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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17238

Chapter 17238 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Borzova, L.; Rasulova, M., 1976:
Systematic palynomorphologic studies of some leguminous plants

Zheng Yu; Chen Fu; Zhang HaiLin; L.Y.Yi; Tang Heng; Kang Jun, 2007:
Systematic parameter analysis of main crop water use in Beijing metropolis

Anonymous, 1979:
Systematic parasitology

Triplehorn, CA.; Wheeler, QD., 1979:
Systematic placement and distribution of Uloporus ovalis Casey (Coleoptera: Heteromera: Archeocrypticidae)

Tintner, G., 1971:
Systematic planning and decision models

Cunningham, William, G., 1982:
Systematic planning for educational change

Abegg, Bruno, 1983:
Systematic planning method for the opening-up of forests

Klasz, W., 1981:
Systematic planning of counseling programs? Experiences in the use of specific management methods in counseling work in Austria. 3

Bischoff, T.H.ckmann, G., 1977:
Systematic planning of reconstruction

Gerola, Filippo, M., 1978:
Systematic plant biology

Merriam, Charles-Edward, 1945:
Systematic politics

Camicas, J.; Morel, P., 1977:
Systematic position and classification of ticks (Acarida: Ixodida)

Riousset, L.J.sserand, M.C.pellano, A., 1977:
Systematic position and description of Rhodocybe stangliana (Bres. and Pfaff) Riousset and Joss., Basidiomycetes trichlomaceae (=Squamanita stangliana Bresinsky and Pfaff). architecture of the spore wall

Beeber, J.; Czelusniak, J.G.odman, M., 1986:
Systematic position and evolution of primates within eutheria: amino acid and nucleotide sequence findings

Schnetter, R.R.chter, U., 1980:
Systematic position and occurrence of a Corallinoidea (Corallinaceae, Cryptonemiales, Rhodophyceae) from the Caribbean Sea: Corallina panizzoi nom. nov. et stat. nov

Kuznetsov, V.; Stekol'-Nikov, A., 1978:
Systematic position and phylogenetic relationships of the superfamily Coleophoroidea (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae, Coleophoridae, Ethmiidae) treated on the basis of functional morphology of the male genitalia

Smetana, A., 1985:
Systematic position and review of Deinopteroloma Jansson, 1946, with descriptions of four new species (Coleoptera, Silphidae and Staphylinidae (Omaliinae))

Tshernova, O.; Belov, V., 1982:
Systematic position and synonymy of Cinygma tibiale Ulmer, 1920 (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae)

Clement, P., 1976:
Systematic position and validity of Aphodius antii Gridelli (Coleoptera, Scarabacidae, Aphodiini)

Staszkiewicz, J., 1977:
Systematic position based on biometric leaf analysis of Quercus pubescens Willd. growing in the forest steppe reserve Bielinek on the Oder

Gaedike, R., 1986:
Systematic position of Tinea marianii Rebel, 1936 (Lepidoptera, Tineidae)

Dhakre, Js, 1970:
Systematic position of Alangium Lam

Blanke, R., 1980:
Systematic position of Araneae cucurbitinus maderianus Kulczynski 1905 (Arachnida, Araneae)

Kamelin, R.; Makhmedov, A., 1980:
Systematic position of Asian species of the genus Salvia (Lamiaceae) from the section Physosphace

Podlech, D., 1976:
Systematic position of Astragalus acaulis Baker

Ching, R.; Wang, Z., 1982:
Systematic position of Athyrium

Parvati, A.N.rayana, L., 1978:
Systematic position of Balanites Delile

Mack-Fira, V., 1970:
Systematic position of Castradella otophthalma (Plotnikov 1906)

Chadefaud, M., 1972 :
Systematic position of Cyanophyta in relation to other algae

Elsen, P., 1975:
Systematic position of Diplogynium africanum Cooreman, 1948 and redescription of this species (Acari, Mesostigmata)

Barthlott, W., 1975:
Systematic position of Disocactus himantocladus. 1

Barthlott, W., 1975:
Systematic position of Disocactus himantocladus. 2

Sauter, W., 1986:
Systematic position of Dysmasia lusitaniella Amsel, 1955 (Lepidoptera, Tineoidea)

