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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 17321

Chapter 17321 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mcdowall, Frederick-Henry, 1953:
The buttermakers manual

Kurdiuk, Mg, 1985:
The butternut tree in the Trostianets Arboretum

Anderson, Rl, 1988:
The butternut--outlook grim

Campanini, M.C.solari, A.L.ncillotti, F.L.cisano, A., 1971:
The butyric acid fermentation of peeled tomatoes. i

Parent, Georges, H., 1980:
The buxaies Mosellanes

Aurell, R.T.ueb, R., 1985:
The buy or build question in light of recent technological innovations

Gluck, P., 1973:
The buyers profit on the valuation of the recreation function of forests

Hsieh, Lf, 2004:
The buyer-supplier long-term partnership effects upon the buyers operational performance in the Taiwan center-satellite factory system

Rook, Dw, 1987:
The buying impulse

Dexheimer, E., 1997:
The buzz stops here: Colorado beekeepers blame Penncap-M for some massive bee kills

Friend, Craig-Thompson, 1999:
The buzzel about Kentuck

Ruppertshofen, Heinz, 1995:
The buzzing forest

Wegelius, T., 1969:
The by products of the cellulo

Wang, Jsi, 1974:
The by-products industries of Taiwan Sugar Corporation in 1974

Abdelli, S.; Abderrahmani, A.; Hering, B.J.; Beckmann, J.S.; Bonny, C., 2007:
The c-Jun N-terminal kinase JNK participates in cytokine- and isolation stress-induced rat pancreatic islet apoptosis

Chen, Y.; Xu, H.; Liu, J.; Zhang, C.; Leutz, A.; Mo, X., 2007:
The c-Myb functions as a downstream target of PDGF-mediated survival signal in vascular smooth muscle cells

Johnson, G.L.; Nakamura, K., 2007:
The c-jun kinase/stress-activated pathway: regulation, function and role in human disease

Kong-Xianghui; Wang-Xuzhen; Gan-Xiaoni; He-Shunping, 2007:
The c-myc coding DNA sequences of cyprinids (Teleostei : Cypriniformes): Implications for phylogeny

Elkurdi, A.; Leaver, J.1; Pettigrew, G., 1982:
The c-type cytochromes of Campylobacter sputorum ssp. mucosalis Wide variety of infections in man and domestic animals

Sirmaci, A.; Akcayoz-Duman, D.; Tekin, M., 2006:
The c.IVS1+1G > A mutation in the GJB2 gene is prevalent and large deletions involving the GJB6 gene are not present in the Turkish population

Pereira, L.; Métrich, Mélanie.; Fernández-Velasco, Mía.; Lucas, A.; Leroy, Jérôme.; Perrier, R.; Morel, E.; Fischmeister, R.; Richard, S.; Bénitah, J-Pierre.; Lezoualc'h, F.; Gómez, A.María., 2007:
The cAMP binding protein Epac modulates Ca2+ sparks by a Ca2+/calmodulin kinase signalling pathway in rat cardiac myocytes

Chen, D.; Janganan, T.K.; Chen, G.; Marques, E.R.; Kress, M.R.; Goldman, G.H.; Walmsley, A.R.; Borges-Walmsley, M.Inês., 2007:
The cAMP pathway is important for controlling the morphological switch to the pathogenic yeast form of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Ni, D.; Song, L.; Gao, Q.; Wu, L.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, J.; Qiu, L.; Zhang, H.; Shi, F., 2007:
The cDNA cloning and mRNA expression of cytoplasmic Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD) gene in scallop Chlamys farreri

Molday, L.L.; Cook, N.J.; Kaupp, U.B.; Molday, R.S., 1990:
The cGMP-gated cation channel of bovine rod photoreceptor cells is associated with a 240-kDa protein exhibiting immunochemical cross-reactivity with spectrin

Lu-Wen-Shengi; Yan-Xiao-Dong; Liu-Hong-Yan; Huang-Zhong; Tan-Xiao-Yan; Huang-Qin; Yang-Chuan; Li-Yan; Yan-Li; Cheng-Hua, 2007:
The cSNPs analysis in whole extron-wide of PGC-la gene in Chinese population and the domain MEF2C bioinformatics study

Kazana, E.; Pope, T.W.; Tibbles, L.; Bridges, M.; Pickett, J.A.; Bones, A.M.; Powell, G.; Rossiter, J.T., 2007:
The cabbage aphid: a walking mustard oil bomb

Jones, Re, 1981:
The cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae (L.): a just sense of how not to fly Australia

Morrison, G., 1973 :
The cabbage clan

Le-Bohec, J., 1979:
The cabbage flower

Anonymous, 1979:
The cabbage for fodder

Berger, H., 1976:
The cabbage gall weevil (Centhorrhynchus pleurostigma Marsh.)

