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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 17225

Chapter 17225 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Omar, S.; Abdal, M., 1994:
Sustainable agricultural development and halting desertification in Kuwait

Anonymous, 1990:
Sustainable agricultural development in Ethiopia

Anonymous, 2003:
Sustainable agricultural development in Southeast Asia

Davis, C.G., 1992:
Sustainable agricultural development in the Caribbean

Brauns, Thorsten, 2000:
Sustainable agricultural development in the humid tropics of Southeast Asia

Boody, Gm, 1983:
Sustainable agricultural futures: preliminary goals and criteria to assess growth

Anonymous, 1989:
Sustainable agricultural production

Garrett, M.Kerry, 2001:
Sustainable agricultural production systems

Buttel, F.; Youngberg, I., 1985:
Sustainable agricultural research and technology transfer: socio-political opportunities and constraints

Gold, Mary, V., 2000:
Sustainable agricultural resources for teachers, K-12

Chancellor, W.J.F.ancis, S.R., 1988:
Sustainable agricultural survey project

Bonny, S., 1995:
Sustainable agriculture

Edens, T.; Fridgen, C.; Battenfield, S., L., 1985:
Sustainable agriculture & integrated farming systems

Kroese, R.C.amer, C., 1990:
Sustainable agriculture -- benefits for Minnesota

Cooper, N.G.mon, J., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture -- what does it mean?

Anonymous, 1998:
Sustainable agriculture CD 98

Rhoden, E.; Khan, V., 1993:
Sustainable agriculture and alternative crop production at the 1890 Colleges and Universities

Marsh, Db, 1993:
Sustainable agriculture and alternative crop production: the 1890 institutions contributions

Ikpi, A.E.O.ayemi, J.K., 1995:
Sustainable agriculture and economic development in Nigeria

Bissell, Re, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture and economic development: mutual benefits

Johnson, La, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture and environmental quality symposium

Shiva, V.; Bedi, G., 2002:
Sustainable agriculture and food security

Linckh, G., 1996:
Sustainable agriculture and forestry

James, Harvey, S.Jr, 2006:
Sustainable agriculture and free market economics: Finding common ground in Adam Smith

Juillet, L.R.y, J.S.ala, F., 1997:
Sustainable agriculture and global institutions: emerging institutions and mixed incentives

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture and integrated pest management

Fish, Alison, 2004:
Sustainable agriculture and integrated pest management (IPM) resource and information directory

Scaling, W., 1990:
Sustainable agriculture and natural resource conservation

Feil, B.S.amp, P., 1993:
Sustainable agriculture and product quality: a case study for selected crops

Gillespie, G.Jr, 1995:
Sustainable agriculture and prospects for rural community development in the United States

Funes, Fernando, 2002 :
Sustainable agriculture and resistance

Acharya, S.S., 2006:
Sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods

Kitasei, Hilary-Hinds, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture and suburban markets

Bird, Gw, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture and the 1990 Farm Bill

Wilder, Julia, R., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture and the U.S. cattle industry

Ruttan, Vernon, W., 1992:
Sustainable agriculture and the environment

Sell, Randall, S., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture and the structure of North Dakota agriculture

Myers, Ml, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture as a strategy in agricultural safety

Schweitzer, Hj, 1989:
Sustainable agriculture at the University of Illinois

Pirani, A.P.overbio, F., 1993:
Sustainable agriculture caught between competitiveness and protection of the environment the marginal nature of urban-fringe agriculture

Anonymous, 1993:
Sustainable agriculture curriculum

Anonymous, 1994:
Sustainable agriculture development in Asia

Taylor, Donald, C., 1990:
Sustainable agriculture development in China

Lindstrom, Thor, E., 1994:
Sustainable agriculture directory of expertise

Opar, Diana, 1995:
Sustainable agriculture for Africa

El-Bassam, N.; Behl, R.K.P.ochnow, B., 1998:
Sustainable agriculture for food, energy and industry

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture for the Asian and Pacific region

Hanson, Jon, D., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture for the Great Plains, symposium proceedings

