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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17213

Chapter 17213 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Sunflower oil--farm fuel of the future?

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Sunflower oil-seed meal as a source of protein in the rations of chickens

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Sunflower oilseed--the golden giant

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Sunflower on Darling Downs

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Sunflower outlook: The 80s

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Sunflower peptones: use as nitrogen source for the formulation of fermentation media

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Sunflower performance in New Mexico, 1985

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Sunflower performance nursery

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Sunflower performance--dryland and limited irrigation

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Sunflower pest control through seed treatment

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Sunflower pest management

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Sunflower pests and their control

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Sunflower phosphatide concentrat

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Sunflower physiology

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Sunflower plant population and its arrangement

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Sunflower plant population and its arrangement Considerations for producing optimum yield per acre, Minnesota

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Sunflower planting and emergence with coated seed Field equipment, planter performance

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Sunflower planting date: an important decision

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Sunflower planting.

Anonymous, 1975 :
Sunflower plantings soar on Texas high plains

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Sunflower pollination advantageous

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Sunflower pollination by honeybees

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Sunflower pollination--a neglected research problem area

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Sunflower population, row width, and row direction

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Sunflower power can energize your family

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Sunflower processing industry

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Sunflower processing techniqes

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Sunflower production

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Sunflower production and culture

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Sunflower production and marketing in Punjab

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Sunflower production costs compared wit other crops in North Dakota study

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Sunflower production in Arkansas

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Sunflower production in Indiana--questions and answers

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Sunflower production in Macedonia

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Sunflower production in Michigan

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Sunflower production in Mississippi

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Sunflower production in Ohio

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Sunflower production in Wisconsin

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Sunflower production in Wyoming

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Sunflower production in differen

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Sunflower production in north central and northeast Kansas

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Sunflower production in the cotton-based farming system of the southern Punjab

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Sunflower production overfulfilled

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Sunflower production research

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Sunflower production, 1979-1985

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Sunflower production, harvesting, drying and storage Vegetable oil, biomass fuels

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Sunflower productivity in Roraima with nitrogen portions

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Sunflower protein isolates chromaticity. 1. Comparison of isolates obtained by various methods and a simplified method of estimation

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Sunflower protein isolates chromaticity. 2. Effect of chlorogenic acid binding on the chromaticity and available lysine content

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Sunflower proteins: overview of their physicochemical, structural and functional properties

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Sunflower quality control on the Sirmium integrated large-scale industrial farm

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Sunflower research in the Southern High Plains; a progress report

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Sunflower residue and herbicide management in no-till cotton

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Sunflower residue as an energy source

Matkevich, Vt, 1977:
Sunflower residues, a supplementary source of protein

Anonymous, 1969:
Sunflower resource conservation and development project plan

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Sunflower response to boron as affected by liming

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Sunflower response to selected physiological stress factors

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Sunflower rubber?

Sliusar'-, El, 1981:
Sunflower rust races

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Sunflower science and technology

Hardin, B., 2000:
Sunflower scientists keep looking ahead

Anonymous, 1947:
Sunflower Seed

Gray, K.; Stanton, T.; Schutz, D., 1997:
Sunflower seed as a protein supplement for cows grazing winter range

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Sunflower seed cake and mustard oil cake as substitutes for groundnut cake in poultry rations

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Sunflower seed culture and its improvement

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Sunflower seed decortication problems

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Sunflower seed for mink

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Sunflower seed marketing patterns in South Dakota

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Sunflower seed meal for poultry--a review

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Sunflower seed meal in poultry diets

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Sunflower seed meal--a source of vegetable protein for poultry

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Sunflower seed oil meal in chick diets

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Sunflower seed oil--physico chemical characteristics and industrial use

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Sunflower seed protein

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Sunflower seed setting at different pollination dates of the sterile plants

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Sunflower seed weevils

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Sunflower seed weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and their parasitoids from native sunflowers (Helianthus) in the northern Great Plains

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Sunflower seed yield of more than 40 centners per hectare Odessa Region, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Sunflower seed, oil, or silage: new crops for central Oregon

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Sunflower seed--the convenient health food

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Sunflower seeds and products of their processing. 2. Production of processed products enriched by protein

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Sunflower seeds and products of their processing. 3. Functional properties and application of products enriched by protein

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Sunflower seeds easy to grow nutrition

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Sunflower seeds for steers fed native hay

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Sunflower seeds in dairy cattle rations

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Sunflower seeds in swine rations Includes adverse effects

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Sunflower seeds in the metropolitan market

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Sunflower seeds prevent enterotoxemia Goats

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Sunflower seeds skyrocket in China

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Sunflower shell meal as a new concentrate feed component

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Sunflower shreds as a protein component in broiler mixed feed

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Sunflower silage has high fat and fiber levels

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Sunflower silage in Vermont

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Sunflower situation in Russia and the United States

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Sunflower sowing period in irrigated land

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Sunflower specimens resistant to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Sunflower stem necrosis and breakage in the reddish-brown soil zone of the Romanian Plain

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Sunflower stem weevils

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Sunflower storage monitoring program