Onn, E.; Yet, E., 1972:
The cabbage industry in West Malaysia--an economic study

Mckinney, K.B., 1981:
The cabbage leafhopper as a pest of lettuce in the Southwest

Davidson, R.A.tonelli, A., 1979:
The cabbage maggot in the home garden

Poitout,, R., 1978:
The cabbage moth developmental cycle, favorable periods for chemical interventions

Hals, A., 1977:
The cabbage root fly

Ballanger, Y., 1979:
The cabbage stem flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala L.). A study of the crop invasion by the adult

Konig, K., 1981:
The cabbage stem flea-beetle

Peters, J.V., 1970:
The cabbage white butterfly

Berger, H., 1977:
The cabbage worm (Pieris brassicae L.)

Siegel, O., 1975:
The cacao and chocolate industry in 1974

Machado, Ud, 1972:
The cacao extension program in Bahia, Brazil

Anonymous, 1979:
The cacao market

Muller, C., 1969:
The cacao market in the countries of the E.E.C

Lopez, As, 1985:
The cacao pulp soft drink industry in Brazil and its effects on bean fermentation

Randall, J., 1986:
The cacao, Theobroma cacao L

Britton, N.-Lord; Rose, J.-Nelson, 1963:
The cactaceae

Mannsfeldt, A., 1980:
The cacti Adalbert Stifter (1805-1868) in letters and contemporary reports

Heil, K.; Brack, S., 1988:
The cacti of Big Bend National Park

Heil, K.; Brack, S., 1985:
The cacti of Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Riha, J., 1971:
The cacti of Cuba

Heil, K.; Brack, S., 1986:
The cacti of Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Heil, K.; Brack, S., 1986:
The cacti of White Sands National Monument

Howard, R.; Touw, M., 1981:
The cacti of the Lesser Antilles and the typification of the genus Opuntia Miller

Benson, L., 1969:
The cacti of the United States and Canada--new names and nomenclatural combinations. i

Speirs, Dc, 1980:
The cacti of western Canada. 2

Speirs, Dc, 1982:
The cacti of western Canada. 3

Wensel, L.; Biging, G., 1988:
The cactos system individual-tree growth simulation in the mixed conifer forests of California

Smit, D., 1978:
The cactus and succulent collection of the Hortus Botanicus of Vrije University, Amsterdam

Higgins, Vera, Mrs, 1950:
The cactus growers guide

Sulenski, Rj, 1979:
The cactus nappers

Weisser, P.S.hreier, K., 1976:
The cactus population of Central Chile and its accompanying vegetation

Sepulveda, Or, 1974:
The cactuses

Brenner, W.H.ltl, W., 1977:
The cadastral contour map as contribution to mark the flow conditions in soils and the landscape. 1

Brenner, W.H.ltl, W., 1978:
The cadastral contour map as contribution to planning of improvements. 2

Segura, I.Mas, A., 1983:
The cadastre: its history (1715-1845) and its importance as a documented source

Mey, W., 1981:
The caddis flies (Trichoptera) collected by R. Jung and A. Muller in Central Asia

Davis, Jared-James, 1974:
The caddis flies of the State of Washington

Mogensen, B., 1971:
The caddis fly Oxyethira frici (Klapalek 1890), new for Denmark (Trichoptera)

Botosaneanu, L., 1979:
The caddis-flies (Trichoptera) of Cuba and of Isla De Pinos: A synthesis

Floyd, MA.; Schuster, GA., 1990:
The caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) of the Buck Creek system, Pulaski County, Kentucky

Gray, Jra, 1979 :
The caddisflies (Trichoptera) in Bradford Museum collections

Blickle, R.L.M.rse, W., J., 1966:
The caddisflies (Trichoptera) of Maine excepting the family Hydroptilidae

Steven, JC.; Hilsenhoff, WL., 1984:
The caddisflies (Trichoptera) of Otter Creek, Wisconsin

Waltz, RD.; McCafferty, WP., 1983:
The caddisflies of Indiana (Insecta, Trichoptera)

Chantaramongkol, P., 1987:
The caddisflies of Sri Lanka

Mey, W., 1988:
The caddisflies of the Saxonian Amber (III) (Trichoptera)

Wichard, Wilfried, 1978:
The caddisfly

Lepneva, Sg, 1973:
The caddisfly Plectrocnemia latissima Martynov (Trichoptera, Polycentropidae) in the Caucasus and neighboring territories

Manuel, K.; Nimmo, A., 1984:
The caddisfly genus Ylodes in North America (Trichoptera:Leptoceridae)

Westrom, Ac, 1982:
The cadmium C.L. fuse--an affordable advancement for rural electric power

