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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17217

Chapter 17217 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ishikado, A.; Sato, T.; Mitsuoka, T., 2007:
Suppressive effects of lactulose and magnesium oxide supplementation on fecal putrefactive metabolites with shortening gastrointestinal transit time

Sun, C.M.; Chen, H.C.; Yeh, S.F., 1994:
Suppressive effects of metabolites from Alternaria brassicaea on the hepatitis B surface antigen

Jung, K.Hee.; Ha, E.; Kim, M.Ja.; Won, H-Jin.; Zheng, L.Tai.; Kim, H.Kyung.; Hong, S.Jae.; Chung, J.Ho.; Yim, S-Vin., 2007:
Suppressive effects of nitric oxide (NO) production and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) expression by Citrus reticulata extract in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells

Iyo, T.; Yoshino, T.; Ohno, S., 1992:
Suppressive effects on filamentous bulking by addition of corn cob flour and divalent metal ions

Sylvia, D.; Sinclair, W., 1983:
Suppressive influence of Laccaria laccata on Fusarium oxysporum and on Douglas fir seedlings Pseutotsuga menziesii, protection from pathogen attack

Bjegovic, P.W.rren, L., 1971:
Suppressive role of some parasites of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) in northwest Arkansas, 1967

Hornby, D., 1983:
Suppressive soils Plant pathology

Hornby, D., 1983:
Suppressive soils biological control of plant pathogens

Alabouvette, C.; Steinberg, C., 1995:
Suppressiveness of soils to invading micro-organisms

Loo, T.W.; Bartlett, M.Claire.; Clarke, D.M., 2007:
Suppressor mutations in the transmembrane segments of P-glycoprotein promote maturation of processing mutants and disrupt a subset of drug-binding sites

Chi, D.; Thorbecke, G., 1987:
Suppressor cells and other T-lymphocytes

Droege, W.; Tuneskog, M., 1976:
Suppressor cells in the embryonic thymus mediate allograft tolerance

Gainer, J.H., 1982:
Suppressor factors and their potential for immunotherapy, and chemical influences on interferons

Kon, T.; Sharma, P.; Ikegami, M., 2007:
Suppressor of RNA silencing encoded by the monopartite tomato leaf curl Java begomovirus

Remer, S.; Sherman, A.; Kraig, E.; Haber, J.E., 1979:
Suppressor of deoxythmidine monophosphate uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gundelach, E., 1973:
Suppressor studies on ilvI mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Alikhanian, S.; Lomovskaya, N.; Danilenko, V., 1976:
Suppressor-sensitive mutations of Streptomyces coelicolor -A3(2) and actinophage phiC31

Hawthorne, D.C.; Leupold, U., 1974:
Suppressors in yeast

Mitchell, I.G.; Bevan, E.A., 1974:
Suppressors of 'blue' mutations in yeast

Forbes, K.; Humphrey, T.E.och, T., 1998:
Suppressors of Cdc25p overexpression identify two pathways that influence the G2

Neigeborn, L.; Rubin, K.; Carlson, M., 1986:
Suppressors of SNF2 mutations restore invertase derepression and cause temperature-sensitive lethality in yeast

Bloomstein, Michael, I., 1971:
Suppressors of the tryptophan synthetase locus of Neurospora crassa

Kubli, E.S.ter, B.D.erig, R.C.offat, Y., 1988:
Suppressors, introns and stage specific expression of tRNA(Tyr) genes in Drosophila melanogaster

Carb, A., 1981:
Suppurative arthritis

Paliwal, O.; Kulshrestha, S.; Dass, S.; Lal-Krishna; Mogha, I., 1978:
Suppurative arthritis in pigs

Stanek, C., 1978:
Suppurative arthritis of the tarsometatarsal joint in a cattle

Leib, M.S.; Sponenberg, D.P.; Wilcke, J.R.; Loar, A.S., 1986:
Suppurative colitis in a cat

Krishna, L.K.mar, P.1; Paliwal, O., 1980:
Suppurative encephalitis in Dorset sheep Cornybacterium pyogenes

Sponenberg, D.P.; Carter, M.E.; Carter, G.R.; Cordes, D.O.; Stevens, S.E.; Veit, H.P., 1983:
Suppurative epididymitis in a ram infected with Actinobacillus seminis