Fadda, Nasrat, 1989:
Sustainable agriculture for the dry lands

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture hurt by USDA conflicts

Mcdougall, Elizabeth-Ann, 1990:
Sustainable agriculture in Africa

Caviglia, Jill, L., 1999:
Sustainable agriculture in Brazil

Selig, R., 1995:
Sustainable agriculture in Cuba

Chaturvedi, Pradeep, 1990:
Sustainable agriculture in India

Cavigelli, M.; Kois, J.; Ebbert, D., 1988:
Sustainable agriculture in Kansas

Menanteau-Horta, Daraio, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture in Minnesota

Matheson, Nancy, 1997:
Sustainable agriculture in Montana

Semler, Tim, 1999:
Sustainable agriculture in North Dakota

Furnari, Alfio, 1995:
Sustainable agriculture in Sicily

Taylor, D.-C.D.bbs, T.-L.S.olik, J., D., 1989:
Sustainable agriculture in South Dakota

Hughes, Jd, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture in ancient Egypt

Eswaran, Hari, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture in developing countries: challenges and U.S. role

Demuth, Suzanne, 1995:
Sustainable agriculture in print

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture in print: current books

Boesen, J.; Kikula, I.S.M.ganga, F., P., 1999:
Sustainable agriculture in semi-arid Tanzania

Yetley, Mj, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture in the 1990 Farm Bill

Benbrook, Charles, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture in the 21st century

Hanson, Jim, 1996:
Sustainable agriculture in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Anonymous, 1988:
Sustainable agriculture in the Midwest

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture in the National Research Initiative

Abeles, T., 1996:
Sustainable agriculture in the United States

Hyberg, S.S.tia, P., 1994:
Sustainable agriculture in the coming decade

Robinson, Rita, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture in the southern Rockies

Blair, J.; Mcsherry, L., 1996:
Sustainable agriculture in the southwest United States and its relationship to landscape planning

Anonymous, 1989:
Sustainable agriculture information network launched

Wilken, Gene, C., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture is the solution, but what is the problem?

Bird, Gw, 1993:
Sustainable agriculture issues on the national agenda

Anonymous, 1988:
Sustainable agriculture news

Keating, C.S.errard, J., 1994:
Sustainable agriculture on the Cununurra clays

Adam, Katherine, L., 1992:
Sustainable agriculture organizations and publications list

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture participatory research and education grant program 1991 results

Anonymous, 1997:
Sustainable agriculture perspectives from across America

Ikerd, J., 2004:
Sustainable agriculture policy: too much order, too little chaos

Falkenberg, Joan, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture practices for field crop production in the Northeast

Cuchetto, Andrea, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture program directory 1992

Berton, V., 1997:
Sustainable agriculture program: opportunity knocks for producers

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture project report

Anonymous, 1994:
Sustainable agriculture report

Hullar, Theodore, L., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture research and education in the field

Anonymous, 1990:
Sustainable agriculture research at BARC

Obst, J., 1988:
Sustainable agriculture research group named

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture research in limbo

Haney, W.-G.K.ome, M.; Stevenson, G.W., 1986:
Sustainable agriculture research sourcebook

Allen, P., 1989:
Sustainable agriculture research: will it break with convention?

Fish, Alison, 2001:
Sustainable agriculture resource & information directory

Anonymous, 1998:
Sustainable agriculture resource and information directory

Weston, K.; Oien, D., 1984:
Sustainable agriculture resource book

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture resources and information directory, Minnesota, 1991

Anonymous, 1993:
Sustainable agriculture resources and information directory, Minnesota, 1993

Hatfield, J.-L.K.rlen, D.L., 1994:
Sustainable agriculture systems

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture topics

Anonymous, 1995:
Sustainable agriculture training

Roe, N., 1999:
Sustainable agriculture training initiative for Texas

Gips, Terry, 1988:
Sustainable agriculture worldwide

Crosby, J., 2001:
Sustainable agriculture youth educators: professional development for youth program leaders and educators

Acharya, S.S.S.rjit-Singh; Sagar, V., 2002:
Sustainable agriculture, poverty, and food security

Anonymous, 1987:
Sustainable agriculture-- for Virginias future

Hutchinson, B.K.wasaki, J.; Casler, C., 1993:
Sustainable agriculture: A guide to information sources

Eid, Rf, 1993:
Sustainable agriculture: Industrys role

Busby, F., 1990:
Sustainable agriculture: Who will lead?