Cusma, T.F.oli, E., 1974:
Systematic position of Euphrasia marchesettii Wettst

Smitskaia, M.; Slavnaia, N., 1978:
Systematic position of Helvella and Morchella fungi and their investigation in the Soviet Union

Paruchin, Am, 1982:
Systematic position of Serrasentoides fistulariae Paruchin, 1971 (Acanthocephala) Nematode parasite of the fish Fistularia petimba, Indian Ocean.1

Wunderlich, R., 1971:
Systematic position of Theligonum

Zasukhin, D.; D'-Iakonov, L.; Krasil'-Nikov, E., 1976:
Systematic position of Toxoplasma, Hemosporida and Piroplasma organisms

Stutzel, T., 1985:
Systematic position of Wurdackia Mold. (Eriocaulaceae)

Haller, B.W.nkler, S., 1970:
Systematic position of a Basidiolichenes from Upper Swabia

Hanel, L., 1982:
Systematic position of four Gyrinocheilus species (Gyrinocheilidae, Cypriniformes)

Oganezova, Gg, 1987:
Systematic position of some genera disputable for Asphodeloideae (Liliaceae) based on the anatomical structure of their fruits and seeds

Hindak, F., 1982:
Systematic position of some genera of green algae characterized by the formation of mucilaginous or pseudofilamentous colonies

Khotenovskii, Ia, 1981:
Systematic position of some species of the genus Paradiplozoon Achmerov, 1974 (Monogenea, Diplozoidae) Fish parasites, USSR.1

Rutishauser, R.M.ndoza-Heuer, I., 1985:
Systematic position of the Canarian endemic species Polycarpaea filifolia Webb ex Christ (Polycarpaea gomerensis Burch., paronychia gomerensis (Burch.) Svent. & Bramw.) within the Paronychioideae s.l. (Caryophyllaceae)

Sinev, Syu, 1990:
Systematic position of the Catapterigidae (Lepidoptera) and the problem of the naturalness of the group Heteroneura

Chupov, Vs, 1984:
Systematic position of the Liliaceae S. Str. (Subfamily Lilioideae of the family Liliaceae S.L.). Serological investigation

Timokhina, Sa, 1976:
Systematic position of the Panzeria species of Altai in relation to their introduction

Mallea, A.; Macola, G.; Garcia, S.-Jg; Bahamondes, L.; Suarez, J., 1974 :
Systematic position of the bagworm moth common in Mendoza: Oiketicus moyanoi n. sp

Pimenov, M.; Pogorelova, O., 1974:
Systematic position of the genera Ammi L. and Visnaga Mill

Kireychuk, Ag, 1982:
Systematic position of the genus Calonecrus J. Thomson and notes on the phylogeny of the family Nitidulidae (Coleoptera) New taxa

Gladkova, Vn, 1969:
Systematic position of the genus Dichotomanthes Kurz

Grudzinskaia, Ia, 1976:
Systematic position of the genus Hemiptelea Planch. (Ulmaceae)

Kalinina, Oi, 1983:
Systematic position of the genus Hilyotrogus Fairm. and description of the larva of Hilyotrogus bicoloreus (Heyd.)

Kapoor, Vc, 1974:
Systematic position of the genus Homotages Burr and nomenclatural status of Anechura zubovskii Semenov (Dermaptera)

Capellano, A., 1976:
Systematic position of the genus Macrocystidia Heim ex Josserand (Agaricales Basidiomycetes) in the light of results on the architecture of the sporal wall in photonic and electronic microscopy

Mcalpine, Jf, 1976:
Systematic position of the genus Omomyia Coquillett and its transference to the Richardiidae (Diptera)

Chernova, Oa, 1978:
Systematic position of the genus Paracinygmula Bajkova, 1975 (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae)

Kurosawa, Y., 1977 :
Systematic position of the genus Tamamushia Miwa et Chujo (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) endemic to the Ogasawara Islands

Koteja, J., 1970:
Systematic position of the genus Vittacoccus Borchsenius (Homoptera, Coccoidea)

