by means of adaptation of the insemination regime to herd conditions

Manciu, G., 1974:
Steps for the improvement of the activity of stations for agricultural mecanization

Gentzsch, D., 1978:
Steps for the limitation and control of stem nematodes (Ditylenchus dipsaci in the production of onions

Beitz, Horst, 1987:
Steps for the prevention of damages from drift

Anonymous, 1943:
Steps in action towards guided war and postwar rural youth migration

Heinze, H., 1974:
Steps in agricultural management as modified by the state of consciousness and world philosophy. iI

Widrlechner, Mp, 1988:
Steps in becoming your own plant breeder

Miller, E.; Jones, D.; Yahner, J., 1985:
Steps in constructing a mound (bed-type) septic system

Miller, E.; Jones, D.; Yahner, J., 1985:
Steps in constructing a pressure distribution septic system

Lindbeck, Ke, 1971:
Steps in control of erosion on a Manilla District property

Shakirov, I.; Aridfzhanova, M., 1971:
Steps in extracting calcium nitrate from nitric acid solution of flotation concentrate of Guliob phosphate rock

Gaus, A.L.mbeth, V.R.thenberger, R., 1977:
Steps in fertilizing garden soil

Harl, Ne, 1970 :
Steps in forming a farm corporation

Jones, P., 1979:
Steps in hand tree planting

Miller, Rl, 1971:
Steps in insect control

Luchok, K.; Rosenberg, G., 1997:
Steps in meeting the needs of Kentuckys migrant farmworkers

Noller, J.R.tchford, C., 1981:
Steps in organizing a new pre-order food cooperative

Muldrow, L., 1985:
Steps in organizing a small farmers market: The South Carolina story

Simon, M.; Faye, G., 1984:
Steps in processing of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I pre-mRNA affected by a nuclear mutation in yeast

Jones, R.; Whitmarsh, J., 1985:
Steps in quinol oxidation by the chloroplast cytochrome b

Barquest,, W., 1977:
Steps in successful house painting

Hildebrand, P.-E.B.stidas, E., P., 1995:
Steps in the analysis and interpretation of on-farm research- extension data based on adaptability analysis (AA)

Hildebrand, Peter, E., 1993:
Steps in the analysis and interpretation of on-farm research-extension data based on modified stability analysis

Butters, T.D.; Hughes, R.C.; Vischer, P., 1981:
Steps in the biosynthesis of mosquito cell membrane glycoproteins and the effects of tunicamycin

Dalgarno, L.; Hosking, D.M.; Shen, C.H., 1972:
Steps in the biosynthesis of ribosomal RNA in cultured Aedes aegypti cells

Mack, M., 1976:
Steps in the development of dairy cattle farming

Casselman, Paul, H., 1947:
Steps in the establishment of a co-operative economy

Gallup, Gladys, 1954:
Steps in the preliminary planning for making a survey by personal interview and the procedures for carrying out such a study

Bernhard, S.A.; Gutfreund, H., 1970:
Steps in the reactions of proteolytic enzymes with their substrates

Mack, A.; Schmitz, T.; Althoff, G.S.; Devlieghere, F.; Petersen, B., 2006:
Steps in the risk management process

Anonymous, 1945:
Steps in timber management

Anonymous, 1975:
Steps into spending

Wilkes, Lh, 1971:
Steps leading to higher field emergence

Legris, P., 1979:
Steps needed to energise the teaching and research in taxonomy with reference to ecology-phytogeography

Bach, S.B.yer, R.H.rtel, B.K.hler, K.S.herner, A., 1981:
Steps of breeding hygiene in cattle, swine and sheep herds in the implementation of the decree of July 21, 1978, on assurance of high fertility results in Karl-Marx-Stadt region

Bondarenko, M., 1976:
Steps of growth

Oleksich, Vn, 1980:
Steps of irrigation

Houee, P., 1987:
Steps of local development in the rural environment: the experience of Mene (France) (1965-1986)

Slezec, Am, 1986:
Steps of meiosis in Pleurotus species of Umbelliferae

Kurzweg, W., 1977:
Steps of scientific technical progress for ascertaining animal health and intensifying animal production

Pepeshkin, Ip, 1979:
Steps of sugar industry Five-Year Plans (50th anniversary of the approval the First Five-Year Plan)

Zuhlke, G., 1977:
Steps of the Blumberg state farm for lowering calf losses

Glaser, D.G.yer, C., 1985:
Steps of the chemical industry for reducing dust development in transport, alteration and application of mineral fertilizers

Anonymous, 1990:
Steps of the journey

Aleksandrova, Z.M., 1981:
Steps of the times

Mahmoud, S.; Zaki, M.; Abd-El-Hafez, A., 1979:
Steps of thiosulfate oxidation by Thiobacillus thioparus and Thiobacillus coproliticus

Wright, J.; Ibrahim, N., 1984:
Steps of water dispersible granule development

Mittag, G.H.ckbarth, W., 1981:
Steps taken by state management for the stable and reliable fulfillment of the plan for outdoor vegetables in Frankfurt (Oder) County

Heitor, Jlc, 1977:
Steps taken by the Portuguese veterinary profession in the technology of wool production

West, Jack, C., 1966:
Steps taken to make all youth and youth groups the responsibility of Extension in Missouri

Humphrey, Elmer, N., 1950:
Steps that can be taken to reduce mechanical damage to potatoes at harvest time

Gerogescu, F.B.ltagi, B., 1970:
Steps that should be taken for getting vine planting material

Jones, I.; Aubry, J., 1986:
Steps to a brighter laundry

Pfister, S., 1993:
Steps to a correct diagnosis of plant damage

Anonymous, 2005 :
Steps to a healthier you

Hill, Sb, 1982:
Steps to a holistic ecological food system Production and handling

Williams, C., 2001:
Steps to a thriving lawn-care business

Traber, H., 1980:
Steps to achieve high fertility and farrowing results with the use of artificial insemination of swine in Karl-Marx-Stadt County

Klare, K., 1975:
Steps to advance single farms

Indyk, Hw, 1985:
Steps to an instant lawn

Friedrich, D., 1980:
Steps to assure high and stable fertility performances in swine production

Uebe, H.S.herner, A., 1980:
Steps to assure high fertility of cattle herds in Karl-Marx-Stadt County

Cierpka, H., 1980:
Steps to assure high rearing performance in line breeding

Richter, K.F.enzel, J., 1979:
Steps to assure high roughage quality to supply industrial rearing of young cattle in the Gartz

Hinz, E.T.ppelt, I., 1980:
Steps to assure minimum sugarbeet loss in harvesting

Barthels, W.L.berecht, A.O.te, M., 1980:
Steps to assure stable yields in caraway production

Ruiz-Canales, C., 1974:
Steps to be considered in the development of Peruvian Andes

Powell, Rl, 1985:
Steps to breed improvement

Anonymous, 2003:
Steps to build dry-land stone walls

Witter, J.B.own, J., 1987:
Steps to building your childs self-esteem

Mohanty, G.; Rajya, B., 1972:
Steps to check spread of Mareks disease in a poultry farm

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