Koops, J., 1988:
The cadmium and lead contents of Dutch milk

Scott, R.A.ghey, E.R.illy, M.C.nningham, C.M.lelland, A.F.ll, G., 1982:
The cadmium content in human kidneys

Ostertag, J.K.euzer, W., 1980:
The cadmium content in the kidneys, liver, muscle and feeds of slaughter swine on various feeding regimes

Gingas, V.; Sydnor, T., 1984:
The cadmium content of eight Ohio soils

De-Laiter, Jr; Ware, Lj; Taylor, Kr; Rosman, Kjr, 1976:
The cadmium content of rural tank water in Western Australia

Westcott, D.; Spincer, D., 1974:
The cadmium, nickel and lead content of tobacco and cigarette smoke

Zimmer, Albert-Michael, 1979:
The cadmium, zinc, lead, and nickel concentrations in various wildlife species

Slojewski, R., 1971:
The cadres, a deciding factor of production

Chomphuchantra, T., 1983:
The caecal fluke of cattle in Thailand

Gorse, M., 1972:
The caesarian section of cows septic uterus

Kacprowicz, Ge, 1989:
The cafe FARE

Goulart, Frances-Sheridan, 1984:
The caffeine book

Lambert, G.H.; Schoeller, D.A.; Humphrey, H.E.; Kotake, A.N.; Lietz, H.; Campbell, M.; Kalow, W.; Spielberg, S.P.; Budd, M., 1990:
The caffeine breath test and caffeine urinary metabolite ratios in the Michigan cohort exposed to polybrominated biphenyls: a preliminary study

Andrews, K.W.; Schweitzer, A.; Zhao, C.; Holden, J.M.; Roseland, J.M.; Brandt, M.; Dwyer, J.T.; Picciano, M.Frances.; Saldanha, L.G.; Fisher, K.D.; Yetley, E.; Betz, J.M.; Douglass, L., 2007:
The caffeine contents of dietary supplements commonly purchased in the US: analysis of 53 products with caffeine-containing ingredients

Herrick, I.; Nagel, C., 1985:
The caffeoyl tartrate content of White Riesling wines from California, Washington, and Alsace

Alderton, David, 2000:
The cage bird

Bessei, W., 1980:
The cage keeping of layers. The argument for animal protection in ethological view

Berry, L.N., 1941:
The cage system for managing laying hens

Kladovshchikov, V.-Fedorovich; Kuznetsov, G.-Alekseevich; Iakovenko, I.-Aleksandrovich, 1979:
The cage-breeding of nutria

Miller, Fj, 1975:
The caged-yeast process for making sparkling wine

Blow, Walter, H., 1979:
The cainozoic globigerinida

Ares, G., 1977:
The caisses populaires and the development of the consumer cooperative sector

Regini, F., 2000:
The cajun connection: how U.S. alligator gets to Italy

Schurz, J., 1976:
The calamus

Verheye, H.; Dumont, H., 1984:
The calanoid copepods of the Nile system

Weidich, Konrad, F., 1990:
The calcareous alpine Lower Cretaceous and its foraminifera fauna

Millot, G., 1979:
The calcareous epigenesis phenomenon and its role in the weathering process

Lee, Ja, 1998:
The calcicole-calcifuge problem revisited

Gruber, M., 1979:
The calcicolous open pastures at the subalpine level at Ariege and in western Catalonian Pyrenees

Rzedowski, J., 1986:
The calcicolous plants (including a gipsofita) of the Valley of Mexico and their relation to edafic erosion

Jarrett, G., 1979:
The calcified seaweed story

Rodriguez, M.E.; Almaden, Y.; Cañadillas, S.; Canalejo, A.; Siendones, E.; Lopez, I.; Aguilera-Tejero, E.; Martin, D.; Rodriguez, M., 2007:
The calcimimetic R-568 increases vitamin D receptor expression in rat parathyroid glands

Hattaway, Ra, 1980:
The calciphilous bryophytes of three limestone sinks in eastern Tennessee

Pascu, T., 1970:
The calcitonine in excess is the probable cause of the vituline fever

Schryver, H.; Hintz, H.; Craig, P.; Lowe, J., 1970:
The calcium and phosphorus requirements of the horse

Hausman, Patricia, 1985:
The calcium bible

Sottocasa, G.; Sandri, G.P.nfili, E.G.zzotti, P.C.rafoli, E., 1974:
The calcium binding glycoprotein from animal mitochondria

Friel, L.A.; Romero, R.; Edwin, S.; Nien, J.Kae.; Gomez, R.; Chaiworapongsa, T.; Kusanovic, J.Pedro.; Tolosa, J.E.; Hassan, S.S.; Espinoza, J., 2007:
The calcium binding protein, S100B, is increased in the amniotic fluid of women with intra-amniotic infection/inflammation and preterm labor with intact or ruptured membranes