Vasary, M.; Osztrogonacz, I.; Dobo, E.; Buzas, R.; Vasary, V., 2007:
Sustainable agriculture: With or without subsidies?

Anonymous, 1995:
Sustainable agriculture: a better row to hoe

Marshall, T.; Herring, D., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture: an essential part of the In-Agriculture curriculum

Schaefer, Pr, 1990:
Sustainable agriculture: are trees the answer?

Debertin, Dl, 1992:
Sustainable agriculture: concepts, definitions and myths

Spencer, D.; Swift, M., 1992:
Sustainable agriculture: definition and measurement

Gold, Mv, 1994:
Sustainable agriculture: definitions and terms

Sand, Dj, 1990:
Sustainable agriculture: environmental conflicts and possible solutions

Devito, Alyssa, 1991:
Sustainable agriculture: farmers teaching farmers

Mcnaughton, N., 1988:
Sustainable agriculture: farming that lasts

Mundy, V., 1997:
Sustainable agriculture: only goals, not definitions

Anonymous, 1989:
Sustainable agriculture: strategies supported by Northwest Area Foundation

Prow, Tm, 1989:
Sustainable agriculture: the industrys view

Lopez-Real, Jm, 1986:
Sustainable agriculture: the microbial potential--the microbiologists challenge

Hansen, D., 1991:
Sustainable agriculture: the who and why

Green, J., 1993:
Sustainable agriculture: why green ideas raise a red flag

Singh, R.P.O.man, M., 1999:
Sustainable alternate land use systems for drylands

Wood, H.; Mellink, W., H.H., 1992:
Sustainable and effective management systems for community forestry

Cheng, S.; Logan, B.E., 2007:
Sustainable and efficient biohydrogen production via electrohydrogenesis

Fernaandez-Cuevas, A.; Llaraia-Romero, I., 1992:
Sustainable apiculture

Jokumsen, A., 2004:
Sustainable aquaculture production in Denmark

Brune, David, E., 1994:
Sustainable aquaculture systems

Olkowski, W., 1998:
Sustainable arid-land grazing systems: training for managers of public lands and reserves

West, C., 2007:
Sustainable barley in the UK: an update on the UK malting business

Fanatico, A.; Morrow, R.; Wells, A., 1999:
Sustainable beef production

Wenning, Cj, 2002:
Sustainable beekeeping I

Wenning, Cj, 2002:
Sustainable beekeeping II

Hunter, Cj, 1997:
Sustainable bioprospecting: using private contracts and international legal principles and policies to conserve raw medicinal materials

Mccaleb, R., 1998:
Sustainable botanical agriculture in Africa

Leal-Filho, W.; Greif, D.; Delakowitz, B., 2006:
Sustainable chemistry and biotechnology

Fanatico, Anne, 1998:
Sustainable chicken production

Wien, Hc, 1990:
Sustainable commercial vegetable production with minimal use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides: a postlude

Wien, Hc, 1990:
Sustainable commercial vegetable production with minimal use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides: introduction to the colloquium

Bauen, R.; Baker, B.; Johnson, K., 1996:
Sustainable community checklist

Maser, C.; Maser, C., 1997:
Sustainable community development

Zachary, Jill, 1995:
Sustainable community indicators

Diemer, J.; Alvarez, R., 1995:
Sustainable community, sustainalbe forestry: a participatory model

Schoups, G.A.dams, C.; Minjares, J.; Gorelick, S., 2006:
Sustainable conjuctive water management in irrigated agriculture: model formulation and application to the Yaqui Valley, Mexico

Fyfe, Ralph, 2006:
Sustainable conservation and management of the historic environment record in upland peat: a view from Exmoor

Anonymous, 2001:
Sustainable conservation newsletter

Zaccai, Edwin, 2007:
Sustainable consumption, ecology and fair trade

Anonymous, 2000:
Sustainable contribution of fisheries to food security

Elvira-Recuenco, Margarita, 2000:
Sustainable control of pea bacterial blight

Sullivan, Preston, 2000:
Sustainable corn and soybean production

Allen, W., 1994:
Sustainable cotton production: a niche market or a must market?