Chaffee, V.W.; James, E.A.; Montali, R.J., 1975:
Suppurative mandibular osteomyelitis associated with Pasteurella multocida in a rabbit

Mcgowen, Ba, 1970:
Suppurative meningitis in a bovine

Gorham,. Jr.;, 1948:
Suppurative nephritis in mink

Montgomery, C.Jr, 1986:
Suppurative nephritis, pyelonephritis, mouse

Duprat, P.B.rek, J., 1986:
Suppurative nephritis, pyelonephritis, rat

Sharma, Nc, 1982:
Suppurative orchitis in a buck Brucella abortus, goats

Fessl, L., 1973:
Suppurative osteomyelitis affecting the pedal bone in a pure-bred horse

Mason, T.A., 1979:
Suppurative pericarditis treated by pericardiotomy in a cow

Pasternak, B.; Grom, A.; Yazigi, N.; Cohen, M.B., 2007:
Suppurative peripheral arthritis in inflammatory bowel disease

Ganley-Leal, L.M.; Brown, C.; Tulman, E.R.; Bergman, L.; Hinckley, L.; Johnson, K.H.; Liu, X.; Van Kruiningen, H.J.; Frasca, S., 2007:
Suppurative polyarthritis in striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) from Cape Cod, Massachusetts: detection of mycoplasma DNA

Tesprateep, A.B.nyamanee, P., 1984:
Suppurative pyelonephritis in a dog: a complication from biting wound

Pichard, R., 1979:
Supra and intercondylar fractures of the humerus

Beemer, A.M., 1947:
Supra-vital staining of amoebae and some observations on the laboratory diagnosis

Milam, M.R.; Sood, A.K.; King, S.; Bassett, R.L.; Lu, K.H.; Slomovitz, B.M.; Coleman, R.L.; Ramirez, P.T., 2007:
Supracervical hysterectomy in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer

Saint-Mleux, Bît.; Bayer, L.; Eggermann, E.; Jones, B.E.; Mühlethaler, M.; Serafin, M., 2007:
Suprachiasmatic modulation of noradrenaline release in the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus

Rajtova, V.S.anikova, A.A.endarcik, J.L.stik, J.B.iancin, J., 1983:
Suprachiasmic and infundibular parts of the third cerebral ventricle in continually irradiated sheep

Stoian,,, D.G.vrila, L.M.resan, D., 1983:
Suprachromosome organization of some animal and plant species

Lidbetter, D.; Glyde, M., 2000:
Supracondylar femoral fractures in adult animals

Meynard J.A.; Goudichaud J.A., 1971:
Supracondylar fractures in the dog

Pichard, R., 1979:
Supracondylar fractures of the humerus

León, X.; López, M.; García, J.; Viza, I.; Orús, César.; Quer, M., 2007:
Supracricoid laryngectomy as salvage surgery after failure of radiation therapy

Tang, X.; Orlicky, S.; Lin, Z.; Willems, A.; Neculai, D.; Ceccarelli, D.; Mercurio, F.; Shilton, B.H.; Sicheri, F.; Tyers, M., 2007:
Suprafacial orientation of the SCFCdc4 dimer accommodates multiple geometries for substrate ubiquitination

Steinmann, H., 1975:
Suprageneric classification of Dermaptera

Nicolson, Dh, 1984:
Suprageneric names attributable to Araceae

Marston, Ra, 1983:
Supraglacial stream dynamics on the Juneau icefield

Bleyaert, H.; Sullins, K.; White, N., 1994:
Supraglenoid tubercle fractures in horses

Demura, S-ichi.; Sato, S., 2007:
Suprailiac or abdominal skinfold thickness measured with a skinfold caliper as a predictor of body density in Japanese adults

Fekete,, Z., 1977:
Supraindividual versus individual homogeneity of photosynthetic pigments: a study on community structure

Hall, J.-R.L.eb, S.-J.S.imizu, G.-Kh; Yap, G.-Pa, 1998:
Supramolecular Arrays of 4,7-Phenanthroline Complexes: Self-Assembly of Molecular Pd Hexagons