Kirchmeier, O., 1969:
The calcium caseinate system in milk

Proudlove, M.; Moore, A., 1985:
The calcium content of chloroplast, mitochondrial and cytosolic fractions of pea leaf cells

Abraham, Ge, 1982:
The calcium controversy Requirements and relationship to magnesium intake

Dumas, J.V.netti, I.M.rotte, H.B.rtoye, A.P.res, G., 1974:
The calcium equilibrium under hyperbaric and hyperoxic conditions

Grünberger, C.; Obermayer, B.; Klar, Jürgen.; Kurtz, A.; Schweda, F., 2006:
The calcium paradoxon of renin release: calcium suppresses renin exocytosis by inhibition of calcium-dependent adenylate cyclases AC5 and AC6

Whitlock, Evelyn, P., 1988:
The calcium plus workbook

Bramlage, Wj, 1989:
The calcium problem: is there a simple answer?

Baldwin, D., 1972:
The calcium question: How much is needed, and when?

Piearce, Tg, 1972:
The calcium relations of selected Lumbricidae

Lotsch, B.K.nzel, H., 1971:
The calcium requirement of oxalate producing plants

Ramage, D.; Barnhart, C.; Chaney, C., 1964:
The calcium requirement of the gestating gilt

Schryver, H.; Hintz, H., 1970:
The calcium requirement of the horse

Kim, B-Gi.; Waadt, R.; Cheong, Y.Hwa.; Pandey, G.K.; Dominguez-Solis, J.R.; Schültke, S.; Lee, S.Chul.; Kudla, Jörg.; Luan, S., 2007:
The calcium sensor CBL10 mediates salt tolerance by regulating ion homeostasis in Arabidopsis

Graf, F.M.chaut, P., 1977:
The calcium spherules of the cecal epithelium of Orchestia (Crustacea, Amphipoda), a form of calcium transport in the apico basal direction

Henderson, John-Ben, 1970:
The calcium to magnesium ratio of liming materials for efficient magnesium retention in soils and utilization by plants

Salsac, L., 1980:
The calcium uptake by roots of calcicolous and calcifugous plants

Rathsack, K., 1970:
The calcium value of calcium cyanamide

Jones, L.; Anderson, O.; Jones, J.J., 1975:
The calcium, magnesium and micronutrient contents of agricultural liming materials available to Georgia farmers

Wicke, G., 1972:
The calcium, phosphorus and magnesium content in homegrown feeding stuffs and providing milking cows with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the districts of Belzig, Juterbog and Luckenwalde in Potsdam County

Guest, M.; Bull, K.; Walker, R.J.; Amliwala, K.; O'Connor, V.; Harder, A.; Holden-Dye, L.; Hopper, N.A., 2007:
The calcium-activated potassium channel, SLO-1, is required for the action of the novel cyclo-octadepsipeptide anthelmintic, emodepside, in Caenorhabditis elegans

Irvine, R.F.; Hemington, N.; Dawson, R.M., 1979:
The calcium-dependent phosphatidylinositol-phosphodiesterase of rat brain. Mechanisms of suppression and stimulation

Anadon, A.M.rtinez-Larranaga, M.; Fustel, M., 1982:
The calcium-dependent release of taurine in chicken isolated from right atria

Earnshaw, Mj, 1978:
The calcium-induced contraction in non-energised corn mitochondria

Monterrat, C.; Grise, F.; Benassy, M.Noëlle.; Hémar, Aès.; Lang, J., 2007:
The calcium-sensing protein synaptotagmin 7 is expressed on different endosomal compartments in endocrine, neuroendocrine cells or neurons but not on large dense core vesicles

Chattopadhyay, N.; Quinn, S.J.; Kifor, O.; Ye, C.; Brown, E.M., 2007:
The calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) is involved in strontium ranelate-induced osteoblast proliferation

Bouschet, T.; Martin, S.; Kanamarlapudi, V.; Mundell, S.; Henley, J., M., 2007:
The calcium-sensing receptor changes cell shape via a o-arrestin-1-ARNO-ARF6-ELMO protein network

Olivereau, M.O.ivereau, J., 1982:
The calcium-sensitive cells of the pars intermedia in the eel. Kinetics of their response to environmental changes Anguilla anguilla

Pankow, Jf, 1990:
The calculated effects on nonexchangeable material on the gas

Bishop, Gs, 1975:
The calculated risks

Postnikova, Galina-Valentinovna, 1980:
The calculation and analysis of net income and profit of collective farms

Belov, N.-Grigor'-Evich; Krasnopivtsev, A.-Alekseevich, 1975:
The calculation and analysis of the expenditures in agricultural production