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Sunflower succeeding potato does not need nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers

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Sunflower testing

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Sunflower tests in the Gainesville area--yields and oil contents

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Sunflower thresher

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Sunflower trees of the Galapagos

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Sunflower utilization in human foods

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Sunflower varieties Helianthus annuus, Australia

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Sunflower varieties and regions

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Sunflower varieties as summer crop in the Milan plain

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Sunflower varieties for catch crops on irrigated lands of the Crimean Region

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Sunflower varieties of higher productive capacity for the Kruja District

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Sunflower varieties valuable for breeding

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Sunflower varieties, south Queensland 1981-82 Australia

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Sunflower variety Iregi Korai Csikos

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Sunflower variety Skorospelyi

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Sunflower variety study

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Sunflower variety tests

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Sunflower variety trials

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Sunflower variety yield test

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Sunflower wastes, an important feed reserve

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Sunflower water use: a research recap

Rankins, Alfred, 2007:
Sunflower weed control recommendations for Mississippi

Ghodajkar, B.; Ganacharya, N.; Bindu, K.; Jadhav, V., 1976:
Sunflower wilt --a new disease from India

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Sunflower yield and its factors: intervarietal differentes

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Sunflower yield as affected by systematic application of fertilizers in a crop rotation

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Sunflower yields on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Anonymous, 1981:
Sunflower, a better comparison for soybeans Brazil.0

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Sunflower, a crop in extension and cryptogamic diseases

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Sunflower, a crop which perhaps does not know the success it deserves

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Sunflower, a wonder oilseed crop

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Sunflower, an expanding crop, and its fungus diseases. 2

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Sunflower, an oil plant with a great future

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Sunflower, an upcoming oilseed

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Sunflower, the main oil crop

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Sunflower--a crop for round the year cultivation in Marathwada

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Sunflower--a new major oilseed crop in the United States

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Sunflower--a potential oil crop

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Sunflower--a potential source of edible oil

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Sunflower--a promising oilseed for M.P

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Sunflower--an oilseed crop of promise

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Sunflower--preliminary observations on the crop in Planosol Cultivars, germination, flowering, ripening, yields, Brazil.1

Baumler, E.-R.C.apiste, G.-H.C.relli, A., A., 2007:
Sunflower-Oil Wax Reduction by Seed Solvent Washing

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Sunflower-oil interesterification. a method for improving the quality of margarine

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Sunflower-seed meal as a protein supplement for beef cattle and swine

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Sunflower: A native oilseed with growing markets. II

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Sunflower: A new resource for our agriculture

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Sunflower: Helianthus annuus

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Sunflower: a comparative study with other oilseed crops

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Sunflower: a method to determine oil in isolated pips

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Sunflower: a name for different plants

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Sunflower: a native oilseed with growing markets. I

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Sunflower: a potential crop for drylands of Rajasthan

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Sunflower: a survey of the literature, June 1967--January 1971

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Sunflower: bromatology and utilization Feed composition and processing, livestock feeding, nutritive value.1

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Sunflower: potential rubber source?

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Sunflower: prospects for its improvement

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Sunflower: some aspects of their utilizations

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Sunflower: some new findings

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Sunflower: still a possible break crop

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Sunflower: study of sterols, carbohydrates, volatile oil and analysis of cake

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Sunflower: vulnerability and genetic resources

Chela, K.; Singh, S., 1973:
Sunflower; an important oilseed crop

Hutchison, G., 1974:

Leather, Gr, 1983:
Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are allelopathic to weeds Wild mustard (Brassica kaber)

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Sunflowers 1977 to 1981 in Coonabarabran and Coolah Shires

Iliev, K., 1976:
Sunflowers and silage maize, an

Rollier, M., 1980:
Sunflowers and water

Anonymous, 1979:
Sunflowers are turning classy, profitable; but the road-ditch weeds still have a toughness we could use in our tame varieties

Korybut, J., 1974:
Sunflowers as a feed source

Bar-Droma, M.W.iss, J., 1979:
Sunflowers as a second crop a

Michaud, J.P.; Qureshi, J.A.; Grant, A.K., 2007:
Sunflowers as a trap crop for reducing soybean losses to the stalk borer Dectes texanus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

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Sunflowers as forage plant

K'-Osev, E., 1974:
Sunflowers as honey plants.

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Sunflowers as weeds in Kazakhstan

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Sunflowers big and beautiful!