Gromisz, M., 1982:
Systematic position of the honeybee Apis spp.1

Badre, F.C.det, T.C.sset, G.H.deux, M., 1975:
Systematic position, morphological and palynological study of the genus Berenice

Wolff, D.K.omburg, S., 1979:
Systematic position, pathophysiology, nutrition, reproduction, narcosis and diseases of domestic rabbits

Passoa, S., 1988:
Systematic positions of Acentria ephemerella (Denis & Schiffermuller), Nymphylinae, and Schoenobiinae based on morphology of immature stages (Pyralidae)

Tompkins, M., R.; Kondolf, G.M., 2007:
Systematic postproject appraisals to maximise lessons learned from river restoration projects: Case study of compound channel restoration projects in Northern California

Ikuta, Y., 1974:
Systematic poultry farming by a

Chwoika, C.S.arrach, J.K.imt, K., 1980:
Systematic preparation of the hops harvest and the optimum time period for harvesting as a prerequisite for high quality

Hell, Pavel, 1983:
Systematic presentation of wild boar (Sus scrofa) of western Carpathian mountains

Niculescu, Ev, 1985:
Systematic problems in the family of Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera)

Hlavacek, J., 1975:
Systematic problems of the group Edules of the Agaricus genus. i. agaricus edulis (Vitt.) Hlavacek and its species range

Hlavacek, J., 1975:
Systematic problems of the group Flavescentes of the genus Agaricus. i. agaricus augustus Fr

Asghar, A.Y.ates, N., 1974:
Systematic procedure for the fractionation of muscle protein, with particular reference to biochemical evaluation of mea t quality

Vanden-Berg, Glen, E., 1980:
Systematic procedures for planning research

Schindel, R., 1977:
Systematic processing of quality control data. A report of experience

Reinhold, J.L.nke, A.K.eslinger, E.K.hl, G., 1981:
Systematic production of fattening hybrids in Gera County

Mullenax, C.; Norman, B., 1968:
Systematic program for solving

Anonymous, 1982:
Systematic project design

Killewald, Martin, 1992:
Systematic prophylactic supervision of ovarian functions after birth by dairy cows through progesterone determination in the milk

Anonymous, 1974:
Systematic prophylaxis of bovine brucellosis in Great Britain

Maxwell, R.; Marmer, W., 1983:
Systematic protocol for the accumulation of fatty acid data from multiple tissue samples: tissue handling, lipid extraction and class separation, and caplliary gas chromatographic analysis Bovine

Rashchupkin, V.A., 2006:
Systematic provision of quality management for the production and products of the baking industry

Walters, T.; Decker-Walters, D., 1989:
Systematic re-evaluation of Benincasa hispida (Curcurbitaceae)

Bonnichon, M., 1976:
Systematic realization of documentary synthesis by the Documentation Center for Industries Using Agricultural Products

Schroter, W., 1974:
Systematic realization of the breeding program in industry-like cattle rearing in the scope of the Dedelow breeding centre

Hofle, Hh, 1975:
Systematic reasoning and its application to forestry

Kingsolver, JM.; Pfaffenberger, GS., 1980:
Systematic relationship of the genus Rhaebus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Crawford, Dj, 1975:
Systematic relationships in the narrow-leaved species of Chenopodium of the western United States

Stuessy, Tf, 1971:
Systematic relationships in the white-rayed species of Melampodium (Compositae)

Matsui, M.; Nishikawa, K.; Misawa, Y.; Tanabe, S., 2007:
Systematic Relationships of Hynobius okiensis among Japanese Salamanders (Amphibia: Caudata)

Slater, JA., 1980:
Systematic relationships of the Antillocorini of the Western Hemisphere (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)

Witalinski, W., 1980:
Systematic remarks on the mites of the genus Leptogamasus tragardh, 1936, sensu Athias-Henriot, 1971 (Parasitidae, Masostigmata)

Keil,, U.H.nze, A., 1980:
Systematic reproduction of sow herds and assurance of high fertility and breeding performances in 1979