Mateiiashin, E.-I.G.inchuk, I.M.E.orov, G.M., 1988:
The calculation and planning of rotating tilling machines

Platagea, M., 1974:
The calculation characteristics of downpours, necessary to determine the maximal flow on hillsides and on small drainage networks of the Romanian territory

Barkas, W.W., 1954:
The calculation of a permeability constant applicable to vapour flow in solids

Lagunas, R.M.reno, E., 1985:
The calculation of cellular parameters from the turbidity of yeast cultures may give rise to important errors

Maxa, R., 1974:
The calculation of costs of wine production. IX

Lichtenhahn, C., 1973:
The calculation of dams in concrete and reinforced concrete

Cheung, J.Y.C.; Tang, F-hay., 2007:
The calculation of dose enhancement close to platinum implants for skull radiography

Mckyes, E., 1978:
The calculation of draft forces and soil failure boundaries of narrow cutting blades

Klier, G., 1970:
The calculation of earth masses for projecting the development of forests

Hill, Berkeley, 1991:
The calculation of economic indicators

Topalov, Dmitrii-Ivanovich, 1975:
The calculation of economic operations in collective farms and state farms

Phipps, O.H., 1950:
The calculation of heat balance and heating surfaces of a complete evaporator station

Zhivotovskii, L.; Sorokovoi, P.; Mashurov, A. , 1973:
The calculation of indices of genetic similarity between populations of animals from the frequencies of the genes controlling polymorphic characteristics

Dombrovskii, Vm, 1977:
The calculation of lateral flow spillway

Coomaraswamy, M., 1972:
The calculation of meat content in the presence of excess rind and

Bugai, N.; Pivovar, N., 1976:
The calculation of optimal perforation of drains equipped with filters made of fiber glass mat

Norden, H.; Viljakainen, E., 1980:
The calculation of pulp washing processes influenced by adsorption

Scoville, R.G.ttlieb, G., 1978:
The calculation of repetition rate in avian vocalizations

Elbasha, Eh, 1997:
The calculation of research benefits with linear and nonlinear specifications of demand and supply: comment

Oertel, Ac, 1971:
The calculation of results in electron-probe microanalysis

Nunez, M., 1980:
The calculation of solar and net radiation in mountainous terrain

Christie, Ae, 1981:
The calculation of temperature guidelines to protect fish resident in the Ottawa River: a predictive model

Petrilova, V.H.dina, J., 1972:
The calculation of the analysis of the dispersion variance with the modification of the standard programme for the evaluation of nutrition experiments

Belyaei, Ivan-Nikolaevich, 1990:
The calculation of the cost of production in agriculture

Kimber, G.P.gnone, D., 1982:
The calculation of the frequency of rod and ring bivalents in triploid hybrids Wheat group

Constantinidis, C.M.tteo, A., 1973:
The calculation of the plain levelling of lands for grading

Romano, E.M.cella, G., 1975:
The calculation of the required volume of water to leach saline soils

Hasegawa, E.S.eda, H., 1984:
The calculation of the three-dimensional coordinates of objects in water by the stereo method with two cameras

Krausp, V.; Groshev, V., 1969:
The calculation of two--position systems of the automatic control of the level

Belozorov, N.-Panteleimonovich; Lugovskoi, M.-Vasil'-Evich, 1973:
The calculation of water-supply systems with an example of calculation techniques

Mcduff, R.; Chisholm, S., 1982:
The calculation on in situ growth rates of phytoplankton populations from fractions of cells undergoing mitosis: a clarification

Formicka, E.S.bczak, Z., 1976:
The calculations of the heritability coefficients of jumping capability in sport horses of the Wielkopolski breed, Poznan type

Whittaker, E.T.R.binson, G. , 1952:
The calculus of observations

Anonymous, 1974:
The calendar of big sales, 1974

Dowman, Aj, 1972:
The calendar wheel aids herd management

Camoux, M., 1976:
The calf and milk without milk

Alsford, Pd, 1973:
The calf and beef demonstration units

Anonymous, 1982:
The calf and yearling in 4-H dairying Selection, breeds, feeding, judging

Roselius, R., 1973:
The calf brings milk: Insemination in the pasture

Faller, H., 1974:
The calf brings the yield: can disturbances of fertility in cows be eliminated by mineral supplements?