Allen, Vivien-Gore, 1993:
Sustainable crop and livestock systems for the southeastern United States 1992-93 progress report

Clarke, A.L.W.lie, P.B., 1997:
Sustainable crop production in the sub-tropics

Kuo, S., 2000:
Sustainable crop production practices with mixed leguminous and non-leguminous cover crops

Maloo, S.R., 2002:
Sustainable crop production under stress environments

Hatley, E., 2000:
Sustainable crop production; soil management

Valdivia, Corinne, 1992:
Sustainable crop-livestock systems for the Bolivian highlands

Hutchinson, Chad, M.; Mcgiffen, Milton, E., 1995:
Sustainable cropping systems

Glenn, E., 1999:
Sustainable culture of the edible red seaweed, Gracilaria parvispora in traditional Hawaiian fishponds

Greer, Lane, 2000:
Sustainable cut flower production

Daga, S.R.; Verma, B.; Mhapankar, A., 2007:
Sustainable decline in mortality among severely malnourished children with local resources

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable development and biodiversity

Anonymous, 2005:
Sustainable development and biofuel use as a way towards the Kyoto protocol implementation and enhanced complex utilization of raw wood material and peat

Anonymous, 2001:
Sustainable development and certification in the Russian forest industry

Anonymous, 2001:
Sustainable development and certification in the Russian forest sector

Nogueira, J.; Kyle, S., 1992:
Sustainable development and economic growth in the Amazon rainforest

Beekman, V., 2004:
Sustainable development and future generations

White, J.-C.W.gner, W.-R.P.try, W., H., 1995:
Sustainable development and global climate change

Wrist, Pe, 1992:
Sustainable development and its implications for the forest product industry

El-Beltagy, A.S.S.xena, M., C., 2005:
Sustainable development and management of drylands in the twenty-first century

Rosenberg, E.; Eisgruber, L., M., 1992:
Sustainable development and sustainable agriculture

Sundaram, K.V.M.ni, M., 2003:
Sustainable development and sustainable life styles

Maini, Js, 1990:
Sustainable development and the Canadian Forest Sector

Serna, J.; Gaviria, M., 1995:
Sustainable development and water-supply in Daimiel and Mencha, Spain

Anonymous, 1998:
Sustainable development extension network provides educational support to solve problems on the ground

Graute, Ulrich, 1998:
Sustainable development for Central and Eastern Europe

Tichy, Rj, 1995:
Sustainable development implications for the forest products industry

Anonymous, 1990:
Sustainable development in Canada

Kimmins, Jp, 1995:
Sustainable development in Canadian forestry in the face of changing paradigms

Ca'-Rcamo, Julio-Antonio, 1992:
Sustainable development in Honduras

James, Valentine-Udoh, 1996:
Sustainable development in Third World countries

Belal, Ae, 1993:
Sustainable development in Wadi Allaqi

Kirkpatrick, C.H.L.e, N., 1997:
Sustainable development in a developing world

Dubas, A., 2007:
Sustainable development in contemporary agriculture systems

Jodha, N.S., 1995:
Sustainable development in fragile environments

Wu, Bin, 2003:
Sustainable development in rural China

Anonymous, 1998:
Sustainable development in the Pacific

Crawford, Mj, 1993:
Sustainable development in the Pacific island nations

Anonymous, 1998:
Sustainable development in the United States

Villalobos, Y.; Rincon, N.; Gutierrez, W.; Martinez, E., 2007:
Sustainable development in the cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) production system in Mara municipality, Zulia state, Venezuela

Kojima, Satoshi, 2007:
Sustainable development in water-stressed developing countries

Biswas, Ak, 1988:
Sustainable development of arid lands through irrigation

Anonymous, 1997:
Sustainable development of boreal forests

Anonymous, 1993:
Sustainable development of drylands and combating desertification

Afgan, Naim, 2007:
Sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems. n Vol. III

Shah, Tushaar, 1990:
Sustainable development of groundwater resources

Nagothu, Us, 2007:
Sustainable development of marine cage aquaculture for poverty alleviation in Vietnam

Leff, E.; Carabias, J., 1993:
Sustainable development of natural resources in Latin America

Roy, Sk, 1987:
Sustainable development of natural resources in the Third World: the human equation