Abetz, P., 1972:
Systematic research of damages during transport of wood

Chasteloux, C.S.lle, J., 1979:
Systematic research on human brucellosis in admitedly infected environment in the Coreze region

Boveri, G.M.nti, E., 1979:
Systematic research on rural housing and network. Methodology, proposals, survey forms, statistico-mathematical methods

Nevalainen, Vesa, 1988:
Systematic retrosynthetic analysis applied in the preparation of antifungal 5,6-dihydro-1,4-oxathines and 5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithines

Jin, X.; Li, Y-ming., 2007:
Systematic review and meta-analysis from Chinese literature: the association between Helicobacter pylori eradication and improvement of functional dyspepsia

Thabane, M.; Kottachchi, D.T.; Marshall, J.K., 2007:
Systematic review and meta-analysis: The incidence and prognosis of post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome

Anonymous, 2005 :
Systematic review no. 3: Effectiveness of current methods for the control of bracken (Pteridium aquilinum)

Davies, Z.G.; Pullin, A.S., 2006:
Systematic review no. 8: Do habitat corridors increase population viability? Part A: Do hedgerow corridors increase the population viability of woodland species?

Xia, Y-yin.; Zhan, S-yan., 2007:
Systematic review of anti-tuberculosis drug induced adverse reactions in China

Man-Son-Hing, M.; Marshall, S.C.; Molnar, F.J.; Wilson, K.G., 2007:
Systematic review of driving risk and the efficacy of compensatory strategies in persons with dementia

Boustead, G.; Edwards, S.J., 2007:
Systematic review of early vs deferred hormonal treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Mironov, S.V.; Wauthy, G., 2006:
Systematic review of feather mites of the genus Sturnotrogus Mironov, 1989 (Astigmata: Pteronyssidae) from starlings (Passeriformes: Sturnidae) in Africa and Europe

Leigh, E., 2000:
Systematic review of ginger trials yields promising outcome

Kolodziej, M.A.; Jensen, L.; Rowe, B.; Sin, D., 2007:
Systematic review of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in severe stable COPD

de Luis, D.; Aller, R., 2007:
Systematic review of nutritional support in pressure ulcer

Pavlova, Ns, 1979:
Systematic review of species from genus Astragalus L. (family Fabaceae Lindl.) of the Soviet Far East

Fooden, Jack, 2007:
Systematic review of the Barbary macaque, Macaca sylvanus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Van Landuyt, K.L.; Snauwaert, J.; D.M.nck, J.; Peumans, M.; Yoshida, Y.; Poitevin, Aé.; Coutinho, E.; Suzuki, K.; Lambrechts, P.; Van Meerbeek, B., 2007:
Systematic review of the chemical composition of contemporary dental adhesives

Selwood, A.; Johnston, K.; Katona, C.; Lyketsos, C.; Livingston, G., 2006:
Systematic review of the effect of psychological interventions on family caregivers of people with dementia

Maibach, A., 1985:
Systematic review of the genus Calopteryx Leach (Odonata, Zygoptera) in Western Europe. I. Biochemical analysis

Chaika, Vm, 1976:
Systematic review of the genus Potentilla L. of the southeastern Altai

Janghorbani, M.; Van Dam, R.M.; Willett, W.C.; Hu, F.B., 2007:
Systematic review of type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus and risk of fracture

Arnold, D.M.; Dentali, F.; Crowther, M.A.; Meyer, R.M.; Cook, R.J.; Sigouin, C.; Fraser, G.A.; Lim, W.; Kelton, J.G., 2007:
Systematic review: efficacy and safety of rituximab for adults with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Ezekowitz, J.A.; Rowe, B.H.; Dryden, D.M.; Hooton, N.; Vandermeer, B.; Spooner, C.; McAlister, F.A., 2007:
Systematic review: implantable cardioverter defibrillators for adults with left ventricular systolic dysfunction

Bloch, M.H.; Landeros-Weisenberger, A.; Dombrowski, P.; Kelmendi, B.; Wegner, R.; Nudel, J.; Pittenger, C.; Leckman, J.F.; Coric, V., 2007:
Systematic review: pharmacological and behavioral treatment for trichotillomania