Peyraud, Jc, 1981:
The calf crisis--an attempt at calculated balance

Hancock, Dd, 1982:
The calf killers: diarrhea

Hancock, D., 1982:
The calf killers: respiratory & sudden death

Hancock, D., 1982:
The calf killers: septicemia

Stone, R.; Kains, F., 1983:
The calf nursery

Francis, U.; Subrahmanyam, M., 1979:
The calf starter formulation with locally available feed ingredients

Barlet, Jp, 1982:
The calf syndrome

Constantin, M., 1982:
The calf syndrome as seen by a practitioner

Phillips, D.; Clarke, S., 1972:
The calibration of a weighted disc against pasture dry matter yield

James, Rw, 1974:
The calibration of fertilizer distribution

Hoorn, Jw-Van, 1980:
The calibration of four-electrode soil conductivity measurements for determining soil salinity Analytical analysis

Bode, L.-E.P.arson, S., L., 1980:
The calibration of granular applicators

Bode, L.E.P.arson, S.-L.P.tts, M.-B.S.mmler, C., 1980:
The calibration of high-capacity flotation sprayers

Pearson,, L.E., 1980:
The calibration of homeowner chemical application equipment

Rushmore, F.; Benson, N.; Swan, D.; Waelti, H., 1976:
The calibration of orchard or other field weed sprayers

Rushmore, F.; Benson, N.; Swan, D.; Davis, E., 1971:
The calibration of orchard weed sprayers

Hammond, E.-C.P.ters, K.; Boone, K., 1978:
The calibration of photographic and spectroscopic films

Mehlhorn, H., 1975:
The calibration of practical groundwater models

Preuss, E., 1979:
The calibration of the Schendel-formula for the calculation of potential evaporation of class A measurements

Selva, Sb, 1988:
The caliciales of northern Maine

Bramlage, Wj, 1989:
The calicum problem: Is there a simple answer?

Uyeda, J., C.; Drewes, R., C.; Zimkus, B., M., 2007:
The california academy of sciences Gulf of Guinea expeditions (2001,2006) VI. A new species of Phrynobatrachus from the Gulf of Guinea islands and a reanalysis of Phrynobatrachus dispar and P-feae (Anura : Phrynobatrachidae)

Garrison, Rd, 1985:
The call for ethics education

Howley, A.B.ckel, R.M.donough, M., 1997:
The call for parent involvement in rural communities: mantra and mystification

Cushing, Alden, 1980:
The call of earth

Lines, Aa, 1979:
The call of the cornflake

Labadie, Gj, 1997:
The call of the sugar cane: agricultural change, cooperative-capitalism, and migrants in northwestern Uruguay

Walter, J., 1987:
The call of the wild

Young, D., 1980:
The calling song of the bladder cicada, Cystosoma saundersii: a computer analysis

Feucht, W., 1971:
The callus formation of different growing Prunus forms

Hozyo, Y., 1973:
The callus formation on tissue

You PeiLei; X.J.e; Qian ZhongYing, 2007:
The callus induction and section observation of Abelmoschus manihot

Chailakhyan, M.; Aksenova, N.; Konstantinova, T.; Bavrina, T., 1975:
The callus model of plant flowering

Loper, G.; Cohen, A., 1982:
The caloric content of bee-gathered pollen as a food supplement for humans

Anonymous, 1973:
The caloric cost of pregnancy

Mickovic, M.S.ojanovic, N.E.vacanin, M., 1972:
The caloric value of dehydrated vegetables and change in the vitamin value during storage

Sukhatme, Pv, 1973:
The calorie gap

Tischler, K.K.rschon, R., 1983:
The calorific value of the biomass of Eucalyptus camaldlensis Dehn

Weiser, Philip-Craig, 1968:
The calorigenic effect of glucagon and epinephrine

Jakubowska, J.T.rlaga, M.Z.kowska, Z., 1974:
The calorimetric method of determining lactic acid in foodstuffs

Krasavtsev, O.; Khvalin, N., 1971:
The calorimetry of apple tree shoots after lasting frosts

Baldoni, R., 1972:
The calves of the mountains

Menissier, F.F.ulley, J.; Pattie, W., 1981:
The calving ability of the Charolais breed in France, and its possibilities for genetic improvement. 1. The importance and causes of calving difficulties

Galka, E., 1979:
The calving season and calving interval

Schneggenburger, R.; Forsythe, I.D., 2006:
The calyx of Held

Rodríguez, A.D.; Cóbar, O.M.; Padilla, O.L., 1997:
The calyxolanes: new 1,3-diphenylbutanoid metabolites isolated from the Caribbean marine sponge Calyx podatypa

Reichardt H., 1971:
The camarotine weevils (Coleoptera, Attelabidae)

Ghouse, A.; Abidi, S.1; Khan, P.1; Reshma, P., 1982:
The cambial activity of Linum usitatissimum var T307 as influenced by gamma rays Flax, structure