Mitchell, Ak, 1993:
Sustainable development of natural sources of the emerging anti-cancer agent, taxol

Lund, H.G.de; Pajari, B.; Korhonen, M., 1998:
Sustainable development of non-wood goods and benefits from boreal and cold temperate forests

Singh, R.P.S.ngh, S.; Mann, H.S., 1994:
Sustainable development of the Indian arid zone

Badenkov, Yp, 1990:
Sustainable development of the mountain regions of the USSR. The realities, the role of science, and research orientations

Pramod, B.B.llal, M., N., 1991:
Sustainable development of the rural poor

Kaushish, S.P.R.o, S.V.R.R.o, A.R.G., 2000:
Sustainable development of water and energy resources

Flint, Rw, 2004:
Sustainable development of water resources

Anonymous, 2006:
Sustainable development opportunities in mining communities

Rogers, Jw, 1992:
Sustainable development patterns: the Chesapeake Bay region

Mudacumura, G.-M.D.sta-Mebratu; Haque, M.S.amsul, 2006:
Sustainable development policy and administration

Attiga, Ali, A., 1990:
Sustainable development through global interdependence

Anonymous, 2000 :
Sustainable development through organic agriculture

Anonymous, 2001:
Sustainable development update

Tisdell, C., 2001:
Sustainable development, gender inequality and human resource capital

Davis, C.G., 1993:
Sustainable development, poverty reduction, and agricultural sector privatization in the developing world

Fri, Rw, 1991:
Sustainable development--can we put these principles into practice?

Griffiths, S., 2006:
Sustainable development: a far eastern challenge

Stone, D., 2006:
Sustainable development: convergence of public health and natural environment agendas, nationally and locally

Schiefelbein, G., 1992:
Sustainable development: meeting todays needs, as well as tomorrows

Mangold, Rd, 1995:
Sustainable development: the Forest Services approach

Sullivan, Preston, 2001:
Sustainable dry bean production

Box, Tw, 1994:
Sustainable ecological systems and cultural change

Anonymous, 1997:
Sustainable economic development

Moroney, John, R., 1995:
Sustainable economic growth

Anonymous, 1997:
Sustainable economic use of native Australian birds and reptiles

Kis, Sandor, 2007:
Sustainable economy and organic production in the light of a survey

Stadtler, H., 2007:
Sustainable education: exercises and experiences in Uslar, Lower Saxony

Rahm, Dianne, 2006:
Sustainable energy and the states

Anonymous, 1990:
Sustainable energy choices for the 90s

Goldblatt, David, L., 2005:
Sustainable energy consumption and society

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable energy developments in Europe and North America

Anonymous, 1995:
Sustainable energy strategy

Gevorkian, Peter, 2006:
Sustainable energy systems in architectural design

Rijal, Kamal, 1998:
Sustainable energy use for mountain areas

Campbell-Mohn, Celia, 1993:
Sustainable environmental law

Myers, N., 1985:
Sustainable exploitation of wildlife as a strategy toward enhanced conservation

Hightower, J., 1989:
Sustainable family farming

Donkersgoed, E.Van, 1983:
Sustainable farm development: the long-term challenges

Krause, M.A.R.chardson, J., 1996:
Sustainable farm enterprises

Harrison, S.R.H.rbohn, J.L., 2001:
Sustainable farm forestry in the tropics

Anonymous, 1990:
Sustainable farming

Anonymous, 1990:
Sustainable farming guide book

Akwang, Agnes, A., 2000:
Sustainable farming practices

Anonymous, 1989:
Sustainable farming quarterly

Mayse, Ann, D., 1997:
Sustainable farming systems

Anonymous, 1991:
Sustainable fertility management

Jones, E.-Raymond; Swain, R.H.rris; Jacobsen, S., 2000:
Sustainable fertilization of alfalfa in Delaware

Bailey, Js, 1993:
Sustainable fertilizer use

Craig, John, F., 2000:
Sustainable fish production in Lake Nasser

Oliver, Robert, A.R., 2002:
Sustainable fishery management in Asia

Malkina-Pykh, I.-G.P.kh, I., A., 2003:
Sustainable food and agriculture

Zollitsch, Werner, 2007:
Sustainable food production and ethics

Glenn, E.; Clement, C.; Brannon, P.; Leigh, L., 1990:
Sustainable food production for a complete diet