Sierra, F.; Suarez, M.; Rey, M.; Vela, M.F., 2007:
Systematic review: Proton pump inhibitor-associated acute interstitial nephritis

Szajewska, H.; Ruszczyński, M.; Chmielewska, A.; Wieczorek, J., 2007:
Systematic review: racecadotril in the treatment of acute diarrhoea in children

Mendoza, J.; Legido, J.; Rubio, S.; Gisbert, J.P., 2007:
Systematic review: the adverse effects of sodium phosphate enema

Spiegel, B.; Schoenfeld, P.; Naliboff, B., 2007:
Systematic review: the prevalence of suicidal behaviour in patients with chronic abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome

Roberts, TR., 1989:
Systematic revision and description of new species of suckermouth catfishes (Chiloglanis, Mochokidae) from Cameroun

Srivastava, S.; Rouse, G., 1970:
Systematic revision of Aquilapollenites Rouse 1957

Fayed, A.; Zareh, M., 1988:
Systematic revision of Compositae in Egypt. 3. Tribe inuleae: Filago and Ifloga

Fayed, A.; Zareh, M., 1989:
Systematic revision of Compositae in Egypt. 4. Tribe Inuleae: Gnaphalium and related genera

Remaudiere, G.H.nnebert, G., 1980:
Systematic revision of Entomophthora aphidis Hoffm. in Fres: Description of two new pathogens of aphids

Brown, Jw, 1990:
Systematic revision of Paraptila Meyrick (Tortricidae)

Clerc, P., 1984:
Systematic revision of Usnea (Ascomycotina, Usnea) of Europe. I. Usnea florida (L.) Wigg. emend. Clerc

Archibald, J.; Rigby, J.J.; Robison, S., 1983:
Systematic revision of oxyacodon (Condylarthra, Periptychidae) and a description of Oxyacodon ferronensis n. sp

Breuning, S.R.spoli, M., 1976:
Systematic revision of the Carabidae fauna of Anatolia. 3

Ramaiyan, V.; Natarajan, R., 1980:
Systematic revision of the Indian species of Ilisha Richardson, 1846 (Pisces: Clupeiformes)

Iudica, Carlos-Alberto, 2000:
Systematic revision of the Neotropical fruit bats of the genus Sturnira

Breuning, S.R.spoli, M., 1974:
Systematic revision of the carabid fauna of Anatolia

Breuning, S.R.spoli, M., 1977:
Systematic revision of the carabid fauna of Anatolia. 4

Machard, P., 1979:
Systematic revision of the carabid fauna of Turkey

Breuning, S.R.spoli, M., 1971:
Systematic revision of the carabological fauna of Anatolia. 1

Zarrei, M.; Zarre, S.; Wilkin, P.; Rix, M., 2007:
Systematic revision of the genus Gagea Salisb. (Liliaceae) in Iran

Nussbaum, R.-A.R.xworthy, C., J., 2000:
Systematic revision of the genus Paroedura Gunther (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae)

Boulos, L., 1972:
Systematic revision of the genus Sonchus L. s.1. I. Introduction and classification

Roux, J.B.ulos, L., 1972:
Systematic revision of the genus Sonchus L. s.1. II. Chromosomal study

Pons, A.B.ulos, L., 1972:
Systematic revision of the genus Sonchus L. s.1. III. Palynological study

Boulos, L., 1974:
Systematic revision of the genus Sonchus L. s.l. V. Subgenus. 2. dendrosonchus

Boulos, L., 1974:
Systematic revision of the genus Sonchus L. s.l. VI. Subgenus. 3. origosonchus. genus Embergeria, Babcockia and -Taeckholmia. excluded and doubtful species. index

Sr.ivastava Satish K., 1971:
Systematic revision of the genus Styx Norton et Hall, 1967

Proszynski, J., 1968:
Systematic revision of the genus Yllenus Simon, 1868 (Araneida, Salticidae)

Brandaao, Carlos-Roberto, F., 1990:
Systematic revision of the neotropical ant genus Megalomyrmex Forel (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae)