Paliwal, G.; Srivastava, L., 1969:
The cambium of Alseuosmia

Mukasa-Mugerwa, E., 1981:
The camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Burchak-Abramovich, Ni, 1973:
The camel Camelus bactrianus domesticus in the ancient Mingechaur, Caucasus (from data of archaeological excavations)

Kunichkin, Gi, 1975:
The camel botfly and measures for its control

Olsen, Sj, 1988:
The camel in ancient China and an osteology of the camel

El-Bihari, S., 1985:
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The capacity of the state of Missouri to deal with its problems the next 20 years

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The capacity to increase profitability in animal husbandry indicates the quality of production

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The carbon connection

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The carbon consequences of thinning techniques: stand structure makes a difference

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The carbon cycle and climate warming

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The carbon cycle and the forest

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The carbon cycle in the epilimnion of two Michigan lakes

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The carbon cycle question and its demand for satellite remote sensing of global forest cover and forest cover depletion rates

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The carbon dioxide laser in otolaryngology Ears, larynx, carcinomas, treatments

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The carbon dioxide problem: a scientific puzzle and political dilemma

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The carbon fixation characteristics of isolated Codium fragile chloroplasts. Chloroplast intactness, the effect of photosynthetic carbon reduction cycle intermediates and the regulation of RuBP+ carboxylase in vitro

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The carbon flux to triacylglycerol in maturing oilseed rape embryos

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The carbon sequestration newsletter

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The carbon war

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The carbon, nitrogen source an

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The carboxylic acid groups of bovine luteinizing hormone

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The carboxyne (dihydro 2,3, carboxanilido-5, methyl-6, oxathiine-1,4) systemic fungicide, effective against visible smuts

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The carboxysome, a prokaryotic organelle: a mini-review

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The carboxyterminus of the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase of Newcastle disease virus is exposed at the surface of the viral envelope

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The carcass quality of young fattening bulls, its relationship to breed and feeding level and its evaluation by density measurements

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The carcass value of fattened bullocks of the Bohemian Pied, Red Danish, and of Black Pied Lowland cattle

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The carcass value of heifers and cows in the 1st lactation in the case of an intensive method of herd reproduction

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The card catalogs of the Library of Congress

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The card file as a working tool in rural development

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The card filing system for silage storage as the basis for accounting for quantity and quality

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The card for a heifer-cow --a new document in breeding

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The card: vending sales jump 53% at Waterloo Univ

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The cardan shaft - outstanding for power transmission, but dangerous

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The cardiovascular physical exam: cardiac auscultation

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The cardiovascular system Horses, disease diagnosis

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The cardiovascular system in the pre-Hippocratic era

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The cardiovascular toxicity of chlordimeform a local anesthetic like action

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The cards tell all

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The care & feeding of sugarbeets

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The care and breeding of wild rodents under laboratory conditions

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The care and breeding on the one liner

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The care and cleaning of antique cotton and linen quilts

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The care and conditioning of cut flowers and foliage

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The care and culture of house plants

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The care and feeding of a college teacher

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The care and feeding of a place in the country

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The care and feeding of garden plants

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The care and feeding of laboratory animals

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The care and feeding of spiroplasma

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The care and feeding of the noble allee

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The care and handling of cats

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The care and handling of recorded sound materials

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The care and improvement of the wood lot

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The care and introduction of queens

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The care and maintenance of newly arrived chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

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The care and training of home cage birds

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The care and use of animals for scientific purposes

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The care and use of electric appliances in the home

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The care and use of hand tools

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The care and use of national forests

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The care for man strongly mirrored by the new measures referring to the improvement of the labour protection activities

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The care of Angora rams after purchase

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The care of dogs and puppies

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The care of light horses

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The care of milk and its use in the home

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The care of mother cows

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The care of my tillandsias

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The care of package bees

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The care of perennial and annual plants in retail outlets

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The care of perishable food aboard ship

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The care of rhododendrons and their relatives

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The care of slaughter turkeys

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The care of stocks

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The care of sugar beets between harvest and delivery

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The care of the earth

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The care of the ivies and the Cox Arboretum-American Ivy Society ivy collection

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The care of trees

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The care of western rivers

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The care of windbreak plants

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The care of woody plants in retail outlets

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The care of young calves, neonatal calf diarrhea, the calf pneumonias

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The care, breeding and management of experimental animals for research in the tropics

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The care-lab: a family enrichment program

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The career and achievements of Professor Lewis H. Stolzy

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The career guide to the horse industry

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The career of Andre Villiers Entomologists, biographies, France.1

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The careers and contributions of Eugene Rabinowitch

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The careers of modern artists

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The carefree cover: ease your way into soil protection with low-cost and dependable oats

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The careful timber harvest: a guide to logging esthetics

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The caretakers

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The caribou of Ungava: current use, future options

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The caring sleuth: portrait of an animal rights activist