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Sunflowers breeding, cultivation, processing

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Sunflowers coped successfully with sunless summer

Cochran, Ea, 1977:
Sunflowers for irrigation

Murray, G.; Auld, D.; Thomas, V.; Brown, B., 1986:
Sunflowers for silage in Idaho

Small, D., 1975:
Sunflowers for the birds

Kromer, George, W., 1967:
Sunflowers gain as an oilseed crop in the United States

Anonymous, 1995:
Sunflowers in 1995

Montero-Laberti, F., 1983:
Sunflowers in Andalusia

Choppin-De-Janvry, E., 1986:
Sunflowers in France

Justin, Jr; Jackson, Ma, 1985:
Sunflowers in New Jersey

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Sunflowers in North Central and Eastern Kansas

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Sunflowers in North Otago

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Sunflowers in the Don Valley

Goldman, Mc, 1975:
Sunflowers offer big, beautiful food security

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Sunflowers save the day

Anonymous, 1976:
Sunflowers shine as seed, silage source; a new plant for new crops

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Sunflowers under irrigation

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Sunflowers role in U.S. agriculture

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Sunflowers, Helianthus annus L

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Sunflowers, peas and soybeans in full growth

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Sunflowers--a cash crop for the Southern Tablelands and Monaro

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Sunflowers--a potential cash crop alternative for Mississipi

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Sunflowers--the crop thats a sure winner

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Sunflowers. An ingredient with potential

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Sunflowers. Beef applications

Schingoethe, Dj, 1981:
Sunflowers. Dairy applications

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Sunflowers. Poultry applications

Baird, Dm, 1981:
Sunflowers. Swine applications

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Sunflowers: What are the malformations of the capitulum?

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Sunflowers: a growing U.S. food source

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Sunflowers: a statement on Phomopsis

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Sunflowers: an alternate cash crop for Georgia

Anonymous, 1977:
Sunflowers: cotton states can produce oilseed type

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Sunflowers: development in northern Loire

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Sunflowers: from curiosity to cash crop

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Sunflowers: production, pests and marketing

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Sunflowers: up and coming oilseed

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Sunflowerseed for dairy cows, lambs

Anonymous, 1972:
Sunflowerseed in demand on world markets

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Sunflowerseed in the USSR

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Sunfower experiments at Bushland on the Texas High Plains, 1974

Anonymous, 1974:
Sunfower--a good oil-seed crop

Tao, Shao-Ti, 1989:
Sung chih tsai ko

Chao, Fang-Kuei, 1988:
Sung kan chieh ti yen chiu yu fang chih

Chiu, S.-Wen; Tang, S.-Ting; Chou, K.-Lan, 1996:
Sung liao ping yuan ti wa i lao yen chien ti tsung ho chih li yu nung yeh fa chan

Liu, C.-Wen; Liao, C.-Tu; Tseng, P.-Kuang, 1984:
Sung mu shan mu

Williams, T.T.M.hammad-Rashid-Bin-Ahmad, 1967:
Sungai Merab land development scheme

Anonymous, 1989:
Sungai Tekam experimental basin final report

Sherman, W.B., 1986:

Gebhart, F., 1984:
Sungene completes two field trials of modified corn strains

Hatta, Gusti-Muhammad, 1999:
Sungkai (Peronema canescens) a promising pioneer tree

Young, H.W.S.arpe, R.H., 1969:

Anonymous, 1978:
Sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea)

Sherman, W.; Lyrene, P.; Sharpe, R., 1985:
Sunhome: a red-leaf nectarine for the home garden in north central Florida

Silay, M.Selcuk.; Miroglu, C., 2007:
Sunitinib malate and sorafenib may be beneficial at the treatment of advanced bladder cancer due to their anti-angiogenic effects

Zhu-Xiao-Qin; Ye-Min, 2007:
Sunitinib malate- a multiple receptor tyrosine kinases inhibitor

Barham, B.; Chavas, J.; Coomes, O., 1998:
Sunk costs and the natural resource extraction sector: analytical models and historical examples of hysteresis and strategic behavior in the Americas

Lambson, V.; Jensen, F., 1995:
Sunk costs and the variability of firm value over time

Baldwin, Richard, E., 1989:
Sunk-cost hysteresis

Braunig, B., 1984:
Sunken Garden provides beauty in an abandoned quarry

Gross,, J., 1969:
Sunken storage tank for silag

Rust, I.-W.G.rdner, K., B., 1960:
Sunkist Growers, inc

Campbell, D., 1994:
Sunkist centennial: citrus co-op turns 100th birthday into educational opportunity

Anonymous, 1985:
Sunkist citrus garnishes

Anonymous, 2001:
Sunkist proposes grower safety net, fair trade terms for farm bill

Jacobs, J., 1994:
Sunkists cooperative structure unites growers and packinghouses

Anonymous, 1978:
Sunkists sectionizer creates a new market for oranges

Morey, Darrell, D., 1953:
Sunland and Seminole

Ingalsbe, G., 1972:
Sunland: worlds biggest supplier of dried fruits

Strniste, G.; Chen, D.; Okinaka, R., 1982:
Sunlight activation of shale oil byproducts as measured by genotoxic effects in cultured Chinese hamster cells

Jones, Tr, 1976:
Sunlight and orchard canopies

Ullrich, S.E., 2007:
Sunlight and skin cancer: lessons from the immune system

Holick, Mf, 1986:
Sunlight and skin: their role in vitamin D nutrition for humans

Duncan, W.; Shaver, D.; Williams, W., 1977 :
Sunlight and temperature effects on corn growth and yield

Brown, J., 1977:
Sunlight distribution within plant canopies

Maujean, A.S.quin, N., 1983:
Sunlight flavors in champagne wines. 3. Photochemical reactions responsible for sunlight flavors in champagne wine