Bisoffi, Stefano, 1989:
Systematic sampling in a poplar stand empirical analysis of estimation errors

Fish, J.H.; Klein-Weigel, P.; Biebl, M.; Janecke, A.; Tauscher, T.; Fraedrich, G., 2007:
Systematic screening and treatment evaluation of hereditary neck paragangliomas

Candresse, T.R.vers, F.L.-Gall, O.K.falvi, S.; Marcos, J.P.llas, V., 1997:
Systematic search for recombination events in plant viruses and viroids

Kawasaki, E.; Awata, T.; Ikegami, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Maruyama, T.; Nakanishi, K.; Shimada, A.; Uga, M.; Kurihara, S.; Kawabata, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Kanazawa, Y.; Lee, I.; Eguchi, K.; Japanese-Study-Grp-Type-1-Diabet, G., 2007:
Systematic search for single nucleotide polymorphisms in a lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase gene (PTPN22): Association between a promoter polymorphism and type 1 diabetes in Asian populations (vol 140, pg 586, 2006)

Soikkeli, J.; Lukk, M.; Nummela, P.; Virolainen, S.; Jahkola, T.; Katainen, R.; Harju, L.; Ukkonen, E.; Saksela, O.; Hölttä, E., 2007:
Systematic search for the best gene expression markers for melanoma micrometastasis detection

Rommel, A., 1977:
Systematic section of the genus Amellus L. (Asteraceae, Astereae)

Shoneis, G., 1975:
Systematic selling of champagne

Yip, S.Ping.; Lai, S.Kin.; Wong, M.L., 2007:
Systematic sequence analysis of the human fucosyltransferase 2 (FUT2) gene identifies novel sequence variations and alleles

Horsch, F.K.uger, M., 1978:
Systematic setup and nomenclature of bacteria with major relevance to veterinary medicine, according to Bergeys manual of determinative bacteriology, eighth edition

Aichberger, K.M.yr, E.S.hmoigl, K., 1984:
Systematic sewage sludge control and agricultural use in upper Austria

Braun, P., 1983:
Systematic significance of Zehntnerella chaetacantha Ritter (1979)

Akhunova, Ss, 1987:
Systematic significance of anatomical characteristics of the pericarp in some members of the genus Crataegus (Rosaceae)

Hari-Gopal, B.M.han-Ram, H., 1985:
Systematic significance of mature embryo of bamboos

Denk, T.M.ller, B., 2001:
Systematic significance of the cupule

Paar, H.N.rodoslawsky, M.M.ser, A., 1990:
Systematic simulation of a tubular recycle reactor on the basis of pilot plant experiments

Johansson, P., 1983:
Systematic solutions for agricultures production buildings--an aid for limiting designing and building costs

Kunkel, G., 1974:
Systematic sowing of forage plant varieties for ready to use ripeness, a yield reserve potential of grassland

Voldeng, H., 1969:
Systematic spacing designs: an alternative to conventional density trials?

Leverenz, J.D.ans, J.1; Ford, E.1; Jarvis, P.1; Milne, R1; Whitehead, D., 1982:
Systematic spatial variation of stomatal conductance in a Sitka spruce plantation Picea sitchensis, New Zealand

Johnson, K.; Descimon, H., 1988:
Systematic status and distribution of the little-known charaxine Prepona werneri Hering & Hopp

Seniczak, S.; Solhoy, T.; Seniczak, A., 2007:
Systematic status of Hydrozetes octosetosus Willmann, 1932 (Acari : Oribatida : Hydrozetidae) in the light of ontogenetic and ecological studies

Beshovski, Vl, 1983:
Systematic status of Steleocerus

Egi, N.; Tsubamoto, T.; Takai, M., 2007:
Systematic status of asian Pterodon and early evolution of hyaenaelurine hyaenodontid creodonts

Peterson, R.L., 1972:
Systematic status of the African Molossid bats Tadarida congica, T. niangarae and T. trevori

Petersen, G., 1978:
Systematic status of the genus Crinopteryx Peyerimhoff, 1871 (Lepidoptera, Incurvariidae)