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The carline thistle, Carlina acaulis, in the Swietokrzyskie Mountains

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The carline thistle, Carlina onopordifolia Bess., and its protection in Poland

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The carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.), a new host of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) Mass. in Argentina

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The carnation industry in the United States

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The carnation leaf roller Cacoecimorpha (Cacoecia) pronubanaHuebner (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) on avocado trees in Israel

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The carnation leaf roller as

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The carnations cultivation in the Region de Murcia

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The carniolan queen used to control agressive populations

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The carnival dances of Tlaxcala: an authentic folklore spectacle waiting for tourist promotion

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The carnivorous plant collection at the North Carolina Botanical Garden

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The carob in California

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The carob in California. II

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The carob in Sicily

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The carob: evaluation of trees, pods and kernals

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The carob: present situation and its potential utilization in human nutrition

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The carotane sesquiterpenes

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The carotene (provitamin A) content of Oklahoma feeds

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The carotene and ascorbic acid content of a number of Rhode Island fresh vegetables and fruits

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The carotene and ascorbic acid content of lettuce varieties and the ascorbic acid content of strawberry varieties

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The carotene content in hay

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The carotenes of pepper (Capsicum annuum) fruit: presence of trans phytoene and phytofluene; comparative biosynthesis of the different carotenes

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The carotenoid pattern and the occurrence of the light induced Xanthophyll cycle in various classes of algae. III. GREEN algae

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The carotenoid pattern and the occurrence of the light induced xanthophyll cycle in various classes of algae. II. Xanthophyceae

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The carotenoid pattern and the occurrence of the light induced xanthophyll cycle in various classes of algae. V. A few members of Cryptophyceae, Euglenophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Chrysophyceae and Phaeophyceae

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The carotenoid pigment and deoxyribonucleic acid base ratio of a Rhizobium which nodulates Lotononis bainesii Baker

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The carotenoid pigments of Oligonychus bessardi gutierrez (Acari: Tetranychidae)

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The carotenoid pigments of the spider mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisd

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The carotenoid-composition of photosystem I and photosystemII subchloroplast fragments from Chlorella

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The carotenoids and the bile

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The carotenoids in plum and prune

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The carotenoids of Gagea lutea (L.) Ker-Gawl

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The carotenoids of Lophocolea bidentata (L.) Dum

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The carotenoids of blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans

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The carotenoids of blue-green algae

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The carotenoids of different organs of Pinus sylvestris L. (Pinaceae)

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The carotenoids of the blue-green algae. the significance for understanding of photosynthesis evolution and mechanism

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The carotenoids of the fungus Pilaira anomala

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The carotenoids of various berries

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The carothenoids current status as food colorants

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The caroube-utilization

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The carp louse as a parasite of Anura

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The carpel of Nelumbo nucifera

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The carpological and anatomical characters of the species of the genus Senecio s.l. (Asteraceae) with reference to their taxonomy

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The carpus Fractures, diseases, horses

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The carrageenan from Iridaea undulosa B.; analysis, fractionation and alkaline treatment

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The carrageenan system of Gigartina skottsbergii S. et G. IV. methylation analysis of a partially desulphated deriv ative

Warren, Dp, 1980:
The carriage of livestock by sea: a quarter of a centruy of experience. 1

Warren, Dp, 1980:
The carriage of livestock by sea: a quarter of a century of experience

Anonymous, 1950:
The carried school lunch

Singh, B.S., 1969:
The carrier state in cattle in foot-and-mouth disease

Timoney, P.J.; McCollum, W.H.; Murphy, T.W.; Roberts, A.W.; Willard, J.G.; Carswell, G.D., 1987:
The carrier state in equine arteritis virus infection in the stallion with specific emphasis on the venereal mode of virus transmission

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The carrier state in foot-and-mouth disease

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The carrier state of Salmonella in man and animals in the epidemic foci situated in the Lomza region in 1970-1972

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The carrier state of Staphylococcus aureus in pigs and the possibility of producing the disease by oral administration of this microorganism

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The carrier state of pathogenic bacteria in free living birds

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The carrier-state of Salmonella in men and animals of the Lomzia region

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The carrion beetles of Canada and Alaska

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The carrion flower

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The carrot

Anonymous, 1977:
The carrot alternative: pre packaging of homely products

Anonymous, 1995:
The carrot and stick: A conversation with Bill Patrie, the man who helped spark Co-op fever

Sterk, Peter, 1994:
The carrot extracellular lipid transfer protein EP2

Hendriks, T.M.ijer, E.; Thoma, S.K.der, J.; Vries, S.-De, 1994:
The carrot extracellular lipid transfer protein EP2: quantitative aspects with respect to its putative role in cutin synthesis

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