Charpentier, N.M.ujean, A., 1981:
Sunlight flavours in champagne wines

Maujean, A.S.quin, N., 1983:
Sunlight flavours in champagne wines. 4. Study of an enological solution to prevent sunlight flavour

Calvin, M., 1977:
Sunlight in the future

Sinton, L.; Hall, C.; Braithwaite, R., 2007:
Sunlight inactivation of Campylobacter jejuni and Salmonella enterica, compared with Escherichia coli, in seawater and river water

Smart, R.; Robinson, M., 1991:
Sunlight into wine

Mussehl, F.E.; Yung, F.D., 1942:
Sunlight lamps for laying hens

Saranathan, V.; Burtt, E., H.J., 2007:
Sunlight on feathers inhibits feather-degrading bacteria

Anonymous, 1977:
Sunlight on silicon cells = electricity for irrigation, for grain drying, for heating and cooling

Wolfe, J.E.gstrom, D.Z.eig, R., 1980:
Sunlight patterns without, chemistry patterns within: the view from a solar-algae pond

Ruppenicker, G.; Harper, R.; Sawhney, A.; Robert, K., 1987:
Sunlight resistant cotton

Tiemann, Kh, 1970:
Sunlight, the growth factor and its significance in fruit culture

Kapuscinski, R.; Mitchell, R., 1983:
Sunlight-induced mortality of viruses and Escherichia coli in coastal seawater Control of microbial contamination of surface waters

Wachnik, Z., 1975:
Sunlight: productivity and health status in poultry

Marshall, Amy, J., 2002:
Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) as an organic amendment in crop production

Paulian, F.P.pov, C., 1980:
Sunn pest or cereal bug

Varma, A., 1986:
Sunn-hemp mosaic virus

Rao, Tr, 1973:
Sunnehemp with paddy straw makes a complete cattle feed

Ghosh, T.J.tendramohan, K.V.P.akash, G., 1977:
Sunnhemp variety

Ito, K., 2000:
Sunnier days for U.S. citrus in Japan

Widmer, R.-E.P.illips, R.A., 1967:
Sunny Glow and Minnwhite

Buchan, U., 1982:
Sunny cottage Garden in Lincolnshire, England

Foulk, D.; Hoover, E., 1997:
Sunny hollow orchard: a decision case as a basis for classroom discussion

Campbell, Alfred-Stuart, 1941:
Sunny isle of Jersey

Voigt, A., 1984:
Sunny outlook for 84 bedding plants

Paschal, R.N.ubert, D., 1989:
Sunny prospects for U.S. sales in island markets

Young, D., 1994:
Sunny sales prospects ahead in Costa Rica and Panama

Mclaren, A.; Haldeman, J., L., 1977:
Sunny-side up

Anonymous, 1982:
Sunnybrook Farms

Caile, L., 1984:
Sunporch garden

Miller, V., 1976:
Sunpower dries soybeans

Anonymous, 1975:
Sunpower for soybean drying

Mcintyre, Alan-John, 1948:
Sunraysia, a social survey of a dried fruits area

Young, H.W.S.arpe, R.H., 1971:

Criss, Ronda, 1990:
Sunrise WIC scenario

Anonymous, 1989:
Sunrise breakfast scenario

Casto, Je, 1994:
Sunrise on science

Wasserman, H., 1991:
Sunrise on solar power

Johannlukens, 1975:
Sunrise on the horizon for cattle fattening

Norden, A.J.G.rbet, D.W.K.auft, D.-Alan, 1983:

Rabinowitch, H.; Friedmann, M1; Ben-David, B., 1983:
Sunscald damage in attached and detached pepper and cucumber fruits at various stages of maturity Solar radiation, injuries

Pellett, H., 1974:
Sunscald injury--Influence of stem size and exposure on win ter temperature of stem tissue

Legg, D.; Cook, J., 1991:
Sunscald on trees

Reed, Ab, 1969:
Sunscreen and insect repellent aerosols

Compton, D.; Isbell, T.; Harry-O'-Kuru, R., 2007:
Sunscreen reagents from hydroxy-substituted acylglycerides

Carroll, Jw, 1987:

Janjua, N.R.; Kongshoj, B.; Petersen, J.H.; Wulf, H.C., 2007:
Sunscreens and thyroid function in humans after short-term whole-body topical application: a single-blinded study

Compton, D.; Laszlo, J., 2002:
Sunscreens from vegetable oil and plant phenols

Anonymous, 1991:
Sunseeds new seed encrusting process

Whitmore, L., 1991:
Sunseeds: on the comeback trail

Thilmany, D.-D.L.ddell, S., 1996:
Sunset Dairys current value as an asset and revenue-generating enterprise

Anonymous, 1947:
Sunset Flower garden book

Callahan, Genevieve-Anne, 1947:
Sunset all-western foods cook book

Anonymous, 1945:
Sunset barbecue book

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Sunset cabin plan book

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Sunset gardening with shade

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Sunset homeowners guide to solar heating