Hui, J.K-H.; Yu, Z.; MacLachlan, M.J., 2007:
Supramolecular assembly of zinc salphen complexes: access to metal-containing gels and nanofibers

Bröring, M., 2007:
Supramolecular bioinorganic chemistry: model complexes of cytochrome C oxidase meet functional surfaces

Grechin, A.G.; Buschmann, H-Jürgen.; Schollmeyer, E., 2007:
Supramolecular solid-gas complexes: a thermodynamic approach

Bein, Thomas, 1992:
Supramolecular architecture

Haiduc, Lonel, 2007:
Supramolecular aspects of tin and lead chemistry

Mingos, D.M.P., 2004:
Supramolecular assembly via hydrogen bonds

Mingos, D.M.P.B.aga, D., 2004:
Supramolecular assembly via hydrogen bonds II

Travkin, A.; Derevyanko, V.; Tsypin, A., 1975:
Supramolecular changes in preserved corneal tissue during treatment with alpha-tocopherol

Albrecht, M., 2007:
Supramolecular chemistry-general principles and selected examples from anion recognition and metallosupramolecular chemistry

Crego-Calama, M.; Reinhoudt, D.N.A.abilino, D., B., 2006:
Supramolecular chirality

Vermonden, Tina, 2005:
Supramolecular coordination polymers in water

Storrie, H.; Guler, M.O.; Abu-Amara, S.N.; Volberg, T.; Rao, M.; Geiger, B.; Stupp, S.I., 2007:
Supramolecular crafting of cell adhesion

Yui, Nobuhiko, 2002:
Supramolecular design for biological applications

Kaifer, A.-E.G.mez-Kaifer, M., 1999:
Supramolecular electrochemistry

Friedrich, Peter, 1984:
Supramolecular enzyme organization

Kitagishi, H.; Oohora, K.; Yamaguchi, H.; Sato, H.; Matsuo, T.; Harada, A.; Hayashi, T., 2007:
Supramolecular hemoprotein linear assembly by successive interprotein heme-heme pocket interactions

Joliot, P.; Vermeglio, A.; Joliot, A., 1993:
Supramolecular membrane protein assemblies in photosynthesis and respiration

Golecki, Jr; Drews, Go, 1982:
Supramolecular organization and composition of membranes Algae, cyanobacteria

Staehelin, L.; Mcdonnel, A.C.rter, D., 1979:
Supramolecular organization of chloroplast membranes as revealed by freeze-fracture and freeze-etch electron microscopy

Miyakawa, T.T.kemoto, L.; Fox, C., 1976:
Supramolecular organization of proteins in Newcastle disease virus

Popov, V.; Tageeva, S.; Ladygin, V., 1977:
Supramolecular organization of the chloroplast membrane in chlamydomonas reinhardi mutants with inactive photosystems

Jones, R.; James, P.S.; Howes, L.; Bruckbauer, A.; Klenerman, D., 2007:
Supramolecular organization of the sperm plasma membrane during maturation and capacitation

Haiduc, I.; Edelmann, F.T., 1999:
Supramolecular organometallic chemistry

Lee, K.-Ju; Kim, Y.-Woo; Koh, J.-Hwan; Kim, J.-Hak, 2007:
Supramolecular polymer

Zweistra, H.J.A., 2007:
Supramolecular polymers in inhomogeneous systems

Donnio, B., 2006:
Supramolecular polymers polymeric betains oligomers

Anonymous, 1994:
Supramolecular science

Denadai, A.M.L.; Teixeira, K.I.; Santoro, M.M.; Pimenta, A.M.C.; Cortés, M.E.; Sinisterra, Rén.D., 2007:
Supramolecular self-assembly of beta-cyclodextrin: an effective carrier of the antimicrobial agent chlorhexidine

Pifat-Mrzljak, Greta, 1986:
Supramolecular structure and function

Pifat-Mrzljak, Greta, 2001:
Supramolecular structure and function 7

Pifat-Mrzljak, Greta, 2004:
Supramolecular structure and function 8

Manne, S.; Warr, G., G., 1999:
Supramolecular structure in confined geometries

Bruns, R.R., 1976:
Supramolecular structure of polymorphic collagen fibrils

Hermansson, Am, 1998:
Supramolecular structures of biopolymer gels

Reinhoudt, D.N., 1999:
Supramolecular technology

Achón, M.; Alonso-Aperte, E.; Ubeda, N.; Varela-Moreiras, G., 2007:
Supranormal dietary folic acid supplementation: effects on methionine metabolism in weanling rats