Bay-Petersen, Jan, 1995:
Sustainable food production in the Asian and Pacific region

Lachman, Beth, E., 1996:
Sustainable food production workshop

Anonymous, 2001:
Sustainable forage systems

Anwar, 1999:
Sustainable forest development as reflection of faith and piety

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable forest development or deforestation

Dore, M.H.I.G.evara, R., 2000:
Sustainable forest management and global climate change

Corbett, C., 2001:
Sustainable forest management in Algonquin Provincial Park

Kubik, J.; Vins, B., 1993:
Sustainable forest management in the Czech Republic

Chaitoo, R.; Hart, M., 1998:
Sustainable forest management standards

Norman, P.W.tte, C., 1997:
Sustainable forest management technical report

Gupta, Hs, 2006:
Sustainable forest management: points to ponder

Flamm, Br, 1990:
Sustainable forest use and economic development: attempts of non-governmental organizations to establish alternatives for tommorrow

Sample, V.Alaric, 2001:
Sustainable forestry and biodiversity conservation

Anonymous, 1994:
Sustainable forestry in Finland

Blennow, K.; Niklasson, M., 2005:
Sustainable forestry in southern Sweden

Reynolds, Keith, M., 2006:
Sustainable forestry in theory and practice

Deal, R.L.; White, R.; Benson, G.L., 2007:
Sustainable forestry management and wood production in a global economy Part II

Rosenbaum, Kl, 1992:
Sustainable forestry, sustainable law?

Neave, Dj, 1995:
Sustainable forestry: how do we get there?

Hoines, Sg, 1995:
Sustainable forestry: managing for the future

Debell, Ds, 1990:
Sustainable forestry: social, economic, and ecological considerations

Anonymous, 1992:
Sustainable forests

Romm, J., 1994:
Sustainable forests and sustainable forestry

Langston, N., 1999:
Sustainable forests and sustainable human communities: historical perspectives

Murphy, P.; Rousseau, A.S.ewart, D., 1993:
Sustainable forests: a Canadian commitment National Forest Strategy and Canada Forest Accord process and results

Rajaram, T.; Ashutosh Das, 2007:
Sustainable frugality through EIA: role of socio-ecological linkages in poverty alleviation

Yamada, A.-; Kobayashi, H.-; Ogura, T.-; Fukada, M., 2007:
Sustainable fruit-body formation of edible mycorrhizal Tricholoma species for 3 years in open pot culture with pine seedling hosts

Agrawal, R.; Singh, N.R.; Ribeiro, F.H.; Delgass, W.Nicholas., 2007:
Sustainable fuel for the transportation sector

Agamuthu, P., 2007:
Sustainable fuel from biomass: clamour or glamour?

Corsane, Gerard, 2006:
Sustainable future scenarios for people, environments and landscapes in Cumbria: the ecomuseum ideal and issues related to its use

Dodson, Ronald, G., 2005:
Sustainable golf courses

Lloveras, J., 2006:
Sustainable grassland productivity

Poti, P.; Pajor, F.; Laczo, E., 2007:
Sustainable grazing in small ruminants

Jorgenson, T.; Foster, A., 2002:
Sustainable grazing of Saskatchewans forested rangeland

Herbert, Allan, 2007:
Sustainable grazing on saline lands producer network economics

Ndunguru, B.J.H.ldebrand, G.L.S.brahmanyam, P., 1994:
Sustainable groundnut production in southern and eastern Africa

Hiscock, K.M.; Rivett, M.O.; Davison, R.M., 2002:
Sustainable groundwater development

G.Y.ng; L.S.iPeng; Niu XiaoYin; Yue ChunLei; X.Q.ngShan; Chang Jie, 2007:
Sustainable growth and nutrient uptake of plants in a subtropical constructed wetland in southeast China

Beltratti, A.; Chichilnisky, G.; Heal, G.M., 1993:
Sustainable growth and the green golden rule

Anonymous, 1999:
Sustainable growth in Americas heartland

Ruttan, Vm, 1997:
Sustainable growth in agricultural production: poetry, policy, and science

Chambers, C.J.; Summerfield, E., 1975:
Sustainable harvest analysis: fiscal years 1976 and 1977

Chambers, C.Jr, 1977:
Sustainable harvest analysis; fiscal years 1978 and 1979

Johnson, Kn, 1994:
Sustainable harvest levels and short-term sales

Bloom, B.R., 2007 :
Sustainable health: a new dimension of sustainability science

Morgan-Davies, C.; Waterhouse, T.; Umstatter, C., 2006:
Sustainable hill and upland systems: what do people want the hills to deliver?