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Sunset ideas for Japanese gardens

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Sunset ideas for building plant shelters and garden work centers

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Sunset ideas for landscaping & garden remodeling

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Sunset ideas for landscaping your home

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Sunset introduction to basic gardening

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Sunset landscaping for western living

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Sunset lawns & ground covers

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Sunset new western garden book

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Sunset on Americas wetlands

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Sunset planting ideas for your Northwest garden

Anonymous, 1951:
Sunset planting ideas for your northern California garden

Anonymous, 1951:
Sunset planting ideas for your southern California garden

Anonymous, 1955:
Sunset seasonal garden guide and record book

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Sunset trees & shrubs

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Sunset vegetable garden book

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Sunset western campsite directory

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Sunset western landscaping book

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Sunset western ranch houses

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Sunsets flower garden book

Anonymous, 1943:
Sunsets vegetable garden book

Anonymous, 1993:
Sunshine & adventure

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Sunshine State agricultural research report

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Sunshine Tree Symbol stirs controversy

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Sunshine agriculture and land trusts

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Sunshine and sandwiches

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Sunshine available by climatic week

Anonymous, 1992:
Sunshine bass from tank to market

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Sunshine bass makes a splash!

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Sunshine breakfast for the livestock farmer

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Sunshine goes moonlighting

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Sunshine impatiens

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Sunshine in Iceland

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Sunshine in plant production

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Sunshine in the area of Sindos Weather, meteor

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Sunshine preserves

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Sunshine tables

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Sunshine, sex-ratio and behaviour of Euphydryas aurinia larvae

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Sunshine, water, and the garden

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Sunspaces & greenhouses

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Sunspot numbers can detect pandemic influenza A: the use of different sunspot numbers

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Sunspots and abundance of animals

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Sunspots and their relation to terrestrial phenomena Effects on climate and tree growth and rings.1

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Sunstruck flavor of rice vinegar

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Sunsweet to market tree fruit

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Sunters pps without replacement sampling as an alternative to Poisson sampling

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Sunturf Bermuda

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Sunturf bermudagrass: an attractive turfgrass for Hawaii

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Suoli, ambiente, uomo

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Suomalais, ruotsalais, saksalais, englantilainen metseasanakirja

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Suomalaiset metseatieteelliset veaiteoskirjat ja niiden laatijat

Anonymous, 1984:
Suomen Metsatieteellinen Seura 75 vuotta

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Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta, R.L.SOK

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Suomen ajokoirat -ja niiden harrastajat

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Suomen kartasto

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Suomen metsatalous MERA-ohjelmakaudella 1965-75

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Suomen metsatyypit

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Suomen metseanhoitajat

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Suomen metseatalouden historia

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Suomen metseatieteellisen julkaisutoiminnan rakenne ja meaeareallinen kehitys vv. 1909-1978

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Suomen puunkaytto, poistuma ja metsatase 1967-69-

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Suomen puunkeaytteo, poistuma ja metseatase 1981-83

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Suomen puutarhatalouden historia

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Suomen raakapuumarkkuinoiden rakenne ja vaihtelut

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Suomen sahatavaramarkkinat Lansi-Euroopassa vuosina 1950--1975 ja alueen sahatavaran kulutuksen ennustaminen

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Suomen siipikarja

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Suomen suurperhostoukkien ravintokasvit

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Suomen tearkeimpien asiakasmaiden sahatavaraostot 1970-luvulla

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Suomen tieteellisten kirjastojen opas

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Suomen tukkuhintaindeksi vv. 1913-1951

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Suometsien hoito

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Suomi - Finland 8-15 May 2006

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Suomi-Finnland, Land und Volk im hohen Norden

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Sup-3 suppression affects muscle structure and myosin heavy chain accumulation in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Super 15, an exciting new fertilizer Phosphorus and superphosphate product, New Zealand

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Super 301

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Super CitriMax (HCA-SX) attenuates increases in oxidative stress, inflammation, insulin resistance, and body weight in developing obese Zucker rats

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Super LCCS. Class Q. Science

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Super plastic bulk metallic glasses at room temperature

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Super Ran Bolgar, a new, very ea

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Super Shopper--the astounding saver! Consumer education programs, Missouri Cooperative Extension Service

Anonymous, 1957:
Super Valu study

Copley, K., 1980 :
Super absorbent expands into horticultural uses

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Super abundant female flower-production in a coconut

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Super alfalfa New alfalfa varieties

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Super and raw phosphate

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Super bacteria boost yields

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Super bowl southwestern style

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Super bowls

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Super carp

Anonymous, 1977:
Super coolers

Anonymous, 1944:
Super cooperative corporations in the field of purchasing

Anonymous, 1980:
Super diet--food analysis by computer

Lillis, M., 1972:
Super duals protect turf at Memory Gardens

White, B., 2005:
Super educators

Anonymous, 1978:
Super fertile sheep to lift productivity in Australia

Joyce, Katherine, 1993:
Super foods

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Super for irrigated pastures