Singh, YN.; Narain, R., 1982:
Supraoesophageal neurosecretory cells of the adult may fly Anagenesia minor Eaton (Ephemeroptera: Palingeniidae)

Duff, D.; Beard, J., 1974:
Supraoptimal temperature effects upon Agrostis palustris. I. Influence on shoot growth and density, leaf blade width and length, succulence, and chlorophyll content

Duff, D.; Beard, J., 1974:
Supraoptimal temperature effects upon Agrostis palustris. II. influence on carbohydrate levels, photosynthetic rate, and respiration rate

Narouze, S.N.; Kapural, L., 2007:
Supraorbital nerve electric stimulation for the treatment of intractable chronic cluster headache: a case report

Samour, J.H., 2000:
Supraorbital trichomoniasis infection in two saker falcons (Falco cherrug)

Artifon, E., L.A.; Sakai, P.; Cardillo, G., Z.; Ishioka, S., 2006:
Suprapapillary needle puncture for common bile duct access: laboratory profile

Lose, Mp, 1992:
Suprapubic cystotomy for removal of a vesical calculus

Deppe, R.S.huler, A.G.nzalez, S.E.pinoza, F.C.ntreras, P., 1974:
Suprapubic laparocystotomy for removal of a vesical calculus from a stallion

Braun, H., 1977:
Supraregional service of literature: aspects of the memorandum of the Library Committee of the German Research Association

Richet, E.S.fwate, A.D.vicco, M.; Dalle, M.B.rlet, J., 1984:
Suprarenal cortical function in the young calf

McCully, S.P.; Suprak, D.N.; Kosek, P.; Karduna, A.R., 2006:
Suprascapular nerve block results in a compensatory increase in deltoid muscle activity

Lapitskii, V.; Kovalev, V., 1986:
Suprasegmental regulation of motoneuron Ds electrical activity in cockroach Periplaneta americana

Sherman, J.H.; Le, B.H.; Okonkwo, D.O.; Jane, J.A., 2007:
Supratentorial dural-based hemangioblastoma not associated with von Hippel Lindau complex

Pfister, S.; Remke, M.; Toedt, G.; Werft, W.; Benner, A.; Mendrzyk, F.; Wittmann, A.; Devens, F.; von Hoff, K.; Rutkowski, S.; Kulozik, A.; Radlwimmer, B.; Scheurlen, W.; Lichter, P.; Korshunov, A., 2007:
Supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the central nervous system frequently harbor deletions of the CDKN2A locus and other genomic aberrations distinct from medulloblastomas

Anonymous, 1956:
Suprathen die Kunststoff-Folie feur den Gartenbau

Cantrell, F.Lee.; Clark, R.F., 2007:
Supratherapeutic doses of sulfonylureas in diabetic patients: how much is too much?

Mei, M.; Leat, S.J., 2007:
Suprathreshold contrast matching in maculopathy

Tuorila, H., 1981:
Suprathreshold odour intensity assessment: individual variation in scaling

Wright, K.N.; Atkins, C.E.; Kanter, R., 1996:
Supraventricular tachycardia in four young dogs

Grubb,, W., 1999:
Supraventricular tachycardias in dogs and cats

Maciejowski, J.H.rasim, M., 1981:
Supravital estimation of progeny and the estimation of value of skins as a source of information on breeding value of mothers in Arctic fox

Gatti, Giuseppe, 1950:
Supremazia immutabile della lana

Hayes, H., 1969:
Supreme Court grants crop damage in right-of-way case

Noble, Ml, 1991:
Supreme Court rules that FIFRA does not preempt local regulation of pesticide use

Cavaliere, C.B.umenthal, M., 2006 :
Supreme Court ruling protects religious groups access to ayahuasca