Gegner, L.-E.R.gen, C.; Adam, K., 1992:
Sustainable hog production

Gegner, Lance, E., 1999:
Sustainable hog production overview

Doxon, Le, 1991:
Sustainable horticulture

Anonymous, 2004:
Sustainable horticulture for Wyoming

Sutton, B.G., 1998:
Sustainable horticulture using in-situ mulches

Ghosh, A., 2007:
Sustainable impact of in situ leguminous green manuring on grain yield and N utilization patterns of rainfed lowland rice (Oryza sativa) grown under different cropping geometries

Wang ZhenPing; T.N.; Yan YuHua; Shi WangPeng, 2006:
Sustainable infection of Nosema locustae in dominant grasshopper populations

Samra, J.S., 2003:
Sustainable integrated farming system for waterlogged areas of eastern India

Dillard, Hr, 2002:
Sustainable integrated management of weeds and diseases in a cabbage cropping system

Hammond, K., 2000:
Sustainable intensification and the conservation of farm animal genetic resources

Mulat-Demeke, 1996:
Sustainable intensification of agriculture in Ethiopia

Young, M.D., 1992:
Sustainable investment and resource use

De-Jager, J.-M.V.rmes, L.-P.R.gab, R., 1997:
Sustainable irrigation in areas of water scarcity and drought

Lorenzini, G.B.ebbia, C.A., 2006:
Sustainable irrigation management, technologies and policies

Yanuariadi, Tetra, 1999:
Sustainable land allocation

Wood, R.C.D.manski, J., 1994:
Sustainable land management for the 21st century

Ganry, F.C.mpbell, B., 1995:
Sustainable land management in African semi-arid and subhumid regions

Banfield, Kylie, 2001:
Sustainable land management in the Ellen Brook Catchment

Mcnicoll, A.; Leslie, R., N., 1996:
Sustainable land management in the South Pacific

Pagliai, M.; Jones, R., 2002:
Sustainable land management-environmental protection

Anonymous, 1993:
Sustainable land use

Blasko, Lajos, 2007:
Sustainable land use and amelioration of salt affected soils

Box, Thadis, W., 1993:
Sustainable land use and cultural change

Bouma, J., 1994:
Sustainable land use as a future focus for pedology?

Hoffman, M.; Allsopp, N.R.hde, R., 2007:
Sustainable land use in Namaqualand, South Africa: Key issues in an interdisciplinary debate

Breckle, S.W.; Veste, M.; Wucherer, W., 2001:
Sustainable land use in deserts

Anonymous, 1993:
Sustainable land use in developing countries

Heidhues, F., 2007:
Sustainable land use in mountainous regions of Southeast Asia

Anonymous, 1997:
Sustainable land use in rural areas--instrumental prerequisites

Catharinus, I.J.arsma, C., 2000:
Sustainable land use planning and planning of rural road networks

El-Nahry, A.H., 2004:
Sustainable land use planning of Siwa Oasis, western desert of Egypt using remote sensing and gis techniques

Thompson, J.W.lliam; Sorvig, K., 2000:
Sustainable landscape construction

Huffer, S.T.eger, T., 2004:
Sustainable leather manufacturing--a topic with growing importance

Veltmeyer, H., 2007:
Sustainable livelihoods and local development

Fajersson, Pernilla, 1994:
Sustainable livestock systems in the tropics

Anonymous, 1993:
Sustainable living key to comfortable future

Strack, Ann, 1998:
Sustainable local economic development:

Akinnifesi, F.; Makumba, W.K.esiga, F., 2006:
Sustainable maize production using gliricidia

Cobo, Norberto-Urrutia, 2006:
Sustainable management after irrigation system transfer

Loperena, M., 2007:
Sustainable management and plantations of yucca in Baja California

Anonymous, 1994:
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Suui kawahak yongu nonmunjip

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