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Super forestry videos

White, Elaine, C., 1993:
Super formulas, arts and crafts

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Super four

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Super gel as a soil conditioner. 1. Its effect on some soil--water relations

Tayel, M.; El-Hady, O., 1982:
Super gel as a soil conditioner. I. Its effect on some soil--water relations

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Super gel as a soil conditioner. II. Its effect on plant growth, enzyme activity, water use efficiency and nutrient uptake

El-Hady, O.; Tayel, M.; Lotfy, A., 1981:
Super gel as a soil conditioner. II. Its effect on plant growth, enzymes activity, water use efficiency and nutrient uptake

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Super geotextiles for landfills

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Super grain for super cattle

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Super high frequency heating of food products

Kane, J., 1991:
Super highways for information

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Super hive uni-bottom board

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Super individual aspects of social functions; nutrition, care of offspring and homeostasis

Wyse, Mjm, 1974:
Super is still an excellent investment for wheat growers

Lepke, J., 1993:
Super low-fat diets cant always keep big wheat-loss promises

Anonymous, 1945:
Super markets in the United States

Anonymous, 1980:
Super markets nationwide now average 332 linear feet of frozen display

Anonymous, 1960:
Super markets of the sixties

Peavy, W.-S.P.ary, W., 1992:
Super nutrition gardening

Anonymous, 1980:
Super nutritious appetizing calorie-counting kit of snacks

Jordan, K.H.C., 1981:
Super order Hemipteroidea or Rhynchota

Pheasant, G., 1983:
Super panel--prospering will require consistent quality

Zarkin, D.; Miller, P., 1976:
Super potato

Burkett, K.T.pio, M., 1990:
Super pressurized groundwood (PGW) from southern pine

Sanderson, D.; Jackson, C.F.F.chs, C., 2002:
Super review entomology

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Super saws

Day, Jerry, B., 1993:
Super scanning techniques

Anonymous, 1978:
Super seed

Taylor, O., 1981:
Super seed: coming down the backstretch

Mccarty, Ep, 1988 :
Super selling skills: 56 landscapers reveal their most productive sales techniques

Bankston, Joanne, 1979:
Super shopper ad-watchers

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Super shopping: convenience foods

Butkus, Sn, 1982:
Super shopping: food choices for health Nutrition

Price, L.; Gibbons, P.; Butkus, S., 1980:
Super shopping: low-sugar canned fruit

Price, L.N.cholson-Butkus, S.G.bbons, P., 1981:
Super shopping: low-sugar processed fruit

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Super shopping: the dairy case Milk and milk products, calcium content, consumer buying guidelines, Washington

Deligniere, A., 1982:
Super silage bales

Deligniere, A., 1982:
Super silaging bales Equipment.1

Crayton, E.; White, V.; Stabler, D., 1989:
Super simple chicken salad

Farmer, B., 1988:
Super sires

Spurlock, Morgan, 2004:
Super size me

Davis, W.; Handsley, A., 1973:
Super skidder proves its mettle in Malaysian jungle

Anonymous, 1975:
Super slurper--compound with a super thirst

Cooke, L., 1994:
Super slurper--two decades and still growing

Anonymous, 1993:
Super smart snacks

Warren, Jean, 1982:
Super snacks

Prickett, F., 1988:
Super snacks

Anonymous, 1977:
Super snacks of gold

Cordell, Mr, 2006:
Super soil builder

Minnich, J., 1977:
Super soil for 78: now is the time to begin next years garden test your soil, chop refuse, spread manure and provide winter cover

Pritchard, J.; Quinn, J., 1982:
Super soil moisturizer benefits pecan industry

Rimes, G.; O'-Donnell, W., 1970:
Super spreader distributes snail baits

Anonymous, 1975:
Super sprouts the Chinese way: heres how: This earth box method will keep your family supplied with vitamin-rich sprouts year round

Rodale, R., 1974:
Super sprouts--an exciting innovation

Yamazaki, T.; Akaishi, Y., 2007:
Super strong nuclear force caused by migrating (K)over-bar mesons - Revival of the Heit ler-London-Heisenberg scheme in kaonic nuclear clusters

Anonymous, 1984:
Super summer salads

Sealse, T.W., 1972:
Super suppressors in Neurospora crassa I. Induction, genetic localization and relationship to a missense suppressor

Cech, Fc, 1973:
Super trees for super forests

Mcdonald, S.L.ntz, C.H.ekstra, P., 1983:
Super trees for the Souths pine forests

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Super trees or prima donnas? The truth about poplars

Harris, O., 1979:
Super unloader

Stauth, D., 1986:
Super weeds

Conlin, J., 1976:
Super-cold can provide permanent identification

Gil-Albert-Velarde, F., 1983:
Super-dense apple plantations

Moravek, Z., 1978:
Super-dense plantation of apple trees--meadow orchard

Haby, V.; Davis, J.; Leonard, A., 1993:
Super-fine limestone for acid soil neutralization and forage production

Viidalepp, Ia, 1981:
Super-generic taxonomy of Geometridae caterpillars of subfamily Geometrinae (Lepidoptera)