Frederick, Da, 1984:
Supreme Court to review co-op marketing issues

Noble, Ml, 1990:
Supreme Court upholds rails to trails

Anonymous, 1981:
Supreme Court upholds wetlands regulations

Anonymous, 1986:
Supreme Court vs. whales

Frederick, Da, 1984:
Supreme court modifies Michigan bargaining act

Garner-Wizard, M., 2004:
Supreme court refuses government appeal on medical marijuana advice by doctors

Cook, Ch, 1979:
Supreme court rules on National Broiler Marketing case

Holt, Stephen, 2005:
Supreme properties of Hoodia gordonii

Anonymous, 1945:
Supreme resolutions and decrees related to required sowing of food crops

Porter, D.; Rud, O., 1979:
Supression of Sclerotinia blight of peanuts with herbicides

Bangarayya, M.S.rma, C.1; Narasimhamurthy, Y.1; Prabhakara-Babu, D., 1982 :
Supression of suckers with non-edible oils in FCV tobacco Flue-cured varieties

Chunaev, A.; Kvitko, K., 1977:
Supression of the character light sensitivity in Chlamydomonas reinhardi

Zehr, E.; Whittington, D.; Scott, J., 1990:
Supression of the nematode Criconemella xenoplax with orchard vegetation

Casper, R., 1971:
Supression of witches broom growth in cacti by treatment with tetracyclines

Siverio, F.; Mateo, J., A.; Lopez-Jurado, L., F., 2007:
Sur in presence et in biologie de lEffraie des clochers tyto alba detorta sur lile de Santa Luzia, Cap Vert

Henri, Beurgisser, 1948:
Sur laepidaemiologie et les laesions anatomiques et histologiqes du foie dans la Distomatose haepatique du liaevre en Suisse

Gon*-Eth-*calves, Rodrigo, C., 1947:
Sur lextraction des substances acylables par le dichlorure de baetaeinyle

Gaillot, F.; Lledo, P.-Marie, 2007:
Sur la convergence des outils crees par lhomme et la Nature

Conard, Alexandre, 1947:
Sur la division cellulaire chez Oedogonium

Anonymous, 1999:
Sur la gestion de leau au Quebec presente au bureau daudiences publiques sur lenvironnement (BAPE)

Vossier, Jean, 1952:
Sur la pathogaenie des toxi-infections alimentaires dorigine carn

Conrad, Victor, L., 1942:
Sur la pathologie de la mitose

Picard, D., 1977:
Sur la possibilite devaluer une caracteristique de lenracinement a partir dun nombre limite dechantillons dans les etudes de dynamique racinaire des cultures

Peyre, Paul, 1946:
Sur les Allium

Dollfus, Robert-Ph, 1946:
Sur les Prosthogoniminae, traematodes de la bourse de Fabricius des oiseaux et leur biogaeographie

Frens, A.M., 1949:
Sur les bases scientifiques de lalimentation du baetail

Gillis, Paul, 1943:
Sur les formes diffaerentielles et la formule de Stokes

Popovaeat, Mircea, 1943:
Sur les maethodes pour caractaeriser la texture des es saediments meubles

Peyre, Paul, 1943:
Sur les marronniers

Desassis, Andrae, 1962:
Sur les modalitaes de formation des matiaeres grasses dans le fruit dElaeis guineensis Jacq

Anonymous, 1948:
Sur les pas de nos daefricheurs

Brande, J.V.n-Den; D*-Section-*herde, J.G.llard, A., 1960:
Sur les propriaetaes naematicides de la cyanamide de chaux

Vestjordet, Egil, 1975:
Sur nedbsuperscript 2r, skogproduksjon

Chavanne, Georges, 1942:
Sur un mode dutilisation possible de lhuile de palme aa la fabrication dun carburant lourd

Peyret, Maurice, 1952:
Sur une affection pseudo-actinomycosique du chat la fusocillose se faeline

Ginieis, Christian, 1948:
Sur une propagation experimentale des liquides dans les tissus vegetaux

Beeler, T.; Fu, D.R.vera, J.M.naghan, E.G.ble, K.D.nn, T., 1997:
Sur1 (csg1

Krikken, J., 1979:
Suralcis Machatschke, a remarkable genus of African ruteline chafers

Dua, P.; Ingle, A.; Gude, R.P., 2007:
Suramin augments the antitumor and antimetastatic activity of pentoxifylline in B16F10 melanoma

Fortes, P.A.; Ellory, J.C.; Lew, V.L., 1973:
Suramin: a potent ATPase inhibitor which acts on the inside surface of the sodium pump

Yen, Ben-Chie, 1980:
Surcharge of sewer systems

Okada, K., 1974:
Surcharge sought for forest pro

Lamot, S., B.; Lonegro, G., G.; Hernandez, M.; Lamot, J., M.; Lapresa, S.; Sobrino, E., 2007:
Surco diagonal en el loblilo de la orea signo de enferiviedad arterial coronaria?