Zhang, H.; Qiao, G., 2007:
Systematic status of the genus Formosaphis Takahashi and the evolution of galls based on the molecular phylogeny of Pemphigini (Hemiptera : Aphididae : Eriosomatinae)

Buroker, NE.; Chanley, P.; Cranfield, HJ.; Dinamani, P., 1983:
Systematic status of two oyster populations of the genus Tiostrea from New Zealand and Chile

Tang Hua; Zheng ZheMin; L.K.i, 2004:
Systematic status research of Anoplophora glabripennis and A. nobilis

Didukh, Iap, 1977:
Systematic structure of flora in the Yalta mountain forest state reservation

Khisoriev, Kh, 1979:
Systematic structure of the algae of the clarification ponds of the city of Dushanbe

Zaki, M.; Shmidt, V., 1973:
Systematic structure of the flora of the south Mediterranean countries. 3. comparison of structure of flora of separate regions

Balkwill, M.; Stalmans, M.B.lkwill, K., 1992:
Systematic studies in Acanthaceae: a new species of Barleria from the north-eastern Transvaal, with some notes on its ecology

Windler, Donald-Richard, 1971:
Systematic studies in Crotalaria sagittalis L. and related species in North America (Leguminosae)

Tanowitz, Bd, 1985:
Systematic studies in Hemizonia (Asteraceae: Madiinae): hybridization of Hemizonia fasciculata with Hemizonia clementina and Hemizonia minthornii

Mildner, Roland, A., 1971:
Systematic studies in South American Linum (flax)

Munshi, A.H.J.veid, G.N., 1986:
Systematic studies in polygonaceae of Kashmir Himalaya

Balkwill, M.; Balkwill, K.V.ncent, P., 1990:
Systematic studies in the Acanthaceae: a new species of Barleria from Natal

Glassman, Sf, 1972:
Systematic studies in the leaf anatomy of palm genus Syagrus

Clark, C., 1979:
Systematic studies of Eschscholzia (Papaveraceae). I. The origin and affinities of Eschscholzia mexicana

Ornduff, R., 1971:
Systematic studies of Limnanthaceae

Corpuz-Raros, La, 1980:
Systematic studies of Philippine cheyletid mites (Acarina). III. Polycheyletus batangenius (Corpuz-Raros), comb. nov

Corpuz-Raros, L.; Sotto, J., 1977:
Systematic studies of Philippine cheyletid mites (Acarina, Cheyletidae). iI. new species and new records

Snajberk, K.Z.varin, E.B.iley, D., 1979:
Systematic studies of Pinus balfouriana based on volatile terpenoids from wood and needles and on seed morphology

Bokhari, N.; Alfarhan, A., H., 2005:
Systematic studies of Verbascum L. in Saudi Arabia

Hicks, Arthur-James, 1971:
Systematic studies of Xanthium (Compositae: Ambrosieae)

Vezda, A., 1972:
Systematic studies of lichens. VII. Gyalideopsis, new genus of lichen

Sawyer, Paul-Thompson, 1970:
Systematic studies of non-fistulose Delphinium taxa common to Montana

Harder, M.K.; Woodard, R., 2007:
Systematic studies of shop and leisure voucher incentives for household recycling

Anonymous, 1983:
Systematic studies of site con

Monin, A.R.nault, L.D.courneau, A., 1977:
Systematic studies of some mycotoxins in foods and primary materials susceptible of having involved cases of mycotoxicosis in animals

Scheidegger, C., 1985:
Systematic studies of the crust lichen Anzina carneonivea (Trapeliaceae, Lecanorales)

Zlotorzycka, J., 1977:
Systematic studies of the genus Scolopaceps Eichl. Zlot. with consideration of related genera (Mallophaga, Quadraceptinae)

Leins, P., 1971:
Systematic studies of the pollen in Inulinae. I. Tarchonanthinae, Plucheinae, Inulinae, Buphthalminae

Williams, Norris, H., 1971:
Systematic studies on Brassia and Ada (Orchidaceae)

Tang, Y.; Cao, Y.; Xi, Y.; He, J., 1983:
Systematic studies on Chinese

Proszynski, J., 1973:
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Systematic swine production in Greece and the