Anonymous, 1975:
Super-male boll weevils

Uhrich, Renae, 1962:
Super-marchaes et usines de distribution

Clements, J.; Costante, J.; Berkett, L., 1994:
Super-marketing and tasting Liberty apples in Vermont

Lupcke, W., 1980:
Super-neutralization test

Anderson, N.; Peiper, H., 2000:
Super-nutrition for dogs n cats

Medina-Tamayo, J.; Sánchez-Miranda, E.; Balleza-Tapia, H.; Ambriz, X.; Cid, M.E.; González-Espinosa, D.; Gutiérrez, A.A.; González-Espinosa, C., 2007:
Super-oxidized solution inhibits IgE-antigen-induced degranulation and cytokine release in mast cells

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Super-sentinel chickens and detection of low-pathogenicity influenza virus

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Super-speed centrifugation at sea using a gimballed platform

Majkut, S., 1980:
Super-structure of new types of lorries for timber hauling and introduction into operational use

Anisimov, B.; Korableva, G., 1981:
Super-superelite from cut tubers Initial potato seed production.1

Edmundson, R., 1980:
Super-tin 4L: a new fungicide for the control of pecan scab

Norton, Js, 1969:
Super. lifts Dawson Valley wheat yields

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SuperHirn - a novel tool for high resolution LC-MS-based peptide

Scarratt, D., 2004:
SuperSmolt: a second look at the science

Anonymous, 1980:

Quinn, Jj, 1990:
Superabsorbent hydrogel use in landscaping, turf establishment nurseries, interiorscaping and agriculture

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Superabsorbent polymers

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Superacidic and HUSY-zeolite activation of 1,3-indandione: reactions with benzene and cyclohexane

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Superadditive BOLD activation in superior temporal sulcus with threshold non-speech objects

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Superalimentation versus feed restriction: effects on body growth and composition and on gastrointestinal organ size and metabolism

Anonymous, 1990:
Superanimals, superhumans?

Krakauer, Teresa, 2003:
Superantigen protocols

Hayashi, T., 2006:
Superantigens and bovine mastitis

Maling, I.; Mckinlay, J.; Horton, B., 1984:

Wood, M., 2000:
Superb new pima cottons

Wood, M., 2003:
Superb new potatoes offered by breeders

Wood, M., 2003:
Superb trout--its a matter of muscle

Carroll, M., 1992 :
Superbowl snacks

Fukuda, C.; Gomes, J.-De-Cerqueira, 2005:
Superbrotamento da mandioca

Horikoshi, K.; Grant, W.D., 1991:

Robinson, R., 1986:
Superbugs--giving mother nature a little help

Cody, Hm, 2002:
Supercalender rebuild at St. Marys Paper raises SC paper quality, improves operation

Crotogino, Rh, 1980:
Supercalendered and conventionally calendered newspirit. A comparison of suface and printing properties

Tuomisto, Mv, 1989:
Supercalendering in Europe and North America: getting closer, but differences still exist

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Supercharge your tomatoes

Lawrence, M.S.; Phillips, K.J.; Liu, D.R., 2007:
Supercharging proteins can impart unusual resilience

Golovkin, H., 1970:
Superchilled meat posesses the biochemical qualities of the chilled one and is as transportable as frozen meat

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Superchilling: a new application for preserving freshness of fish fillets during marketing

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Superchlorination of sewage sludge: adding injury to insult?

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Superchoice: a model for calculating superphosphate requirements of grazed pastures New Zealand

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Supercoil-dependent features of DNA structure at Drosophila locus 67B1

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Supercoiled loops and transcribing genes Chicken

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Supercoiling induced by transcription

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Supercoiling of the circular covalently closed DNA in the presence of H2A, H2b, H4 histones or protamine and an extract from Drosophila melanogaster embryos

Jara, J., 1973:
Supercoltivatore acntone t-300, a self-propelled machine for tillage, seeding and application of chemicals

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Supercomputer simulation of Turing structures in Drosophila morphogenesis

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Supercomputers and their use

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Supercomputers in chemistry

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Supercomputing and super computers: for science and engineering in general and for chemistry and biosciences in particular

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Supercomputing and the transformation of science

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Supercomputing in biomedical research: applications to sequence analysis and molecular biology

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Superconducting pair correlations in an amorphous insulating nanohoneycomb film

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Superconductivity in complex systems

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Supercooled liquids

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Supercooling capacity of the Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera : Tephritidae)

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Supercooling effects on motility and fertility of turkey spermatozoa as compared between two different buffers

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Supercooling in arctic Collembo

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Supercooling in the adult boll weevil (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) relative to physiological condition and diet

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Supercooling in the deep freezi

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Supercooling of tissue water to extreme low temperature in overwintering plants

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Supercooling phenomenon in winter active and hibernating staphylinids (Coleoptera)

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Supercritical CO2

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Supercritical CO2 degumming and physical refining of soybean oil

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Supercritical CO2 extract of feverfew leaf effective for migraine

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Supercritical CO2 extraction

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Supercritical CO2 extraction and processing of oilseeds

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Supercritical CO2 extraction of egg yolk: impact of temperature and entrainer on residual protein

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Supercritical CO2 extraction of lipids from lipid-containing materials

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Supercritical CO2 extraction of grape seed oil and physicochemical properties

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Supercritical ammonia pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials

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Supercritical carbon dioxide and hydrogen peroxide cause mild changes in spore structures associated with high killing rate of Bacillus anthracis

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Supercritical carbon dioxide applied to citrus processing

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction as a predictor of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bioaccumulation and toxicity by earthworms in manufactured-gas plant site soils

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of alpha-tocopherol from palm leaflets

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of cottonseed with co-solvents

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of evening primrose oil

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of lipids from algae

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of lutein from marigold (Tagetes erecta L.)