Affolter, E., 1973:
Sure bases to act consequently

Lundstedt, E., 1978:
Sure cures for yogurt problems

Van-Horne, Rn, 1970:
Sure poison kills--but how much (or little) does it take?

Beckmann, G., 1976:
Sure protection for young fruit trees

Hasse, B., 2006:
Sure things include death, taxes, and profits--if you raise yaks

Lobanov, Pp, 1969:
Sure way of raising labor productivity in livestock farms

Rai, B.S.ngh, C., 1973:
Sure, toria can be more profitable

Murphy, F., 1997:
Sure-fire maintenance tips

Hawthorne, P.; Taylor, J.; Miller, A.; Constantin, R.; Love, J.; Horn, N.; Woodward, R.; Newsom, D., 1973:
Surecrop: A new peach variety

Anonymous, 1979:
Suren Ambartsumovich Pogosian (70th birthday)

Kraus, W.K.pke, K., 1979:
Surenone and surenin, two novel tetranortriterpenoids from Toona sureni Merrill

Kohler, H., 1975:
Surety law for livestock defects in Austria

Major, David, 2007:
Surfs Up, Dude

Lewis, W.Jr, 1976:

Anonymous, 1986:
Surface & coatings technology

White, Rk, 1984:
Surface (strip) mine reclamation

Speciale, J., 1993:
Surface DNA: biology and clinical significance

Phelan, J., T.; Criddle, W., D., 1955:
Surface Irrigation Methods

Anonymous, 1975:
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1975

Anonymous, 1983:
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 August 3

Anonymous, 1972:
Surface Mining Reclamation Act of 1972

Bléger, D.; Kreher, D.; Mathevet, F.; Attias, Aé-Jean.; Schull, G.; Huard, A.; Douillard, L.; Fiorini-Debuischert, Céline.; Charra, F., 2007:
Surface noncovalent bonding for rational design of hierarchical molecular self-assemblies

Liss, P.S., 2004:
Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study

Gruis, D.Fred.; Guo, H.; Selinger, D.; Tian, Q.; Olsen, O-Arne., 2006:
Surface position, not signaling from surrounding maternal tissues, specifies aleurone epidermal cell fate in maize

Doll, K.; Moser, B.; Erhan, S., 2007:
Surface Tension Studies of Alkyl Esters and Epoxidized Alkyl Esters Relevant to Oleochemically Based Fuel Additives

Anonymous, 2005:
Surface Transportation Safety Improvement Act of 2005

Anonymous, 1980:
Surface Treatment

Boyacioglu, Hülya.; Boyacioglu, H., 2006:
Surface water quality assessment by environmetric methods

Flores, R., A.; Hicks, K., B.; Wilson, J., 2007:
Surface abrasion of hulled and hulless barley: Physical characterization of the milled fractions

Frenkel M., 1974:
Surface acidity of montmorillonites

Eliseev, S.A.K.cher, R.-Volodymyrovych; Kukhar'-, V.P., 1991:
Surface active agents and biotechnology

Hurford,. Jr.;, 1980:
Surface active agents derived from some selected disaccharides

Kolb, W., 1977:
Surface active materials in paper industry

Shankaranarayana, K.; Parthasarathi, K., 1986:
Surface active products from sandal seed oil

Weil, J.; Linfield, W., 1977:
Surface active properties of combinations of soap and lime soap dispersing agents

Chudakov, M.; Kirpicheva, L.; Ivanova, M.; Glukhova, H.; Shpenzer, N.; Talmud, S., 1977:
Surface active properties of modified lignosulphonates