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Systematic systems analysis for natural resource management

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Systematic tabulation of feeds

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Systematic training in a dairy

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Systematic training of forest tractor drivers

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Systematic trimming of branches and accelerated nutrition of roots of fruit trees

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Systematic use of catch crops in feeding

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Systematic value of the differences in the protein content of the seeds of several taxons of the Leucanthemum (Compositae, Asteraceae)

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Systematic value of the study of the male genital apparatus in aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera; division of the Naucoridae family in two familites; external caracteristic of the genital capsula

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Systematic variable probability sampling for estimating a Douglas-fir cone population

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Systematic variation in toughness within the beef longissimus dorsi and some of its implications

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Systematic variations: a new m

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Systematic warble control-beginning of the paasite control

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Systematic work in increasing the fertility and controling infertility in mares

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Systematic work of the association of the German dairy industry

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Systematic work on fertility increase and sterility control

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Systematic work preparation in the preventive repair of agricultural equipment

Fichtner, M.S.hifferdecker, S., 1974:
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Systematic Zoology

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Systematically acting fungicides

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Systematics and evolution of the tropical monocot family Costaceae (Zingiberales): a multiple dataset approach

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Systematics and geographic history of the genus Pyrgus in the Palaearctic region (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)

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Systematics and geographical distribution

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Systematics and geography of plants

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Systematics and history of the development of beech trees and forests in the mountains of the Crimea

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Systematics and integrated protection

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Systematics and levels of covariation in Cerion from the Turks and Caicos Islands

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Systematics and molecular variability of bean rusts

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Systematics and morphological evolution within the moss family Bryaceae: a comparison between parsimony and Bayesian methods for reconstruction of ancestral character states

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Systematics and nomenclature in palynology

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Systematics and nomenclature of Rubus adspersus

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Systematics and phylogenetics of the Algae

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Systematics and phylogeny of fungi

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Systematics and phylogeny of scarabaeid beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) of Palearctic

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Systematics and phylogeny of schizopetalon (Brassicaceae)

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Systematics and plant population biology

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Systematics and review of methods for the evaluation of the geometric structure of wood products surface. i

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Systematics and review of methods for the evaluation of the geometrical structure of wood products surface. iI

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Systematics and some aspects of ecology of the family Nemichthyidae (Pisces, Anguilliformes)

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Systematics and specialists: role and significance

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Systematics and status of the family catostomidae in southern Oregon

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Systematics and synonymy in the subfamily Elaterinae (Coleoptera, Elateridae)

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Systematics and systematics collections: introduction

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Systematics and taxonomy of Edraianthus owerinianus, a palaeoendemic of the Greater Caucasus

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Systematics and the judging of f

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Systematics and variability

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Systematics and zoogeography of the bats of the Chaco Boreal

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Systematics and zoogeography of the family Neopseustidae with the proposal of a new superfamily (Lepidoptera: Neopseustoidea)

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Systematics and zoogeography of the genus Xantholinus. VIII. Eurocentroasiatic and Caucasian species; revision of types and description of new taxa (XXth contribution to the knowledge of the Staphylinidae)

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Systematics and zoogeography of west Palearctic species of Osmia Panzer 1806 s. str., Monosmia Tkalcu 1974 and Orientosmia n. subgen. (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Megachilidae

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Systematics in entomology by Ulyssis Aldrovandi

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Systematics in relation to biological control

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Systematics of Acostaea, Condylago and Porroglossum

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Systematics of Aedes mosquito project

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Systematics of African Lindernieae (Scrophulariaceae)

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Systematics of Amygdalus spinosissima and Amygdalus turcomanica

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Systematics of Anaphothrips Uzel 1895 sensu latu and some related genera (Insecta: Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

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Systematics of Antirrhinum (Scrophulariaceae) in the New World

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Systematics of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Ericaceae: new data concerning the populations of Pyrenees and their surroundings

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Systematics of Artemisia aurata and Artemisia palustris (Asteraceae)

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Systemes delevage et gestion de lespace en montagnes et collines mediterraneennes

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Systemetics and classification of

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