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of oil and a-tocopherol from almond seeds

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) pomace

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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of terpenes from orange essential oil

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Supercritical extraction of fermentation products

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Supercritical extraction: recovering process materials

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Supercritical flow flumes for measuring sediment-laden flow

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Supercritical fluid adsorption at the gas-solid interface

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Supercritical fluid and solid-liquid extraction of phenolic antioxidants from grape pomace: a comparative study

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Supercritical fluid chromatographic determination of tocopherols on an ODS-silica gel column

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Supercritical fluid chromatography and radiolabeled compound synthesis

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Supercritical fluid chromatography for the analysis of natural products

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Supercritical fluid chromatography of free resin acids on an ODS-silica gel column

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Supercritical fluid chromatography of metoprolol and analogues on aminopropyl and ethylpyridine silica without any additives

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Supercritical fluid chromatography with packed columns

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Supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry (SFC-MS) of androstenone without sample purification or derivatisation

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Supercritical fluid engineering science

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Supercritical fluid extraction

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Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) in food analysis: a review

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Supercritical fluid extraction of meat lipids: an alternative approach to the identification of irradiated meats

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Supercritical fluid extraction of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables

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Supercritical fluid extraction of pesticides on some dry foodstuffs

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Supercritical fluid extraction of quercetin from onion skins

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Supercritical fluid extraction technology for fat reduction

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Supercritical fluid extrusion of masa-based snack chips

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Supercritical fluid fat extraction

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Supercritical fluid processing of food and biomaterials

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Supercritical fluids for extraction of flavors and fragrances from natural products

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Supercritical fluids in the analytical chemistry of foods

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Superficial and cutaneous mycoses

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Superficial dilatational rheology during the formation of mixed films of dairy serum proteins and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose in the air/water interface

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Superficial keratectomy

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Superficial keratectomy for lesions of the cornea

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Superficie de las fincas segun tenencia de la tierra

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Superfund implementation

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Superfund oversight

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Superfund program

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Superfund program review

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Superfund reassessment and reauthorization

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Superfund removal procedures

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Superior National Forest

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Superior National Forest, 7.5 minute series (topographic)

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Superior National Forest, Minnesota

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Superior Service Award won by Wyndmoor biochemist

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Superior cattle & top notch care

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Superior cottonwoods are developed at Delta Station

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Superior exploitation of wood and wood wastes at the Blaj Wood Processing Enterprise

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Superior farrowing results

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Superior fertility of half-blood breeding Zebus in Mercedes, province of Corrientes

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Superior forecasts of the U.S. unemployment rate using a nonparametric method

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Superior genes are the foundation for superior dairy cattle in a herd and in a country

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Superior ground cover junipers Juniperus for the Great Plains region

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Superior ground cover junipers for the Great Plains

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Superior hop extracts using liquid CO2

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Superior long-term graft function and better growth of grafts in children receiving kidneys from paediatric compared with adult donors

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Superior oblique myokymia - Case report

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Superior oblique tendon incarceration syndrome

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Superior organisms in the provincial agricultural development from the constitution of the Italian Kingdom to December 1968: historic profile

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Superior performances in the industrial sector of poultry production Broilers, chickens, effects of feeding, Romania.1

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Superior pigment printing system for textiles

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Superior planting material for garden lands

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Superior ponderosa parents

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Superior quality wines produced in a specific region

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Superior serial memory in the blind: a case of cognitive compensatory adjustment

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Superior shade tree program should interest nurserymen

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Superior sites: a lot of landscape for the space

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Superior sites: select views shape front entry spaces

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Superior sorter selects stain-free nuts

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Superior surfaces

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Superior technology was a precondition to the U.S. integrated poultry operations

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Superior tree production fights tree wound fatalities

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Superior turning of wood mass and secondary resources at CPL--Blaj

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Superior utilization of field crop breeding

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Superior utilization of plant breeding, theories and principles

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Superior utilization of vegetable hybridization

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Superior vena cava syndrome induced by endocardial defibrillator and pacemaker leads

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Superior wildlife plants for disturbed sites

Anonymous, 1977:
Superior woody oil bearing plant Elaeagnus mollis

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Superior-Courtland Diversion Dam

Anonymous, 1952:
Superior-Quetico canoe maps covering the Superior National Forest in Minnesota, Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario

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Superiority and utilization of swine breeding