Iurinova, A.; Novikova, M.; Popova, L.; Piialkin, V., 1977:
Surface active properties of organic substances of black lye in sulfate cellulose production

Leko, P.; Kozarac, Z.C.sovic, B., 2004:
Surface active substances (SAS) and dissolved organic matter (DOC) in atmospheric precipitation of urban area of Croatia (Zagreb)

Bofarull-Clapes, Dn, 1976:
Surface active substances as additives in the formulation of pesticides

Volkov, V.A., 1985:
Surface active substances in detergents and reinforcers of chemical cleaning

Feuge, R.; Brown, M.W.ite, J., 1972:
Surface activity of glycerol glycoside palmitates

Helms, K.; Vinson, S., 2005:
Surface activity of native ants co-occurring with the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Magdassi S.; Garti N., 1996:
Surface activity of proteins

Fisher, G.; Zeringue, H.J.; Feuge, R., 1977:
Surface activity of sucrose palmitates

Bohoua, G.L.; Haque, Z.U., 2007:
Surface activity of surfactants and dairy proteins

Ali, A.; Abou-Ghadir, M.1; Adbelhafez, N., 1982:
Surface activity of termites in the New Valley Egypt

Martin, J.; Vinson, S., 1997:
Surface activity of the red imported fire ant solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), in polygyne infested areas of Brazos Co., Texas

Gu, Ji-Dong, 2006:
Surface adhesion and biotechnological applications

Topiwala, Hh, 1972:
Surface aeration in a laboratory fermenter at high power inputs

Humenik, F.; Overcash, M.; Miller, T., 1975:
Surface aeration: design and performance for lagoons

Mctaggart-Cowan, J.; Young, J., 1977:
Surface air temperature in a maritime metropolitan region

Jackson, R.D.; Idso, S.B.; Otterman, J., 1975:
Surface albedo and desertification

Elliott, Ml, 1997:
Surface algae on golf course putting greens and tees

Kurth, R., 1976:
Surface alterations in cells infected by avian leukosis-sarcoma viruses

Benerito, R.; Ward, T.; Hinojosa, O., 1985:
Surface analyses of cellulose and some derivatives

Lindberg, Steven, E., 1987:
Surface analysis methods

Toth, A.; Cernakova, L.; Cernak, M.; Kunovska, K., 2007:
Surface analysis of groundwood paper treated by diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge (DCSBD) type atmospheric plasma in air and in nitrogen

Conners, T.-E.B.nerjee, S., 1995:
Surface analysis of paper

Millard, M.; Pavlath, A., 1976:
Surface analysis of plasma-polymerized fluorocarbon films by X-ray photoelectron spectrometry

Ward, R.; Willis, H.; George, G.; Guise, G.; Denning, R.; Evans, D.; Short, R., 1993:
Surface analysis of wool by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and static secondary ion mass spectrometry

Millard, M.; Pavlath, A., 1972:
Surface analysis of wool fibers and fiber coatings by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Magonov, S.-N.W.angbo, M.-Hwan, 1996:
Surface analysis with STM and AFM

Davies, John, 1996:
Surface analytical techniques for probing biomaterial processes

Schill, R., 1977:
Surface anatomy of higher plants

Owens, L.B.; Shipitalo, M.J., 2006:
Surface and subsurface phosphorus losses from fertilized pasture systems in Ohio

Soignet, D.; Benerito, R.; Berni, R., 1978:
Surface and bulk properties of flame retardant cotton fabrics. I. Effect of the flame retardant treatment

Soignet, D.; Benerito, R., 1979:
Surface and bulk properties of flame-retardant cotton fabrics. II. Effect of exposure to atmospheric conditions

Soignet, D.; Hinojosa, O.B.nerito, R., 1980:
Surface and bulk properties of flame-retardant cotton fabrics. III. Effect of laundering

Dhananjaya, B.C.; Parashuram Chandravanshi; Ananthanarayana, R., 2007:
Surface and charge characteristics of some paleustalfs under various cropping systems in southern Karnataka

Pugh, R.-J.B.rgstreom, L., 1994:
Surface and colloid chemistry in advanced ceramic processing

Beckett, Ronald, 1990:
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Surface geology map, Miami Valley RC&D area

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